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Qualifications Needed For Becoming A Police Special Officer

Fri, 16 Mar 2012 05:11:11 GMT

Indeed, there is an increasing demand for police officers nowadays due to the vast amount of crimes in the society. Being a part of the law enforcement industry is not that easy, as it requires dedication, enough skills and a long-term commitment. Aside from the heavy tasks of a police special officer, it is also tough to pass the police recruitment process. There are a lot of police aspirants who are trying their luck in the law enforcement industry and that means that there is really a great competition among them.

If you are planning to be a police officer someday, you must take note of the qualifications and requirements needed. First, you should complete your high school years and keep a high school diploma with you. If you can manage to finish the college level, then it would be better as it will give you a greater edge among others. The law enforcement departments are seeking for aspirants who graduated with a bachelor or associates degree in criminal courses. Participating in criminal justice programmes will also help you gain knowledge in various fields such as legal matters, human behaviour, and other topics concerning a police special officer.

Another qualification you should remember is to keep away from illegal drugs. You should not be involved in illegal acts such as using marijuana and other drugs. It is also important that you will not have a criminal record for you to easily gain the trust of the current police officers. With the physical aspect, you must maintain a healthy and physically fit body for you to endure the various tasks of a law enforcement officer. Aside from being physically fit, you must also be mentally alert so that you can do your duties effectively.

If you got all the aforementioned requirements, then you must be ready for the police recruitment process that you will be going through. In the screening procedures, you will be thoroughly investigated in terms of your civil history, background information, and criminal records. Furthermore, you also need to pass the examinations and interview that will be given to you. So if you want to successfully pass the recruitment process, then Police-Recruitment UK can give you the right information you need. They offer an online police training course that is handled by a professional police special officer. The training course will include tutorials on creating an application form and passing the recruitment tests, discussion of 7 core competencies, and tutorial of the competency based interview.

Visit Police-Recruitment UK at

Be Part Of The Largest Police Force In United Kingdom

Fri, 16 Mar 2012 03:28:01 GMT

Being in the field of criminal justice is not that easy because you always risk your life when there are criminal incidents in the city. Although this job is dangerous, there are still a large number of people who want to become part of the law enforcement team.

The law enforcement team is known to be the guards in UK’s wide territory having different responsibilities to protect and to secure the people in their country. So those who are part of the enforcement team are people who really risk their lives in maintaining the peace in the country.

In general, the highest law enforcement team in UK is called the Metropolitan Police Force. There has been a long history of the creation of this group, but some of it were just mere explanation on what have they done in the past.

The metropolitan police force is responsible for the whole country’s criminal case and for investigating and finding definite results for these cases. But as the population in the United Kingdom is increasing, they have already created a special team for every county to investigate murder or criminal case which will make the process efficient.

Furthermore, they have supporting police force in the form of police special constable who help in many ways to maintain the peace in a certain county. This job has one of the highest rates of applicants in the UK because of its responsibilities which have to do with effective self-discipline routine by way of responding to emergencies immediately. Aside from the great responsibilities, the benefits of being a special police constable are enormous.

That is why the selection process of this job is not that easy because a person must possess the skill and the knowledge to pass all the examinations and the actual test. In this way, he will have high chances of passing the high standard of qualifications to become part of the police force.

Even though the police constable is only a sub-division of the metropolitan force, they share some of the responsibilities of the police jobs. That is why if you become a part of the police constable team it feels like you are part of the largest police force in the United Kingdom.

Thus, if you want to acquire the police constable job you need to be prepared for the selection process. The Police-Recruitment UK will help you to be fully prepared for the police recruitment process by giving a one day police special constable training course that covers the essential information on the whole selection process.

To know how to avail of the special constable course visit the Police-Recruitment UK at

One Day Police Course: Becoming an Effective Metropolitan Police

Fri, 16 Mar 2012 02:42:21 GMT

Becoming a metropolitan police is indeed a noble job. Keeping the entire community safe at all times is an act that not everybody can do. To risk oneself for the purpose of giving off pure service to the community is more than just a commitment.

However, not everyone who would want to become a police is given the chance to be one. Sometimes, it takes only those who are certainly qualified and have the passion of serving the people. Everyone who dreams of joining the police force has to go through police recruitment process.

The entire course is not easy; each has to go through stages which will test how far he can go and how far he can prove that he certainly can.

The one day police training course on becoming a metropolitan police is divided into seven parts these are:

Part 1: The application form

  • Comprehending the application form

  • Make s strong response for the applicant for questions that are based in competency

  • Exact application form answers

  • Accurate information about how the forms are being marked

  • Tips and insider advice to making it through the application stage

Part 2: The Police Written Tasks

  • Collect information fast and accurate

  • The use of a unique planning model

  • Teach how to write literately and legibly

  • Writing an affective and specific constructing assessment report

Part 3: Using The Pre-Release Material

  • Comprehending the pre-release material

  • Learn how to use the pre-released material beforehand

  • Learn how to use this material on the day of the actual process

Part 4: The Seven Core Competencies

  • Understanding the seven core competencies

  • Comprehending their significance

  • How to use them appropriately in every stage

  • Learn how to manifest these to match their requirements

Part 5: Police Initial Recruitment Tests

  • The use of effective techniques to enhance skills and increase speed

  • Lean the verbal logical reasoning

  • Insiders tips, techniques and practice in the areas being assessed

Part 6: The Police Role Plays

  • The Interactive phase of the role plays

  • Practice role plays to help you develop confidence

  • Provides an individual feedback from each candidates

Part 7: The Competency based one-on-one final Interview

  • Learning the entire preparation techniques

  • Learn how to use your 5 minute planning time in preparing for an effective

  • Sample responses to the interview questions

To enrol call visit at

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Become A Police Special Constable: Avail Special Constable Training Course

Thu, 02 Feb 2012 23:23:02 GMT

Becoming a special constable, an individual must first successfully complete a state-accredited basic constable training course at any academic training institution. The basic constable training is the second step of the whole special constable process after you have completed the whole application.

The basic constable training is open to those who are aspiring to become a state constable and to those who are already holding the office of a constable. After the basic constable training is completed, the individual is certified as a state constable.

Listed below are the five stages of the application process:


The application form must be filled up as part of the application process. The training will offer you several pieces of advice on how to carefully complete the form.


The paper will be check according to the basic eligibility criteria such as the age and your residency. If you are qualified, then you are now qualified to go to the next stage. The Disability act covers special constable and will make reasonable adjustments.


If you have passed the first stage, you will then be invited to join the first day selection process in Hendon. The first day basically covers the written test, interview and role plays. Then there will be an assessment where the candidates need to answer some security questions correctly.


After you have successfully passed the first day of the selection process, you will again be asked for the second day assessment. The day 2 of the selection process will basically cover the medical assessment and the police special constable Job Related Fitness Then a test on the candidates’ dynamic strength and endurability will be conducted.


After you have successfully passed all the preceding stages and if the Police Recruitment UK is happy and satisfied with your execution, they will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your employment and your further trainings.

Nothing is more noble than to extend a hand to your community. This is one way of extending help and keeping your community safe at all times.

For extensive police special constable training visit Police Recruitment UK at

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Where to Find Up-to-date Police Officer Jobs

Wed, 01 Feb 2012 00:40:10 GMT

Are you looking for a police officer job, but your efforts seem fruitless for a while?

Read on further!

Being updated of the new police officer job’s vacancies is getting harder nowadays let alone obtaining the form needed for the application. From the usual weeks of duration for a certain job vacancy to be opened, it has been noticed that it has been lumped into a few hours. This could be attributed to the backlog of applications that got stuck on the police recruitment testing centres. So the police force are clearing up this backlog while also hiring new personnel.

Whatever the real reason behind the draw down of a job opening, what concerns you most as a police officer aspirant is that you might be left out. There are virtually thousands of people competing with you to get on the roll of the police force in the UK. There are thousands who frequently visit the police department websites to check on new job openings. In order for you to get hired, you need to move one step ahead.

The best way to do that is to be kept updated with the Police Recruitment UK's police job alert service.

How does the Police Job Alert Service Work?

Upon signing up with the alert service, you will be added to the mailing list of the Police Recruitment UK. As soon as they are informed that a police department or station is recruiting for a particular position, the Police Recruitment UK will immediately email you with the police officer jobs vacancy complete with all the details such as the job, salary, job description and requirements. More importantly, you will be given the link to where you can download the application form so that you start applying right away without delay.

The police job alert service costs only £2.95 per month or £30 per month.

With this police officer jobs alert service being delivered by Police Recruitment UK, you are just one step away from your dream of joining the police force.

So, sign up now!

For more details, visit Police Recruitment UK at Police jobs

Become A Special Constable

Mon, 30 Jan 2012 04:41:10 GMT

Do you want to become a special constable in your community?

If yes, then we at Police-Recruitment UK offer you our complete training that will help you become one!

Our complete training will:

● Boost your confidence

● Make you understand your community and how it works

● Make you see how you can make a difference

Visit us at police special

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1-Day Special Constable Training Course

Thu, 26 Jan 2012 00:11:20 GMT

Do you want to be selected as one of the newly-recruited
police special constable in the UK?

Then, start here with us!

We offer 1-day training course for applicants who want to become special constables.

It includes:

● Written Test

● Core Competencies

● Police Initial Recruitment Test

● Numeracy Test

● Role Play

For further details, visit

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Become a Police Special Constable

Mon, 16 Jan 2012 04:39:42 GMT

For people who want to become a police special constable, you can learn a great deal from Police Recruitment UK's How2Become a Police Special Constable.


It provides:

●       explanation of the selection process

●       tips on how to answer the interview

●       presentation of situational judgement and role plays


To get a copy, just visit us at

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