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Restaurant Manager, Ex-Smoker, Wanna-be Fitness Instructor

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Going to Try this again......


(image) Happy St. Paddy's Day to all.

Last post was still talking about Spinning.  Finally got my card saying that I'm a certified Spinning instructor.

Becoming very comfortable teaching, and creating mixes for spinning.  Still under the 6 months since my certification, so I still try to do at least two other classes a week like the spinning program encourages you to do.   Forced myself to do a class today.  

Any ways I put a spin together for my class yesterday over the last week.  I did an Irish spin.  Got a lot of ideas from  Class went really well.  Had a lot of comments on the music and the ride.  Give me a email if you would like to see the ride.


Spinning again, Oh it's that time of year again... The Holidays


(image) It sucks being in the restaurant business at the holidays.  Everyone else is off, having a good time, and you have the task of trying to fit everything in with what you want to do.  Somethings always suffers, and this year it was my family.

It also doesn't help when you are a new spinning instructor at the gym still trying to learn and teach, an a instructor leaves, especially a very good instructor, and they ask you to teach the 6:15 am class twice in a week.  Pardon my french, but people that go to a 6:15 am spin class, are hard core.  Been there, done that.  LOL

Probably one of the reasons I did OK, was that Patti tried to get me to teach for her a week after I got trained, and I couldn't because of my work schedule, also told her that I was a bit scared to fill her shoes.  She told me that one day I would have to.

Guess I like strong people, probably why she is no longer at the YMCA.  

Don't know why she left.  Just thankful she helped me along my journey.




Taught for the first time by myself yesterday.  Had a packed crowd.  Got quite a few good comments from the class.

Actually made my day when I was walking down the steps from doing a class today, and some who I didn't know, and told me I did a good job, and thanked me for the good workout.

Life is good.

But you should see the paperwork that you have to fill out to work at the YMCA...  hopefully I will be good enough.........

Thanksgiving reminds me of old friends and family


This was Thanksgiving in 2002 in Wisconsin.  The last days that I saw Samantha.  Good soul, true friend. Thank you!

Today turned out to be a great day.  Saw and talked to  a lot of good people today.  

People that are a part of my family.  

Love you all



Of course who would be the first to comment on my blog.  That would be Paula, my mail person from the 90's.  

I've been having some "issues" with my computer since I upgraded to Leopard for the mac, and have not been having any luck finding my iPhoto library.  Well for some reason last night Deb Maggio asked me for some Halloween pictures I had took this year, and suddenly my Photos are back.  (Think it might have been the Greg messing with me again, he does that from time to time, Damn Greg let that TV stay off!!!!!!!)

Any ways, back to Paula.  There is not a day that passes that I am at work that I do not think of her.  She would probably go nuts by the way things are now at The Clubhouse, but that happened back when she worked there too.

Paula my friend, I do miss you and the support that you have given me over the years!



(image)  Pretty Scaring when a night out at dinner can make a difference in your life.  

You quit smoking.

You are teaching.

You are considered staff at the Y.

Goals are good.  Especially when you actually set them, a full fill them.



I cannot forget friends from my past.  They did a lot for me.  This picture is of me Brendon Bailey, Bridget Bailey, and me.  Not positive, but believe we were camping around Sandusky Ohio.  Making a 2 day run to Cedar Point.
Damn, I miss them both.  Brendon,  because he is gone.  Sure he would still be an asshole at times today, but I give him this he quit smoking.  Too bad he died from cancer, at least it wasn't lung cancer.
I miss Bridget.  She is cool.  Has kids going, and as far as I know a happy life going.
I hear about her from time to time.  
Would love to give her a hug sometime

I am a Spinning Instructor


After my Spinning training and actually teaching a class. I have taken my test last night and I'm actually  certified.  I am now a Spinning instructor.

New Payment Book


Took the pludge 2 days ago.  I bought a new car.  Subaru Impreza.  It is nice.  Speedy.  It has heat.  Something my Jeep didn't.  Life is good.

People ask me "What is Spinning?"


Well here is the wikipeda link


Great Day


As I reflect on today, it was a Great day.
But, I have to put everything in perspective. I did have a good class today, but if I had to teach again tomorrow, whould I want to teach the same class again. NO! It is very different looking at others, who are looking for you for guidance, and instruction. Also really had to take some time to get another spin routine ready, and music downloaded. I cheat for the time being. I use the net. I will get my own stuff down eventually. I will make my own workouts in time.

First Ride


Taught my first Spinning class today.  Had around 14 people in class.  4 of them are spin certified instructors.  They loved the ride.  It was a ride that I got off of  The ride was called Touch of Grey.

Monica, who normally teaches the class said that she could not tell me how to do anything different from what I did.  Told me the biggest problems that I would have would be the technical issues.  We did have one of those today.  The microphone didn't work.  Actually I think it was easier for me with no mic today, it was one the biggest thing that I was nervous about.  Well glad I got teaching a class under my belt.

Had class members thank me too.  Really made my day.

Have to prepare for the next class.

First Post


Hello all.  Decided to start a blog.  I guess the purpose of this blog is going to be a tracking of my fitness life, and my journey into becoming a aerobics/spinning instructor at my YMCA.  

Today I did a Cross training class.  I think that I will be thinking about Karen the instructor tomorrow.  Did a bunch of really funky things that we usually don't do.

Yesterday, I did the circuit at the gym, then I did Profile #1 in my spinning manual.  Made a profile playlist too.  Music was good.  Profile sucked... was sitting for over 30 minutes.  Did get a good aerobic workout though.