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They struggled in mighty combat, sinews taut, muscles alive and moving like boulders under tight, bronzed skin. He marvelled at the contained violence and thought to himself, "These chicks are hot."

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Get the Farce On for Larsson - To the Promised Land we Go!



I'd be surprised if anyone at all reads this (hi mang!), but just breaking the defunctedness to address the trade deadline very very briefly.

Lubo, Grebs, Staios: all gone by deadline.

Souray, Smid: both out with injuries.

Prognosis: The Fall for Hall is more than official, it's just a bout a done deal.

My only hope is that The Oilers suck eggs hard enough next year to grab Larrson, basically a once in a generation talent on the blue.

That leaves the Oilers with a ridiculously enticing core of young players to grow with. Hey, if you're going to tank, tank hard and fast and get it done with. None of this "build a playoff team on the fly while rebuilding" nonsense. Just raze the whole rotting structure to the ground. You can try to put it support beams, replace the cabinets, but in the end a shithole is a shithole. Get rid of it. Start fresh.

Speaking of structures, how about that new Arena? Weird that there would be a rebuild of talented youth that reaches it's most competitive (and possible Cup winning) years might just coincide with a shiny bright Arena to house them, isn't it?



nice core of vets if we keep them


nice group of high draft picks


up and comers

Fill that out with some hardworking vets and you got yourself a team.

So, really, if it means another few years of terrible hockey, why not? I'm used to it anyway, at least now I'll know I have something to look forward to!



I've abandoned my blog!



I've abandoned my blog!

I've abandoned my team!


Decent first 20, Oilers are winning near as much as they're losing and even at this sad clip finish up at the end of the season with what? 96 points?

That's playoffs, baby.

But I swear to Christ if they go deaf I'm sending them away.


Playing Games


You know how when you were first learning the game of love? The more the object of your passion ignored you, the harder you'd try?

Yeah, you know. Sucker.

Well, it seems as if the more I ignore the Oilers the better they perform. Yes, as an individual fan of course I wield that much power.


This time for sure


Predators, Oilers...someone's gotta win.

I predict the Oilers to win huge. With the Hugest goals anyone has ever seen. Huge saves, too.


(woops, wrong photo...fixed.)


Stop Reading the Internets!


Are you an Edmonton Oiler?

Then what are you doing reading the blogs? Seriously, this shit'll mess you up. If this was how I checked in on my performance I'd go crawl in a hole somewhere and never come out again. Even the fair stuff can be brutal.

When you have to perform at the top of your game, highs and lows can be killer. Reading that fans are disappointed and angry isn't going to help you "even out your game", it's only going to plant doubt in your head. On the other side of the coin, buying into your own press about "how great you are" screws you the other way around. You stop giving it the same try.

Unless you're Zach Stortini, that is. Apparently, according to Oilers PR and David Staples, you either don't know how to read or you're too stupid to figure out the power button on your laptop. I have a cartoon coming for you, by the way.

I know, it's fun to google your name and see what people are saying, or maybe those Covered in Oil guys have something funny up, or (most likely) you just want to see what your score is on the Hot Off, but please:


Focus on your family, your health and having fun.

Forget about stats (even joking about it while mic'd up killed Reasoner's numbers), and stop squeezing your sticks.

Remember the end of last season? You guys just went out there, kicked ass and didn't even bother with taking names, you had nothing to lose. Maybe that should be your approach again. Sure, it's important to win every game you can because of all the games you'll lose, but grinding them out is going to wear you down faster than gravel on skin (I've wiped out way too many times, I know what it's like to pick the stones and sand out of your own quivering flesh wounds).

Have some fun.

If you must read these frikken blogs then don't internalize this garbage.

It's just a game. I know you're competitive and that's great, but keep feeling frustration and that's all your body will accept when you strap on those pads. You'll already have lost the game.

Look at Gretzky the player vs Greztky the coach, man.

'Nuff said.

What News Cold Wind?


A wind blows in from the west, sometimes peppered with rain, sometimes burdened with icy chips of snow, and following along with it will come news of either victory or defeat at the hands of the thrice damned Canucks.

Tonight we discover the mettle of our lads from Edmonton. Tonight we see if there are deeper wells of strength and determination than hither we have observed on the ice sheets of October. This night, our boys will fight to hold their heads high after demolishing an ever unworthy foe in godless Vancouver.

Our prayers go with you, Sons of Petroleum, Princes of Oil. They go fighting the bitter yowlings of a tempest blown, full of sound and fury, but like those bastards of the coastal game, signifying...nothing. Our wishes scale the cold rock of stormy mountain, descend the black depths of shadowed vale. They stop in for a cup of Cinnamon Dolce Latte at Starbucks, but ever to go, to go forward to the arena.

Like seers of another, more mystical age, we will look deep into our magic pools, spying the events as they occur while demonic voices sound in our ears, interpreting the play we shall witness unfold before us.

We will know of your highs and lowes, of your moments of shame and pinnacles of greatness.

Fare thee well, warriors, and return anon.





The Coming Storm


There's a storm brewing, true believers, and it's looking to be a mess.

Players who have been or are out 6 games in:

Sheldon Souray
Sam Gagner
Fernando Pisani
Shawn Horcoff
Steve Staios (non-injured, out for family reasons)

Player who hasn't been in:

Ales Hemsky


Can the Edmonton Oilers reasonably compete when six of the expected top performers aren't even in the line-up half the time? I know it's early, but if this club has shown me anything over the past couple of years it's that injuries are going to happen.

Have the Oilers gotten this under their collective belt early, or is it just an indication of things to come? Is it bad luck, training, playing philosophy? What ever it is, there have been too many injuries taking out players on a team that already looks ineffective and sluggish.

While the 4-0-0 start was exciting, I'm sure everyone can agree that it didn't look like the Oilers deserved those *wins, but they pulled them out anyway.

To be fair, with Hemsky and Horcoff out last year, the young guys stepped up and everyone took their game to the next level giving us fans that nice little winning streak to tease us all summer. What would you do if you were Craig MacTavish on Saturday?

Sit Hemsky?

Let him play out the "first month blues"?

Forget salary and put the right players on the right lines in the right positions instead of forcing the entire team to be the square peg?

Never, ever, ever play MacIntyre and Stortini on the same line again?

Look, that Brodziak, Stortini, Glencross line was lightning in a bottle and I'm sure it's tempting to think you can get that again with a few blends, but let's face it: GlenX was the straw that stirred that particular drink.

Anyway, a day off for the Oilers, let's hope they find their legs.


*they probably deserved the Calgary tilt, but only after that abysmal first period.




Natural Disasters vs. Ecological Disasters
7:30pm MST
Sportsnet, CHED

After a game where it looked like everyone on the team spent the night before partying on NyQuil and Alka-Seltzer, let's hope the Edmonton Oilers get some jump in their step for tonight's tilt against the Colorado Avalanche. In Denver, Colorado - where the oxygen is both rarefied and scarce....

Something tells me this isn't going to be as easy as it sounds, especially if Hemsky is still a no-show. Opinion Alert! Kids, if you've been surfing the nets and are looking for real Edmonton Oilers news, there is one and only one official source for all your Edmonton Oilers content, and this ain't it. Alert Over.

What's with Hemsky? Is he still injured? Did the surgery affect his confidence and/or ability to dangle and wrist the puck? He's been slow out there, and although he has 4 assists he's just been average and barely that. Is it an illness? Did he catch mono? What gives?

I mean, I can relate to phoning it in, and after a few years of making millions, money would no longer be motivation to perform so I feel for the guy and I hope what's going on is just temporary. If it's not physical, well, maybe Horc's psychologist can help out but something's very off-kilter here. What with Staios' family issue and the Oilers' poor performance last night, I can't help but wonder if something happened to take the wind out of this club.

Well, here's hoping for the best for this squad. If they actually pull out a win, maybe it'll look a little something like this:

(object) (embed)

Loxy Makes A Good point


Remember when Loxy and Grabia did that podcast?

You don't? Well, that's understandable. It was posted over a year ago with a few technical difficulties and then there was never any follow-up. It's too bad, too, because it was a beaut. Sure, a little rough around the edges, but for a first attempt it did all right.

In the comments of the "attention grab" post below, Loxy mentioned a YouTube debut. Now, I'll be honest, you don't want to see me in video (isn't print bad enough?), but we all know Lox is easy on the eyes.

What there's room for here, and I've tossed the concept around with friends, is an expanded media element to all this interminable "blogging". Personally, I'd love for Grabia and Loxy to to team up again and offer quick, 5 or ten minute musings on the Oilers and whatever. I'd love to see someone take up the YouTube route and do some video blogging/discussion.

Instead of reading about some of the things that happened at the bar while watching Pay-Per-View, why not record it, edit it down to the gems and post it the next day as a game follow up? You could have quick man on the street interviews, crazy fan interviews, hell, phone up bloggers across the world and get some opinions, explanations, etc.

On a further note, I know when I first started speedboating around the computer tubes I was mystified by all the tech terms relating to stats. Still am! A beginners guide somewhere would likely get a lot of attention, be fun to compile and help out a lot of fans, thereby raising the quality of discussion above "saw him good".

And now I've used up my alotted thinking time for the day. Back to BDSM jokes with Jabba the Hutt....

Look at me!


Hey you. Yes, you, the person reading this sentence right here.

No, the other one.


Listen, if what you read here isn't making you throw up a little in your mouth on a regular basis, I'm extending an invitation.

That's right, an invitation.

Just simply click over there <---------

And become a True Believer.

If you're like me, you don't want to miss a thing I write.

That is, if you're super cool enough...


(there's also the rss feed if you scroll down a bit)

A Quick Story


In my third stint as a career alcoholic, I found myself drinking at Joey's on Jasper Avenue. What can I say? Home was few blocks away and the eye candy was in full effect.Should we jump back before going forward? hmmm...Okay, let's do that. Let's take a trip into the distant past where we find ourselves on Whyte Avenue, home of the trendily damned. My first stint of dissolution was at the perennial Old Strathcona hotel, or "the Strat". That and alleys. And alone at home.Fast forward ten years and I was at the Commercial Hotel (the Commie, Blues on Whyte) just about every single frakking night drinking piss beer and getting an education on the blues. I call this Phase Two. I'd occasionally wander over to the Black Dog but really, from where I was coming from, they were all just pretty kids trying to look dirty and "keep it real". Except me and my friends, who were totally different and completely awesome and kept it even real-er....Right.Back to the StorySo here I was at Joey Tomatoes, flirting with the bartendress and with the thought of hopping over to Red Star Pub when who should walk in but Ryan Smyth! Smytty, even.I was, at the time, in a phase of disinterest with hockey and if it weren't for the girl I had been dating, probably wouldn't have even noticed him. But as it was I did notice, and since I was slightly drunk I decided to get his autograph for her.Now let me pause here a moment and say this:If anyone ever thinks of doing that, don't. Just Don't.As soon as I reached his table where he had just sat down, I already felt like a grade-A creep. Then I asked for his Hancock and felt even smarmier. His wife glared at me and I probably shrunk about two feet. What was I thinking?But you know what? Smyth smiled, said sure, and proceeded to give me his time, his attention and his autograph. Here I am a grown man interrupting his evening with his wife, and Ryan Smyth treats me with respect and cordiality.Oilers play the Avs on Thursday, which put me in mind of Grabia's piece he wrote last year about Smyth's Return. A year later and I find those same old feelings sprouting up again. Even though he plays for "the enemy" and tens of thousands of fans seem to equate him with CFP or Brickboy, personally I'll be rooting for him. Not for his team but for him.In my books, Smyth is the kind of guy the league should be imminently proud of and from both my personal experience and everything I've read about him, Edmonton should be proud that we once had this guy representing our city.Good Luck Smytty.And thanks for the autograph. It was a hit..[...]



As in, stuff.Not to be confused with stuffed. Me want food. People can get all the cutting edge content they need right here on the Oilers official Website No, what I'm talking about here is "content", Oilers Style™. In fact, I'm not the one talking about it all, but others are. Others like Alan Watt and J.J. Hebert as interviewed by David Staples.If you like cray-zay, you'll looove this article.---Warning! Apropo of nothing, Star Wars is my official filler for this post!---And now for something that actually does makes me content. Andy Grabia -of Battle of Alberta- has posted a great article concerning honours done to Mr. Joey Moss. You know what makes a community great? The people, that's what. And if a corporation that spends 100 million dollars a year to put a product on the ice can engender some of that good community spirit, then good on 'em.But they're not getting my 17 bucks a shot for Pay-Per-View this year. That's right. As small as my action is, I'm taking it nonetheless. As Princess Leia is so fond of saying, "If money is all you care about, then that's exactly what you'll receive."Only in this case they won't. And they're not anything like Han Solo. So analogies aren't my strong suit.Who knew? In my ridiculous opinion, the Oilers PR department screwed up royally on this whole issue and until I'm a gruntled customer again I'll listen to Stauffer and his newly neutered blandness, or better yet: find some illicit Live Blogging to read, since Everyone knows it takes the place of actually watching the game, and in no way is Live Blogging a fan crafted companion to the game, making it more enjoyable for everyone involved. Not at all.My eyes just rolled out of my skull from all that eye rolling.So, dear true believers, you all look fantastic from down here on the dusty floor. All four of you.How about that original Star Wars trailer?.[...]

So Long Mirtle



He's strolling outta town

He's got a new gig

Remember that movie Falling Down?

Michael Douglas lost his cool

He shot a guy in the knee

He stole all the guns

And James Mirtle's drinking tea

With the folks at SBNation

He'll be starting up their blogs

All things Hockey Related

If you're good, you've got a job


You see he's recruiting all kinds of writers

Who dig New Media and the like

So if you love your laundry

Start clicking left and right

So long Long Jim Mirtle

May eagles fly you high

Save you from flowing lavas

And steaming Orcish pies

Ride on, write on, right on


If anyone wants to submit me for a Governor General's or something, it'll be an honour just to be nominated.


If you ever read the OILBLOBOSPHERE....


...then this is a MUST READ. Oh yeah, it's just that good. Well, it's pretty good. It's alright. Of interest? um...tell you what, it's there, it exists, and your eyes can slide over the words if you have nothing better to do...

1. If you want to be added to my fancy blogroll, then make your case (in other words, just tell me)

2. Speaking of fancy blogrolls, the astute among you will have noticed that the sidebar has been radically updated. Now with more stuff!

3. Now with ScarJo.

4. This is post 100, huzzah!


In Oilers news:

1. The Dave Berry Holy Crap!-a-thon continues with mindbogglingly more and more people adding their two cents. Hit CiO to get updates on the ever increasing coverage.

2. Steve MacIntyre. Awesome.

3. I don't get why people are still saying Dustin Penner is fat. He's quicker than ever and had a great start to the season.

4. Souray injured. Seriously? (yes, and don't call me Shirley)

5. Sam Cogliano, Steaming Nilsson, Garon 'standing tall to make the save' when he was flat on his back...just a few gems from CBC's broadcast of Saturday night's game.

6. Hot Gossip: A couple weeks ago I saw Tom Gilbert entering the Sushi joint on Jasper and 109th. Hand to God, I said, "Heyyy! uh...Awesome!" He smiled and waved like a pro.

7. 4-0-0! Enjoy it. Ut-ut-ut! No reality checks today, just enjoy it.

Enjoy it.


Covered In Oil Blogger Booted from Game! (Now with Updates)


As a Fan, I guess I bleed Corporation?

Check for the update below...


By now, most of you who happen by the OILBLOBOSPHERE! know about THIS.

I've already made my comments at Dave Staples' blog and on CiO so I won't repeat myself, but I will say that I hope Oilogosphere writers whom I respect and visit daily don't cheap out and keep silent on the issue to cover their own asses in hopes of getting their own Golden Press Ticket in the future. There's something to be said for looking out for Number One while silently scooting the remains of your colleague under the bus. What's said is: coward.

To the Edmonton Oilers Organization: stupid stupid stupid.

This story is spreading like wildfire.


As an aside, I made the mistake of checking out reaction at HFBoards. Can someone please tell me how the myth and meme that "bloggers" want to be "journalists" got started? What a joke.

I hear this repeated on radio, see it on TV and and I can't grasp how someone who might glance over a site like mine would ever think I'm a frustrated writer who's trying to make the grade. Jebus! I'm just an average fan with rudimentary computer skills.

Guys like Grabia, DMFB, know, actual writers who already get paid for it? These guys aren't blogging for their writing careers, they're doing for the fun.

And this past event is leaving a sour taste in everyone's mouth.

Anyway, to all you idiots out there: the majority of fan blogs out there are for one purpose alone: having fun and expressing an opinion you can't find in MSM. Please clue in.


Check this out, it's worth the few minutes. Bob Costas talks about bloggers and the internet. Bluster galore.

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

New Jersey, those devils


The Edmonton Oilers are releasing their 3rd jersey and I think I just messed my pants in fanboy joy.

Just watch the video, folks:

width="480" height="289" frameborder="0" src="">

What do you think?

Oilers Season Preview! With Links! (Did I Mention the Links?)


What a difference a year makes.Last year at this time I was getting myself all geared up for countless games of heartbreak and sorrow. I was expecting my hopes to be crushed like so many nuts in 80’s teen movies (always hilarious). But, like Chet in Weird Science, secretly I was probably loving it, too. That pain never actually materialized.Oh sure, the Torres and Stoll show was pretty frustrating. Seeing Souray play a quarter of the season was a let-down, and keeping Roloson in net far past his due date out of loyalty, well…it’s something you live with as a fan. This year Garon likely gets starting position and we'll see if he can take the sustained pressure.And that leads us to the shootouts, those glorious shootouts and their even better precursors: 4 on 4 overtime. The Oilers only had so many because they couldn’t hang on to a lead, but still, high drama and top-notch entertainment for any hockey fan.So, while my predictions of suck pretty much came true for last season, something happened I (or anyone else) did not expect. The Rise of Youth.And that brings us to this year’s Ruminations for a Portending Season.A First GlanceThis year the Edmonton Oilers go into Training Camp with less holes than any other year I can remember in my adult life. Two years ago fans were worried about a thin and inexperienced Defensive squad, last year it was Forward depth and ability. This year it’s a Tough Guy and odds and ends (LH top-line winger, anyone?). But overall, Team Oilers hasn’t looked this good since the Fresh Prince sat on his throne in Bel-Aire (yo holmes, smell ya later) and bangs were better sprayed in the upright position (that’s what she said).GM Kevin Lowe (who has sincle been bumped up to be replaced by Steve Tambellini) started off early and strong with the backing of new, improved owner, Daryl Katz (honest to god billionaire Drug Lord). Shooting off players who have promising careers, but didn’t fit with Edmonton plans anymore, Matt Greene and Jarrett Stoll (Mr. Rachel Hunter) found themselves down in the land of flesh and plastic, new pieces of the LA Kings, and in return we got Lubomir Visnovsky, a smallish, but excellent Dman to play on a top PP line with a rehabbed Sheldon Souray. Together, with skilled feeds from Ales Hemsky, squirrely moves from a young Sam (The Hobbit) Gagner, and smart decision maker Shawn Horcoff, that PP unit is gonna smack up some bitches, bitch!Next out was Raffi Torres (#5 1st round, 2000)...and allegedly his, er...nose -snif sniff if you know what I mean- in an odd play for Gilbert Bule. Gilbert Bru-Who? You say? Well, that’s what I said, anyway. Gilby, we’ll call him, was chosen 6th overall in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft. If Sidney Crosby wasn’t stealing the limelight that year, Brule probably would’ve been the #1 Canadian pick in that draft. For reals. He had promise, but was rumoured to have been poorly used by the Blue Jackets and never lived up to the potential he showed and that Columbus was hoping to get out of him.At any rate, will he factor into the Oilers line up on opening day? Unlikely, but he’ll be getting a chance to regain his skill and edge in the AHL this year and probably get more than a cup of coffee as the season rolls along. All in all, if he can get back into his game, this will have been a genius trade by Lowe.Next up was the loss of Joni Pitkanen. As a fan it was hard to really like the guy. He seems to have the personality of a limp sardine, but he’s a beauty skater and knows how to put up points. He was traded to Carolina (and subsequently signed there) and back our way came 2006 S[...]

The Votes Are In!


Well, after an exhaustive voting process, the results are in. Although a few perusers (and contributers to the Oilogosphere) would take the hit and dutifully pleasure both of the ladies in question, most commenters preferred Scarlett Johannson (pictured here):


Over Natalie Portman, who apparently is less desirable than her counterpart. Here's a picture of the loser here:


Hey, no judgments, Oilogosphere. I mean, like, whatever, right?


Hot or Hot



In keeping with an important theme started here in the past week, I've decided to lay a question before the public. A question, o mighty reader, that has been perplexing me for too long! To whit:

Who's hotter? Curvaceous Scarlett Johansson or Sultry Natalie Portman?

It is of the ages!

But place a comment here and let the decision be made...for good and all!


Hot Summer Days



Well, it's piping hot outside. Fat guys making their own gravy hot. The Olympics started today, apparently and it's lucky 08-08-08. Go bet the life savings, how can it possibly go wrong?? Actually, keep that money in your pocket. If you're like me, you'll need to save every shekel for an HD upgrade for the upcoming season.

HD, people. You'll see more of the play, in crisper, sharper detail. Blood? More droplety. Teeth on the ice? You'll know when the time comes. Weird amounts of make-up on the commentators? You bet.

Anyway, I guess I'm just excited.

Above: Two compelling reasons to watch that Boleyn movie.


What, I'm not posty enough for you?



(image) Some blogs that do top-notch jobs find things to post about all off-season. To them I say: Thank You!


But this blog is not one of those. This most blobby blog will resume the closer we get to the season, but for now, my wee friends, it's summer. And that means girls aren't wearing a heck of a lot and patios are open and there's plenty of places to pass out after drinking ridiculous amounts of honey brown. What does it all mean?

Go outside and play.

We still have a few weeks of summer, so I plan on enjoying it.

Get Ready to Rock Out With Your...Toques On



I got a tip the other day to check out the CBC's Hockey Anthem Challenge and so I did.

Specifically, it was a tip to give a listen to this one:



And I dig it! But mostly I dig it after listening to some of the other pieces that were even more generic. Which in a contest like this is kind of a must. It has to appeal to a big chunk of differing demographics, I guess, so you can't get too crazy with it if you want to win. This piece is pretty good, though, all limitations considering.

Here's what Steve Dodd out of (spits!) Calgary has to say about his own work:

I think this theme has it all - a nod to the past with a main melody using a horn section, a rockin' band, memorable, and it can be broken down to usable parts for voice over, commercial breaks, etc. At 1:15 the main theme is revisited in a dramatic minor key which will also work very well for the show. I wrote it, and played everything. Can't you hear Ron and Grapes introing a game while you listen? Thanks CBC for the opportunity. Play hard!

Play hard indeed.

But any way you slice it, CBC lost out huge with the Original Theme.

(object) (embed)

How can you top that, really in today's work-a-day world where everyone is all about "layering sound" and creating "sonic walls" and our musicians are all too cool to rock out a huge, snappy, sing a long anthem that everyone can relate to and belt out when they're drunk on winning and sweet booze.

Anyway, if you have a small amount of musical creativity, write something up. You never know who'll win. Maybe some hard rocking Canadiana sounds, maybe a Middle Eastern Zethyr beat. Native American drumming?

The Hockey world's your oyster but something tells me horns and guitar are the order of the day. Every day. In Canada. At Night. Hockey Night.

Also, Oilers did stuff with trades and signings.


Hossa? Nossa!


Well, there goes that thought experiment.

How many hours and effort were spent by Oilers fans across the city busy doing math for the first time since High School, trying to fit a reported 9 million dollar salary into the cap?

Now it's being reported 1 year a shade over 7 million to Detroit.

Personally, I have mixed feelings, just as I did when went to bed last night. On the one hand, we won't be offering a 40 year deal at 380 million to a 29 year old, on the other Hossa.

But them's the breaks and I'll be watching the now underwhelming Katz press conference in about a half hour just to see what we see.


Out with the Young, in with the Old!


Well, I can't say I'm surprised, but it will be sad to see Stoll and Greene go. Two young players who might end up being the best players hockey has ever seen. Ever.Well, maybe not, but in comes Vish, and I guess everyone's expecting Pitkanen to head out later today. He's an odd duck. I mean a really weird bird who probably won't ever fit in easily with any North American team. Too bad. His apparent lack of heart will probably end up killing him as blood ceases to flow into his brain and nourish his various body parts.heh, heh....ha?Anyway, Jarett Stoll left town the way a player should, so kudos to him (are you listening, Thoreson? No, I suppose you're not.) Here's what he had to say: "I'm obviously happy, but it's also a bittersweet feeling," he said. "I had a lot of great memories and great years in Edmonton. I'll always be fond of that and fond of those times. I'm from close by (Saskatchewan)and I have a lot of family and friends that supported me. The organization was great, the fans were great. The support for the team in Edmonton was unbelievable. For me to be a part of that for six years, I couldn't have asked for anything more than that. It's a great organization, I had a lot of fun there, and it's sad that it didn't work out, it's definitely sad leaving Edmonton and all the great times I've had there, but this is a new chapter in my life and I have to move forward now." It's hard to say he's surprised when his name was attached to every trade rumour that came down the pike, but he did think he'd be getting another chance to prove himself in Edmonton. "It did catch me off guard a little bit,"he said. "Obviously I heard all the talk, it's been going on for a while, and I kind of prepared myself a little bit, just in case it did happen. But it's still shocking and surprising. But pretty quickly you realize that you have to move on -there's a new team and a new organization that you're part of, someone that wants you. I'm excited about that. I'm very excited to be with the Kings. I know they're going in the right direction. They have a great young core and I want to be part of that." Stoll said it's tough leaving Edmonton on a downer, knowing the last impression fans here have of him was the tentative and unproductive shadow of the player he still believes he can be. "It's unfortunate that the organization felt that way, that they had to move me. That's fine, that's the way they think and that's the business side of the game. I definitely wish it could have worked out and I could have rebounded and had a great year and proved a lot of people wrong. That's the kind of person I am. I know, looking back at last year, that I can be a better player. That's what my whole focus was on this summer. "I know how I can play and I'm confident in my game and what I can bring. I'll just bring that to another team and another organization now." On the bright side, he doesn't even have to pack. "I live 10 minutes from the Kings practice rink," he said. "It worked out really well if it had to happen at all. I'm a little bit still in shock, but I'm happy. I wish Edmonton all the best."-ROBERT TYCHKOWSKI, Sun Media I don't have any quotes from Greene, but I did find this picture that I photoshopped only slightly for minimal dramatic effect. I'll always remember Greene's beauty first (and only?) goal, and the way he straight armed CheeChoo. Adequate times, man. Adequate[...]



So how about them Oilers, hey?

This has been just a beauty run for the boys and no matter how it turns out, good times.

See what I'm doing there? I'm being "smart". I'm hedging my bets. I'm not letting that little spark of excitement and hope grow to large for fear of being dashed to the hard cold earth in a bloody, crushing fall.

As the stat boys keep telling me, that's my inevitable end if I allow any runaway optimism to get the best of me.

Sounds like those stat boys are a pile of fun at a party, doesn't it?

I joke, I joke.

The truth (even if I don't want to admit it to myself) is this:


I mean, come on! How can you have a pulse, call yourself a fan, and not be ridiculously pumped up and excited?

Yes, we might eat the next few games, or just miss the playoffs by a goal or two, but this is a legendary run, isn't it? This gives serious hope for the future, even if the rookies all get buried under the sophomore curse, we have a killer team gelling up here.

This feels like the 80's all over again. And if that feeling is just for this brief period of time, so be it!

In other words, stop being so goddam cautious. Hope, believe, crash and burn...that's what bring a fan is all about. If you want something safe, join a coffee clutch, or race worms or something. For me, I'm cheering. I'm going to suck every last drop of awesomeness from this time.

I'm going to live on the sweet nectar of vicarious victories while they last, and it's going to be sooo good.

So good.