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Low Carb Lollygagging

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The last few weeks I have had facial ticks occurring, uncontrolled twitching of muscles around my mouth. Concurrently the past few days I have had pain in my lower left back, which my wife informs me is a Kidney infection. My pee stinks lately so I thought it was just ketosis, but I guess the wife may be right after all.

The ticks are likely due to both diet issues and severe stress at work and at home. I read up on it and it appears that Magnesium deficiency may be the culprit. I haven't been supplementing with vitamins as much lately. Reading up on this they recommend bananas, almonds, and supplementation. So I have noticed that eating bananas and almonds make it go away, but the ticks come back later. So off to the store for vitamin and nutritional supplements with Magnesium, and more bananas and almonds.

I have been worried that this is more than diet, more than just stress. Things run through your mind. I was hoping this would just blow over but it has persisted for so long now. On the other hand, Magnesium seems to ward it off a little.

So I will wait and see what happens. Hopefully, it's nothing major. But it just goes to show you that you need to carefully watch your diet and to supplement with vitamins and essential good-stuff when your diet is restricted. Especially when stress, lack of sleep, etc is taxing your bod!

Hope all is well with all the low carb friends I have out there in Internet land.

Good Stuff - Low Carb Yogurts!


One of the fun things I enjoy is discovering new low carb products that are excellent in quality, relatively inexpensive, that taste great - and then sharing them with my friends and family.

There are those of us on the low-carb way of eating (or way of life), and others that are just simply looking to eat healthier and make better choices overall.

One of the products that I discovered not long ago is the Kroger Carb Master yogurts. I had been eating the Dannon Low Carb Yogurts to the point when they changed their packaging, and moved to smaller servings of their low carb yogurt products. They (Dannon) went from decent sized more round servings to taller and thinner product offerings that seemed to give you less for more (like many products nowadays). Whether that was the case or not in fact, I don't know - perception may be reality, but in any case I was somewhat disappointed with a product I had been satisfied with previously. In fact, it was sometimes hard to find the Dannon low carb yogurt in-stock, especially in more than just the strawberry flavor.

About the same time I noticed that Kroger had introduced a Carb Master line of yogurts. They are big, and full of chunky bits of fruit. They are tasty, ...just really delicious!. They seem to have runs on the product as well at my local Kroger's and when it is in-stock we load up (I am sure others are doing the same). I have witnessed others at our local Kroger's loading their shopping baskets (folks call them "buggies" down here) with the Carb Master yogurts and we usually do too. They come in several flavors that all seem to be in-stock (unlike Dannon where I could mostly find only strawberry and vanilla in stock) - Kroger's has Peach, Raspberry, and Strawberry - and I think they also have a Vanilla (I just don't go for Vanilla much myself).

This past weekend we shared Kroger's yogurts with others in my family, and even those not on low carb approved of the flavor, taste, and overall quality. On our prior visit they were shocked to find that they really appreciated the taste of Atkins low carb Chocolate bars - something else they had never tried before.

More on Plateaus & Stalls: Reactive Hypoglycemia


Jimmy Moore did a podcast that really hit home with me on his Livin Lavida Low Carb podcast. It was an interview with Doctor Keith Berkowitz and touched on something he has seen in a number of Atkins low carb patients who were very large, lost ALOT of weight, then stalled. Turns out what they were experiencing were symptoms related to Reactive Hypoglycemia. As he read down the list of the many symptoms, I had most of them. Feeling good after not eating breakfast, with high energy, then having an energy crash after eating, and feeling tired. Also, being hungry after eating. I have stalled pretty hard after losing ALOT (about 112 lbs) over a years time. I have been floating just above and below 300 lbs for some time now. Apparently, one of the causes that doing the same old things stops working is this metabolic situation that can develop.Anyhow, it is interesting as the very things that I have been thinking about doing are some of the very things that the doctor recommends to counteract or deal with this. I have been intrigued by the Body for Life program and have purchased the workbook and book. I have wanted to figure out a low carb version of it. The key to Body for Life is small portions, more often, with very high intensity exercise. One of the points of reference is the palm of your hand. You don't eat a cut of meat larger than the center of your palm - which guides you to portion size in an easy to figure and easy to remember way. If you haven't looked into it, you ought to.Jimmy got on to this subject when he checked his blood sugar after eating and saw that it actually fell from a pretty normal level to an even lower level after he ate. Which is pretty much the opposite of what you would expect. Pretty cool stuff, just on a science level. Trying to figure out what to do now to get past the stall and the insulin dumping associated with this situation is interesting.Give it a listen here: Comments, insight, and helpful advice much appreciated!![...]

From Around The Net: Plateaus and Pizza


I have read a couple of interesting articles about low carb and plateaus people hit. The best was at the Protein Power author Dr. Michael Eades blog entitled Low Carb and Calories, and was really interesting for me. I have slowed in my weight loss pretty dramatically. The article provided hints for me. Bottom line = Calories Count, at least they do more and more as you lose on down to lower levels. lost weight like crazy when I started this, and it continued to fall off me pretty regularly until I hit around 300 lbs. From then on it's been pathetically slow. I have been looking into exercise programs, walking, modifying things, and even given thought to calorie restriction. When I started I NEVER considered calories at all, only carbs. I am still losing weight and inches, about to have to punch another hole in my belt right now, yet still it is so slooooooow, compared to before. I am having to believe it is all about the calories at this point. It makes sense and fits with what I have heard from other low carbers about having to lay aside nuts and cheese to the degree that they'd been able to eat it to this point. In other words, calorie dense low carb foods start to matter more than before. :sigh:The other article was in CNN, and focussed on a low carber who hit a plateau but went on in a fitness program and diet regimen that got him to the point he now sees himself as "Mr. Low Body Fat".  Same theme, same problem. Interesting approach. Anyhow, what say you?Ever hit a plateau?What worked for you??As for me, I am staying the course for now, and considering my next moves. I am thinking about a low carb body for life implementation, or some related type of fitness program, walking, or something at least more calorie burning or calorie restricted.Also - The Pizza Recipe I was talking about... We made it cheezy, supreme, and pepperoni. It was AWESOME!! I liked it better than typical high carb pizza!![...]

Who says Low Carb Doesn't Work?


Daniel, my stepson, has made tremendous progress on the Atkins Low Carb life! He started at the end of November 2007 at around 270 lbs and now weighs somewhere between 215 and 220 lbs! Look at the tremendous difference achieved in just a few short months (Before and After)!!!!Dan is now planning on moving into maintenance levels of low carb life. He is healthier, he can jump higher than ever before, and is just doing awesome. And as for mental performance on low carb - Dan just completed his second year of college, winning accolades for his academic performance - graduating summa cum laude, receiving the Student Leadership award for his campus, and was named the department student for the area he is focussing his studies in. Now we just have to convince a few more members of our family to join us in the low carb life!Tonight Dan made an awesome killer low carb pizza (pepperoni & supreme style)! I think I liked it better than regular pizza!!! He found the recipe on the Net, but I may post it here later for those interested! It is absolutely wonderful!! It is great that he is finding all the good things you *CAN* have on the low carb life, rather than lamenting those things you cannot have!WAY TO GO, DAN!!!! [...]

Progress Post


This is me when I started low 
carb at 410 lbs and at 85 lbs lighter!

This is me today! 112 lbs down!
Many more yet to go!

A fellow low carber, "Big Daddy D" asked me to post a progress post/pix of myself. So here you have it! 

I have a long way to go yet! I am hoping to continue to lose over the next year or two or more till I reach wherever it is that I find bottom. I have posted progress pix at and here at my blog in the past, but I haven't updated in a while. I am a long way from my goal, and hopefully there will only be before and in-progress pix. I hate to think of an AFTER picture. I doubt I will ever ARRIVE at some happy place where I can say I have arrived. I think of myself like one of those websites "Under Construction". Towards better health and happier living! Here's to Low Carbin' it!

Quick Update: Low Carb Life


Well, losses have slowed for me, but they are still clicking a little. I am down another couple pounds over the last few weeks. I am maintaining my prior losses and still eating and living low carb. At this point I am down 112 lbs from where I started, which is great! I still have a long road ahead of me yet, and hope to continue making progress over the weeks and months ahead. I occasionally find myself with carb creepage, getting too high on occasion. Then I whack things back into line with some steady focus on meat and eggs for a little bit, then back to meat and mostly green veggies (green beans, asparagus, broccoli, etc). I am about to sell or donate a bunch of my "fat clothes" and it will be a joy to type somewhere (maybe eBay) "MY LOSS IS YOUR GAIN" on the ad!!     :smile:My oldest stepson has lost a grunch of weight on low carb (Atkins) and is now inspiring others too to join the low carb way of life (or at least to try it). I am really happy for him as he looks great and is doing very well on it. It is about time for him to find a way to transition to an ongoing maintenance level of Atkins low carb. That's a scary thing as you are so worried about over-doing it and totally blowing the low carb gains you have made in weight loss and health.I have personally found myself spending less time on the low carb forums and posting of late as work and life has gotten hectic lately - between long hours at work, and lots of stuff going on at church and with our family of late (hospital visits, gospel meetings, graduation and awards ceremonies, visiting, etc). I do still like to peek in and catch up at intervals, and hope that sometime soon I will be able to get back to posting and participating more regularly again. I really miss it and many of my inspiring online low carb friends!!! I love the sense of community and support and sharing that exists online in the low carb blogosphere and Internet sites.Mom and dad recently found out that they are diabetic - type 2 I guess (non-insulin dependant). They recently attended diabetes training classes that included training by dietitians. What was great is hearing them describe basically a low carb eating regimen (really a cross between low carb and low cal/low fat). At least it is a step in the right direction for my folks to reduce their blood sugars and get control of their health. It is nice to see that the Diabetes nutrition experts are shifting at least some of their advice to low carb and low glycemic recommendations.It has been hard to find time to excercise yet as I was planning, but that is the next step for me. I have been taking the stairs occasionally at work and trying to focus on walking harder and faster when I can, whenever I am going some where. Hopefully it is baby steps in the right direction. I did get several interesting books to read lately and have been grazing through them. Living the Low Carb Life, by Johnny Bowden is excellent! I also got copies of Dr.'s Eades books (Protein Power Life-plan, I think - also EXCELLENT!), and I got my copies of Body for Life book and the Body for Life workbook/success journal by Bill Phillips and they are motivational and informative as well. It is really wonderful to see the low carb community get recognition with all the great work being done by so many - case in point, the latest conference sponsored by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians - the "2008 Nutrition and Metabolism  Society Seminar". Reading about Gary Taubes, Jimmy Moore, Regina Wilshire, Dr. Mary Vernon, Dr.'s Eades, and so many more making so many great advances, studies, and sharing this information with the larger scientific and medical community is really inspiring, informative, and encouraging. Read about it on many of their blogs (links on the side of my blog if you are having trouble finding them). Awesome!!Hope your low carb journey is on-track, and you are making all the progr[...]

Off the Grid - Low Carbin' It!


Well, in the parlance of the Bourne Ultimatum (the big spy movie)... I have "been off the grid" for a while. I have still been low carbing it, and am still absolutely loving low-carb life!This morning I hit 300.0 lbs (simply 0.2 lbs away from breaking through to the 200's). My wife said if it was her she'd have spit or chopped off body parts to see the lower numbers. I accepted what I saw with joy, and realized that soon I would be trading in the 290's.I've been stuck between 310 and 302 lbs, bouncing around for many weeks now. My losses have slowed, and I have been frustrated - but still committed. I was fighting it hard at low carb levels doing the same thing as usual at first - but was still pretty stalled. Then I slacked up a little and let my carb counts get a little higher. So I don't know. I figure it is normal adjustments the bod is making - and maybe the things that got me here to this point are now less effective (portions, etc). And also whatever it is, is something I need to adapt to. I have tried cutting portions, and increasing my activity. I have switched to mostly meat and eggs for a few days to shake out some progress. We'll see how it goes. But what was pretty effortless and fast progress has slowed of late for sure.The other day my wife got me a new pair of 50" jeans that I tried for the first time. These were just a little snug, but are way less in girth than the 62" I wore a little more than a year ago (110 lbs heavier). That was a nice feeling to hit 50" there, and soon we will be into the 40's!The clothes thing is funny as I am having to retire clothes that are now impossibly large on me, and am still working into the mix clothes that fit, and some that are still in the closet at varying levels of too big for me. I am on my second belt, and I am very near to drilling yet a new hole or two so it will continue to fit me. And as I continue to drop we are having to get more and more new clothes that fit me now. The old ones are so much bigger that they look absoutely silly now if I try to wear them.My wife also bought me a leather jacket for Christmas (well, she got it for my stepson, but he couldn't wear it, so I got it - :smile:). It is my first leather jacket that I can recall ever having. It is nice and comfortable and warm, but I will admit to feeling a little like I was wearing clothes that I shouldn't be - or that belonged or were meant for someone else. As if someone would come up to me and say, "Excuse me, sir, but you are not supposed to be wearing this!" in an indignant tone. But just the same, it is very nice. :) I also have several new pairs of jeans that are very nice. I never had a pair from "Carhart" before, and I must say they are absolutely the most awesome pair of jeans I have ever owned. They are lined (super warm) and are super tough and super comfortable.I am still working on using the elliptical machine we slavaged. I have replace two $00.80 parts and it works just like those at the Sears store. I am really happy with that. I have pitiful levels of endurance but hope to increase what I can do over the next few months. I make it several minutes of fast and hard work before I got to get off huffing and puffing, my heart pounding.Dunno if anyone has ever heard of "Body for Life"? I have been thinking about trying to do it low carb, or something sortof like it. From what I can tell Body for Life is about portion control, nutrition, and high intensity excercise. I think I have made good headway on the nutrition front over the past year, but Bill Phillips advocates higher levels of carbs and high intensity physical training. I really admire the way that he stokes the body with 6 smaller meals (I am thinking insulin control and sugar regulation), emphasizes portion control, and has a strong emphasis on what I would call simple Positive Thinking and Positive Living. It is admirable. I just think tha[...]

Sustainable Weight Loss


I've been pondering the extraordinarily high failure rate quoted often enough for folks who diet or lose weight (perhaps via vigorous excercise). There was a study last year - one of these mega-studies that studies the outcome of lots of other studies, then draws conclusions.I have seen different numbers quoted in different studies. It certainly sounds like a doomsday scenario for those who are trying to lose weight or make lasting changes in thier lives. "You can initially lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight on any number of diets, but then the weight comes back.""We found that the majority of people regained all the weight, plus more," she added.The researchers found a very small minority of study participants managed to sustain weight loss, while the majority put all the weight back on, and more in the longer term."Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people," said Dr Mann." associate professor of psychology and lead author of the study, Traci Mann So, most folks lose and then regain their lost weight. The Majority put all the weight back on, AND MORE IN THE LONG TERM.That is amazing!! So how do you plan your life, and how do you live your life so that you are in the few percentage point minority that has lasting change in their weight and life and health? So that it is a LASTING CHANGE without rebound or relapse? Here's what I've come up with:1.) Model behaviours of the few long term successful people. Do what *they* do. Learn what they know. Put their "life goggles" on and see the world like they do. If they are permanently changing what they eat - you must do so too! If they are permanently changing the level of activity in their lives - you need to too! If they are studying and coming to grips with why they eat in unhealthy ways (emotional triggers, etc) you must too! If they are adopting strategies that help them, we must also do so. There are folks living successfully after losing hundreds of pounds and successfully maintaining over multiple years of time. We must learn from them!2.) Lasting change means new ways of looking at old things. One fellow commented recently online in one of my favorite low carb forums that we need to treat sugars and carbohydrates as vegitarians do meat. They don't cheat. They don't all of a sudden give in to cravings for a big giant juicy steak. They just cross this kind of food off the list from now on. It is as if it doesn't exist anymore for them. Not because they *can't* do it, but because they do not want to anymore! I can't agree more. 3.) Some long term low carbers refer to carbs and sugars as poison. I used to think that was just a gross overstatement and almost reckless and irresponsible. As I have learned about the effects of sugars, and sweet syrups, and carbs on our bodies in so many ways it has made me re-evaluate my initial assessment of that kind of language. Certainly the advent of so much obeisity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc, has it's roots in metabolic problems resulting from overconsumption of sugars, carbohydrates, and insulin response. People ARE DYING FROM THIS, PEOPLE!!! It's time to wake up and smell the coffee! I am not saying that everyone has the same problems, but certainly some of us do! Carbs and sugars in such great abundance in our diets are killing us.4.) I am such a big believer in the power of positive thinking. I am really against negativity and negative thinking in such a big way. I simply cannot stand depressive thinking. I cannot stand loser thinking. Quiting. Giving up. Seeing everything you cannot have, instead of all that you can have. Seeing all the reasons you will fail. Cutting yourself excuses for your behavior. Cutting yourself too much slack. We will reap what we sow. Responsibility means seeing our way through an[...]

Heart-Rending Stories: Desperate Overweight People


These are some absolutely heart-wrenching stories about very desperate, very overweight people. I only wish we could have reached some of these with the low carb message before it came to this. It is very sad. Obviously these folks were loved and will be missed. It seems like such a senseless thing to die like this over this kind of problem. Society and doctors make it seem like the risks are so worth taking - risking those lives that are lost to these kinds of extreme surgical techniques.

The half ton mum: Tragic story of world's heaviest woman

Cheryl's Struggle: Cheryl Harvey was obese and desperately wanted to be healthy. She chose to roll the dice on gastric bypass surgery. SHE LOST.
Chapter One:
Chapter Two:
Chapter Three:
Chapter Four:

Are *YOU* Making Low Carb New Years Resolutions?


I thought it would be a great idea to post a quick link to those just starting out - making new years resolutions for 2008 to begin eating (or resume) the low carb way of life.You too can be successful, lose weight, feel better and achieve better health by simply changing WHAT YOU EAT!The great thing about low carb is that it is a way of life where you can lose weight and still EAT! In fact, if you are hungry on this diet you are NOT EATING ENOUGH, and YOU NEED TO EAT!!! And if you are having intense cravings, you are definitely not getting enough FAT IN YOUR DIET!!! When I began this diet at 410 lbs, I was eating 4500 calories a day and losing weight like crazy!! While that is not the case anymore, I still eat till I am content and full (No White-Knuckle, test of willpower here) and I am not feeling deprived or like I am doing without.And you can eat practically all you want (or all you can stand) of tasteful foods like meat (steaks, chicken, tuna, salmon, burgers, pork chops, ham, bacon, etc). And you get to eat NUTRITIOUS MEALS full of low glycemic VEGGIES like broccolli, green beans, calliflower, asparagus, etc!!!How to do this and be successful:1.) Pick a low carb plan that is right for you. Research them and pick one. I prefer Atkins, but there are South Beach, Protien Power, Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, the Zone, Primitive Diets, etc. to choose from. Read the books. Follow the plan to the letter.2.) Carefully track everything you stick in your mouth. Especially at first. You need to not "wing it" but to "know it" as far as carb counts go, and permitted foods in the phase of whatever low carb eating plan you are on.3.) Get committed. Tell people. Announce it. Make it official. Stick with it.4.) Get support and information from one of the low carb forums. Join. Start a journal. Post often. Make friends. Get to know folks there going through the same things you are. Get to know the seasoned veterans who have been successful over many years! Start a low carb blog. Get accountable. Some folks blog everything they eat and do (activity wise) on a daily basis.5.) Read and understand all you can about this way of life. Lots of information is online.6.) Focus on what you CAN EAT, not on what you cannot. Find some of the tons of low carb recipies out there in the forums and in cookbooks and on the Internet. Try new things. Learn how to eat and survive in any setting. You can eat low carb in almost any restaurant or situation if you are determined to!!7.) Make sure you get into ketosis and through your initial period on the new lifestyle - as it takes a week or two or three to make changes in your body. Be prepared to get through it. You body may have to switch from fueling itself from dietary sugars to other metabolic processes and there is a certain period for that changeover to take place (as fuels are depleted in stored muscle cells and in the liver).8.) Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns. Low carb probably isn't the best for developing little babies and little kids, pregnant women, and folks with certain health problems (like liver problems, certain diabetes conditions need to be carefully managed, etc). See a doctor if you are not sure and ensure that you are not putting your health at risk. This isn't a scary or seriously risky proposition for most folks, but one size does not fit all, and proper medical/health advice is probably recommended for some folks in certain situations!!I am not a doctor and do not even pretend to play one on TV. I am enthusiastic about this way of life as I believe it is the way to eat best without endangering your health (compared to the heavy sugar laden typical western diet) if it is done right, and if necessary, with medical supervision. Follow many of the links on this page and you will learn lots to help you [...]

Low-Carb Lollygagging in 2007 & 2008!


I am so excited to have completed my first complete year *and* calendar year of low carbing it! I started in November of 2006, and have continued Atkins-style low-carb living through all of 2007!!

2007 was wonderful and an absolute banner year for me to reach new levels of weight loss and health through changing the way that I eat. I am now convinced more than ever that (for at least some of us), low carb is the way to go! Throughout 2007 I have lost over a hundred pounds (almost 110 lbs), and have gone from a 62" waist to a 50" waist. My neck size on my shirts has shrunk a couple inches as well from a 22" neck to comfortably fitting in shirts with a 19" neck. Very productive lollygagging there!!

I can tell you I feel so much better, fit into clothes better, look better and just feel like it's been an all around improvement so far!

For 2008 I am planning on gradually implementing moderate excercise and more consistent and vigorous physical activity into my life. We purchased a used low-end elliptical machine from a local Goodwill store which I have begun making good use of (it was broken and fixed with an $0.80 part), and I recovered some old dumbells from the in-laws (that I had left there for the use of others in the family). I may start back with some light free-weight workouts as well in 2008.

I will be continuing to monitor, manage, track, and maintain a low carb way of eating. I may be spending more time weighing my food and preparing meals ahead of time this year than I did in 2007. I suspect I may have to pay more attention to portion control, calories, and foods that may trip me up (like cheese, etc) when I overdo them. Carb creep may be a problem as I slack up on the fascist level of control once in a while - to my own detriment.

Thanks to my family and to all of my low carb friends and supporters who have shared so much encouragement, support, advice, information and research, etc!!!

In 2008 I hope to be joined by a number of family members including my oldest stepson (who has been back on Atkins style low carb for a couple months now with great results), and my wife who is also planning on beginning low carb living in 2008! I have a brother-in law and possibly two brothers (and a sister in-law) who may also be low carbing it in 2008!!

Way to Go Dr. Eades!!!


I am constantly impressed by the quality of the information on a few awesome low carb blogs. If you are following low carb science and are interested in understanding metabolism and nutrition and the way the body works down at the cellular and process levels - well, you JUST HAVE to read these for the occasional and sometimes frequent awesome information they put forth!

Todays blog that blew me away was one by Dr. Eades of the Protein Power low carb diet. He has a link to an almost two hour presentation by Gary Taubes at the University of California at Berkeley (entitled "The Quality of Calories: What Makes Us Fat and Why Nobody Seems to Care"), which is viewable as streaming RealPlayer video.

This is MUST SEE video!!! Here is the link to Dr. Eades Blog on this subject and I will also post the link to Gary's lecture at UC Berkeley.

The Protein Power Blog of Dr. Mike Eades and story on this subject (Thanks Dr. Mike!):

The link to the page and the actual presentation by Gary Taubes:

If you are a low carber you simply must stop to watch this! Send these links to all of your friends and family, to your doctor, nutritionist, etc.!! Let's get the word out!!!


Also, I would be remiss not to also thank Regina Wilshire (at her Weight of the Evidence blog) and Jimmy Moore (at his Livin Lavida LowCarb blog) for their blogs, and for the work done to record a pile of low carb research at A Pinch of Health's site, and to Nancy Appleton for her work recording all the studies related to sugar consumption at her site!!

These are especially excellent places to go if you are just starting, or are even considering starting the low carb way of life. Those of us who have been low carbing it frequent these sites often and learn all we can! To lose excess weight, to improve your overall health, this is an excellent place to learn about the simple low carb way to live your life better and fuller with more health and life and vigor, and to also avoid many of the ills that plague modern society through our modern sugar and carbohydrate-rich diets!!

Flu Shots and Still Sick Anyhow...


The past few weeks we have had various members of our family constantly sick with this head cold, sore throat, fever, chills, coughing, chest cold mess that is going around. I was sortof hoping that this year it would go through the family, and that I would be spared as this year I got the flu shot. It's a first for me. I am not trying to be a big whiney-baby or anything, but my arm hurt for a week afterwards, and I spent the 20 bucks, and now I am waiting for the big payoff. I am *supposed* to not get sick now. :smile: At least that is how it's supposed to work.Well, the evidently the shot didn't cover this bug as about 2-3 weeks after the cold ravaged a number of family members, I finally fell victim to it as well. ARGH! The first couple of days I felt like death on a cracker, spent a weekend in bed. I missed two days of work this past week on account of it. I braved getting out sick and all (after all, they don't give us 2-4 weeks of sick time) and going to work to see to some important things going on, but wish I could have stayed home through it all with the whole rest and medication route to getting through it.So if everything holds true to form (based on watching the others in my family) I will surely be sick for another week or more till my body gradually shakes this. I deviated from my low carb norm during all of this, without realizing it. Then I finally did realize it and frankly didn't care. My throat felt so sore from the sore throat I told guys at work it was like gargling razor blades. One fellow enquired if they were safety blades, and I told him that "No, I imagine these are the old fashioned double sided ones". The only cough drops in the house were just about pure sugar and menthol, and I took lots of them for relief without realizing what I was doing. Later, when my weight jumped way up on account of it, I finally realized what I had done. ARGH! Nothing like a little self-sabotage. Oh well, such is life. I continued to take them after I knew it, cause my throat felt so bad and cause I just didn't feel good enough to run to the store. My family members have been sick too and I didn't want to bother them, and I figured I'd just get through this, and get back into low carb and ketosis again. The damage had been pretty well done by this point.I haven't gone face-down in the donuts or anything, but that is the first real honest to goodness sugary stuff I have had since starting this, I think. I could be wrong, but that is my recollection at the moment. I have stayed away from sugar and refined carbs with a will and a purpose since starting this way of living in November '06. Anyhow, I am looking forward to getting back on track and getting myself on my way under 300 into the 200's soon. I came close a bit ago, down to 301.6 lbs, then bounced back up again. After eating all the cough drops I saw almost 308 lbs. Now I am back down from that (303 lbs this morning), and hopefully back on track again!Anyhow, thanks for stopping by and catching up! I appreciate all of my low carb friends out there in Internet land! This is an awesome way of life and has improved my health dramatically. In part, I owe the almost 110 lbs lost so far to all of you, who have informed me, encouraged me, and helped me along the way. I am especially grateful to those who stay at this and share the ups and downs of their lives, and share so much about what works and what doesn't. Keep on keeping on!!![...]

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Turkey-Day to all of my low carb friends and acquaintences online!! I hope that your Thanksgiving holiday was fun, full of good food and good times with friends and family!

This year we did turkey at our house. Our oldest son came home to be with us, and so our immediate family was all together, and that was nice.

We typically go out to see family or to a restaurant, but this year was different. I wasn't worried as my wife knows enough about cooking to pull as through, but then she got sick and it was all on me (EEeeek!). The latest cold/flu bug has hit our house and several have got a cold and are laid low now. I got the flu shot this year and an anxious to see if any of the immunity I was hoping for will be there for me this year. This is the first year I have ever done that either.

I am not a chef or cook and have never carved (let alone cooked) a turkey! In the end, I made a turkey, half a ham, asparagus cassarole, asparagus, green beans, creamed corn, cranberry sauce, yeast rolls, yam/sweet potatoes (both low carb and another sweet potato casarole that was definitely high carb), etc., and it all turned out great according to reports from the family. I of course only ate the low carb fare, but it was enjoyable, I ate till I was full, and it was a huge relief that I was able to even do it. My wife gave me pointers at critical points, and thanks to the Lord for our many blessings and the dinner working out after all!!

This morning, I checked the scale and I was another pound down, on down to 303.6 lbs. Ye 'Ol belt is about to get another notch or two in it soon as well. That is awsomely excellent! I was grinning ear to ear this morning as I got off the scale. :)

Minor Victory - 19" Collar


A tiny report of some minor victories. Probably doesn't mean alot to anybody else, but I am now in a 19" collared Oxford style shirt, without the blood flow being constricted to my brain or the life being choked out of me. This is something that I tried but was impossible a number of weeks ago (not too long ago).My weight loss has slowed a bit the past weeks, but I am still losing down to lower and lower levels (new lows). Last low was 305 lbs. My weight is still fluctuating up and down by 5 or sometimes 10 pounds. I have been working on reducing portion sizes - staying on the same low carb track that got me here otherwise. Meat and eggs and low carb veggies and some few nuts and cheeses here and there.It's nice to celebrate all the little landmarks as I reach them and pass them by on this low carb journey! This one was kinda neat! At my highest weight last year I was wearing a size 22 inch collar, which now hangs way down around my neck in almost comical fashion.My waist size has also been slowly and continually declining as well. That's also nice to see!------------------Some interesting articles and blog posts to point you to:Required Reading: Dr. Eades Responds to reports of a study indicating low carb diets cause higher inflamation. Links to an excellent study by Jeff Volek and others. Lalane vs. Ancel Keys (Timely reading if you are reading Good Calories, Bad Calories) features a great video link to a younger Jack Lalane talking about sugar and it's impact on health ("sugarholics"). you all the best on *YOUR* low carb journey!![...]

Origins of Low Carb: Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are." Brillat-SavarinIn reading the book "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes I am pleasantly surprised to find a good deal of the long history around low carb and low carb science. One of the "fathers" of the low carb premise was Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a French lawyer and physician who lived from 1755 to 1826 (to be 70 yrs and 10 months of age at his death).And in stumbling around the Internet looking for writings of low carb superheros (like William Banting, and Dr. Atkins, and Dr.'s Eades, etc) I found the famous writing (see the web link below) of the aformentioned low carb supergenius. It is an excellent read, and well worth spending some time perusing! I have included a handy glossary below for some of the excellent words found within the translated version of this low carb treatise.The Physiology of Taste by Brillat-SavarinMEDITATION XXI.OBESITY Fun - Glossary (not in any alphabetical order):.............................................................Corpulent: fat, obese, overweight Gastrophoria: One kind of obesity that is restricted to the stomachGastrophorous:Those afflicted with the aforementioned conditionObesity: that state of greasy congestion in which without the sufferer being sick, the limbs gradually increase in volume, and lose their form and harmony.farinacious: (it means starchy)1 : having a mealy texture or surface2 : containing or rich in starch feculent:foul with impurities, fecalfeculaferous:see feculentembonpoint :plumpness of person : stoutnessapoplexy:crippled by a strokedropsy :retention of water, edema (perhaps as a result of congestive heart failure) discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star. .-----------.By this and similar conversations I elucidate a theory I have formed about the human race, viz: Greasy corpulence always has, as its first cause, a diet with too much farinacious or feculent substance. I am sure the same regime will always have the same effect. .Carniverous animals never become fat. One has only to look at the wolf, jackal, lion, eagle, etc.Herbiverous animals do not either become fat until age has made repose a necessity. They, however, fatten quickly when fed on potatoes, farinacious grain, etc..-----------.The second of the causes of obesity, is the fact that farinacious and feculaferous matter is the basis of our daily food. .We have already said that all animals that live onfarinaceous substances become fat; man obeys the common law..The fecula is more prompt in its action when it is mingled with sugar. Sugar and grease are alike in containing large quantities of hydrogen, and are both inflammable. .This combination is the more powerful, from the fact that it flatters the taste, and that we never eat sweet things until the appetite is already satisfied, so that we are forced to court the luxury of eating by every refinement of temptation..-----------.INCONVENIENCE OF OBESITY (excerpt) Obesity has a lamentable influence on the two sexes, inasmuch as it is most injurious to strength and beauty. ...It lessens strength because it increases the weight to be moved, while the motive power is unchanged. ...It injures respiration, and makes all labor requiring prolonged muscular power impossible....Obesity destroys beauty by annihilating the harmony of primitive proportions, for all the limbs do not proportionately fatten. ...It destroys beauty by filling up cavities nature’s hand itself designed....Noth[...]

Celebrating One Year Low Carbin' It


An Old Familiar Landmark with a Big Giant One!Well, it's officially been a year Low Carbin' it!!!! I started Nov 1st, 2007! YEEEEeeeee Haw!I have been camped out by the mailbox (like a kid on Christmas morning) awaiting the results of a recent blood test at work. It was part of a health fair and the first I've done since going low carb. I haven't really got a full time doc overseeing my health. More on emergency basis only, as needed. So this was nice to get a bit of a checkup, through work! It was conducted through LifeSigns, and the lab work was done via LabCorp.The verdict is in. It is certainly better health stats than a year ago! Still not everything I had hoped for. But it is good, and I hope to do better as I lose more weight on low carb, and get into even better health and shape. Here's my Blood Workup and Health-Check stats:------------------------------------------------------BMI: 43 (this one and the next one calculated on one of those hand-grip BF testers)BF%: 40 (Yes, high. But less than a year ago!)BP: 142/96 (High, but not as high as before)--- Blood Test Results ---Glucose, Serum: 102 (borderline high)Cholesterol, Total: 209 (borderline high)Trigycerides: 79HDL Cholesterol: 52VLDL Cholesterol: 16LDL Cholesterol: 141 (borderline high)LDL/HDL Ratio: 2.7 ---------------------------------------------------------There were lots of other test results - but all thankfully solidly in the normal catagory. The tests they ran for medical geeks out there were (CMP14+LP+CBC/D/Plt) whatever that means. It was testing alot of stuff including kidney and liver function, Lipids, WBC/RBC, Sodium, Potassium, etc., etc.Also, I took a look at my "Estimate of 10-Year Risk for Coronary Heart Disease Framingham Point Scores" today on the net, while trying to understand the test results. That also turned out pretty OK. You too can try that here:, this afternoon the family made a trip to the tiny little library in our small town. The non-fiction (non-kids) books line maybe a half dozen or slightly more rows of shelves, tops.To my amazement, they had a fresh new hardcover copy of Gary Taubes new book: "Good Calories, Bad Calories" in stock. So I checked that puppy out in a heartbeat. Also a hard cover copy of "Protien Power" and "The Paleo Diet". I can't wait to read them all!! I started today reading the prolouge of Gary Taubes book, and it is awesomely awesome! Man, I'd like to slide back in time and thank these doctors and Mister Banting myself!! What a difference eating and living low carb has made in my life!!![...]

Kinda Funny


OK - You may not agree, ...but I kinda think the following Readers Digest illustration has a little more than a passing resemblance to one of the more popular low carbers on the Internet. Not an exact match, but see if you can figure out who I am alluding to.

Check it out! Let me know what you think!



Live from Hectic-Ville


Well, I have been busy the past few weeks which is causing me to post a bit less frequently.

Still low carbing it, but it has been more of a struggle of late. PORTION CONTROL is the name of the game. That and increasing my activity levels. I am gradually cutting back on the portions and gradually increasing my activity.

What worked to get me from 410 lbs past 350 lbs is not getting it done at the same level at 310 lbs. I need to cut back to smallerish portions, and that is hard for me psychologically more than physically. I am doing it slowly as I am deep down inside afraid of awful hunger, starvation, doing without, stalling my metabolism out, etc.

I have read about alot of successful folks and read what they are eating (quantity of food) and it's alot less than what I am now eating. I am finding myself slowly cycling above and below 310 lbs. I have been as low as 307.6 lbs recently and also above 310 lbs as my weight fluctuates up and down.

I am cutting back on sizes. A coworker told me about Body for Life - a book that advocates pumping up the metabolism and eating more regular, smaller meals. I am trying to do some of those kinds of things, low carb. Eat less. Do more.

It's a slow process right now as I am not cutting back enough to really create a huge calorie deficit. I am still losing on average, but slower. It's OK. It's still in the right direction. It is still showing me the main thing - that this way of life is SUSTAINABLE. That is the biggie for me!!

Keeping the faith! Keeping my chin up! Smallerish portions! More activity!

Thanks for pulling for me and with me on this low carb life-journey!!!

What if it all has been a Big Fat Lie?


OK... I absolutely know that I am not the first to post these. Jimmy Moore has been all over this for a long time now (and kudos to him for all the goodness he is bringing to the online low carb community, and those interested). In fact, ...I may actually be the last online low carber to post these... :sigh:But I gotta do *my* part for those within my circle of influence - I am so psyched following all the excitement around Gary Taubes new book (Good Calories, Bad Calories) and more importantly many of the ideas he is challenging and advancing. Gary Taubes is a top science journalist who has spent alot of time (years) apparently studying and challenging (and writing about) various scientific ideas, studys, and conclusions that are often done in error due to one reason or another. Now, in this new book Gary Taubes takes on the establishment (the man - yes, the man ...who is trying to keep you down) or at least the established thought advanced by the majority of nutrition experts and scientists over the past 4 decades or more. Gary's book is about 600 pages and contains a couple hundred pages (reportedly) of footnotes and references to various sources, studies, quotes, etc.(BTW - AWESOME JOB, GARY!!!! KEEP UP THE TREMENDOUS WORK!!! KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!!!)I have not purchased/read the book yet, but I am dying to! Up to now I have been reading and listening and watching Gary online alot lately. I am posting these links here for the benefit of my personal friends, the brethren at church, my work associates and buddies, and members of my family who might not make it to the other major low carb blogs.... but might drop in here.---------------------------------------------------This is Really Interesting Stuff:What if it's All Been a Big Fat Lie? (NY Times Article by Gary Taubes) Pharmacy Interview of Gary Taubes Shock Interview with Gary Taubes Brian Leher Show - Gary Taubes (National Public Radio) - Gary Taubes Rose Show - Gary Taubes & Panel Discussion with Dr. Oz, Dr. Ornish, etc. of Gary Taubes on Larry King with Joy Behar Weil Endorses Gary Taubes Book Enjoy![...]

LC Videos


Well, it seems like since I've been away the past couple weeks many popular low carb bloggers have jumped into the video scene on YouTube, and have created all kinds of informative and fun video blogs. Or maybe I've just been out of it or hadn't noticed. Anything's possible.It is really interesting to see some of the low carbers you have met online and followed for years, and meet new ones in this way. You get more personality, more fun, and maybe more of a connection than just in reading someone's typed blog pages I think. It's different. I doubt I am anywhere near ready to do a video blog. But it is fascinating. And I would think it would be of interest to anyone new to low carb, or to anyone who hasn't found these amazing online low carb video resources yet.I have learned alot watching these and recommend the following for your low carb learning and viewing pleasure. It's a little like on-demand specialized (low budget) TV shows right to your computer over the Internet.Here are some fun and interesting links:______________________________ fun. Learn alot. Like eating watermelon - just eat what you like, and spit out the seeds.[...]

Reminiscing: 2006 - 2007 (This Time Last Year To Now)


Main Entry: rem·i·nisce Pronunciation: \ˌre-mə-ˈnis\Function: intransitive verbInflected Form(s): rem·i·nisced; rem·i·nisc·ingEtymology: back-formation from reminiscenceDate: 1829: to indulge in reminiscence synonyms see remember— rem·i·nis·cer \-ˈni-sər\ noun-----------------------------------------------------------Well, I am spending a little time thinking about the past year. I've been offline, still lowcarbin it, but not lollygagging. Lots of work, home, church, family issues, etc. Been meaning to write, but have been literally too busy to post lately. Which is a gigantic bummer as I get alot of buzz and energy and encouragement and strength from focussing my thoughts here and sharing in a larger low carb community online.So anyhow, back to my reminiscing...Last year this time: Let's see. I was around or over 410 lbs. Fat. Disgustingly fat. About ill with overweight in so many ways. Last year around this time I had met several low carbers and started researching it online for the first time, seriously. A guy at work lost alot in a hurry. I was intruiged. Then, I met a low carb practicing doctor who kept the weight off for ten years eating this way - a real success story! I found Jimmy Moore's LivinLavidaLowCarb site, and that was an epiphany. I was about to get a call from my bro, telling me he had lost about 80 lbs on low carb any day now... :smile: ...launching me into an Atkins style "If my brother can do this, I can too!" Diet. Which is now the way I hope to eat for the rest of my life.So what has transpired over the last year?100+ lbs down!No more Antacids (Alka Seltzer and Prilosec/Prevacid/Nexium)No more GERDWent from a size 60 & 62 waist on my pants to somewhere closer to a 52 inch waist todayMy neck now hangs inside the collar-hole of my old 22-inch neck shirts amazingly inches smallerI am more active than I've been in many slothful recent yearsMy blood pressure is downI am sick less this year than the year before, in fact, for a number of years really!No more blood sugar and insulin spikes (getting really dopey and tired after eating, and shaky and light headed before eating) - having to get an emergency candy bar just to keep my blood sugar from crashing at timesI've made lot's of tremendous and inspiring low carb friends online!I feel great! I really believe I can eat and live this way for a lifetime of success!!!!Others are now asking me how I have done it, and are curious. Several have started low carbin it themselves too!!! THAT IS REALLY AWESOME! TO FIND SOMETHING SO WONDERFUL AND POSITIVE AND TO BE ABLE TO HELP OTHERS BE HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER!!!Aint life grand? Aint it wonderful?!! I can't wait to hit November 1st - my one year aniversary of starting this way of life is almost here! I can't wait to go another few months and be under 300 pounds forever!!! That will be so awesome! And I can hardly wait to lose my way through the 200's to get even closer to my goal weight - wherever that really is (someplace sustainable, healthy, and comfortable). Perhaps under 200 lbs! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!Anyhow, it's all in the Lord God's hands anyway. But I am thankful to God and PRAISE HIM for giving me this life, for creating me, for blessing me beyond measure, for forgiving me of sin, and for leading me from an unhealthy situation to one where I can be more healthy, active, useful in[...]

Sharing the Love and Helping Others


One of the things I think many of us low carbers want to do once we have lost some weight it to share the "secret of our success" with others so they can benefit too. It is really rewarding when folks start to notice your weight loss and ask what you have been doing that has worked for you. It is also very frustrating to feel so happy about losing some large amounts of weight and to still have few folks notice or appreciate the differences. I am just now really getting folks in my life (at work, church, etc) to notice my weight loss, being down a hundred pounds in less than a years time. It's kindof funny in that so many of them were really seemingly oblivious to the fact I was shrinking over the past year, but are only now being struck by the difference. I assume it is because starting out so heavy, my losses really had to be huge in order to be noticed (as a percentage of my total weight). Anyhow, now that people are asking - some are asking in sincere interest and some are just critical nosey folks who need to get into your business and share their two cents - I am excited to be able to tell them about low carb diets and Atkins in particular. I still have a tremendous amount of weight to go, but I hope folks will continue to notice and ask. During the time I have been losing it has really bothered me to see other people that are fat. I want to scream to them "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE FAT!", "YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT TOO, JUST LIKE ME!!! IF **I** CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO!!!" I want to tell them how easy it is. Almost effortless. No white-knuckle test of willpower. No futile yo-yo dieting and weight regain. It can last. It doesn't have to be an early death of diabetes and blood sugar problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, poor health, etc. It doesn't have to be a life of social isolation, frustration, anger, and depression!You don't have to be resigned to L, then XL, then XXL, then XXXL, then XXXXL (and so on) sized clothes.Anyhow, it is frustrating to watch others when you just want to say, Did you know? Have you considered? Have you heard? Wouldn't you want all these good things for yourself too???!!!!I don't want to be a militant cult-like diet fanatic, pushing on others his view of the world. But how to share with so many others, especially when some are starting to remark and ask me what I've been doing?Well, my wife hit on something really affordable, easy, and something that might let me do some little part to help a few folks, if I can. To share the Joy of William Banting running through the streets of London with his letter on corpulence...My wife found a consignment store with a book section with a pile of old Atkins books at about a buck a book. I now have something to hand to those who are interested enough to try to understand the low carb way of life. It's cheap, easy, and handy, and something anyone can do. I left a couple in my desk at work. I'll put a couple in the car. It ought to be fun!!Check your local used book stores and consignment stores for copies and let me know if you too have success with sharing this wonderful way of eating and living. Let's have some fun!!![...]

How Many Benefits of Eating Low Carb Can You Come Up With?


I thought it would be great to try to list as many as we could, together. Post into the comments and I will compile a master list and then will repost the list in its entirety when it gets big enough. List any references, sources, attributions, etc.

I'll get things started....

1.) Lose Weight (And lose it faster, better, longer, easier than low calorie and other methods)
2.) OK, I took the easy one. : ) Now it's your turn....