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Diesel magnetic motors usually are more robust plus much more productive in comparison with when compared to energy magnetic motors. The life-time is concerning two times the length, likewise. Diesel-engined machines undoubtedly are a ton heavy although include heavy/stronger central areas and as well larger data compresion premiums which often make it possible for these individuals so that you ca

Longer lasting engine with fuel additive


Wouldn’t you like your vehicle not to break down and last longer? Well with are CleanBoost diesel fuel additives and metal treatments we can do that! With the use of our products, your engine will run cleaner and more efficient. Our metal treatment will help protect your transmission, gear box, differential, and more from high temperatures. Check out our page for more information on this new techn

Gas on the rise check out our fuel additives


With gas prices always rising, now is a great time to start using CleanBoost Diesel™ Fuel Additive. Our Fuel Additive is used to power mines, ships, trucks, transits, everyday drivers, industrial boilers and many more. Our fuel additive helps improve your MPG, cleaner exhaust emissions, less maintenance requirements, and much more. Fuel additives are becoming more and more popular with gas prices

It is almost winter, check out our line of fuel additives


It is almost winter time check out CleanBoost DieselUse CleanBoost Diesel Fuel Additive to prevent waxy crystals from forming in your diesel fuel, our Fuel Additive prevents clogging of fuel in your fuel lines. Generally crystals begin to form at 15 degrees and below. Don’t risk having your truck not start, our CleanBoost Diesel Fuel Additive will help you get from point A to point B in the harsh

Industrial users for fuel additives


Do you have a fleet of vehicles or operate multiple engines? CleanBoost Diesel™ is what you are looking for! Increase your gas mileage up to 15% and lower your fuel budget. Most people want to know how our product works. Well, CleanBoost™ works by breaking down large fuel particles so that the fuel burns more efficiently, accelerates the combustion rate of hard to burn hydrocarbon molecules, and