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Tim Ecclestone


Tim Ecclestone was born in Toronto in 1947. In choosing his profession, he followed in his Uncle Cam's footsteps more than his father's. Cam Ecclestone was a notable athlete in Canada, a top softball pitcher. Being an athlete appealed far more to Tim than getting into the family dry cleaning business. While Tim enjoyed a variety of sports as a youth, it was hockey that he was best at. He went on

Dave Maloney


Though maybe not a true number one defenseman, Dave Maloney was a good puck moving defenseman with a physical dimension. His mobility and hockey sense made him a useful member of both the specialty team units. The native of Kitchener, Ontario, Maloney starred with the hometown Kitchener Rangers for two years before being selected 14th overall by the New York Rangers in 1974. After two years

Darius Kasparaitis


Talented, feisty on the ice and a free spirit away from it, Darius Kasparaitis was a highly competitive defenseman from Lithuania. A strong skater who mostly concentrated on the defensive side of the game, Kasparaitis had an infectious enthusiasm for the game. Kasparaitis succeeded Ulf Samuelsson as the NHL's resident controversial hard hitting defenseman. He loved nothing more than to lay a

Billy Smith


Perhaps the best clutch goaltender of all time, Battlin' Billy Smith was a major reason for 4 consecutive Stanley Cup championships on Long Island with the N.Y. Islanders. His most celebrated Stanley Cup championships might have come in 1983. His 2-0 performance in game 1 of the 1983 finals against Edmonton is considered one of the greatest classics of all time. He would go on to shut out Wayne

Marty McSorley


Marty McSorley worked hard to rid himself of his reputation as a goon early in his career. He worked hard to improve himself as a player, and became very well respected throughout the entire league, both for his on ice play and off ice class. However that all changed on February 21, 2000. With less than five seconds left in regulation time and the Canucks cruising to a 5-2 victory over the

Mark Napier


As an 18-year old Napier was rated as the top player in Canada born in 1957 by pro scouts. He had an impressive 223 points in 131 games during two seasons for his hometown team Toronto Marlboros in the OHA. In his last season with the Marlies, 1974-75, Napier led the team to the Memorial Cup as well as being named to the 1st All-Star team. He also led all scorers in goals (24) and points (48) in

Keith Acton


From his very first NHL game right through to his 1023rd and final contest, Keith Acton played the same way - all out. Acton was an energetic checking forward. He was hard working and honest, yet aggressive and feisty and almost always yapping his mouth at the opposition. Throughout his career he was often compared to Ken Linseman. Acton and Linseman played very similar roles, although

Weekend Book Review


J.P. Bickell: The Life, The Leafs, and The Legacy I have to admit this one surprised me. I mean, why would I, a western Canadian hockey fan, care about the businessman who financed Conn Smythe's Toronto Maple Leafs? That was how many years ago? And, ugh, yet another Leafs book, and this one about some guy no one has ever heard of? But J.P. Bickell: The Life, The Leafs and The Legacy is a

Legends of Team Canada: John Devaney


Everyone remembers the 1980 Olympics as the year of the American Miracle On Ice upset victory over the Soviets. But Canada had a strong team that year. Though they never won a medal, Team Canada also came close to a miracle of their own.Team Canada that year had several future NHLers, including future Hall of Famer Glenn Anderson, future Stanley Cup champion Randy Gregg, scoring star Paul MacLean

Legends of Team Canada: Ron Davidson


Ron Davidson may better known as a successful lawyer to most, but hockey has always been his passion. Never drafted by a NHL team, the lanky center played junior hockey in Cornwall, Ottawa and Kingston while studying law, earning his law degree from Queen's University. He jumped at the chance to play for the Canadian Olympic team in 1980, turning down a contract offer from the Minnesota North

Legends of Team Canada: Dan D'Alvise


While many members of the 1980 Canadian Olympic team went on to at least a stint in the National Hockey League, Dan D'Alvise was not among them. D'Alvise is the younger brother of Bob D'Alvise, a star with Michigan Tech who went on to play in the WHA. Dan followed a similar route. He played at the University of Toronto, where he studied business, before joining the Olympic program. He was even

Super Series '76


The National Hockey League never really supported the idea of the 1972 showdown between Russia's best and Canada's best. They didn't like the fact that their assets - the players - were being used in a series they had little control over. There was even a movement by some American NHL owners to not allow their players to play in the games. However it quickly became apparent that there was little

Philadelphia Flyers vs CSKA Moscow, January 11th 1976


Sun. Jan. 11/76 SOVIET ARMY 1 at PHILADELPHIA 4 FIRST PERIOD 1. PHI - Leach (Barber) 11:38 2. PHI - MacLeish (Lonsberry) 17:37. Penalties: Aleksandrov 2:24, Dornhoefer, Glazov, 3:34, Dupont 7:00, Van Impe 9:10, Army (bench - delay of game) 11:21, Dornhoefer 17:56. SECOND PERIOD 3. PHI - Joe Watson (Saleski, Kindrachuk) 2:44 4. Army - Kutyergin (Popov) 10:48. Penalties: Dupont 1:08,

Boston Bruins vs CSKA Moscow, January 8th 1976


Thu. Jan. 8/76 SOVIET ARMY 5 at BOSTON 2 FIRST PERIOD No Scoring Penalties: Smith 16:03, Aleksandrov 17:20. SECOND PERIOD 1. BOS - Forbes 2:54 2. Army - Kharlamov (Maltsev) 4:41 3. Army - Kharlamov (Maltsev) 11:00 4. Army - Maltsev (Vasilyev) 13:19 5. BOS - Ratelle (Hodge) 17:31 Penalties: Schmautz 3:31, Cashman 11:00, Shluktov 17:26. THIRD PERIOD 6. Army - Tsygankov (Aleksandrov,

Chicago Blackhawks vs Soviet Wings, January 7th 1976


Wed. Jan. 7, 1976 SOVIET WINGS 4 at CHICAGO 2 FIRTS PERIOD 1. Wings - Tyerhin (Yakushev, Risqunov) 8:46 2. CHI - Redmond (Mulvey) 9:11 Penalties: White 3:21, Rota 7:41, Redmond, Rasko 20:00. SECOND PERIOD 3. Wings - Kapustin (Rasko, Kuznetsov) 4:03 4. Wings - Schlalimov (Tyerhin, Liapkin) 8:41 5. Wings - Liapkin (Turin, Yakushev) 17:13 Penalties: Russell 3:15, Resynyev 3:15, Tallon 7:

Buffalo Sabres vs Soviet Wings, January 4th 1976


Sun. Jan. 4, 1976 SOVIET WINGS 6 at BUFFALO 12 FIRST PERIOD 1. BUF - Guevremont (Spencer, Hajt) 6:10 2. BUF - Perreault (Korab) 7:10 3. BUF - Martin (Stanfield) 11:32 4. Wings - Repnyev (Schalimov, Yakushev) 13:45 5. BUF - Martin 14:23 6. Wings - Kapustin (Kotov) 19:16 Penalties: Shadrin, Ramsay 0:36, Repnyev, Fogolin 11:21, Korab 11:45. SECOND PERIOD 7. BUF - Lorentz (Gare,

Montreal Canadiens vs CSKA Moscow, December 31st, 1975


Wed. Dec. 31, 1975 RED ARMY 3 at MONTREAL 3 FIRST PERIOD 1. MTL - Shutt (Mahovlich) 3:16 2. MTL - Lambert (Risebrough, Savard) 7:25 Penalties: Wilson 0:38, Vasilyev 4:43, Cournoyer 16:33, Shluktov 19:45. SECOND PERIOD 3. Army - Mikhailov, (Vasilyev) 3:54 4. MTL - Covrnoyer (Lafleur, Lemaire) 9:39 5. Army - Kharlamov(Petrov, Mikhailov) 16:21 Penalties; Solodukhin 7:38, Gusev 8:23

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Soviet Wings December 29th, 1975


Mon. Dec. 29, 1975 SOVIET WINGS 7 at PITTSBURGH 4 FIRST PERIOD 1. Wings - Anish (Bodunov) 1:45 2. Wings - (Shadrin, Sghalimov) 4:33 3. Wings - Schalimov (Liapkin) 12:10 4. Wings - Yakushev (Shadrin, Turin) 15:25 Penalty: Campbell 7:12. SECOND PERIOD 5. Wings - Shadrin (Liapkin, Shlalimov) 1:39 6. PIT - Larouche (Kehoe, Faubert) 5:35 7. Wings - Repnyev (Kapustin) 6:02 8. PIT - Schock (

New York Rangers vs CSKA Moscow, December 28th 1975


Rangers impressed by RussiansNew Yorkers had a first hand glimpse at the amazing Soviet hockey teams as they humiliated the NHL Rangers before a packed house at Madison Square Gardens.The smooth-skating Russians awed 17,500 Garden fans with their blazing speed and pinpoint passing as they ran up a 7-1 lead on the seventh-ranked NHL team before calling it a night early. The Rangers scored

New York Islanders vs Soviet Wings, January 10th 1976


Sat. Jan. 10/76 SOVIET WINGS 2 at ISLANDERS 1 FIRST PERIOD No Scoring Penalties: Drouin 2:24, Anisin 5:25, Repnyev, Marshall 7:48, Lebedev, St. Laurent 8:46, St. Laurent 10:56, Hart 16:35. SECOND PERIOD 1. Wings - Schlalimov 6:31 2. NYI - Trottier (D. Potvin, Gillies) 14:59 3. Wings - Anisin 19:46 Penalties; Gostyuslev 2:27, Krikunov 5:30, Bobinov 10:00, 14:54, Harris 10:17. THIRD PERIOD

Mario Lemieux: The Best Ever?


Many people celebrate Mario Lemieux as the greatest player ever to play the game of hockey. He is almost universally on everyone's "top five" list if not "top three." Based on pure talent, it is hard to argue that he is not number one. Notwithstanding his many awards and championships, and his mindbogglingly impressive statistics, perhaps the most amazing thing about Mario is he did this while

Jean Ratelle


Jean Ratelle is about as perfect a hockey player as there as we have ever seen. His professionalism and sportsmanship are as rare as his elite puck handling and skating skills. While his road to the NHL wasn't the smoothest, but once he got there he quickly established himself as smooth operator. He split the first four pro seasons between the New York Rangers and the minor leagues. At one point

Pucks On The 'Net: Random Thoughts Edition


* Houston will get a NHL team. I'm certain of it, and was before there was any interest expressed from Texas. Obviously the odds of a team have greatly increased, but don't expect anything imminently. Gary Bettman will tell Houston to sit patiently and they will get a team. The league likes to have interested groups with deep pockets and a ready arena hanging around as leverage. Ottawa and

Murray Hall


It is debatable if Murray Hall was a better hockey player or a better golfer. Hall was born in Kirkland Lake but he grew up in nearby rural Tarzwell where his family owned the general store. He grew up falling in love with the game on frozen Round lake before moving to town. The family moved to Oakville later so his father could work at the Ford plant. That allowed Hall to opportunities to

Teemu Brought Skill, Passion, Enjoyment To The NHL


Teemu Selanne is set to become just the second Finnish player in hockey history to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Jari Kurri, of course, was the first, inducted in 2001. Selanne grew up idolizing Kurri, who was the undisputed greatest player in Finnish hockey history. Now he will join his hero, though some say he surpassed him in the minds of many as the greatest Finn. Selanne