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History In The World

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The History Of Yamaha Corp


The History Of Yamaha Corp-History In The World.We often hear about products from Yamaha and often seen on the street or in the parking lot.Here I will review about the beginning of the factory Yamaha's stand and what products that have resulted from the company. Yamaha was established in 1887, founded the company when Torakusu Yamaha Corp. Yamaha (Nippon Gakki) who makes musical instruments piano / organ, not long after the Yamaha is known as a maker of musical instruments in the world,The logo was June 1, 1955, Yamaha Motor Corp. stand. separate from the Yamaha Corp.. but still tetep in one group. His first production motorcycle is a 125cc single cylinder 2 stroke, where motor-plek plek copy of the DKW 125cc.British manufacturers BSA also from this German manufacturer known as Bantam. 125cc motor is known as an alias YA1 Atakombo (also known as the Red Dragonfly). This motor is pretty successful .. and subsequent production using a 175cc engine. Production of the next motor adaah twin cylinder YDI in 1957, capable of issuing power 20 bhp .. and won the race in Japan's Mount Asama. Production around 15,811 bikez .. and this number is still below the Honda or Suzuki.Furthermore, Yamaha developed quite rapidly and in 1959 his first sportz bike keluarlaah known as YDSI with 5 speed gearbox. 1960, production increased 6-fold to 138 rebu motor.After the end of the Korean War, the U.S. economy was booming and it encourages exports to Japan in particular motor Amerka States. In 1962 exports to the U.S. Yamaha motorcycle as much as 12 thousand. Then in 1962 already mencaoai 12 thousand units.Similarly to 1963, approximately as many as 36 thousand units, and its apex in 1964, exports reached 87 thousand units. In 1963, Yamaha makes 250cc, twin cylinder and water cooled. Since then, Yamaha pretty well known throughout Japan. In 1965, Yamaha's production has reached 244 thousand units and destining 50:50, where the majority for export whereas most other domestic consumption.Yamaha began developing its wings by opening a factory outside of Japan. Factory outside Japan was first opened in Thailand in 1966. Slowly but surely began to pass Yamaha Suzuki in terms of motor production, which by 1967 had reached 406 thousand units of the motor. This amount is over his nearest rival by a margin Suzuki about 4 thousand units.Furthermore, Yamaha began developing for the first time the bike trail. The first dirt bike uses a 250cc single cylinder engine. Besides, Yamaha also developed a sports car unit of 2000cc, 6 cylinder and DOHC for Toyota Motor, and this will assist in developing high performance Yamaha bikez later.In 1969 Yamaha developed the race circuit adjacent to the Yamaha factory in Iwata. In 1970, the number of product types offered up to 20 types of motorcycles ranging from 50cc s / d 350cc. Yamaha also realize the potential of two strokes is still wide open and Yamaha rebu produces about 574 engines and 60% of them for export.And in the same year also, Yamaha began playing at 4 strokes to remove the vertical twin 650cc motor XS1 where megadopsi of Triumph Twin. This motor is capable of issuing power of 50HP at 7200rpm and maximum torque of 52Nm at 6000RPM.And now many Yamaha products that are world market.Thank you for your visit and also read other articles here.[...]

History Of Tennis


History Of Tennis-History In The World.Tennis is one of the popular sport in the world.Some of us are following this great heritage that creates history.What I mean here is that there are so many kids who want to play tennis professionally and make sport tennis as a career.The history of tennisTennis is a sport that was already very old. Recorded on a sculpture that was made around 1500 BC in the wall of a temple in Egypt which shows a representation of the game of tennis balls and is played at religious ceremonies. The game was later extended throughout mainland Europe in the 8th century.In the early development of tennis is played by using the hand or a stick slapped alternately using a ball of solid wood. The game is then evolved again into a ball game with a slapped across a barrier wall. Because at that time felt that ball control is more felt by hand, then the media is evolving at that time is to use leather gloves which then evolve again by adding the hilt. This is the embryo of the birth of a tennis racket. The ball was evolved from a solid wooden ball into a ball of leather filled with bran bran.This sport is highly developed in France at that time. In the 16-18 centuries have begun much loved, especially by the kings and the nobles with the name 'Jeu de Palme' or sports fist. The word itself is believed to come from the Tennis French player who often mentions the word 'Tenez' which means "Play!" When will start the game and until now the word is used as the name of this sport. Tennis then expanded to plain English and also spread to Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. But tennis suffered a setback when the French revolution and the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte in Europe.In the 19th century before tennis raised again by the English aristocracy to build facilities country club or a tennis court in his large house. Because at that time popular tennis is played on the lawn, then known as 'Lawn Tennis' or lawn tennis. At this time also began to emerge from vulcanized rubber ball which at that time was thought to reduce damage to the grass in the field without reducing the elasticity of the ball itself.doherty_small.jpgSebutan Lawn Tennis originated from an Englishman named Arthur Balfour. Since the invention of lawn tennis, people started experimenting with the play on other surfaces such as clay courts (clay) and hard courts (cement). Menggeliatnya game of tennis was able to shift the game of Croquet as a summer sport. The peak occurred in 1869 when one of the leading croquet club in England, the All England Croquet Club, failed to attract many enthusiasts and try to include tennis as other sports. The result is a very successful club has attracted attention mainly on the Tennis game up in 1877 changed its name to 'All Engand Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club'. This history continues as the location of the club was held at Wimbledon there was an increase of rent which forced the club to get more funds than usual. Therefore, the club held the first tennis tournament at Wimbledon by forming a committee to hold the game and create a standard rule in this game. The tournament was attended by 20 participants with an audience of about 200 people and is the forerunner of the Wimbledon tournament which is one of the prestigious tennis grand slam tournaments in the world.The right tricks to learn tennisWith practice and persistence, can master the tennis serve basis. Learn the basics is very important when it comes to tennis for beginners as it can determine the outcome of the game for players.1 - take a positionFor hands, they must stand with your left foot in front of the front of their bodies. The feet must be behind the service line, while the right foot should be slightly back. You must be on the right side toward the center of the baseline or the court.2 - Target lockedLearning has landed in the left box. To ensure that, right-handers should be pointing their toes right to the poles completely clean, with your knees slightly bent. Seeing the place where [...]

History of Japanese state


History of Japanese state.Japan is now recognized by the world community is no longer a developing country but be a developed country .. This is evidenced by a growing number of products that circulate in the international market and the majority in every country wherever there was definitely a product of Japan. Such as electronics, transportation, clothing, consumption or Japanese restaurants are now everywhere, and other raw materials.Japanese nationals who are not so widespread in asia region. But Japan was able to beat other Asian countries. Japan itself is a vast country + - 378.000km2 (some are mentioned only 370 000 km2). That means only 1 / 25 of the American countries and even smaller than California.Based on geographical and historical circumstances, Japan is divided into nine areas of 47 prefectures. The nine regions are Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa. Being the four main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu.In addition to the monster known as a product, Japan is also known as a country full of mystery because of question marks and history. Starting from religion, language, culture, population, until the beginning of the islands. If America was discovered by Columbus?, It is not so with Japan.Beginning of the Japanese islands began during Palaozoic. At that time, Japan is still the bottom of the ocean. After entering the Mesozoic period, the ocean floor is experiencing change and establish a connect with the Asian mainland. However, at the end of the third period Cenozoik, land was returned to the ocean floor.In the period of time Deluvium IV, seabed arises again and again fused with Asia. After experiencing many changes of nature and weather, the ice age-3 (Dilivium), which together with the Asian mainland is gradually decreased to form the Japanese archipelago is today.Japan which has a three-fourths of the mountains or + 70% of the total land has four distinct seasons. The four seasons are spring / emotion (March-May), hot / Natsu (June-August), cold / Fuyu (September - November), autumn / battery (December-February). Although the changes of climate & weather highly anticipated Japanese society, Japan was highly prone to earthquakes and natural disasters due to its unique geographical location filled with mountains and hills.The inhabitants of Japan itself derived from some countries that bersinggah and buying and selling. Many different parties will argue this. Ordinary people tend to assume that was the Ainu as Japan's first resident. However, opinion is not justified. Others also mentioned that the natives or Japanese ancestors are the ones with Jomon culture. This is because he had discovered fossils of the Jomon culture.There are other opinions that mention, and known as South-North theory that the ancestors of the original Japanese came from mainland Asia to live and named himself as Kikajin that began in the era of Yayoi.Southern theory states that the Japanese ancestors came from Southeast Asia such as Tibet, Taiwan, South West Pacific Islands, Malay, and even Indonesia. This theory can be justified by the discovery of the way farming is done by their ancestors by making fields.North mentions other theories. Mentioned here that the ancestors of the Japanese mainland from central Asia such as Mongol, Manchuria, Siberia, and Turkey. The theory can also be justified because the grammar is used in everyday Japanese msyarakat accordance with the arrangement of the Korean language, the Urals, Turkey, and so on.Until the Japanese current conditions we are familiar with the sophistication of its technology, the Japanese turned the flow of time has passed a long history, until finally formed their character as we see today. Following a brief review of the nation's history starting from the prehistoric eraPeriod in JapanBasically, Japan has a lot of time in accordance with changing times and power. However, Japan is divided roughly into five periods. The period cover[...]

History of football: And the Rules of the Game


History of football: And the Rules of the Game-Histories In The World.Let's see in flashback the first time in football do and that we've seen.Football is a ball game played by two teams with each consisting of eleven orang.Olahraga is very well known and played in 200 countries. Football game aiming to score as much as possible by using a leather ball sized 27-28 inches.Field used in this game has a width of 50-100 yards and 100-300 yards long. The goalkeeper scored a place located at the end of the field-sized nets with restricted height 8 feet and 24 feet wide.History of FootballThe origins of the history of the emergence of sport and football is still contentious. Some of the documents explained that football was born since Roman times, partly explaining football originated from China. FIFA as world football's governing body formally declared that football was born from mainland China that originated from a game of Chinese society until the 2nd century BC to the 3rd. The sport was known as "tsu chu".In one military document states, in the year 206 BC, during the reign of Tsin and Han Dynasty, Chinese society has played a ball called tsu chu. Tsu itself means "hit the ball with the foot". whereas chu, meaning "ball of the skin and no content". Ball game when it uses a ball made of animal skins, with the rules and enter it kicking and herded into a net stretched between two poles.Version of the ancient history of football the other country comes from Japan, since the 8th century, the people there already know the game ball. The people there call it: Come here. While the ball is used deer skin, but the middle is a hole and filled with air.According to Bill Murray, one football historian, in his book The World Game: A History of Soccer, football game has been known since the beginning of AD. At that time, people are familiar with Ancient Egypt and kicking techniques to bring the ball is made of linen cloth bundle.Other side of history is in Ancient Greece also knows a game called episcuro, none other than the game using the ball. Evidence of this history is reflected in the museum reliefs depicting a young boy holding a ball and play with her thighs.The history of modern football and has received recognition from various parties, their origins from the British, who played in the mid-19th century in the schools. 1857 embryo's first football club in the world, namely: Sheffield Football Club. This club is an association of schools who pursue the game of football.In 1863, Britain stood association football, being named the Football Association (FA). The agency issuing the regulation game of soccer, so soccer became more orderly, organized, and enjoyable audience.Subsequently in 1886 formed another entity that issued the rules of modern football as the world, namely: the International Football Association Board (IFAB). IFAB formed by the English FA to the Scottish Football Association, Football Association of Wales, and the Irish Football Association in Manchester, England.The history of football getting tested until now IFAB is the body that issued various regulations on football games, either on game techniques, terms and duties of the referee, even until the transfer movement of the player.Soccer sports history began in the 2nd century BC and -3 in China.In the Han Dynasty, people with a leather ball kicked into a small net.A similar game played in Japan with the title over here. In Italy, the game kicking and carrying the ball are also popular, especially beginning of the 16th century.Modern football began to flourish in England and became very popular. In some competitions, the game is causing a lot of violence during the game and eventually King Edward III banned the sport played in 1365.King James I of Scotland also supports the ban to play football.In 1815, a major cause developmental soccer became popular in universities and school environment.The birth of modern football in Freemasons Tavern in 1863 when 11[...]

History Of Basketball: game and the development


Hisories In The world-History Of Basketball: game and the development.Basketball game was created by prof. Dr. James A. Naismith one physical education teacher Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA) Springfield, Massachusetts, United States in 1891. Ideas that promote the establishment of branch olahragabaru this is the fact that this time the membership and visitors to the school were increasingly degenerate. The main reason was the tedium of the members of the sports training Senamyang stiff movements. In addition, the perceived need in the winter to keep doing the sport that attracts more urgent.Dr. Luther Gullick, superintendent head of sport at the school is aware of the symptoms that are less good, and immediately contacted Prof.. Dr. James A. Naismith and gave him the task to construct a new sports activities that can be played indoors in the afternoon. In welcoming the task was Nasimith develop an idea that suits the needs of an enclosed space that is a game that is not so hard, there is no element menendan, tackle and interesting and not difficult to learn. The first step, tested it recomposition of the game Football, Baseball, and Football Lacrose. But none that match the demands. Because in addition to difficult to learn, also the game is still too loud to be played in tertutupyang lighted room. From the results of experiments conducted Naismith akhrinya it came to the conclusion that the new game should use a round ball, not tackle, and should eliminate the wicket as a target. To tame the ball instead of kicking movements carried out by hand and pass the ball (dribbling) as the pinnacle of excitement, the goal is replaced with another target narrow and located above the players, so with such a preferential target object does not lie in the strength of the shot as it happens at the time of kick, but the accuracy menembak.Semula Naismith would use wooden boxes for target shooting, but since the time of the experiment is done which there is only baskets (basketball) peaches are empty, then finally shot baskets that were targeted. From the words of this basketball game then newly discovered Prof. Dr. James A. Naismith Basketball is called.Some important notes in the development of basketball.Year 1891: Prof.. Dr. James A. Find a game Naismith BasketballYear 1892: For the first time Naismith introduced the game of basketball to the community (United States)Year 1894: Prof.. Dr. James A. And Dr. Naismith. Luther Gullick for the first time issued an official game rules.Year 1895: The word Basketball is officially accepted and incorporated into the English vocabulary.Year 1913: For the first time held the Far Eastern Championship Basketball. On occasion, the team defeated China Phillipina.Year 1918: U.S. occupation troops and members of the YMCA Basketball game introduced in many European countries.Year 1919: The Olympic Military in Joinville, Basketball game is one sport that dipertandingkan.Tahun 1932: For the first time held Basketball Congress held in Geneva Switzerland. The participants who attended were: Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland. Important decisions are generated is the formation of the International Basketball Federation - Federation International de Basketball (FIBA)Year 1933: For the first time diselnggarakan Student Basketball World Championship in Turin - Italy.Year 1935: In the Congress of the International Olympic Committee, Basketball accepted as one of the number of Olympic Games.Year 1936: For the first time competed in the Olympic Basketball Berlin. Twenty-two countries participated. Champion is the USA, Canada and Mexico.Year 1939: Prof.. Dr. James A. Naismith died.Know the game of basketballKnow Games Basketball Games Basketball is played by two opposing teams. Each team is doing the game on the field consist of 5 persons, while the substitute no more than 7 people, so that each team consists of at most 12 player[...]

History Of India Part 1


Histories In The World-History Of India Part 1If we trace the history of India of course very long story. Because India as one of today's world cultural center. And there are so many places of the world cultural heritage that still survive.Arts of India is also very famous in the world ..Here's a little story that I write here.Around 2500 S.M. Already, there are shades of a living human with a fairly high culture in the Indian subcontinent with living in groups in the cities of the Indus land with hubs at Mohenjodaro, Harappa and also in other areas such as in Gujarat and Rajasthan. In terms of historical science, there are not many relics of the materials or the writings of antiquity in India.Age of onsetAbout 1500 S.M. came to the Indian subcontinent nations who originally inhabited the areas around the Caspian Sea, which in the history of India known as the Aryans or Indo-Aryan. These Aryans first settled in the Punjab region (Northwest India) which then extends into the area of ​​the Ganges and other areas in India. They bring faith, philosophy and culture to India, which then unite themselves with the culture in India at that time.Eventually they managed to reach the level of civilization and high culture by finding a language, which became known to the Sanskrit language, which they use in their religious songs called the "Rigveda" to worship the gods and their beliefs.This era witnessed the birth of the Aryan kingdom-empire in India and this period lasted until the 7th century BC In the 6th century S.M. pernyebuan came to India by the nations of Persia, who because of their culture and higher technique succeeded in occupying the plains of India with the architecture and the way their livelihood. Age of Persia is also called the empire era (Period of Empires) in Indian history, with the establishment of the Magadha empire-empire like that of kings and Ajatasatru Bimbisaura. In the 6th century this is the birth of Gautama Buddha and Mahavira. Age of Persia is also open communication traffic between India and the countries to the west.In 326 S.M. troops of Alexander the Great invaded India and succeeded in occupying the western Indian Ocean region. Although it does not leave a great political influence, but in fact for quite a long time, mythology and culture in the Northwest part of India is heavily influenced by Greek culture.The armies of Alexander the Great finally defeated by King Chandra Gupta. Grandson of Chandra Gupta, king Ashoka is very famous in Indian history. King Ashoka is a continuously have experienced the bitterness of war and eventually embraced Buddhism under his administration many of sending missions to the religion and culture of the countries in South Asia, East and Southeast. And in the next 900 years, India experienced the peace era where kingdoms can develop, which in today's times can still be seen the remains in the form of sculpting stone and temples.Middle AgesIn the 8th century Muslim traders from West Asia to come to India. Influence of religion and Islamic culture extended throughout India and in the 13th century Delhi Sultanate stand that gave birth to an Islamic dynasty in India for several centuries. Establishment of Delhi Sultanate in the 13th century, in the history of India is considered as the beginning of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Mughal Period.The unification of Islamic and Hindu culture to bring glory to India which is reflected in art, literature, language and architecture. In the 13th century, 14 and 15 are, India witnessed the birth of great poet-poets like Amir Khusrau and great kings who had ruled India with a wise and prudent as Akbar (also referred to as The Greatest Mughal Emperor) and Shahjahan, two people Mughal king who is well known. Until now still clearly visible relics of Islam in India with the presence of mosques and Islamic tombs all over India like Taj Mahal and others.The decl[...]

History of China


Histories In The World-History of ChinaChinese history is one of the world's oldest cultural history. From archaeological and anthropological discoveries, China area has been inhabited by early humans since 1.7 million years ago. Chinese civilization originated from the various city-states along the Yellow River valley in the Neolithic era. China's written history began in the Shang Dynasty (ca. 1750 BC - 1045 BC).Tortoise shell with the ancient Chinese writing from the Shang Dynasty have the radiocarbon dating to 1500 BC. Culture, literature, and Chinese philosophy developed in the Zhou Dynasty (1045 BC to 256 BC) who continued the Shang Dynasty. This dynasty was the longest ruling dynasty and the dynasty is the modern Chinese writing began to develop.Chinese Culture as one of the oldest civilizations in the world that is different from other old civilizations is because the history of Chinese culture never lost for nearly 5000 years. Substitution of the dynasty by dynasty rule does not cause the destruction of Chinese culture and experience a very big shift.Zhou Dynasty split into several city states, which created the Warring States Period. In the year 221 BC, Qin Shi Huang to unite the various kingdoms and founded the first Chinese empire. Substitution dynasties in Chinese history have developed a bureaucratic system that allows the Emperor of China has direct control over a wide area.The conventional view of the history of China is that China is a country that experienced a switch between periods of unity and political division that is sometimes dominated by foreigners, mostly terasimiliasi into the Han population. Cultural and political influences from various regions in Asia, carried by waves of immigration, expansion, and assimilation of alternating, fused to form modern Chinese culture.In the history of the Chinese normally there should only be considered to run a single emperor's mandate to rule the skies, but at this time because no one country can conquer other nations to unite China, then comes the three countries with the emperor respectively. China finally united by the Sima family seized control of the state of Wei and Wu conquered and established the Jin Dynasty.Cao Wei capital Luoyang. by Emperor Cao Pi and Cao Han.Dong Wu Jian Ye capital. by Emperor Sun Quan and Sun Hao.Shu Han capital city of Cheng Du. by Emperor Liu Pei and Liu ChanEnd of the Han DynastyHan dynasty in decline since the year 100 because of the emperors ruled incompetent rulers and decay in the government bureaucracy. Some peasant uprising broke out as a form of popular discontent against the empire. But the emperor is more severe disability used by the eunuchs to consolidate power in their hands. End of the Han Dynasty was a period dominated by the government of eunuchs.Since Emperor Hedi, subsequent emperors ascended the throne in childhood. This causes no stable and strong government because the government is run by the eunuchs and other imperial family who then staged a coup to get rid of the emperor who was growing up in order to perpetuate their power. This causes a vicious circle which is then further downward situation Han Dynasty. At the end of the Han dynasty appeared yellow scarf rebellion or better known as the yellow turban rebellion, led by Zhang Jiao and his minions they occupied the territory of Zhou Yu, Xu Zhou, Yan Zhou. Exactly once occupied the cities of Ping Yuan, Wan, Xu Chang, Ye, Xiao Pei, Shou Chun. To quell the insurgency that emerged, the government named He Jin Han dynasty as well as General of the prime minister. For approximately 8 years, genie He still can not quell the rebellion.Prime Minister Dong ZhuoIn the year 189, shortly after the Emperor died Lingdi, the ministers and then plotting to assassinate General He Jin, uncle of the boy Emperor Lingdi, Liu Bian. This is intended to prevent the seat He Jin emperor Liu[...]

Google AdSense And history


Google AdSense And history-Histories In The Worl.Who does not know google adsense?Who does not know google adsense?The presence of the google adsense can not be separated from the development history of innovation from google to bring together between the Advertiser and publisher of each other on the lucrative.Advertiser can introduce the product, event or website that is known worldwide through a network of google Publisher.For the bloggers webmaster, whose name is Google Adsense is not a new thing because it has long been known and they managed to achieve it. However, for novice bloggers like me may still be the question what and how is called Google Adsense. Because as I write this I still get the very minimum. But I'm sure one day will get the results sesusai with what I have done.Here will be presented briefly re-discuss about Google Adsense that I have learned from various websites.Today, Google Adsense is one of the quickest and easiest way to monetize the traffic or visitors to your website or blog, well if your site has a product or service to sell, or blogs that only provide free writing for visitors.In short, Google Adsense allows website owners to put some code on their site that connects to an ad server owned by Google's database and retrieve and put the ads that are relevant to the keyword content on your pages. The website owner or webmaster will be paid as a percentage of fees earned from Google's advertisers when visitors click the ads in the website.To join the Google Adsense program is free of charge as all costs have been borne by the advertisers who join the AdSense sister program called Google Adwords.Google sends a "robot" digitally using a specific algorithm to track and decipher and analyze our web page content to determine the relevant keywords. The robot was then reported its findings to the server (ad server) Google, which further provides that in accordance with the keyword ads earlier. This process works automatically and takes place in a very short time.History of Google AdSense program began in 2003, named "Google's Content Targeted Advertising".Although the program is similar to Adsense that now, but it does not work automatically. Any website owner or webmaster to negotiate directly with Google, and websites that have page views per month is less than 20 million, refused to participate.Along with the development of Google, they begin to realize how much money is wasted without the participation of small websites, which are more numerous and are eager to participate ads. The answer to the request and desire that is Google Adsense that requires no minimum traffic and open to all eligible sites throughout the Terms Of Service (TOS) of Google.How much can you can join the Google Adsense program?The answer depends on three things:1. The amount of money paid by the ad is clicked2 .. The number of visitor traffic your site3. The number of visitors who click on ads on your sitePlease note that the value of money for each click your ads varies greatly. Some are paid only $ 0.01 per click to over $ 10 per click. So you can get adequate income from this program.So how do I join the Google Adsense program? Simply go to / adsense and sign up there. Make sure you read and study carefully their Terms Of Service because they have "AdSense Police" who served to kick you out of this program if you are not running on the specified line.By participating in the Google AdSense program is like collecting free money.Adsense is a glimpse of history that we all need to know.Hopefully this description useful to you all.[...]

History of Linux Operating System


Histories in The World's-Linux Operating System Of HistoryThe name Linux is a unique combination of its creator's name and the name that becomes the target operating system (UNIX). It all started with an operating system called Minix. Minix was made by Professor Andrew Tanenbaum. Minix is ​​a Unix-like operating system that works on the PC.Torvald is a student at the University of Helsinki are using Minix. Although quite good, he has not considered adequate Minix.Then in 1991 he made an operating system which is a UNIX clone, named Linux. As with Minix, Linux does not use any code from the commercial UNIX vendors, so Torvalds linux distribution on the Internet free of charge.On October 5, 1991, Torvalds posted in newsgroups comp.os.minix operating system. He announced that the Linux source code is available and ask for help other programmers to join expanding it. When itLinux is still half-baked, this operating system can only run a few UNIX commands, such as bash, gcc and the gnu-make. When Linux 1.0 was launched in 1994, this operating system has been fairly stable and has many features, such as preemptive multitasking (the ability to share CPU resources for many applications) and symmetric multiprocessing (the ability to divide tasks among multiple CPUs). Linux even has its own mascot by Torvalds described as "a penguin is adorable and friendly, a lot of satiety after eating herring".In 1996, the existing Linux development teams around the world begin to give results. That year they have made a version of Linux for a number of versions of hardware, from the Atari ST to the Macintosh.Linux continues to grow rapidly, mainly because there are a number of distributors (such as RedHat, Caldera, etc.) are scrambling to compete for market share. Therefore formed a group called the Linux Standard Base. The group is working to ensure that the various Linux distributions are still able to runThe same applications and interoperability with each other. Currently there are seven most popular Linux distributions, namely:RedHat Linux, the most popular distributors in the U.S. and one of the most easy to use.Mandrake Linux, distributors who add updates and patches for RedHat Linux.Caldera Open Linux, Linux distibrusi with installation and user environment based on good graphics.Suse Linux, the most popular Linux distribution in Europe that also provides the installation instructions in Indonesian language.Slackware Linux.Debian GNU / Linux.TurboLinux, the most popular Linux distribution in Asia, which provides special support for Asian character sets.Note:Linux distributors are still many more. Which one is best depends on the user's convenience. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.Ability LINUX• Multiuser• Multiprocessor• Multitasking, allows programs running concurrently (background)• multithreading, can create a subprocess with an efficient way• Pembelokkan I / O, Pipe and Filter• Local and Network File System• Security, login with a password, ownership, group• X-Window System[...]

History of France


History of France France is a great country with all its greatness and tragedy. Countries with more than 55 million inhabitants, is located in the heart Eropa.LFranceinternational language used by more than 60 million people worldwide,especially in countries France, Belgium, several countries in the region of WestAfrica, Haity, and also the French colonies in France Pacific. French is the official language of instruction in the official languages ​​of the European Unionuse the instructions in the UN community, coupled with the language of the people who know others. All French perfume and fashion as well, such asVersace. Though France has a high Tehnology that in some ways not inferior toUSA state, such as automotive Tehnology with its TGV train / fast, Airbus,Tehnology telecommunications, etc.Don t 'forget also that France also has a sophisticated automobile industry, such as car who has won the Renault F1races in France in 2006 the State is also famous for writers, such as VictorHugo.State France is one of the founders of the European Union, one member of the G8, one of France is the leading country. Industrial countries one country that dared to criticize the United States, as well as the United States refusedthe desire to menggirimkan troops to Iraq to disarm Iraq of weapons of massdestruction (apparently not proven the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq). In addition, the French state is a member of the UNSecurity Council, which has a veto. France is also a member of the Paris Clubwhich provides financial assistance to developing countries.History The establishment of the French State France, officially the Republic of France (French: République française, French spelling: [ʁepyblik fʁɑsɛz]), is a country whose metropolitan territory is located in Western Europe and also has various overseas islands and territories located in other continents. [1] Metropolitan France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. French people often refer to Metropolitan France as "L'Hexagone" ("Hexagon") because of geometric shapes territory. France is a unitary semi-presidensia republic that has no president. Its main ideals are expressed in the Declaration of Human Rights and the Citizen. France is bordered by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra, and Spain. Due to its overseas departments, France also shares land borders with Brazil and Suriname (bordering French Guiana), and the Netherlands Antilles (bordering Saint-Martin). France is also linked to the United Kingdom by the Channel Tunnel, which is under the English Channel. France has become one of the greatest strengths of the world since the mid-17th century. In the 18th century and 19th centuries, France built one of the largest colonial empires of the time, stretching across West Africa and Southeast Asia, the region's political and cultural influence. France is a developed country, with the sixth largest economy (nominal GDP) or[...]

History of England


History of England- Histories In The World'sEngland is the country's largest and most populous part of the states that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). The other countries are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Often the English name used to refer to the whole country.England's territory covers two thirds of the island of Britain, is bordered by Scotland to the north and west Wales.In contrast to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the UK does not have its own local government and parliament.Symbols of StateBritish national flag, known as St. George Cross, the flag of the country since the 13th century. Actually, the flag was used as the maritime territory of the Republic of Genoa. British monarch pays tribute to the Government of Genoa from the year 1190, so that British ships could use the flag as a symbol of protection when passing through the waters of the Mediterranean.History of British MonarchyHistory of the British monarchy can we trace the history of the kings of Angles and Scotland. Since the year 1000 appeared a number of kingdoms in the area of ​​England and Scotland which forms the reigning monarch of the era. One of the king that we need to know is that King Harold II, last king of the Anglo-Saxon. Harold II power over the Anglo-Saxons before the Normans invaded by the army in 1066. Killing of Harold II in this war made England taken over by the Normans.Important events that characterize the development of the British monarchy:1. Century IX: After the occupation of Viking, Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex became the most powerful empire. The kingdom was led by Alfred the Great and has the power in the western region of Mercia. Alfred the Great the title "King of Home". His successor, Athelstan, became the first king who controlled all parts of the kingdom despite retaining the power of regional identity respectively;2. XI century: Britain experienced a more stable situation though involved in wars, for example by Denmark (Danes), which makes Denmark ruled for a generation;3. Year 1066: Britain was attacked by the Normans led by William (Duke of Normandy). This Normandy assault causing political and social changes in the UK;4. William (later William I) was replaced by two sons, William II and Henry (later Henry I). Henry I made the controversial decision to appoint his daughter, Matilda (the only child born alive) as the successor to the throne.5. Year 1135: After the death of Henry I, grandson of William I, namely Stephen, seized the throne of England with the support of the barons. This makes Matilda rebelled. Chaos is what introduces us to the term "Anarchy"; England had periods of bitter and completely erratic.6. Year 1154: The son of Matilda, who was also named Henry, seized power and became King of England Angevin (or Plantagenet) first to occupy the British throne, with the title of Henry II. During the Angevin dynasty, the British suffered many rebellions and riots. One of them is rebellion by his own two sons, Richard and John. After Henry II died, the throne transferred to Richard (later Richard I). However, Richard I rarely was in the palace because of his time to the Crusades (Crusades). Richard I was killed and succeeded by his brother, John.7. Year 1215: The King John's barons urged to ratify the Magna Carta (Great Charter, or the Great Charter), which contains the guarantee of equal rights and freedom for the nobility. Tensions that led to the outbreak of war (known as "the First Barons' War").8. Year 1216: King John died when the son of his crown, Henry, 9 years old. However, although still a child, Henry still ascended the throne (title of Henry III). After Henry III becomes King of England, there was a [...]

History Of The United States


History of the United StatesUnited States located in the middle of the North American continent, bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. Country United States stretching from the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast to the Pacific Ocean on the west coast, including the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean, the state of Alaska at the northern tip of the Americas, and several other territories.The first settler in what is now the United States come from Asia about 15,000 years ago. They crossed the Bering land bridge into Alaska. Furthermore, Native Americans living in the area for thousands of years. In 1492, Christopher Columbus reached America. English people then settled in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607. These settlements are considered as the first settlement in the United States. Furthermore, the United States continues visited by English people. The French, Spanish, and Dutch also settled in some of the United States. The development of British colonies did not end well for Native Americans, because many of those who died from the disease, and they lost their country.United States is made up of 13 former British colony after the American Revolution after the declaration of independence on July 4, 1776. This war started because the colonists felt unfairly treated by the British.After the Revolution, the United States face many problems, such as slavery. In the 1800s, the U.S. gained a lot of territory and began terindustralisasi. From 1861 to 1865, the American Civil War raged between the North and South. This war was caused by disputes over states' rights, slavery, and the future of the United States. Some states in the South left the United States and founded the Confederacy.North won the war, and countries that have left the union returned to the United States. This country then through the reconstruction. In the late 1800s, many Europeans came to the United States and work in large factories. At the beginning of the 20th century, the U.S. became a world power. Its economy is one of the largest in the world. The country is also involved in World War I and II.After World War II, the United States engaged in Cold War with the Soviet Union. During the Cold War, the government spent much money on defense. U.S. involvement in the Korean War and Vietnam, and also sent Neil Armstrong and other Americans into space. In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War ended. Middle East is important for America, especially after the September 11 attacks of 2001. Now, the United States is a superpower, but still faces some problems.Pre - ColumbusThe ancestors of American natives came from Asia. They crossed the Bering land bridge into Alaska.Pre-Columbian period is the period before the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America in 1492. At that time, Native Americans settled in the United States. They have a different culture: indigenous people in the United States east of hunting; natives of the northwestern United States catch fish native to the southwest to plant corn and build a house called the pueblo, and the natives of the Great Plains to hunt bison.Colonial PeriodThe British tried to establish settlements on Roanoke Island in 1585, but did not last long. In 1607, the first British settlement can survive standing in Jamestown, Virginia. This settlement was founded by John Smith, John Rolfe, and other British people who are interested in wealth and adventure. Colonies in Virginia almost failed to survive due to disease and starvation, but successful because of planting tobacco.Mayflower brought the Pilgrim Fathers to America.In 1621, a group of British people who dubbed the Pilgrim Fathers (those who fled because of disagreements with the church) settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts. [...]

The founder of the Persian Empire: Cyrus the Great


The founder of the Persian Empire: Cyrus the GreatCyrus the Great - the founder of the Persian Empire. Began his career as a petty officer in the southwestern part of Iran, he dispels - through battle victories cemerlangan - three great empires (Medes, Lydian, and Babylonian), and unites almost all the old Middle East region into a country that stretches from India to the Mediterranean.Cyrus (or Kurush Persinya name) was born around the year 590 BC in the province of Persis (now Fars), in southwestern Iran. This region was a province of the Kingdom of Medes. Cyrus comes from the descendants of local authorities which are subordinate to the King of Medes.The tradition that arose later makes interesting tale concerning these Cyrus himself, as if reminding people of the Greek myth of King Oedipus. According to this tale, Cyrus was the grandson of Astyages King of Medes. Before the birth of Cyrus, Astyages dream that his grandson will someday menghalaunya from the throne. The king issued orders that all newborn babies be killed out. However, officials believed the murder was not the heart to commit murder is evil, but the continuation of the order was to the shepherd and his wife to carry it out. But they are also not the heart. Them instead of killing baby boy but maintain it as their own children. Finally, when the boy grew up, did he really topple the king from his throne.Medes and Persian nation adjacent to each other, either due to the origin and language similarities. Because Cyrus still pass some laws of Medes and most of the administrative procedures of government, his victory over the Medes is just a mere change of dynasty and not a conquest by a foreign nation.However, Cyrus immediately revealing his desire to defeat to the outside. His first target is the Lydian kingdom in Asia Minor, ruled by King Croesus, whose wealth was such a fairy tale. Iron Cyrus is nothing when compared to gold Croesus. By the year 546 BC Cyrus conquered the Lydian kingdom of Croesus and throw into jail.Cyrus then turned his attention towards the east, and in a series of battles, he conquered all the eastern part of Iran and the inclusion into the territory of his kingdom. In the year 540 BC, Persian Empire stretched to the east as far as the Indus River and Jaxartes (now Syr Darya in Central Asia).By protecting the rear. Cyrus can focus on the most valuable of all. Babylon the prosperous Empire jinawi loh, located in central Mesopotamia but can supervise all the provinces "fertile crescent" (Fertile Crescent) the Middle East. Unlike Cyrus, the ruler of Babylon Nabonidus was not popular among the people. When the army moved forward Cyrus, Babylon troops bow the knee Cyrus without a fight. Because the Babylon Empire also includes Syria and Palestine, two areas were incorporated into the dominions of Cyrus.Mengabiskan Cyrus took several years to consolidate its control and re-organize such a huge empire that has been captured. Then he led the Army to conquer the northeast Massagetae, nomadic tribes that lived in northeast Central Asia Caspian. The Persians gained the victory in times of armed first. But in the second battle, a battle in 529 BC, they conquered and Cyrus - ruler of the empire the world has ever seen at that time - were killed.Cyrus succeeded by his son Cambyses II. Massagate Cambyses defeated in the ensuing battle, found the bodies of his father and bury it back in Pasargadae, the capital of ancient Persia. Then Cambyses sent troops to the invasion of Egypt, and thus he unites all the old Middle East region in a single empire.Cyrus definitely a leader with the military sphere of permissibility. But that's just one side of a man. More prominent, perhaps, is the policy of how to c[...]

History Of BlackBerry


Histories In The World's-History of BlackBerry.Starting from a small company with borrowed capital, RIM has developed into a company's most admired and respected in Canada propagators. Is the secret? Moreover, if not the tenacity and desire unruk continues to grow. Success stories of companies with the full name of Research In Motion Ltd., originated from the desire of a young man who dropped out of college to prove himself. Is a Greek named Mike Lazardis who immigrated from Turkey to Canada in the years 1967. The age of 23 Lazardis get the harsh reality that issued from the University of Waterloo, where he was steeped in electrical engineering. Lazardis received venture capital loans from friends and family. With capital, Lazarsis and two friends founded RIM in Waterloo, Ontario Canada th 1984. RIM's first labor contract came from General Motors of Canada to work on industrial automation and berahan in the first few years to move from contract to contract. RIM managed to get pengahasilan $ 1 million and has about 12 employees. RIM got interested in wireless digital devices when it receives a contract from Roger Cantel Mobile Comminications, pager and cellular phone operators th 1987. In contract, RIM tasked to find out the potential of new wireless digital network system that at Ericsson introduced. Furthermore, managed to make a mini-sized wireless radio modems. 1990, this made a lot of modems in use by OEMs for a wide range of products from computers to vending machines.BlackBerry, his name increasingly bounced among phone users. most people identify dg a BlackBerry smart phone devices who put forward the messaging feature. In perkembangannnya BlackBerry is no longer just a device but also the service. And even if your BlackBerry is in such a tenarnya, only a handful of people who knew the ropes, including who the manufacturer.If you are familiar with the BlackBerry kta must know the RIM (Research In Motion), because this Canadian company is the parent of the BlackBerry, they who gave birth to the BlackBerry device. It began in the year 1995, when it issued the first RIM BlackBerry products in the form of a 2-way pager device-equipped dg thumb keyboard (keyboard dg yg small button can be pressed using the thumb or other finger) to support the text feature messagingnya. BlackBerry was officially introduced to the market pd th 1997 allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' FRAMEBORDER='0' />Origin name of the BlackBerryBlackBerry name selection there own story. At that RIM aided Lexicon Branding Inc dg. (The consulting firm making American brand or brands) had an inspiration that this device is something sweet in life because of its functionality and ease of reply. At that time his fihakLexicon see the keyboard keys such as strawberry seeds, but according to them the word "straw" is too long when spoken to seem slow. Then chosen the BlackBerry, which according to their brand can represent the sweetness of life within fruit BlackBerry and the word "Black" which when spoken rapidly BalckBerry who represent the character of the device simple and easy to use.The name was spoofed into CrackBerry BlackBerry (mean crack cocaine) because this device can make users addicted. even because of this issue, who in some countries there are regulations limiting the use of the BlackBerry phone. For example Canada they passed a law daari deadly traps at 7 pm to 7 am, weekends and other holidays.World of BlackBerryIt has become a phenomenon in the last few know this. In the United States, BlackBerry handhelds can even be regarded as[...]

Google+ : Fastest History of Social Networking


Histories In The World's-Google+: Fastest History of Social Networking+ Google down in history as the fastest growing social network in the world.Paul Allen, Co-Founder mentions in his analysis, Google + has reached 18 million users until Tuesday (7/19/2011) American time. However, this growth is down 50 percent."Last week, we saw more than 2 million people registering Plus Google in one day," Allen said in his analysis as quoted by Mashable. "If this rate continues, Google Plus will reach 20 million users in next Sunday night. But in the past four days, users of Google Plus the average increase 948,000 people, and yesterday only 763.00 users increases. Yesterday is only 4.47 percent growth, This figure is too late since Google Plus opened last July 6, 2011, "according to Paul Allen's analysis.Why is Google Plus slows down? Google Trends indicates the "buzz" around Google Plus does not move, and no "items" a new major. Allen makes an important point to mention Google's Plus is not promoted by a variety of other properties owned by Google. Social networking is still limited invite. Plus Google once promoted on YouTube or, growth skyrocketed.Allen previously Google estimates Plus reaches 10 million users on July 12 and July 13. Figures 10 million users are authenticated Google CEO Larry Page on July 14.Plus Google users who have the follower (follower) at most is Mark Zuckerberg with more than 250,000 followers, even though Mark does not post a single one in your Google account plusnyaThings You Need to Know About Google+For those of you who do not know about Google + project, consider carefully the following article we are learning. It is still a new project started (trial), but for the opportunity would be able to try this feature. If you have not been able to try it, it never hurts to learn some more Google + project until the time the project is launched publicly.If you remember a previous article that we post about the video features the newly launched facebook chat, it's Google + project indicates that Google still will compete with Facebook in the social networking world. Hmm ... really interesting for us is always monitored together.Learning that we provide is not every thing you need to know about Google's Project +. This learning may be a book instead of an article, and Google's Project + is just beginning. Of course, if Google has a way, he will be able to survive for years in the world of online / internet.While we certainly learned a lot more about Google + this project as time went on until the project was launched publicly, here are some quick cuts to get a little more familiar with Google's Project + is what we got and we summarized from various reliable sources:Google does not consider this project as a "competitor" Facebook (at least in the public eye).Google + is currently available for download as an app in the Android Market.When you download, the application is a division of the "crowd" feature as a separate application.According to Google, what's available now is "only a beginning". This is only the first feature or more features may be more to come.Circles (circle) is one of the features at this time. It lets you share things with different people (a kind of Facebook Groups) but with very different user interface. Let you see the following video:Another feature is the Sparks. It looks to videos and articles that you think you'll like, so that "when you're free, there is always something to watch, read, and share."Hangouts are the other features. Basically it is a group video chat. Google describes it as "an unplanned meeting."Instant uploads are mobile-specific features. Up[...]

Google: The Early History of Google


The Early History of Google-Histories In The WorldGoogle is a U.S. company of the most famous through its search engine which is also named Google.CompanyGoogle Inc.. (NASDAQ: GOOG) was founded on September 7, 1998 at living their friend's garage in Menlo Park, California. In February 1999, the company moved into offices at 165 University Ave., Palo Alto, Calif., before moving to the "Googleplex" at the end of the year.The search engineGoogle is a search engine on the Internet which is based in the United States. Google is one of the most popular search engine on the web and receive at least 200 million search queries each day through its Web site and client web sites such as American Online (AOL). Google's headquarters is located (the "Googleplex") in Mountain View, California.HistoryGoogle started the research project two Ph.D. students Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin in early 1996 who developed the theory that a search engine based on mathematical analysis of the relationship between web sites will give better results than using basic search techniques used at that time. This system was originally called BackRub because it uses backlinks to estimate a site's importance.Convinced that the pages with at most a link to that page from the pages of other relevant web pages that are most relevant, Page and Brin decided to try their thesis as part of their study - this being the foundation for their search engine. They officially formed their company Google Inc.. on September 7, 1998. allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' FRAMEBORDER='0' />Google became popular among Internet users because its design is simple and 'clean' and relevant search results. Advertising is sold based on keywords (keywords) so that they become more relevant for users, and the ads are required to use the text-only page design still remain sleek and fast loading pages. The concept of selling ads based on keyword preceded by the Overture, formerly called At a time when most other dotcom companies went bankrupt, Google quietly further strengthen its influence and gain profit.In September 2001, Google's ranking mechanism (PageRank) was granted a U.S. patent. The patent was officially granted to the Leland Stanford University and lists Lawrence Page as the inventor.In February 2003, Google bought Pyra Labs, owner of Blogger, a pioneer and leader website hosting weblog. This acquisition seemed inconsistent with Google's general mission, but this step makes Google may use information from blog postings to improve the speed and relevance of the articles in Google News.During its peak in early 2004, Google take care of nearly 80 percent of all search requests on the Internet through its website and clients such as Yahoo!, AOL and CNN. Google's share dropped from Google's search technology, Yahoo! released in February 2004 in order to use the results of their independent search.Other Essay Concerning the History of Google.Google ...unique name, unique historyWho does not know with Google. For all cyberspace surfers must have been very familiar with this google. Google is very popular with search engines in cyberspace jungle. All you need do is type in the desired password then google will track and find any information desired.Google with two "o" was unique, because if the data results are found, the number of "o" will appear as a Web obtained by search engines.The word Google is derived from Googlo. The word was coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew Edward Kasner a mathematici[...]

History: Submarine In The World


History: Submarine in the World-Histories In The WorldI have written an interesting and important history of the submarine for you. So you better know the history of the submarine. Submarines are ships that move under the surface of the water, generally used for the purpose of and interest in the military. Most of the Navy owns and operates the submarine although the number and population of each country is different. Besides being used for military purposes, the submarine also used for science and marine and fresh water for duty at a depth that is not suitable for human divers. history of the world's first submarine invented by a German inventor of Nuremberg in the year 1465 named Keyser reported to have designed a boat which can dive in the water. But that is consciously designed a boat dive to avoid the enemy is a very creative English named William Bourne. In 1578 he made a plan with sufficient detail submarine. Equipped with tanks (ballast) which can in water content and on again to clear the floats. But this design did not realize the real, but only in the pour in the book Inventions of Devices. Yet the system replied tersebulah tank that would later become an important key to the submarine. In the historical development of submarines in the world there is a Dutch investor named Cornelius Drebbel, 50 years later ventured to embody a submarine shaped like two boats in the stacking order in the lid with waterproof leather. Dayungannya holes are also made in such a way that does not take in water. Drebbel did not use the ship ballast system, but with normal weights like iron to a dive boat. In 1620 he was demonstrating the submarines in the Themes River in London, and reputedly where he is rumored to have been put on the pipe and valve to clean the air entering the cabin and pulled out a dirty air. So he is pioneering the use schnorkel, tools of modern submarines which were found also by the Dutch of three centuries later, There is also a Frenchman, de Son who helped make the submarine to help the Dutch in the war with the English in 1652-54. His boat is made in Rotterdam, reinforced with iron spears in tabrakkan into enemy ships. De Son claimed the boat capable mengaramkan 100 enemy ships every day and can reach kepulawan Dutch colony in Indonesia in just six weeks only, but in reality, the vessel is unable to move and only a spectacle alone. Hose 30 years later in the history of the submarine, one Italian priest Giovanni Alfonso Borelli in 1680 also designed a submarine in motion with oars and wearing flotation bags of goatskin. The priest had designed the ship because as a scientist he wanted to observe life in the sea with his ship. But the draft remains on paper, and when new people come into the UK, Symons Nethaniel copied it in 1747 and tested the boat in S. Themes. Reports at the time said the ship is able to survive in water for 45 minutes. A British shipbuilder named his boat the other Day in 1773 succeeded in dipping his boat as deep as 30 feet. He wore the stone ballast that can be separated from the ship. A year later he tried again in deeper waters, Day along with its crew dipping their boat at a depth of 132 feet without considering the danger of increasing the water pressure. The ship and its crew does not show the surface, and efforts to help them fail because of the weather and then deteriorate. In suspected submarine Day squashed water pressure, and this is the first fatal accident history of the submarine. In the course of history had been long enough, the use of submarines by the military objective to sink enemy ships, first tested in 1776 b[...]

History Of Ships


History of ships in line with the human adventure. The boats are known for the first time during the Neolithic dikenala, about 10,000 years ago. This initial ships have a limited function: they can move on the water, but nothing else. Primarily used for hunting and fishing. The oldest canoe found archaeologists are often made from coniferous trees, using simple stone tools.Ship, are of passenger and goods transport at sea (rivers etc.) as well as canoe or smaller boat. Ships are usually large enough to carry a small boat like the boat. While in terms of english, separated between the larger ship and a smaller boat. By habit ship can carry a boat but the boat can not take the boat. Actual size in which a boat called the ship is always determined by the laws and regulations or local custom.Over the centuries, the ship used by humans to navigate the river or the ocean that begins by the discovery of the boat. Usually people in the past using a canoe, raft or boat, the greater the need will then be made to fit the power boat or from larger vessels called. The materials used for shipbuilding in the past to use wood, bamboo or papyrus rods like the ancient Egyptians used people and then used metal materials such as iron / steel because the human need for a strong ship. For human propulsion are initially using the paddle and then with the help of the wind screen, after a revolution of the steam engine and diesel engine industries as well as nuclear. Some research has led to a walk-engined boat floating on the water like a hovercraft and Eakroplane. And vessels used in the bottom of the ocean submarines.Centuries century ships used to transport passengers and goods until the early 20th century found an aircraft capable of carrying goods and passengers within a short time the ship had got heavy competition. But for the ship still has the advantage that is capable of transporting cargo by tonnage is higher so more ships are dominated passenger ships and tankers, while many are diverted into a cruise ship like the Queen Elizabeth and Awani Dream.NavigationTo determine the direction, the ship sailed past not far from the continent or mainland. However, in accordance with the development of the crew members finally use the stars as navigational aids with tools such as the astrolabe and the compass and map. The discovery of an hourglass by the Arabs also helping navigation coupled with the discovery of clock by John Harrison in the 17th century. The discovery of the telegraph by SFB Morse and radio by C. Marconi, especially over the use of radar and sonar found in the 20th century made the role of navigator somewhat displaced. Unit is computed by knots boat speed in which a knot = 1.85200 km / hr.Toward the end of the 20th century, navigation is made easier by the GPS, which has a very high accuracy with the help satelit.Selain from it a very modern communications systems also support navigation by the existence of several kinds of equipment such as radar-type Harp enables the navigator / first mate could see the direct state of marine conditions. Radar harp is a modern radar that can detect the distance between the vessel ship, ship to the mainland, ships with dangerous areas, boat speed, wind speed, accuracy and power have a clear picture. Aside from that there are more system GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System) A global shipping safety system. If a ship is in dangerous condition of this system will transmit the news that contains the danger of the ship's position, name of ship, type of danger, it is automatically, quickly, precise, accura[...]

History Of Social Networking Facebook


Facebook is a social networking recently pioneered in 2006 by a Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg or Mark Zuckerberg was born born on May 14, 1984 in Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County, New York, United States (U.S.).The idea started when she went to school at Exeter High School, New HampshireSaat that he became acquainted with Adam D'Angelo. Zuckerberg graduated and entered Harvard University, initially making Coursematch program that allows students in the same class can view a list of classmates. The next project to make Through this site visitors can stamp "cool" or "bad" photo of a student, and make Zuckerberg called by the Administrative Board of Harvard University because it is considered breaking into the campus computer security systems, break the rules on Internet privacy, and copyright infringement.Therefore he makes Facebook and the launch in 2004. In a short time two-thirds of Harvard students to be Facebook users. Roommates, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hugh, dberhasil expand its wings into Stanford University, Columbia, Yale, Ivy College, and several other schools in the Boston area. In a short time, they launched a Facebook into 30 schools.Moskovitz and Zuckerberg along with some other friends moved to Palo Alto, California, summer holidays in 2004 rented a small house for the office. Therefore Facebook seriously want to do they left Harvard. In his office's Zuckerberg met Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal, which give us fresh funds amounting to U.S. $ 500,000, an early investor so they can move to a bigger office at the University Avenue which was named as the office "Urban Campus"On August 23, 2005 Zuckerberg buy the domain from Aboutface Corporation worth U.S. $ 200,000 or approximately USD 1.86 billion. On September 2, 2005, Zuckerberg launched a special Facebook site for kids high school. In only 15 days since its launch, most schools in the U.S. already a member. at the end of 2005, Facebook has covered about 2,000 campuses and 25,000 high schools in the U.S., Canada, UK, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.On February 27, 2006, he began to allow students who become this site's users to add high school students as friends. BusinessWeek, spread the news that Zuckerberg was negotiating with potential buyers Facebook. But, finally, he rejected the offer which allegedly worth U.S. $ 750 million or around Rp 6.97 trillion. The reason Zuckerberg thinks that price is too cheap. At that time, he estimates the value of U.S. $ 2 billion Facebook.In April 2006, the first investor of this site, namely Peter Thiel, Greylock Partners, and Meritech Capital Partners, increase investment in Facebook by depositing funds of U.S. $ 25 million. Facebook went into India through the Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management.He also gave Facebook Notes facility. This new feature is a blogging feature that allows users to tagging, inserting images, and other features. In addition, users can import a blog from the site Xanga, LiveJournal, Blogger and other blogging sites. Thanks to these new features, readers can comment on the published writings of Facebook users. September 2006, Zuckerberg opened Facebook services to all Internet users. However, this step precisely drawn protests from users and loyal customers. As a result, two weeks ago Facebook was forced to fix it by opening a new service for the registration of internet users who have a mailing address or e-mail that clear.Peter Thiel, predicts revenue this site later i[...]

History Of FC Barcelona


On November 29, 1899, Hans Gamper founded Futbol Club Barcelona, along with eleven other enthusiasts of 'foot-ball', a game that was still largely unknown in this part of the world.He could never have imagined the magnitude of what that initiative would eventually develop into. Over more than one hundred years of history, FC Barcelona has grown spectacularly in every area and has progressed into something much greater than a mere sports club, turning Barça’s ‘more than a club’ slogan into a reality.Barça has become, for millions of people all around the world, a symbol of their identity, and not just in a sporting sense, but also in terms of society, politics and culture. Throughout the most difficult of times, Barça was the standard that represented Catalonia and the Catalan people's desire for freedom, a symbolism that has continued to be closely linked to the idiosyncrasy of the Club and its members to this day. Within the context of Spain, Barça is seen as an open and democratic club. And all around the world, Barça is identified with caring causes, and most especially children through its sponsorship agreement with Unicef.For a whole century, FC Barcelona has passed through moments of glory and pain, periods of brilliance and other less successful ones, epic victories and humbling defeats. But all these different moments have helped define the personality of a Club that, due to its peculiar nature, is considered unique in the world.With over one hundred years of history, there have naturally been many different periods, both in a social and a sporting sense. In the early years (1899-1922) , from the foundation of the club to the construction of Les Corts stadium, Barça was a club that had to distinguish itself from all the other football teams in Barcelona, to the point that it would come to be identified with the city as a whole. Barça soon became the leading club in Catalonia, and also associated itself with the increasingly growing sense of Catalan national identity.From Les Corts to the Camp Nou (1922-1957), the club went through contrasting periods. Its membership reached 10,000 for the first time, while football developed into a mass phenomenon and turned professional, and these were the years of such legendary figures as Alcántara and Samitier. But due to material difficulties and the political troubles of the Spanish Civil War and post-war period, the club was forced to overcome several adverse circumstances, including the assassination of president Josep Sunyol in 1936, the very person who had propagated the slogan ‘sport and citizenship'. But the club survived, and a period of social and sporting recovery materialised in the form of the Camp Nou, coinciding with the arrival of the hugely influential Ladislau Kubala.From the construction of the Camp Nou to the 75th anniversary (1957-1974) , Barça suffered mediocre results but was consolidated as an entity, with a constantly increasing membership and the slow but steady recovery, in the face of adversity, of its identity. A very clear sensation that was manifested for the first time ever in the words ‘Barça, more than a club’ proclaimed by president Narcís de Carreras. The board presided by Agustí Montal brought a player to Barcelona who would change the history of the club, Johan Cruyff.From the 7th anniversary to the European Cup (1974-1992) the club saw the conversion of football clubs to democracy, the start of Josep Lluís Núñez’s long presidency, the extension of the Camp Nou on occasion [...]

History And About Amazon Online Shop

2011-11-26T12:59:27.601-08:00 has more than a decade old, the company became one of the examples in the success of Internet marketing. By Jef Bezos founded in 1995 that started selling books (bookstore) on-line, which later evolved sell various items and products in a massive, then music and video, and now software, household products, and furniture, etc. - Amazon's growth become a virtual department store with over 17 million online consumers worldwide, based in Seattle, Amazon earned a revenue of more than $ 1.6 billion in sales each year e-commerce. Even when the department store chains that have succeeded, such as Barnes and Noble and Wal-Mart is trying to seize a larger part in on-line retail pie, CEO Bezos has managed to maintain on-line shop as an online market leader and retain consumers through continuous innovation.At the moment there is no company like Amazon when Bezos was researching software and the internet for a company in New York City in 1994. he was interested in the possibility of establishing the business to sell books through the World Wide Web in a way that is almost the same as companies that receive orders and sell books by mail. This idea proved to be very interesting so Bezos quit his job immediately, collect money from family and friends, writing a business plan, and moved to Seattle to be located near major book supplier. One year later, started its business. In the first months of its establishment, without advertising or public relations services, the site attracting customers from all U.S. states and more than forty other countries.At the commencement of business permulan Amazon, the big book store chain that already exist do not pay much attention to the Amazon. However, trays, two years, the company's strategy online stores like provide a discount, e-mail about a book review is free and easy search facility that has attracted so many buyers and so much media coverage so that the competitors began to fight for open his own Internet bookstore. However, Amazon has an established reputation and customer loyalty becomes the main obstacle that needs to be addressed by our competitors. Despite aggressive promotion and the aggressive pricing strategy, still not able manyamai on-line sales and customer size of the Amazon.Meanwhile, Bezos has developed the company into a wide range of products by buying shares in e-commerce companies such as and he also designed the auction session in the Amazon to attract success like that obtained at eBay, the Internet auction site first. In addition, Bezos at Amazon site to make room for zShops, a room where small businesses can sell products on Amazon by paying the fare.One reason for the success of Amazon is a style of action-oriented management of its founder, Bezos. Although he carefully planned his company in the future movements, he also wanted to avoid the paralysis that may be derived from an analysis of the prudence that is not endless. As a pioneer in e-commerce, Bezos used to make decisions quickly to take advantage of the opportunities are unpredictable and often fleeting. He encourages all its employees in the Amazon to do the same thing, even if it means occasional missteps. Working within the Internet, Bezos feel better if he directed his company to enter something that is not yet known, and fix the problem later on, rather than hinder its growth now.To be able to continue to grow and innovate, Amazon must continue to recei[...]

History And About Ebay Online Shop

2011-11-26T13:04:14.503-08:00 is the central and the buying and selling of goods or services online auction world's largest, all people from all over the world can buy or sell on ebay, because of the many ebay users as much as 200 million people in June 2006 (equal to the population of the world's fifth-largest country after Indonesia 220 million people) you can find almost any goods or services on ebay such as:- Antiques- Works of art- Supplies baby- Book - Business and Manufactoring Establishment- Camera and Pohto- Cars, boats, vehicles and spare parts- Mobile and PDA (Cell Phones & PDAs)- Clothing, shoes and accessories- Coins and paper money - Collection- Computers and networks- Consumer Electronics- A small ship- Doll (Dolls & Bears)- DVDs and Movies- Memories of entertainment- Gift- Health and beauty- House and garden- Jewelry and watches- Music- Musical instruments- China and glass goods- Housing- Special Service of a field- Sports Goods- Memories of sports, sports cards, fans shop- Stamp- Tickets- Toys and hobbies- Travel- Video Games- AnythingThe main payment method is by Paypal on ebay, because it is safer for both buyer and seller, suitable for auction and instant payment, Paypal user address to a transaction has been verified by Paypal so minimize the possibility of fraud. Nevertheless there are also sellers who accept other means such as e-gold, Moneybooker, Stormpay, western union, checks, bank transfers etc.Ebay historyeBay was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar as AuctionWeb, part of a personal site that included, Omidyar donated papers to the Ebola virus. This site was originally owned by Echo Bay Technology Group, Omidyar consulting firm. Omidyar had tried to register a domain name but that name has been owned by someone else, so he shortened the name to eBay is headquartered in San Jose, California, Meg Whitman has become president of eBay and its CEO since March 1998Ebay to be the largest able to capitalize on the momentum now because as the first to get the user as much as possible. Originally it was done by offering its service for free. Once users begin much, then started to charge for the eBay listing fee.At that time, several competitors began to emerge and some even offer free listing fee. Fortunately for eBay, then the number of users on his website has reached greater numbers.In fact, when giant Yahoo! Open Yahoo! Auctions and offers a free listing fee as well, eBay is not affected. Some eBay users who bid tempted Yahoo! And switch to it eventually return to the bosom of eBay because the buyers could not find a lot of sellers, and the seller could not find many buyers.Here we can see how valuable the network effect. Values of eBay already swollen tissue so that even if eBay raised listing fee was also, not many are thinking of moving to another heart.Through this network effect, eBay has created a large value (exponential when compared with the number of users), and also can get most of these values.Interestingly, Yahoo! Are learning from the successful experience of turning things around when entering Japan. Yahoo! Entry into Japan ahead of eBay and it was the only market in which eBay can not compete and eventually decided to get out of eBay Japan.The importance of network effects in online auction industry is making eBay and Yahoo! Attempt precedes each entry into other regional markets even though initially they had to lose first.[...]

History Of Paypal


PayPal Inc. is a company in a network that provides money transfer services through electronic mail, replacing the old method that still use paper, such as checks and money orders. PayPal also provides services to the owners of e-commerce sites, auction, and other business types. Corporate headquarters is located in San Jose, California, United States.

Early establishment

PayPal Corp. is actually a result of a merger between companies with Confinity conducted in 2000. Confinity was established in December 1998 by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin with the original purpose as a corporate intermediary payment service provider of Palm Pilot and cryptography. The was founded by Elon Musk in March 1999 as a provider of financial planning services. Headquarters of both companies originally located at 165 University Avenue, Palo Alto, California, United States.

Acquisition by ebay

Seeing the promising future of PayPal, eBay's PayPal concluded suitable for use as their online auction payment intermediaries. Previously, ebay has bought Billpoint in May 1999 and became the sole intermediary payment approved by eBay, although the option to use other payment methods are still allowed. In February 2000, on average there are around 200,000 per day of supply that uses PayPal, while the use Billpoint bidding only reached 4000 only. Even in April 2000, there were already more than one million bids using PayPal.

Finally, in 2002, eBay acquired PayPal for $ 1.5 billion. ebay later remove services Billpoint payment through PayPal to enhance potency. Many of the major competitors of PayPal which eventually went bankrupt or sold, such as Citibank C2IT which closed in late 2003, Yahoo! PayDirect which closed in late 2004, and Western Union's BidPay service which closed in 2005. Another PayPal competitor who still survive until now, among others, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, Kagi, and Moneybookers.

In the first quarter of 2006, total transactions made through PayPal to reach USD 8 billion, up 41% from year to year.(image)

History Of Computer And All About Computers


What is Computer?? Computer is a tool used to process the data according to procedures that have been formulated. Computer word originally used to describe people who perkerjaannya perform arithmetic calculations, with or without hearing aids, but the meaning of the word is then transferred to the machine itself. Origins, processing information almost exclusively related to arithmetical problems, but modern computers are used for many tasks unrelated to mathematics.Broadly speaking, the computer can be defined as an electronic equipment which consists of several components, which can cooperate between the components with one another to produce an information based on existing programs and data. The computer components are included: Screen Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Mouse and Printer (as complementary). Without a computer printer can still perform his duties as a data processor, but not limited to visible screen monitor in the form of print outs (paper).In such definition, there are tools such as slide rules, mechanical calculators types ranging from abacus, and so on, until all contemporary electronic computers. The term better suited to a broader term such as "computer" is "that process information" or "information processing system."Today, computers are becoming more sophisticated. However, before a computer is not as small, sophisticated, cool and light as now. In the history of computers, there are five generations in the history of computers.First GenerationWith the onset of the Second World War, the countries involved in the war sought to develop computers to exploit their potential strategic computer. This increased funding for computer development projects hastened technical progress. In 1941, Konrad Zuse, a German engineer to build a computer, the Z3, to design airplanes and missiles.Party allies also made other progress in the development of computing power. In 1943, the British completed the secret code-breaking computer called Colossus to decode secret German messages. The Colossus's impact influenced the development of the computer industry because of two reasons. First, the Colossus is not a versatile computer (general-purpose computer), it was only designed to decode secret messages. Secondly, the existence of the machine was kept secret until decades after the war ended.Work done by the Americans at that time to produce an other progress. Howard H. Aiken (1900-1973), a Harvard engineer working with IBM, succeeded in producing electronic calculators for the U.S. Navy. The calculator is a length of half a football field and has a range of 500 miles along the cable. The Harvard-IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator, or Mark I, an electronic relay computer. He uses electromagnetic signals to move the mechanical components. Beropreasi machine is slow (it takes 3-5 seconds per calculation) and inflexible (in order of calculations can not be changed.) The calculator can perform basic arithmetic and more complex equations.Another computer development at present is the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC), which was created by the cooperation between the United States government and the University of Pennsylvania. Consisting of 18,000 vacuum tubes, 70,000 resistors and 5 million soldered joints, the computer was such a huge machine that consume power equal to 160kW.This computer was designed by John Presper Eckert (1919-1995) and John W. Mauchly [...]