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Preview: Low Carb HIT

Low Carb HIT

A common sense approach to eating and working out for average people who want reasonable results with out going nuts in the process.

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Wow, has it been that long since I've written anything here. Looks like I need to do some dusting and cleaning, and get back with the program. Stay tuned.

Jumpstart Day 7


Day 7 Weigh In 199.5Down a total of 4 pound in 7 days. Not too shabby. Tomorrow its back to eating mostly clean and following the AGD. I was little off schedule this morning as I ended up having Peanut butter toast and a protein shake for breakfast. I just was not in the mood for eggs again. Lunch was Vegetable soup with a piece of Salmon and a yogurt. Snack this afternoon was a banana and

Jumpstart Day 6


Sometimes, Supper just happens. Tonite was one of those nights. An onerously long meeting at the office, plus Mrs D. having work struggles led to finishing the entire bottle of wine. Its days like this that reinforce the concept of perfection being the enemy of the good. Because some days, good enough is just that.Breakfast; Scrambled eggs with cheese and salsaLunch; Steak, salad with olive

Jumpstart Day 5


No picture today, sorry. I was going to take a picture of my supper, but I started eating and just plain forgot. Today was an average day at work. My energy levels were a little off today, probably still adjusting to lower carbs and a clean diet. I did manage to get in a quickie workout consisting of push-ups, assisted chin-ups, and 20 minute on the exercise bike at about 80% of predicted

JumpStart Day 4


BreakfastBaconEggsOrangeLunchSteakSaladSnackBananaMixed NutsSupperHamAcorn SquashBroccoliSnackCottage CheesePeanut ButterProtein Powder

Jumpstart Day 3


Back to work today after a long holiday weekend. Getting up this morning was not fun. Made it through the day and even got in my work out.BreakfastEggsSausageOrangeLunchChickenMixed VegetablesAppleAfternoon SnackGreek YogurtAlmondsDinnerItalian Sausages in SauceZucchini Baked with cheeseSaladEvening SnackGreek YogurtBerries and WalnutsTodays workout, 2 circuits of each of the following.Dumbbell

Jumpstart Day 2


Today got off to a rough start. We were having our coffee and getting ready to cook breakfast when the power went out. We waited a few minutes and then a few more minutes and still no electricity. Having an electric stove, a cooked breakfast was out. I dind't really feel up for cold-cuts for breakfast, so I just had a bowl of Kashi Cereal, with some walnuts and a protein shake. It wasn't

Jumpstart Day1


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with vegetables, Bacon, an Orange, Coffee with Splenda and Half and half.Lunch; Italian Sausages on a salad with vinegar and olive oilPost work out, afternoon snack; Milk, Bomber Blend Protein Powder, peanut butter and bananaDinner; Vegetable Soup, Salmon with a macadamia nut and coconut crustEvening Snack (not pictured);Fage Greek yogurt with berries and walnuts.Todays

Its News Years, time to lock it back down


Official Jan 1 Weigh In 203.5 lb.My most recent recorded weight prior to today was 197 on November 18. I had been down as low as 195, but I must have not recorded it. Even so, that puts my holiday weight gain this year at 6.5 lb. It could have been worse, a lot worse. I had hoped to end the year at under 200, but I'll take a 20 lb. weight loss year on year. I spent today just eating

Getting Back On Track


So, the holidays are winding down, and in-spite of your best intentions, you over did it. It happened at my house, and chances are it happened at some of yours. No big deal. Really.Plan A - Just get back into the swing of things and the weight and belly bulge will go down on its own. Go back to the Average Guys Diet and start from there. Keep doing what ever exercise you are/were doing. At

Still An Average Guy


Oh what a lazy shit I've been these several months. Thats true at least about writing. So far however I have been doing quite well keeping my food and exercise in line which is the important part. Diet wise I have been following my own advice. The Average Guys Diet, is working and I'm down to the lowest weight I've been in about 4 years, 195. My last body fat measurement was a healthy 18%,

Average Guys guide to a no excuses work out


You plus one pair of dumbbells plus 15 minutes equal fitnessI was recently contemplating one of the most common excuses I hear as to why people don't exercise. Of course that exercise is lack of time, followed closely by lack of equipment. So I wondered what would be the minimum investment one could make in time and equipment. Time wise, 60 minutes a week of moderate to vigorous exercise seems to

Average Guys Diet Revisited


Its been about a year since I last blogged for Average Guys and I think I'm over due. A lot has happened in the past year, and I am still dealing with some of the fallout of these changes. Along the way I kind of lost sight of what I was trying to convey. Recently however one of my office colleagues had a health issue. He's an Average Guy, and its guys like him who need this advice more than

And The Results


Wt 216 - down 7.5 lbs totalWaist 41.25 - 2 inches lostThoughts on the process.If I were to get a "do over", I would not cut my carbs as low or as fast. Coming off a carb laden holiday season my metabolism was probably similar to what many modern folks' metabolism is like all the time. Rather I would record what I ate for 3 or 4 days prior to starting and then cut my carb intake by half,

Day 30 of 30


So here it is the end of my 30 day self challenge. I was actually compliant for all 30 days, no cheese steak binges or sneaking of to Jake's burgers for a milk shake. I learned a couple of important things during this experience. Eating on a schedule can keep you on track. Their were times I didn't keep to my schedule and let my self get hungry, these were dangerous times, and threatened my

Day 29 0f 30


Today has been a much better day. I actually got a full nights sleep. I upped my carbs from 40 to 60, and the difference was rather remarkable. It took me by a bit of a surprise how much of an impact 20 carbs could make. Apparently it broke the "deep" ketosis into a lighter version, and my mental status is much improved. Aside from being sick for a couple of days with a virus, my physical energy

Day 28 of 30


After the past few days I feel much better today. I still feel like my head is going to explode every time I sneeze or cough, but that is an improvement.eggs and sausageberries and creamcoffee and creammultivitamin1 tbs udo's oil2000mg vitamin D99mg potassiumpork chopshome made vegetable soupsugar free jellopeachesmixed nutssaute cod with bacon, butter, lime and green onionsbroccoli and

Days 26 & 27


OUT SICK normal activity should resume tomorrow.

Day 25 of 30


Weight today 216.5, no loss this week. I am somewhat miffed that this week, with the extra activity, my weight didn't budge. So I am back to being a slug this week and see what happens.I didn't get my workout in yesterday so I did it today. I hit all my target reps and will increase my weight next time. I slept somewhat better last night, but I also woke up hungry in the wee hours and once

Day 24 of 30


Another night not sleeping well. I ended up getting up in the middle of the night and having a glass of milk, and was finally able to sleep soundly. No work out or tread mill toady.LCCF Pancakesbacon and eggcoffee with cream and splendamutlivitamin2000mg vitamin DOnion soupturkey and provolone roll upsavocadoatkins barcoffeeTilapia and crab cakebroccolimashed cauliflower

Day 23 of 30


Did not hit the treadmill today. I have been feeling kind of drug out, and under fed all day. Work was a real challenge. I didn't sleep well last night, and am looking forward to the weekend and sleeping in, hopefully.Eggs with cheese and salsaalmond milk with protein powderberries and cream1 tbs Udo's oilmultivitamin99 mg potassium2000mg Vitamin dRoast beef and cheese roll upshome made

Day 22 of 30


Steps today 6877. I got in 30 mins on the treadmill at work. It was Lions Club meeting night.Almond MilkProtein PowderEgg and Sausage1 tbs Udo's OilMulti-vitamin99mg vitamin2000mg Vitamin DBaked Chicken BreastZucchinin Caserolemixed nutsScallops wrped in bacon with a cream sauce2 glasses winecheese

Day 21 of 30


I put in 15 minutes on the tread mill walking at 3mph. After I got home from work. So far my step count for the day is 5851, so I'm still over my goal. I am going to take a pair of sneakers to work so I can use the tread mill as trying to get some treadmill time after work makes dinner and my whole evening very rushed. Scrambled eggs with Canadian bacon and cream cheeseAlmond milkProtein

Day 20 of 30


Steps so far today 5212. Dinner tonight wasn't the most satisfying. So we had a handful of Mac nuts afterward to add a little fat. That helped, and given that we were having a custard, we only had to make it a couple of hours. Tomorrow marks he completion of 3 weeks of LC WOE. So far so good. My energy is high. My biggest complaint is the lack of sleep. I am getting only about 5 hours a

Day 19 of 30


I put in 30 minutes on the tread mill walking at 3mph again today. With that and a quick trip to the super market I have accumulated 6400 steps, woot woot. Given my goal is 5000 I am quiet impressed. Little things that give feed back can be a big motivator. LC Pancakesbreakfast sausage1 tbs Udo's Oilcoffee with cream and splenda99 mg potassiummulti-vitamin2000mg Vitamin DTaco Salad made with