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Hydraulic log splitter

Thu, 29 Dec 2011 10:16:00 +0000

If you are planning to purchase the ideal log splitter, you have to make sure that you will choose the model that best suits your needs and preferences and can provide you the number of wood that you need on a daily basis. The hydraulic log splitters generally follow a basic design but they also possess some differences that can make it more efficient.

There are two major types of the Hydraulic log splitters, the vertical type and the horizontal type. The vertical type of hydraulic log splitter gives you the advantage to work with your rounds close to the grounds. You no longer need to lift them up on the work table. The disadvantage of this type of hydraulic log splitter is that you have to work on the ground in a bent over or kneeling down position. It can be quite uncomfortable over a long period of time and adds stress on your body, especially your back. Once the pieces are split, you have to clear them off the work space or even lift them up.

The horizontal type of Hydraulic log splitters allows you to work in a standing position that is quite comfortable for some users. If you are making your own splitter, you can build the work table so that it is suitable to your height. Once you have split the wood pieces, you can easily shove them off the table and they are out of your way. The disadvantage of the horizontal type is that you have to lift the wood rounds up to your work table. For some, lifting the wood is easier, so most people prefer the horizontal type of hydraulic log splitter for their convenience.

If you want a combination of both types, you can find splitters that easily convert from the vertical type to the horizontal type or you can build one on your own. All you have to do is to mount the main I-beam to a particular hinge so that it can easily tilt 90 degrees. It depends on the preference of the user. Some might find it complicated and difficult to operate and would prefer either of the two types of hydraulic log splitters.

Before you choose the ideal hydraulic log splitter, just make sure that you take note of the two types. The differences in their designs can make a difference in their functionality.

Hydraulic Log Splitters - Hydraulic Power For Your Business!

Thu, 15 Dec 2011 20:34:00 +0000

Different climate conditions in various geographical regions are responsible for the change in the lifestyle of people and there is always a diversity found right from the living expenses to the appliances required in house. Extreme cold climate demands heating solutions in the office place and house.

The solution for this demand can be met with the help of appliances such as heaters or you need to setup a fireplace in your house. Fireplaces have been there since long time but due to scarce natural resources and the efforts required in chopping the wood surely make it complex. The human resources required to chop the wood is also a matter of great concern. Equipments such as Hydraulic log splitters will help you in this case as it saves time as well as accurate output.

For most of the business owners or home users constant supply of small wood pieces is a matter of great concern. There are many people indulged into the business of wood cutting as it serves the purpose for other business such as furniture making, house making, fire place wood suppliers and other items.

The human resource required to cut down the long wood logs also adds to the overall cost of this business. The effort that is required for manual cutting of the wood is also tiresome.

Work process and usage

Log splitters solve this purpose as they comes as manual or automatic but in both cases they decrease the effort and time required for this job. Hydraulic log splitters are one of the cheapest variations of this kind and they work on the hydraulic power generation.

Hydraulic log splitters have a lever to control the piston. Piston when operates it generates the hydraulic pressure that results in the cutting of wood. Whether it is a soft wood or hard and stubborn wood log you can always ensure an accurate cut with the help of these splitters.

There are variations in this product as it comes as automatic or manual. For manual wood cutting one has to operate with the help of level while for automatic one can use the existing switch controls.

If you implement this idea in your business then your efforts and time will decrease to almost half and at the same time you may cut down the human resource required for this job. The overall investment for log splitters will pay you off soon with the help of reduction in cost of human resource and time.

If you need a fully automated wood splitter that is capable of cutting hard wood and large logs in a short period of time, you can consider using Hydraulic wood splitter. To know more about this, you can visit Hydraulic Log splitter and know more about how to homemade log splitter.

Hydraulic Log Splitters - Hydraulic Power For Your Business!

Thu, 15 Dec 2011 20:33:00 +0000

When I was a young teenager, my father taught me how to split wood. I had tried on many occasions, but was only able to put a mere dent in the Beech or Maple wood with the heavy splitting axe! Now I was big enough and my workaholic dad made use of me. I got stronger and felt great. I also ran two miles a day and played ball hockey. Today, any of these activities would result in a near-certain rush to the local Emergency room! If I had to do it now, I'd definitely want to purchase a hydraulic wood splitter.The question isn't whether you should burn wood or not. You've decided on this already. Perhaps you like the wonderful peace you feel sitting near a crackling fire. It may be that you are saving a lot of money on expensive heating bills. Maybe you like roasting marshmallows in your living room. You're burning wood, but you're killing your back. You need some help.The time and physical energy saved by using a machine for splitting wood is enough to sell a homeowner on one of these mighty machines. Such a tool could produce more, ready-to-burn material several times faster than an experienced woodsman. A single mother may not have a child old enough or strong enough to help with this task. She may not possess the strength herself to split enough wood for a long winter; and would have to hire someone to do it for her. If there is no reliable help around, she may be forced to purchase more expensive pre-split wood for her use.Once the need is established, the buyer can choose different types and sizes for their hydraulic wood splitter. There are upright standing units, or horizontal ones. There are hydraulic-assisted splitters, where there is some physical effort required; but which are less expensive to buy and operate. Some splitters run with a motor that requires electricity or gas.Either way, the overall savings of having one of these busy-man's dreams, more than covers the slight cost of operating it. Most of you who use wood for heat or cooking will want a good supply available long before it is needed for use. When trees are cut and logs split into smaller pieces, it takes time for the sap to run-out. It is very difficult to burn - what is called - wet wood. It is not wet in the way of being rained-on, it is wet inside from the life-blood of the tree, which is the sap running through it.Wood is best left to dry or season for about a year. Once it's split, it will dry quite easily in pieces and piled neatly near where the user can easily access it in cold or inclement weather. Because most people will want a good supply of usable firewood, it is almost necessary in these times of long work hours and home-life chores, to have a machine that can do the work most of us don't have the time for.Henry Ford once said - after mass producing his first cars that you can have any color you want as long as it's black. Well, thankfully, those days are gone. You can get your wood splitter in many different colors. This may not matter to the buyer who just wants a reliable working tool, but some of us want aesthetic beauty around our property. Rest assured that among the different styles and functionality of your hydraulic splitter you can find one that doesn't stand out like an unwanted frame of scrap metal, disturbing the otherwise pleasant land you live on.Your new wood splitting tool will be a time saving, eye pleasing device that can also be a big boy's toy. It'll be fun to step outside and watch as the wood neatly splits into equally shaped pieces that will pile and dry easily. Knowing that you won't end up like the un-oiled Tin Man or at your doctors for a large prescription of painkillers are comforting thoughts. Your handy little machine will certainly attract attention from curious neighbors and friends who might even pay to borrow - or have you split their wood with your new invaluable machine. The question shouldn't be if you should get a hydraulic wood splitter, but when!If you need a fully automated wood spli[...]

Hydraulic log splitter

Mon, 05 Dec 2011 11:27:00 +0000

There are different types of the hydraulic log splitters that are available today. The types are the manually powered, electrically powered and the gas powered. Each of the three types of hydraulic log splitters has their own positive features.

The first type is the manual log splitter. A manual hydraulic log splitter has a hydraulic jack positioned on its side. Once you hand pump the jack, it causes a bar to smash into a log aligned with the wedge responsible for splitting, it is a helpful but sluggish process. This type is easy, safe and quiet to use. It does not need electricity or gasoline to operate. The manual hydraulic log splitter is considered the highly environmentally safe of all the log splitting machines. It comes in a compact design, can be stored easily and can be used in any setting. This log splitter can split about 20, 8 inch diameter logs in a span of an hour.

The electric log splitters are ideal for homeowners that burn two to ten cords of wood annually. This type of log splitter is usually light weight and comes in a compact design, making it easy to maneuver and storing it is easy. They can be operated with the use of the average house current. The only drawback of this type of log splitter is that it is completely unusable in remote areas unless you have access to a power generator. They are relatively safe and easy to use. This type of log splitter does not generate any toxic fumes and are considered environmentally safe. The productivity of these log splitters depends on several factors such as the diameter of the log, hardness of the wood and the splitting force of the machine. It can normally process up 40 up to 50, 12 inch diameter logs in an hour.

The third type is the gas powered hydraulic log splitters. It is the best alternative for commercial or remote use. This type of log splitters is generally larger and heavier, and usually requires more storage space. It can process logs with larger diameter quickly. On the other hand, the gas powered hydraulic log splitters produces toxic fumes and are noisy, this type of log splitter cannot be used indoors. There is additional productivity and power; it can produce 60 up to 80, 18 inch long logs every hour. This type of log splitter can be quite expensive compared to the other types.

With the three type of hydraulic log splitters mentioned above, you will have a guide in purchasing the right log splitter for your needs. This can help you in choosing the log splitter that can fit your preferences.

If you need a fully automated wood splitter that is capable of cutting hard wood and large logs in a short period of time, you can consider using Hydraulic wood splitter. To know more about this, you can visit Hydraulic Log splitter and know more about how to homemade log splitter.

Increase Wood Cutting Efficiency through Hydraulic Wood Splitter

Sat, 26 Nov 2011 00:21:00 +0000

You can easily find different varieties of wood splitter today. Actually, this is also the reason why people are having a hard time choosing the best wood splitter. There are tractor wood splitters, used wood splitters and electric wood splitters available. Getting a hydraulic wood splitter can be a good idea since it is one of the best models. Large and moderate businesses are the ones that used this kind of wood splitter so other may not benefit from it. This is not a good thing if you only have a small business or the wood splitter will only be used for your home. The benefits mentioned below can help you decide on the kind of wood splitter that you want.

First, this kind of model is more efficient to use. People who are searching for high pressure and driving force can consider this kind of wood splitter. When it comes to speed, this wood splitter is very fast when cutting woods and it can also cut large logs and hard wood. The user will not have to exert too much effort because it is fully automated.

Second is it can be effective together with your existing equipment. If you have existing equipment like skid steer log splitting attachment, you can use it to improve the capability of this log splitter.

Third are high benefits and lower cost. Lower tonnage Hydraulic wood splitter are cheaper when compared to higher tonnage so it is better. Lower tonnage machines can be cheaper but it is definitely faster than other high tonnage in cutting wood. You can find some expensive and high tonnage equipments but it is still more cost effective to use lower tonnage machines if you do not have a huge business.

Fourth is safety. This wood splitter model is fully automated making it less risky compared to other wood splitters.

Benefits of Considering a Hydraulic Wood Splitter

Sat, 26 Nov 2011 00:15:00 +0000

The market now has different type of wood splitters. Actually, this is also the reason why people are having a hard time choosing the best wood splitter. People can look at some used wood splitters
, electric wood splitters, tractor wood splitters and others. However, one of the best one today is known as the hydraulic wood splitter. However, buying this kind of wood splitter may not be beneficial to other people because it is made for moderate to large businesses. There are other models made for home usage and for small businesses so it is better to choose other models instead of this if you do not have a big business. The tips mentioned below provide the benefits of this kind of splitter.

First is higher efficiency. When you talk about pressure and driving force, you can surely see that this model is better than electric or manual splitters. This wood splitter is used in cutting large logs and hard wood and it is also fast when cutting woods of any size. This kind of wood splitter is also fully automated and it does not require the full effort of the user.

Second, you can also try to use it together with your existing equipments. If you have existing attachments like skid steer log splitting attachment, it can help improve the capability of the wood splitter.

Third are the cost and the benefits that it provides. You can find some lower tonnage Hydraulic wood splitter which is less expensive than the higher ones. Even though lower tonnage machines are cheaper, they are known for their speed in cutting wood. You can find some expensive and high tonnage equipments but it is still more cost effective to use lower tonnage machines if you do not have a huge business.

Fourth is safety. The risk of having physical injuries is lessened because the whole model is fully automated.