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Tarzan Would Love Your Fur Scarves


Many women want to know what position to take fingerprints and animal models in fashion today? Our answer: Used as an accent piece carefully, animal footprint or design can really lift a cabinet. It is clear, however, is too good a bad thing, as the costume of leopard skin pants or leather skirt crocodile!

Of particular note is how the mink, rabbit, fox or designer scarves can look like fur. People today seek popular under his spell, as they look to see this beautiful piece of fur around the neck.

Keep the rest of your outfit clean, pure and simple and use it as an accent piece to draw attention to your face. Not dress in too many different colors, as it seems your outfit too busy. And remember, this coat is always in pairs against the cream.

If you wear fur designer scarves? Yes! But be sure to choose wisely. Here are some tips.

If your hair is bigger, choose a scarf of fine fur, smaller, so the two are not competing for attention. If you make a level, especially when it is there and wiped your face, you will pay much more freedom in the choice of designer fur scarves.

Aware of animal rights? Do not forget that there are many fake fur scarf options that look real and fantastic.

Scarves and Shawls...Consider Your Head, Face and Hair


Scarves are the must-have stylish fashion accessory for fall and winter season. Everywhere you look, everyone is wearing a scarf! These beautiful ladies accessories are the thing around your neck wrap. They are not only warm when the snow falls, but they look great too.

If you are looking for a scarf for yourself or a loved one to buy, use these helpful instructions before shopping online for these fashion items. (And if you are shopping for a loved one, no one will mind if you pick up a scarf for yourself at the same time!)

How do I buy scarves? What is the best way to pick out an awesome way to wrap up the neck? Remember, it intends to keep not just hot, they should also look good. To choose the right one just like when you icing on the cake!

If you are confronted with all these beautiful round, what coat you'll pair it with thinking. Is it for casual wear? Is it for formal occasions? It is born for a night on the town with the girls or a hot date with a man? Will there be a work carried out or after-work function?

What color should it be? Think of it like this: the scarf is the head-frame - the face and the hair - it should complement your face and hair. Do not make the mistake of buying it, to coordinate with the jacket. Of course, this is the coat and should go together, but the more important factor should be the face. Purple and pumpkin are two of the hottest colors this fall and winter, considering such scarves in the colors are.

The cloth should be stocking it? If your equipment combined with a jacket, thinking about the structure and pattern of the coat. If the coat is a coarse texture, like a wool blend, you should use a soft, fine, smooth as cashmere shawl. If your skin is smooth, you should use a scarf, which is a little coarser. Even if your face is round or you're a plus size in mind, you wear a softer material. Women who are thin, you can be a coarser or denser material.

If it patterned or smooth? If the pattern is assigned to the fur (or, if the skin is heavily patterned) pair with a simple scarf. If the shell is quite smooth, you might want to consider a patterned one.

Should it long or short? Scarves can be a variety of lengths, because they can be set with packing paper around the neck. But women always seem bigger, with a larger, curtains down too far. Shorter women, or plus-sized women prefer a longer scarf (including one that goes down to the knees) are recorded on the air.

Scarves are a great gift for yourself or someone else you love this holiday season. You have to keep really hot ... and look hot!

Fur Scarves Formal Fashion Wear


You look stunning in your red dress look great on a party and you're in a very stunning red dress at another party. Fur Scarves are perfect for formal occasions where you want good ... and different.

What is more, only very few formal dresses with equally beautiful coats, capes, scarves or come as a fur scarf can help your neck warm, which is especially important if you want to keep a cold.

What kind of fur scarf should you? A good rule of thumb is to look to your formal wear (which you might wear with a scarf) and divide them into light and dark colors. With the light, find a dark mink scarf, or look at a fox fur scarf with stitches of color. For the darker clothes, find a lighter fur scarf like white rabbits.

Consider more than ever, so that - if another official invitation comes suddenly - you can also grab your old clothes and your new scarf and I feel like a million dollars, as you walk into the room, everyone's attention.

Scarves are great accessories, because they emphasize the face. They draw attention to your beautiful smile and her sparkling eyes and a memorable hair. Like a picture frame they frame the face and make yourself.

Do not forget that you can wear your fur scarves with more than just your formal attire. Casual clothes like jeans can look great when combined with a fur scarf.

Do not forget that there are other kinds of scarves, including not only fur scarves. You will find that a handful of scarves can really pick up your wardrobe when it just begins to feel tired. Pick up a silk scarf, a chiffon scarf, an organza scarf, a velvet cloth, and a chinchilla scarf. These are all must-haves for girls wardrobe. Although it harder to do with fur scarves, you can use some of these other scarves, drag the color of your eyes for a dramatic and breathtaking views.

Do not forget to wrap that scarf (made with the exception of fur or faux fur) can around the head like a headwrap for a luxurious look from a bygone era.