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Last Build Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 14:08:26 -0500


WhoDoYouKnowAt - a Gist competitor? uh nope

Wed, 14 Oct 2009 13:23:58 -0500

The train to get on the corporate social networking bandwagon is getting full, even though if left the station some time ago. Eager services jump on the moving train with what they hope will be the f

Using Google Voice to beat your cell carrier minutes and SMS

Wed, 8 Jul 2009 08:52:00 -0500

Google Voice will definitely have an impact on how cell companies handle incoming and favorite calls. US Cellular and T-Mobile are the examples we have to focus on first. I found some good postings,

Nombray - a paid site for what we discussed Google Profiles did for free yesterday?

Thu, 30 Apr 2009 14:42:32 -0500

After discussing Google Profiles yesterday, I ran across Nombray today. At first I thought it was a social aggregator of my web data. After looking at the site and their limited help areas, one thin

Nomee - screencast and review

Wed, 8 Apr 2009 12:22:20 -0500

Nomee is an Adobe Air application that allows you to consolidate your network profiles into a business card. The benefit does not only reside in the consolidation, but the ability to specify groups o

Sideline (by Yahoo) screencast and review

Fri, 3 Apr 2009 09:51:44 -0500

In the above video, I install Sideline. It is a new Adobe Air desktop client from Yahoo that watches the Twitter public stream for trending and custom searches

Skimmer screencast and review

Thu, 26 Mar 2009 07:33:00 -0500

For people coming into the social and Web 2.0 social network frenzy, this might be a great choice. For the hardcore adopters, it is a current playtoy.

Blellow site review - it made me mellow

Wed, 4 Mar 2009 09:27:00 -0500

My site review, screenshots and commentary on the new site Blellow launching at SXSW

SocialText introduces Signals and gets my green light

Tue, 3 Mar 2009 07:33:11 -0500

SocialText took a huge leap forward in trying to secure a new part of the emerging enterprise market with Signals. I was lucky enough to see some previews and live demonstrations last week, but had to hold out for the big launch today.

Google Latitude tips & tricks

Thu, 19 Feb 2009 11:59:05 -0500

There is a lot under the covers of Google Latitude that you do not really notice they have made them so subtle. After you get a Google account (I publish under IdoNotes at that google dot com thing),

Relax, the solution to the new Facebook TOS changes and protecting yourself

Tue, 17 Feb 2009 11:39:28 -0500

All the turmoil has a solution built into the new Terms Of Service (TOS) by Facebook themselves. I went through it a few times and while this isn't a loophole, it is actually for your protection and