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How To Sew A Shawl Collection


A scarf can serve a functional purpose as a hot pack and comfortable in cold weather or a fashion accessory to be purely decorative. Do you feed them, the triangle of fabric with two layers of warm, velvety fabric such as fleece. The scarf is cut into fringe, which will be sewn around the outer edges of the scarf said.


1 Buy 2 1 / 2 yard of fabric principal and 2 1 / 2 yard lining. Cut 28 by 88 inch rectangular piece of fabric in the main room of fabric and the lining. On each piece, using chalk on a small mark on along the bottom edge of the fabric to make 44 inches. With a ladder, use chalk to draw a line from the center on top of each. Cut along the lines.

2 Place two pieces of fabric with right to left and right pointing to the left. Pins. Stitch, using 1/2-inch seam on three sides, so that an 8-inch open on one side to turn. The right side.

3 Trim the excess corners. Reach inside the opening and with a sharp object like a knitting needle or pencil to bring out the corners. Be careful not to put a hole through the fabric.

4 Fold under the edges of the opening 2 1 / inch. Use a sewing needle and tiny hand stitches to sew the opening closed.

5 On the side of the scarf, which are outside, asking a long fringe cut along the top edge so that the edges of the strip to hang on the web. Plug and sew in place. You need to cut 5 1 / 2 feet fringes.

6 Lay lengths of trim along the sloping edges, so that the ends of the strip of cloth hanging. Fold the ends of the fairing to hide the raw edges under. Plug and sew in place.

Beautiful Range of Shawl Collection


Shawl collection are elegant accessory for the fall and winter. These lovely ladies are always in fashion accessories. These winter accessories are perfect for keeping you warm and comfortable around your neck or body wrap. It is not only warm when the snow falls, but they look great too. Shawls and scarves are great fashion accessories, more than a number of hats and gloves, because they are portable throughout the year. These winter accessories to add some pop to your winter wardrobe for casual or formal events. Do not go with this accessory that is not complete your look or personality. It is advisable to provide for the styles, the warmth and strength of hotels. These winter accessories are at the head, face and hair chassis, so it should complement your face and hair. Add charm to your clothes is our range of scarves and shawls that are made specifically to make you look smarter and more elegant. These shawls and scarves are of good quality materials so no damage to the skin and make you feel accomplished. These documents are available in various designs, colors and sizes that you are a wide range of options available. A scarf can be your whole appearance. Scarves and shawls designed elegantly bold reflect the personality of the wearer. These can be worn around the neck or head. Decorated with beads, sequins and embroidery, design to print with an exquisite fringe is truly a spectacular work of art. Our range of beautiful scarves and shawls are really synonymous with quality and beauty. Stunning designs and fringes further enhance your look. You should go with one that looks good with your outfit and your personality. Shawls and scarves can come in a variety of fabrics, designs, colors and patterns. If your accessories paired with a vest, thinking about the structure and style of the dress. If the hair is a coarse, like a wool blend, you should use a soft, fine, smooth as a cashmere scarf. If your skin is smooth, you should use a scarf, which is a bit rough. If you choose patterns or plain scarves, used beautifully patterned fur is left with a simple scarf or plane or just may want to consider a pattern. Shawls and scarves are a great gift for you or your loved ones. They really keep you warm and looking hot! These accessories look both casual and formal door wide. These shawls and scarves are made of different materials such as pashmina, cashmere, silk, wool, viscose rich and unique variety of stylish colors and patterns. Our collection of scarves, shawls and ponchos are a classic essential for any wardrobe. Each piece is soft, light and warm and is sculpted to perfection. Our amazing selection of scarves, shawls in colorful colors and charming designs for the needs of our customers around the world meet. Are made from high quality durable materials such as scarves and shawls, stunning in appearance and warm in itself. This can be a category of fashion, women's voices more imaginative ways.

All About Shawl Collection


Pashmina shawl collection are in different styles depending on the quality and price range you need. In the fashion world today, these are fixed to a base in the closets of women and chic fashion. It has become a classic piece, because it is easy to carry and does not come off as a mere trend or fad.

How many women often prefer to shawl, which is very soft and warm. Because of its appeal of luxury, it can be used for formal events and even special occasions. Shawl wool is to be widely known as one of the finest cashmere. Therefore, Indian Shawl Stole a reputation for high-end model, which have gained coveted by many women around the world.

A pashmina shawl is not an easy task, because it mainly to go through 36 steps before it starts looking like a stole. In fact, there are about more than 36 professionals in the production of pashmina shawls premium involved. The reason why a quality shawl is so soft, it is the son of silk is woven in the weaving. Normally, a pashmina wrap has about seventy percent to thirty percent silk pashmina.

Another painting is of high quality cashmere, which is also used to make blankets. This is the kind of stole the most popular in India. The cashmere wrap makes a woman look graceful and feminine. Cashmere fabrics are extremely soft wool with which it is made from cashmere goats.

Cashmeres were considered only as a high value by Europeans in the last century. If you want to make a statement in regard to the mode or if you want to practice a piece of clothing that will keep you warm, a cashmere scarf, what you need.

Finally, a silk cloth is used as the genre's most luxurious flew into the world of fashion. With its embroidery, silk wrapped like to make a single print, it is the centerpiece of your entire wardrobe.

Therefore, there is a wide range of materials to choose from, you have to choose only what suits your lifestyle and fashion sense. At best, it would really try all these ways, giving you an idea of ​​what you get the best fit. A scarf is an accessory that should be part of your wardrobe.

Towels should be one of the most versatile accessories today. You can use the Internet and use the links below for fashion pashmina shawls according to your wishes and also information on the history of these scarves. But remember that women need scarves proper care because they are made of delicate tissue.