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Preview: Life is an adventure and should be full of passion

Life is an adventure and should be full of passion

Well I've made some major life changes and thought I'd write about some of them. Hope it's helpful to some. Change is life, constant, and inevitable. Go with it or be left behind and miserable. Give only good stuff and you'll reap great things!

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Much to think and ponder and decide in my future


Another chapter has closed, at least it feels that way. Time to move on and follow the path in front of me. I've never been one to say good-bye, but there are times I've been told good-bye. And on some level good riddance. Not a good feeling. At all. Crossroads where "friends" and family have cut me loose. One says/asks if I'm running away. I truly don't believe that's it. I'm ready to find a



What friend won't answer when you call, but text in response. And when you say you want to talk, they tell you you are being mysterious. Those aren't friends.  It's happened with several people.  After texting here and there things get lost and tone is assumed. Communication gets befuddled. Conversations are important. Real communication is important.  But then when people decide to take new

Almost a year has passed


since Mom died. Facebook memories are tough sometimes, but I'm glad I recorded points in history to reflect and remember.  December 21, 2015,we placed Mom in the Hosparus unit at Norton Hospital. It is a quiet and peaceful place. No machines beeping or burping. Just soft voices and tears or sobs at times.  Last Christmas Eve, after sitting with Mom and playing carols for her through my phone on

Easy is forgettable


I've made that my mantra for the last number of years. But sometimes I fail and go for the easy way, at least with some relationships. "Be soft like water and be a powerful force." "Turn the other cheek. " Honestly I try. Then I get weak and allow my ego to get the best of me. I say words. I poke the bear. I make it worse.  So I'm going to try once again to be quiet, turn the other cheek. This

Changing relationships


from friends to acquaintances is not much fun. One insists to be my friend but blocks my calls and emails. Truly thought they would be there when Mom died, but they weren't. Recently have gotten a random call, twice, just to be blocked again. My immediate reaction was anger. Now I'm just saddened by it all. I'm not perfect and make plenty of mistakes. Reckon that is obvious to everyone. More of

Been a while


and not sure I have anything interesting to say. This is more about getting stuff off my chest. You are welcome to close the tab now. I've gained many pounds over the last 2 year or so. My fitness has waned (understatement). But I'm not giving up, yet. Not ready to quit, though I have toyed with that thought for most of the last 2+ years.  Right now I'm grateful that I am as healthy as I am. I

I never knew


how much my heart could really hurt until after I turned 55. Boy oh boy, it can hurt a lot and for so many reasons. Love yourself and those places that hurt the worst. Once we can do that and then project love to the reasons the hurt exists the pain fades into nothingness. Love, love , love, love... peace to all

there's no way to know


how much time we've got. Mom's blood pressure is 220/90 now most the time. She seems to be content. She doesn't want to take showers and I don't blame her. It's not so easy to watch and to make decisions. Sometimes I really hate being a grown up.

Nothing good to report here


until there is I will be silent. No one wants to read about stuff unless it's happy and optimistic! peace and love to all 



, grateful yet full of regret as well. Mixed up. So many are suffering with ailments and loss of loved ones and starvation and worse. My heart goes out to them. I meditate and try to keep optimism alive.  I feel regretful for being upset about not being able to ride. I wish I knew how to fix these flare-ups, but my life isn't so unbearable.  This world needs more love and understanding. You



So many things. I request assistance from The Sage, Universe, any one or thing to grant me Grace for the foreseeable future.  At some point I'll be more comfortable writing about this (maybe), but for now that would be in contradiction of grace.   Love and peace for all  



I'm too "nosey", "invasive", "confrontational". So many adjectives so little whitespace. haha  I take things to heart, personal more than I should. It's how I'm built. No apologies, not anymore. I also care deeply about those I have in my large circle. No, I won't be brazen and say they are all close friends, some are acquaintances, etc. But I am grateful for each one and the relationship we have

Mini vacay, part 3


Am I being lazy? or is there really something going on in this body? I want to go and do and train. Some days, like this morning, it I'm just not feeling energetic, fit, ready to do what I've planned. It's 11:07 pm and I return to work tomorrow. I seriously wish there was someway I could ride my bike most days in the mountains. Ride being the operative word!and not push it uphill. It was

Mini vacaypart 2


Best evening I've had in a long time. Got to hang out with a friend before the show. Surprised me at my van. That was great. Seeing The Rolling Stones boogie and rock agelessly was outstanding. Plenty of dancing, singing along and it was a very warm night. They didn't start until after 9:30. It was after 11:30 when they ended. That's Central time, going home you lose an hour. (I didn't go home

Mini vacay part 1


Tuesday plan was to leave from work. Life happens and plans alter. Had an appt with lung Dr. It went well. The PA didn't seem pleased when I told her I use my long lasting inhaler "as needed" and the Dr had said I could. Dr came in and asked how I'm doing to which I replied just fine. "Any issues" no, not really. Maintaining. To which he says, "see ya next year, do you want any samples?" Of

Hell yes I'm scared


and know there's no reason to be. People ask me about traveling alone, riding alone, etc. If I had my druthers I'd be fit and fast enough to ride with other people then maybe I'd be invited along to ride places. I spent too much time cajoling and trying to get invited. That just ends up in disaster. So I won't sit home and wait. I am going to go and do. Yes, sometimes I'm in over my head. I can't

Short Track week #3


Another fun evening with great people! It was HOT but not too humid. Since this was my last possibility to race the series I didn't want to miss. But major flare-up happened Monday and was miserable today. Rode to work this morning and seriously considered going home, but needed to  get things done and didn't want to burn a PTO day. :-) Got out of work and rode home. A friend came to visit and

Emotonal moment here folks


My niece got married Saturday. What a beautiful ceremony and celebration it was. The officiant recognized those that were not able to be with us including my Dad and my niece's grandparents on her mother's side as well as relatives of the groom. Tears welled up in my eyes. And I thought about Mom too. They played such good music including some Nat King Cole. My Dad loved his music and had several



tired very tiredand sad

Louisville Short Track MTB race #2


Different course this week. There was only one log, small in diameter to clear just before a left hand turn, no big deal. The course stayed inside the wooded area and incorporated a jump that was rollable, though I wish I had the skilz to jump because rolling it wasn't fun or fast. I rode to the course from home on my Scalpel with flat pedals. The temps were great, high 60s. Lots of familiar

Louisville MTB Short.Track.Racing Race #1 2015


So other than an attempt at an Enduro or three over the last two summers I haven't seriously raced since the 2012/2013 Cyclocross season. I can't say it's much different since I'm not sure Wednesday's race counts as serious racing (for me).  I'm out of practice on race prep so got home, gathered my gear and bike, loaded the van and headed to Eva. This after making numerous trips back to the

May 26, 2015


Today is Violet's two month birthday. Her momma posted photos and video of her smiling and laughing. She doesn't make a laughing sound yet, but her smile moves her entire body like a belly laugh does. Yes, this Gran is very proud and much in love. Truly I wish I could see her each and every day. Went to Mom's after work to fill her medicine planner and visit a bit. She was at supper when I

Memorial Day Weekend '15


Been having wanderlust for months but wanted to be close with grandbaby #1 on the way. She came end of March. Weather and life has prevented me from seriously gettng any fitness. First foot injury then wet trails and more flare-ups blah blah blah. Drove to Pisgah hoping to camp at Davidson River but they were full to the brim Friday evenin. So I found an almost empty parking lot and have stayed

One way my mind has changed


I used to think hate should be eradicated from all of our lives. But after living and learning and realizing more and more this would never work. There is a balance. Some call it yin/yang. We must have dark to have light, sadness for happiness, hate in order for love to exist. Do I wish there was someway? Of course, but that is my ego.  I witness hate day in and day out. People making fun of

So close to Spring we can almost taste it!


Hahaha! A few glorious days and almost everyone is smiling. What a pleasant change it is from all the frowning and whining and complaining these last weeks.  I rode my bicycle today. Outside. Wearing regular bike shoes (not boots) and shorts and 3/4 length sleeves. Last I rode my bike was on the trainer on Feb 21 and last I rode outside was Feb 4th. Since injuring my foot I haven't done much at