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3 Step Plan For Making Money Online Without Being Scammed


There are thousands of people making money online all over the world. Internet offers many money making opportunities to those willing to work hard to earn extra money and even a fortune online.  Unfortunately alongside legitimate opportunities there are even more scams. People invest time, hard work and even money only to never be paid for their efforts. There is however a way you can avoid being scammed and get paid for your work and time. Follow this simple 3 step plan to start seeing s some real money:1.        Join legitimate and paying websites. This is the first and most important step. The right way to go is to join websites that pay to their members for their work. There are lot of scams online and people have wasted precious time and money only to be scammed in the end. However this ebookwill give you a list of websites where i have been working for years and never been scammed bt them I have been scammed many times but not by these websites, so download this ebook here and learn from my experience.2.       Work every day. Joining legitimate websites is the first step but to actually make money you need to take action. You can earn money online in your free time every day. That way you time online will be used productively.3.       Get paid. To be paid you must open account with one or more online payment processors. The most popular is Paypal but there are others like Payza(Alertpay) or Skrill(Moneybookers)Making money online is very possible and thousands of people from all over the world are already doing it. If you are interested take your first step and download the ebook by clicking here [...]

Easy To Make Money Online - The Myth About How To Make Easy Money Online


When people new to the internet think others are making easy money online, they naturally want to make the same kind of easy money too.When people who have lost lots of money chasing the easy money dream online, still continue to lose money still chasing the easy online money dream, then somebody needs to grab them by the shoulders and shout at the top of their voice... "STOP!"That's what I'm hoping to do with this article.So if you fit into any of the above 2 categories..."STOP!"The simple fact is, there is NO easy way to make money online.Some methods are easier than others, but none is easy.They all require vital ingredients, namely work, work, and more work.Throw in persistence, perseverance, and elements of inspiration, and you are getting closer to the real chance of making money online.Shame is...People just don't want to hear that, do they?So what do they do?Look for the next person promising them the "easy to make money online" dream.Now don't get me wrong, once you have put in the hard work, and put it in consistently over a period of time, it becomes increasingly easier to make money online.But hard work is what it takes.And lot's of it.Now I can make this generalization, risk-free.Because it doesn't matter what kind of product or service you are offering online, you won't make a LIVING online easily, until you put in the hours of hard work over weeks, months, and sometimes years to get you to a comfortable and consistent level of earning.However try telling people that.At a deep-root level, I guess most of us know this to be a fact.Why do we still continue to believe then that there is an easy fix?Here's the news...There isn't.Really... There isn't.Sorry to disappoint but wouldn't you rather, for once in your lifetime have someone tell you the truth, rather than sell you the next easy to make money online dream?Now I sell resale rights products.And I can make thousands of dollars from a single email sent out to my subscribers.Most people will say, "Yeah, that's the kind of easy money I want to make!"And here is the reality...It's taken me hours upon hours, days upon days, weeks upon weeks, months upon months and years of work, day and night to get to a stage where I can start to enjoy some kind of reward for my efforts.Guess what...The effort doesn't stop.Just as much time goes in now, sometimes even more than when I first started out.Except now it's a lot more fun and a lot more rewarding.I am creating a website dedicated to teaching people how to make money online with resale rights. []And hard work, persistence and motivation is required every step of the way for those that will benefit from the advice on the website.I might add, that the website is free, as is all of the information I will be putting on it.But the fact remains, that you can teach a man to fish, but he still has to go out and do the fishing.You can't stand there and fish for him.And to catch the fish is going to take time, effort, and the next day he will have to repeat it all over again if he wants to keep feeding himself and his family.If you are looking for ways to make easy money online, and aren't prepared to put the consistent hard work and effort in to create a profitable online business then take my advice.Stop before you even start.You'll save yourself a lot of money if you do.On the other hand, if you are prepared to put in the hours, put in the work and stick to ONE THING without getting side-tracked and distracted by the next easy money making scheme that crosses your path, then you, almost by necessity will start to see the rewards for your efforts.How you decide to make the money online is irrelevant.If something is making money for lots of other people online, it will for you toobut only with dedication, hard work and effort.So the bottom line is this.How hard are you prepared to work to earn easy money online?Because without hard work, to make easy money online is a myth.Tahir has been marketing online for[...]

Adsense Alternative Bidvertiser


Adsense is the preferred method for monetizing websites and blogs because it has good payout rate and large number of advertisers that offer ads for any niche. However, what if you don’t have an adsense account or you account was banned for some reason. In case you don’t have adsense account you  can start making money using one of Adsense alternatives. One of the best Adsense alternatives is Bidvertiser.Bidvertiser is an advertising network that is similar to Adsense and pays everytime visitors click on their ads. Unlike Adsense to get approved as a Bidvertiser publisher is much easier. You can apply for a publisher account even with a new blog on your own domain of in a subdomain. After your publisher application has been approve you can start making money publishing Bidvertiser ads on your website/blog. There are several types of ad formats you can use:-          Banners: Full banner(468x60) and Leaderboard(728x90)-          Skyscraper(120x600) and Wide Skyscraper(160x600)-          Inline ads-          Mobile ads(300x50)-          Medium Rectangle(300x250) and Large Rectangle(336x280)How much money you will earn from Didvertiser depends on several things but most of all on the number of visitors. The more people that visit your site the higher the probability someone will click on ads and you will earn money. Other factor that determines your earnings is how much the advertisers are bidding for advertising space on your blog. Depending on the that you will earn somewhere around $0.05 to $0.30 per click.Bidvertiser pays the publishers using Paypal and Check. To be paid by Paypal you will need a minimum amout of $10 before your payment is released. If you choose to be paid by check then you will need to have accumulatedat least $100 in your publisher account.If you want to make money publisheg ads from Bidvertiser network click this link to join:Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser[...]

Google Adsense Alternative AdHitz


Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your website. Webmasters choose Adsense because is easy to implement and pays every time a visitors  clicks on an ad shown by the networks. However, becoming an Adsense publisher is not that simple and requires submitting an application, and Adsense can be very selective in choosing it's publishers.

If you have a blog and want to monetize it using pay per click ads you can choose joining on of Adsense Alternatves. One of them is AdHitz.AdHitz  is similar to Adsense, a pay per click (PPC) advertising network. It you display AdHitz ads on your site you will make money every time someone clicks on them. Unlike Adsense to join AdHitz is very easier and publishers will get approved very quickly.

To start making money online with AdHitz first you will need to open an account which is free. After you have your account there are  three steps you must take to begin to make money with your blog:

  1. Add your websites. You will need to provide details about the websites where you will display ads from AdHitz. You will need to enter in the form details like Name of the website, url, category and enter tags that best describe your website. You will also need to provide answers to question about where does of the  traffic comes from, is there adult content on the website and the language on the website.
  2. Next you will need to set up ads and pricing. You can set up a fix amount for a certain time period or set cost per click. Next is setting ad type, text ad or image ad. You can choose 125 x1 25, 120 x 600, 300 x 250, 468 x 60, 728 x 90.
  3. Get code and insert in your website. AdHitz will generate code for your website which you can insert in your website. After that  ads will start displaying and you can start making money when someone clicks on them, or a client buys ad spot for fixed price over certain time period. 

Compared to Adsense Adhitz usually pays less money per click but on the other hand becoming AdHitz publisher is easier and your application can be approved even if you dont have much traffic on your website. Other advantage of AdHitz is that you need a single account to be publisher and advertiser. If you want to advertise on Adsense you will need to open account on Google Adwords. If for some reason your application to become Adsense publisher was rejected you can try AdHitz to make money with your website.


Make Real Money Online Writing Blog Posts


There are millions of blogs online and new ones are started every day. People start blogs because they want to blog about things that interest them. There are blogs about fashion, cooking, business, entertainment, movies, computer gmes, health fitness etc. What blogs need is a constant supply of fresh and original articles. Blog owners must post new content on a regular basis to keep their audience coming back. This open many possibilities for anyone that is expert in certain field to create a source of online income writing blog posts. If you are expert in certain area and love to write than you can write blog posts for clients that they can publish on their blogs.  Many blog owners don’t have either time or expertize to write themselves so they outsource the writing to freelancers. If you have knowledge about finances than you can write articles that will be published on finance blogs. If you have useful information to share about health and fitness than you can offer your services to blog owners who run blogs dedicated to publishing useful content about health and fitness. If there is anything you know about something that other people might find it useful or interesting, and you wish to share with the rest of the world and you love to write that writing blog posts for money maybe great online money making opportunity for you.If you are a freelance writer and you are interested in writing blog posts for money there are number of ways you can find clients. Your  best first choice to start looking for freelance blogging jobs are freelance marketplace websites. Freelance marketplaces like,,, and many others are sites where freelancers come to offer their services and employers come to post their projects and hire freelancers to work for them. Joining on these websites is easy and on most of them free. You will need to open account complete your profile and start bidding on projects. If your bid is accepted you will be the one that will work on the project and be paid after you finish it. You can find blog blogging jobs normally listed under article writing or web content writing categories.Other good place to look for paid blogging jobs are job boards on related blogs online. Blogs like Problogger and Freelanceswitch have their  job board where you can also find freelance blog writing jobs. How much can you make writing blog posts depends on many things. The price for a blog posts will be from $5 to $50. First and foremost your earnings will depend on how hard you are ready to work. If you write 20 article a week than you will make more than if you write 10 articles a week. Other important factor is the length of the article. You will be writing blog posts with around 300 – 500 words. The longer the posts the more you will earn because 500 word article usually will earn you more than 300 word article.[...]

Using Email Lists For Affiliate Marketing


To be successful in running and growing your affiliate marketing online business you must be prepared to learn new affiliate marketing strategies and techniques. The most important thing for your success is to build and grow your customer base by keeping your present and reach new prospective customers. You have many techniques and methods available to accomplish this. This article will present you with few tips on how to reach new customers through e-mail marketing.

 An old saying in the internet marketing world goes “The money is in the list”. Mailing list is one of the most effective marketing methods. You can create and grow your email list by offering your customers place to sign up for news and future updates. You should offer this possibility to your customers by explaining them the benefits of signing up for your email list and that they will receive many useful and important information from you if they do so.

The email list will help you not only keep your current customers by also other people who have never bought something from you in the past can become your future customers when they sign up to your email list. An important factor in the success of your email campaigns are the email you send to your subscribers. Firs element they pay attention to is the title of the emails you send. You should make an effort to write catchy title that grabs the attention of the reader.

 Another thing you need to pay attention to is to personalize the emails for every single subscriber by inserting their name in the message. You can also chose not to send emails to all of your subscribers in the list but you can send special offers to your most loyal customers. This kind of special offers and useful information will in the long run not only keep your existing customers but also attract new customers.

 Your success in affiliate marketing will depend on your ability to find appropriate programs and marketing methods for certain target customer group. It is necessary to find the appropriate method of addressing your target group will not be uncomfortable for your customers. A single method does not work equally well with all target groups. You must take into consideration various factors such as demographics and interests. An idea about what are the best methods to use are the marketing campaigns of your competitors. You can also use various marketing tools such as surveys to find out what is the best method for for which group.(image)

How To Make Real Money Online With Blogger


Making money online with a blog is a legitimate earning opportunity. You can make real money online with a blog by selling advertisements and affiliate products. The best things about blogs is they are very cheap to create and even free but can bring great profits once they are established and have lots of traffic.

If you want to make real money online and love to write than you can create a blog for free using a free blogging platform called Blogger. Blogger is a service owned by Google and is very easy to use. Even total newbie with little technical knowledge can start a blog and late start making money by monetizing their traffic.

To get started with Blogger is very easy. To create your blog just go their homepage and sign up. Because Blogger is owned by Google you can log in if you already have an account. If you open Blogger account then the you can use that account for all Google services.

Before creating  a blog you will need to pick a name for your blog and decide what you want to write about. Once you enter your blog name your blog url will look like this

After choosing a name you will also need to choose a template for your blog. There are many templates available from which you can choose one and customize it even further by choosing a color theme, background, adjusting columns etc. until it looks like the way you want it to look.

After your blog is all set you should start publishing posts. To write a new post click on new post and write a title and start writing your post. You should research keywords you can use in your blog content in order to drive more traffic from the search engines, but most importantly write posts that are original and contain some  useful information for the readers.

Your blog needs to have several posts before you can monetize it. You can make money with your free blog on Blogger using Adsense ads and affiliate links. To start making money you will also need to join Google AdSense and Amazon associates.  After you join them you can monetize your blog by placing advertisements and make money every time someone clicks on Adsense ads or buys something from Amazon.

Blog are real and legitimate way to make money online. Blogger is a free blogging platform that is easy to use and make money with a blog. When you open a blogger account you can create more than one blog and make money(image)

Make Real Money Online Writing For Revenue Sharing Websites


If you love to write than you can put your passion to good use and make real money online writing for revenue sharing websites. Joining is free and all you need to do is write article and publish them and receive portion of the advertising earnings from the pages where your content is published. To start earning money from revenue sharing websites you will need two thing :  

  • To open an account on on or more revenue sharing website. You can do this for free, all you will need is to fill out a form and email address.  
  • GoogleAdSense account. Opening an Adsense account usually will take some time before your application is reviewed and accepted. There are other ad networks that revenue sharing websites use to make money from like Chitika and Amazon but AdSense is most popular so having your AdSense account is a must. Some websites will hep you with your application once you have content submitted and approved. This is the case with Webanswers, a question and answer revenue sharing site which will help you open Adsense account once you have 50 posted and approved answers.

 Revenue sharing websites pay 50 % share of the earnings and more to the people who publish their articles there. You don’t receive payment by the them by Google once your earnings reach minimum payment amount. You can write about anything you like. Most revenue sharing websites allow you to publish content about anything you want. Food, Lifestyle, Art, Technology, Business, Politics, Entertainment and other categories as long as it’s compliant with Google AdSense terms. 

 Here is a list of revenue sharing websites you can join: 

  • Infobarrel – pays 75% to the publishers 
  • Bukisa – pays 60 % share to the people who publish their articles there.
  • Seekyt – rewards writers with 70% of the advertising revenue Snipsly – pays 80% share to the writers. 
  • ShetoldMe – 100% share to the writers.
  • Xomba – rewards writers with 50% of the revenue.
  • Snipsly - you can keep 80% share of the ad revenue

   These are only some of the large number of revenue sharing websites you can find online and create a passive online income stream that will make money for you for long time in the future. Join now and start making money while you sleep.

How To Make Money Online Designing Websites


Designing websites is legitimate way to make money online. Website designing can be very profitable. There are designers making $5000 a month or more which is a handsome sum of money anywhere in the world.  If you think it requires  a lot of experience to be a web designer your are wrong. You can start your own business even if you know  a little bit about web design. There is a huge number of websites started each day in the world, which offers an excellent opportunity for web designers around the world to find a job and earn a living. Today you can hardly find any company that does not have a web presence. Having a website  for businesses is very important and there is money to be made for those that can get the job done.  Apart from  designing a new website from scratch there are also many requests for redesign of existing websites. There are companies that have built their websites for cheap or even themselves some time ago and now when they have grown and have more money, they are ready to spend a good amount of money for a professionally built website.How to get started designing websitesTo start making money online designing websites you will need three things:A computer hardware, which is understandable because you cant work without a computer. Adequate software for designing websiteNecessary knowledge in designing websites such as HTML, Dreamweaver, CSS. You find lots of books  covering this topic on Amazon. However, a good thing is you can find lessons and tutorials online,  many of them free. You can find check out these sites for free lessons on web design: Develpphp, w3schools, webtrainings, FreeVideoLectures, WikiversityWebDesign, Hypergurl, Monstertut, HTML Writers Guild.Where to find clients.There are thousands of websites that are being started every day and probably just as many needing a redesign which opens many job opportunities for web designers. You can find web design jobs posted online on following sites:Freelance websites such as Odesk, Freelancer, Elance, DoNanza. There are lots of new jobs posted on freelance sites, many of them for web designers. Freelance websites are excellent for web designer that are just starting their business. Freelance websites work that way that employers post a job with their requirements and the timeframe in which the job must be finished ,and then freelance web designers bid on this projects and the employer chooses one of them to do the job. After the job is finished the employer pays the freelancer and also gives feedback and rates the freelancer for the job they finished. Having good ratings is very important. A web designer with good rating can hope to find jobs in the future much easier than the one with bad ratings.Take part in design contests. You can join sites like 99designs and DesignCrowd and take part in design contests. Participating in design contests is also a good thing for web designer who are starting out. By participating in design contests they get to test their skills against many other designers and learn new things. Customers post contest on these sites and designers submit their work. The customers choose the best design and the winner receives the reward. If you are a winner you can win hundreds, even  thousands of dollars.Start you own website. Having your own website is the best way to connect with your potential clients. First of all you need to register your own domain, the best are .com domains. Registering  your own domain will cost you about $10. The next thing is finding a reputable web hosting company, this will cost you additional few dollars a month. The critical step is designing your web site. Since you are web designer, your own website is the best opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity, so take your time and do your best in designing your web s[...]

How To Choose The Right Affiliate Network


Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way for bloggers and website owners to monetize the traffic  of their websites and blogs. All that is necessary to do in order to make money online with affiliate marketing is join an affiliate network and start promoting their products and services. Every time  sale is made they earn a commission, usually a percentage of the sale price.Affiliate marketing has many advantages and is an excellent online income opportunity, however there are some risks associated with it. The greatest risk that comes with affiliate marketing is the possibility of affiliate being scammed. This way they lose money from all the leads and sales made in the last month or so. The best way to avoid the risk of being scammed is by working with legitimate affiliate networks that have a long track record in the industry.Finding a reputable affiliate network is not easy since there are a lot that you can join however there are some signs that will help you separate  the scammers from legitimate ones.Their website design. Their website should look professional and give answers to all the questions you may have. A good sign is also if they have a contact email, phone and address.The reputation of the affiliate company. Thanks to the internet it’s  fairly easy to check on their reputation. You can start by using major search engines. Or you can join a forum which discusses affiliate marketing such as Warriorforum. There are also websites that list and rate  affiliate programs such Affiliate Paying,  BestAffiliateProgramReviews and others.Customer support. It’s important to be able to get help from the affiliate network when problems arise. Make sure that your affiliate company is available  for help and support by email, phone, Skype or other means in a timely manner and find any assistance you might need.The products, commission and payments. There are many networks online offers lots of products. You should join an affiliate company that offers products that match the demographics and interests of the visitors of your website. You must also consider the price of the products they offer and the commission they pay their affiliates. You should look for price above $10 and commission above 10%. Some of the payment methods available today are bank transfer, Paypal, Check. Make sure the network offers your preferred payment method. Regarding payments other things to consider are payment schedule and  minimum payment threshold.  Most Affiliate companies offer have payment every 15 or every 30 days. Usually the smaller the better. Also the minimum payment is worth consideration. The lower the minimum the better.Tracking tools. One of the most important things to look for in affiliate network is do they offer adequate tracking tools. A reputable network will provide you with a detailed report of your leads and conversions at all time. Tracking also helps you to analyze your campaigns and improve them so you can increase your conversions and earnings.These are some things to consider before you join an affiliate network. You can as many networks as you like, there is not a limit n the number of networks you can join. Many affiliates are making a decent living from their commission, but always make sure to check the affiliate marketing network before you start promoting their products. Always be critical and check many times if necessary.[...]

Make Money on Youtube


Youtube is the greatest video sharing site in the world. Millions of people are posting videos from their vacations, pets, animations or music videos they made where their friends can see them.  Youtube is very easy to use and almost anyone even  without any technical experience can upload videos on Youtube. Today you can find information about Youtube stars that have made a lot of money from their videos posted on Youtube. There are even stories  online about people becoming even Youtube millionaires. Take for example the Korean singer PSY who made  millions of  dollars from his videos on Youtube.To make money on Youtube you need to do two things1. Make videos and upload them to YoutubeThe whole process of making money on Youtube start with opening account if you don’t already have one. After that you begin making videos and uploading them. You can make any kind of video you like and upload it on Youtube. You can make a video diary and record yourself talking about your vacation, pets. You can make video tutorials about how to use certain computer software, make an omlet or anything else you want to share with millions of people on Youtube. You must upload regularly and create audience for your videos if you wish to be accepted as a Youtube Partner and start making decent amount of money on Youtube. When you make videos make sure they are compliant to terms of service or you risk your account terminated and your videos deleted.2. Become  a Youtube PartnerYou make money on Youtube similarly like you make money with Adsense. The ads are displayed on you videos and when someone clicks on them you make money. To be able to make on Youtube you must firs become a Youtube partner. Becoming a youtube partner is not as easy as becoming Adsense publisher. It helps if you already have an adsense account, but becoming a Youtube partner is much more difficult. You need to meet certain criteria such a number of views on all your videos, number of subscribers, number of uploaded videos etc.Youtube can be very profitable online income opportunity if you master it and do it correctly. It’s also fun and it’s not difficult  to make videos with decent quality with the help of computer software like Movie Maker. How much you will make from  your videos is hard to say, but you can expect somewhere between $3 up to $10 per thousand views on your videos.[...]

Make Money Tutoring Online


One of the growing online job opportunity is teaching or tutoring online. Tutoring jobs are nothing new. Everyone with necessary qualifications and experience could teach a  large variety of subjects from either school or university to teenagers, college students, and even an elderly people interested in studying new things such as foreign language. Tutoring is usually done in your own house or in the students homes, but now tutoring can be also done online. All you would need  to be an online tutor is a computer connected to internet. Online tutoring usually pays less than traditional tutoring, but then you should consider there is not commuting and time and expenses associated with it to get a complete picture. You can teach almost anything depending on your qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience. Music, foreign languages, Math, Science, whether it’s a school or university level, online you can find tutoring opportunities about all these and other  subjects. Working as an online tutor you will be giving classes one-on-one or to a larger groups of 10, 15, 20 or more people. Thanks to internet you can now reach clients worldwide and you are not constrained to your town or neighborhood.Where to find online tutoring jobs? Start your own website or a blog. This is an excellent way to find clients. You can start a blog and write useful tips and articles about the subjects you intend teach, and offer your tutoring service to those interested to learn more.Online tutoring agencies. You can join one or more online tutoring agencies. There are large number of online agencies you can join. The purpose of online tutoring agencies is to match tutors with their clients. Some of them are specialized and are looking for tutors for particular fields such as Spanish language, other accept tutors for a wide variety of subjects such as all university departments of study. Before sending your application make sure you check their FAQ section and their requirements for a tutor position. They may require degree (Masters, PhD, Bachelors from an accredited university), they may accept applicants from all over the world or from certain countries. They may require a minimum of two or three years of teaching experience. Some tutoring agencies you can join are:  BrainMass – accepts applicants with a graduate level (masters or PhD) degree from an accredited university. Applicants from all university departments of study are accepted by BrainMass. Aim for a tutoring – accepts applicants from all over the world with a Bachelors degree in the subject they want to teach. You can teach English language, Math, Science.Bilingual America – Accepts Spanish and English Instructors from Georgia and Florida.English Everywhere – accepts applicants who can teach English with a TEFL/TOEFL qualification.EduWizards – offers flexible part-time hours and accepts qualified tutors for one-on-one instruction using whiteboard and voice technology.Craigslist – is the worlds largest classified ads site. It’ free to create your account and post your ad under lessons and tutoring category.  Ads are easy to create, and you should create ad title that is descriptive of the service tutoring you offer. Ads on Craigslist are based on the date they are posted. Because of this you should re-post your ad after a period of time  to make it more visible. [...]

Make Money Online Transcribing Audio Files To Text


Those interested in making money online can try transcribing audio files. Working as a trancriptionist online is a great way to earn extra money and there are people making a living this way. Thanks to internet you can find lot of earning opportunities online transcribing audio files. No matter if you are a complete newbie with zero experience transcribing audio or an experienced transcriptionist with years of experience and can type very fast, you can always find something to work. Of course, beginners make less money than the experienced transcriptionists, but as their experience grows, so will their earnings. Transcription does not require some sort of specialized training and even newbies can start working on a jobs that don’t require experience and typing speed. And over time as their skills improve can take on higher paying jobs. To start working online all you will need is a computer connected to internet, a good quality set of head phones or speakers and in some cases a foot pedal. You can also find  free software online that will help you to transcribe audio files to text. One of them is program called ExpressScribe. If you wish to test and improve your typing skills you can download KeyBlaze Typing Tutor  or go to  KeyBlaze Typing Tutor allows you to increase your accuracy and typing speed through exercises. You can also try Transcribe. It’s a website which also allows you to upload your audio files and transcribe them and  store them online for further use. It has a free and a paid version.How to find transcription job online?There are many work opportunities for both beginner and experienced transcriptionist. They are free to join but all of them require you to pass a test. Some of them will also require to submit a resume and have  some experience in transcribing. Many of them will require that you are a fast typist typing over 50 words per minute.If you are interested working online as a transcriptionist you can try one or more of these sites:AmazonMechanical Turk or Mturk. Is an excellent choice for all new transcribers looking for their first assignment. There are lots of tasks posted daily on mturk an many of them are transcription tasks. After you open account search for the following requesters (employers): Claritrans, CastingWords, SpeakerText, SpeechInk. They are among those that post transcription tasks. Keep in mind that you will have to past a test to earn a qualification to work on certain tasks.Scribie. Also a great site for newbie. You will have to pass a test to be accepted working for scribie and you will also need to have a  Paypal account to receive your payments. The pay is $1 for a six minute of audio file which equals to around $10 per audio hour. Although the pay on Scribie is low, it’s a great place to start and improve your skills before applying to a higher paid jobs.TranscribeMe - Another good site for beginners. Applicants must pass a test before they can work for TranscribeMeVerbalInk- Verbal Ink accept U.S. citizens. Applicants must email their resume and cover letter and have a typing speed of 65 words per minute.Way with Words requires a typing speed of 50 words per minute. All applicants must be able to transcribe an audio hour in four hours as well as dedicate at least 20 hours every week. They must also pass a test. AccutranGlobal requires their applicants to have a typing speed of 70 words per minute. The pay is on a per word basis, paying $0.005 to $0.0066 per word.SpeakWrite also pays on per word basis and the minimum typing speed required is 65 words per minute.GMR Transcription - accepts only applications from U.S. and Canada. Previous experience is not[...]

Make Money Online Working on Fiverr


One of the ways people make real money online for free is by offering to do a task on a service marketplace called Fiverr. Fiverr is completely free to join and anyone with a computer connected to internet can join and start making extra money online. You can join thousands of people who are making money with Fiverr offering various services and completing tasks from many categories such as: Graphics and design. You can offer to design a book cover, or a logo or a business card for a customer.Video & animation. You can offer your customers to edit a video or a make a 3D animation for them.Online marketing. You can offer to build backlinks for your customers or send a number of visitors to their websiteWriting and translation. Offer to write a 400 word article or translate a 1000 words to the potential clients.Advertising. You can offer to create a video or a logo for certain company or product. You can also offer to post flyers for the clients.Business. Offer to help someone to write a business plan. Also offer to conduct a market research for the potential clients.Programming and tech. Offer to write a program code in C++ , or you can offer your help in setting up a Wordpress blog.Music and Audio. Offer your services in editing mastering. Making custom ringtones. You can also offer to do a voice-over and narration. Another thing you can offer in this category is music lessons and songwriting tutorials.Fun and bizarre. Offer to do a celebrity impersonation. Do some kind of stunt such as a circus trick,  backflip etc.Lifestyle. Offer to someone to develop a two week diet plan for him. You can also offer to give delicious recipes to help lose weight fast.These are just a  few of the types of service that are offered on Fiverr. All jobs on Fiverr are priced $5, however you don’t get to keep all of them. You earnings will be $4 or 80%,  $1 or 20% go to Fiverr and Paypal, Paypal is the payment processor through which you will receive your payment, so if you don’t already have an account you should open one for free. Since the payment for every job on Fiverr that is finished on time and according to the clients requirements is $4, it’s clear that working on tasks that require 2 or 3 hours to finish is not very lucrative and you won’t even make a minimum wage. Because of this you should asses you capabilities and skills and decide what kind of job you can do very well in very short time,  preferably 10 – 15 minutes or less. The job you plan to offer on the Fiverr marketplace should also have a value for the potential clients or no one will be ready to pay the $5 for something that he doesn’t need.Fiverr is good place to work from home and make some extra cash. Working on Fiverr you will not make you rich, but if you work hard you can certainly make some decent amount of money. There are thousands of people offering their services and making money each day. If there is something you are good at, don’t hesitate and open account at offer your services to thousands of potential clients.[...]

Make Money Online Buying And Selling Websites


One of the more lucrative and less known way to make money online is selling websites for profit. Selling websites is a legitimate online earning opportunity and can potentially bring huge profits.  Websites are also called virtual real estate and there is a market online for quality websites.  The process of making money buying and selling websites is rather simple but certain skill and experience is necessary to make really big profits in  this business. You simply must know the market and what are potential buyers looking for, and where to find buyers. You must also know how to evaluate a website so you don’t end up paying more than a site is worth or charging less for the websites you are trying to sell or resell.  There are two ways you can find websites you can later sell, build it yourself or buy it from website marketplace.When building the website yourself first thing to do is buy a domain name that is easy to remember, stands out from the rest and is related to what ever it is that you offer on your site. You should choose .com .net or .org domain name for your site. After you register a domain name you need to design our website. Your site should give the visitor what they are looking for and make it both visually attractive and informative so they will  come back in the future.  You could also offer to redesign your website for extra fee if the potential buyer wants it. This will help you negotiate a better price.At this point you are probably asking yourself  who are my potential customers?   Your potential buyers are both individuals and companies looking for established website with traffic  which will help them in achieving their objective.  Affiliate marketers looking for niche websites with targeted visitors interested in things  they are offering. Companies  interested increasing their business by including more websites in their portfolio. If you have an established website there is always plenty of buyers interested in buying on website marketplaces like you put up your website for sale there are certain conditions that need to be met in order to reach a decent price. The most important thing that potential buyers will look into is how your website  ranks in major search engines.  Another  think they will look into is the number of back links that are coming into your website. The buyers will more likely improve the website to their needs but that doesn't mean that they will not want from the   the website to be  nice looking and regularly updated from the start. Selling websites can be very profitable business, but it is not a simple and easy.  Buying and selling websites is an art and it takes certain skill and experience to make it work, so make sure to educate yourself  and learn all there is to know  about this type of business.[...]

Cafepress - Make Money Designing Your Own Merchandise


Cafepressis one of the not so well known online income opportunity. Cafepress is an online retailer that sells user-customized merchandise. There are millions of products listed  on the marketplace such as t-shirts, mugs, bags, calendars and many more. Cafepress offers opportunity to earn money online to both the creative people such as designers and also to the website owners and bloggers. Cafepress allows you to earn money by designing your own merchandise and by selling products that are designed by other people.

To start designing your own products you should open your own store on Cafepress. There are three types of stores, Basic, CafePress and Premium. Basic, and Cafepress are free to set up but they have their limitations, however you can set up as many as you like. The free stores have their limitations in the number of products you can sell . Basic shop allows you to have one of each product item, for more items you will need to open more shops. If you open premium store you will be charged monthly, quarterly or yearly but it has advantages such as  greater number of products, more than one product item, grouping products into categories and choosing from a number of pre made designs for your storefront or the ability to make your own storefront design.

Selling Cafepress products that are designed by others is another way to make money. This is good for people who are not too interested in designing. By becoming Cafepress affiliates they can make money referring customers to cafepress. This way bloggers can use Cafepress to monetize their traffic.  Affiliates can drive traffic to Cafepress using many tools that are provided to them such as widgets, text links, banners, product links, category links and search link. The affiliate earn 15%  commission on all purchases made by the customers that they send. The cookies have a 15 day period, so if the customers returns in next 15 day period and makes a purchase you still get paid.

Cafepress offers many ways to make money. Whether you are a designer, bloggers or affiliate market it offers opportunity to make extra money. Making money selling user-customized products can be profitable but its not a get rich quick scheme. It is business that requires lots of hard work in designing your products and promoting them.

Webanswers – Make Real Money Online Asking and Answering Questions


Making money online today is a hot topic. There are many people today who are making money online  now,and there are also those  are interested and searching for ways to make a living online. There are many online earning opportunities available to those willing to put time and effort to earn extra money online. Most of the time they require hard work and experience to make serious money, but there are also easy and fast ways to make money online. But there are also simple and even fun ways to make money online.A simple and fun way to make real money online is by asking and answering questions on website called Webanswers. Webanswers is a revenue sharing website which gives a portion of its revenue to it’s contributors – the people who are asking and answering questions. Webanswers earns  revenue from Google Adsense, so in order to make money you will need an Adsense account. When you ask or answer a question, Webanswers will place ads from Google Adsense network on the page and when someone clicks on ads they make money. If you have contributed with a question or answer, certain number times the visitors will see ads associated with your Adsense account and you will earn money when they click on them. How many times you ads will be shown depends on number of other answers and if your question is awarded your ads will be displayed all the time.You earn from the questions that you answer or ask on Webanswers. There are thousands of open questions you can answer from many categories such computers, movies, finance, health, travel etc. If there is something that interests you, just ask and the community will answer. When you ask or answer a question on Webanswers, you and other contributors who ask or answer question have your Adsense ads in rotation on the page, and when visitor click on them you make money. When an answer is awarded then only the contributor whose answer is awarded has his ads displayed on the page, and the ads of other contributors stop being displayed. However many questions remain not awarded and you and the rest of the people who have answered them earn percentage of the revenue. Because of this you should look for questions that have few answer for you to answer and increase your earnings.Webanswers are fun, easy, simple  and probably even a bit addicting way to make money online. To be able to make money all you have to do is join for free, answer questions have fun and start earning some extra cash. When you join Webanswers you must answer 50 questions before you will be able to start making money. After that you will need to  open an Adsense account if you don’t already have one. Webanswers will not make  you rich or even make you full time income, but there is a potential to earn up to a few hundred dollars a month if you put enough effort and answer at least 20 -30 question a day.[...]

Make Money Designing Logos


Out of many ways to make real money online available, those who are more creative can try designing logos for money.  If you are a creative person and enjoy working on graphic design projects, then designing logos can be a great source of income. Individual projects pay from ten up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a project. Designing logos is a excellent earning opportunity today and will continue to be so in the future. The reason why designing logos is a real online business opportunity for this is the fact that there are thousands new companies and websites launched every day. Their owners and webmasters are ready to pay a handsome sum of money for a professional made logo that catches eye and helps build  the identity of their company or website.What do you need to start making money designing logos?Creativity – in order to succeed you must be creative and original enough to design logos that stand out from the crowd. You are not the only one logo designer online and for every project especially  those that are paying large sums of money you will face a lot of competition. If you want an edge over competition you must come up with creative and original ideas.Skills in using the necessary tools – when we say tools we mean computer software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and similar. You must know how to use them if you are serious about  making money designing logos.Patience – Patience is also important for everyone starting as freelance logo designer. It takes time to build your reputation so be prepared to work for less money in the beginning until you build your reputation and increase you chances of landing a high paying project.Where can you find logo designer jobs?There are many websites online where you can monetize your talent. Some of them are freelance sites like:Odesk – one of he greatest freelancing sites online.  Joining odesk is free and takes a minute. Once you join you should put some of your best past projects on your portfolio and take free tests relevant for the type of jobs you you wish to do. This will greatly increase your changes to be hired, because there are many other designers bidding for the same project as you. There are thousands of clients looking for a skilled logo designer on odesk.Elance – is a freelance jobs site similar to odesk. There are many design jobs you can bid on, some of them very lucrative. Make sure that every project you are awarded you complete to the best of your abilities and receive positive feedback which in turn will increase your odds of being hired to do more jobs. Other freelancing sites where you can find logo design jobs are Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, iFreelance.Another way you can make money online designing logos is to participate in logo designing contests. You can find logo design contest on these websites: 99designs – is a website where graphical designer participate in contests posted by the employers. The designers then  pick which contests they wish to participate in themselves and submit their work according to the requirements.  At the end  the contest winner gets rewarded.Crowdspring– is similar to, and unlike 99designs is not exclusively for logo designers,  writers can also   monetize their work on Crowdspring.Another logo design contest sites are Logomyway, Hatchwise, Logotournament, Designcontest, Designcrowd.[...]

Make real money online selling on Ebay


Ebay is the worlds greatest online auctions site. There are a lot of people that make good money by selling items  on Ebay. You must know that this is a get rich quick scheme or easy work, you can make serious money though if you work hard.  Many people join Ebay thinking all they need to do is open an account and the next morning they wake up filthy rich. This is fantasy, since  it takes real work to become successful.To start making money selling on Ebay you will need to find items that you will be selling there. This is not easy and requires lot of work to find items that are easy to sell. You can start in your own house. Just take the things you no longer need or use, and sell them for a profit.  You can also start going to a yard sales and auctions and buy items which you can later resell for a profit.  You can also search for items that are selling for a huge discount in your local store , buy them and resell them to turn profit.Once you find items you must prepare them for sale. You must clean them up to remove various stains and dust.  After that you should to photograph them.  Having a good photograph of the item is very helpful in the process of selling the item.If you want to make real money online selling on Ebay it goes without saying that you must educate yourself. You must be capable of using a computer and digital camera. You need to know how to take a picture using your digital camera, edit it and upload it. You need to know your customers, which items would they buy and at what price. You need to know how to find those items.Once you have your items cleaned and photographed you need to upload the photos and list them on Ebay. Next step is to write title and description of the item you want to sell. If your item has flaws and defects you should mention them too, not only the positive things. After that you pay a fee and you are on your way.  To list you stuff on Ebay you will have to pay certain fee.When the item is sold you receive your payment , the best way to do this is PayPal. Many Ebay sellers and buyers use this method, so you will need to have an account if you don’t have one yet.After  the sale is made, the only that is left is to  package  it and mail it. You can use shipping containers  from Post Office,  bubble wrap etc.That is how making real money on Ebay is done and you an do it too if you are willing to work hard.[...]

How to Make Money Online Reviewing Products and Services


Get paid to review sites are one of the fun and relatively easy way to make real money online. Get paid to review sites pay to anyone that is interested in contributing their reviews of products, movies, books, games and just about anything.  In many things it’s similar to surveys or mystery shopping, reviewers are paid for their reviews of products that they use.  Reviews help companies understand what consumers think about their products and how can they improve them. Reviews also help consumers decide on which product to purchase to satisfy their needs.Review me – to join Review me you must own a blog and apply to join. If your application is approved your blog is available to the advertiser which choose themselves which blog they want  to review their products or servicesReviewstream– is one of the best known pat to review sites. You can submit your reviews on just about anything: electronics hotels, websites, movies and get paid for it. Sharedreviews– is a get paid to review website that doesn’t pay fixed price for a review but the contributor gets to keep 50% of the revenue generated by his reviews. You can also earn percent of the advertising revenue when you vote for other members reviews.Rateitall – pays its contributors 50% of the advertising revenue generated by them. You can write reviews on anything you want, restaurants, toys, movies, books etc. Epinions – is aother great site where you can make money online by reviewing products.  For your reviews you will earn “Eroyalties credits” which you can later redeem for real money.Softwarejudge-  You can get paid as much as $50 dollars for a software review that you write. Once you are member of software judge you can select  from a list of software’s the one you wish to write review aboutShvoong – pays it’s contributors a share of the ad revenue generated by their reviews. Shvoong accepts reviews on written publications such as books, websites etc. [...]

Make Real Money Online Selling Your Photos


Today internet offers many earning opportunities photographers. Internet can help you make money  from photographs  you take with your digital camera.You don’t have to be a professional photographer or even a very good photographer to make money from your photographs. All you have to do is start taking photos and selling them online. You can sell your photos online by uploading  them to an online photo agency that will sell them around the world.  The beauty is that you can upload a photo once and you can be earning royalties for years to come. It’s relatively easy today to make some decent photos because you can get decent digital cameras very cheap today and start taking photos of  landscapes animals, and birds around you.Where can you sell your photos online?Once you have your photographs you can upload them to one or more online photography sites and make  money every time someone buys one of your photographsThese sites have their own rules on who can join and technical requirements for your photos. It may take a while for you to get a response when you submit your photographs because they have lots of photos coming in daily and need to evaluate all of them to see if they meet their standards.  Technical requirements can be RGB,  JPEG uncompressed file format  for your pictures and the  size  of your photos.Some of the sites where you can sell your photosare:iStockphoto  - you can request payment through PayPal, Moneybookers, Payoneer MasterCard or cheque once you reach $100.Fotolia  -  pays it’s contributors commission from 20% up to 63%. You can receive your payment through  Moneybookers or PayPal.Shutterstock   - contributors are paid $0.25 and upwards per download.Gettyimages   -  you can upload your photos and earn revenue  as a Royalty Free (RF)  or rights managed (RM) Depositphotos   -  you earn commission based on your level, commission goes from  44% to 52%.Bigstockphoto   -  you can earn from $0.50 and more depending on the size of the photo, or 30% of the US dollar price.  You can cash out using Paypal or Moneybookers once you accumulate  $30 in earnings .Photocase   -  pays royalty from  40%  to 60%.  You can cash out at  €100.Photospin  - pays 40% revenue share. You can request payment with Paypal, Moneybookers and check once you have $50 in your account.Imagevortex - is a site that wants to attract professional and full time photographers. Photographers set price for their own photographs in the range $20  to $300 and receive 70% of the sale price.These are only some of the sites where you can make real money online selling your photographs. You will find many more sites similar to these if you search online. So grab your digital camera and start taking photographs of your pets, your garden or whatever you love to photograph. [...]

Earn Real Money Working For Mystery Shopping Companies


Being mystery shopper offers  an excellent opportunity to earn few hundred dollars by simply testing products and services in various supermarkets hotels restaurants etc.  Companies use the services of  mystery shopping companies to evaluate the skills of their employees, the ease of finding specific products, and the customers level of satisfaction.   As a mystery shopper you will need to buy products or services such as order a pizza, stay at a hotel or have dinner at a restaurant and then fill out a report about your experience, quality of service and your  satisfaction with the shopping there .   Your opinion is then used by the customers of the mystery shopping companies to improve their products and/or services.What does someone needs to do to start making money as a mystery shopper?  First of all he needs to join at least one mystery shopping company. However it’s advisable to join as many as possible mystery shopping companies , because this will greatly improve your chances of getting assignments .This is a list of  best mystery shopping companies you can join:Ellis PropertyManagement Services – is a company that does apartment shopping. They pay around $40 dollars for the shop.Mercantile systems and surveys – pays you for dining at fine restaurants. The pay for job is usually around  $60 - $85 per job.Sinclair service assessment – offers different mystery shoppers opportunities like food and retail.Cyber Shoppers Online– another good mystery shopping company you should joinSpeedmark InformationServices -  offers variety of shops such as grocery and restaurant shop.Shoppers inc. -  great mystery shopping company you can join. Offers shopping opportunities from many industries.Quality assessments mystery shoppers – offers shops from various industries health and fitness, banking, retail, food and dining, automotive, call centers.Bestmark- offers many shopping opportunities from hotel, restaurant, apartments, banks casinos etc.Intelli-shop – offers opportunities from various industries.These are only some out of many mystery shopping companies you can join.  You can find more mystery shopping companies  here.Before you embark on your journey of being a mystery shopper you should be aware here are many scams offering a mystery shopping job for a certain fee.  Legitimate mystery shopping companies will not ask you to pay anything or making promises of  outrageous earnings. Asking for a payment is clear sign of a scam. If you are asked to pay fee to oin a mystery shopping company make sure you stay away.[...]

Make Money Online Completing Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk


AmazonMechanical Turk or mturk is a crowdsourcing website owned by Amazon which pays it’s workers for completing  tasks. To start making money as a worker on Amazon mturk you will need to sign up which takes only  one minute of your time.  When you sign up you can start doing simple tasks called “HIT” and earn certain amount of money depending on the complexity and then time required to complete the task. The pay you will earn from single task starts from  $0.01  up to many dollars.What kind of tasks are there on Amazons Mechanical Turk? There are hundreds of thousands of task available on mechanical turk at all times.  Some of the most numerous ones are:Transcription tasks – workers get paid by transcription companies or individuals by completing tasks involving transcription of speech,  lectures or interviews.Image classification, mechanical turk workers make money by classifying images according to certain criteria, such as images containing nudity,  images of  violence etc.Completing surveys – make money by answering questions and giving your honest opinion on various matters.Digitalizing handwritten or scanned documents.  Completing tasks on mturk or this kind requires that workers type in a form a scanned document such as business card or typing a scanned hand written paper into a MS Office or OpenOffice digital document.Writing article on a given topic and containing certain keywords.Rewriting sentences or complete articles.How much money can you make on Amazon Mechanical Turk?Your Amazon Mechanical Turk earnings depend on many things. There are many types of tasks which require more or less time to complete.  If you wish to earn more you should be completing tasks that pay no less than a dollar and require several minutes to complete. This way you can earn a minimum wage working online on Amazon Mechanical Turk.  To increase your earning's you should  pass  qualification tests. Passing them will make many high paying tasks available to youWhat are pros and cons of Amazon Mechanical Turk?Amazon mturk has is pros and cons. Pros are:Ability to work online at home.Huge number of task available at all times.Anyone can start completing tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk, it’s  completely free to join and no previous experience is required.You can pick the task you want to do. There is no obligation to work on a certain task if you don’t want. You can also return the task you can’t continue working on for some reasonSome of the cons are: There are many scammers, who don’t pay you after completing the HIT. You should check out forums such as Turker Nation and Mturk Forum to help you stay informed about scammers. If you live outside USA or India you can not receive payment in your bank account. You can however  use your earning to buy Amazon Gift Card and use it for purchasing things on Amazon.There are tasks that pay little, no more than few cents  per 15 minute work, stay away from them because they are not worth the time and effort.[...]

How Can Writers Make Money Online


Today thanks to the internet there are many money making opportunities for writers.  There is a saying “Content is king” which best describes the importance of quality content. Search engines like Google love quality and unique content and  well written content helps more than anything website rank high   and get a lot of visitors from search engine such as Google.   While no one fully understands Google algorithm for ranking websites, one thing is  sure, Google likes unique content. This is the reason why many webmasters and bloggers are willing to pay a good price to writers to write for them. There are billions of websites and blogs online and they all are in constant demand for new content.Another  great advantage is that previous experience is   not necessary to start making money online writing, by all means it helps if you have writing experience but it's not necessary. All potential writers can find writing gigs online if they are willing to put the necessary time and effort. Writing as a way to make money online has many benefits such as : Ability to work on your own time and scheduleYou don’t need and office or expensive equipment, all you need is a computer  connected to internet.You can choose the topic you want to write about.You can choose how you want to be paid, one time payment or passive income.These are just some of the many benefits .  If you want to start making money online all you have to do is just  jump in. You go into writing for revenue sharing sites, for upfront payment or you can start your own blog and monetize it. Writing for revenue sharing sitesRevenue sharing sites are legitimate way for writers to make money online.  These websites offer passive income to their contributors mostly through Google AdSense or affiliate networks such Amazon, so you will need to join them as well.  What you need to do is write an article and publish it on one of these revenue sharing sites. Then when readers visit your articles there are also ads from AdSense and other networks placed on same webpage, and when a visitor clicks on them or purchase something you make money.  Your ads are displayed around 50% off the time so out of 100 readers of your articles at least 50 of them will see your AdSense ads and it is you who will make money from AdSense when they click on them.Here are some of many revenue sharing sites:HubPages – is one of the best revenue sharing sites on internet.  Writers can write their articles called “hubs” on any topic they want and publish it on HubPages. Writers make money on HubPages  with Google AdSense and affiliate network ads. Also there is referral program.Infobarrel – another great site. Simply write articles about any topic that interests you and earn passive income through AdSense, Amazon Associates and Chitika.Seekyt – revenue sharing site.  Writers can write about anything they like and make money with Google AdSense.Bukisa – write articles and make money from Google AdSense or Chitika Triond – write and submit your articles. Writers earn 50% from the revenue generated by their content.ExpertsColumn – another way for writers to make passive income online. Unlike others pays money based on number  views that your articles receive.  The pay rate is normally $1.50 per 1000 views.Squidoo – one of the best and most respect[...]

Earn Money Online With Paid to Post Forums


Paid to post forums are an easy, fun and legitimate opportunity to earn real money online.  The name paid per post forums is clear by itself, they are forums that pay their members for every post and thread that they contribute to the community. The pay rate is usually within the range of $0.01 - $0.05 per post/thread. To be paid for your post you will have to meet certain guidelines, and posting just about anything for the sole reason of being paid could eventually have you banned from using the forum. To start making money with paid to post forums you must have an email account and computer or a laptop connected to internet. First of all you will need to register to the forum and after your email is verified you can start contributing to the community while making money from the comfort of your home. Aside from making money with paid to post forums, you can also have lot of fun by exchanging ideas and advices with the community members, which is a reason plus why you should  seriously consider joining at least one pay to post forum to give it a try. If you search online you will come across a number of good paid to post forums. Here are some of the best:Money Earning Forum -  pays $0.02 cents per post and  $0.03  per thread. You get paid through Paypal, Liberty Reserve, And Perfect Money.Money Talk World -  pays 2 cents per post. You can receive your money through Liberty Reserve, Egopay, Payza(Alertpay), Hd-moneyMoney Talk Village – is another paid to post forum that pays 3 cents for every post you make and 2 cents fro every thread. Available payment processors are Liberty Reserve and Payza ( AlertPay)The Cash Chat – pays $0.02 for new post and new thread. You can request money through Liberty Reserve, Payza (AlertPay) and Perfect Money.SMMDesk pays from $0.02 ÷ 0.05 for post or new thread. Payment methods are Payza (AlertPay) and Liberty Reserve.Earning Palace – Rewards you for every post you make $0.01÷0.04. Accepted payment processors are Payza, Perfect Money, Route Pay, Global Digital Pay.[...]