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Published: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 13:43:50 -0600


Natural Bed Bug Control

Thu, 01 Dec 2011 13:48:14 -0600

Here are a few natural bed bug control remedies:

  • Black pepper has been proven to keep these parasites from setting up shop.
  • Black cohosh is another herb that deters the bugs, but it doesn't smell all that good.
  • Eucalyptus oil is a poular method of keeping these bugs away from your things.
  • Henna is not just for Indian weddings and arts festivals any more. You can put it on your bed frame, too.
  • Pepperwort has been said to work.
  • Geraniums are said to deter many pests, bed bugs included. 



The War Begins

Thu, 01 Dec 2011 13:37:03 -0600

These parasites can be an amazing burden that stop homeowners from feeling contented in their own homes. These tiny, parasitical creepy-crawlies can sneak into the tiny hideaways of your house and  eat and duplicate at a rapid pace. No one’s safe from a bed bug invasion. Here is how to get rid of bed bugs and keep them from coming back.

  • Stay away from second-hand furniture. It’s notorious for having bed bugs in it.
  • Luggage should be stored in plastic bags when you’re traveling and staying in a hotel.
  • Keep a clean house. Though these bugs can creep into your home if it’s clean, there’s a much better chance you’ll discover them quickly and they won’t get comfortable if your home’s tidy.
  • If you find an article of clothing with bed bugs in it, say after a trip somewhere, be sure to wash it in very hot water.
  • It’s probably a good idea to get rid of a mattress with bed bugs in it. But don’t leave it on the curb for someone else. That’s mean. Take it to the dump.


So that was a little about getting rid of bedbugs, now let’s talk about avoiding them altogether. Stay away from hotels. Just kidding. Hotels aren’t necessarily the enemy. Just be aware that that’s where a lot of the infestations start. You should check your room for the little critters before you bed down.