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Preview: Cindy's Low Carb Life

Cindy's Low Carb Life

Record of my progress using the low carb lifestyle as a way of regaining my health.

Updated: 2017-07-22T01:34:39.223-04:00


Low carb on a budget.


With the lousy economy and poor job market many of us are having trouble stretching the food dollar and stick with a low carb. Hey, let's face it, carbs are cheap!! You can buy a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter for less than $10 and make, what, 10-12 sandwiches? A couple of boxes of cheap pasta and some jarred sauce can feed a lot of people....again, for less than $10. But these foods

Low carbing on Memorial Day!!


Low carbing on Memorial Day!!Memorial Day weekend is usually considered the first summer weekend of the year. Many people party and cook out. Perfect for those of us following a low carb lifestyle! If you are hosting or attending a Memorial Day cookout, here are some things to consider: Salads:Tossed salad, garden salad, Caesar salad, spinach salad! Lots and lots of salads. Some have mixed greens

Strawberry Coffee cake


With strawberries in season here in North Carolina, you might be looking for a nice way to use them. Try this recipe.3 1/2 ounces coconut flour, 3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons1/3 cup granular Erythritol *1/8 teaspoon salt1/4 cup cold butter, cut into small cubes1/2 teaspoon baking powder1/4 teaspoon baking soda1/3 cup sour cream2 tablespoons heavy cream1 teaspoon vanilla1 egg3 ounces cream cheese2

Low carb chocolate lava cake


I thought I had posted this already, but I sure can't find it. Recently I've had several people ask for the recipe, so here goes:Chocolate Lava Cake:Cake:1/4c almond flourSweetener equivalent to 2T sugar*1T coconut oil melted2T dry coco powder, unsweetened 1 large eggLow sugar dark chocolate (ie 2 squares Lindt, 1/2 ChocoPerfection* bar)Frosting:2T cream cheeseSweetener equavalent to 2tsp sugar*

Sonoma County CA separates elderly gay couple and sells all of their worldly possessions


Sonoma County CA separates elderly gay couple and sells all of their worldly possessions

Product review: Tropical Traditions Virgin coconut oil, (Gold label standard)


Tropical Traditions, Inc is located in Springville CA and you can access their site here: Traditions has been posting notices on Twitter and Facebook asking for writers and bloggers to sample and evaluate their product at no cost. About 10 days after signing up, the jar arrived. According to their web-site, their coconut oils are Non-GMO and certified

Low carb or Paleo, which is best?


Low carb or Paleo, which is best?Posted using ShareThis

Restaurant Review: Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill, Cary NC


Restaurant Review: Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill, Cary NCPosted using ShareThis

Is a low carb diet right for you?


Is a low carb diet right for you?Posted using ShareThis

National Seafood Month - Parmesan Fish


National Seafood Month - Parmesan FishPosted using ShareThis

The Cure - Week 4


I have been bad about posting.....sorry. I completed all 3 of the first 3 weeks and am doing great!I haven't lost a ton of weigh like some others doing the plan, but I am very happy with the weight I've lost and the inches I've lost!Here are the figures:Week 1: weight loss = 0.4 poundsOther measurements not takenWeek 2: Weight loss = 1.4 pounds (total 1.8 pounds lost), waist = down 1.25 inches,

Why we eat too much and how to get control - Part 2


Why we eat too much and how to get control - Part 2Posted using ShareThis

Why we eat too much and how to get control - Part 1


Why we eat too much and how to get control - Part 1Posted using ShareThis

The Cure - Day 4


Day 4 is almost over and I'm feeling good!!Shakes 3 times a day is boring....but easy. Meals have been fairly small.Wednesday I had roasted chicken breast with cooked asparagus and lettuce with dressing.Thursday was kind of a "cheat" neighbor brought over dinner for me. She is Algerian and brought me Algerian Shorba, which is a meat based vegetable soup; Bourek ground beef and cheese in

The 6 Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle


Today The 6 Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle hit the markets! The book was written by Mary Dan Eades, MD and Michael R Eades, MD, authors of the various Protein Power books.A couple of months ago Dr Mike asked, on his blog, for volunteers to try "The Cure" and be willing to submit for interviews, pictures, etc. Of course I volunteered, but as they received hundreds of offers, I was rejected.

Smart Choices?


Smart Choices?Posted using ShareThis

Low carb strawberry ice cream!


Low carb strawberry ice cream!Posted using ShareThis

LC lunch in Cary NC


LC lunch in Cary NCPosted using ShareThis

Do we really need to snack?


Do we really need to snack?Posted using ShareThis

Food stores!


Went to the local food store today and it's appalling what they are selling!!In the past the meat counter was the entire back wall of the it's less than 1/2 and that includes the "ready to cook" meats with marinades, sauces, etc.The produce area wasn't too bad....but for people living alone it's not good. No longer can you buy a single zucchini, a single bunch of romaine....

National Cheesecake Day


National Cheesecake DayPosted using ShareThis

Tax on sugary sodas?


According to the Wall Street Journal, lawmakers are considering a tax on "soda and other sugary drinks". The purpose of the tax is to help pay for the overhaul of the nation's health-care system.Do you think this is a good thing? Why or why not?Apparently the bill would put an excise tax (tax the manufacturer, who will then pass the cost on to consumers) on "soda, certain fruit drinks, energy

Consider the egg


Consider the eggPosted using ShareThis

Low Carb Ice Cream


I've always been a huge fan of ice cream and always missed it on anydiet I tried in the past. Ice milk is not the same, sherbet is fine but too high insugar. But ice cream? Thick and rich with chunks of fruit? Yummy!!! But store bought ice cream is loaded with sugar and the "sugar free" brands all have sugar's a way to get that ice cream fix without all the sugar! And a very

Email to Dr Nancy Snyderman of MSNBC


MSNBC has recently started a new show, seen weekdays at 12 noon ET. The 1 hour show features Dr Nancy Snyderman talking about items in the news, health myths and other health-related topics. In the "Health Myths" part of the show, "Dr Nancy" tackles various subjects that are felt to be "common knowledge", despite the fact that they may or may not be true. Like many of the doctors featured on TV,