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Bloodbane is about a girl finding her way towards finishing writing a book series & all that comes with it. Research, daily life,friends & family, thoughts & worries,life after nanowrimo. Snippet "On the edge of the boundary,a place as da

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Book Cover Illustrations

Tue, 13 Dec 2011 05:00:00 +0000

Ahhh, yes! Another cold day *bows down to the cold weather gods*
Please keep summer going like this so I don't have to peel out of my own skin, thank you.

Here are the covers I made for the amazingly addictive series Touched.

If you haven't read it, go read it now, but make sure you have plenty of time on your hands because you wont want to stop. I seriously can't wait for these to be out so I can have them physically in my hands and read them from start to finish. There's nothing like a paperback, nothing.

I had soooo much fun making them and it presented the challenge of keeping a theme.

Which leads me to my next topic.

Who are the cover artists?

Nobody ever really knows who made the cover art on a book, and it's actually not that easy to find.
I've bought some books with covers that make me drool, and instantly I want to know who made them, and if they made more. So I go and type in something like "Book cover art for Author name" and end up having to search a while until I find out who it was.

It's a bit of a detective game, find the cover artist. Why is this?
Some of my favourites, I recognise instantly, Jason Chan, Dan Dos Santos, Cliff Nielsen.
But other styles that are new, I have no idea who created the beautiful work, and it seems nobody else does either?
Sometimes this is just a case of, the author had a friend do it, or the author themselves. I've noticed that indie authors, especially those out on ebook, tend to really give some love to their cover artists. This is really nice to see, I just wish the same would happen for big name authors.

Perhaps I should start a book cover dectective agency. Heh.
Maybe I'll make another blog that is soley for book covers....give them some more love that they deserve. Not that I'm biased or anything *looks skywards and whistles*

Asha Illustation step by step

Thu, 08 Dec 2011 04:04:00 +0000

In my last post I said I would post up a step by step of my Asha painting. This is not exactly a how to with instructions, its simply a peek into my painting process from sketch to finished product. First step - I start out with a sketch. I like to sketch onto a mid grey background, not white. I also find it easier to paint onto grey rather than white. White is too harsh and throws off depth of colour and highlights making you over compensate. Original size was 3000 px by 2500 px Step two - I select the colour palette I'm going to use, Asha's skin is described as porcelaine.   If you can see my messy scribbles, it says Peak, high, mid, low, warm and Base. Now that I have my colours, I start to flesh out Asha, starting with the Base and then adding mid tones with a soft brush roughly. I do this on a seperate layer to the lineart at first with the lineart on top.Step three - I add some atmosphere and a background so I get an idea of where this will go later on. I then go over the soft shading I did earlier with a harder brush at 100% using my wacom tablet with pen pressure on. Step four - I then flatten my lineart to my painting beneath, making sure to save it as a PSD first so I can go back later if need be. Then I go in and add some lows from my colours, and some highs and fill out the hair roughly. I also feel this is a good stage to add something to the eyes to make it feel more alive. Step five - I add some warmth to the skin and work on blending the skin still using the same brush but with lighter strokes, I do NOT use the smudge tool, it will always make skin look fake. Step six - Now I add the glove and the top, as you can see I changed my original design of the glove. A little more skin smoothing and blending.   Step seven - I add the details, the red nails, hair highlights and colour, freckles and whisps. I also add more detail to the background. Step eight - The final details, using the peak colour and the lows to bring everything sharper, the last little bits that make the image pop. And finally, I add the title, make sure its all neat, and last finishing touches after saving it as a PSD and a Jpeg which I add brightness/contrast to to make it pop and sharpen it a little. Final Image And that is basically how I go about most of my paintings. At some point I will post up more information on things such as the brushes I use, where do I get my reference images, and a little more detail on how I do things rather than just showing quick steps of my process. Although the image is finished, I will probably go back at some point and tweak when I've had time away from it and look at it with fresh eyes. That's all for today, Ttfn =)[...]

Bloodbane Illustrations

Wed, 07 Dec 2011 17:53:00 +0000

Today I spent 5 hours in photoshop, I had forgotten how good it feels to paint and let the creative juices flow in other ways. I have been so caught up in writing, I forgot my other love - Illustration. So I combined the two and created an Illustration of a character from Bloodbane. And who better to start off with than the main character and leading lady Asha Aylwin. Character BioName - Asha Aylwin Age - 17Sex - FemaleHeight - 5ft 4Build - pear shapedEyes - A dark, dark blue that can almost appear blackSkin - Porcelaine with frecklesHeritage - Asian Irish (stronger on the irish side)Hair colour - Natural (It's said to be a dark brown, but no one has seen it in a long time) Currently purple/blue. I'm planning on making a series of these illustrations to go with the books, one for each character, and possibly groups or pairs. I may change Asha's hair a little, later on, and play about with some details, but I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. My inspiration for the look was Shannyn Sossamon, <3 her ! & Audrie Kiko Daniel, absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to get started on Cole and Haiden, the two main males of the book. The characters are feeling more and more real to me every day, I almost feel like I know them. Being able to paint the way I see them in my head is such an added bonus. I can't wait to give it a go at desinging a cover for the book once it's finished. I painted this to the sound of the village movie soundtrack - beautiful music to get lost to - and then for a break went and watched the movie, it never fails to make me feel. Maybe I'll get some rest now that its 4:51 am. Next time I'll post the stages to creating Asha's picture.Ttfn[...]

A rainy day in the life of a Gargoyle

Sun, 04 Dec 2011 02:21:00 +0000

What’s that sound?The none too gentle pitter patter of rain? It’s raining! Now rain overall isn’t that exciting, and it’s not even such a rare thing in Australia, but with this rain there is cool weather instead of stuffy humid I think I wet my pants weather. Now I’m not really a complainer, this is a hot country, I get it. But that doesn’t stop me from rejoicing when the cold weather unexpectedly comes. People who are currently in cold places, such as the UK might say “Hey you! Crazy lady, why rejoice at cold wet weather?” Bring on the heat!” Well, Nobody here really rejoices when the sun is so hot you can feel it slowly cooking you to death - except for the news people, it’s their job.(And a few ex-brits who will grin and bare it until they’re a lovely tan lobster pink and possibly cancerous.) Most of the time, people either pack up and head for the coast (its much, much cooler there) or shut up shop and hide indoors away from the deadly rays. I think a false picture is painted to any outsiders, but once you get here, you find out.I think I’ve actually heard more Aussies complaining about the heat than I have Brits - as I said; they tend to grin into the death rays while it toasts them. I am not such a brit, my skin is nearly as white as the cream-white table cloth I'm currently leaning on and I intend to keep it that way. But back to the point, it’s a lovely cool day, I’m sat in the dining room, staring out the window and I just had marmite toast and earl grey tea – Lovely. I open up my browser and get back into the Gargoyle research I was doing before I fell asleep. There is a lot on gargoyles and the church’s influence style and reason for being – but there isn’t a whole lot on anything else. I want to know what if they were real beings. I remember watching The hunchback of Notre Dam as a kid where the gargoyles would actually come alive. There is so much on vampires and ghosts and what-not but gargoyles? Not so much. Looks like I’m going to have to wing this and make stuff up as I go along. So I start thinking My life as a gargoyle.What would they feel?What is their daily life like?What troubles do they come up against because of their form?What advantages do they have?And so on…Too bad I have bad vertigo and the only roofs around here are 1 story high; I won’t be perching on any roof ledges anytime soon…though there is the kitchen counter ledge. I don’t think mum would be too impressed with that one, it would probably go something like this; *Me clumsily climbing onto the kitchen counter attempting to perch like a gargoyle at its edge*This perching business is actually pretty hard.Mum enters kitchen, gives me a peculiar look.“What are you doing up there? “I decide whether or not to respond, after all it is daylight and I am supposed to be a gargoyle.  “I’m perching”Mum notices my bare feet (as I don’t like to wear slippers around the house)“You’re getting the counter dirty, there’s all sorts of stuff on the floors”“My feet are clean thank you”And you just cleaned the house - again.“You’ll break your neck”I peer down to the floor while trying to retain my gargoyle-like pose.“It’s less than a foot drop…”Dad enters, gives me a funny look but doesn’t say anything- goes to turn the tap on with a slightly amused look.Yes, behold , I am your daughter.Mum watches me like I’m about to nose dive.They then look at each other and give that look that says ‘this is our daughter’. Safe to say I don’t think it would be much of a success. So instead I’m going to spend the day imagining what its like.[...]

After Nanowrimo

Fri, 02 Dec 2011 13:38:00 +0000

 Hello!(please excuse the Pjs...) Ok. So here goes my first post on my first blog.  It took me all day to make, and after hours of squinting at HTML that I had no idea about and creating the graphics in photoshop (that was the fun part) it is now finally working! (though I'll probably go back and tweak). This is the main website I used to help me create my blog was pretty useful and answered most of my questions. Nanowrimo ended the other day and I managed to win on my first year squeezing out a total of 53400 words after many smoothies, days of frustration and staring into space. Congrats to everyone else who made it! If you're a fellow Nanowrimo-er add me on here or twitter, I want to know what you're up to now, what are you doing with the ideas that came from it? So what's this blog about? Why am I doing it?I want to document what happens after Nanowrimo because after all of that non stop excitement and rush to the finish line, what happens next? Where do you go from here? It's also going to be snippets of my daily life, things I find interesting, what's going on with my Illustration (did I mention that yet? nope. I'm also learning Illustration you can find me on deviantart) and hopefully some book reviews on the side. I know we're supposed to wait a month or two and then edit, but I don't feel the story is finished yet and I want to work on it some more while its still fresh in my mind. Bloodbane is what I decided to call my draft and it's series - trilogy is a little ambitious at the moment but that's the goal. Okay alot ambitious, but its possible, right? I currently have a draft and then around 15 documents with character history, character lists, research and so on. It's all a big mess right now but I feel I have a direction I can follow. I sort of have a plan written out for how each basic plot line will go for each book - I say sort of because it keeps changing against my will. So today I grab a smoothie, open word, crack my neck and prepare my soundtrack. Nothing. Absolutely nothing comes to mind. I sit there for another 20 minutes, my fingers hovering over the keys - then comes the sound of my head thumping against my wooden hospital grade wheelie table (the one my dad sawed at until my hand had a comfortable place to rest). I then go chat with my other side-of-the-world-twin-who's-not-really-my-twin Cory and we talked about various rubbish and watched youtube videos like we always do. He told me a while ago he wanted to start a youtube channel - a vlog of his daily life. I told him he should go for it - he doesn't think he has much of an interesting life, but for a guy with 8 llamas, a brother who shaves his legs and a family that could star in a tv comedy series - I think he'd be onto a winner. And so came the talk of youtube channels and blogs and finally doing something. He's going to get working on his youtube vlog and I'm starting my blog. (When he posts his first video I'll link it up). That's really all for now, how was my first attempt?( Don't judge). I'm going to go and finish listening to kings of Leon, do some more research on gargoyles and have marmite toast. Yes marmite! not that thing that shall not be named that's sold here in aussie- Blegh. Laters[...]


Fri, 02 Dec 2011 04:34:00 +0000

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