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personal journal of a soon-to-be ex-smoker

Updated: 2014-10-05T03:30:12.404-04:00


My QuitMeter is Gone...


I just removed my QuitMeter, so you know what that means! Yes, I am smoking again. I am thoroughly disgusted and very pissed off at myself. I FEEL LIKE A SUCH A FAILURE!!!! I had to smoke a cig before I sat down to post this...and I stink! My hair, skin, and my breath STINKS! How disgusting! I feel awful and I'm crying as I post this. I was doing SO WELL..for 10 weeks I did not smoke and now, in this last week, I'm back up to a pack a day! I was actually suicidal a few days ago...I AM OK NOW so no need to be alarmed! I'm about to eat dinner and start back on Chantix. I think I understand what happened to me and why I started smoking again. I want to post my thoughts before I start my journey again.Compared to other Chantix users, I tolerated it extremely well. Aside from bloating/gas problems, I didn't have any major, life-altering side effects. I had NO cravings whatsoever! I have a few minor thoughts of smoking, but aside from that, I did not want to smoke. Some days, especially when I didn't eat when taking my pill, I felt nauseous and the gastro problems were annoying, but not so bad to make me stop taking it...but that was month 1 and 2. Those first 2 months were soooo easy! I even posted that it was too easy for me, that it could not be this easy... well, perhaps I jinxed myself. I picked up my 3rd and last box of Chantix (I was on the 3 month program) and for whatever reason, I no longer tolerated it so well. The gastro problems got sooo bad that I could not function normally. I was missing days at work and not eating because my stomach was all messed up. Ok, thank goodness the first 2 months weren't like that or I wouldn't have made it to the 3rd month. So, bottom line, I got tired of being sick and i got COCKY! I figured, hey, I've been doing extremely well...I don't need this anymore! I only stopped 2 weeks earlier than my prescribed program (I stopped at week 10, instead of week 12 and I did NOT taper off). I just got tired of being sick and I just stopped taking the Chantix.The week I quit Chantix, my best friend's mom died suddenly. I was feeling edgy, but I did not smoke throughout that time...but, last week, I got a call from Chicago - one of my brother's had died unexpectedly! In the span of 2 weeks, I attended 2 of a woman very dear to me and one of my baby brother! I simply did not have the energy to fight The Evil Addict! Actually, I did NOT have a craving to smoke, at least not a physical craving...I just felt I had to DO SOMETHING to calm down and to not think. I was in such pain, I simply did not want to FEEL anything. Also, in some perverse way, I think I was attempting a slow type of suicide, to continue the slow death that smoking inevitably brings. My brother never smoked a day in his why, should I, the older sibling, a NICOTINE ADDICT deserve to live? I was, and excuse my language, F'd up in the head those first few days after his death and funeral. I am ok now and ready to fight The Evil Addict again.Having said all that, here is my opinion of Chantix: IT WORKS! IT DID HELP ME QUIT SMOKING and as long as I'm on it, I have no desire to smoke. I've read where some of you were prescribed for 6 months, I was only prescribed for 3 months...perhaps I need another full 3 months, but for now, I have enough left to get me through a month (I'm only going to take 1mg a day by splitting my pills in half...I have enough to be on it for another full month... if that doesn't work, I will ask my Dr. for another 3-month prescription).Chantix, as wonderful as it is, is NOT a miracle pill. At some point, you have to stop taking it and the decision to remain smoke-free is up to you. I have more to say, but honestly, I'm tired and I'm hungry and I'm going to go eat a very late dinner and start back on Chantix.I don't have the energy or will to proof this post, so I hope I'm not rambling too much with too many typos...if so, I apologize, I'll re-read tomorrow and clean it up it I have to.[...]

Chantix Day 60 - Quit Day 53


Haven't been posting lately because my best friend's mom died and I've been spending all my time with my friend. This is just a quick post to say I'm still here and I'm still SMOKE-FREE for 8 weeks now! Yaaay!!!!

I'll post more and catch up with everybody this weekend. In the meantime, to answer Maggie's question: How's that last box of Chantix treating you? It's treating me about the same, pretty good, except the gastro issues are worse than ever!! Some days it's so bad, I can barely eat! And that is definitely not a good thing when I can't smoke or EAT-- talk about a day from hell!!! Luckily, I've only had a couple of really bad days like that and hopefully, in these last few weeks, I won't have many more!

I hope everyone's quit is going well!

Chantix Day 57 - Quit Day 50


Wow! It's been 7 weeks since I kicked The Evil Addict to the curb!!! Yaaay!

I'm feeling good and I don't really have anything new to post. Everything is about the same as last week's post, except I got some Gas-X and things are a lot better in that department :-) I did have an urge yesterday when I got home from work and pulled into the garage (my old smoking ground when the weather was too bad to smoke outside on the deck). I wouldn't call it a craving, but it was more than just a thought this time, so "urge" is a good's what Maggie would call a tugging. Anyway, I told myself: "NO! I'm a non-smoker now!" and eventually, the urge went only lasted a few minutes, less than five.

Other that that, my journey is still going well and it's still pretty easy for me (so far). Today is the day I'm due to refill my 3rd, and final, box of Chantix. Earlier in the week, I was debating whether I should refill it or not. I've missed several doses in month 2 and I never noticed a difference, so I was thinking maybe I'm ready to do this on my own. Well, that may be true, I might be ready, but I've decided to stick with my original plan and do the entire 12, I'll be ordering my refill here any minute. I do plan to taper off, so I'm going to sit down today and work on my tapering schedule.

Have a great weekend and continued success to all us quitters!!!

Chantix Day 50 - Quit Day 43


This morning when I took my pill, I had to open the last card in my month 2 box! What that means is that before next Saturday, I have to get a refill...and that refill will be my 3rd, and final, box of Chantix . Yaaay!!!

Wow! I can't believe how time has flown by since I took that first pill. I also can't believe how easy it's been (so far). Yes, my quit is still very easy, waaay too much so, I'm starting to get worried about life after Chantix, but I'll deal with that then...for now, I'm grateful to be having such an easy ride. I can say, without a doubt, Chantix works (for me).

As for side-effects this past week, they're about the same:
  • NO cravings
  • NO nausea
  • Gas & bloating are worse, used to last only 20 minutes or so in the a.m., but now some days it lasts most of the day! Tracee suggested Gas-X , think I'll pick some up tonight.
  • Still having "Chantix" dreams, but they're not as vivid as they used to be :-( They're still wild & crazy and entertaining, but I don't seem to remember all details like I used to.
I'm still dealing with sinus/allergy issues and taking more meds than I care to take, but they seem to be helping, so I'll keep taking them for now. Other than that, I am feeling pretty good and very PROUD of myself. I AM a NON-SMOKER!!!

I hope everybody is doing well with their quit or their soon-to-be-quit!! Hang in there and keep up the good work!

Chantix 43 - Quit Day 36


It's been 6 weeks since I started Chantix. Wow, that means I'm half-way through the program! YAAAY!!!

Still doing great! Zero cravings and no major side-effects (I still have some bloating/gas most days and I'm still having my wonderful Chantix dreams every night :-) but that's it! No new side-effects/problems to report. For me, this is still waaay too easy and I'm loving it! Continued success to all us quitters!

Chantix Day 39 - Quit Day 32


I just looked down at the calendar on my desk, for the umpteenth time today, and I just realized what the date is: September 25! My quit day was August 25, so I guess that makes today my ONE MONTH anniversary!!! Yaaay! I'm still doing great and it's still been an easy journey for me so far. Amazing!!! Thanks to everybody for all your support and I wish you all continued success on your quit.

Chantix Day 36 - Quit Day 29


I've been smoke-free for 4 WEEKS and I'm feeling great!!!! No nausea, no cravings, no Chantix-related problems at all. My only side effects are mild bloating/gas and vivid dreams.

My Chantix dreams are wild, crazy, and funny...nothing like some of the scary, psychotic dreams that I've heard some Chantix users have! My dreams have all been entertaining, like watching a movie. The only "bad" thing I can say is that the dreams are so real, it sometimes takes me several minutes after waking up to figure out that what I just went through was a dream and now I'm awake. But then, I've always had dreams like that, even before I took Chantix... the only difference now is that I dream every night and I remember all my dreams, down to the tiniest details! And hey, that's not bad, at all! I'm ok with that! Most nights, I look forward to going to bed because I know some exciting adventure awaits me! :-)

Hope everybody else is doing well with their quit. Continued success to us all!

Chantix Day 29 - Quit Day 22


3 WEEKS SMOKE-FREE!!! OMG, this is waaay too easy!!!I've made it to this point before, but it was not this easy! This is sooo easy, it's scary! To recap this past week on Chantix: No cravingsNo nauseaSome bloating/gas almost daily, usually gone within 15-20 minutes after getting up. But there was one day when it was VERY bad...I felt like smoking or even death would be better than what I was feeling!!! Ok, I can be a DQ (drama queen) at times! It lasted most of that day, but eventually it went away and I decided I was ok and it was better to live! :-)Had trouble getting to sleep one nightHad trouble staying asleep one nightChantix dreams every night, but nothing bad or scary...mostly just everyday crap with everyday people in my life. Usually I wake up laughing or shaking my head, like WTF did I dream about so-n-so for?! LOL! What makes these dreams stand out is their vividness! I remember lots of little details! Note: I dream a lot on a normal basis, even when I'm not on Chantix so I've always had crazy, weird dreams... only now they are waaay more vivid and I remember more details, some more than I care to remember! LOL! When they list vivid dreams as a Chantix side-effect, they aren't lying! I've heard some people have psychotic, scary dreams! I am so sorry for them! Thank goodness I don't! Mine are usually amusing and even entertaining, sometimes I don't want to get up until the "movie" is over!Felt a little rage/anger earlier in the week...long story short, I was expecting hubby to bring me food from a particular restaurant, but apparently there was some miscommunication and at 10pm I called inquiring about my food. He had forgotten about me and my food! OMG!! No food AND no cigarettes!!! Well, I kind of went off...knocked all the stuff of the bedroom dresser! I was HUNGRY!!! And when I don't smoke, I eat! Luckily for me, I'm a "tiny little thing" so I can afford to put on some extra pounds...substituting food for cigarettes is not a problem for least not yet! Anyway, I cleaned up my mess and I got over it. Now, I just make sure I stock up on any snacks that I might even remotely crave...I learned from that experience that I can NOT run out of food, so it's best to be over-prepared than to NOT be prepared at all. The results can be ugly!!!Went to the doctor today and I have allergic rhino sinusitis! Basically a fancy phrase for a VERY bad case of sinusitis that's causing allergic reactions in my body. Wow! No wonder I've felt like crap for so long! Anyway, got a bag of new meds (antibiotics, antihistamines, nasal spray...) Just what I want, MORE meds, but it's cool, at least now I KNOW what's wrong and I can treat it. I was beginning to think I was crazy! Ok, folks that know me will say, um well, you ARE crazy, what's your point?! LOL!!! Whatever! At least now I know all these physical ailments aren't just in my mind! I start on my meds tomorrow, so hopefully by the start of the new work week I'll feel closer to "normal"! Yaaay!!!Thanks to everyone for your concern, support, and encouragement! I've never been much on blogging because I figured, what do I have to talk about that folks would care about? Keeping up with technology trends is a part of my job, but blogging was never high on my list of personal "must haves". Well, I have since changed my mind and I've learned that blogging has its place for me! It is the best type of support when you're trying to quit can log on at any time to vent,rant, cry, complain, whatever! Awesome! Thanks to all of you! I really appreciate all my blogger buddies! Good luck and continued success to everybody!!![...]

Chantix Day 22 - Quit Day 15


The good news: I've been smoke-free for two weeks! Yaaay!!!

The bad news: I feel like shit today! I've had allergy/sinus problems, on and off, since moving south 10 years ago. I usually take some meds and I feel better and I go on with my life. Not today! Today, I have been knocked on my azz! I woke up with a throbbing headache and I've gone through a box of tissue. My nose is raw from all the blowing and sneezing. I feel drained, like someone let all the air out of me. Ugh!

From what I've read on other blogs, it's pretty "normal" to get sick in the first few weeks after quitting. I don't remember getting sick during my previous quits, but of course, I was younger back then and younger bodies adapt and bounce back quicker :-) I'll just consider this another side-effect and, it too, shall pass. Oh, well, back to the's been a few hours since my last nap! lol

Hope everyone is doing well with their quit!

Chantix Day 20 - Quit Day 13


Haven't posted in a few days, nothing new to report. I'm still smoke-free and feeling grrreat! One night I had trouble falling asleep and another night I had trouble staying asleep, woke up at 3:30AM!! Tried to make myself go back to sleep, but no luck, so I got up and cleaned. Good for my house, bad for me! I was exhausted at the end of that work day, which just happened to be one of the busiest days I've had at work in a long time. Oh, and I wanted to smoke that day! Once again it was not a craving or an urge, just a, if I had a cigarette I wouldn't be so tired and this day would go by much faster, maybe I can have just one...all thoughts of a recovering nicotine addict. But I was strong!! I pushed the thoughts out of my head and at the end of the day, a very stressful day, I was, and am, still smoke-free!!!

Chantix Day 16 - Quit Day 9


Another great smoke-free day!!! Went out to dinner this evening. The restaurant we went to is smoke-free, but it has an outdoor patio where smoking is allowed. Of course, we sat inside. Our table was next to the window with a clear view of the patio AND the smokers. For a hot second, I wanted to smoke... it was not a craving to smoke, I simply WANTED to, not because I had a desire to do so, but, well, I don't know why...just BECAUSE, I guess. Anyway, I watched this one woman smoke two cigarettes before her meal and two cigarettes after her meal...4 cigarettes in about an hour!! A little over a week ago, that might have been me, but I'm a non-smoker now! Just as quick as I wanted a cigarette, I no longer wanted one. I ate my delicious seafood dinner and washed it down with my p.m. Chantix and a big glass of water :-)

Chantix Day 15 - Quit Day 8


I had my last cigarette one week ago today. Yaaay!!! Feeling grrreat! Had a little nausea this morning, but that was entirely my fault - I was rushing to get to my hair appointment and I didn't eat (a big no-no when taking Chantix). I sucked on some peppermints (they really DO work!) and the nausea went away in about 20 minutes. Other than that, it was a perfect day! No cravings and no thoughts of smoking! Awesome!

Chantix Day 14 - Quit Day 7


Had my first Chantix dream last night! OMG!!! Not only was it vivid, it was truly bizarre! Not scary bizarre, just weird and crazy bizarre. Actually, parts of it were kind of funny, just thinking about it now and I'm laughing my azz off! For the most part it was about normal everyday stuff... what made it so weird was who was in it. Of course this being a public forum, I can't name names, so I won't go there.

I will mention the doggy doo...yes, doggy doo, and I'm not even a pet owner. Anyway, long story short, there was this big pile of perfectly symmetrical doggy doo on the ground and huge crowds had gathered to look at it! Somebody grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front of the crowd to get a closer look...ok, I can't even type this with a straight face, so I'm going to stop. Wonder what the heck THAT means? My first Chantix dream and it's about doggy doo? LOL!!! And get this...that wasn't even the most bizarre part of the dream!!! Too crazy!

Chantix Day 13 - Quit Day 6


Too tired to type tonight, so I've copied & pasted most of my comments that I posted earlier today on Stan's blog:

As for blanking...yes, I'm going through that too! Until I read this, I wasn't aware that I was doing it (didn't even know the term blanking until now). But yes, I have noticed that I'm forgetting stuff, now granted I've always been forgetful my whole life, so I didn't pick up on it...but, sitting here now and thinking about it, it DID suddenly get worse in the last couple of weeks - since I've been on Chantix.

On that same note, I'm also having trouble focusing...nothing serious, because again, I've always been like that...a Type A personality, so much going on in my brain that it's hard to do just one thing. For example, I'll start one task and in the middle of doing it, I'll think of something else I need to do, so I drop the first task and start on the second one! Then I'll think to myself, hey, you're supposed to be doing so-and-so(whatever the first task was)! Again, now that I think about it, that behavior has gotten worse too (in the two weeks I've been on Chantix). It's like my brain is always "ON" at top speed! And while that is normal for me, it is more extreme my brain is not just On, but on overdrive!!!

I guess this would qualify as my first "negative" comment about Chantix. Those that follow my other blog know how much i love my little blue pill and its magical powers! And, really imho, this side-effect is not a hasn't changed my personality, it's only made it more "out there" and, while exhausting at times, I can handle it...what's the worst that can happen? My brain might overheat and explode!! :-) At the end of the day when I'm still a NON-SMOKER, it's all worth it!

Chantix Day 12 - Quit Day 5


Still doing great!! 5 days without cigarettes and NO desire to smoke. Felt kind of blah today...I don't think it was the Chantix, I think it was just the Wed. "hump-day" blues at work or maybe just the work blues in general. Oh well, tomorrow is another day...another SMOKE FREE DAY!!! :-)

Chantix Day 11 - Quit Day 4


Still doing great, no cravings or urges to smoke, but there was a moment today when I thought about having a cigarette! Oh, no!!! Where did that come from?

I had just left work, after a particularly aggravating day...I was walking to my car and thinking about how happy I was to get the hell out of there! All of a sudden, I thought: I can not wait to get home and have a cigarette! (I bought a new vehicle a few weeks before I quit and I promised myself I would never smoke in it and stink it up like I did my old one). Luckily for me when I was smoker, it's only a 5 minute drive between work & those last couple of weeks as a smoker, I managed to make it home every day before having my first "after work" smoke. I have never smoked in my new car and I never will. It's still clean and fresh smelling!

Anyway, the thought went away as quickly as it came and I survived the moment!! :-)

Chantix Day 10 - Quit Day 3


The little blue pill is still working its magic! I could copy and paste yesterday's post here, because I would say the same thing about today...another great NON-SMOKING day!!! The only thing I would add about today is that I had some mild bloating and gas when I first woke up, but that went away after about 15 minutes. Other than that, no more side-effects to report! And most importantly, I had NO cravings or desire to smoke! Wow! This is so easy (so far), it is blowing my mind!

It's not often that I'm at a loss for words, but I'm in such awe of this drug, that I can't help but to keep repeating myself, so, here I go again:

This is almost too good to be true!!!!!!! :-)

Chantix Day 9 - Quit Day 2


Another great day!! No cravings, no nausea, no drowsiness, no side-effects whatsoever. I still get that mellow buzz for a couple of hours after each does, but as I've said before, that's not necessarily a bad thing! :-) I have never been so calm and relaxed in my life...little things that use to set me off don't even bother me now. AMAZING!! I'm sure my husband is wondering where his "real" wife is, but at the same time I'm sure he's enjoying the peace and quiet! lol

Chantix Day 8 - Quit Day 1


(image) Short post...I've been so busy today, I almost forgot to post on this most important day!

It's been almost 24 hours since I had a cigarette and I feel great! I have not had any cravings or any of those awful withdrawal symptoms. Also, no nausea or drowsiness today (actually, that nice mellow buzz is back :-) probably just temporary while my body adjusts to the new 2mg/day dose. Anyway, this has been an excellent day...almost too good to be true. I've had other quits and the first day never felt like this! Ok, I know Chantix is not a magic pill, but so far it's looking pretty magical to me.

Day 7


Another great day... two days in a row without nausea!! Nice! Still feeling very tired, but it's nothing I can't handle and hopefully it will pass too. Tomorrow is my Quit Day! Today is my last day as a smoker. Before I go to bed tonight, I will crush what's left in my pack of cigarettes and run water over it before I toss it in the trash. I will never buy another pack of cigarettes!

I was going to post my Quit Day plan, but at this point, it's not "ready". All I have are several pieces of paper with quick notes jotted on them at various times throughout the week. I was going to compile them all into a meaningful list, but I'm so tired and so HOT I can barely see straight. The main points of my plan are simple: avoid all smokers, keep busy, and if I get the urge to smoke, remind myself that SMOKING KILLS!! I have more specific plans, but those three points are the gist of my plan. I even printed out "smoking kill" posters to put on my bathroom mirror and on my refrigerator.

Anyway, came in this evening to an extremely hot house. Ok picture this: I'm in SC, daytime temps have been in triple digits for 2-3 weeks now, not sure I've lost track! And it hasn't rained in over a month! Right now, it's 10:45PM and it's still 75 degrees outside! Even worse, the thermostat in my house reads 90 degrees at this moment. Yep, 90 degrees INSIDE the house!! The a/c is obviously not working...hubby is looking at it now, heard him say something about frozen coils or something. Doesn't sound good. Anyway, I'm about to take my pm dose and TRY to get some sleep! Funny! I'm hot and very miserable, but I'm not freaking out! I'm still a smoker, until I go to bed, but you know what? I don't even crave a cigarette right now! Wow! That is truly amazing! :-)

Before I sign off, I would like to share my "Goodbye to Cigarettes" letter. Those of you who are doing the Chantix GetQuit Support Plan know what I'm talking about. I wrote the other day on my afternoon break while smoking a cigarette (how appropriate, ugh!). Here it is:

Dear Cigarettes,

Smoking kills! That makes you a murderer and I don't want to hang out with with a murderer. It is time for us to part ways. Wish I could say I'll miss you, but I will not! We've been together for so long, it will be hard hot having you around, but I WILL manage without you! Most importantly, I will live a healthier and longer life without you. So, cigarettes, goodbye and good riddance - I don't want you anymore!

Day 6


Today was another good day. NO NAUSEA!!! Yaaay!!! I did feel drowsy most of the day...and it was not that nice mellow buzz I had earlier in the week :-( Now, I'm feeling kind of drained and tired, like I don't have as much energy as I used to have (like back on Sunday when I had so much energy that I hand-washed my Jeep!). I figure it's my body adjusting to the double dose I started on day 4 (Tuesday). Anyway, it wasn't so bad that I couldn't function...ok, so at one point, I DID want to climb up on my desk and lay down for a quick nap, but I don't think my boss would have approved! lol

I was going to post my Q-day plan tonight (just a list of stuff to do on Saturday to keep me busy). But, I'm sooo tired, I'm going to take my p.m. dose and call it a night. I'll post my list tomorrow.

Day 5


Today was a good day. NO NAUSEA!!! I changed my routine a bit from yesterday (when I had the worse nausea I've had so far). I ate something earlier in the morning...had a strawberry Pop-Tart with my coffee around 8:30am (ok, not the most nutritious breakfast, but it's better than what I usually have, which is nothing!). Took my Chantix at 10am with a full glass of water. Had some yogurt immediately after taking the seemed to help to have something already in my stomach, instead of eating for the first time when I take the pill. No proof, just a thought - because I honestly think there is no rhyme or reason as to when the nausea hits, it just comes and goes at will. As Maggie said in her blog entry Nausea Revisited, the nausea is "First really bad, then not bad at all, then suddenly it came back, then left, and now it's become all about timing and meal size." I definitely agree!

Last night (day 4, after my first a.m. & p.m. dose) I had trouble falling asleep...and that's got to be the Chantix, because I usually fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow! When I woke up this morning I felt bloated and gaseous, but that passed before I even left for work. So, all in all, after yesterday's severe nausea passed, my days 4 & 5 went very well! Which reminds me, I haven't taken my p.m. pill yet...better go do that now. Goodnight and continued success to everyone!

Day 4


OK, had my first case of real nausea today!!! I did everything the same as yesterday and the first couple of hours were the same (got my Chantix buzz and all was good), but then around 1pm, I started feeling really nauseous at my desk, felt like I was going to throw up! I wasn't planning to go home for lunch, but change of plans, I came home for lunch. I had some ginger ale and popcorn (for its saltiness ). Not much of a meal and, trust me, I was VERY hungry, but I was scared to eat...didn't want it coming back up! Anyway, earlier today, I had read about sucking on peppermints to fight off nausea...I didn't think it would work, but I felt so bad at that point, I figured it couldn't hurt. Wow! It actually seemed to work, after sucking on a peppermint, I started feeling better after about 20 minutes. Went back to work and even work an hour over!

Took my 1st p.m. dose about an hour or ago after dinner. Feeling good, so far, though I do feel more tired than usual. O well, these side-effects are only temporary, they will eventually pass, where the effects of smoking do not pass, they eventually kill you! Today's nausea freaked me out, had me doubting if I can go through this for 12 weeks. Well, the answer to that is YES! The alternative is to continue smoking, and for me, THAT IS NOT AN OPTION!

Day 3


Today was the first day I've been to work since starting Chantix. I was concerned about the nausea and the buzz that I've been feeling...after all, there's no nice comfy couch for me to plop down on until the feelings pass, like I can do at home!

Started my workday as usual, running late! Had my normal workday breakfast: coffee and a cigarette. On my 10am break, I had some yogurt, took my Chantix 15 minutes later with a full glass of water. Munched on fresh strawberries and drank water until lunch. I kept waiting for the nausea to hit, but it never did! This was my first day with NO nausea! Mine is pretty mild anyway (so far), but today, I didn't even have a mild case...none, zip, zero! I did get that buzzed feeling, but as I've said earlier, it's not bad at all, actually it's kind of nice and mellow...I think it made me more productive! Anyway, it passed after a couple of hours and since then, I've felt fine all day! Of course, this could just be the calm before the storm, tomorrow is day 4...the day I double my dose. Not sure what to expect, guess I’ll find out soon enough!

Day 2


Feeling good today...really, really good! Not sure if it's the Chantix, but I have more energy than I've had in a long time, so much so that I'm going to hand-wash my Jeep after dinner! I can't remember the last time I washed my own vehicle...I usually pay $20 to a local car wash. Anyway...

I took my second pill this morning. I felt a little dizzy/buzzed for a few hours...nothing major, just a drowsy/mellow feeling that made me want to veg out on the couch all day. I also had a mild case of nausea... actually, mild discomfort is a more accurate description. That could've been because I didn't eat a big breakfast like I did yesterday...I only had a biscuit, OJ, and a glass of water. I'm not a breakfast eater, especially during the work week...this is a concern of mine, because I need to eat when I take the my Chantix pill. My plan is to take my morning dose on my 10am break at work (that's when I usually eat for the first time of the day).

Anyway, the discomfort and the dizziness passed after a few hours and I drove to the mall to do some shopping. Life is good!! :-)