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Female Flyers fan whose hockey philosophy is: Long live Adams, Campbell, Norris, Patrick, Prince of Wales, and Smythe.

Updated: 2016-09-08T00:29:35.724-04:00


A Departure, A New Beginning


Dear Gentle Readers, Life happens. When it gets a little out of control, one has to set priorities. This is my final Flyers.Femme post on Blogger. The lack of care I've dedicated to this space has pretty much killed it. (Does it count that it came as a result of really good intentions?) Also, I've threatened a move away from Blogger for a long time. So, much like a few hockey clubs out there,

Do Some Good for Your Community


Gentle Readers,It’s official: I’ve registered again for the October 17, 2010 AIDS Walk Philly.My goals for this year’s walk are:raise at least $500 andwalk the 12K in 2 hours.Donations to my fund-raising effort support local efforts to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and benefits over 30,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in the Philadelphia region.I hope I can count on your support, be it in a

Halfway There


Dear Gentle Readers,Chicago is my second city. The Blackhawks are my former Campbell Conference team. Their win over the Sharks means that I have half of my dream Stanley Cup Finals.Game 5 of the former Prince of Wales Conference is happening at the Wachovia Center. We'll have to wait and see how crazy the city will be tonight. And while I'm not asking for anything at this point, the outcome

Karma is a Big, Freakin' Witch


And she may or may not have a moustache. What goes around, comes around, and it may have bit the Boston fans where it hurts most - a trip to the Formerly Prince of Wales Conference Finals and the possibility of a date with the best damn sports trophy.How awesome is this? The guys come back from 0-3 deficit to win the series 4-3. (Sorry, J-man, but if you can be a Leafs fan, I know you can deal

Happy Monday, Flyer Fans!


Does someone in Beantown need a Heimlich? What 'bout in Pittsburgh?And was that Gionta shaking a finger in a face?Long live the madness that is the journey to Lord Stanley's Cup!

The Possibilities


Personal update Yes, I still follow hockey. Yes, work still sucks some of the joy and sunshine out of my life when it comes to good blogging habits.But the big deal is this: I'm meeting my financial goal! In fact, I plunked down 2/3 of my tax return towards it. That speeds me up for a pay-off date by just that much more.And now, for the hockey bit...How interesting would the SCP become if all of



Gentle Readers,So, how 'bout that Canada game, eh?Talking to Eli tonight, apparently the family watched it together at Mom and Dad's. Wish I could have been there, because when my mom watches hockey, it's fun.Setting: The parsonage, where the Monn family lives. In the living room. Big screen TV on MSNBC. Canda v. U.S.A. hockey game playing. Canada's net is empty.Mom (shouting at the TV): "Oh my

Don't Get It: An Olympic Mercy Rule


Mercy rule? Running up the score? In hockey? In the freakin' Olympics?First, I offer a brief reflection on sports in a U.S.A. context, because I wouldn't dare to speak for another country's outlook.In the U.S., many parents or guardians get kids involved in sports for socialization just as much a physical outlet for all their hyperactive "kiddie-ness."We want children to learn about good

Hiatus: What the Heck Does That Mean?


Dear GRs,Well, the simple answer is: it depends what you're talking about.TV shows: Either its the seasonal break or your beloved show is about to be axed.Hockey: It's the Olympics or All-Star GameMe: The job is challenging or some goal is sucking up time and financial resources.As far as hockey is concerned, we're speeding towards the Olympics. Personally, I don't think the pros should be

As My Mom Would Say...


Dear Gentle Readers,No, the blog is not dead. And in spite of recent events, neither is my fandom for the Flyers.I'm just observing a little bit of home-training: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.Okay, who am I kidding?The team sucks right now. There was that brief time where we had a nice little winning streak, but it feels like a long freakin' time ago.Since my opinion

Disaffected and Disenchanted


That's about how I'd characterize the Flyers fan feelings toward Coach Stevens lately.Some days, I'm fine with Johnny standing behind the bench. Other days, not so much. But I've yet to call for his head on a pike.Folks, this post is going to ramble something fierce. I'm processing as I write, while the game is tied-up at 2 all, which is a very dangerous thing to do when you have a sports blog.



Okay, it's official. I'm going to do my holiday open house on December 11.The following bloggers are invited to offset all my work peeps:Kristin (Eager to Go Psycho)Jess & Sophie (Slightly Saucy)KMart (Brawling for Brotherly Love)Ryan and Fran (Flyers Goal Scored By...)Any of the HLOGersIf you can make it, please shoot me an email or tweet.

Just A Little Sore


12 K walked2 hours, 12 minutes$610 raisedThose are the highlights for my 2009 AIDS Walk Philly participation. Thanks to everyone who supported me with kind thoughts and generous donations.Now, I'm off to apply a little Icy Hot to my leg and run through some stretching...

AIDS Walk Update


Dear Gentle Readers,Yep, just one last appeal related to my AIDS Walk Philly participation.When: I'm walking a 12K this Sunday, starting at 9:30 a.m.My goal: Raise $600, benefits 30K+ people affected by HIV/AIDS in greater PhillyFunds needed: Just [edited] $15 dollars, as of 9:55 [edited] p.m., ET, todayIf you're interested, you can donate securely online using a credit or debit card. Click on

Slow Week, High Hopes


Dear Gentle Readers,One of the main reasons this blog was so quiet over the summer was an extra special project at work: how to plan and pull off a company health fair in two months with no budget.It can be done, and it can be done well, in that short a time. But here's what I learned from it:Inevitably, when this sort of special project comes along, something else that you're working on is going

Recap: Battle of PA Eve


Flyers Faithful (and visitors),Are we having fun yet? How about these first three games? Let's recap:Game 1: Flyers @ 'CanesEmery shuts out the Whalercanes, Pronger has a completely expected and slightly snarky intermission interview, and Blondie and Captain continue their evil scoring ways. Three word summary - it didn't suck.Though why Alberts suddenly knows how to pound somebody is beyond me.

NHL schedule: Mad crazy!


Dear Gentle Readers,The hockey gods must love us for our dedication.All 30 teams playing on the same day? In a simile relevant to my religious tradition, it's like Christmas!Just think of all the hockey you could watch today. I haven't been this excited since, know, I don't think I'll finish that thought after all.On top of last night's regular season opener shut-out win against the

2009-10 Season: Game On!


Dear Chicago,I've lived there. You would have been great hosts. But I was pulling for Rio all along.Felicitações, Brasil!The Main EventBack to hockey, because no other sport matters to me. The Flyers take the ice for their first regular season scrum.I can't wait to see the impact of Chris Pronger - figuratively and literally. To learn what Ray Emery will do for us. To hear whether Coach Stevens



Sometimes, expectations suck.After basementing and rebounding, I expected last season's post-season to be better. Yeah, it was crappy to pull the Pens in the first round. With a little better leadership - on and off the ice - the Flyers could have gone further.At least, that's my take and I'm sticking to it.What should the Flyers faithful expect for the 2009-10 season? I don't know about you, but

Mental Lapse


Gentle Readers,You'll forgive me for not posting until today. I've been reveling in the fact that...HockeySeasonIsHere!And, yes, I'll be more enthusiastic about it next time.Small ReminderSee that widget over there? Yeah, I'm still raising funds for my 2009 AIDS Walk Philly participation.It's a personal cause for me. Money raised for this charity walk supports organizations providing HIV/AIDS

Five Reasons I Love Hockey


Gentle Readers,Puck Daddy ran a series called "5 Reasons I Love Hockey" in August. The series is over but I'm going to post my reasons any way.5. The smell of the iceGo watch The Cutting Edge for an explanation.Summers in Philly can be stifling, with 90+ temps mixed with 90+% humidity and our location between two rivers. So what's a hockey fan - and admitted winter freak - to do?Change that

Annual Jersey Rant


No, Gentle Readers, I'm not PMSing about pink jerseys or wasting your time with the epic failure that is the silver ones.I'd like to address another issue: size discrimination, petite edition. (My mom calls me Skinny Minnie for a reason, folks. And no, Teka, another burger or two isn't going to do anything...ask co-workers George, Justin, and Brandon.)Could someone in the NHL merchandising end of

Be Charitable


Dear Gentle Readers,Yep, long time, no write. Sorry about that, but my life has a way of getting really crazy over summers.My activities lately have centered around a crap-load of bad news, including a co-worker's death at the end of June, and my great aunt's death last week.(That image pretty much sums up how I feel over the last two months.)You have no idea how ready I am for hockey season to

And So It Ends


Last Single-Team Player Retires?Joe Sakic (aka, the Vampire Lestat of the Avalanche) announced his retirement and I am actually sad about that. Best of luck to him in future endeavors.It prompts a question for hockey fans: Do you believe we'll ever see another player spend his entire career with the same club again?Current trends indicate a big, frickin' NO.In Other HeadlinesFour Habs Fans and

No x Largest Power You Can Imagine


Ray Emery? Her? Really?So, as a fan, my official vote is WTHFN?!?!?!???!!!And that's not just my splitting headache, upset stomach, and general achiness talking either.