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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekMercedes-Benz Fashion WeekMercedes-Benz Fashion WeekMercedes-Benz Fashion WeekMercedes-Benz Fashion WeekNew York is the first major capital of fashion shows the trends for autumn-winter 2011-2012. For now, the opening day of its so-called 'Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week'.

Miley Cyrus Style without makeup


Today we Show u Miley Cyrus Style without Makeup 2011. She as a rule opts for this type of laid-back but on edge look, often upping the style bet by coupling her nitty-gritty with shoes that make a speech and jewelry or sunglasses. Formaly Miley Cyrus typically wears flirty and bold mini dresses, but she brings her own style to those too, often union them with her name cowboy boots or a funky

Britney Spears without makeup 2011


Thank for visiting Today we Show u Britney Spears without Makeup 2011. Britney Spears is having not only an awful hair day but also a “no makeup” date to boot. Allowing for she shaved her top in one moment of panic, we can hardly blame her for topping the chart here at celebrity without makeup. Russell Brand posted a Titmice of Katy Perry sans

Jennifer Aniston without makeup


Thank for visiting Today we Show u Jennifer Aniston without Makeup 2011. Jennifer Aniston without makeup! These new films of the 40 year old artist show her with no makeup and by retouch. The photos are the raw shot from a recent shoot and tell that Jen looks a bit diverse without makeup or photo shopping which all magazines do. Jen in fact at a halt looks

Angelina Jolie without makeup 2011


Today we Show u Angelina Jolie without makeup 2011. Angelina Jolie radiate in her new ad pro Louis Vinton. So they say wearing no makeup and her own outfits, the mom of six stuns as she sit barefoot on a stiff boat on a lake bounded by foliage, toting zero but the battered monogrammed vuitton Alto bag. The fire was done on a lakeside landscape in Cambodia’s siem Reap province, Women’s Wear

Fashion Style 2011


Amazing Fashion Style 2011Fashion Style 2011Simple Fashion Style 2011All About Fashion Style 2011Fashion Style 2011Fashion Style 2011Elegant Fashion Style 2011

Inspiring fashion Style from Spring Summer 2011


Fashion Trend 2011 Style Bohemian


Fashion Trend 2011 Style Bohemian. -> Taking elements from the 70s era of bohemian and sophisticated style that is dominated by bright colors.

street style par II


Taylor Swift Fashion Style


New Photos of Fashion 2012


Fashion Week


Fashion 2012 Trends


Prom Gowns 2011 Pics


Prom dresses 2011 PicsProm dresses and ball gowns in the latest styles have arrived, and 2011 will mark a new decade and a special year for prom. are here to help you find the perfect dress for Prom Night. We have prom dresses in all styles, from full-length formal gowns to short and sassy prom dresses.

Bridesmaid Dresses - Wedding Exclusive Collection


Bridemaid Dresses are the Dresses weared by the Girl on the Most Important Day of her Life Her "Wedding Day". This Dress is the Dream of Every Girl to Wear and they Thinks that it should be Very Unique from Every Dress Ever .As might have been quite the point that the bridesmaid dresses were not quite flattering, and also showed discomfort on the faces of the girls who carry them. When you are

Hot & Modern Kids Fashion


Hot & Modern Kids FashionBoys' fashion is not just about jeans and T-shirts. There are many good looks out there for boys.Small independent retailers are usually on Kids Modern children's fashion with some companies just starting and other more established as Fuzzy Culture, which you could see expanding the future. Western fashion trends have been driven by military-inspired clothing, with

Stylish & Modern Skinny Jeans Patterns & Colour Designs


Stylish and modern Skinny jeans Patterns Color & DesignSkinny jeans just arent for Women and Emo-teen anymore. These skinny jeans can be paired with a number of elements in the dressing room to ensure that the man looks as stylish as possible while looking at its best.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs Hand And Feet


Beautiful Mehndi Designs Hand And FeetMehndi is known in the East for centuries. It is the application of Dulhan as a temporary form of skin decoration in the Indian subcontinent, as well as the expatriate communities from these areas.Dulhan Mehndi is usually Applied wide special occasions such as weddings and traditional festivals. Indian Mehndi decorations became fashionable in the West

Engagement Ring Pictures


Especially in Western cultures, an engagement ring is a ring that the person wearing it is engaged. Woman's ring is presented as a betrothal gift by a husband to his future wife while he proposes marriage, or directly after she accepts his marriage proposal. The rings can be purchased by her husband, the couple together, or of each partner for the rest. Before agreeing to marry, a couple decide

Diamond Necklace Jewellery


We offer high quality diamond necklaces in classic and contemporary styles. Queensland's reputation, already tarnished by gossip, was destroyed by the fact that she had participated in a crime to defraud the crown jewels of the cost of a very expensive diamond necklace. The Affair of the Diamond brand, was important in discrediting the Bourbon monarchy in the eyes of the French population years

A Complete Pack of Beauty Products - Magic MakeUp Box-Change Your Own Beauty


This magic box contains eyeshadow, lipstick, mirror, brushes, gloss and bronzer. This magical package comes in an artistic field that has a beautiful mirror inside.The case is made of durable plastic, so it's light and easy to carry. The colors, hot pink and black, add funky high style to this sassy cosmetic case, as medium-and teen girls agree is "cool way."

The Best Gucci watches for men


Gucci is known worldwide for being one of the leaders in fashion and style. When we are looking for a cheap Gucci watch, it is difficult to find both authentic quality and reasonable price. One of the best prices Authorized Gucci retailers are Amazon, which has extremely low prices for Gucci watches.

Katrina Kaif for Titan Raga Women Watch


Indian watches brand Titan Industries Limited (Titan) has roped in Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif as the brand ambassador for its exclusive women’s watch brand, Titan Raga. the potential in the women’s segment is still huge as watch penetration even amongst SEC A/B women is still very low. A brand ambassador will help to make the watch a desirable accessory amongst women. Titan announced that

Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy for If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at At, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received

Lily Aldridge hair And Fashion


My next hair appointment is on Jan. 20th. I'm requesting this look. My hairstyle Brooke, thinks it will be a fun change. She loves doing something different and I usually do the usual. I have to admit, I'm starting to get really nervous about attempting this look because if it isn't done perfectly I think it could look really dumb. (No pressure Brooke) Actually lots of pressure Brooke! Please

Nicole Richie, in my opinion, wins for best fashion makeover ever!


She went from the worst to best dressed list in what seemed to be over night. and she's even pregnant in this one... I think she's ok as a brunette, but I love her as a blonde! What do you think?

My everyday style picks for 2011


When it comes to style, I would say I'm definitely more conservative in my approach. Especially when it comes to color. I do branch out from time to time, but over all I gravitate towards classics, neutrals, and simple lines, whether I'm styling my home or my body.Today I'm more focused on body styling. As I've browsed the latest looks, I decided to post a few looks that I actually agree with

Top 5 wedding gown picks


I've got bridal gowns on my mind... My daughter Ashley and I have been asked to do a photo shoot for a wedding reception center in Hawaii at the end of this month. At first I was flattered

My Amazing trip to Hawaii


As some of you already know, I live in Northern Utah. As the years have gone by I've noticed that every January I go through a depression of sorts. It usually lasts about a month. But I've also noticed that if I take a trip to a warm sunny place, I don't get depressed. I guess I'm one of the many who can't take the cold, gray, dreary winter days.So these days, (if possible) I try to get away.

Lily Aldridge hair Results


I had my hopes up for Lily hair, but since my appointment ended up being just two days before I went to Hawaii, we wouldn't have any time to correct anything that might have gone wrong. So Brooke and I decided together that we had better play it safe. That said, we did still turn the color up a notch and she weaved in bigger chunks of hair in the copper color.Here's what we ended up

Hawaii trip day 3 / The BIG Day!


Our day began at 4:45 in the am. Yes I said am. We had to be at the property in Punaluu by 6:00 am. So we started gathering our personables, the 4 bouquets Dolly made and all the food we bought to feed the crew for the day.Mark wanted Summer to have Ashley ready with hair and makeup and fitted in a wedding gown by sunrise, so that gave them just over an hour. And I think they just barely

Hawaii trip day 3 / The BIG Day! / part 2


Ok, I know I said I would have video in this post but I don't know how to make the kind of video clip I envision doing yet. It's become a huge mental block for me and I just want to blog! So here's how the second part of the day went.Next up was surfing in wedding dresses. Ashley didn't have any experience there so she opted to go home to take a much needed nap. It was tempting for me to

Hawaii trip day 3 / The BIG Day! / part 3


I forgot to mention earlier that while I had been styling the upstairs bathroom, Dolly was working on the outdoor shower. When Mark came back from the trail he took a few minutes to photograph the shower.I've personally used this shower and I have to say, it's quite the experience! My family was fortunate enough to stay in the main house a few years ago. Corby and I slept in the bedroom right

Hawaii trip day 4


Thank goodness for a day of rest! I got to sleep and sleep and sleep until about noon when Ashley and I went to church. When we got back I did some photo editing and then won a bet I had with Ashley about a wedding dress. This is how crazy her thinking is...Remember the dress Bree was wearing on the Scared Falls trail? Jessica also wore it in the surfing shoot. It was the heavy, hard to

More style inspiration


I'm having a lot of fun cataloging things I love. I tend to forget good outfit and room ideas, so here's what's standing out for me today... This outfit is so me! I love it when style looks effortless Love it all! The hair, the dress, the belt, the shoes... I couldn't resist this little guy either. What a cool ride! I better get one before gas prices skyrocket. Drew with more pretty

These things inspire me


I've been browsing the web tonight and came across a few lovely inspirations...You've done it again Martha! This picture makes me dream about summer nights.The whole outfit is adorable. I wonder what shoes she wearing.I want this dress! Can you tell I'm into stripes?WOW! Ok, time to start working out again! So lovely! I wish this were me in the picture. Or even just taking the picture. What a

Lily Aldridge hair / 2nd try


Lily Remember my first attempt for Lily Aldridge hair? We'll this is attempt number two. We went a little lighter, and while I like it, it still isn't enough to look like Lily's. me My play it safe attempts just aren't getting me there. I guess next time I have to just be willing to go all in. When I see pictures of her hair and then mine, it's easy to see, I still have quite a way

Home and Runway


I got the sudden urge to blog when I saw this picture. All I could think was WOW!And then I found another about fabulous California living, and again WOW!So in this post I'm combining two of my favorite subject matters.Let's see what else tickles my fancy today...Yes please on this incredible backyard setting. How dreamy!And I would really love to have this bike. I've always said that my body

Jennifer Lopez Fashion = Style Icon


Do you remember where you were when you saw the "If you had my Love" Jennifer Lopez video for the first time? Well, I DO! And from that moment on I've been a BIG fan. The girl is amazing and has such a knack with style., I just watched it again and after all these years, it's still Freaking Cool!I have to say, she is the real American Idol! I've

Hair Inspiration


My online hair inspiration hair journal. I'm going to have anyone who does my hair from now on (or at least for the next six months) review this post before they do anything to my hair.These pictures are glorious!!! I have such hair envy over them. SJP has never looked better. I love her highlights. I wouldn't mind this color for me one bit! I've always wondered what I would look like as a

My Style (for now ;)


I've been finding some really interesting looks that I love, so I wanted to place them all in a post that I could keep referring to.And I would love to hear from anyone out there that agrees or disagrees or that gets inspired or that is willing to share their exquisite style with me. I'm always open to great style information. It makes me so happy :)Hope you enjoy...I love both looks from

Lily Aldridge hair / 3rd try


So this is how attempt #3 turned out. As you can see, it's not really working out for me.I did end up with lighter highlights, but it's still not the balayage look. This is my niece. She has beautiful naturally sun kissed hair which is the whole point. I want my hair to look super sun kissed, not like I got foiled highlights. And don't get me wrong, using foils to highlight works

Lily Aldridge hair accomplished!


If you've been following my obsession over Lily Aldridge's hair at all for the last few months, you already know of my agony over not being able to accomplish the look. You can click on these links to my past attempts if you'd like to catch up on my story.Attempts #1, 2, and 3But my pain is no more. All because my sweet friend Priscilla pointed me to her friend Julie Brown. Pri told me on

Hawaii trip day 6/ Egg farm photo shoot


I know it's been awhile since I've blogged about my Hawaii trip / Ashley's photo shoots. Sorry about that.But I'm happy to be back. Hope you like these next pictures. They were taken at an old egg farm on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.She's new at the whole modeling thing but I think she'll do well enough :)Ashley was a good sport up on this wall. It was really narrow and there were a couple

Hawaii trip day 7 / underwater photo shoot


Mark, Ashley and I went to the beach with Dolly's kayak. The plan was for me to video the shoot while Mark and Ashley swam around getting great pictures. Yeah right! If I didn't have to keep the kayak in just the right spot at the same time. The waves were a little on the fierce side for me to manage such a task, but here's a peek at what they got... my personal favorite How scared would you

Lily Aldridge wedding story


If you've been following my blog at all, you already know I have what I call a harmless obsession with Lily Aldridge. It all started when I came across this picture of her and fell head over heels in love with her hair. That's where the actual obsession began. I had finally found a new look I thought would work for me.Anyways, I've been a big fan ever since.Modeling for Victoria Secret has

Fun fashion finds June 2011


Holy cow and 1/2! I'm feeling totally inspired to shop. If the mall were open right now I would not be posting. Not that I could even get some of these gems at a mall. At least not in my neck of the woods.I know, I know I could shop online but sometimes I just really want to try everything on before I purchase. So here's what I wish I were playing dress up in right now...I wish I wish I

Fall fabulousness 2011


It's been almost 100 degrees for over a week straight. Yet somehow with the sun going down a little bit earlier I'm starting to feel fall in the air.I know it's right around the corner so here's what I'll be looking to for my fall fashion inspiration...

August outfits


This is what I would wear this week according to the different places I see myself going.Monday after school at the pool with Micah Tuesday running errands Wednesday at home cleaning. No reason to get fully dressed :) Thursday lunch date with hubby and then shopping Friday night date night Saturday football game for Peyton

Lily Aldridge hair still going strong


So if you've been following my blog, you know that I've been a little on the obsessed side with having Lily Aldridge hair.I tried again and again at the beginning of the year, (about 4 times) before I got it right in April. I haven't touched it since and it still looks great 5 months later.We just had family pictures taken, so I'm using them to show how the Lily look is

Ashley's wedding photoshoot on the beach


Ashley is my oldest daughter. She's 5'9 1/2. I think she definitely has a career in the fashion industry. At this point she's still waiting to be discovered by the right people, but until then here's some work she did in Hawaii last January. For the Pamela Anderson type's that might want to get married in a swimsuit. It's a Ralph Lauren and it's lovely.This shot was taken on location at Scared

Ashley's guess girl inspired photo shoot in Hawaii


My sister Dolly is very well connected on the North Shore of Ohau, so after a few phone calls with a very talented makeup artist Jennifer Jones and photographer Mark Lee, we collectively came up with this...A mix of old retro with a modern day twist.Mark has to leave at this point so we decided to just go for more on our own. Here's what we came up with and I have to say so myself. "Not too