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Published: Fri, 09 Dec 2016 05:59:11 +0000



Fri, 22 Nov 2013 10:48:25 +0000

Hey Sanshi here - crazy, almost Christmas time already! The countdown is on at the shop, we've locked in our Christmas shipping cutoff dates this week and have some fantastic new products in the lineup. If you're buying for the didgeridoo lover or haven't started your Christmas shopping for the family, there is a whole bunch of stuff in the Christmas Gift Ideas category that you should check out: ***CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS*** We're asked about gift ideas all the time in the shop, here are some common ones we recommend: * Boomerangs, which are great fun no matter what age you are: * The Didjeribone slide didgeridoo …awesome for beginners and experienced players alike, a whole lot of fun. If you've never seen a didjeribone before, click here and scroll down to see me play some Christmas tunes on one: * Smaller instruments like Tapping Sticks, Harmonicas and Jew Harps that really go well with the didge and won't break the bank Tapping Sticks: Harmonicas: Jews Harp: * For stocking stuffers and kids check out Egg Shakers , Children's Books in the Book Category and Aboriginal Art Journals Egg Shakers: Kids Books: Aboriginal Art Journals: * A subscription - this is for both kids, beginners and experienced or advanced players with over 20 hours of video lessons this one will keep them busy for months! If you're buying on behalf of someone else or for a gift, you can pickup a subscription on the Didgebreath site and you don't need to activate it until you're ready: Help Buying a Didgeridoo... This time of year we get a lot of questions about buying didgeridoos. A few months back, Ben jumped in front of the camera and we recorded our didgeridoo buyers guide. If you're looking at a new didgeridoo but not sure which one to buy, check out the links below which may help... * Buying your first didgeridoo: * What to look for when buying your second didgeridoo =CHRISTMAS SHIPPING DATES= Ok, this year because of the dates Christmas falls on we have two different dates depending on whether you're in Australia or overseas. The Australian cutoff date is actually earlier because the bigger orders ship by road instead of air (to keep the shipping cost down) whereas all the international orders go on a plane. These dates are the last date for orders and payment so make sure you have your order in by this date: * Orders to Australian addresses - Cutoff Tuesday 10th December * Orders to overseas/international addresses - Cutoff Friday 13th December ------------------------------------------------------------ =DIDGERIDOO EYE CANDY AND COLLECTOR DIDGERIDOOS= Our online customers don't often get access to the higher end aboriginal art and collector didgeridoos we get into the shop as most of the time they get sold before we have a chance to get them online! These might not last long BUT, we've managed to get a few bigger didge shipments in this past week and the boys rushed to get the didges online under our new Collector Didgeridoos category: Its worth having a look just for the eye-candy factor, these didgeridoos are truly amazing pieces of art -----------------------------------------------------------[...]

cool new stuff

Fri, 20 Sep 2013 02:00:00 +0000

Ohayou, Sanshi here. We have some new cool stuff at the shop this month - a new Google Streetview tour of the shop, Ben got behind the camera to present our new Didgeridoo Buyers guide, 360 degree didgeridoo photos and some new didge shipments in store. This email is coming to you all the way from Japan where I'm here for our new Breath Japan tour! =NEW GOOGLE STREETVIEW TOUR OF THE SHOP Check it out! Even if you can't make it down to the shop you can now take a virtual tour of the shop on Google Streetview. Here's the link where you can try it out yourself: ------------------------------------------------------------ =360 DEGREE DIDGE PHOTOS! Yep we're going super high tech with the photos at DB so you may have noticed some of our high-end didges now come with 360 degree product photos so you can really get up close before deciding which didge to buy. It takes a fair bit of time to setup these shots so for now the 360 degree view is only available on selected didges. Give it a test drive for yourself on the didges linked below. Open the links and scroll down: ------------------------------------------------------------ =NEW STOCK THIS MONTH - ELLSWOOD, VICKI HARDING AND EARL CLEMENTS DIDGES We've had a few new didge shipments in the last couple of weeks. This month we have some really beautiful Ellswood didges with a very natural, almost earthy look and some really fantastic looking Earl Clements and Vicki Harding eye-candy didges. As usual, you can keep an eye on new stock on the Latest Stock page: ------------------------------------------------------------ =DIDGERIDOO BUYERS GUIDE Check it out! Ben's been spending some time behind the camera for our new Didgeridoo Buyers Guide. In this completely free 10-part video series we explain everything you need to know about buying your first didgeridoo, buying your second didgeridoo and what to look for if you're advanced player looking for that really special instrument. The guide is available on both Didge Dojo and the Didgeridoo Breath website, links is below if you want to check it out: ------------------------------------------------------------ Other news this month... I'm in Japan for the next month or so with for our Breath Japan tour! We have a whole bunch of gigs lined up, dates, times, locations and more info available over at the Breath Trio website: The new Breath album is also up on the DB website if you want to pickup a copy: ...also just a headsup, its just 3 months until Christmas so it may be time to start thinking about Gift Ideas in the next few weeks. That's all for now, hit reply if you need anything. Cheers -Sanshi On behalf of the Didgeridoo Breath team ------------------------------------------------------------ Unsubscribe ([UNIQID]&c=daaa8cd225) from this list

hey hey!

Thu, 29 Aug 2013 06:25:09 +0000

G'day you awesome droners!! Sanshi here! How's it going? I hope you have all been doing your duty by those termite hollowed trees we call didgeridoos and playing heaps :) We've been really busy lately and haven't had a chance to email in a while, hope you're doing well. I have a few new things to tell you about this month...some big news, we've finally finished our redesign of the Didgeridoo Breath website. We now have a nice new, fresher look and have rearranged some of the product categories so it should be easier to find what you're looking for! We've got a bunch of new didges in, my new band BREATH released a new album and we've been busy filming some more awesome on for more. ------------------------------------------------------------ New Stock - Jesse Didges & Stompboxes We have some beautiful new Jesse Lethbridge Didgeridoos back in stock. Jesse's craftsmanship just gets better and better, not only do these didges look fantastic they sound great and really are fantastic to play. Check out the full selection on the Jesse Lethbridge page: With the redesign of the site we also have two new product categories, Showcase Collector Didgeridoos: ...which is great if you're looking for a beautiful showcase didge that really has that WOW factor and a Performance Didgeridoos category: for didges that were built to be played and that really excite an audience. We've also got Stompboxes: back in store, really awesome for mixing up your playing. On the Stompbox page there's a couple of videos from me and Simon rocking out with the Stompbox and didge, check it out! ------------------------------------------------------------ New BREATH album - Ocean Breath We've finally launched our new BREATH album Ocean Breath. We had a wicked launch party earlier in the month at the shop and the album is now available on iTunes, Bandcamp and CDBaby, here's the links: You can preview the album on all 3 of those sites so check it out! You can keep up to date with all things BREATH related on our BREATH Facebook page: There's some photos from the launch party over at our blog too: ------------------------------------------------------------ Other news this month... Our Facebook page page now has over 10000 fans! Its usually the first place we post news and updates so make sure you subscribe to our page to stay in the loop: Other didge stuff from the month: * Our Didgeridoo Beatboxing lessons over at Didgeridoo Dojo are now available to purchase separately. You can preview the first three lessons without signing up too, check it out at * We had an awesome gig at the shop last month, if you're in Perth make sure you subscribe to concert updates via SMS so you don't miss out - click here to signup: * Elliot was in Thailand earlier in the year, check out this update from his trip: Ok thats it! Let me know if you need anything, just hit reply and let me know. Peace -Sanshi On behalf of the Didgeridoo Breath team ------------------------------------------------------------ Unsubscribe ([UNIQID]&c=24619c2f00) from this list

February already!

Wed, 06 Feb 2013 03:00:00 +0000

Hey hey, Sanshi here Where is the year going? February already, amazing! Hope you had an awesome Christmas and New Year, as usual things have been busy here in the shop and we just got some beautiful new Arnhemland Yidaki in AND some awesome looking wood carvings in the shop (not selling online yet sorry!). Yidaki are a bit more of a rare didge and always beautiful to look at, make sure you have a look. Check out the new Arnhemland Yidaki here: And here to check out some pics of the new wood carvings: (don't worry, you don't need a Facebook account to look at any of these) We also got another new batch of high-end and performance level Jesse Lethbridge didges into the shop. Jesse's didges actually sell really quickly and sometimes before they go on the website. If you're looking for a new next-level didge make sure you check the out ASAP, here's the link: ------------------------------------------------------------ ***Updates from the Didgeridoo Dojo Two new updates from Didgeridoo Dojo this month: 1. Our "Learn How to Play the Didgeridoo Beginner Sessions" eBook went live on iTunes! Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod our new eBook contains over 20 beginner lessons to help you learn how to play the didgeridoo. We've been working on this for more than 6 months so its been a huge effort from the team and is finally done and the book looks beautiful! Screenshots and links to download a sample copy are over at Didgeridoo Dojo: 2. Our Circular Breathing on the Didgeridoo Lessons are now available by themselves We've had heaps of questions about this so we've setup the circular breathing lessons as their own membership option. This option is great if you're just looking to master circular breathing - you get full lifetime access to all the circular breathing lessons plus full video and audio downloads. Here's the link if you're interested in signing up: If you're new to Didgeridoo Breath or interested in improving your didge skills, make sure you sign up for the free 30-day online didgeridoo course over on the homepage. ------------------------------------------------------------ ***Other news this month... There's always something going on at the shop, usually we post updates to our Facebook page first so make sure you subscribe to our page to stay in the loop: In January we had Si put on a concert at the shop, we had Djembe lessons, we started selling hand-free banana stands, we were mentioned in a Korean travel guidebook, we said goodbye to Tim :-(, Si put on some workshops, it was crazy busy! If you're not a Facebook lover you can subscribe to concert updates via SMS: Other didge stuff from the month: * Watch Ski and Sanshi at one of our DB January events: * Si rocking out at DB: If you like Si's style, check out some of the Wild Marmalade songs on iTunes: * Awesome Beatboxing by SMILY: If you're interested in beatboxing and the didge, check out Nathan Kaye's lessons over at the Dojo: * If you're in Melbourne, make sure you check out the 2013 Melbourne Didgeridoo and Cultural Festival on Sunday the 2nd March: * Momentum is starting to pickup on our new community site too, Hmmmm...January was definitely a busy month! Let me know if you ne[...]

cut off in 2 days

Sun, 09 Dec 2012 23:37:38 +0000

Just 14 days to go until Christmas....wooohooo! Sending you a quick reminder email as I said in last's weeks email, only 2 more days to go until our Christmas shipping date cutoff of the 12th December at Didgeridoo Breath. There's some great Christmas gift ideas in our gift category or if you're reading this after the shipping cutoff date then a virtual gift (one that doesn't need shipping) might be the way to go. Here's the link to our gift category: Here's some virtual gift ideas: * A 12 month Didgeridoo Dojo membership – keep them occupied with the didge for a whole 12 months! * Didgeridoo Breath Gift certificate – let them choose the gift: * Our Playing the Didgeridoo audio lessons in MP3 format: * An album from our MP3 download category ...or pickup a copy of one of my albums in MP3 format: Chikyu or Bansuri: Let me know if any queries, also did you see this video last week about techniques for dealing with saliva build up while playing: If you need anything else just hit reply on this email or email me at Cheers! -Sanshi On behalf of the Didgeridoo Breath team ------------------------------------------------------------ Unsubscribe[UNIQID]&c=ee65b0c57e

the countdown is on...

Mon, 03 Dec 2012 02:30:00 +0000

Hey its Sanshi! The countdown is on, only 22 days to go until Christmas, how is your Christmas shopping going? Things are getting crazy here in the store in the run up to Christmas, we've just had a whole bunch of new Jesse didges come in, Hapi drums are on their way as well as a new shipment of Earl Clements didgeridoos. We've just rolled out the Christmas decorations on the website and if have a whole range of new toys in the Christmas gift ideas category that make the perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer, here's the link if you want to check it out: If you're buying for the didgeridoo lover and not sure what to get them, a Didgeridoo Breath gift certificate ( might be the way to go or if you're really stuck, just hit reply to this email I'll be happy to give you some ideas. We sat down and crunched the numbers last week and set our Chistmas shipping cutoff date for the 12th of December. If you're planning on buying something from the store make sure you get your order in before that date otherwise we won't be able to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas. ------------------------------------------------------------ **How to Clean your Didgeridoo We've been getting heaps of questions lately asking how to clean your didgeridoo. We broke out the camera this week and I did a quick demo of my didgeridoo cleaning technique. Check it out: ------------------------------------------------------------ **New Didgeridoo Shipment & Stuff on the Way We just got another huge shipment of Jesse Lethbridge didgeridoos in stock and have just finished recording and uploading the videos. If you're after a new didge for Christmas there's a solid range of Jesse didges from you to choose from. Checkout the Jesse didges here: We also have new stock of Hapi drums on the way as well as some new Earl Clements didgeridoos - you can keep up to date with the latest didgeridoos and stock in store on our Latest Stock page: ------------------------------------------------------------ Other things going on at the shop this month you might be interested in: * Didgeridoo HQ Last month we quietly launched Didgeridoo HQ our new online portal. We're still in the testing phase but worth checking it out! Our goal with Didge HQ is to provide a place where didgeridoo players can connect, play and share with other didge enthusiasts around the world. Visit at * 52 countries of didgeridoo players in Didge Dojo 52 countries - thats how many different countries we had didgeridoo players from active in the Didgeridoo Dojo in November, amazing! Click the link below to see where your country is ranked: * Free 30-day didgeridoo course online A while back we launched a new free 30-day online didgeridoo course, if you haven't signed up yet make sure you head to and signup on the homepage. Completely free, we'll guide you through the basics of getting a good quality sound out of your didgeridoo and many of the fundamentals that make the foundation of a good playing technique. Thats it for now, I'll send you another reminder email a few days before the shipping cutoff date just in case you forget, if there's anything you need just hit reply on this email or email me at Cya -Sanshi On behalf of the Didgeridoo Breath team ------------------------------------------------------------ Unsubscribe[UNIQID]&c=[...]

rock on would you like a $1500 didgeridoo?

Tue, 31 Jul 2012 05:15:00 +0000

Yoyoyo Sanshi here again :-) Who doesn't love shiny new things????? This month we've had some awesome shiny new things arriving in the store with some awesome new instruments, more didge shipments, some awesome beatboxing resources AND we've just kicked off our new competition where you can WIN A $1500 STIX DIDGERIDOO!!!!!! *****Our new Competition - How would you like a $1500 Didge?***** We are jumping out of our skins in excitement!!! It’s that time of year again to take part in our annual T-shirt Photo Competition and this year is super special, as you could WIN A $1500 STIX DIDGERIDOO!!!! I explain the full details on this video: ...or checkout the full details on our blog: Its super simple to enter, here's what you need to do: 1. If you haven't got one yet, click here to grab yourself a Didgeridoo Breath T-shirt 2. Take a photo of yourself or of a friend wearing a Didge Breath Tshirt - the more awesome your photo the better! 3. Send us your entry - email it to (or just reply to this email with it) 4. We'll upload your entry to the Didge Breath Facebook Page 5. The photo that gets the most Facebook "likes" by the 14th September 2012 wins! We've already had a handful of awesome entries, you can check them out on Facebook by clicking the link below: __________________________________________________________________ *****Watch out! - Beatboxing it up with Nathan Kaye on Didgeridoo Dojo***** Uh oh...I have some competition now. We had Nathan Kaye drop by the shop last week and we broke out the camera and filmed some new Didgeridoo Dojo lessons! Nathan is one awesome dude and a very big character. Check out this video where Nathan introduces the new lessons: The beatboxing lessons will be available in about 2 weeks time. If you have a Didgeridoo Dojo subscription you'll get instant access to the lessons, we'll also be providing the lessons as a separate standalone package too for those who just want to learn beatboxing on the didge! Sweet! Now a few things for you: * until the 4th of August we're offering $15 off our yearly Dojo subscriptions if you want to jump in, sign up and get access to the new beatboxing lessons. The lessons are about 2 weeks from going live so if you take advantage of this offer you'll have to hang out for a week or two. We'll announce the standalone beatbox lesson access when the lessons are good to go. To take advantage of this offer use the coupon code "nathanrules" on the Didgeridoo Dojo checkout - we're only offering 20 discount vouchers so be quick. Click the link below to take advantage of this promo: * even if you're not interested in didge beatboxing you gotta check out Nathan's blooper reel...hilarious: * Nathan has some awesome stuff on his website including some free MP3 downloads: * while you're at it, check out Nathan's albums in iTunes - either click the link below here to open Nathan's albums in iTunes or search "Nathan Kaye" in iTunes and check it out! __________________________________________________________________ *****New instruments to rock out your playing***** Check out these wicked toys - we have some new percussion instruments and harmonicas in stock! Awesome way to mix up your playing - you can visit the Percussion Page or Harmonicas Page at the links below. We'll have some videos and sound samples up in the next couple of weeks too. Percussion: http://www.didger[...]

20% discount & new stompboxes

Tue, 19 Jun 2012 02:30:00 +0000

Ohayou Gozaimasu! We've been flat out at the shop, since our last Doonews in April...we had American ship in Fremantle and they cleaned us out, nearly every didgeridoo gone! We've only just restocked in the last few weeks so you'll see some new didges on the site. We also got some more Yidaki from Arnhem Land too! This month we're doing 20% on any order over $100 until the end of June so if you're after some new toys, now is the time to buy. Our Didgeridoo Dojo site now has lesson downloads available in MP3 format - you can download the circular breathing lesson MP3s for free below. We also have new Didge Dojo tshirts too! (scroll down for more info) *****20% Off Until the end of June...***** If you're after any new Didge-toys now is the time to buy! Until the end of June get 20% off the total purchase price of any order over $100 at Didgeridoo Breath To access this discount make sure you use the coupon code "June-saver" when you check-out. More info on this blog post: __________________________________________________________________ *****Yidaki back in stock***** We have some beautiful Yidaki back in stock. Yidaki is a more traditional style didgeridoo from Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. These are serious didgeridoos and can be very hard to get in stock. We have videos uploaded for most of the Yidaki too, check them out here: __________________________________________________________________ *****Didgebeats Live - Wednesday 20th June!***** If you're in Perth and free on Wednesday 20th June you should join us at the shop for our next concert! Kickoff is at 7pm and tickets are $5 from Didge Breath. More details on this page: Our last concert was awesome! You can watch the highlights on this blog post: __________________________________________________________________ *****Chikyu in iTunes***** Check it out, mine and Jesse's album Chikyu, is now in iTunes so head on over there and have a listen. "Chikyu" is a beautiful album of didgeridoo music. Fast, slow, high, low... this album has an awesome mix of incredible didgeridoo playing. Heres the link: If you're "old school" and prefer CD's, you can grab a "real" copy or an MP3 download direct from Didgebreath: __________________________________________________________________ *****Other things going on at the shop this month you might be interested in:***** * Circular Breathing Lessons in MP3 format We now have MP3s of all lessons available to download for Yearly & Unlimited lifetime subscribers. If you're new to playing the didge then its definitely worth picking up a Didge Dojo subscription - its just $97 for a year of basically unlimited Didge lessons...far cheaper than paying for a year of private lessons! Download a copy of the Circular Breathing Lesson series in MP3 for free: * New Didge Dojo Tshirts Finally our new Didge Dojo tshirts are here - we haven't had time to arrange photos of the shirt yet so we only have some dorky stock images but check it out anyway, $24.95 with FREE worldwide shipping: * New Range of Stompboxes We have some of the new Stompboxes in stock, these things are super cool and can really make your playing much more dynamic. Head over to the Stompbox page to see some demo videos of these things in action:[...]

didgeridoo goodness aka didgeridooness

Sat, 07 Apr 2012 11:46:49 +0000

Hello hello! Scary that we're 1/4 through the year already and summer is over here too in the land downunder :-( (by the way nobody actually says "down-under" here and I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about putting another shrimp on the barby!) Anyway, some more new didgeridoo goodness this month to keep you busy. ************************************************************************************* Didges Didges Everywhere: More Stix, Jesse & Mid Range Didges ************************************************************************************* We've had a boatload of didges arrive this month! A new shipment of Stix Didgeridoos arrived - these things are beautiful, responsive and real works of art! See the new stock of Stix Didges with full sound samples on the Stix Didgeridoo page: **More Jesse Lethbridge Didges Jesse's didges are the cat's pyjamas, simply awesome! We just got a whole bunch of mid to high end didges arrive from him. We've got videos and sound samples loaded up for most of them, check them out here: ************************************************************************************* Playing the Didgeridoo with Tapping Sticks ************************************************************************************* Check it out - we just uploaded one of the advanced Didgeridoo Dojo lessons to Youtube: In this video I show you how to play the didgeridoo with tapping sticks. Tapping sticks are an awesome way to mix up your playing and add some variation, grab a pair here: If you're keen to improve your didge skills, grab yourself a 12 month Didge Dojo subscription for just $97. Basically the same price as one or two in person lessons or workshops except you get unlimited access for 12 months. All the same stuff I teach in person, beginner techniques through to advanced rhythms: ************************************************************************************* Jesse's duo "The Link" has a new album "Leave" ************************************************************************************* Have a listen to this song on Youtube from the new album "Leave" by Jesse's duo The Link: Its awesome, clearly a man of many talents. We have the album available, you can grab your copy here: ************************************************************************************* Other things going on at the shop this month you might be interested in: ************************************************************************************* * Double the Tim, Double the Elliot This is going to get interesting, we've had two new guys join the team, Tim and Elliot. We already have a Tim and Elliot so now we have 2 x Tim and 2 x Elliot. I have no idea how this is going to work! We'll have new profiles uploaded to the team page soon (the guys regularly check the web stats to see who's page is the most popular so everyone is at me to get the profiles loaded ASAP! * Website Upgrades We've been doing some small website upgrades here and there to make things fully iPad and iPhone compatible. We're switching over our sound samples to be powered by Soundcloud: (its like the Youtube of sound). Personally I like the new look, would love if you can test the new player on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, use this [...]

festivals, concerts + new stuff!

Wed, 29 Feb 2012 04:22:51 +0000

G'day - Sanshi from Didgeridoo Breath. We have a lot happening this month at Didge HQ, check it out: __________________________________________________________________ *****Didge Festival in Melbourne this weekend!***** If you are near Melbourne this Saturday 3rd March, you must come to the Didgeridoo Festival at Mia Mia gallery in Templestowe! Didgeridoo Breath will be present and we’ll have a competition going on to win goodies. I will be there to meet everybody, please drop in and say G’day!!! The festival runs from 11am-10pm on Saturday and of course there’ll be plenty of live music, fun and antics and maybe a few beers afterwards. The event is being held at the Mia Mia Gallery ( Find the festival on Google Maps at Full details of the event are available on the Didge Festival website at *****Keyaki Concert with spider didge - 18th March***** Check it out - join us at the shop on Sunday 18 March at 630pm when our boy Keyaki takes the stage for another Didgeridoo Breath concert with his mad wicked custom made spider didge with xylophone & cajon combo. Doors open at 630pm and we kickoff the tunes at 7pm! Again we'll aim to livestream the concert so long as our technology is up to the task - we'll post updates on our [17]Facebook page when we're about to kickoff and you can catch the concert (and past concerts) on our Livestream page on the Didge Breath website. If you're joining us in store, make sure you head over to the event on Facebook and hit the RSVP button so we get a good feel for numbers. (Oh and you can check out the spider didge in action over here on Youtube: *****Other things going on at the shop this month you might be interested in:***** * Ben is off on a new adventure We've just said goodbye to Ben this week - the man is off to New Zealand to live off the land! He's aiming for complete self-sufficiency, living off the land, rain water, solar power, building his own how and growing his own food near Nelson! He'll probably be floating around the Facebook page at some point so if you're near Nelson and keen to catch up with him in person drop him a line on the DB Facebook page! (he would especially love you to get in touch if you're handy with a shovel) * New Dojo Tshirts We have some new Didge Dojo tshirts in the pipeline and waiting for some samples to arrive before we sign off on production. Would love your feedback - check out the design at * New Dojo Lessons Speaking of Didge Dojo, Matt just uploaded another couple of new lessons including a new didge beat boxing lesson. Visit the Didge Dojo What's New page for more info. * Project X aka Didge HQ We're almost ready to sign up some beta testers for our new Didgeridoo HQ website - we'll have more info next month...stay tuned! Here's a sneak peak: * New Yidaki in Stock We've just got a shipment of new Yidaki in stock - amazing looking didges, check out the Yidaki Didgeridoo page for more info. Phew...a lot going on right now at the shop and even more so because I'm heading off to Melbourne for the weekend! Would love to catch you in Melbourne if you're around so make sure you drop by the festival and say g'day if you have time. Let me know if you need anything else (just reply to this email or catch me on Wicked! -Sanshi On behalf of the Didgeridoo Breath team www.didgeridoobreath[...]