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Review Asus Eee PC 1016P Netbook

Thu, 01 Dec 2011 15:35:00 +0000

Review Asus Eee PC 1016P NetbookSmall Powerful Laptops ! Little aluminum, yet great stability. Why the 1016P comes with two gigabytes of DDR3 and matt, high contrast display an almost perfect netbook that you learn in the review.The housing of the 1016P is relatively thin, especially on the front page. The forward thinning wedge shape is particularly pronounced. A significant flattening of the lower right and left edge allows for easy consumption of the unit from the table. So you can run your fingers under it to lift the 10-incher.Materials and feel are a total valued, but still exude a certain charm plastic. But where the aluminum applications, of which the aluminum Eee PC was always the talk (see Eee PC 1018P) are? It is only the frame of the keyboard, which consists of a brushed aluminum but painted black. This record is part of the base unit and not just an outline of the keys. This will be the keys protruding from the chassis as an integral part. The base unit is replaced by a very good strength.Especially like the thick but very rigid lid with a medium pressure insensitive to surface. The underside of the dent 1016P can not push with the finger as well. Only the memory door is to small. The case remains stable even if we take the 6-cell battery.The move hinges tight, we need both hands to open. The high power, along with keeping the lid and base unit itself, prevents slipping of items during transport in a pocket or backpack. The maximum opening angle of about 130 degrees is not very big, but enough to look pleasing to the scheduled airlines on the ad.The VGA webcam unfortunately does not correspond to the premium quality. You can take pictures with 0.3 megapixels and only makes the bargain in a very poor quality (320 x 340 pixel, color cast). We have included two sample photos. The noise in the image is relatively strong, especially in low light through a window. The colors are pale and not real to the security-conscious users, the mechanical closure of the webcam please. Those who always picks on the PC, via webcam, he can not spy on them.CommunicationThe Bluetooth module for wireless connection to phones and input devices is mandatory for the business netbook. It is the new standard 3.0 + HDR used. Wired (Ethernet, Gigabit LAN) or wireless (DraftN) can connect to the home and office network will be made. For an internal HSDPA module is only the preparation (SimCard slot) under the battery of our test unit. Our 3G-term test, we had to perform with the UMTS stick.SecurityProvides security features like TPM or hard disk encryption is not 1016P. But he has settled a price too low class.AccessoriesSyncables Desktop is a tool that scans files, e-mails and contacts between computers and mobile devices synchronized. Disks themselves are not saved in Windows 7 Professional must be made by PowerRecover.KeyboardApart from the necessarily small keys, the 10.1-inch model has a strong feedback input. Prolific writer-friendly say we do not want to have the right keys too tiny and crowded (Shift, arrow keys, dash).As a Small Powerful Laptops  :) The lines offer only the Spartan netbook standard. On the right side, adjacent to Kensington Lock, we find the flip Ethernet port. The same front page ends with a card reader, and the headphone and microphone jack. Also, two USB 2.0 ports are located here. The left side of her body is only one VGA port and a USB port. Front and back are completely unequipped.[...]

Motivation - 10 Steps to Become More Inspired, Organized and Effective

Wed, 22 Dec 2010 13:53:00 +0000

What gets you out of bed in the morning that motivates you will keep you out of bed late into the night as you work on your dream and make a difference because you are in fact inspired, organized and you want to be effective. Working eight to five and living an ordinary life is not going to be your testimony as you begin to organize your dream and live it. We pay a lot of money to watch people that are living their dreams, live in concert, on the football field. Why do we do this? Because they made their motive, which was to succeed a lifetime pursuit and wholeheartedly organized their lives around the pursuit of that goal, therefore they are effective.1. The world's best motivator will not make a difference in your life if you are lazy, apathetic, indifferent and disorganized. 2. Motivation means putting your motive into action which by definition implies that motivation is not mere a mental exercise, where you think positively. It is about taking positive action. 3. Good motives do not bring results. They only bring results if those desires are inspiring enough to get you to a place where you craft a strategic plan, implement it as if you life depends on it and review your progress regularly. 4. Very often, you come from seminars where an electrifying, eloquent speaker told you that you can change the world if you make the right decisions. The excellence of delivery and charismatic public speaking may have been top "top drawer and immaculate, but that does not remove the responsibility from you to actually do some work to develop yourself. You need to gather the tools that can transform you into an effective individual. 5. Do not allow any of your brilliance to go unrecorded by keeping a journal or somewhere where you write ideas. It is an ideas collection that you will summon one day when you the capacity to implement. It is preferable to be prepared for an opportunity when it comes than not to be prepared. 6. You must be motivated to succeed therefore, study and prepare because the organizational skills you are perfecting will be required where you are going. 7. Greatness in not unleashed in a day, but how you organize today will determine how great your life will be. 8. If you do not organize, you will agonize when you rue of all the missed opportunities that you could have converted into tangible results 9. People who live their dreams look for the inspiration they need to inspire their creativity to a greater dimension. 10. An opportunity is not yours until you take it. Have the motivation to succeed, develop the organizational creativity that makes you effective, efficient and excellent and you will get more out of life.Fitzgerald Mujuru is an author motivational speaker, marketing consultant and musician. He is the author of soon to be published book, "Power Thought For Today" motivational series. He is the pioneer of Jeduthun Music which has been recording and doing live shows in the last ten years. You can visit him on Source: [...]

Quick Motivation Technique for What to Do When Someone Is Feeling Discouraged

Wed, 22 Dec 2010 13:50:00 +0000

Quick Motivation Technique for What to Do When Someone Is Feeling DiscouragedBy Dr. John Ullmen This Quick Motivation Technique is about what to do when someone is feeling discouraged. It could be you, or someone on your team, or someone you care about.It is inspired by an article on our website about Nick Vujicic titled "No Arms, No Legs, Huge Heart," and it also features his video.Nick was born with no arms, no legs in 1982 in Melbourne Australia. But what he lacks doesn't hold him back. He's an extraordinary motivational speaker, and he gets out there--he steers a boat, goes fishing, putts golf balls, goes down waterslides. He's inspirational. And he points us toward today's motivation technique, about what to do when you're discouraged, because a common mistake when you're discouraged is to get caught in cycles dwelling on what's wrong, or unfair, or uncomfortable-in short, dwelling on what you don't have, or can't do.Instead you want to focus on WHAT YOU DO HAVE, and WHAT YOU CAN DO.I refer to Nick for this technique because, well, think of it this way--If ANYONE has a reason to focus on what he DOESN'T have, it's Nick, without arms and legs.If ANYONE has a reason to focus on what he CAN'T do, that's Nick too. There's so much he can't do that most of us take for granted all the time.But--you won't hear him complaining. You get the feeling that when HE gets down he doesn't have TIME to stay discouraged. He's too busy getting on with it. He's got things to do. It's not about his limitations; it's about overcoming obstacles. It's about what he DOES have, and what he CAN do.To apply this yourself, when you or someone you know is discouraged focus on...Technique:1. What you HAVE, not what you've lostWhat do you have-plenty--knowledge, experience, skills, talents, strengths, resources, ideas, PEOPLE too--friends, family others. The list goes on. In fact, for this step, DO make a list. Make a list of all these things that you have, relative to the challenge you're facing. You'll find just making the list itself starts to make a difference, because it directs you toward the right things to focus on.2. Focus on What you CAN do, not what you can'tDon't dwell on what's beyond your ability or authority or your reach. Focus on actions you can take to make even small progress. How do you do that?This is why I say that you should ADD 1 and 2.Look at the list of what you HAVE (from Step 1), then come up with what you can do with what you have. It's a great way to avoid brooding too much about you can't do.Add 1 and 2 by going down your list, and look for productive steps you can take with each of the advantages you have.Another way you be helpful on this to someone in a discouraging situation is to help them generate a variety of possible positive alternative courses of action-help them pick a path, get started, get moving, get some traction, get some quick wins-don't let discouragement eliminate alternatives or paralyze action-by brainstorming alternative actions, you're bound to come up with something better than what comes from dwelling on what you don't have, or can't do.One more point. "Measure" 1 and 2. What I mean about this is that you can hold yourself accountable on this, which in my experience with clients works very well. For example, when discouraged, ask yourself what percentage of time are you focusing on what YOU'VE LOST instead of what you still HAVE?What percentage on what you CAN'T DO instead of what you CAN? Catch yourself doing this, and set a goal to increase the percentage of time you spend on the right side of these two points.John Ullmen Ph.D. is a business author, speaker and internationally acclaimed executive coach. His writing has been featured in major media outlets such as MSNBC, the Los Angeles Times and Harvard Business Review. He lectures on leadership at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He was a finalist for the Award for Teaching Excellence as determined by graduate students, and his elective course was voted one of the "Top Ten" in t[...]

How to Stay Happy 24/7 & Add 10-Years to Your Longevity

Tue, 21 Dec 2010 13:03:00 +0000

Did your Mom walk around the house singing out loud half the time, and smiling the rest? See if you remember this: a French lady named Jeanne Calment died in 1997. Her birth and death were documented. She was the oldest person who ever lived - documented, not hot air. How old was she? Age 122 years. My Mom lived to 92 - not bad right?Mom had three sets of facial muscles she always exercised: Risorius (laughing muscle), Zygomatic major (upper lip for smiling), and Orbicularis Oculi (raising eyelids) - the key smiling muscles.Reporters asked Jeanne Calment her secret for longevity at age 121. Her answer was drinking cheap French wine all day and a happy attitude.My Mom claimed her secret was the Archangel Michael and the Archangel Gabriel who order her to sip fatty chicken soup daily. It worked for her.Two ProverbsGeorge Orwell said, - Men can only be happy when they do not assume happiness is the object of life.Maxim Gorky said, - Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.How about this? Humans are hardwired to pursue pleasure and avoid pain. We are built for immediate gratification and rapid feedback. Yet we adapt ourselves to folks and circumstances that offer PAIN and unhappiness. Huh?Peak PerformanceHappiness is being totally involved body and soul in your work. The happiest folks love going to their office because it is PLAY, not work. They enjoy the experience of being creative and imaginative, and hate to leave at the end of the workday.Abraham Maslow (Hierarchy of Needs) coined the expression Peak Performance. When you get in-the-flow, (your zone) you lose track of time and making money. You are enjoying yourself in the pleasurable activity, and produce your best work.Living in The Present MomentWhat we RESIST - persists. The more we fight the situation or person we encounter the more we get STUCK. We are fighting with ourselves. Get this - what we refuse to feel - never goes away - it festers. The solution is living in the present moment - not thinking about the past or the future - right?Look at your feet - image you are a tree and your feet are roots. Now press your feet downward as if planting them in the soil. Ground yourself into the present moment and forget figuring out the future problems - today. In less than 60 seconds you are living in the PRESENT and you stop mental movies of your future troubles.What we resist (denial of fear) causes us to lose the joy of the present moment, lowers our immune system, and makes us feel stressed out. Be the grounded tree.How to Improve Your Love With LifeProfessor Steven Toepfer, Kent State University produces scientific research on capturing happiness on November 27, 2008. Please pay attention - it can turn your life 180 degrees for the better.Fact: ink was first used in Egypt 4,000 years ago. The royalty used it to educate their children to take over wealth. The original writing was not poetry or music, it was receipts for merchandise people owned.The first writers were the priests who kept accounts of what the royal family owned in real estate, slaves and valuables. Their receipts were the same as money because it proved their wealth.GratitudeWhen you thank some for a kindness or gift, you engage their Limbic System, the emotional part of our brain. It you write your gratefulness - they will remember it 20 years later. Does that go for your parents - boss - friends? Every human has a section of their prefrontal cortex that is ego-driven for the emotion of gratitude.The word gratitude is from Greek, meaning - pleasing. Compliment folks with a letter of gratitude for something they did, and they are yours for life.How To Do ItIf you sit down a write a heart-felt letter of gratitude - sure it make the receiver happy. Guess what? The writer of gratitude gets a feedback of joy and happiness in her/his brain, and the feeling lasts for up to a week after the original letter.Try one-letter every two-weeks. It mu[...]