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Spruce Up Your Interior For Christmas – Living Rooms


I'm deliberately going to steer away from all the razzmatazz and commercial side of the festive season for living rooms and suggest that you use your curtain poles or tracks as a means of hanging natural and handmade festive decorations.Combine these with pretty bowls filled with pine cones in various shapes and sizes along with home-made tree decorations, such as gingerbread men, iced biscuits,

7 Day Dare: Fair Isle


Just enough time today to do a quick post! Right now I am writing 2 papers so enjoy today's look!Sweater: Old NavyDress: TargetTights:Old NavySocks:Urban OutfittersNecklace: TargetBoots: Ciao Bella from DSW

December is National Drunk and Drugged Driver Awareness Month


Did you know that every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This amounts to one death every 48 minutes. The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $51 billion. People who drink and drive put everyone on the road in danger:Certain groups are more likely to drink and drive than others. Men were responsible

december 1...advent pockets to fill with love...


morning lovely bloggy friends...we had a mid week teacher's strike here yesterday & therefore a house full of extra' not all my boxes were ticked- which i'm needing to do each & every day now that we are *in*the month of our huge {move back} to the beautiful beaches of a morning of balance (you know those mornings- & it wasn't the kids!)...the ever patient, every

7 Day Dare: Darlyna


Wild. That's the word I think of when looking at this outfit. It's crazy in the sense that you don't see a fur vest very often in Wyoming and if you do, I'd think it was real. I'd also think he'd killed it himself, assuming it was a man wearing the fur vest. He'd be all Dexter-like about it, taking a trophy of his kill. Which leads to why this post is called "Darlyna." As you know, I love the

Spruce Up Your Interior For Christmas – Kitchens


Keep your festive spirits up while you prepare mountains of festive foods by adding decorations to your kitchen! You don't have to go mad, but a simple artificial tree to compliment a stainless steel contemporary kitchen or home-made gingerbread men hanging from red ribbons from your curtain poles or kitchen blinds will remind you why you're slaving over a hot stove!The gorgeous aromas that waft

7 Day Dare: Bel-Air Flair


This sweater is definitely something from the 80's. Going into today's outfit, I wanted to wear leg warmers and back comb my hair, but once I put the chains around my neck, I felt like I was in Bel-Air homies!For realz ya! In all honestly, I just love this sweater. It's warm, cozy and has a great pattern to it. Y'all out there that are hatin' are just jealous you don't have a rad sweater like

Stop Child Sexual Abuse


By Robert TornabeneSince the incident that has permeated Penn State University there have been many people who have asked me to write an article on the issue of grooming, how it happens and how to protect against it. As with everything, I freely admit I am not an expert, especially in this area, I do however having first hand knowledge in my personal life that allows me draw upon as a resource.

Memories of London & a Christmas Ribbon winner...


virtual coffee style...though today my lovelies it is tea as i have a very yucky tea in the most divine mug from a very special {friend} was divinely perfect...the kids cruised round that city like it was was another reminder for us that travel is one of the best gifts you can give a child...they embraced the ever-changing scenes of

7 Day Dare: Overcast


I guess the dark clouds blocking the sun and the light breeze has to match my mood for today. This is my last chance to complete my rough draft for my paper. It's slowly getting there, but it's been an uphill battle to finish it. If you haven't noticed, my hair is getting longer! I've had a short haircut since college started, which is also when I started cutting my own hair. Ya, you read that

Spruce Up Your Interior For Christmas – Deck the Halls


As we know your entrance and hall is the key to your home and as we also know 1st impressions count, so the best place to start sprucing up your interior for Christmas is your font door and hall.A simple yet stylish wreath can be used to set the scene so to speak and give your visitor a taste of what's in store when they enter your home! If your interior theme is traditional then your door wreath

7 Day Dare: Leftovers


Day One of the 7 Day Dare. This is going to be very interesting! I'm excited to be doing this challenge and I hope some of you will take on the same challenge. It definitely makes for good conversation with friends and family. I'm calling this post Leftovers because that's what I've been surviving on since Thanksgiving. This huge paper I've been working on is sucking up all of my time, including

To Grandmother's House I Went


Another successful Thanksgiving! Since going home for a mere 3 days is not worth a plane ticket, I go to my Grandparent's Ranch, which is in the middle of nowhere...and I mean NOWHERE...Wyoming. The cool part about my Grandma's ranch is that she runs the state's Horse Rescue Center. She has about, oh.. 7 horses, 2 donkeys (burros) and a mule. She also has 5 cats, an Austrailian Sheepdog and a big

we love you London....


we love you london...we are off to london town today...our very last yehar in this city we love before the move home*Down Under*...we have fallen more in love with london each & every time we spend a few days down's a little like sydney...but's a little like many big cities through out europe...but's not as elegant as paris..or rome..or as romantic as venice...

Spruce Up Your Interior For Christmas – 10 Point Planning


It's that time of year again and as 1st December (the day many people put up their decorations) is only a week away you need to start planning ready to spruce up your interior for Christmas!So over the next few posts I thought I'd share some great interior design trends to add a magical festive feel to your interior.I'm going to start with a the all important planning.1. Choose a theme and colour

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?


Happy Thanksgiving! We would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and bountiful Thanksgiving. Please take a few moments during your busy day of celebration to remember those who are less fortunate than you may be. In these very tough economic times, it is important to remember those things in our lives that we should truly be thankful for. Our family, our friends and helping others less fortunate

What to Wear on Black Friday


I've never gone to a Black Friday event ever. My mom is an expert though and likes to work alone, as though I'd even have the opportunity to go with her anyway seeing as we're 1,300 miles apart. For the event though, I hear layers and comfort are key to a successful morning. In honor of this crazy day, I've prepared this post as a sample outfit idea for all you brave souls who are going out to

a virtual coffee- *coastal farm* style...


morning gals...ready for a catch-up?we're doing what us aussies would call *bog-standard* coffee's fancy schmasy christmas coffee's this morning...purely because i was racing home from school drop-off...a quick shop & a morning of *thrown-on-washing-before-breaky* kinda start to my i forgot to order us something posher...but i do have a new H & M shirt on if that helps lesson



Yay!! Break! Although it really isn't a break because I will be writing a 20-page and a 10-page paper this weekend. And I'm not even having turkey this Thanksgiving. We'll be having game hens. I've never had them so I'm curious as to what they'll be like.Besides writing part of a paper today, I baked some amazing cookies that I'm really proud of, pumpkin pinwheels and chocolate chip banana

How to recognize teen drug use


As parents, we say that we want to know everything about our children but we are often uncomfortable or choose to ignore certain attitudes and behaviors in hopes of preserving peace in the family. We rationalize to ourselves that it is just a phase our teenagers are going through and will grow out of. By doing this we often overlook the warning signs that identify teen drug use.How to Recognize

Interior Design Winter Warmers: Large Rugs


Today I'm taking a look at draughty floors!! Stripped floorboards look brilliant in many homes, as do stone and tiled floors, however, when it comes to winter they types of flooring at be cold on the feet. An inexpensive and on-trend way to deal with this issue to use large rugs. They'll help your feet stay warm and are (in my opinion) far easier to keep clean than fitted carpets. I have to

Laundry Day


Like the title says, today was laundry day, meaning no really-cute stuff because it's all getting washed and ready for another day of style.In the meantime, enjoy this rare occasion of sweatpants and a sweatshirt.Sweatshirt: Billabong from PacSunShirt: TargetPants: Old NavyNecklace: Gift

Thank you New York


We wanted to express thanks and gratitude to the attendees and hosts for our newest Instructors in New York City. The training, which was an eye opener for members of a budding coalition of prevention specialists working in The Bronx. This core group will now take their training and return to their organizations to work to prevent, gangs, drugs and violence related issues amongst in the Bronx.

A Giveaway- Christmas Ribbon & Ikea love...


morning from ol'Blighty- where it's getting chillier as the days roll on...i've got my ikea stash all ready to show & tell...Christmas decor inspiration i hope...& also a Christmas *loving-red-&-white* ribbon giveaway...when i started raving about the BB & my visit to ikea {here} i hadn't actually opened allmy ikea bits up & snapped them for you...all my pickies of gorgeous ribbon were not from

What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate flowy tops and elastic waist bands. It's a true American holiday: eat until you can't eat anymore. Many people I know have a more casual Thanksgiving, but then there are the questions of what can I wear that will let my full belly be comfortable and what will be cute and appropriate for a family occasion? I have 3 different outfits to answer such questions. I

happy Christmas planning...


evening girls...back from ikea, in front of the fire, glass of wine in hand, thinking all things festive... i love love love the planning...the lead up...the list making before Christmas...but {this year}, as you know, i am leaving most of the *doing* to others...not that i can't enjoy a few Christmas goodies that will be easily shoved in packed in my suitcasedon't know how you gals work...let me

Scarf Week: Eternity


Life Note: The day after seeing Breaking Dawn I was tired and cranky. I feel like a toddler when I don't get enough sleep. I'm all winy and just not pleasant to be around. But, for some unknown reason, I went to the gym and felt so much better after. Working out is like a healthy drug addiction. I need to keep up this work-out momentum.Movie Note: Breaking Dawn was...well, I laughed a lot and I

Instructor Training - Last two days


GATE Instructor Training  - The Bronx New York at St. Barnabas Hospital.The attendees at the latest Instructor Certification Course has revealed an outstanding group of people working to curb drug, gang and youth related violence. These men and women are working daily to reduce the violence in The Bronx. Here is what they learned today.Lesson Plans for Grade 7Street Gangs andit’s subculture,

Scarf Week: Green Plaid


You know how yesterday I said I was going to bend that test over and make it say "thank you ma'am, may I have another"? Well, it wasn't the one bending know what I'm saying. End of Sad Story.On a happy note, I did get tickets to Breaking Dawn for tonight. At least I get a little happiness today. Also, happy day, most of my classes are canceled for tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday of next

vintage chairs, village markets & a B.B {british bestie}...


our village market- the B.B {british besite} & i are taking you with us this morning...we want your opinion on this seriously cool rocking vintage chair...patch-worked by hand- re-stuffed all squishy & perfectly snuggly...perfect for B.B's bay window...perfect for C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S.... you hearing this Mr.B.B ?i can assure you your christmas will be full of festive cheer ;) if you bobbed down &

Interior Design Winter Warmers: Kitchen Rugs


With the trend for natural flooring such as stone, slate or ceramic tiles in kitchens the floor can become cold during the winter, especially if you walk around without shoes or slippers! Without spoiling the look and style of your kitchen there's a huge range of kitchen rugs available which are the ideal winter warmers.Team the colour with your window blinds or curtains to bring a chic look to

Scarf Week: Video Star Killed the Internet


I'm one of those college students who takes full advantage of procrastinating. I'll surf the Internet looking at news, weather, other blogs and will facebook stalk just to get out of doing what I really need to be doing. But when the Internet provider decided to have awful service and the Internet procrastination is no more, then this girl gets work done! And by work done I mean studying a ton!

Scarf Week: Purple Leopard


Du nuh......du nuh....du nuh du nuh du nuh du nuhSCARF WEEK continues with a new scarf that is plain and simple but definitely has a hint of cool (or should I say warmth) to it.I love eternity scarves this season. They are becoming extremely popular and super versatile. I've been in love with these pieces of fabric for awhile, but they were so elusive for a season or two and now I can't find them


Day Two of our Instructor Training has lead us to learning about the lesson plans in the 5th and 6th Grade. Lesson Plans for Grade 5AngerResponding toStressGangs, What’s theallureDrugs lead toviolenceDrug AddictionWeapons, Sowhat’s so dangerous?Gateway DrugsLesson Plans for Grade 6BullyingGroups, packs,cliques and gangsWhere do you wantto beIt’s no longerblack and white.Media

virtual coffee- i love you bloggy gals...


if i could just reach out & hug all of you i would...thank you for being so *there* for me when i shared our news {yesterday} i've bought you a amaretto coffee no less for being just so wonderful & supportive... a christmas coffee for you full of blog love & a good shot of italian amaretti...sharing that huge, life changing {again} move back to the gorgeous beaches of sydney,

Scarf Week: Primary Colors


Over the summer, everyone gets so pumped and excited for Shark Week, but during the winter and fall, I get excited for...SCARF WEEK!!This week, I'll be wearing a scarf everyday. Today though is a basic outfit, but it has some bright potential with the yellow sweater and peacock feather necklace.Also, a big gold star goes to this girl for getting to the gym for 4 days in a row! I swear this is the

GATE Instructor Training in NY day One!


The potential instructors will be covering many topics during day one the 40 hour Instructor Certification Course. Attendees from prevention and outreach groups through The Bronx are present to be able to deliver the curriculum in the community.Topics: Introduction & Lesson layout Teaching Format Course Objectives 1 through 7 Facts – Gangs, Drugs, youth violence issue Trends –

Interior Design Winter Warmers: Window Blinds


Most of us have window blinds in at least one of our windows. Typically blinds are used as an effective window covering for bathrooms and kitchens. However, if you have a loft conversion with skylight windows the only really effective, practical and functional window dressing is to use skylight blinds. These blinds are made specifically for skylight windows and fit snugly onto the inner frame of

going home...from the countryside to the beach...


after almost four incredible years in the English countrysidewe're going home my friends...the emotions are running wild...our hearts are soaring & then stopping...our family together...the experiences so precious...the love for two countries so heartfelt...the time is just feels...right...i know i'll get on that plane shedding bucket loads of tears...i know that i'll have every

Almost Snowboarder


Today was one of those laying-in-bed-not-wanting-to-get-out-because-it-is-cold kinda days.I'm so happy that I could just wear leggings and do my homework in bed.Only 4 weeks left till Christmas break and only a week and a half till Thanksgiving.Keep an eye out for a "What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner" post!Sweatshirt: Burton (2008)Leggings: Simply Vera from KohlsBoots: Uggs

Apple of My Eye


Sweet pea, Apple of my eye. What's more fall than fresh apples or going apple picking?

Reverse French Tutorial


Now that your nails are all pretty and healthy, let's put some color on them. And what better way than putting a twist on an old favorite.The Reverse French Manicure is really classy and easy.Step 1: Paint your nails a lighter color first. This will be the moon part of the nail. It doesn't have to be perfect but the base of the nail should look good.Step 2: Let the polish dry COMPLETELY!! If you

Easy Beautiful Nails


I love nail art, but in order for the design to last, you need to have a good base and pretty/healthy nail beds to make the polish stick better, look smooth and continue healthy nail growth. These are the steps and products I use to get healthy beautiful nails.Step 1: Let fingers soak in a warm water and soap mix. I use a vitamin e or Aloe Vera soap. It leaves my fingers soft and moisturized.Step

When She Met Tom


I've been a Toms lover for years now. My first was actually the silver sparkler ones. I loved those shoes. In high school for the school newspaper, I did an article on Toms and how they would become big. I had no clue Hanson was partnering with them.A problem I came across with my sparkle Toms is that the weather is too cold here and I needed another pair to keep my feet at ease. While online one

GATE program is coming to NYC


Starting November 14-18 the GATE program will be conducting Instructor Certification in New York City at St. Barnabis Hospital in the Bronx. This training was made possible by the Mary Mitchell Center. We look forward to this on going partnership and continued development and growth of the program in New York City as well as all along the east coast. Watch our facebook page, or tweets regarding

coastal farming-the look of an ocean-loving-country-living gal...


coastal farming- where our love of the ocean lives alongside our love of the countryside....brought up on the coast- salty sandy feet...freckles on the nose...& now thrown into the gorgeouscountryside with wellies at the makes for a lovely way to makes for a house of treasured collected pieces that make up these two sides of our life...i now have *two passions* for how i want

Item Debut X2: Wine Corduroy Pants and Leopard Sweater


It's been a long week, but the day is always better when you wear a cute outfit. Especially when most of the pieces you wear are new.I found these corduroy pants at Gap online in September and I'm so happy to have them. The color is beautiful and they're very cozy. The only problem is that the rise of the pant is high, unlike my American Eagle jeggings which are perfect.The sweater is form Urban

Help you school in drug prevention


 Children have the best prospects for leading healthy, drug-free lives when schools support parents in their anti-drug message. There should be nothing confusing or contradictory in what children learn about drugs from the adults in their lives, and school policies need to reflect the same attitude toward alcohol and drugs that you express at home: Drug use is not acceptable. Drugs diminish a

Wind Blown


Why is it that the past few days have been so tricky when it comes to the weather? I've been freezing my booty off every time I step outside. It's been so cold! But I'd much rather have this cold with no snow than with it.I can tell ya right now, I've not been dressing for the weather. I've been dressing to look cute. There's a line where what you wear needs to correlate with the weather. For

Above the Influence


I had the very distinct opportunity to be a facilitator through the Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation (MCYAF). MCYAF was selected as one of three sites in Illinois and only eighteen nationwide to be part of the Above the Influence next advertising campaign. Above the Influence, is a compaign to help influence young people to remain drug free. According to it's website "It's a state of

french stencilling...a great fix...


welcome to a regular sight in our *hallway-of-ongoing-projects*...coastal farmhouse inspiration people...fresh...white...simple...french inspired...with a little industrial hit...i've gathered many treasured old *chippy-picked-up-in-french-brocnate-on-holidays-zinc*buckets, since moving abroad from Oz...they are all gathered, potted with herbs &  flowers at our front door...these are a little

Interior Design Winter Warmers: Bed Throws


Let's turn our attention to bedrooms and look at cost-effective ways to add warmth. Bed throws have to be the easiest winter warmer when it comes to bedding. Look out for the latest faux fur styles which are soothingly tactile and a great way to keep warm.Use your usual duvet covers sets and as they name suggests, simply throw an additional layer over the top. Opt for extra large bed throws, one

If I Was a Rich Girl


NANANANANANANANANANA!Please tell me someone else knows this song by Gwen Stefani?I thought of this song as soon as I had on all the pieces to this look. Now, if only I had a blinged-out Micheal Kors watch and a real fur vest, then I would really be a rich girl.(Although I could never have a real fur coat)But until I get a paycheck with many 0's, I'll get by with my ever-so-stylin' outfits I find

Wanna Buy a Vowel?


Scrabble nails.

virtual coffee at my local food market...


mooorning- ready for a virtual coffee...autumn style....vintage china...crisp air...chippy chairs...?welcome to our little part of the english countryside...let's have a little wander with our coffee's today...a market wander - you know that little local produce market i keep mentioning - well i think you shouldgrab your hat & scarf & come take a lookie for's officially winter-

Warm Colors


During autumn, I love to wear colors that match the surrounding colors. The only problem with Laramie is that my favorite season, with all of its pretty colors, comes and goes so quickly. Fall is literally here and then it's gone. The only thing I'm happy for is that, even from all the snow storms we've had, the snow has not stuck around.This is just a forewarning, once the snow does hit and

a husband, a camera, a boy & fresh seafood...


this is what happens when you give your husband the camera and your son loves end up totally surprised with the results!sent out to capture the evening with my camera- i figured he just needed time alone with my camera toreally bond with it...thus in time, taking some photos that may have me- the mama of the household feature in them...just know for the

Tips for Middle School Aged Youth on Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs


The year your child enters middle school or junior high school is both an exciting and a challenging time. They are little fish in a big pond and often want desperately to fit in. Because your children may now see older students using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and may think they are cool and self-assured, your children may be tempted to try drugs too. Drug use goes up dramatically in the

Pancakes for a Cause


Upon waking up, I expected a blizzard of sleet and snow and just a nasty day. But, as I opened my blinds, I saw blue skies and most of the snow had melted away, much to my disappointment. I fully enjoy snow storms...well...most storms that is. I love when I can cuddle up with a blanket (or preferably my boyfriend) and stay inside with hot tea and watch the storm do its thing.Most of the time

Vest with the Fur


One of my favorite things to do in my closet is to find old clothes that I haven't worn in a loooong time, try them on and get all excited because either A) it fits and I have another amazing piece to add to my wardrobe that I paid $0 for (but in actuality I did pay for it a long time ago) or B) it doesn't fit so I make a run to Plato's Closet and get some money to spend on other clothing.So it's

Interior Design Winter Warmers: Thermal Blinds


Brrrrr, it's getting colder by the day or certainly feels like it although we've had an Indian Summer and temperatures are above average for the time of year!Before the really cold weather does arrive (and we all know that it will!) now is the time to think about interior design winter warmers – so if you put off fixing a draughty window or the wind is whistling through your patio doors you

Snow Leopard


What a snowy week! But snow or not, it will not stop my animal prints from coming out!The key to a great outfit in the middle of winter is layering. Another element to cute winter wear is to find key pieces that you can wear in many different ways. Not only does it save closet space, but it helps your bank account too! I just hope this winter won't be as cold as last winter. I don't know if I can

a virtual coffee -& loving christmas...


morning everyone...& welcome to all those lovely new people who have just jumped in here...i think it's time for a {virtual coffee}...for those who've not had a virtual coffee round at mine is pretty lovely if i may say so myself...i always let you have my gorgeous faded old pink chair...if the fire's're in front of always get prime posie here...mostly tea...

A Whole Lotta' Nothin'


I find beauty in the emptiness here. It's so beautiful to look out and see nothing for miles.But if you're agoraphobic, I'm sure this is terrifying!I feel so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country.I think it's sweet that I live at 7,200 feet and there are mountains all around us...mountains on top of glorious mountains.The snow at this altitude is almost always powder

Item Debut: Fur Vest


Fur Vest, meet my blog. I have long awaited your arrival.To introduce you, I decided to go very simple and to not get too crazy yet.Snowpocolyspe is happening outside, but don't worry, we always get terrible snowstorms before Thanksgiving. Prepare for winter-wear outfits soon!Vest: Old NavyShirt: KohlsJeans: American EagleBoots: EnzoNecklace: TargetBelt:Old Navy

Tips for Elementary School Children regarding alcohol tobacco and other drugs


 A child this age usually shows increasing interest in the world outside the family and home. Discuss how anything you put in your body that is not food, water or juice can be extremely harmful, and how drugs interfere with the way our bodies work and can make a person very sick or even cause them to die. (Most children of this age have had real-life experiences with the death of a relative or a



On the ring finger of a lady, there needs to be some bling-bling, so I gave myself a little :)

Going to the Sock Hop


Final Halloween contume. It was SafeTreat for all the little children of Laramie. SafetTreat is a safe place for little kids to go trick-or-treating in the college town of Laramie. It's really fun too for us college kids.It's also fun to see girls dress up in appropriate costumes for the event. I wear this costume every year. I have also had this since I was in 6th grade I think. I love it!

coastal farming inspired...a beach gal & a hessian farm sack...


when we first moved to england from australia...we were amazed at the *stuff* we managed to find at car boot local markets & at charity shops...i must admit, i did have a crazy huge small list of goodies that i hoped to come across & take back to our beach house in Oz someday...anything {chippy}...{old & washed up}...{vintage & handmade}...or my fave {china} was snapped up & added to

Halloween doesn't have to be Black and Scary!


Tonight it's Halloween and if you're having friends or family coming round to enjoy the evening you can create a superb Halloween inspired dining room which isn't full of cobwebs, black and scary accessories.Be inspired by autumnal nature and use gourds, fruit and vegetables as your table decoration. Pumpkins would of course be ideal, along with prickly chestnuts, golden leaves and even shiny

Surviving Survivor...


Oh, and one more thing. Our friend, Dawn, is one of the castmates on Survivor this season and I'm so excited for her!!! I love watching every week and PRAYING that she isn't getting voted off!!! Love you Dawn and we're pulling for you!!! And SO AMAZED at how much you can hold on your back... and how good you are blind-folded!!! Must be because you're such an awesome mom!!!

Doing a bit of catch up... our October...


Just one big post to make up for the whole month... Get ready... we've been busy...We spent some time shopping at Ikea for a desk for Macy's new room. Haley and Reed took the opportunity to "lay out" and take a rest... reason why Reed's eyes are closed.School carnival at Haley's new school. I was running the SkeeBall Game for a while, so Macy was going around with Reed and Haley.After being in



This is the very last 30 for 30 outfit! So happy that I will finally be able to wear more of my closet.Looking back on the challenge, I failed, miserably. I bought clothes on the first day of the challenge and continually fell back into the problem time and time again whenever there was a free shipping opportunity or a 25% off offer.Next time I do the 30 for 30, I think I will pick some more



If you live in Laramie, you quickly learn about the "Wyoming do."The "Wyoming do" is when you let your hair do whatever the wind wants your hair to do.These pictures are definitely proof that I let the "do" happen.Shirt: AerieSweater: TargetPants: America EagleShoes: TargetSunglasses: Cat Eye Clubmaster by Ray Ban

The Birds


I love Halloween.I love Alfred Hitchcock.The Birds still freaks me out.This was a fun and easy costume.Happy Halloween.Shirt: Lands End (old school shirt)Skirt: VintageNecklace: UnknownBelt: TargetShoes: Target

WARNING! Zombie Crossing


*DISCLAIMER* I love Zombie stuff, so prepare for many references to movies and TV shows like Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead and The Walking DeadToday I became a Zombie the easy way:  make-up and theater blood. Not the real way:  being bitten in probably a million possible places. "Rule #4 Always double tap."Zombieland So my friend Cheyenne and I did a Zombie Walk today, hence the zombie attire. It

Candy Corn


A delicious little sweet that everyone can recognize for Halloween.



 Sweater: TargetShirt: TargetSkirt: Forever 21Leggings: Simply Vera from KohlsBoots: Ciao Bella from DSW

an *oh-so-very-easy-how-to* for the festive period...


a *how-to* for the festive period...i may seem a little ahead of myself gals with a little festive *oh-so-very-easy-sewing-how-to*... but depending on where you are in the world...thanksgiving's just round the corner...there's also endless summer bbq's if you're down the bottom end of the globeor cosy warm dinner get togethers if you're at the top end...we love to take



I rode the bus today. Michelle taught me about the routes.We also gave our research presentation today and it was grand.After class, we went and got margaritas from Tommy Jack's to celebrate.I'm already counting down the days to Christmas break.Sweater: American EagleShirt: TargetPants:American EagleBoots; Ciao Bella from DSWBelt: TargetNecklace: Target

cool crafting for sweet rock chicks...

2011-12-02T06:11:45.877-08:00 i never thought i'd say *get your tie-dye on*...!seriously gals- for me...*tie-dyed* is the kinda hippie i never channelled...sure i hoped for a little hippie-cool- you know sandals & beads- when i was travelling roundthailand...i hoped for a little surf-hippie-cool when i rode my long board in my teen bikini...but i never went tie-dye hippie!suffice to say the hippie tie-dyed tees of the



Who's looking at what I'm wearing when there's snow everywhere around me!?I need to give photo credit to Michelle for these gorgeous photos from her amazing camera.Seriously, who else has snow before Halloween?Sweater: Old NavyShirt:American EagleJeans:American EagleBoots: Uggs

a giveaway - *rocking some creative inspiration*


have you gals fallen in creative lust with the *Mollie Makes* mags?i am in hook...line & craft sinker...the Autumn edition is just endless inspiration, page after gorgeous's not just the projects...the layout of the magazine is right up my makes me want to create...a totally healthy drug of choice...i had a moment to day to just have a quick *squizz*...& inevitably this leads



The storm's a'coming!! We've been planning an epic snowstorm and from my apartment window I can see it rolling over the mountains into the valley. I should go put gas in my car, just in case.Even though the first epic snow of the season is on its way, I thought it would be nice to wear my bright pink sweater to brighten everyone's cold, gloomy day. I know this sweater makes me happy.Also, this



This is another thrown-together look for the 30 for 30. I wanted leggings and a sweater so bad!But instead, I am wearing the uniform (a colorful scarf, sweater and jeggings) I go to when I run out of outfit creativity.The only exciting part of this outfit is the scarf. It just came in the mail. Yes, I broke a rule for 30 for 30, I bought clothes. Once I get beyond the guilt of cheating and the

country love....


morning lovely bloggy friends...i feel like this is a fresh new week...& that the decisions hanging over our head can all be sorted...what i have found this weekend, is that digging deep & making decisions for our family, has lead toa greater love for what we have found on the other side of the globe...i think life can throw you a curve ball to wake you up...make you acknowledge, out loud, what

2011 Winter Interior Design Trends – Economy


I don't have to remind the we and many of of continental partners are still suffering from the credit crunch, and like last year interior designers have kept their focus on economy. We all look for ways to save money and get the best deals along with retaining a stylish home interior. There are little things that you can do to brighten your home and help you save money.For example, if you have



Another day at the library. A night of Dexter and Pumpkin Ale by Blue Moon. This is truly a thrown together outfit. I didn't feel like getting dressed. All I wanted was to wear yoga pants and my favorite t-shirt (don't worry, you will get a chance to see it later), but I couldn't. I had to stick to the 30 items. Shirt: AerieDress: TargetLeggings: Simply Vera from KohlsScarf: VintageWatch; DKNY

Are you my Mummy?


Another addition to the Halloween series.



This day was spent at the library. We stayed in a study room for hours today, but it was worth it. We got a lot done. I just decided to wear hang out clothes today.Sweater: TargetShirt: TargetJeans: American EagleScarf: Urban OutfittersShoes: TargetGlasses: Ray Ban



I had the best day.Even though I cheated on my 30 for 30 challenge.I bought a fur vest and pink pants.I can't wait to wear them and for you to see my styles.Sweater: TargetShirt: American EaglePants: American EagleBelt: TargetNecklace: Simply Vera from KohlsSunglasses: Cat Eye Clubmaster Ray Ban

Sleep, Lack of equals risk to your teen!


A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control reported that two-thirds of adolescent students reported not getting enough sleep on school nights, which may possibly contribute to a number of risky health behaviors.The study was based on the information recorded in the 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), just under 70% of students surveyed said they got less than eight hours of sleep



Tonight was such a crazy night for working on a project.Michelle and Jules and I worked on our project all night. We decided at 10:30 to go to Burger King and get ice creams because I had coupons.We get there and we see Spongebob Squarepants toys. I got a Gary headband. It's pretty awesome.P.S. Only 10 days left of the 30 for 30.Sweater: American EagleShirt: TargetJeans: American EagleScarf:

creating an autumn haven...


if i could squeeze you all with blog hugs after your gorgeous messages, emails & comments yesterday i would...when life throws you lemons...i guess sometimes, you just need to try & make lemonade the best wayyou can!? so...for me...that means *nesting*...bunkering down & creating a little haven for us all warming the house with smells of soup & garlic & big hearty warming



On our campus we have these rocks that are great to climb on and add that western vibe to campus.Good thing I had on some comfy boots.I also added my personal western touch with a Chambray Shirt. On a side note, does anybody know where fall is? I see it around me but the temperature doesn't seem to match.Shirt: AerieSkirt:AerieBelt:TargetTights: Simply Vera KohlsBoots: EnzoSunglasses: Wayfarer

2011 Winter Interior Design Trends – Texture


The use of different textures remains high on the interior design agenda this winter. With Scandinavian interiors being used to create warm and cosy home designers have turned to the use of chunky knits for bed throws and cushions, along with flocked fabrics and felts for upholstery and soft furnishings.Hand-crafted soft furnishings are a great way to make your money go further, look for curtain

village life for a beach mama in hunter wellies...


it's a long slog here this morning...very rarely do i get thrown in the scheme of life...but sometimes things are just outa our reach...we're thinking long & hard about our inevitable move home to the beautiful beaches of sydney...but something at that end, kiddo schooling stuff, has thrown me this all i can share are images of my gorgeous little english village & days out in



You know the phrase walking in a winter wonderland? I prefer walking through falling leaves.I love this scarf. Funny story about this scarf. I demolished a mannequin at Urban Outfitters to get it. I almost knocked the whole thing over to get it. But that's only a side note because I have it now and it was worth every second that I tried to get it off the display.But anyway, I got to play in the



A good friend and I were basically wearing the same thing today.We both had on boots with pants that weren't jean material and were also wearing similar sweaters.I asked her where her horse was and she looked at me funny. But really now, we look like we're about to go to the country club and do jumps with our horses.Sweater: TargetShirt: Old NavyPants: AerieBelt: TargetBoots: DSW

village life in Autumn-this beach gal is in love...


hello lovely bloggy friends...i had a IT hiccup over the i didn't realise how hooked up to my laptop i really am...should i be worried about my now obvious MacBook addiction...the one i pretended didn't exist until push came to shove & i lost all connection...anyway...i cursed & worked at it & cursed a lot more a little more, with no very little natural ITability i can assure you,