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Comments on: Lakers/Jazz Thoughts

A Lakers Blog. Thoughts, reflections, and the odd rant on the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA (even the Clippers).

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By: B.J.

Mon, 05 May 2008 21:29:42 +0000

Jazz fan here... Two things I noticed most about this game: 1. Lakers were severely outrebounded, leading to a lot of second chance points. I expect the Lakers will look to make some sort of an adjustment on this. 2. Jazz didn't take care of the ball too well, particularly in the 2nd quarter. Yes, the Laker D gets some credit for this, but the Jazz made a lot of lazy passes and careless mistakes as well, as if they felt they could relax because they were playing a defense that doesn't have as many active hands as the Houston D. Lakers exploited it and got the transition game going. Game 1 is always more of a "getting to know you" type scenario, with the teams getting a feel for each other. Should be a tough series and will get a lot more heated as it goes on.

By: RedWinter

Mon, 05 May 2008 18:48:11 +0000

Jazz fan here... First off, great comments. Very insightful fans on this blog. Pretty refreshing coming from the Houston crowd. Anyway, onto the game... ugh. That was 70% painful and 30% encouraging to watch. Painful: 1) We dug our own grave early in the game and then spent the rest of it trying to claw our way out. The Jazz have all sorts of talent and ability, but for some reason get nervous and start heaving when we play LA. It doesn't help that the Lakers (Kobe) are one of the best teams at letting you beat yourself. Keeping an oposing team teetering on the verge of coming back for 2 quarters is mind numbingly frustrating, and Kobe is damn good at it. As posted earlier, the Jazz would do a great (usually difficult) thing and then turn around and watch the Lakers toss up a layup... which is just plain demoralizing. 2) Hats off to Kobe. Speaking as one who sat (live) and watched Michael torch us in the 90's, Kobe looked legit & (if I'm being straight up), it terrifies me. I know the Jazz can take this series, but here on out, these are going to be CLOSE games that could be decided by a single shot, and unlike Michael, Kobe can make that shot without shoving off a defender. I don't particularly care for Kobe, but you've gotta respect that level of play. Encouraging: 1) We lost the game in the second quarter. Hopefully we got our "now we're playing a legit contender" jitters out and come to play the entire four on Wed. I'm anticipating that we will. 2) Gasol's a little softer than I think many of the Jazz fans thought. Still a great center and will get some decent cleanup and feeds, but I see Carlos and Memo abusing his defense in the coming games. 3) Williams, Korver, and Harpring's shots usually fall better. Finger's crossed that those misses were as much of an "us" problem as it looked on TV. 4) How about AK-47's blocks? Good to see him & those pterodactyl arms at work. It will be a good series... looking forward to checking back here and seeing what the Blue & Gold fans think in the coming weeks. Good luck to your Lakers. You gave us a good wake up call on Sunday.

By: Kurt

Mon, 05 May 2008 17:30:29 +0000

new post up — now with links!

By: nomuskles

Mon, 05 May 2008 17:27:41 +0000

Okur was a lot more effective in the post than I thought he was going to be. And Pau actually struggled somewhat with his back to the basket. Both of those things worry me a little bit, especially if Mehmet get his three-ball on target in game 2 or 3.

By: Darius

Mon, 05 May 2008 16:52:02 +0000

After reading through all the comments, it's easy to see why this forum is the best...Great stuff from Kwame, drrayeye, Warren, Bill Bridges, Reed, and, everyone really. I mentioned it before too, but I do appreciate the Jazz fans with their takes, especially when it comes to insights that they have from watching their team so many times and the nuances that we may not recognize because that's not *our* team. Game 1 was about what I expected. A rested Lakers team is effecient on offense, tough on defense (in spurts), and really, really bothered by the Jazz physicality on the boards. The thing I liked the most was Kobe's ability to play a tremendous game and really set the tone for the team. He was smart, poised, and focused. His leadership in that regard is something that rarely gets mentioned, but he sets the tone for this team. One example is when Walton first checked in. As Kurt mentioned in the pre-game chat, Luke was under the weather and was expected to receive less minutes. But when he checked in, Kobe was at the line, and made his first FT and did his little *check in* with the guys. Luke was the only guy that didn't come over to slap hands. Kobe gave Luke a look, and said something of encouragement along the lines of "let's go. I know you're not 100%, but I'm with you"...Luke gave Kobe a little affirmative nod and that was that. Did that impact the game? Probably not in a tangible way, but those are the little things that teams are built on. As for this series, it's too early to know how anything will play out without another game or two under our belts. Will we be able to frustrate Utah's scorers? Will Utah continue to punish us on the boards? Will we continue to be able to get out and get early offense? Will Utah try to run right back at us more? There are still too many adjustments to be made to be able to say anything definitive on where this series is going. I just know I'm happy that we got game 1...

By: Hoffman

Mon, 05 May 2008 16:42:18 +0000

I think AK47 is the X factor in this series. Andrei was a non-factor in the three Laker regular season wins. He averaged 13 points and averaged single digits in both rebounds and assists. But in Utahâ€(image) s 106-95 victory, AK47 had a triple-double with 20 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. Heâ€(image) s a unique player. He is only the second player in NBA history (Hakeem Olajuwon) with multipe 5X5 games and is a quadruble double threat every time he steps on the floor. The Jazz are a completely different team when he gets it going offensively. His offensive success tends to carry over to the defensive side of the ball where he is a three-time All-Defensive team selection. If the Lakers can continue to make him an after thought on offense, they will win the series rather easily.

By: burningjoe

Mon, 05 May 2008 16:20:45 +0000

isnt it nice the Phoenix is on vacation?

By: Kurt

Mon, 05 May 2008 16:17:54 +0000

37. Sometimes comments appear briefly before the system recognizes something and holds the comment for moderation. I approve them as soon as I can, but I also like to sleep, so it can take a while sometimes.

By: pb

Mon, 05 May 2008 15:18:55 +0000

Fascinating stuff, everyone. Reed's take on laker/jazz fans of game interpretation was simply awesome. I'm glad NJC is here and hope he will be here for the rest of the series, unlike AI who came in for one game and then just disappeared when dENVER self destructed. One thing for sure is that UTAH will not self destruct as dENVER did. They are a stronger, more disciplined, and better coached team than dENVER. They will play better, and the games will be close throughout the series, but I don't think they can beat us 4 of out next 6. We should be able to close this out in 5 or 6. This doesn't come out of disrespect for UTAH. We all know how much we feared UTAH before the series began, noting how deadly DWill/Boozer combo is and how physical their style of play is, neither of which we didn't think we had answers for. The truth is that NBA is all about a transcendent superstar imposing his undeniable will on the game at pivotal moments (Bird, Magic, Jordan). It was not luck that Jordan that he hit that famous jumper over falling (or pushed) Bryon Russel or Magic hitting the hook shot over GM of Minn and the Chief. The best player in this series is Kobe, and he will not let his team lose, not especially when he has teammates that he can trust. Dwill/Boozer are not there, yet. TD was there and CP3 maybe there already. Kobe can have his offnight or UTAH will play too well in one or two games. However, the Lakers are the better team, and the better team will win almost 90% of the time in the NBA. We may not be 4-0 better as we were vs dENVER, but we're definitely 4-1 or 4-2 better than UTAH. Still, every game will be close as game #1 was during the 2nd half. I think both teams can play better and will be more competitive. However, unless UTAH can summon up a defensive stopper like Bowen or Battier, this series will be a tough one for them. The Lakers just need to execute to win. UTAH needs to get career best effort from DWill AND Boozer to steal a game or two. Alternative scenario is the Lakers somehow get overconfident and lose their focus, but I don't see Phil-Kobe led team to do that on back-to-back games or more than 2 times during this series. It's nice to have the league's best team after 3 years of underdog/lesser seed vs. PHO. It's our time to crush other team's playoff dreams. It's our year!

By: LJ

Mon, 05 May 2008 14:33:42 +0000

About Gasol getting into foul trouble because of Boozer, I couldn't help to noticed that the last six times Gasol has faced the Jazz it was Boozer the one getting into foul trouble (foules out even a couple times) instead of Pau. By the way thanks to everyone, you can't imagine how entertaining is to visit this forum just for the pleasure of reading your post.