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Preview: My Chantix Experience

My Chantix Experience

My journey from heavy to non-smoker using Chantix.

Updated: 2017-04-14T23:05:24.496-07:00


Wild Ride...


It's been a while since I posted. It's just so hectic and distracting to observe the markets wrench and whither under current conditions. Still, I think Dr. Bernanke and Mr. Paulson have reacted with the necessary force and rapidity to circumvent a meltdown of historic proportions. (Recrimination and criminal prosecution can wait.)

Through it all I remain completely smoke free. Today marks 411 days liberated and $3,082.50 saved.

Random Post


After two weeks traveling for both business and personal reasons I am finishing a full week back in the office. Business took me to Las Vegas where I attended our annual User Conference. The smoky casinos did not lure me and in fact I thought little about smoking other than how faintly bad my suits smelled after an evening in the them. My near annual excursion to my birth-home of Indiana was wonderful and it was so very nice to endure long flights and layovers without the burden of a nicotine habit. ( Could barely survive such long delays only a little over a year ago.)

Thanks to Chantix, GetQuit, a bunch of fellow bloggers (thanks Maggie!) and a lot of old fashioned stubbornness I am now blissfully smoke free for 392 days and saved an estimated $2,940.00 though probably a lot more.

Post Anniversary Update


Today is smoke free day 371. A ex-smoker-work-friend finally returned from Burning Man today. He had suggested he might smoke while on the playa and I warned him of the risk. He did not and is still free.

Finishing up a hectic Friday before heading off for a work conference then a vacation Back Home Again in Indiana.

T-Minus 3 and counting...


September 1 marks my anniversary of being smoke free as I quit on August 31 2007. (Damn leap year.) With a little help (Chantix and fellow bloggers) and a lot of stubbornness I've made it this far and don't intend to, er, quit. Despite challenges like stress (big trigger) and smoky bars and casinos I haven't budged. It really has become easier. Plus I have saved an estimated $2,730.00 - how about that?

A Small Milestone


"Get Quit" reminded me that one year ago today I started my Chantix journey. And what a ride it was, too. (I advise caution mixing Chantix, anti-depressants, and alcohol. Whew!) Anyway, a year later I am Chantix, anti-depressant AND smoke free. How's that for a success story?

Oh, and I've saved a whopping $2,670.00!

One Month and Counting...


Today marks 335 days smoke free. I've managed to pick up a nasty bug and feel just awful. A year ago I would continue puffing (and wheezing) away. Lord what we used to do to ourselves!

Where does the time go?


According to my calculation I have been smoke free for 304 days. The conservative savings estimate is $2,280.00. Not bad during these uncertain times.

Despite approaching the one year mark it is still not as easy as I imagined. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't at least think about smoking if not actually yearn for it. Of course I still hang out with filthy, disgusting smokers so that doesn't help.

It's a shame Chantix is getting such bad press lately 'cause it worked for me and so many others. Congrats to us all!



Congrats to Maggie who surpassed the one year mark today. She was and continues to be a huge inspiration to many. Way to go!

Day 270, Wow...


Well, according to GetQuit I have been smoke free Two Hundred and Sixty days now having stopped ten days into Chantix treatment. Even more enlightening is I have saved approximately One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty dollars. (Not to mention the obvious short and long term health benefits.) Yes, a pack and a half a day at five bucks each really adds up. I was taught to never be a quitter but in this case I'm glad I am.

All my best to fellow quitters out there...

Day 211 - Still Going Strong


I passed the 200 day mark yesterday and am cruising along. It's been insanely busy lately and despite some unexpected desires I am still smoke free and hanging in there. Thanks to everyone who stopped by wondering if I fell off the earth. (I haven't, just working too much.)

Today marks 201 days smoke free and $1,507.50 saved.

Day 185, Rain, Rain Go Away


Thankfully the work week is winding down and I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. Despite it being a short week it seemed to drag along. Perhaps it is the rain which has returned to remind us it is still winter. And despite an odd yearning this week which my cocky self had dismissed as impossible I am still smoke free.

Today is 175 days quit and $1,312.50 saved.

Day 177, Calm Before the Storm


It's eerily quiet at work so I am being proactive by testing and documenting while I wait for the gathering storm to erupt. I am also not smoking and frankly don't miss it much. (He gently knocks on wood.)

Happy Valentines Day even if, like me, you don't currently have one.

Today marks 167 days quit and $1,252.50 saved.

Day 171, Hangin In There


I am slowly chiseling away at the mountain of work and making good progress. I may even get the weekend off! And despite the stress of deadlines and such I have not so much as thought about smoking. Awesome!

Today mark 161 days smoke free and $1208 saved.

Day 160, Crazy Busy...


It's crazy busy at work but I thought I'd post that today markes 150 days quit! And $1,125.00 saved too! Not bad and thankfully I don't miss it. Woo Hoo...

Pfizer updates Chantix label in U.S. to include warning - MarketWatch


Pfizer updates Chantix label in U.S. to include warning - MarketWatch

I didn't experience increased depression or "suicidal ideation" but I did have issues with other side effects on Chantix. (I was also on antidepressants at the same time - something I think should be studied.) I think Chantix is a good drug and thanks to six weeks of it I am smoke free now for 140 days. Increased awareness and professional monitoring are good things. I just hope this does not discourage smokers who want to quit and need help getting over the initial hurdle.

Day 144, Reflections Part II


Upon arrival in Portland I wandered around the train station a minute trying to get my bearings. Tired and hungry, I elected to cab it to the hotel. I wanted three things: a shower, a meal and a cocktail. In no time I satisfied all three and was blissfully asleep in a comfy, warm bed reflecting on my first night. I had an amazing dinner and met some very nice, friendly people who showed me a fine time out on the town.

The next day Maggie gave me the grand tour of Portland. (Thanks again!) We took the Streetcar all around town and stopped to take the Ariel Tram. Unfortunately it was closed so we hopped on the next car and headed back downtown, through the Pearl District and on the NW 23rd Avenue. It's a really neat neighborhood with lot's of little shops, restaurants, and pubs. We had a good time wandering around and enjoying the nice albeit chilly day. Unfortunately yours truly forgot the camera, Doh! Why don't all cities have such clean, simple and efficient public transportation?

Prior to departure on Monday I did return to the Tram and despite a fear of heights rode the monstrosity to the top of the hill and back. It was gray and overcast but here are a couple of shots:

Today marks one hundred and thirty four days quit and a whopping $1,005.00 saved.

Day 137, Reflections...


In early December I took the first train trip of my life. It was something I never thought I could do as I lamented on day 63. You see, the train is non-smoking and I did not know how often one could depart for a quicky. I discovered such opportunities are rare indeed. In fact once I boarded in Emeryville California the first and only chance before my Portland destination was in Eugene Oregon. That's like 12 hours! I would have either died or killed some poor soul!

Neither happened and I enjoyed the trip. I splurged a little and booked a "sleeperette" which is a cozy (read teeny tiny) private room for sleeping and and lounging. Here you can see my duffel and the much needed glass of wine after the long day and a near midnight departure.

(image) Of all the sights I most enjoyed the passage through an unknown mountain range. (I was given conflicting information whether it was the Cascades.) There were moments that were breathtaking. Although these photo's do no justice I hope you can imagine the scenes.

Next stop - the Great City of Portland!

Day 136, Cats and Dogs


Although it is raining cats and dogs today and I was soaked from the waist down by the time I got into the office it is Friday so there's at least one reason to be happy. That and I don't have that nagging feeling to brave the wind and rain for a stupid cigarette. Ha - take that Phillip Morris!

One hundred twenty six days smoke free and $945.00 saved.

Day 135, Still Here


Although I fell off the blogging wagon I did not fall on the smoking wagon. That despite the holiday excess of food and drink during which I would take great pleasure in a cigarette or thirty. Not this year. Like many of my fellow bloggers this was a smoke free holiday and going strong into the new year.

Thanks to Chantix and a boat load of stubbornness am smoke free 125 days with a whopping $938.00 saved.

Day 127, Here We Go Again


Although I am back to work it is very quiet in the office. It appears a fairly large number of people elected to take time off between Christmas and New Years. Lucky devils! It's not so bad though although I did get used to sleeping in. And being generally lazy which explains why there are still no photos from my trip earlier this month. I'll get around to it eventually...

One hundred seventeen day quit and $878.00 saved according to GetQuit.

Day 124, Lazy Sunday


Biscuits and gravy for breakfast, baking 8 mini loaves of banana bread for gifts, watching "B" movies on TV. And nary a care in the world. Nice...

One hundred fourteen days smoke free and $855.00 saved according to GetQuit. Happy Holidays!

Day 121, It's Getting Close


Hopefully I can take tomorrow off for an added mental health day away from the office. Although I am not "feeling" the holidays I am looking forward to some quiet time. I might even manage to post some comments and photos from the trip. Which, I am happy to report, was nearly effortless on the non-smoking front. It's become normal rather than something I am consciously aware of since mid-way through the trip. How cool is that?

One hundred eleven days (111!) smoke free and $833.00 saved.

Day 119, Back To Work


With a reluctant nose to the grindstone I am back at work after my trip to the great cities of the Pacific Northwest. Although I know Seattle well I always love visiting. And after a whirlwind tour of Portland I can safely predict I'll be back. I don't get out of the office enough!

Thanks to Chantix and stubbornness I am 109 days into my quit and have saved a whopping $818.00.

Home sweet home.


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Ah Family...


Crying babies, excited tots, and barking dogs. Priceless...
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