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PoliceRecruitmentUK Provides Valuable Police Recruitment Process Information

Wed, 23 Mar 2011 01:38:21 +0100

(image) March 23, 2011 – Kent, United Kingdom – PoliceRecruitmentUK– has provided information on the police recruitment process for aspiring candidates who wanted to be a police officer in the UK.

PoliceRecruitmentUK was created to assist applicants who are hoping to land any police jobs available in England, Wales and Scotland police force by passing the police recruitment process on their first attempt.

They arededicated to help those who want to become a police officer fill out police application form in the right way. They also give aspiring candidates insights on how to pass the police test, interview and role playing assessment. PoliceRecruitmentUK also provides information that can really help them pass the police recruitment process.

PoliceRecruitmentUK will explain the police recruitment procedure for individuals who want to become a police officer. They say that if candidates understand the entire procedures, they can pass the recruitment stages. And if they pass, then they can apply for any police jobs available in UK.

In addition, at PoliceRecruitmentUK, applicants can get the insider’s information on different aspects of the police recruitment selection procedure. They even provide DVD copies which absolutely define and describe what they need to know about the entire police recruitment selection procedure.

They also have one day insider police recruitment intensive training courses in Kent. These have been accredited with the Open College Network and all candidates who attend the training courses will receive 2 learning credits when they successfully complete the course training.

These PoliceRecruitmentUK training courses instill in the applicants a confidence which shows up in the assessment centre. They will go there fully equipped with information about the police recruitment process and pass the selection with flying colors!

For more details about PoliceRecruitmentUK police recruitment insider information, visit

Police Recruitment UK Launches the Top 5 Police Recruitment Products

Thu, 11 Nov 2010 08:36:03 +0100

November 11, 2010 - Kent, United Kingdom – Police Recruitment UK – has launched the five most sought after police recruitment “insider” products that can significantly increase candidates’ chance of success in acquiring police jobs. “The range of products that we have made available to you vary from insider CD-ROMs to insider interview DVD's all the way to specific intensive one day training courses dedicated entirely to the police recruitment process,” said Police Recruitment UK. “The best part of our products is that there is something for everyone as every part of the PCSO or police recruitment process is covered.” Police Recruitment “insider” products include: Become a Police Officer 180+ Page Recruitment Guide ·         Topics and information covered in this guide include: ·         The Top 10 insider tips and Advice on how to become a police officer ·         How to pass the Police selection process ·         In depth knowledge to help candidates prepare for their career ·         FREE “How to get Police fit” information guide ·         Essential Advice from serving Police Recruitment Staff   The Police Interview 60 Minute ‘Insider’ DVD Featured an in depth explanation of the core competencies needed to become a police officer and how to match the core competencies during the selection interview. It also included information on how the Police force will assess a candidate during the selection. The Police Role Play ‘Insider’ 40 Minute DVD It contained examples of how to handle the characters during the police role play. It also highlighted the different role play scenarios that are actually used by the police force as well as the areas a candidate must learn to pass the police recruitment process on the first try. The Police Application Form 120 Minute DVD Offers advices and tips on how to accomplish a successful police application form and answers to the core competency questions to help candidates stand out from the competition.   Police Recruitment Test DVD Package Includes: ·         90 minute insiders DVD ·         8  x Written Report test questions ·         Timed practice Numerical Reasoning tests ·         Timed practice Verbal Reasoning tests ·         Sample test questions ·         A comprehensive numerical and verbal reasoning workbook!    Buy one of these products or the whole How to become a police officer career kit at     [...]

Police Recruitment UK Helps Police Candidates Pass the Police Application Form Stage

Thu, 11 Nov 2010 08:34:16 +0100

November 11, 2010 – United Kingdom – aimed to help police candidate pass the police recruitment process as well as land any of UK’s available police jobs – Police Recruitment UK – has released another police recruitment insider product, the “How to complete the Police Application Form” DVD for only £14.97. That only 25% of all candidates who submitted a Police Application form made it to the assessment center, Police Recruitment UK designed the Police Application form DVD to ensure candidates submit the strongest police recruitment application form possible. This professional DVD has 120 minutes dedicated to the police application form which provided candidates with essential police recruitment insider advice and tips on how they can complete their application correctly on the first try. The DVD also featured the common mistakes to avoid in filling in the form and submitting a strong application. Other topics covered in this police recruitment insider DVD include: Complete and in-depth examination of the Police Officer Application Form.Every stage of the Police recruitment application process explained in detail.Essential application tips.How to match the core competencies on the application form that the recruitment team specifically looks for.How to correctly structure responses to competency based questions.How to ensure success during competency assessment section.How to significantly increase chances of making it through the police recruitment application form stage.Actual successful responses to application form questions to help candidates formulate their own answers. To know more about the “How to complete the Police Application Form” DVD, just log on to   About Police Recruitment UK Police Recruitment UK was created to help candidates in becoming a police officer or a police community support officer on their first attempt. The company understands the struggle candidates experience during the police recruitment day and never get to achieve the dream of becoming a police officer. With their insider recruitment products and unique police courses, Police Recruitment UK can help them pass the recruitment process on first attempt by ensuring they are fully prepared for every aspect of the police recruitment process.   [...]

Police Recruitment Offers Insider Police Test Recruitment Products

Mon, 11 Oct 2010 08:37:18 +0100

October 11, 2010 – Kent, United Kingdom – Police Recruitment UK – established to help applicants successfully pass the recruitment process for the UK police force on their first attempt, has offered various insider police test products at very affordable prices on their website.   “With our insider recruitment products we will help you pass the recruitment process by ensuring you are fully prepared for every aspect of the recruitment process,” said Police Recruitment UK. Applicants who take the recruitment process for police jobs have to take a series of written and physical fitness tests to become a successful candidate for the police force. With the products, applicants can thoroughly prepare for these tests.   At an evaluation centre in the UK, applicants have to take a 5 hour police test examination. To provide applicants with a comprehensive guide to pass the written tests, Police Recruitment UK has offered their new “How to pass the Police Officer Written Tests” DVD package.   The 90 minute DVD contains new study materials for the numerical reasoning test, verbal logical reasoning test, and written exercises of the recruitment process. With the £19.97 DVD, applicants can practice for the written police test examination with the timed sample numerical reasoning, and verbal reasoning tests provided. The police test DVD also provides applicants with various tips on preparing and passing for the written tests.   Aside from the DVD, Police Recruitment UK also offers an easy to use Police Officer Written Tests Workbook. The 130 page workbook contains hundreds of test questions with sample report writing exercises. Applicants can carry and use it anywhere to study for the written tests.   For the physical fitness test, Police Recruitment UK has a “Bleep Test Multistage Fitness” CD to help applicants practice for the endurance physical fitness test. Costing only £14.97, the Bleep Test CD contains a pre-recorded Beep Test. By playing the CD, applicants can practice and improve their stamina for the endurance fitness police test.   With these insider recruitment products, applicants can ensure a higher chance of securing their success. To inquire or order any of these products, please visit [...]

Police Recruitment UK Offers a 40 Minute Police Role Play Insider DVD

Mon, 11 Oct 2010 08:35:48 +0100

October 11, 2010 – Kent, United Kingdom – Police Recruitment UK – founded to provide police candidates with insider recruitment products to help them succeed in getting police jobs, has offered the “How to Pass the Police Officer Role Play” DVD for only £14.97.   Police candidates interested in getting the police role play DVD product can order it online. Within 24 hours, their order can be sent to their address.  With the Police Role Play DVD, police candidates receive a comprehensive guide that will provide them with useful tips and advice to help them pass the role play stage of the recruitment selection process.   The insider tips and advice provided in the police role play DVD included techniques to help them prepare for the role play. Police candidates who watch the product are taught how to remain calm during the 5 minute preparation time before each police role play scenario. They also gain tips on how to deal with conflict and maximise their performance during the role play scenario.   Aside from these, police candidates are provided with detailed information about the various areas they need to learn. They are also presented with specifics on the core competencies that they have to meet to obtain a high score for the police recruitment process.   In the 40 minute DVD, police candidates are also shown 3 actual role play scenarios that they may encounter during the police recruitment process. An in depth analysis of the role play exercises is shown in the DVD.   Plus, police candidates who buy the police role play DVD receive a money back guarantee for the recruitment product. Within the 10 days they received the DVD product, police candidates can get a full refund in case they are not satisfied with it.   So for police candidates who want to increase their chances of passing the police recruitment process, the role play product will certainly help them. For inquiries about the product, please visit[...]

Live in Saltwater Coast with House Land Packages within Your Means

Tue, 14 Sep 2010 07:53:41 +0100

Saltwater Coast? Sounds like a prestigious place? Yes it is. Imagine waking up every morning and having the best of nature on your doorstep. This is the lifestyle that awaits you at Saltwater Coast, Point Cook. The Saltwater Coast Estate is an exclusive community that lets you enjoy the urban life, have a sight with spotless coastal park and grounds as well as experience its peaceful ambiance. And just recently UrbanEdge Home Builders has released one of the newest modern home designs – the Zelta 003. This house is a part of the UrbanEdge iLive affordable living range and is now available at the magnificent Saltwater Coast Estate. The Zelta 003 house and land package is made up of four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double garage into its clever 21 square meter design. It is one of the modern home designs that UrbanEdge Homes has developed with resourceful layouts that offer new and unique ways to live. The Zelta house and land package also has combined smart living with better value, and its design strikes the right balance between comfort and aesthetics, functionality and personality. Aside from the Zelta house and land package, Urbanedge Homes also has other house and land packages that are now available in Central Walk Release (Stage 9) and Garden Square release II (Stage 10). The premium selection of blocks all have rear laneway access and are close to parklands, walking tracks, bike paths as well as the proposed shopping centre. Later on, when someone asks you where you live, the word “iLive” becomes synonymous with the prestigious Saltwater Coast with house land packages within your means. So what are you waiting for? Grab one of the slots at Saltwater Coast. Call +61 (03) 8398 1100 or visit     [...]

Affordable Homes Using Smart and UrbanGreen Sustainable Concepts

Tue, 14 Sep 2010 07:45:15 +0100

There are many Australians nowadays who are being let down with homes that are expensive and have inappropriate house plans. Many of these houses also require too much maintenance and repairs that are costing the occupants even more additional expenses. Meanwhile, others dream of selling their old house and transferring into modern home designs that have HIA GreenSmart Professional designs. Of which these types of homes can help them conserve energy and reduce carbon footprint emissions with a cheaper running cost.  And this is where UrbanEdge Homes come into the picture. It is because the UrbanEdge Eco Builders Green concept uses the latest in energy efficient and environmentally sustainable principle. They applied 5-star energy rating to their house designs like using solar power and putting up huge water tanks for rain water collection. Settlers will be able to save thousands of dollars on their water bills because they can use rain water that has been collected by the huge water tanks for flushing toilets. Also, UrbanEdge Home House and Land Builders use solar power for water heating. Through this, greenhouse emission in the air has been lessened as well as cutting down on electric consumption. In this way, homeowners will be able to save on electric and water bills as well as help in taking care of the environment and conserve natural resources. Furthermore, UrbanEdge Homes Eco Builders apply proper window sizing, as well as placement and shading to their modern home designs, allowing proper ventilation, while proper placement and shading is applied through the use of facades in all their display homes that blocks the sun’s rays and prevents it from entering the house. Achieving these advances helps to maximise the sustainability of the home because UrbanEdge Home Eco Builders have gained a clear understanding of both the human and environmental needs. The ultimate goal of UrbanGreen, Urbanedge Homes range of Green affordable homes is to improve energy, resource and water efficiency, reduce carbon foot print and offer long-term cost savings – without compromising on the style and feel of their homes. To know more about Urbanedge green homes, call +61 (03) 8398 1100 or visit   [...]

Live Stylish through the iLive Affordable and Smart Living

Tue, 14 Sep 2010 07:36:19 +0100

It is always a dream come true for everybody in the world to live in a prestigious place. Others would sell their old house and settle in an exclusive community with all the amenities, in harmony with nature and live in beautifully built display homes.   One of the most fabulous communities to settle would be the Saltwater Coast in Point Cook. And UrbanEdge Homes, the leading Melbourne Home Builders and Eco Builders that offers affordable homes with visionary architectural flair incorporating spatial ingenuity and luxury features, has recently worked with Saltwater Community developers to build a stunning range of architecturally designed homes inside the community.    In fact they just introduced the iLive affordable and smart living modern home designs – the Zelta 003 house and land package which is located at the Saltwater Community.   The Zelta 003 house and land package embraces the iLive affordable and smart living that includes the following features:   Affordable living range showcase   All the house land packages at UrbanEdge Homes either have the Living Edge Series or the Edge Series. The Zelta has the Living Edge Series package. This house and land package has stunning and modern home designs which include stainless–steel kitchen appliance and bathroom showcase, 5-Star Energy Rating and many more.   Located in an Exclusive Comminity   Zelta 003 is located at Saltwater Coast which is an exclusive new community surrounded by pristine coastal park and wetlands. It has the Central Walk and the Gate Square Release with tree lined boulevards, walking tracks and bike paths as well as a proposed neighborhood shopping centre. Inventive and Unique Zelta comprises of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a double garage into its clever 21 square meter design. Moreover this house and land package strikes the right balance between comfort and aesthetics, functionality and personality. Do not miss this opportunity! Find out more about the ZELTA 003 house and land package.   Call +61 (03) 8398 1100 or visit  for more details.       [...]

Buying a House and Land Package

Tue, 14 Sep 2010 07:30:35 +0100

If you desire to buy a new home and want to escape the usual paper work associated with building a new home, the best option you can consider is buying a house and land package or display homes from UrbanEdge Homes. House and land packages are prearranged affordable homes with modern home designs. Some of these homes are fully furnished, equipped with all the things you need to live comfortably. That means all the hard work is done for you so all you have to do is just move in and enjoy your new home! Or if you want your home to be more personalized, some Melbourne home builders offer an extended service which allows you to customize your home. You will be able to take part in finalising the exterior and interior design of your home. You will be able to decide the finishing touches like the color schemes, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures and all the trims that make a house a home. There are different kinds of homes you can choose from. You can do a research over the internet and look for reliable home builders that sell houses coupled with land packages that meet your budget and requirements. In buying house-land packages, you must also be careful and study all the details of your dream house so that you can be sure that you are given the right options. But, before you buy a house and land package, you also need to ensure that you are given a package that suits your lifestyle and personality. Without a doubt, house and land packages can surely give you the finest choices of affordable homes and offer the most convenient way to home ownership. For more inquiries as well as selections on house and land packages, visit              [...]

Customizing Your Home to Suit Your Lifestyle and Budget

Tue, 14 Sep 2010 07:21:59 +0100

One of the challenges that you may encounter in building a new home is deciding what type of external and internal finishes you should use for your home. This includes matching the fixtures and furniture with the right color scheme or choosing the right exterior bricks that match the roof colors, doors and windows. Good thing that UrbanEdge Homes, the leading Melbourne home builders offer not only the finest home builders but also has a team of in-house professional interior designers. This team of professionals will be able to help you select the right exterior and interior designs for your house and land packages. UrbanEdge Homes’ professional designers will guide you through the whole process. They will assist you in choosing the material for your house and land such as exterior bricks, doors and windows, render (stucco plaster), flooring and other internal features. They can also help you select the kitchen finishes, bathroom fixtures, appliances, interior color schemes and all the trims that make a house a home. They will be there every step of the way. Whatever your tastes and desires, UrbanEdge Hub interior specialists will bring out your individual flair and customise your house and land package to suit your lifestyle and budget. However, prior to meeting with UrbanEdge Homes Interior design specialists, it would be more convenient if you take some time to gather ideas and inspirations of the style, house plans, look and feel you want to achieve in your new home. You can visit UrbanEdge display homes and source images, colours and modern home designs that capture your eye. This way your interior designer will be in the best position to help you with your interior design selections. Thus, you will enjoy and gain the most from your experience with UrbanEdge house and land packages. See and experience all the options available to you. Call +61 (03) 8398 1100 or visit UrbanEdge Homes at Brooklyn, Melbourne. Or simply log on to   [...]