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The Importance of Car Shipping Insurance

Wed, 04 Jan 2012 00:58:29 GMT

Shipping means you transport your vehicle from a certain place to the other via sail trip. Sometimes, you need to take extra precaution to secure your vehicle’s safety and with that, you will be needing a car insurance to make sure that whatever happens to your car during the shipment, it will be basically shouldered by the insurance company for repair.

Car insurance offers you total peace of mind as it covers all the commercial shipment or personal property expense in case of accidents which may occur during the shipment of your vehicle. During the nationwide or international shipping, your cargo is exposed to possible damages and losses as well as piracy and tough weather, the insurance will then protect  the cargo owner's fiscal interests as the vehicle is  sailed from the seller to its buyer.

Most ship car international companies would offer insurance service in transporting a vehicle as well as providing you with insurance liability coverage.  But make sure that you  understood the full coverage of the insurance that the shipment company offers in the aspect of shipping your car in case a damage occurs during the shipment.

Ship car international insurance coverage varies from one carrier to another. That is why it is safe for you to know beforehand whether the insurance that they provide is an excessive or primary insurance policy. This means that, the insurance will cover the compensation fee of your car in spite of the coverage in a regular car insurance. Excess policy on the other hand will only cover what is not offered by the insurance.  

Most importantly, the insurance coverage that is offered by the shipment company should insure the car against theft and other damages. You have to make sure that the moving company provides you with a copy of the insurance policy so  you would have a word to say if something goes haywire.

Having your car insured before shipping will offer you less worry in cases that are out of your control

For the most trusted ship car international service call Ship International at 310 830 4000
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Things to Consider Before Shipping a Vehicle

Wed, 21 Dec 2011 02:54:31 GMT

The most important thing to consider in shipping a vehicle is  its safety. First, you have to look at the vehicle’s condition as it was on its origin. In the realm of transportation, inspection is very rare to happen that is why, it it a pre-requisite for you to have a proper inspection of your own car before handling it over to the shipping company.

This will assure you that your car is in good condition before it is transported. With that, listed below are several things fore you to consider before shipping your vehicle:

  • In cases wherein your vehicle already carries damages you may inform the shipping company beforehand. You may tell them of any defect of your car, tell them which part the defect is located. This will enable both the shipper and you as well be on the safer side.

  • Remove all your car's customised accessories like spoilers, lights, mirrors and alarms before making transit. Removing  your customised accessories from your car enables you to remain hassle free.

  • Check the car's tire carefully before making a shipment. Test the your car's tire first whether they are in good condition or not. Spare parts are the important requirement of an automobile therefore it is very important for you to remove them from your car and inform the mover. Empty your car’s gas tank and put on the cover to protect your car from any damages.

  • Double check the shipping company , make sure it is licensed, insured, guaranteed and professional.  Moreover, clarify the cost and other details before making a shipping order. More importantly, make sure they are a reliable company. 

  • Make sure you are able to choose the best shipping company that will take your vehicle to your desired destination. Ship International is the best shipping company for you. They do custom pick-up services designed to meet your scheduling requirements. They also offer boat shipping international, international motorcycle shipping and .

For the most reliable ship car international service call Ship International at 310 830 4000
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