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A must tools for wall painting - without it can't do anything!

Sun, 04 Dec 2011 06:42:00 +0000

Can you guess whatkind of tools do you need for wall painting?, sure you know!. A three very basic things that is a must have for painting. Without it, you certainly cannot do anything. The essential tools for paintings are roller paint, brush paintand a paint tray or bucket screen. Other that essential tools, additional toolswill make your work done faster such as adjusted pole. The adjusted pole deals with high wall and to paint the wall faster. Even though you know the essential tools and ready to paint, do you know how to pick your best tools for your painting project?Let starts with paint roller. There is two types of paint roller, paint roller with a cage and  regular paint roller. The different between these two is the regular paint roller cannot change the nap roller cover but roller with a cage can change the nap roller cover if the nap roller cannot be used anymore. That is only about the paint roller but there is more!. Other than roller paint it self, you need to consider the nap roller cover. There is a lot of sizes of nap roller cover ranging from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch. To make thing simple, below is the example of the purpose of nap roller cover regarding the size:  1/4-inch nap for smooth or fine surfaces, such as new walls, ceilings, wood doors, and trim3/8-inch nap for smooth to light-textured walls1/2-inch nap for most walls and medium rough surfaces, such as textured plaster, and concrete3/4-inch nap for rough surfaces, such as textured walls and ceilings, textured plaster, and concrete3/8- or 1/2-inch nap is a good general-purpose roller cover.  Choose a roller cover based on the texture of the surface to be painted. I found a quite good video that explain about this nap roller cover. A very simple video and straight forward: Other video about nap roller I found quite detail explanation. Quite informative to know more about nap roller: Now, let put our attention to brush. A careful selection of brush paint can give you a great advantage such as time, money and most importantly your energy. There is a lot of types of brush. In my opinion, brush paint can be categorize in 2 group, straight bristle or diagonal bristle or the painter used to call it sash brush. Besides the types of brush paint, brush paint also have a lot of sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inch. Two inch is the widest brush paint if I am not mistaken. The most important factor when choosing the brush paint is the quality of the bristle. Sometimes, if we go to the market to find brush paint, all the brush look the same. So, how we can distinguish the high quality bristle from the rest?. It is not easy job because it requires experience in using the brush, opinion of other people and seek info about quality bristle for brush paint. There is a video I want to share to make my point. It is very helpful but the quality of the video quite not sharp. Other video explain the same thing but in simple way: Last tool of painting is paint tray. Paint tray sometimes made from steel with shiny finishing or plastics. There is no different between the two in term of quality distribution of paint at nap roller cover. You can choose either one of them. If you don't want to use paint tray, you can use bucket screen. This tool is different with paint tray. To use this bucket screen, you need to put it inside the paint bucket.Hopefully, with this info, it helps you a lot and if you find this info very useful, don't be shy to share it with your friends and please give a comment. See you next time![...]

What is Prime Paint?, Do yo know?

Sun, 20 Nov 2011 05:01:00 +0000

Painting sometimes can be considered as a fun activity for some people. Moreover, with this activity, it can helps the people to be creative with their skill. Despite this activity quite enjoyable to do together with a family member painting their house with a favorite color, do they know about primer paint? I am sure many homeowners overlook about prime painting.We need to ask our self first, what is primer paint? Primer paint is a preparatory coating put on the wall before we paint our house with our favorite color paint. The purpose of priming is to give adhesion to our finish paint and increase paint durability. Sometimes many people keep asking when this prime paint need to apply to our wall? Easy question!, priming can be use on the bare wall or wall never paint before. If your wall have been paint before, there is no need to apply priming. This is because the wall is quite strong to stick your new paint for a second time.Maybe among us want to ask, what type of primer paint sell in the market? Obviously, there is two types of prime paint which are latex type and alkyd type. These type can be divided into special categories such as universal primer, stain blocking primer, wood primer, metal primer and the like. From the information gathered, we can choose our prime paint according to our needs. Recap of prime paint Oil primer/Alkyd primer:Features-Slow dry.Release strong smell.Require mineral spirits for clean up and thinning.Produce very smooth finish.Good barrier to keep tannins from certain woods from bleeding through. Oil primers are good to use for -Unfinished wood.Previously varnished wood.Redwood, cedar, or other woods that tend to bleed tannins.Heavily weathered wood.Over existing paint that is failing due to chalking or cracking. Latex primer paint:Features -Fast drying water-soluble primer.No strong smell (no VOC).Resistant to cracking.Allow water vapor to pass through, which can make them less likely to peel. Use latex primers on:Unfinished drywall.Bare softwoods like pine.Masonry such as brick or concrete block.Galvanized metal, after proper cleaning.If you like this post, please share it with your friends and family. [...]

Ignore wall preparation before painting can cost you some money!

Thu, 20 Oct 2011 15:28:00 +0000

There is a saying that quote "People are not plan to fail but people fail to plan". Do you ever heard of this saying before?. If no, you better stick this saying into your mind. Whatever we do in our life, planning is very important. Planning for your retirement, planning for having family vacation and etc. Same thing happen when you want to pain your wall. Most of us, when they feel they need to repaint their house, just drive to the paint shop, buy the pain and then piece of mind. Is this really peace of mind when you discover with the tone " owhh, man! I make a mistake!, I need to repaint my wall again!.To undo all the mistakes that you have made, you need to do some quick questions list. To make thing simple for you, I just made a quick question list for you. The sample questions  list is as below:Is it your wall never paint before. Yes or No.Are you using wall paper instead of wall paint?, Just state your choice.Do your walls have holes or crack?, yes or no.Do you need to remove your furniture?, yes or no.Do you need old newspaper? Yes or no.Do you need a masking tape?, Of course you do!.First of all, as people common sense, just move your precious furniture to somewhere else so that it will not get paint stain. Oh, before that, you need to identify which wall that you need to paint. Some people want to paint a certain spot in their room. Ok, next, cover your floor with old newspaper, the easiest and cheapest method. Stick your newspaper with masking tape so that your newspaper will not easily fly away. Your next move, masking tape your parts of your roomthat do not need to paint such as power socket, window frame and etc. You are now on your half way to paint, congratulate yourself!. Now, put your attention to finding cracks and holes on your walls. Oopss!, I forget, before that, you need to ask yourself, is your wall never get paint before or just to replace old paint. If you want to replace your old paint, you need to scrap your wall first. Some people just ignore this step but actually it is good to scrap your wall for long lasting paint.Back to the "Search and Patch", you need to carefully find the cracks and holes on your wall. Make a double check so that you will not miss anything. Next, paste some holes and crack patch on your wall, put it thoroughly and evenly to the wall. Let it dry for a few minutes. Now your wall is ready to paint!. If you find this info helpful, please share it with your friends and please  leave a comment. Before you leave, I have a good preparation video for your wall preparation. Enjoy!. [...]

What do you really need to know about wall paint before painting your wall? (MUST READ)

Sat, 08 Oct 2011 10:10:00 +0000

Do we really need to know about wall paint before we paint our wall??, the answer is Yes. Many of us take for granted when want to paint wall. What people mostly do when want to paint their houses, just go to the paint shop, order the paint, pay and without hesitation just pain the wall according to their opinion. After finish painting, then they realize they make a mistake. That is why before we need to paint wall, the first step is we need to know about wall paint first such as how many category of wall paint, how many types of wall paint, what is the benefits of this type of paint and so on.Without wasting our time, let me show you the simplest way to understand wall paint. As many people say, "A picture explains in 1000 words" (sorry if the quote is wrong).Latex based paint can also called water based paint. This category of paint is used widely all across around the globe. It is easy to use, fast dry, chemical free and it is cheap. Other benefits of this paint category it is easy to wash paint brush or a roller with water or soap after finishing the painting. It is best for wall and ceiling application. Alkyd based paint, on the other hand, is oil based paint. It is easy to recognize this category of paint by looking at it. To use this paint, we need to add some thinner so that we are easy to paint. This paint quite sticky and not easy to wash if it drops on your hand. Moreover, alkyd paint is a slow dry type paint. It takes longer time to dry compare to water based paint. The application of this paint are majorly used at metal and wood surfaces.With the paint technology today, wall paint comes with aspecial features such as anti-condensation  that used in  bathrooms, kitchens,  and damp basements,  heat resistant that resist to higher temperatures and stand against the spread of fire, stain-resistance, anti fungal, easy-cleanto name a few.To make your understanding clearer about types of paint, I put it in a point form for easy go-trough reading. They are as below:Glossy - Your wall look sheen. Suitable for house owner that want to save electricity during the day. This type of paint reflect light causing your room to look brighter. Although it has a good features, it also has a bad features. This types of paint will show your imperfections of your wall. To fix it, maybe you can use primer coating before you paint or you re-plaster your wall. Make sure it is flat and no small holes all around it. Semi-Glossy - As it say, it is less sheen than a glossy type. The features of this type of paint is similar to glossy type paint. The different is it is less sheen.Satin or Eggshell - As you read it, try to imagine what is the eggshell look like and you will have the idea of the type of sheen you will get. It is not too glossy or not to flat. It is suitable for rooms especially for kids and it is commonly used for rooms. Matte or Flat - If your house is too bright and you don't want to add more to it, this type of paint is suitable for your choice. Flat paint does not reflect light and it gives plain finish to your wall. The application of this paint is interior wall and ceiling. Need to be careful when choosing a paint type.Here is a good video for your color picking: That's all for today. Please give comments about this entry and share it with your friends.[...]