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Preview: SpoiledMom...Happiness is Not Material (We Interrupt this Blog for The Casey Anthony Saga)

SpoiledMom...Happiness is Not Material (We Interrupt this Blog for The Casey Anthony Saga)

Informative blog regarding the murder of Caylee Anthony and the arrest of her mother, Casey Anthony. I turned my original blog of my life dealing with raising kids, fighting cancer and blogging thru chemo, into an up to date, research blog regarding the s

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The father of an Orlando woman who went missing five years ago has some choice words for George and Cindy Anthony. Jennifer Kesse  Drew Kesse blasted the Anthonys' decision to appear on "Dr. Phil," calling it "a disgrace and an insult to every missing person and their families"."The bottom line is they have no right to be advocates," Kesse said. "They have no right to take what I would call blood money."Kesse's daughter, Jennifer Kesse, disappeared in 2006 from her condominium near the Mall at Millenia.  Kesse said that the Anthony's should not be a voice for the missing because Caylee Anthony "was never a missing person." Joyce and Drew Kesse Kesse was incensed that George and Cindy Anthony asked the "Dr. Phil" show for a contribution to their new foundation, which is named for their granddaughter, Caylee."He's pimping himself so I can stay on top. This is what I'm willing to do. Would I take it? Hell no," Kesse said.He said that confusion and public distrust built up during the Casey Anthony trial has made people more hesitant to donate their time and money to help find children and adults who are missing."I think they have done so much damage to the missing persons in this country. They don't realize the damage they've done," Kesse said.Drew Kesse said he and his wife have never asked for money for their own foundation --"The Jennifer Kesse Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship" -- that is maintained through the University of Central Florida to ensure Criminal Justice Graduate students become better prepared for their chosen field. The Anthony's attorney did not return phone calls and texts for comment.Kesse said he hopes that the Anthonys would move and start a new life far away from Florida.                                                                                                         only known image of the person of interest in the Jennifer Kesse case This is the only known photo of the person of interest in the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse.Detectives aren't even sure if the person of interest is a man or a woman. They're asking the public to focus less on the person's clothes and more on the body style or hair style. Police even canvassed salons asking workers to pay attention.Jennifer Kesse did not arrive at her place of employment on January 24, 2006.  Family, friends, and law enforcement were quickly notified.  Fliers blanketed the area where Jennifer lived. On the morning of January 26, 2006,  a resident in the complex where Jenn's car was found watched the morning news and the story of Jenn's disappearance.  While taking his children to the school bus he recognized Jenn's parked car and called police. Jenn's car was found 1.2 miles from her home.  The car was dropped off at noon on the day of her abduction. Video surveillance at the location where Jenn's car was found shows a suspect, meticulously parking her car, sitting in it for 31 seconds, getting out of the car and then he walks away. It became clear the motive was not robbery, as items of value that were inside the car were left on the back seat. .To learn more about the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse, or if you may have information concerning her disappearance, please click below to visit the:  FIND JENNIFER KESSE WEBSITE  [...]



Jose Baez, the lead attorney for Casey Anthony, is reportedly being investigated -- again -- by the Florida Bar association after a complaint was filed against him.Florida's bar association will investigate a complaint filed against Jose Baez, incurred while he was defending Casey Anthony, a spokeswoman for the legal group said.Zannah Lyle, a spokeswoman for the Florida Bar, said the complaint against Baez concerns his handling of when his client Casey Anthony would serve probation for her 2010 conviction on check-fraud charges.It's unclear whether the Bar initiated the inquiry on its own, or if someone filed a complaint against Baez.As with all such complaints, a panel of attorneys in the area where the complaint originated -- in this case, in Orlando -- will investigate, said Lyle. That legal panel, after hearing from the accused, could turn over the case to a grievance committee consisting of other lawyers and citizens if it decides that rules regarding professional conduct had been violated.The grievance committee would then decide if there is probable cause for a violation. Ultimately, the complaint may be heard by Florida's Supreme Court -- with possible penalties for the lawyer including probation, suspension or revocation of his law license, according to Lyle.This newest complaint pertains to whether or not Anthony's defense team had an obligation to inform the court that Anthony was "serving" her probation while already in jail - an unusual circumstance that reportedly went against the intentions of the judge in the check fraud case and was brought on by what Judge Belvin Perry called a "scrivener's error." So, basically the issue is this-- if an attorney is aware of a clerical error that goes against a judge's ruling, is it his or her duty to report it?While Baez's confidence and cockiness may appeal only to himself, Casey Anthony, and a handful of others, this recent investigation with the Florida Bar may just be the blow to knock Baez down a notch from his proverbial podium. Baez's recent comment that this new complaint will "go away just as all the others." - have many believing Baez is 'untouchable'.Baez told tabloid TMZ that he's "looking forward to the bar completing its investigation, so that it can be dismissed just like the 20 previous complaints. It is part of the job whenever you fight an unpopular case." In summary, the complaint issued to the Florida Bar surrounds these events pertaining to Baez's handling of the terms of Casey Anthony's probation ordered in 2010:Anthony was convicted of felony check fraud for stealing a checkbook from a friend and writing five checks for $644.25. Orange County Superior Court Judge Stan Strickland ordered her to serve the year of probation following her release in the charges involving her daughter, but a clerk misunderstood the judge and prepared an order that the judge later signed instructing that Anthony would serve the probation while in custody awaiting trial.The order was updated August 1 to add the words "upon release." But Anthony's lawyers -- including Baez -- contend she cannot be made to serve probation if she served it while in custody under a signed order from Strickland, saying it would violate constitutional protections against having to serve a sentence twice for the same offense.Orange County Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. ruled  that Strickland's verbal order was binding, and that "to bar the court from correcting a clerical mistake and to permit the defendant to serve probation in jail while awaiting trial on a totally unrelated charge without any possibility of complying with the terms of the probation order would clearly thwart society's interest in extracting a full, fair and just punishment for a crime."Anthony's attorneys filed an emergency petition with Florida's 5th District Court of Appeal on Wednesday, asking that court to overturn Perry's order before the required date. They also asked the appellate court to strip P[...]



Casey Anthony's white Pontiac Sunbird -once thought to transport the body of Caylee Marie Anthony -- is now a crushed slab in a Florida junkyard.According a person in a law office close to the case, George Anthony drove Casey Anthony's white Pontiac Sunbird to a Florida junkyard where it was crushed into a metal slab.An assistant in the office of Mark Lippman -- who represents George and Cindy Anthony, who owned the car before giving it to their daughter, Casey -- said Friday that the car was destroyed on Thursday.  The assistant declined to be named.The body of Caylee Anthony was suspected to have decomposed in the trunk of the car according to evidence collected by law enforcement, CSI, and FBI test results. More than seven people, including Caylee's grandparents, Cindy and George Anthony, testified at trial that they smelled "the smell of death", or human decomposition in the car. A cadaver dog also made a trained alert or "hit" on the trunk area of the car--indicating human decomposition. Caylee Anthony's body was believed to have been in the trunk of the car for as many four to five days, and no less than two, according to expert witnesses at trial. Casey Anthony stated in a text message to a friend at the time, that her car smelled like a dead animal and that her father "must have hit a squirrel". In a second text to the same friend, Casey's text read that she "found the source of the smell...a dead squirrel plastered to the frame of her car" -- causing many investigators and court watchers to believe Casey was in fact referring to the smell of the decomposition of her own daughter in the trunk of the car. Casey abandoned her car the same day, June 27, 2008, at an Orlando area AMSCOT. The Pontiac was towed to Johnson's Towing lot three days later. Simon Birch, lot manager for Johnson's Towing, was one of the State's witnesses that testified he smelled human decomposition emitting from the car when he processed the car. George and Cindy Anthony did not retrieve the car from Johnson's Towing until July 15, 2008, the same day Cindy Anthony made a series of 911 phone calls and Caylee Anthony was officially reported "missing" by her grandmother Cindy. A few hours later, Casey Anthony revealed to law enforcement that her daughter Caylee had been "kidnapped" by her babysitter of approximately 2 years, and had been missing for thirty one days. Casey Anthony, was acquitted of first degree murder charges in connection with her daughter Caylee's death. However, Casey was found guilty on four charges of making false statements to law enforcement. George Anthony drove the white Sunfire to the junkyard to have it crushed George and Cindy Anthony originally purchased the car for eldest son, Lee Anthony. In 2005, Lee Anthony purchased his own personal vehicle - a 2005 Mustang.   According to law enforcement reports, Lee and Casey had a "verbal agreement" that Casey could drive the Sunfire and  make monthly payments - of an undisclosed amount - to Lee  in order to purchase the car.  Also according to Lee's testimony, while Casey did make "a couple of payments" on the car, she continued to drive the car. Lee stated that even though Casey only made a few payments on the car, the repayment was a "non-issue".  Cindy stated in testimony that she understood  the "monetary agreement" regarding the purchase of the car was between Lee and Casey and neither she nor George  were involved.  Before Thursday's events, the white Pontiac Sunfire remained registered to George and Cindy Anthony with Florida license plate number G63XV.    Lee Anthony's 2005 Black Mustang has a vanity plate that reads "Vader 5"The white Sunfire, and the odor emanating from its trunk, had been central to the prosecution's case in Anthony's murder trial. On June 27, 2008, she abandoned the Pontiac at an Orlando business, saying it had run out of gas, according to testimony. It late[...]



Included are all filings pertaining to Casey Anthony's Probation Sentencing to date. Judge Strickland's original 2010 order for probation on check fraud charges, 2011 correction; Judge Strickland's recusal from probation case; Judge Perry's motion for stay; defense filings; Judge Perry's Order to complete one year probation sentence--complete order with attachments. Defense emergency filing via email on 8.18.11

Judge Strickland's 2010 Original Probation Order:

Judge Strickland's 2010 Original Probation Order - Casey Anthony (object) (embed)

August 1, 2011:  Judge Strickland signs corrected  2010 Order of Probation

Strickland's corrected 2011 Order to Appear for Probation Casey Anthony class="scribd_iframe_embed" data-aspect-ratio="0.769811320754717" data-auto-height="true" frameborder="0" height="600" id="doc_53606" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%">
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IS CASEY ANTHONY RESIDING IN TODD MACALUSO'S  MANSION?ATTORNEY TODD MACALUSO PLAY'S "WHERE'S CASEY ANTHONY" WITH MEDIA.CASEY SIGHTINGS IN ORLANDO, OHIO AND CALIFORNIA. Ah-Ha-Rancho Sante Fe/Dan WeismanOn Saturday an article was published about Casey Anthony and possible sightings in southern California. SoCal local news reporter Dan Weisman of Ah-Ha Rancho Santa Fe News followed up with some additional information, including photos of the house where Casey is supposedly hiding out.The home is owned by her attorney Todd Macaluso, a member of Casey's defense team, and is described as a "5-bedroom, 5 1/2-bath, Spanish-style home, built in 2005, according to real estate records and is within the ultra-exclusive Rancho Santa Fe Covenant."Head attorney Jose Baez, Casey Anthony and attorney Todd MacalusoPublic records show the luxury estate is listed at $5.2 million and is currently on the market.  Weisman reported: After surveying the property, a luxury black sedan and an  unidentified black hybrid SUV was seen in the garage area.  An attempted call to the residence on the intercom outside the gate was made.  A strange, odd sounding voice answered--something between that of a young child and/or drunken woman. The gate then opened. Upon an attempt to enter the yard, however, another voice came on the intercom, uttered an admonition, and the gate quickly closed.Ah-Ha Rancho Santa Fe Investigation Concludes: Something funny is going on there, but whether it is related to Anthony can not be confirmed at this time. Local media reported contacting Malaluso's office and getting no comment. Possible Anthony destinations outside of San Diego included Palm Springs or Orange County.While no pictures of Casey Anthony at the home have yet to surface, it's very plausible that this could be one of the locations Anthony is using to hide out, while waiting to score a major lucrative interview. Plus, our source stated several local residents have reported seeing her in and around the area in the last few days.Why would there be two SUVs at an unoccupied house on the market? Who answered the intercom -- and why the reluctance to come out?  It all seems very suspicious.UPDATE: CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS OF INSIDE MACALUSO'S MANSION AND THE ONLINE REALTY LISTING Last week TMZ posted pics believed to be Casey Anthony in and around the Columbus, Ohio area and while TMZ's Harvey Levin claims he has not and would not pay for a Casey Anthony interview -- you have to wonder how Splash and TMZ had exclusive access to the photos they published?Did Casey sell those pics for cash and then hightail it out to California to chill at her lawyer Todd Macaluso's house?Stay tuned...source: from the morton report: unverified sources on Casey Anthony's California-Vacation [...]

Casey Anthony Spotted At Exclusive $5.2 Million Rancho Santa Fe, CA Estate


Casey Anthony Spotted At Exclusive $5.2 Million Rancho Santa Fe Estate, California -- a Mansion belonging to former attorney, Todd Macaluso.  The crime story Hollywood most definitely could not have written just may be the hideout location for the notorious Casey Anthony. Anthony was suspected then acquitted on first degree murder charges of her two year old daughter, Caylee.  Last week, Casey was 'shopping' at a Youngstown, Ohio area "Old Navy".  This week,  infamous "tot mom" Casey Anthony may now be at an exclusive 5-bedroom, $5.2 million Rancho Santa Fe estate just off  Linea Del Cielo. The multi million dollar mansion owned by none other than Anthony's former defense team attorney, Todd Macaluso -- according to published reports and sources.  Dawn Olsen of The Morton Report  reported this past weekend Anthony was sighted around Solana Beach or Rancho Santa Fe late last week.Speculation arose Saturday of Casey Anthony being at the home of Todd Edward Macaluso Sr, 48, one of  Anthony's former defense attorneys.Furthermore, documentation showed Macaluso's private jet, right after Anthony's release July 17 from jail, took Anthony to Columbus, Ohio, where she was last spotted publicly. Macaluso's private plane was spotted at Orlando Executive Airport shortly before 1am eastern time on July 17. A flight plan for this private plane was released but retracted shortly thereafter. The flight plan included stops in Columbus, Ohio; Panama City,Florida;  and Prescott, Arizona.Orlando Executive Airport would not confirm a flight plan and stated that private planes are not required to file passenger manifests nor precise flight plans.   Macaluso has offices at La Jolla, Carlsbad and downtown San Diego and regularly jets from Palomar Airport."The residence apparently was on the market for a while but didn't sell and now she's staying there with two body guards. There is a helipad on the property. While Todd has denied that she is there, neighbors have reported seeing and hearing her," Olsen said.The 5-bedroom, 5 1/2-bath, Spanish-style home was built in 2005, according to real estate records. It is within the ultra-exclusive Rancho Santa Fe Covenant. The home is listed with Redfin  MLS# 110040046 listed at $5.2 million.UPDATE:    CLICK TO SEE MORE PHOTOS OF INSIDE MACALUSO'S MANSION AND THE ONLINE REALTY LISTINGKNOCK KNOCK.....Who's there? --- INVESTIGATION OF THE PROPERTY:After surveying the property, a luxury black sedan and an unidentified black hybrid SUV was seen in the garage area. An attempt to call the residence on the intercom outside the gate was made.  An awkward, odd sounding voice answered -- something between that of a young child and/or drunken woman. The gate was then opened. While attempting to enter the yard, however, another voice came on the intercom, uttered an admonition, and the gate quickly closed.  The entrance onto the property was denied.Ah-Ha Rancho Santa Fe Investigation Concludes: Something funny is going on there, but whether it is related to Anthony can not be confirmed at this time. Local media reported contacting Macaluso's office and received no comment. Possible Anthony destinations outside of San Diego included Palm Springs or Orange County. (Photo: Lead attorney Jose Baez, Anthony and Macaluso at trial.)This is not  the first time the notorious Miss A has been linked to highly upscale North County San Diego. Also linked to Macaluso, she was reported [possibly] in Carlsbad just following her acquittal of murdering her infant daughter last month.NBC's "Today" show-- broadcast from Carlsbad in July--said Anthony left Orlando, Florida., on a plane owned by Macaluso, and that flight records indicated the plane eventually landed at Orange County's John Wayne Airport after making stops in Panama City, Florida.; Prescott, Arizona.; and Nor[...]

Judge Perry Delays Casey Anthony's Probation Status; Judge Calls Case A "Legal Mess"


A judge deciding whether Casey Anthony has to return to Florida to serve probation for check fraud ended a hearing Friday without a ruling, calling the case "a mess.""The best I can say is this is a legal maze," Judge Belvin Perry said. "This is a legal morass." INSIDE COURTROOM: Images Of Baez, Judge Perry RAW VIDEO: Casey Probation Hearing Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 VIDEO REPORT: Judge Delays Probation Status _________________________________________________________ Judge Belvin Perry didn't indicate when he would issue a ruling. Casey didn't attend the hearing, which involves a case separate from her high-profile murder trial that ended with her acquittal last month.Casey has disappeared from the public eye since a jury found her not guilty in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, and she was released from the Orange County jail.Her lawyers have not disclosed her location expect to say she was out of state earlier this week.Another judge sentenced her in January 2010 to probation after she pleaded guilty to using checks stolen from a friend. Judge Stan Strickland said during the sentencing hearing that Casey should serve the probation upon her release from prison or jail.Those instructions never made it into a written order and corrections officials interpreted the sentence to mean Casey could serve the probation while she was in jail awaiting trial.Judge Strickland issued an amended order earlier this week, clarifying that Casey needs to start serving probation now that she is out of jail.Strickland recused himself from the case, which is why Judge Perry is now handling it.Her attorneys argued at the hearing that Casey already has served the probation and to do so again would be double jeopardy. They also argued that Strickland didn't have jurisdiction over the case anymore and that his original sentencing order could not be corrected more than 60 days after it was issued.The defense admitted it knew that Casey was not supposed to serve her probation while still in jail, but also knew that the corrections department started her probation and ended it while she was still in jail and never said a word to anyone."Is it ethical for you not to say anything about the probation that she serving in jail? As an officer of the court should you have alerted people about that?" WFTV reporter Kathi Belich asked Casey's attorneys after Friday's hearing.The attorneys didn't answer the question.Now, the defense argues that it is just too late to go back and do it the way it was supposed to be done.But Judge Perry said he's not so sure. He said it's unclear how long a judge has to correct a clerical error."There are no clear cut answers in this case. It's a mess," Perry said.Perry said he's going to do more research before deciding whether to put Casey back on probation, but if he does, it might be administrative probation, which means she just has to go one year without being arrested again.She wouldn’t be required to look for a job and it would only cost her $50, as opposed to the $40 payable upon each visit to her probation officer. some content                                                                                                      [...]