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Last Build Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 09:28:44 -0000


Re: App Review: Nike + GPS – RunKeeper’s Worst Nightmare

Sat, 25 Sep 2010 09:28:44 -0000 created by a shoe company who's primary business is shoes and clothing, or one by a company dedicated only to improving their only product. Seems like a no-brainer to me. I'll stick with RunKeeper thanks.

Re: 10+ Ways to Track Your Marathon Run

Sat, 08 Aug 2009 11:10:32 -0000

You missed one of the best ones out there for the iPhone - RunKeeper!

Re: The Gray Family Doubles Overnight. Welcome Matthew and Sarah!

Thu, 17 Jul 2008 12:53:36 -0000

Well I'm a bit late in offering my congratulations, but better late than never I guess. So - congratulations!

I noticed one thing in your post that made me go 'hmmm'. When you were talking about the babies' sizes you said their weight in pounds, but their height in centimetres. I found that strange, especially coming from some in the US. We're a bit messed up here in Canada, we use metric, but still talk about our height and weight in feet and pounds, even for our babies. :) When my son was born, we got the height measurement in inches...

Anyways, just me rambling. Congratulations again, hope everyone is doing well. I've got lots of posts to catch up on so perhaps I'll get the answer to that question in subsequent posts.

Re: Google Blogger FTP Publishing: Out for 12+ Hours

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:27:13 -0000

Update via email?? Is there not a browser based method of updating?

Re: The Important Thing With Leopard 10.5.3: It’s Safe To Install

Wed, 28 May 2008 21:56:06 -0000

Yeah - not sure why it's iPhone only, that is definitely strange. In other news - I can also (sadly) confirm that the 802.1x reliability has not improved with this update. I still get frequent random drops.

Re: The Important Thing With Leopard 10.5.3: It’s Safe To Install

Wed, 28 May 2008 21:46:11 -0000

I can verify that I DO NOT see an option for syncing address book to google, and I don't have an iPhone. That will hopefully change soon enough when they are available in Canada though. I do see an option for syncing to Yahoo though, that I didn't notice before - but I wasn't looking so it may have been there for a while...

Re: Think Apple Would Dare To Take On the Movie Theaters?

Wed, 07 May 2008 08:50:20 -0000

At this point, I'd settle for the ability to rent ANY movie using AppleTV in Canada... I guess I can't complain too much, we're finally getting an iPhone up here "sometime this year". (sigh)

Re: Our Family Gears Up for a Time of Transition

Sat, 03 May 2008 20:25:25 -0000

I can't imagine having to deal with twins as your first children - I think the only thing worse would be getting twins second - after you know what to expect. I'm kidding of course.

Having recently gone through half of what you're about to embark on (my son is now 19 months old) I can only wish you, and your wife, good luck. As others have mentioned, life certainly does change, but a change for the better I think. We are expecting our second child in August, so I'll be dealing with two as well, but hopefully I'll have worked out most of the 'bugs' in my parenting algorithm by then. :)