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Preview: Sgt. Scooter's College Football Report

Sgt. Scooter's College Football Report

This is your place to hear about everything that happens in college football in general, and Tennessee football in particular. Join the Sarge and the Big Orange Army as we take you through the world of college football!

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Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy...this is a biggie, Billy.....


Every September, we find out just what kind of foot ball team we have in Big Orange Country, and hopefully the mighty Vols will have a much better September in '08 than they did in '07. A loss here and the natives will really become restless, especially since this will be a Vol senior class that would not have beaten the Gators. Yes, this one is a biggie for the Vols....Last year Florida scored a bazillion points, and at last check, Tebow just ran for another 15 so the Gators just got a first down and are looking to make the score 2 bazillion to 20.To add a big stink burger to the mess that the Florida visit will do to all of us praying for a miracle, the game will be broadcast by CBS, which means "The Genius" Gary Dainelson will once again re-ignite his love affair with the Gators and Tim Tebow. Geeze, Dainelson. He's so dumb, he sits on the TV and watches the couch... I have nothing against Tebow. I think he is a great player and classy, but listening to "The Genius" drool over him for three and a half hours every Saturday makes me want to barf. Then again, Dainleson could be talking about a cake recipe and I would still barf. God bless Verne Lundquist...Enough of the fright fest we'll see in Knoxville, let's discuss something else. What would you do if you were the king of college football? Yeah, I know, I'll have some yahoo from Piney Flats or Cedar Bluff writing in, "By God, I'd bring back Jill Arringotn." Although their hearts are in the right place, I'm talking about ways to make the game even better than it is, if that is possible. Here is my list, so compare it with yours.1. All games will be played on Saturday at 2:00pm I would make exceptions for LSU and LSU only since that is a tradition that goes back to Gov. Huey Long. (Which makes me want to shout, "IEEEEAHHHHHH" just like John Goodman did in Everyone's All-American, then kiss the statue of The Kingfish). What's better than a fall afternoon when you can see the sunlight reflecting off the Crimson helmets of Alabama, or the silver pants of Georgia, the way the sun refelcts off the ice cubes in your bourbon in The Grove at Ole Miss, and of course, the orange coat that Smokey IX wears? As I am writing this Blog, I am watching Kansas State play Louisville. And it's a WEDNESDAY night! Apparently, they did this since the Ryder Cup was in town and they didn't want to go head to head against the golf match. Hmm, that should tell you the magnitude of those two tradition rich programs. You try to do that at Auburn, Athens, or Knoxville and there wouldn't be any opposition since everyone would be at the game. Golf? Once September rolls around? Ha ha, that's rich I'll say. And if there were any opposition, you'd see a fight the size of the bar room brawl in Hooper.2. There would be a playoffTo all those strap hangers who whine that it would kill college football, these were the same yokels who said the three point line and the shot clock would kill college basketball. Have all your confrerence champions go to the playoffs, that way it wouldn't dilute the importance of the regular season, and then have some fun. Could you imagine the excitement those few weeks of pure football heaven would bring? The last time I can recall being that excited, someone left two boxes of doughnuts outside our church with a sign reading, "Free doughnuts, please take." That was one of the greatest days of my life...3. No artificial turf, poly turf, field turf, or the substance that was the main ingredient in Hank Stram's toupee.I want to see the grass stain lines on the thigh pads after diving for a ball. Or the blades of grass that end up on a helmet. And even when a player gets smashed to the turf, he has to pluck the clump out of his facemask.4. No USFL type jerseysDid you guys see the Va. Tech jerseys last Saturday? They all looked like a test pattern for color TV. And what is with all the stripes going every direction on the jerseys? And the stripes on the UNC pants? It looked like the paint guy started the job then went on a lunch break to Shakeys Pizza and got loaded and never came b[...]

The Vols break our hearts once again


Is it just me, or do the Vols find a way to break your heart with every loss? Are they the Boston Red Sox (pre-2004) of the NCAA? Name another team that takes their fans to the brink of a victory, only to be swatted away at the last minute by a dropped pass, fumble, or missed field goal. Last Monday's loss to a UCLA team that was short on talent, but way long on heart and courage, will go down in the history books as one of the most inexplicable losses in the 118 year history of the Vols football program.I will spare you the details since I know everyone replayed every snap in their minds as they tried to drift off to bed at 12:30am. I know I couldn't go to sleep, so I flipped on Snake Pliskin kicking ass in Escape from New York. I wish Snake could have played a little pass defense for us in the second half. I think he might have a year of eligibility left after escaping from New York and Los Angeles, which is what it looked like we were doing in the fourth quarter. However, the only bright spot was seeing the return of the orange pants with the double white stripe down the leg. It reminded me of when Johnny was running the show in K-Town.Here are some examples of just how tough it is to be a Vol fan:1990 - Notre Dame 34 - Tennessee 29Not only do the Vols score a TD in the last few minutes, but then do the Big Orange Nation a favor by getting the onsides kick and driving down the field only to have an Andy Kelly (Arrrghhh!!!) INT seal the game for the Irish.1992 - Tennessee 23 - South Carolina 24In the first year of divisional play in the SEC, the Vols had to win to stay in first place in the East, despite wins over Georgia and Florida. Trailing 24-17, Mose Phillips took a short pass from Heath Shuler and broke through like 345 would be tackles for the TD. However, the Vols try for two points and the win was stopped short. I stuck pins in my Steve Tannyhill doll the rest of the year.1993 - Tennessee 17 - Alabama 17In one of the most thrilling, and yet gut wrenching, games ever in the Bama series, the Tide drove 83 yards in the last 1:44 to score a TD to pull within two points. After the Vols D calls a timeout when they see David Palmer behind center, they come back out, and watch him go around end for the tying conversion. "We called a timeout for that?" I had to ask. The clincher was when we were walking out of the stadium, a Bama lady (Well, she really wasn't a lady) yelled at us in a whisky drunken stupor, "That tie feels just like a loss, don't it? You orange (explicative) heads."2001 - Georgia 26 - Tennessee 24 I still don't remember the walk back to the car after the game, or the ride home. And I was completely sober. That was probably the most devastating loss I have ever seen, until...2001 - Tennessee 20 - LSU 31After teasing the Vol Nation with an incredible victory over Florida the week before, which put the Vols in a position to play for the national championship, LSU comes out in the second half and steamrolls the stunned Eastern Division Champs without their starting QB Rohan Davey, or RB LaBrandon Toefield. To this day, I can never look at the Georgia Dome without breaking down in Jack Dainels tears.2008 - Tennessee 24 - UCLA 27 OT UCLA was down to their third string QB, who had thrown four interceptions in the first half. They lost their starting RB, WR and TE during the game as well. I thought I even saw some of the pee wee football players who got on the field during halftime get in a few reps since the Bruins were so thin at some positions. No matter, UT found a way to keep them in the game with a Foster fumbler inside the ten and an offense that couldn't move the ball across the street. Of course, Crompton has to lead us down the field to score on the last play of the game to force OT and get our hopes up of getting the win, then Lincolin misses a medium range FG to rip out all our hearts and have them stomped on.When this happens to all us Big Orange Nation suckers again, and trust me, it is going to happen sooner or later, here are a few things to do to get over the devast[...]

Welcome Back!


Hello Vol fans, Sgt. Scooter is back after an 8 month hibernation!To get us all ready for the big game on Monday against UCLA, I am putting up a column sent by one of my fellow solders of the Big Orange Army on the site today. I am sure after reading it, you will get the chill bumps, your heart will start racing faster, and you might get a little tear in your eye. I know the Sarge did when I read it.I will have the UCLA recap on the site after the game, as well as check out for the Sarge on video. Go Vols!!!Sgt. ScooterI am Tennessee . . . . .I am Tennessee. I am the 30 year old couple coming back to campus for the first time with both little ones in tow. One wears her orange and white cheerleader outfit; the other wears #16 even though he's too young to understand why.I am the 50 year old man who hoped no one saw tears in his eyes when the T was formed by the band. I was too choked even to sing "Rocky Top." For a moment I felt foolish and then I didn't care. God, I love this place.I am the 60 year old woman meeting her freshman grand-daughter who is now the 3rd generation of UT students in our family. Despite my age, I'd strap it on Saturday and hit someone if it weren't for my gender and this blasted arthritis.I am Tennessee and I have always believed I was different. You can see it when you look up into the stands. My orange is not the same as Florida's or Auburn's. But the differences go much deeper than my colors.Read my creed. What other school has one? I genuinely believe in these things. To be a real Tennessee man or woman speaks of character, not of geography. All are welcome to walk though my gates, not just the wealthy or the elite. Georgia and Alabama may have their nations, but we have always been family. Make no mistake, we loathe defeat, but even in defeat, we would rather be a Tennessee Vol than anything else. We are family and you are the sons of Heisman, the sons of Majors and Neyland. You come from a long line of brothers who names include White,Gault, Wilson, Manning, Shuler, Nash and Mahelona. It is a great heritage.So this Saturday, when the warm ups are over and the prayers and amen spoken, when you hear my thunder growing in the stands above you, when you stand in the tunnel and the smoke begins to form, listen for my voice when you run onto my field. Behind the frenzy of the shakers and deafening roar,I will tell you something in a whisper you may miss. I will be telling you that you are my sons and I am proud of you for the way you wear the orange and white. I am telling you that you are my sons and I love you.Tennessee is so much more than a state or a school or a team or a degree.It is something that, once you have experienced it, will live inside of you forever and become a part of what makes up who you are.It is driving into town on a game day. You may have come from hundreds of miles away and as you get closer and closer to the city limits, you feel it rising inside of you. Other cars on the highway proudly display their Orange and White flags or magnets or car tags, and you honk and wave at them, because, for that one day, you are all on the same team.It is the smell in the air and the ritualistic act of tailgating...catching up with old friends, making new ones, and invitations from perfect strangers to try their ribs or watch their satellite TV showing all of the day's important match-ups...of course, all being secondary to the one that will occur in the great cathedral of Neyland Stadium later that day.It is the Vol Walk...where you might just see 300 pound men overcome with emotion and weeping with pride, because you have come there to cheer them on. As they walk by, you might exchange a glance with one or two of them, and you can see it in their is going to be their day.It is the students...dressed in their best, because going to a Tennessee game is like going to church for Tennessee show the same respect as you would if you were in God's house. Those students remind you of the[...]



Don't miss the Sarge's SEC Championship game recap coming Friday!

SEC Championship Week


The Vols are going to Atlanta to play for the SEC Championship! For those of you who are still alive, and for a time, I wasn’t sure if the Sarge was going to check in to the big Neyland Stadium in the sky, it is time to put every ounce of energy into one final game to get our brave boys in orange ready for the always tough LSU Tigers. Whatever you do, don’t watch a replay of the Kentucky game. The Vols might not have won. By the way, the Sarge was doing his Ryan Karl imitation (bottom left) after the game was over…The Sarge will be in the Dome with one of the best seats in the house as he will be covering the game for a local paper here in Atlanta. And before you ask, the answer is yes, if I see Danielson in the press box, I am going to slap him so hard he will begin to make sense, and then I am going to make him hold my coat.Coach Fulmer’s weekly press conference comments:“Needless to say, we are very excited about the opportunity to represent the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division in the championship game. I believe that it is one of the greatest settings in all of college football. I’ve been fortunate to go a lot of places and play in a lot of stadiums in a lot of big games and, to me, the Southeastern Conference has created an environment there that is almost second to none.“We’re a young football team. I don’t think that it will happen, but I in no way want them to be intimidated by the setting. It is one of the greatest opportunities that they will have. I have two notes that I made to myself that I kept on my desk all year long. One of them is ‘have fun,” and we have had fun with this team. It has been frustrating at times for them and for us as a staff and the people that follow our program. The players have been responsive, and that’s the fun part about it. The second one says “I believe,” and I have not lost any faith in this football team all year long when we understand how we have to play as a team. It has been challenging; it has been very fun, and the fun has overridden any frustration that we had with our group because it is a wonderful group of young men to work with and to coach.“When you look at LSU—and we have seen them all year long on film because of common opponents—they are a very talented football team. Offensively, the balance they can present you with makes it really difficult. The quarterback is a heck of a player. He’s done an outstanding job of leading their offense. They are so multiple and do so many things that they are hard to defend. They have a big, physical offensive front, outstanding receivers, an outstanding running back, really just the whole package as an offense.Thanks to all the great Vol fans like these guys:Here is a shout out to some great Vol fans that made the trip north to support the Vols, while risking a chance of a Joe B. Hall sighting. Trust me, Vol fans, that’s one joker I NEVER want to see again. My cousin Stew once went to the Joe B. Hall basketball camp and he ran into the old coach coming out of the locker room wearing only a towel and sipping on a can of RC Cola. Stew is still in rehab somewhere in Tennessee and due for release sometime in the year 2017.From the left, Private Michael Erpenbach, Private Conner Harville, the multi-talented Erik Ainge, and Private Christopher Erpenbach. It is great UT fans like you guys that got the Vols through Saturday’s game!Announcer Review"Foster runs it outside down the sideline and is bumped out of bounds and will stop the clock. Well, the clock's not running. Oh, we're in overtime."- Craig BolerjackGreat insight, Bolerjack. I was telling Coach B that Bolerjack’s name reminds me of the name of the cheese log my Uncle Ted gave us one Christmas with his Hickory Farms employee discount."Florida State has a chance to win this game by outscoring the Gators."- Lee CorsoCan they win even if they don’t outscore them? Have another swig of Geritol Corso, you’ll be all right."[...]

This Week in Big Orange Country


The Sarge had to be admitted to Northside Hospital here in Atlanta last week for what doctors are calling, “A mild heart arrhythmia caused by last second special teams play.” I’ll tell ya, I died about 62 million times last Saturday, especially since I had to listen to the game on the internet because it was not on TV. I talked to Coach B, who was at the game, and he said he about fainted. He was then put on the Neyland Stadium EMT “watch list.”And with that, the last of the three teams the Vols had to beat stands in the road to Atlanta: Kentucky. The once abandoned dream on winning the SEC East is now within the Vols grasp, but the final test will be the toughest. Tune in on Saturday at 1:30pm on CBS as Craig Bolerjack and Steve Beurelein will be handling the announcing duties.The Vols have already one intangible on their side because “The Genius” Gary Danielson will not be in Lexington with his diarrhea of the mouth analysis. Last week when they were at the LSU-Ole Miss game, they took time to talk about, what else, Tim Tebow and how he should win the Heisman. But since he’s Danielson’s buddy, they have to talk about him for half of every game.I can imagine a conversation Danielson has with his wife? (I sure feel sorry for that poor woman) “You know honey, I am sure Tim Tebow would cut the crusts off my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if I asked him.” Or, “Darling, can you start using some Downey on my shirts? I am sure Tim Tebow would if he did my laundry…”From College Football will happen: Tennessee has answered every challenge and come through with every clutch play over the last month to be in a position to play for the SEC title. Kentucky will change all that by breaking the long series losing streak with a huge day from Woodson.CFN Prediction: Kentucky 31 – Tennessee 27Between CFN and the rest of the media, I think it would be good for the Vols not to even attempt to travel up to Lexington since it would be a waste of time. I have never seen such a lack of respect for a team that is playing for the division championship. Granted, Georgia is hot now, but people have short memories and seem to forget you win a championship based on what you do for the ENTIRE year, not just November.Coach Fulmer’s Weekly Comments“We were pleased to get the win last week over Vanderbilt. Much like Vanderbilt, this is always a tough game. You’ve got the great history, great players and great games that have been played; you’ve got a border-state rivalry. There is a lot riding on the game for both teams.“Kentucky is a very fine football team. When you look at their skill level on offense, it’s exceptional. (Andre) Woodson is a very fine quarterback. They have done a tremendous job coaching and developing him. He had an outstanding year last year and this year as well.“They are a solid, good defensive team. Much like us, they’ve had their moments where they played really well and their moments when they haven’t played as well as Coach Brooks would’ve liked them to. They have an excellent kicking game all the way around, and they are very well coached.“We need to play well in this ballgame, play at a very high level to get a win over Kentucky. We will have to play well as a team and play smart. That means protecting the football, limiting their big plays, playing well in the kicking game and playing well fundamentally.”Announcer Review"Nice call by Offensive Coordinator Bryan Springsteen there." - Bill Curry referencing Virginia Tech’s Bryan Stienspring.I didn’t know The Boss was coaching at Virginia Tech…"It reminds of how rappers would peddle their demos to some sort of publishing company."- Desmond Howard on Kansas QB Todd Reesing making a highlight tape to get a scholarship.Gee, go bust a cap, Snoop Dog…"If he would have slowed down and put his butt to Jackson."- Gary Danielson(In my best Walk the Line movie [...]

This week in Big Orange Country


The Vols are at the first stop of a three game gauntlet on the road to Atlanta. First up and probably the toughest of the three, Arkansas, comes to Knoxville with Darren McFadden and an offense that racked up 14,897 yards of offense last week. Oh goody…If the Vol defense doesn’t come to play, this game will turn into a bad re-creation of Raising Arizona with Darren McFadden running through the stadium, then all over campus as people are chasing him down the street. (Cue the yodeling music…)Coach Fulmer’s Comments“With the game last week being sandwiched between a big win versus South Carolina and this huge football game coming up with Arkansas, there was concern on my part—and I told the team so—about how they would handle the week. To their credit, they did an exceptionally good job of working and getting themselves prepared.“You flip on the Arkansas-South Carolina film and it is unbelievably impressive from an Arkansas offensive standpoint. You watch how they totally manhandled a South Carolina defense that we thought was pretty good.“Darren McFadden is easily one of top running backs in the country with all that he brings to the table. He is complemented—if that’s the right word, because there is not much difference between them—by Felix Jones and his ability as a running back. Four-hundred and eighty-seven yards rushing in one football game is incredible against a Southeastern Conference football team.“We need a great crowd, and I know it will be. This is an exciting opportunity and challenge for our football team. I hope everybody will be early and be loud. We are 5-0 at home and we hope to continue that through this week. It should be a great football game.”Vols-‘Doores kickoff announcedTennessee’s Nov. 17 game against Vanderbilt at Neyland Stadium is being televised by VideoSeat on a pay-per-view basis across the state of Tennessee, both universities jointly announced Wednesday.Kickoff at Neyland Stadium is scheduled for 2 p.m. Eastern time.Announcer ReviewPam Ward wins the award this week. ESPN aired a moving tribute to former Northwestern coach Randy Walker, who passed away suddenly last summer from a heart attack. ESPN even interviewed Walker's widow. Then, they aired a video package about Northwestern's close games this year, to which Pam Ward starts referring to Northwestern as the "Cardiac Cats." To quote our buddy Bryce (John Cusak) from Sixteen Candles, “Real smooth, Cliff…”“He kicked the ball between the splits.” – Gary DanielsonWhat the hell are the splits? Splits are for gymnastics, uprights are on a goal post. Once again, "The Genius" makes us all wonder what the hell he is talking about. If Jeff Spicoli was watching, he would say, “Those guys are fools!” (I cleaned up his original comment for the blog, but you know what he means) The best line of the night was when General Sweetie saw Danielson on TV, then said, “Oh, I didn’t recognize him without his jester hat…”“I think LSU is going to have to outscore Alabama to win.” – Verne LundquistVerne, what if LSU doesn’t outscore Alabama? Can they still win? I apologize for Verne’s mistake though, since sitting next to “The Genius” week after week is sure to give someone diarrhea of the mouth.Did you see “Super” Lou Holtz finally get a prediction right? Granted, it was his first one in his 346 years of college football, but he did call a kick return for a TD in the Akron-Ohio game. Rece Davis called him “The Amazing Kreskin,” then practically begged him not to try to say the name since he would flood the booth with saliva.Former Notre Dame QB, and current meathead, Joe Theisman was trashing the new Monday Night Football format and announcers. “I don't like the new MNF. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm not there. I watch football games to learn and watch football. I see Ron Jaworski trying to do football.[...]

Last Saturday/This Saturday


I don’t know about you guys, but the ol’ Sarge needed a little time to recover from last weekend’s heart attack waiting to happen game against South Carolina which the Vols won in OT 27-24. The Vols lost that game 62 times and somehow still came out the winner, which put them in control of their own destiny in the SEC East. Win their final three conference games, and the Vols will be in Atlanta to play for the SEC Championship. However, any number of other teams can still make it, namely, Georgia, who hasn’t given up just yet and has a great chance to slide by the Vols and get to Atlanta so this is a week to week situation where anything can happen.I had a few yucks from General Sweetie when we were watching College Gameday last Saturday. Gameday was in State College for the Penn State-Ohio State game, and they showed an interview with Joe Pa. General Sweetie, in between bites of her Chic-Fil-A chicken biscuit, looked at the TV and quipped, “Joe Paterno? Geeze, turn off the oxygen will ya?” Then they showed the crowd, to which the General said looked like a Darwin Awards family reunion, then commented, “What do those damn Yankees know about tailgating? Any fool knows football is better in the south.” Damn, that’s a good woman right there…Speaking of Gameday, what did you think about Fowler taking pot shots at the Vols? He giggled, “Just so you know, Vol players, the NFL combine is this date, and the draft is this date,” and of course, his cohorts at the desk with him, Heckle and Jeckle, laughed right along. Then Kirk Herbstreit, who can be a turd sometimes, said confidently, “Well, if LSU wins the rest of their games, they will play Florida in the SEC Championship.” Um, Kirk, does that mean Florida is already in it? Last time I looked, they are going to have to climb over about 39 other teams to get there. Next time, if you have a personal opinion, then voice it that way. Until then, keep your smart ass mouth shut unless you know what you are talking about.One last nugget from Gameday. I missed the beginning interview of an Ohio State player, so I pressed the rewind button on our DVR. I went too far and had to watch again the opening with Big and Stupid. Take my word, these guys will go the same way as Flock of Seagulls, Quarterflash and Men without Hats. Maybe they can change their name to Men without Talent, since that would be a better name for their band. As my good friend, Bulldog Bry, always says, “We’re comin’ and where sh***y…”Bulldog Bry sent me a funny story from a Georgia fan and his adventures in Jacksonville last weekend. Here is the story, you will definitely get a tee-hee out of it! General and I went to the Georgia Tech game last night and needless to say, she enjoyed “Mommy’s Apple Juice” much more than the game itself. The highlight was sitting next to two guys from Atlanta who were wearing Virginia Tech apparel, not because they liked the Jokies, but they just wanted to give everyone the red ass. Ya gotta love hanging out with dudes like that. Kevin, who is the spitting image of Vince Vaughn, walks up to the seats next to us and says, “Hey, who wants and orange whip? Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips. The Sarge went into a huge tee-hee, while the General said, “I don’t know what that means, but I do know I want some more wine…” I knew they were going to be trouble and fun at the same time because anyone who can recite lines from the Blues Brothers is OK in my book.Do you think they could have done a little better job getting Sean Glennon’s backup jersey ready? It reminded me of one of those days in the Atlanta Softball League where they make you all have the same jersey, and you are one jersey short since someone couldn’t make it because they were having their cods clipped, or something similar. So you would g[...]

Last Saturday/This Saturday


2007 has been a crazy year in college football, and the One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest mentality has trickled down to the SEC, particularly in the East where five of the six teams have two losses. Our brave boys in orange suffered an inexplicable butt whipping at the hands of an Alabama team that came into the game better prepared and executed their game plan flawlessly on both sides of the ball and special teams. As far as Tennessee’s execution, well, I am all for it….As I watched the final seconds tick down, I was comatose in front of my TV. Don’t ask me why I watched the whole thing, other than the fact I watch every Tennessee game to the end because I do not want to desert my troops in battle, plus I think I am a closet masochist. Then again, to be a fan of the Vols means you have some masochistic tendencies somewhere. Of course, as the gloom set in, I did what I always do after a loss, and that was flip it over to Telemundo so I could watch a burrito eating contest between members of a mariachi band with guys who looked like Speedy Gonzales’s fat cousin, Hector. The winner was someone nicknamed the “Don Juan of the Burritos,” which left me a little frightened, but at least it took my mind off the game as I looked for my Foghat CD’s for some extended man cave time.This sets up another huge game to be played on Saturday as South Carolina comes to Knoxville in an elimination game in the Eastern Division. USC, along with Florida, controls their own destiny in the East, but the Vols could get back into it by winning out, then have the Gators lose once more. In the SEC this year, anything is possible. The game will be seen on ESPN at 7:45.Coach Fulmer’s comments on the upcoming South Carolina game“We are very excited about this opportunity to play in this football game against South Carolina. I certainly understand our challenges as we go in, but to have the national television opportunity in front of a full stadium is going to be really exciting. I look forward to seeing our team today. We had yesterday off, but as I thought probably would happen, most of them were over here watching tape on their own. It was good to see. I am looking forward to practice today and starting to get ready for South Carolina.“In athletics, like life, it’s about meeting challenges and making the most of each day that you have. Certainly, we know as a staff and as a football team where our challenges are. We know where our strengths are. We’ve got an incredible group of young men, fighters with character and good leadership on this football team. There are a lot of reasons to be excited.“At times this year, we have played exceptionally good football, and that’s what we’re working to get back to. It has been a crazy year in college football and in the conference. We’re taking the approach that we are playing for a divisional championship this Saturday and each Saturday that follows.Announcer ReviewI knew things over at Coach B’s were going to be a mess. A few weeks ago, he swore that if he had to listen to “The Genius” Gary Danielson again, he would shoot out his TV. I laughed and thought he had been sipping a little too much of the “Brown Kool-Aid” but sure enough, he called me today and said, “Sarge, wanna go to Best Buy with me?” I asked, “I take it you watched the Florida-Kentucky game on Saturday. Let’s get you the 70-inch plasma screen. At least when you see Danielson on it, you’ll have a big enough target to shoot at.”Here is the best of the worst from last Saturday:10. "When shoulder goes down the umph goes South."- Verne LundquistWasn’t that a strategy your cousin Ted used when you played Operation with him?9. "South Florida will be replaced in the 2-hole." Brent MusbergerAs far as replacing a 2-hole, I think we should start with Musburger.8. "They gave up 31 points[...]

Week 8 in Big Orange Country


Tennessee plays Alabama on Saturday. I look forward to this game for 365 days a year since I am old school by nature, and this game is as old school as it gets in the SEC. The Vols and Tide have played every year since 1928, with a few years off due to World War II, so these teams laid the groundwork for the making of what the SEC is today. Every week of the game, I am reminded of what General Neyland and Bear Bryant once said about this rivalry:“You found out what kind of a person you were when you played against Tennessee.” – Bear Bryant“You never know about a football player until he has played against Alabama.” – General NeylandThose are pretty strong words from two pretty strong coaches in the SEC.The game is a Lincoln Financial 12:30 start, which is 11:30 Tuscaloosa time. Maybe that works in the Vols favor since all the Bama fans won’t have all day to get good and liquored up and pissed off, just like Crum Petree (right) in Funny Farm. The interesting thing is this will be the first time this game has not been shown nationally in almost 20 years. My crack research staff thinks that the last time this game was not shown to the nation was 1988.This is a special week at home since my daughter, Sofia, gets to learn all about the rivalry. Instead of reading stories about the Three Bears, or Cinderella, the Sarge is reading to her from the book, The Third Saturday in October by Al Browning. I pick out selected years and add stories about my experiences at the games so she knows what the rivalry is all about. General Sweetie is not exactly thrilled, but hey, I am at home with her this week so I get to call the shots as far as the bedtime stories go.Check out this week’s video blog (right side of the page). The Sarge took a page from one of the greatest movies ever, Braveheart, so hopefully this will get you ready for Saturday’s titanic matchup. I knew the idea would be good when I explained to General Sweetie what I was doing at breakfast the other day, and all she did was close her eyes, shake her head and reply, “Oh, dear God…”Coach Fulmer’s remarks before the Alabama game1. Comment on how Josh McNeil's remark, "We are not the nicest guys on earth, including myself," reflects Tennessee's on-field toughness.A - "Football is not a game for soft people, especially if you are playing in the offensive line or the defensive line. You can't be a soft guy or a nice guy. Off the field, you can be a gentleman, but not on the field, playing the game. Josh McNeil is one of the 'tough' guys we have here."2. How do you personally get across to the team the historical significance of the Tennessee-Alabama rivalry?A - "It has been correctly said of Alabama and Tennessee players that they haven't played SEC football until you've been in this game. I will do a good job making sure our players understand how important this game is to the Tennessee people and to the Alabama people."3. Describe what is involved in the improvement the Vols have made on the defensive side of the field.A - "We have always played hard, but we were guilty of giving up big plays. We are tackling better and taking care of our responsibilities in filling gaps and so forth. It's an upgrade in playing the fundamentals."4. What factors have contributed to Arian Foster's development as a productive running back?A - "Arian has worked hard and has turned his one bad play against Penn State into a motivation tool. He had a good spring. If we can keep him healthy, we are looking at a fantastic junior year for Arian Foster."5. Comment on the likelihood the outcome of the Alabama game could boil down to the ability to win the close ones.A - "In the SEC, especially against big rivals, it can turn into a fourth-quarter game. Alabama this season has played a lot of close games, and we don't expect this to be an[...]

Week 7 in Big Orange Country


It was a surprising weekend in Big Orange Country as the Vols stunned Georgia 35-14. It was a great day for the Sarge too as I got to ride in the Big Orange Tank before the game, and once again, Flame's tailgate party was as festive as usual. Flame's tailgate has been named "Tailgate Of the Year" three times in this decade, so it is one we look forward to every home game.Let's look at the week that was in Big Orange Country!Coach Fulmer's Comments about Georgia and Mississippi StateNeedless to say, we’re very pleased with our win over Georgia. We played our most complete football game of the year. I really appreciate how the team has continued to have a tremendous attitude as we’ve been going through the season. The fact that we have had to handle some adversity so far, I think will help make our team stronger. We are as healthy as we’ve been in some time, which is very much a blessing. Mississippi State is a good football team at 4-2. They beat a good Auburn team at Auburn. They’re dangerous, physical, tough guys up front. The running backs and tight ends have my good friend Woodrow McCorvey’s fingerprints all over them. He is a tough guy. Defensively, they are a very multiple, talented group of guys. Titus Brown might be the best defensive lineman we’ve played against to this point. In the kicking game, they are very, very solid; a good team.VOLS-MISSISSIPPI STATE SET FOR PAY-PER-VIEWTennessee’s game this Saturday at Mississippi State is being televised on a pay-per-view basis across the state of Tennessee. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Eastern (1:30 p.m. Central). Randy Smith will handle the announcing duties for the game.Saturday with Sgt. ScooterThe day began with the Sarge getting the thrill of a lifetime as I got to ride in the Big Orange Tank around campus with General Jamison and the Big Orange Army. My wife (General Sweetie) and daughter (Private Sofie) joined my tailgating buddies over at the Longbranch Saloon while we got to see all the great Vol fans around campus. Problem was my nephew, Corporal Brandon, seized the opportunity to guzzle down all my PBR's, so by the time I got back to the Longbranch, the ol' Sarge was out of luck. Good thing we had plenty of "Daddy's Apple Juice" to get me through the afternoon. Private Sofia made her first appearance on campus. Shown here is Sofie, along with Uncle J.L.'s daughter Lindsey and General Sweetie as they posed for an afternoon picture.My brother, Soup, and I had a ball at the tailgate and at the game. Memorable quote #1, this one from Soup, "If you run out of Daddy's Apple Juice, then I can supply ya a little tickle of the Dickle."It was really hot on Saturday. It was like my Aunt Molly always says, "It's hotter than a goat's ass in a pepper patch." It was so hot, we had a few people pass out from the heat, and the rest from the bar located at the side of the lot. Memorable quote #2 came from one of Flame's Harley buddies as he drove through the lot to park his motorcycle. He told Flame, "Hell, son, my brother got a hog, and I ended up with a piggie." Coach B looked at me and said, "Now we're in trouble..."I got around to asking Flame what he does in the off season. He replied, "Well, Sarge, I'll tell ya. The day after the last Tennessee football game, I will sleep until a week before the first game. Then I will put myself through a strict two-a-day regiment, just like the football team, but my two-a-days consist of getting liquored up twice a day so I can get ready for the season." Next year, Flame told me he plans to have a handheld microphone so when people arrive at the tailgate site, he can announce their entry. "Attention, everyone. The Smith family has just arrived at the tailgate. Put your hands together for the Smiths!" After the game, Flame honored a post game vic[...]

Saturday Preview


Coach Fulmer Comments “Georgia is a very good football team, offensively and defensively as well as in the kicking game. Even during the course of this week, our focus will continue to be on us, getting where we need to be along with working on the Georgia schemes. As you look at Georgia, one of the most important things that we have to do is play the kicking game extremely well. They have an outstanding punter, kicker and kick returner. We must take care of the football. In the two big games, we did not do that and we lost. That is something that we absolutely must do." “We have to play the run well, better than we have done to this point. Their two backs are quality backs, hard to tackle and certainly a challenge for anyone that plays them. “Defensively, our challenge is to be consistent in our gap patrol, playing off blocks and making the tackle. The big plays that we have given up have come from these areas that we have addressed during the open date. Offensively, we would certainly like to rush the football better."“In the kicking game, I’m excited that Britton (Colquitt) is healthy. We do expect him to be able to kick off, and that will help us a lot as far as his hang time and distance and his ability to kick the ball deeper, higher and longer. We have a real challenge in (Mikey) Henderson, a really outstanding punt returner. I’m really happy with what Daniel Lincoln has been able to do this year for us. There is no question that the kicking game will be a big part of this ballgame." “I like this team a lot. They have character, work ethic, and they have been very responsive to the challenges we’ve thrown out there. Certainly, we’ve been tested as a football team during the course of the year. I don’t know that anybody has played a tougher schedule than we have. All of that should make us better as we go through this SEC stretch." "Kenny O'Neal for one who is getting ready to help. He brings speed to the receivers corps. One guy I'm really excited for is Nevin McKenzie, who moved from the defensive backfield to linebacker. He's fast and a good tackler." Tennessee at Mississippi State Game time for Tennessee’s Oct. 13 matchup at Mississippi State has been set for 1:30 p.m. Central time. The game was not selected for telecast by any of the Southeastern Conference’s television partners, but will be available on the Vol Radio Network and PPV. Saturday GamesWisconsin @ Illinois (ESPN, 12:00) - Dave Pasch, Andre Ware, Erin AndrewsErin Andrews must be saying to herself, “I could be in Atlanta sipping a margarita and watching American Gladiators on ESPN Classic instead, I have to hang out with these two ham and eggers…”Miami @ North Carolina (ESPN2, 12:00) - Pam Ward, Ray Bentley, Rob SimmelkjaerPam Ward must be saying to herself, “I could be in Atlanta sipping a Pabst Blue Ribbon and watching Erin Andrews watching American Gladiators on ESPN Classic right now instead of making a fool of myself every Saturday.”Georgia @ Tennessee (CBS, 3:30) - Craig Bolerjack, Steve Beurelein I personally will kiss the President of CBS Sports ass in the middle of Peyton Manning Pass and Phillip Fulmer Drive on gameday for not sending “The Genius” Gary Dainelson to cover the UT-UGA game.Oklahoma v. Texas (ABC, 3:30) - Brad Nessler, Bob Griese, Paul Maguire, Bonnie BernsteinI wish I could be a cheeseburger salesman in Dallas. Once Manure sees Bevo, there won’t be a cheeseburger to be found in Dallas. When you tell Manure to haul ass, he has to make two trips.Arizona State @ Washington State (FSN, 4:00) - Barry Tompkins, Petros Papadakis, Michael Eaves Barry Tompkins. That guy is so old, he was the sideline reporter for the David vs. Goaliath fight. On a brighter note, my boy Petros is going to be in Pullma[...]

Week 6 in Big Orange Country


It was upset Saturday in college football, and fortunately, the Vols were not on that list. I know we struggled against Open Week and finally pulled away in the fourth quarter, but this week is where Tennessee either sinks or swims as old foe Georgia comes to Knoxville in an elimination game for the division title.Tennessee leads the all-time series with Georgia 19-15-2 dating to 1899, although the Bulldogs have won their last three visits to Neyland Stadium. UT rallied for a 51-33 triumph a year ago in Athens—the Vols second straight win at UGA’s Sanford Stadium.The Big Orange own a 9-8-1 advantage over the Bulldogs in Knoxville, and UT head coach Phillip Fulmer boasts a 10-5 career mark against Georgia. Fulmer won his first eight games against UGA from 1992-99. Those eight triumphs were part of a nine-game win streak for Tennessee against Georgia that marked the longest such streak by either team in the series (1989-99).Week 5 RecapI was glad to see Auburn go down to Florida and smash the myth of invincibility of the mighty Gators. Everyone sipped the hater-ade last week and said, “Florida was down after beating Tennessee and played just good enough to win at Ole Miss.” We shall see what kind of team they really have this Saturday in Baton Rouge.What did you think of the punk move by “The Crier” to try to ice Auburn’s Wes Byrum? If you are so scared of a teenager kicking a football that you try a stunt like that, you need to get out of coaching. As our buddy Dalton from Road House once said, “There’s always barber college.”Byrum wasn’t fazed. "I really just stopped thinking, because I just did it once," he said. "I stood back there, took my steps and just did it again." Also, did you see the wristwatches Meyer and Charlie Strong, the defensive coordinator, were wearing? They reminded me of the electa-com wristbands Electro Woman and Dyna Girl wore on that Sid and Marty Krofft show in the 70’s.What did you think of the uniforms of some of the teams last week? LSU’s white helmets were a fun change, but the jerseys were a little strange. What was the gold and white patch underneath the arms? It looked like the jersey numbers had quotation marks around them. And Minnesota’s uniforms against Ohio State looked like they had been stored in a giant vat of nacho cheese dip.I am not sure who is better that this point of the season. It has to be either LSU or USC. However, I think if USC sends me any more of these pictures, I would have to vote them #1 in my poll. However, LSU is a close second and could overtake the Trojans by the end of the year. Look at the pictures and tell me who you would vote #1.Announcer Review Here are some quotes from last week’s announcers. "And you think the biggest factor of the first quarter is...." - Verne Lundquist"The wind. Gosh, if I close my eyes, a Big 10 game's liable to roll in any second." - Gary DanielsonThe Genius worked overtime this week to come up with something witty for the CBS game. Gosh, if I close my eyes, will someone roll in and slap him for me?“He just checked into the empty arms hotel.” - Dave LaMont, after a dropped pass by Georgia Tech’s Greg SmithActually, that one was pretty good."Sometimes, when you're a Quarterback, you have to win with your arm."- Andre WareReally? I thought you won games with your mouth..."Forget conservative, Auburn is going into Hillary territory on the field."- Mike Patrick on a Tigers 4th down conversion.And like Bill, the Tigers scored on the play."It looked like Dennis Dixon overthrew him and it just stuck to his gloves like Teflon." - Tim BrantTeflon does the exact opposite of that, Timmy."He grasps about 85% of our package...."- Quint KessenichOuch!"That'll bring up 3rd and you th[...]

Week 5 Mailbag


In the mailbag this week were some optimistic Vol fans, as well as some who commented on the recent video blog. Let's look at what the Sarge got in mail call this week:Dear Sgt. Scooter.Thanks for the shout out. That guy need to be shot. I'm not going near Cedar Bluff and Middlebrook. Go Vols Go Big Orange Army.Private E-1 PatrickThanks Patrick. The Sarge got out of there with his life. Good thing I was riding in the Big Orange Tank, which saved me from harm...Enjoyed the blog, as usual. The video clip brought back memories of when I first saw that movie when I was about 12. My buddies here in Alabama had me go with them, and then chuckled at the part they knew was coming up about "don't give a damn bout no Tennessee Vol." ha ha Thanks for mentioning me on the blog by name. Made my crimson clad wife crazy, which was wondrous for me. Have a great week, Sarge, and GO BIG ORANGE!! We need this Georgia game badly, and I think we can get it.Paul VOL Paul Vol reminds me of Luca Brasi in The Godfather. After he kisses my rings, I will tell him, "Paul Vol, my dearest and most loyal friend. Keep those emails coming." Now, all I have to do is sick him on those Alabama fans who have been sending me mean emails where they tell me to go and do things that I know are physically and technically impossible. I even checked with a doctor and he confirmed my suspicions...hahaSarge:I stand by you and the Vols 100% I'm not jumping ship either. I will bleed Orange till I die. Patrick EaddyPatrick, I appreciate your kind words. Hey, can you do the Sarge a favor? Last week, I was watching the Phillip Fulmer Show and forgot to take Private Sofie to the mess hall, so I got put in the brig by General Sweetie (The Wife). Do you have a couch I can sleep on until this battle ends? ;) Keep those emails coming!Sarge:Oh, by the way - did you hear that Tim Tebow is going to be running for president ?!?!?! He's going to be running on the Independent Ticket and his running mate will be Kenny Chesney ! LOLTim MunseyBIG ORANGE ARMYFIRST INFANTRY DIVISIONEAST TENNESSEE REGIONThanks, Tim. I found out Tim Tebow is running on all tickets this year. Republican, Democrat, Independent, name it. He is also going to run for President, Vice-President, Secretary of State.Dear Sarge:My ulcer flared up on Monday of this week. I knew right away it was my ulcer because it was the same feeling I experienced in the short period leading up to my divorce. The only other time I'd experienced any gut pain like that was when a whole fraternity took turns kicking me in the stomach after hustling them in pool at the Longbranch (but that's a whole nother novel). Anyway, I'm laying there doubled over in excruciating pain early Tuesday morning and I'm rehashing all the events of the weekend. Somewhat delirious I start thinking about the Vol Nations marriage to Coach Fulmer and how it could be coming to an end. Unfortunately Coaches are taken for "better" only. I agree and think that this is THE game for Coach Fulmer. Win and all is forgiven. Lose, and, well.....All right, Vol fans, enjoy the off week and we'll get back to business on Sunday to get ready for the biggest game of our year so far. This is the Sarge signing off for now![...]

Week 4 Recap


Hello Big Orange Nation and welcome to Week 5 of Sgt. Scooter's College Football Report. It's an off week for the Vols and they are still a three point home dog on Saturday, so that should tell you something about our year so far...Let's get to the week that was!Arkansas State 27 - Tennessee 48The Vols erased last week's bitter memory of a loss to Florida by beating the Indians in Knoxville. The Vols are looking to take full advantage of the off week. “The open date fell at a very good time for us,” head coach Philip Fulmer said. “With the big games we've had to play, one on one coast and one on the other, it gives us a chance to get caught up a little bit from a rest standpoint. Our team work today was dedicated to Georgia, offensively and defensively,” Fulmer said. The Georgia game is scheduled for a 3:30 p.m. kickoff and will air nationally on CBS. Kickoff times and television selections for Tennessee’s remaining six SEC games have yet to be determined by the conference office. Weekend observations"Genius" Danielson was at it again this weekend. In addition to crying since he had to do a game that didn't include Florida, he came up with a gem in the second quarter. When LSU's QB Matt Flynn scrambled and had to slide down, he quipped proudly, "Can I get a Touchdown? No. Can I get a 1st Down? No. Then I better just get down..." I felt like Hans from Die Hard. "That's brilliant. You come up with that one all on your own?"When LSU tried a conservative 3rd down play just before a fake field goal, the Mensa candidate uttered, "Well, I just don't understand that call." Good to see he is finally admitting that he doesn't understand any call. Of course, when LSU's Colt David, who runs like Colt Seivers from The Fall Guy, scored a TD off the fake field goal, Dainelson covered nicely by saying, "Oh, I get it now..." I'm sure Verne Lundquist must have said under his breath, "That will be the only time that happens this year...Is Les Miles the new Spurrier? I have received a lot of emails from fans all over the SEC mentioning that he is a jerk. Did you see him grinning and jumping up and down with his coaches and players after the fake FG worked? I am all for celebration after a score, but Bryant, Dooley and Neyland would never jump up and down like that. Just something to think about as the season goes on and we see more of Mr. Miles.One final note about the LSU game, the LSU Golden Girls get my vote for the most fetching little minxes of the SEC. Your thoughts?Did anyone see Pam Ward during the USF-North Carolina game? Did it look like she had a dog on her head? I thought sure she had stolen my Cousin Howie's toupee. I will say that I am liking the South Florida fans. Those Bull Helmets with the horns sticking out are cool! I want to be an honorary Bulls fan! At least they can beat Auburn, right? ;)Paul Manure (Maguire) was at it again up at Michigan. He remarked about how tired the lineman must have been during the second half of the Michigan victory over Penn State. He should have mentioned that he usually gets that tired going back and forth to the press room buffet every Saturday. If Manure wanted to make some real money, he could sit in the sun and make a million bucks selling shade.Why do fans still wave their arms at a field goal kicker in hopes of distracting him? I saw the Florida fans doing it at the Ole Miss game (And it is not just the Gators fans, ALL fans of every school do it). They were tucked away in a small corner of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium waving their arms on a FG try by the Rebs. I am sure the Rebs kicker stopped what he was doing and told the holder, "Wait a sec, there are some people in section 4 that are waving at me a[...]

Week 4 Pre-Game News and Notes


Big Orange Army NewsBig news from the Big Orange Army as Tennessee Governor Bredesen joins The Big Orange Army! For more on this story, go to for all the details!Coach Fulmer’s Post Practice notesTennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer’s words walking off the practice field Wednesday were along the lines Vols fans have been hoping to hear: “We have made ourselves a better football team in the last two days.”“I’m proud of the way our coaches and our players have gotten themselves ready,” Fulmer said. “We’re still addressing areas we need to work on. We just have to take it from the practice field to the game field and play well. The team seems very focused and I like that.”Fulmer announced that captains for Saturday’s 7 p.m. kickoff (Vol Network, VideoSeat pay-per-view) are linebacker Jerod Mayo, defensive end Xavier Mitchell, tight end Chris Brown, quarterback Erik Ainge and punter Britton Colquitt.Colquitt named to Ray Guy Award watch listThe Greater Augusta Sports Council announced Tuesday the watch list for the 2007 Ray Guy Award, and Tennessee junior Britton Colquitt is among the early selectees.Colquitt is averaging 43.3 yards per punt in the early going of 2007 despite having battled a quadriceps injury suffered late in the preseason. The Knoxville native earned consensus All-SEC honors last season after a 44.9-yard average that was the fourth-best in school history. The Ray Guy Award will be presented live Dec. 6 on ESPN during the Home Depot College Football Awards Show.Observations from the SargeAs a public service to all the Vol fans dealing with tough times in the Big Orange Nation, Sgt. Scooter is here to help. Below are some steps you can take to get over the long days between Sunday and Friday after a loss. Trust me, these things work, so I urge that you try them out since we do not want any suicides during football season.1. Under any circumstances, do not watch ESPN, Fox Sports, or any sports station or talk radio station until at least Wednesday. Try watching QVC, or Telemundo, or eliminate a step and find the Spanish QVC with hotties selling books on how to do your own cat juggling. The idea here is to find a distraction, ANY distraction to get you through until Wednesday.2. Go down to your man cave, turn out the lights, put on some Foghat, and sip on a little of “Daddy’s Apple Juice” to numb the pain. Then again, the Sarge does that after a loss, a win, or during the orange and white spring game so that can turn into a real knee slapper no matter what time of the year it is…3. Never, ever, read the Sunday paper because it will put the healing process in retreat. Last weekend, my brother, Soup, who was visiting for the weekend, pulled out the paper at the breakfast table and began reading aloud about the game. I ended up throwing my bowl of Wheaties into the sink from my seat at the table, which was a great throw and catch, but Referee Sweetie (The Wife) blew her whistle and I got a 15 day un-husbandlike conduct penalty which relegated me to the guest room for two weeks. With every word hitting my body I knew what Sonny Corleone must have felt like when Barzini’s goons were lighting him up with machine gun bullets on the causeway.4. Leave all flags and banners up until Sunday evening. You don’t want your neighbors to start teasing you at the next homeowner’s association meeting. “Yeah, Sarge, you took those flags down so quick after the game, I thought you were surrendering the neighborhood.”5. Take your bottle of “Daddy’s Apple Juice” and hit yourself over the head like Rudy in Bachelor Party. It won’t change the final score, but it w[...]

Week 3 Recap


I mentioned last week if the Vols do not win this game, make your reservations for Shreveport. After seeing what happened at Florida Field on Saturday, you can start making your reservations for Shreveport, but the team might not be playing there, or anywhere for that matter, after November 24th.Did any of you get sick of hearing about how great Tim Tebow is? Sure, he is a great quarterback, but Gary Dainelson, spoke non-stop about him all day long. More on that loss later in the Blog. Even ESPN did a feature on him and mixed in clips from the original Superman movie. On CBS, every commercial break they closed with him, then opened with footage of whatever he was doing. When they showed him with the T on his chest during warmups, that was the last straw. However, Superman looked like Stuipdman trying to tackle Eric Berry on the interception he took back for a TD.*BLOG ALERT*Tim Tebow just found Madeline McCann, Natalee Holloway, Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Hoffa and where I left my Hogan's Heroes lunchbox when I was in 3rd grade.All right, let's get on with this week's report. By the way, if there are parts of this Blog that make you laugh, Tim Tebow wrote them....I knew this was not going to be a good weekend when we went to dinner at the local Mexican restaurant on Friday night. I sat down and noticed the TV was showing a Spanish Soap Opera. It had the usual Telemundo script: bad guys in cowboy outfits, big chested blond Spanish women and a lot of bad acting. I asked our waitress, Lupe, if she could change the channel to ESPN, and she shook her head, "No, Senior, I no change da channel." Then the house musician, and I use that phrase VERY loosely, waddled over to our table and began strumming his guitar. I was suspicious since he looked a lot like former Atlanta Braves pitcher Juan Berenger, and when I asked him if he could play Rocky Top, he shook his head, "Only Macarena!" So he broke into the Macarena, and everyone in the place, except for me, began dancing. The real pain came when my wife made me pry out a couple of bucks for his tip. I wanted to give him a tip, and that was to start watching as many Carols Santana videos as he could find and leave me the hell alone. I just found out, Tim Tebow is going to be appearing at all local Atlanta Mexican restaurants playing and singing every song every written. Then comes Saturday. I have had some bad days in my life as a Tennessee fan, but this was about as bad as it got. Even on the Phillip Fulmer Show, the Coach said, "Now that's piss poor tackling." Whow there, big fella, this is supposed to be a family show... You knew it was not our day when CBS put up a graphic of Coach Chavis, and it was spelled Shavis... My partner in crime, Coach B, summed it up nicely when he said, "This is going to get bowling shoe ugly..."And what was Kenny Chesney doing wearing a Florida helmet and singing with Tim Tebow? I feel like he pulled a Paulie from The Godfather on all us Vol fans. "Hey, Paulie sold out the old man. Get rid of that shtuts first thing." Where is Sonny and Clemenza when you need them?E! News has just reported Tim Tebow's hit, "Drop kick me Jesus through the goalposts of life," has just made it to #1.Announcer ReviewSgt. Scooter was eaten up with the red ass after listening to another brilliant installment of "The Genius" Gary Danielson getting his usual diarrhea of the mouth for four hours on Saturday afternoon. This boob has a thing for Florida, and if you listen to him closely (Although I wouldn't recommend it) he LOVES the Gators, especially Tim Tebow. When "Superman" threw an interception, Danielson talked over the classy Verne Lundquist (Wh[...]

Week 3 News and Notes



Fans of Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge can help the Vols senior quarterback win the 2007 Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award® (The O’Brien) by voting online throughout the season. Fans can cast their ballots once daily on The O’Brien’s updated Web site,, in hopes of moving their pick to the final round.

Ainge is off to a flying start for the Vols, having completed 66.3 percent of his passes (55-of-83) for 547 yards and five touchdowns without an interception in the team's first two games.


What have you stressed the most to the defense in the film room?

“Fundamentals. That’s where we need to improve. Fundamentals, techniques, and being in the right position to make plays.”

Do you prepare any differently for Tim Tebow than you did Chris Leak?

“He is a guy that is probably a little bit better runner. He is going to run the ball himself a little bit more, and they have tailored the offense around him. Last year, they did more things that were tailor made for Leak.”

Urban Meyer has more of his personnel in the offense now. Do you expect different looks this year, or just better athletes?

“I don’t think we’ll see very much that is different. We’ll see that they do a little bit of everything anyway. They do a great job coaching, and they have great athletes. We expect to see the result of that on Saturday.”

What’s the biggest challenge in defending the spread option?

“You have to defend the entire field, and you have to be able to make plays on great athletes in open space. That’s what makes it so effective. They get the ball to their most talented athletes in open space. Our challenge is to make the play in our first opportunity.”

The defense was spread out some by both Cal and Southern Miss. Will having played against those two offenses help on Saturday?

“We’ve done quite well. It depends on how we match up. If we can match up our speed with their speed, then we certainly have a chance to limit what they can do.”

The defensive key to winning this game has always been to stop the run. Playing against such a unique offense, does that rule still apply?

“I think that is still a big part of having success against them. If you can run the football, you have a chance to win championships. That’s how you do it. You run the football, and you stop the run

Week 3 College Football Report


The showdown is here as Tennessee goes to Gainesville to play Florida in a critical early season matchup in the SEC. As our good friend Judge Smails once said, "Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy...this is a biggie....don't let me down..." A win by the Vols will erase all memories of the Berkeley Bashing and give the Big Orange a boost in the divisional race. A loss, and.....well, make plans for Shreveport in late December.The big news in Knoxville is The Big Orange Army has gotten approval to rename Neyland Stadium to Fort Neyland, similar to The Swamp in Florida and Death Valley at LSU and Clemson. Senator Tim Burchett made the announcement last week, along with the Mayor and David Keith. 108,000 solider strong every Saturday at Fort Neyland. For more information go to for details. Also, check out my video blog on the BOA site for more information!Last Weekend's ObservationsWas it just me, or did Lee Corso look like Rain Man during the College Football Final segment with Chris Fowler? He was hopping around like a finalist for the Joe Cocker Karaoke Contest. Either that, or Kirk Herbstreit was giving him a hot foot off camera.What is this fascination with ESPN having Pam Ward as an announcer? She's not that solid as a play by play person, and Mike Gottfried has to be sitting there like Officer Bimbo from Hollywood Knights saying to himself, "I can't believe the stuff that has happened to me today..." I heard that when Pam Ward walks into a TV booth, the mice jump on chairs...Does Charlie Weis remind you of a villain from a Dick Tracy movie? "Watch out guys, 'Whopper Man' has just walked into the press room. Hide the buffet or none of us will get to eat!"Vols this weekTennessee at Florida3:30pm - CBSQuotes from Coach Fulmer"Florida is good on both sides of the ball and strong in the kicking game as well. We're concerned with the speed and talent they have everywhere. It will be our 11 and their 11, and we will see how we match up. They spread the ball around on offense, and they are very aggressive defensively. We've been tested in two tough football games, and it should make us a better team."Injury ReportTennessee head athletic trainer Jason McVeigh reports that an MRI revealed senior defensive back Antonio Gaines suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament Saturday and will miss the rest of the 2007 football season.Fifth-ranked Florida will be without receiver Andre Caldwell for Saturday's game. Caldwell sprained his medial collateral ligament and could be sidelined at least two weeks."That's a blow," coach Urban Meyer said Monday. "That's a frontal shot right there."And coach Urban Meyer said speedster Percy Harvin now has tendinitis in his knee in addition to the tendinitis in his Achilles tendon that has bothered him the last few weeks.Harvin was limited in practice last week because of the Achilles tendon problems and was supposed to play sparingly against the Trojans. He will play against Tennessee.Mailbag From Scott K. in Iraq:SGT Scooter,Well another early Sunday morning has come upon the forward deployed BOA soldiers stationed here at Camp Stryker Baghdad, Iraq, We all have our BOA helmets, BOA T-shirts on. The Big Orange flags are currently flying high amidst growing opposition but we will support and defend our true colors here. The grill got started about 2 hours ago as we are also tailgating. On the menu today is a wide assortment of beef, chicken and swine, but everyone is waiting for the main course meal, Golden Eagle is what we are all wanting! We will get this sometime elusive bird in the form of a BIG ORANGE [...]

My Fox Sports Blog (December) Vol. 2


Here is a post from my Fox Sports Blog for you to read until I get more postings on my Blog. Enjoy!Coach Scooter presents his Christmas list! it includes Julianne Moore in a tight Waffle House waitress uniform, less Terrell Owens and much more Holly Rowe (right).Since it is Christmas, I thought I would make my own list of presents I wanted to find under the tree on the 25th. I just hope Santa has relaxed that naughty policy I have heard about all my life. Well, let's start with: Santa, could you give me more players like Reggie Bush, Vince Young and D.J. Shockley? And maybe less of those Nike created football uniforms Florida, Miami and Virginia Tech wore last year?Could you get Mike Gottfried and Ron Franklin to do one more college football game together? These two were the Martin and Lewis, the Fred and Ginger, and peanut butter and jelly of the business. I promise to leave a few extra cookies if you could get Franklin to say, "He's got five, he's got ten," and "The line to make is the 27." Santa, do you think you could get the guys at ESPN to stop producing movies like Codebreakers and The Junction Boys, and instead produce something different, like a movie about a crime fighting trio of Erin Andrews, Jill Arrington and Alex Flannigan known as ESPN's Angels? They would use their sideline reporting of college football games as a cover for their real job, which is to snuff out crimes. This week's episode could feature the blonde bombshells thwarting a plot by Shelley Smith to corner the pre-game production buffet before College Game Day. Hey, Nick, could you make it so Terrell Owens has to work for a living like the rest of us? I mean real work, like being the shift manager at Dennys, or a supervisor at a Chrysler plant. I work my butt off for 33,000 a year, and this guy can't make it on over 40 million a year? You have to ask yourself what kind of society we live in where a guy gets all that money for playing a game while the real heroes like fireman, soldiers, policemen and teachers are grossly underpaid. Just so you know I am not complaining, I will say thanks for Gary Thorne, Vin Scully and Mike PatrickSpeaking of Mike Patrick, I hate watching the ESPN Sunday night game since I have to listen to those two "Know It Alls" Joe Theisman and Paul McGuire. After five minutes of listening those pompous has beens, I get an urge to go out a scrape my face on the pavement. Oh, how I long for those lazy June afternoons watching the WNBA. Hey, Nick, could you send me a little more John Facenda? Just as everyone else here, I grew up listening to him on those wonderful NFL Films and know we lost a great voice of the game. Could you imagine the first conversation Facenda had with God? I don't know if I could tell who was speaking since I always thought God was doing the voiceovers for NFL Films.Santa Baby, have you heard the ESPN Monday morning NFL highlight package with the "I love, blah, blah, blah, and the twins?" Talk about getting the Monday morning red ass. Could you do me a favor and find whoever is responsible for that earache and send over Shelley Smith to eat at their house since she got locked out of the pre-production buffet?Thanks for Field of Dreams, Miracle, Brian's Song, For Love of the Game, Caddyshack, The Bad News Bears (Original), Any Given Sunday, Hoosiers, Bull Durham, Rudy, Blue Chips, Major League, Everybody's All-American, Seabiscuit and Slapshot.And could you please return: Necessary Roughness, The Slugger's Wife, The Bad News Bears Go to Japan, The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, Wildcats, and Roll[...]

My Fox Sports Blog (December) Vol. 1


This is from the Fox Sports Blog I did last December. I figured I would post this so you'd have something to read until I added more to my Blog. Enjoy!This week on Coach Scooter's Fox Blog: Will we have a college football playoff any time soon, thoughts on my awful fantasy football team and the autopsy on Beano Cook revel's he died 30 years ago but is STILL on ESPN!College football playoff?I was watching the Northern Iowa vs. Texas State game on Friday night and it made me think of a few things while sipping on my Schlitz and eating Christmas cookies, which I must admit was a rather unique taste.First off, I thought Texas State had a female kicker and a QB who was like 46. When I called my co-conspirator for pre-meditated mischief, Coach B, to confirm this, he told me that was a movie and to either sober up, or drink the rest of the six pack. I chose the latter.As I watched the game, it got me to thinking about all the jugheads who say we don’t need a playoff. If Northern Iowa and Texas State can be playing in December, why can’t Iowa and Texas? Be honest, guys, and say money is the reason. Even Stevie Wonder can see the powers that be are all afraid of breaking tradition, even though it will make everyone richer. If you want to ruin the best sport of them all by not settling the championship on the field instead of hearsay, fine, but at least have the testicular fortitude to stand up in front of the cameras and say, “We don’t want to have a playoff because we are afraid of only making ten million dollars instead of eleven million.” Is college football being run by a mob of Gordon Gekko wannabes? How many yachts do these guys want to water ski behind? Oh, and one final thought about the NIU-TSU game. I thought Stacey Dales-Schurman’s cowboy hat was rather fetching. It’s like The Geek in Sixteen Candles says, “A girl in a hat is so vogue…” Fantasy FootballI have to tell you about my fantasy football league while I have a second before my Red Barron Pizza is ready to come out of the oven. My team has scored the most points in the league, yet we are at a disappointing 6-7 and are battling for the final playoff spot. Being a long time Lions fan, the first thing that came to my mind when I lost last week was to fire Wayne Fonts, since he must be behind this mess. However, the losses are my responsibility, so I have decided to find out where Wayne Fonts is working, convince his boss to fire him, then do what I always do when my favorite college team, Tennessee, loses. I get plastered on Jack Daniels and watch Telemundo, since I don’t have the heart to watch ESPN because the highlights make me cry. Just so you know, as bad as my Vols and my fantasy football team has been this year, I can now speak Spanish fluently, and have a drinking problem I really need to address.Please run the table Indy!Will the Colts go 16-0? Since I have always held the Colts second to my Lions as the team I root for, I am praying like hell they can pull it off. You know why? I am really getting sick of seeing those old farts from the ’72 Miami Dolphins rubbing everyone’s nose in their triumph that happened over 30 years ago by drinking a champagne toast after the last undefeated team loses. Is this the only thing these guys are proud of over the last three decades? You know, a lot has changed since 1972 so I think those guys should get a life. Instead of waiting until the last undefeated team loses, then getting liquored up and reminiscing about the time Jim Kiick fa[...]