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Application Review
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Cherry Belle


Cherry Belle is a youthful lady group or Girlband from Indonesia,reportedly now again increasing, if the past mate all know the 7 icons,cherrybelle also a selection of pretty, lovely and excellent at performing but the numbers are a little more, namely 9 individuals youthful lady who has a mission and perspective to provide them a perform of art for country songs fans. Therefore, if you want to find out more information about employees cherry belle can see Here
In this launch of their introduction, cherry belle comes with a musical technology design that must have been very acquainted in the ear of the circulation of K-Pop fans. Although now it is starting to appear identical circulation, but the cherry belle personnel have something very affordable extra to be given an prize of more than fans of country music.
This is moreover to their youthful age to be able to move quickly dynamic,Chibi (short cherrybelle) has a style of moving is more highly effective and different vocal and has a very powerful personality, this is how cherry belle later can be a group that Indonesian women can offer suggestions for youthful teens Indonesia.
Here's Bios and Photos of Personnel Cherry Belle
(image) wenda "eks" cherry belle photo
(image) Ryn Cherry Belle Photo
(image) Gigi Cherry Belle Photo
(image) Felly Cherry Belle
(image) Devi "eks" cherry belle
(image) Christy cherry belle
(image) Cherly Cherry Belle Photo
(image) Anisa Cherry Belle Photo
(image) Angel Cherry Belle Photo

Noviaty Devi
Devi: tweets @ DeviChibi Blessed 25 November 1987
Tan Sarwendah Wenda: tweets @WendaChibi ,Born 29 Aug 1989
Yefany F Felly: tweets @FellyChiBi Blessed 21 February 1991
Noela UNU Christy Christy Saura: tweets @ChristyChiBi Blessed 26 Dec 1990
Jessyca Stefani Auryn Ryn: tweets @RynChiBi Blessed 30 January 1993
Brigitta Cynthia
Gigi: tweets @ GigiChiBi Blessed 9 July 1993
Cherly Yuliana Anggraini:
tweets @CherlyChiBi,Born 21 September 1991
Rahma Anisa
Anisa: tweets @AnisaChibi Blessed 12 October 1990
Margaret Angelina UT Angel: tweets @Angel_ChiBi Born 2 Oct 1990

7 Icons


7 icons - Community Songs of Indonesian is significantly populated with the new 7 icons performers.And now a little diversely than regular.
Which is usually always pop performers, the new musician of new team or list of employees that Indonesian is a man, but groupband this one was extraordinary because all personilenya the ladies are very. Who is he? maybe you've never observed of it, namely 7 ICONS.

But do you know already Bios girlband 7 icons ?
Of course for youngsters, especially the Adam, willing to find out information 7 icons, biographies of employees 7 icons, icons 7 finish bio-data of employees, as well as females who looked up to boyband beat Philippines,who want to know the bio-data of personnel 7 icons, here we will try to discuss to you all the lovers profile Girlband 7 ICONS
(image) Foto 7 icons

Full Name:Margaretha Novia Linzy.
Nickname: Linzy.
Born: March 11, 1991.Singkawang, West Kalimantan.
Occupation: Singer (Personnel 7 ICONS), Actor.
Favorite Movies: Harry Potter.
Favorite music: Jazz,Pop.
Hobby: Read books.
Twitter address Linzy 7 Icons @Linzy7ICONS

Name: Angela Tee
Alias ​​Name: Atee
born , Surabaya, 28 September 1990
Religion: Christian
Height: 168 cm
Favorite artist: BOA and Britney Spears
Address Twitter Angela Tee 7 Icons
@ Atee7ICONS

Full Name: PJ
born : Surabaya, 1 November 1989
Religion: Islam
Favorite Movie: Armageddon
Hobbies: Cooking
Favorite singer: Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and the Geisha
Address Twitter PJ 7 Icons @ Pj7ICONS

Full Name: Vanilla
Name answering: Ms.Lollipop
Religion: Christian
TTL: Surabaya, dated 7 September 1988
Passions Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Japanese Food
Favorite Movie: Titanic
Favorite Singer: Agnes Monica
Height: 170 cm
Address Twitter Vanilla 7 Icons
@ VaniLa7ICONS

Full Name: Grace Fransin Wohangara
born : Malang, June 23, 1989
Religion: Christian
Favorite Films: Rapunzel
Favirit music: Pop Genre
Favorite artist: Jessica Alba and Christian Bautista
Address Twitter Grace 7 Icons @ Gc7ICONS

Full Name: Natly
Surabaya, December 18, 1988
Religion: Islam
Hobby: Read Books, Traveling, and Shopping
Favorite Movie: Titanic, Never Been Kiss, and Transformers
Favorite singer: Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Rihanna, and PCD
Twitter address Natly 7 Icons
@ Natly7ICONS

Full Name: Mezty
born: New York, 22 April 1989
Religion: Islam
Hobbies: Listen Music, Singing and Dancing
Favorite singer: Justin Bieber
Favorite song: Playboy by 7ICONS
Twitter address Mezty 7 Icons @ Mezty7ICONS



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Ranau Lake


Ranau Lake is the second largest lake in Sumatra.This lake is located on the western border district Lampung, Lampung province and district of Ogan Komering Ulu ,south Sumatera provinces. This lake created from the large earthquake and the eruption of volcanoes vulkanik that make large basin.Located at the Coordinated [Show location on interactive map] 4 ° 51'45 "LS, 103 ° 55'50" BT Geographically,Ranau Lake topography is hilly Valley make this practical, Ranau Lake have cool weather. Attraction Famous lake is often the fishermen to catch fish such as mujair, kepor, kepiat, and harongan.Also as a stunning tour of the city, there are so many beautiful scenes Right there in the middle of the island called Pulau Marisa.

There are hot springs that are often used for local residents or the tourists who come to the island,there are waterfalls, and lodging. This lake is also a mainstay of the tourism object Ogan Komering Ulu district south, especially in the holiday season arrives and the Idul Fitri holiday. And in 2007 the lake was yesterday inaugurated by Bupati Lampung Barat, as a new tourist center in the area of Lombok district Sukau West Lampung District. According to the legend, the lake is created from the large earthquake and the eruption of volcanoes vulkanik make a large cavity. Major rivers that flow in the previous foot volcano that became the main source of water that fill the basin / fissure that. And the long run the big hole filled with water. Then around the lake is a new start
with various plants, including plants in the bush by the local people called Ranau thats why the lake is also names as Danau Ranau. The rest of the volcano is now the Mount Seminung who stood firmly on the shores of Lake watery clear it.On the other hand Seminung at the foot of the mountain there are natural hot springs that come out from the bottom lake. Around the lake can also be found Subik waterfall.Other interesting places to visit Marisa Island is located not far from the hot water.

Kemarao Island and Punti Kayu


Pulau kemarao is a tiny delta of Musi River,located about 6 kilometers downstream of Ampera Bridge.There is a Chinese vihara (klenteng Hok Tjing Rio) on it.Kemaro Island lies between the industrial areas of Sriwijaya Fertilizer Plant and Pertamina Oil Refinery in Plaju and Gerong River.
Forty kilometers from Palembang,Kemarao Island is a popular recreation site in the middle of Musi River. On the island there is a Buddha temple that often visited by Buddhists to pray or to visit the graves.Beside that,there is also mean of foretelling one's life and marriage.A great religious event Cap Go Meh is held in Kemarao Island every Imlek New Kemarao Island is Year.
Kemarao Island,a small island with a Buddhist temple and the grave of a Palembang princess.The legend tells that the princess was sent to marry the king of china.When she arrived,boats with big pottery pots were sent ashore.The king expected gold and opened them,but the first one only had vegetables.He ordered the other pots to be thrown in the river.
When the princess saw that happening,she jumped in the river and drowned.Several of the pots broke,and they indeed contained gold.The princess was buried on the island, and the temple,which is built next to it, is said to bring luck.

punti kayu recently built recreational complex covers 50 hectares area,consist of four parts: an amusement park,a recreation park,a natural forest, and a man-made lake.In this complex are to be found a children's playground,a cultural park, a souvenirs shop,restaurants and an information booth. Because of its proximity to the capital and easy accessibility,this complex actually caters mainly to the local inhabitants of Palembang city,however,international tourists may enjoy passing a calm day here to watch urbanites This amuse themself.

Musi River


Poverty is a complex problem because it related various aspects such as the rights to food, health,education and so on. It is necessary to support and cooperation from the community, government,officials and entrepreneurs in dealing with poverty,so that poverty in Indonesia generally and in Palembang especially can be reduce. Musi River has many potential. Besides being in the middle of the city of Palembang, Musi River is also parted by the Ampera Bridge, one of the famous bridge in Indonesia.

Tragically, nowadays Musi River was contaminated with pool of trash, industrial waste, mining activity,and the lack of community awareness.It is adverse impacts on the environment and surrounding community.Besides poverty,the people on the area of the Musi River also possess an ‘ungood’ culture because it has a strong personal environment which influenced by inherited by their predecessors.Now potential of the Musi River has not been properly excavated.This is evidenced by the low utilization of the Musi River as a tourist attraction for local and foreign tourists.

This paper aims to formulate a concept to overcome the poverty level on the AREA of Musi River.This idea is written by the analysis of some of the problems that occurred in the surrounding community with a logical solution based on a review of thought and observation by making the Musi River as a tourist attraction known as the world community so that can be assist surrounding communities in overcoming the problems there.Based on the idea,known that Musi River has a lot of good potential as a tourist attraction and has a high history.
Lack of awareness of community to cleanliness of the river Musi is one cause of pollution of the Musi River. Other causes are due to industrial waste which is bad for the people themselves. Solutions provided is to make Musi River ​​as a water attractions interest by local communities and the world that aims to help communities around the AREA of the Musi River in order to earn a decent living and have a good personality.The development is facilitated by government agencies,officials, owners of the companies capital that involves the Musi River which had a negative impact the waste industry and also supported by the CSR fund.The development is done by building a complete infrastructure of restaurants,lodging, entertainment and souvenir shops of the town of Palembang.

Sultan Mahmud Badarudin II


Sultan Mahmud Badarudin II is a National Hero who came from Palembang, South Sumatera. He was born in 1768 with the first name Raden Hasan, son of Sultan Muhammad Nadauddin. Since childhood he showed an outstanding intellect. Character hard and fast in the establishment. What he thinks is right, will be defended. In addition, he is very friendly and jaunty. All of that makes it always looks as a leader among peers.Education he received as a child hard enough and full of discipline.In addition to education of parents in the Empire,Prince Hassan also deepen Islam in the mosque.Mosque is a kind of boarding school. Prince Hasan mastered Arabic and Portuguese. He memorized the Qur'an. Knowledge can be a provision in the future.Prince Hasan being a child his father's trust and is entitled to the Sultan. "You're going to take my place as the Sultan," said his father told Prince Hasan. After his father died, Prince Sultan Hasan was crowned with a glass of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II. He was Sultan is very simple and loved by his people. As a person who controlled the empire, Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II did not hesitate to travel to meet with people. He knew what people needed. At the time of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II reign, the Netherlands suffered the defeat of France. At that time the Dutch authorities called King William V fled to England.England gained the trust of the Dutch government to control the colony, including the Dutch East Indies or Indonesia. "Thank you for the trust given to me," said Raffles of the British who were given the task to be Governor General of Dutch East Indies. Since then,Raffles control the whole government of the Netherlands East Indies including the Sultanate of Palembang.Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II not pleased with the presence of the invaders. On March 20, 1812, Governor General of Raffles sent a fleet to the Sultanate of Palembang. "Destroy the invaders!", Said Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II member spirit of its people. British fleet attempted to land in Palembang was met with determined resistance. The battle was fierce. In battle, the British suffered a defeat. In the UK it also saati acknowledge Palembang Sultanate.Next Britain handed back to the Dutch East Indies or Indonesia to the Netherlands. Holland was to take back control of the Sultanate of Palembang.Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II again rejected the arrival of the Dutch colonists. So Palembang 1819-1821 war erupted. "United we stand, divided we fall divorced," the phrase that always echoed in the hearts of the people of the Sultanate of Palembang. To hinder the arrival of the Dutch fleet, the people united wooden poles planted strong and sharp at the bottom of the river Musi. By using a strategy that, their efforts succeeded. Dutch ships a lot of poles stuck in it and as forces of the Sultanate of Palembang is also an all-out storm. Palembang Sultanate forces attack caused many casualties in the Netherlands. They failed to land on the river Musi. This failure upset the Leaders of the Dutch army in Batavia. "Let's send a powerful fleet,"exclaimed General Schubert Dutch squad leader as he clenched his hands. "We must not lose with the Little Emperor," he added.Delivery of a massive fleet to penetrate the Dutchterritory of the Sultanate of Palembang. Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II troops no less speedily with the Dutch fleet. They have had a premonition that the Netherlands would be all-out attack. "Keep tight around the Musi river," the command of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II to all the people."Do not have any holes for the needle!" He added.Empire troops and people to work together to keep along the Musi river armed with courage and high spirits.War was inevitable. Many Dutch soldiers shot and fell into the sea. Here and there are sounds yelled Palembang army victory. But unexpectedly the Netherlands offered a truce. The people of Palembang in fact had [...]

Nasi Goreng


a litle tips how to make nasi goreng for vegetarian
Fry tofu in a little oil until fairly crispy; remove and set aside. Add leeks, onion and celery to pan and fry for a few minutes. Add carrot and red pepper, cook another few minutes. Add peanut butter, sambal, brown vegan sugar, salt, pepper and ketjap and the tofu; simmer for 10
minutes or so to let flavours blend. Stir in rice, and simmer for another
ten minutes or so, stirring occasionally. Serve.
Growing up a meat eater, nasi for me always had
bacon in it, which gave it a nice smoky flavour. For anyone who doesn't object to meat alternatives that look like the real thing (Yves makes a fairly decent veggie back bacon --
"Canadian bacon" to Americans), you could add a
couple of slices of this with the tofu.

4 cups cooked rice
2 leeks
2 stalks celery
2 large onions
1 large carrot
1 red bell pepper
extra firm tofu
cut into cubes (maybe marinated in ketjap or sate
2 tablespoon peanut butter
2 tablespoon sambal oelek
1 tablespoon sucanat
or to taste
and sweet ketjap to taste

Songket Palembang


Now I'm gonna Tell you about traditional cloth in PALEMBANG,and it's call Songket Palembang.
Sewet Songket or cloth Songket is usual cloth used or worn as woman clothes underside bandage. Usually this sewet pals up with kemban or shawl.
Material sewet this songket woven accurately us with silk yarn material. Individuality songket Palembang lays in its, the softness and grace is very uppermost and its the motif unlike cloth motif songket from the other area.
Therefore sewet this songket made with smooth material and high art hence the price enough expensive. Usually is used periodically at the time of celebration of marriage.
Clothes songket completetlly worn by pengaten, usually with Aesan Gede ( highness)Aesan Pengganggon ( Paksangko) Aesan.Shawl Mantri Aesan Gandek ( Gandik)etcetera.
A lef of weave cloth songket from Palembang,has many meanings, and has history value.This possible cloth as ommission of ancestors the owner woven during one years, possibly as dowry, possibly as highness cloth of custom pengantin , possibly as collection object of valuable family, and still many again other possibilities.
Weave cloth songket this Palembang, very attractive, traced its the history, its the meaning, and its the making technique. If we observe its the typical colour, and its the beautiful decorative motif, surely we are having conclusion that this songket made with skill, ketelatenan, kesabaran, and of high creativeness.

Like other area weave art in our nusantara, cloth songket this unknown Palembang precisely when starts done. For cloth, originally is applied as component of bark base, then leaves mesh, and last is planted cotton to be made yarn as component of weave cloth base. Palembang which located in island Sumatra part of this South ahead becomes center empire of Sriwijaya becoming entrance various cultures from manca state. Originally comes Portuguese, then nation of last India of nation of Chinese. At seventh century until eleventh century Masehi empire of glorious medium Sriwijaya - its glorious with its the crowded port. Except becoming center commerce,
Sriwijaya also becomes center religion Budha.
Center empire Sriwijaya, now town Palembang, be place of sojourn of priest from Srilangka and India which will go to Chinese. That is why India culture influence decorative motif of cloth songket Palembang.
Side that is influence from Chinese also sticks at weave art Palembang especially at applying ruddles and golden colour at cloth songket. Caused by influence culturalized from outside the is created weave cloth from Sriwijaya a real beautiful and varies. Thereby this songket cloth is including result of area culture which must be preserveed. Decorative motif of songket usually is in the form of geometric or result of stilisation from flora and fauna, having each meaning of good symbolism. For example clove interest, foreland interest, fragrant jasmine and rose symbolising chastity, grace, fortune and all kindness. Gold yarn motif which meeting and predominates surface of cloth called as songket LEPUS, while which the gold motif spread over called as songket TABUR. At cloth edge usualy is made motif tumpal, trilateral or triangle is broken, so-called sprout motif rebung. Bydm soriyt rebung is growing to become strong bamboo bar and diffract, doesn't fall down diterpa this wind symbolises good hope.
Cloth three countries. This cloth out of three part of colour that is blue, red and green. In peripheral portion of rose colored tumpal motif, in between cloth limar is having motif tube interest. In most having colour middle part is green is having motif star interest to relate to.

Varya Akulova


Varya Akulova. She is considered to be the world’s strongest child. when she was 13, I’d have to say that statement is very accurate. Then,Varya weighed 40kg and was able to increase 350kg. While I have absolutely no concept how to convert those success, seeing that she can lift almost 9 times her body weight is quite significant.Varya Akulova is able to lift 350 kg, while she herself weighs only 40 kg and she is the most highly effective child on the world. This fact has already been confirmed twice by Guinness Book of World Records.
(image) Varya Akulova
(image) Strongest girl in the World

Varya's muscular mass are hardly recognizable but she has tremendous will-power, obvious program and thread-like muscular.
Varya says, "I wish I could be big, really big: 190 cm tall and think about more than 100 kg, like my dad."

Despite the daily workouts, Varya is a top higher education scholar in her classification.Currently, she is in 7th excellent. She found to read at 3.
I’m not quite sure what requires a 6-year-old to be a freak of nature but I think someone had to be the most highly effective kid in the community. By the way, apparently this child was able to increase 220 lbs at the age of four. While I’d like to see proof of this, just enjoying it leads me to believe that at her existing age of 13, most of her female “parts” are probably bigger than my men places.

Now she is 20 but two of these pictures are when she child.

Ampera Bridge


In my City ,Ampera Bridge is the most popular I'm gonna tell you a short story about Ampera Bridge.

Construction of bridge movement begin in April 1962, after obtaining the approval of President
Construction cost of the booty taken from the fund in Japan in other words all the responsibilities of the Japanese government contractors and workers. At first, the 1177-meter long bridge with a width of 22 meters, the bridge named after Sukarno. According to historian Djohan Hanafiah, giving the name as a form of tribute to the first president RI. Bung Karno in earnest desire of citizens to fight for Palembang, to have a bridge over the river musi.
At the center of the bridge removed, the vessels of 60 meters wide and with a maximum height of 44.50 meters, can pass across the river musi. When the center of the bridge is not removed, the maximum height that the ship could pass under the bridge Ampera is only nine feet of water surface sungai.Sejak 1970, the Ampera bridge is no longer increased or decreased. The reason, the time used to raise the bridge, which is about 30 minutes, is considered to disrupt the traffic flow between the opposite side of ulu and ilir, two regions are separated by the Palembang city musi river.
Ampera bridge this divide musi river that connects the upstream and downstream areas of the Palembang city. Ampera bridge has also become a symbol of community pride and community in particular palembang south sumatra general. not only as a symbol of the city of Palembang, but the Ampera bridge is also a nice tourist spot. because the Ampera bridge not far from there is a story of development and history of the Ampera bridge.
Ampera Bridge had renovated in 1981, to spend
around Rp 850 million. Renovations carried out after fears of the threat of damage Ampera bridge could make it collapse. Along with the euphoria of the 1997 reform, some auto thieves stripped the bridge is unknown. Theft is done by climbing the tower bridge, and cut some parts of the bridge is not working. The color of the bridge had already experienced three times the change from a standing start is grayed out in 1992 continues to change and the last yellow to red in 2002 until now.
If you spend hollyday in palembang ,don't forget to see Ampera Bridge

Ban Terbaik di Indonesia GT Radial


Ban terbaik di Indonesia GT Radial

Buat kamu pencinta seo sepertinya akan selalu di manjakan oleh beberapa kontes seo setiap bulannya yang terus memeriahkan dunia internet.
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masuk halaman pertama yahoo search itu adalah pekerjaan rumah yang pertama harus saya selesaikan.Ini adalah tugas terberat yang mungkin waktu lama untuk saya pelajari karena saya belum menemukan webmaster yang mengulas tentang tekhnik ini.sangat berbeda sekali jika dibandingkan kita mengetik keyword " masuk halaman pertama google".
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About My Place


Greetings everyone, first time you come to my blog ,Thank:s if you have a little time to read this article.
As I introduce my self at page about me .so, you
will know that I was born in a lovely litle town,Sekayu district.But , in this arcticle I will share to you about place where I live right now,that is Palembang capital city of South Sumatera

South Sumatra Province is situated on the eastern side of Bukit Barisan mountain range South Sumatra province is relatively flat, nevertheless fertile, as numerous rivers crisscross and meander through out the region.
Palembang is its capital city and as the
gateway to the province, lies right on the banks of the great Musi River, 60 km upstream and navigable by oceangoing vessels. No wonder that most major social and economic activities should center in Palembang And Musi River where the region’s pride, Ampera Bridge, is found as well.
Because of its sheer location on the southernmost rim of the South China Sea and close to one of world’s busiest sea-lanes linking the Far East with Europe, the region’s historical background is undoubtedly rich and colorful. Once the very site of the Buddhist Kingdom of Sriwijaya,it practiced a bustling trade with then ancient China during its era dynasties. Inevitable of course, were the interacting forces of the two different cultures at the time, which nowadays are still noticeable as consequences of the past.

The visitors can easily reach South Sumatra by air
buklinggau, Pagar Alam, Palembang,and Prabumulih through four major airports at Palembang, Pangkal Pinang, Bangka and Belitung islands, all having direct connections with Medan, Batam, Padang, Jakarta, and not long from now with Singapore too. Air-conditioned buses from points North and West of Palembang are
regularly available, as well as from cities on Java and Bali

Salam dari Seo31 blog


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Michelle Obama


The wife of President of the United States,Michelle Obama,has been named by Forbes magazine as the world's strongest woman.In the Forbes rankings, Michelle rose from rank 40 to the first position. Ranked number two year ago.Michelle LaVaughn Robinson ObamaMichelle Obama ProfileBorn : January 17, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois on the city's South SideEducation:Graduated Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago's West Loop in 1981Undergraduate:Princeton University, B.A. in sociology, minor in African American studies. Graduated 1985.Graduate:Harvard Law School. Graduated 1988.Family Background:Born to Marian and Fraser Robinson, Michelle had two early role models in her parents, whomshe proudly identifies as 'working class.' Her father, a city pump operator and Democratic precinct captain, worked and lived with multiple sclerosis; his limp and crutches did not affect his abilities as the family breadwinner.Michelle's mother stayed home with her children until they reached high school. The family lived in a one-bedroom apartment on the top floor of a brick bungalow. The living room - converted with a divider down the middle - served as Michelle's bedroom.Childhood & Early Influences:Michelle and her older brother Craig, now an IvyLeague basketball coach at Brown University, grew up hearing the story of their maternal grandfather. A carpenter who was denied union membership due to race, he was shut out of the city's top construction jobs. Yet the children were taught they could succeed despite any prejudices they might encounter over race and color. Both children were bright and skipped second grade. Michelle entered a gifted program in sixth grade. From their parents - who had never attended college - Michelle and her brother learned that achievement and hard work were key.College & Law School:Michelle was discouraged from applying to Princeton by high school advisors who felt her scores weren't adequate. Yet she graduated from the college with honors. She was one of very few black students attending Princeton at the time, and the experience made her acutely aware of the issues of race.When she applied to Harvard Law, she again faced bias as college counselors tried to talk her out of her decision. Despite their doubts, she excelled. Professor David B. Wilkins remembers Michelle as forthright:"She always stated her position clearly and decisively."Career in Corporate Law:After graduating from Harvard Law School, Michelle joined the law firm of Sidley Austin as an associate specializing in marketing and intellectual property. In 1988, a summer intern two years older by the name of Barack Obama came to work at the firm, and Michelle was assigned as his mentor. They married in 1992.In 1991, the death of her father from complicationsrelated to MS caused Michelle to re-evaluate her life; she subsequently decided to leave corporate law to work in the public sector.Career in Public Sector:Michelle first served as assistant to Chicago mayorRichard M. Daly; later she became assistantcommissioner of planning and development.In 1993, she founded Public Allies Chicago whichprovided young adults with leadership training forpublic service careers. As executive director, sheheaded up a non-profit named by President Bill Clinton as a model AmeriCorps program.In 1996, she joined the University of Chicago asassociate dean of student services, and established its first community service program. In 2002, she was named the University of Chicago Hospitals' executive director of community and external affairs.Balancing Career, Family, and Politics:Following her husband's election to the US Senate in November 2004, Michelle was appointed vicep[...]