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Chantix the Anti-Smoke

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October 23rd 2007

After much consideration and truly difficult deliberation.... I have decided to stop taking Chantix

Over the weekend... I decided to stop taking the pills and see where that goes... well to be honest... I feel GREAT.... it seems as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders... I feel happier... less angry at the world.... therefore the side effect which I have been worried about have pretty much tapered down to a level which I can deal with ... It may also have to do with the fact that I decided that I would do my best on my own to stay as smoke free as I can... meaning that I will have that occassional cigarette.
And so I have.... I had a few puffs on saturday when we went out drinking..... and had a cigarette on sunday when we went to a party..... and didnt really like it much I was able to actually go without any smoking on Monday.... I dont know if it will stay that easy.... but this is what I have decided.... and I am a happier person for it. I do plan on going back to chantix and making another attempt at quitting completely in the not so distant future..... but for now, it was just not the right time for me to do so.....






Oct. 19th 2007I would like to firstly thank all of my fellow quitters/bloggers for their support....However I realized something....what I realized is... that I will not hear feedback or comments from the people that gave up on chantix and/or quitting... being that those people are not longer bloggers..... I just sat down and thought about it... if I was to give up right now... I would possibly post another 1 or 2 posts... and then queitly dissapear unnoticed into the 'cloud of smoke'- why would I want to continue blogging here only to get served up on a platter by all of you folks who continue to stay committed.... It would simply make me feel worse, then I would already feel, by submitting to cigarettes. - OR ON THE OTHER HAND -Maybe those who gave up on Chantix/Quitting and went back to smoking.... maybe they had thier reasons ("excuses") Maybe they now feel Better and/or Happier... not having to go thru the depresion.... the anger... the anxiety.... the insomnia.... and so on.... maybe they are simply happy to have made that descision.... HOWEVER I do not hear that side of the story as... there are no Active Bloggers on this forum who gave feedback on thier behalf....Also, this is my very first attempt at quitting.... and maybe just maybe.... aside from the Nasty Withdrawl... and side effects.... maybe the timing is wrong for me to quit right now.... I simply may just have too much on my plate right now.... For crying out loud... I am in the process of Shutting down a 9 year old business which was built from the ground up by my wife and I.... That alone puts a great toll of stress and depression on a human... now throw in the stress and depression that comes with nicotine withdrawl.... and top that off with Chantix which is most probably enhancing those nasty symptoms.....its simply adding fuel to the fire. What I am saying is .... I know that quitting [smoking] is the way to go.... I want to quit... I need to quit.... however... It might just be a good idea for me to use this first attempt at quitting as a learning expereince.... Go thru the life changes, career changes and so on which I need to go through right now.... and try again... except next time I will know what to be ready for and I will be prepared... my wife will have more knowledge of how her role should be played.... I will choose a time which is less stressful in my life.... and maybe then I would be a successful quitter.Now I am not saying that I have totally made my mind up on this topic.... I am still on the fence.... which reminds me..... I forgot to take a pill this morning (this is my second time) and while we are on the topic of "remembering"..... Memory loss is also playing a big role in my side effects.... I have already noted in last week's blog that I forgot to turn off the faucet in the kitchen after I turned it on.... But yesterday... just another fine example of memory lapse.... I blanked out when I needed to enter a password for one of my websites... this is a password which I type in EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past year... I mean I never even had to think about it... or even look at the keyboard.... it was engraved in my memory.... and my fingers would automatically click away at the keyboard.....but yesterdayI BLANKED OUT! .... After many tries of entering the wrong password..... I had to litterally get up and walk around my desk as it was frustrating me that I couldne remember it.....then I sat down and had to attempt multiple passwords again until It magically popped back into my head..... and I actually said to myself "OHHH YEAH THATS IT!" That was wierd.... Even in my pot smoking days... I never had memory lapses like that...So are the symptoms bareable??? Yes.... but in the right time and the right place!One can deal with the anger, and depression, and the anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia and memory loss, not to mention the less intrusive side effects such as headaches, dizzy spells, bloated stomach, and so on..... its all bareable and one can force him/herself to deal with those symptoms[...]



October 18th 2007I have not checked in yesterday as I was simply not in the mood....I seem to keep getting angrier and nastier as each day passes.... yesterday was a peak for me I think.... I was super nasty yesterday...snapped at my wife all day.... snapped at a nieghbor who came into my store, I kind of told him to go f-himself in a nice way.... customers are noticing that I am very tense.... this is really becoming a problem... I realize that not all of this anger and stress is comming from my withdrawl, I do understand that my situation with my career is definetly putting me over the egde... however... a smoke used to be my source of relaxation.... as much as all of us quitters tell ourselves that smoking doesn't do anything for us to calm us down..... and it probably doesnt... but over the years our bodies have become so use to that lie that it actually does believe that its a stress reliever and I think that in a way, psychologically it does turn the volume down quite a bit.... Everyone says "its in your head" and thats exactly where it is and where is should be.... if my brain believes that a smoke will calm me down... then it probably will... and I know that its a matter of reprogramming that belief, however it takes time to rewire was has been programmed over many years.... and unfortunately the side effect of doing so are seriously effecting my daily routines and my life at this point. And I know what you are all thinking.... excuses.... excuses.... excuses...and yes it is an excuse... however this excuse in my eyes is something to put in the forefront of my battle. And I know each of us has that "one" excuse which we believe is the "master of all excuses" but I dont think that this problem compares to "my girlfriend dumped me" or any other excuse which will not have a changing result wether you smoke or not.... In my case its seriously affecting my livelyhood... my bottom line ... which I need to correct in order to put food on the table and pay my mortgage. So its not only effecting me it affecting my family, which is the reason why I decided to quit in the first place. Not only have I noticed my anger and temper erupt like a volcano.... but there is also another serious problem I am noticing.... I thought that it might have not had anything to do with Chantix... but now I am pretty certain that it does.... I am extremely fatigued all day. I am tired and lazy all day and by the time I get home from work.... my body is so tired, that all I want to do is lay down and dont get up... Notice I said lay down... not Sleep.... as lately, even though I feel very tired, I cannot fall asleep until around 2am. (And guess what else I do when I cant sleep.... EAT! but thats a battle I am willing to fight) However, the laziness and tiredness is also another factor affecting my work... along with other things such as my sex life.... my wife is seriously pissed at me about this.... A) I am very tired when I get home lately, B) the mood that I am in lately is definetly not something that I would call 'horny', C) it seems that I have lost my sex drive from taking these pills and/or from all of the above symptoms which may or may not be direct side effects of Chantix... it may simply be withdrawl symptoms.... but in either case, I am not very happy with where I am right now..... Yes I have been smoke free for over a week... GREAT! but look at all the shit I have to go through to get here and Stay here...I got a feeling that this may only be the beginning of more shit to come.... because I still feel like I have not blown up yet... I feel like things are bottling up and I will evetually expode on someone. I need to avoid that! I definetly do not want to go back to smoking a pack a day...... so my question is this:can I stay on Chantix while still having one or two cigarettes a day... when I feel that I need it most. And please dont give me that one leads to a pack line... as I realize that and I am willing to continue to battle against that..[...]



October 16th 2007 -

I came in to work today and realized that I forgot my pill at home... and thought "Shit! how will I make it through the day????" I guess I am fine! But what do I do now ?? do I just skip it? or do I take 2 when I get home ? If I recall correctly the packaging says to "take it as soon as you remember" but that will be at the time I should be taking the second pill.... what do I do???

Pleaes advise....



October 15th 2007

So its been a week that I am smoke free.... its easier then I thought it would be... Yet still VERY difficult! Not only have I gone through many changes during this week, I have become a non-smoker, which is a good thing... however I have become very moody and easily angered, which is a bad thing... I am constantly stressed and always on the edge... I have also become a less fun person to be around due to these factors.... My jaw and teeth are hurting form all the chewing I have been doing to combat the habits that come with smoking... and now I hit a brick wall with my career... this has nothign to do with my quitting smoking it it may have a lot to do with my going back to it in the near future.

In order to not get into details... I will simply say that I have been forced to take a new career path... what that path will be is still a mystery to me, however the fact remains that in the near future, I will no longer be doing what I have been doing for the past 9 years. Again I need to stress that this has nothing to do with my quitting smoking... it really has to do with our crappy ecomony and vast changes of the location where my business is located. I seems as though the people with money have all moved and taken the money trail our of the neighborhood. Today a neighborhood which used to be typically Italian & Jewish is mainly turned into something I like to refer to as 'China Town'. Not that I have anything against Chinese people... well.... thats a different topic... as they are killing every Industry with their low cost - Low Quality Goods... which in turn... in a bad economy is what people tend to purchase as they cannot afford American made or European, better Quality products. Which in turn is another problem in itself... as with todays extremely high rents in the retail sectors... you must sell quantity instead of quality in order to be semi-successful... Now I am comming from a business known for its high quality merchandise... and since the change of environments from (middle to high income residents) to (Low to middle income residents) my merchandise and business have become obsolete, as the problem lies in the middle income residents being chinese folks who really arent spenders and when they do spend ....they only do business with thier own kind... and for me to take on another expense of hiring someone who looks and speaks just not an option at this point.... so it seems that I will be cutting my losses and shutting my business down....

The only reason I am even discussing this personal matter on a blog dedicated to Chantix and Not Smoking is because I have a feeling that this will put me through some major stress and depression as it is quite sad that I need to close up something that has been put together with my own hands (with the help of my wife ofcourse)... I got a bad feeling that this whill be the downfall to my non-smoking days.... and unfortuantely this will come sooner then I had enticipated.... maybe if i set my mind to becoming a social smoker I will be able to overcome the pack-a-day addiction which I am fighting so hard to overcome.

To Be Continued....



October 14th 2007 - I have not checked in yesterday as I was home and it seems that my daughter (or wife) dropped my laptop at home and broke it.... Therefore I had no means of getting onlie yesterday... but all went ok...

Today is day 7 - Smoke Free - I cannot beleive I am saying it.... 7 days without a cigarette... thats a whole week under my belt now.... and to be honest.... on one hand... I do feel better and breathe better on the other hand I STILL WANT A CIGARETTE.... really badly at times.... you know those peak moments... after dinner... with coffee.... when I see someone else smoking... or as a reward for a completed project.... but I keep hanging in there....and fighting the urge.....

I would like to hear from those who have been in my position and have actually smoked that one cigarette after become a non-smoker..... did it make you want more... or was it nasty and it made it easier to continue without any more bumps in the road???



October 11 2007 - 5pm

I really had nothing new to add from yesterdays blog other then I am still smoke free, but it seems to be getting harder as the realization of me not picking up another cigarette is putting a damper on things.... maybe I am not meant to completely quit just yet... is it so wrong if I become a social smoker... you know after a few drinks, or have one after dinner.... obviously never go back to smoking over a pack a day... or is that a false truth.... will I end up where I started.... smoking a pack a day.... this thought keeps running through my mind... as I keep getting the cravings... the more these thoughts of having just 1 cigarette run across my mind.

I would not be the cranky, snappy, irritated mother f*cker I think that I have become since I quit. Yes I said it.... up until now I have stayed quiet about this... but the truth must come out... my wife has been telling me that I have become cranky.... and that I snap at insigificant things... but NOW my customers at work are telling me that I seem irritated and cranky. So I start to think will I feel better if I knew that I had a "reward" comming to me at the end of the day. At least thats what worked the when I first started quitting with Chantix... the first week I significantly cut down and I was able to keep cutting down with the thought of.... "I will hold off for another hour"... then unwillingly it turned into 3 or 4, but at the end I knew that I would have that desire fulfilled eventually. I would have my smoke! And maybe, just maybe if I do decide to "unofficially quit" by having that one cigarette at the end of the day... I may turn away from it and decide that I can do without it. As of right now ... I began to smell the stench of cigarette smoke... pedestrians walk past my store smoking, and when I have my door open I smell it.... if a customer walks in after just having a cigarette... they stink... and I finally smell it ... thats how I used to stink... which is why I may just decide to quit thereafter. And lately thanks to Chantix while I was still smoking the cigarettes were undesirable... they even tasted differently.

Maybe if I knew that I will have that one smoke, it just might calm my nerves.... This might be well worth trying. Hell at this point I even understand those who would tell me otherwise... but maybe they are not in the same situation as I am... maybe they are a stay at home mom who has no customers frustrating her, or maybe its someone that works in an office in front of a computer all day with no outside comunication other then the actaul computer.... but in my case I deal with people all day... everyday.... and Its one thing to piss off my wife... at least she knows why Im crabby and 'tries' to understand... but customers/clients pay my bills. And as nice as I try to be lately, my facial expression tells a different story. I see it myself... I seem tense and constatnly chewing on a plastic toothpick or straw. Its either that or I eat... and we already had that discussion. I really dont want to smoke...well, not the way I did before and I dont know if i want to smoke at all but..... If KNOWING that I can have that one cigarette at the end of the day... might help in the issue I described above....................SCREW THAT I WILL KEEP TRYING.... BUT THAT THOUGHT KEEPS POPPING UP ON A REGULAR.



October 10th 2007 - 3rd Smoke Free Day

To my surprise I have made it this far.... I didnt think that I would be able to go a day without a cigarette... but here I am on my third day - smoke free and feeling good.... well most of the time... I do get some cravings like right now..... OH SHIT, I FORGOT TO TAKE MY PILL.......

I am back... took my pill and now I need to hang in there while it kicks in...
I am happy to say that I have nothing to report... yesterday went well... obviously I did not smoke... side effects where mind if any - dreams are still vivid and very realistic... I actually remember that I was smoking a cigarette in my dream... I also recall enjoying it....very much!
That dream made me crave one this morning but only for a short moment....then I smacked myself in the head and said "I DO NOT SMOKE ANYMORE...IM A NON-SMOKER NOW"

I have decorated my blog a bit with some interesting images which I found scattered on the net. Check them out.... hope it makes my blog a little more appealing to others to come and read. Let me know what you all think.



October 9th 2007 - SMOKE FREE DAY TWO
Overall my first day went well - smoke free and plan to stay that way

Today nothing much to report - haven't smoked - substituted my coffee for an Ice Coffee today which is probably why I didnt have as bad of a craving for it as yesterday while having my coffee. But I noticed that I had an automatic movement today... I finished a task that I was working on this morning, and immediately after, my hand reached for an empty space where I used to keep my cigarettes on my desk... at the same time I was getting up to go outside.... then I realized and thought to myself, "oh wait I dont smoke any more" but that action kind of reminded me of the sensation I used to get from smoking and almost made me want to have one. Which bring me here now..... I figure if I spend a little time blogging instead of going outside where I will see smokers it will make it much easier on least for now!

I STILL CANNOT BELIVE HOW EASY AND WELL MY FIRST DAY WENT..... I think that it might get a bit harder from here on out... cause I think yesterday was just a fluke... I was really swamped at work and it really kept my mind off of smoking.... but today its slower and quieter so I am starting to worry that it wont be as easy... I guess I will have to put myself to work...find things to do with my time... maybe its a good thing.... it will get me to do things I have been procrastinating at work.

Well...Back to work...



Yet again its still October 8th - now its about 6pm - Wow this seems like a breeze today (not to jinx it) I expected a lot worse! especially the first day! Dont get me wrong old habits die hard.... but the addiction at least is being taken care of by Chantix.... so all I have to forcefully overcome are the habits of;
Rewarding myself with a smoke
Having a smoke as an after dinner treat
Using cigarettes as a means to overcome stressful situations
And the hardest one for me - having my coffee without a stogie to start the day!
Then there is also new challenge which I need to face - looks like the cigarette is being replaced by food - so I need to control what I eat and how much I eat...

I thought that the first day will will be a killer for me.... and it wasnt too bad - but maybe thats because I was quite busy at work today... lets see what happens tomorrow...please tell me it only get easier.... (wishful thinking...)

Day 1 smoke-free almost complete.



Still Oct. 8th - 3pm - SO FAR SO GOOD! I was busy at work so up until now I have kept myself occupied with work and chewing on a plastic toothpick all day... my teeth are starting to hurt already from all the chewing but I have not had any strong cravings that I couldn't far

I will check in again later on...



October 8th 2007 / QUIT DAY
Well I decided to stick with this Q-date and so far I am ok - Its noon and I just took my first pill... I was going to stay away from coffee today... but I got this nasty headache which I normally get if I do not have my coffee in the morning.... so I decided to have my bagel with cooffee. Hey at the very least my headache went away.... but I am craving a smoke... nothing too bad... I think I will be albe to handle it as long as the day goes by smooth with little frustrations..... HA... like that will ever happen.... WISH ME LUCK - I WILL NEED IT!

so with not much left to say... I will be back with updates



October 7th 2007 - I am starting to have my doubts - tomorrow is my official Q-Day - But today is not the easist day so far - seems that I took a step backwards today - for some reason I gave into the urge to have a cigarette while driving to work this morning - then had another one after I ate my breakfast and took my pill - and had a total of 6 cigarettes yesterday which is 1 more then the previous days.

I had it all planned it out - I have 4 cigarettes left in my pack [which I had for 4 days now] and figured I will finish them off today and - starting tomorrow - on my way to becoming smoke free.... hmmmmmmmm

I'm really fighting the craving for one right now... I mean I had some 'real' cravings today like before I started taking chantix.... as if today's pill was a placebo.... is my mind playing tricks on me because tomorrow is Q-DAY???? or am I subconsciously craving to smoke more to fullfil my desire before I quit??? or is my brain telling me that I am not ready to be without it???

I read some blogs where the writers smoked to the last minute (without consciously cutting down) in order to "say goodbye" .... but I was both consciously and unconsciously cutting down the entire way from day one.... and I am afraid that if I do that now ... its like taking a step back.... then again .... it might be what I NEED in order to take that final leap.... to fullfill my need for it today and bid my final farewell....

PS I must say that I am eating larger portions and more requently... if this continues will become an ISSUE for me personally.... I am not in the best shape to begin with... I weighed 195 lbs before I started Chantix.... I have'nt had a chance to weight myself since... but I think that this may become a problem.... I hardly ever ate breakfast... and now I must in order to take the pill... and I know this about myself... when I eat in the morning, I usually get hungry for lunch... and vice versa.... so when my breakfast consisted of coffee and a cigarette (I know how aweful that sounds) I didnt have an appetite to have a heavy lunch... NOW I AM EATING 3 REAL MEALS... breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between..... THIS IS BAD!!!!!

I am really having a difficult day today.... to top things off ... its very SLOW at work today and I have too much free time on my hands... this is a killer when trying to quit smoking.... as I mentioned in my very first Post "WHAT WILL I DO WITH THE TIME???"

Chanitx user requesting back-up.... over and out



October 6th 2007 - checking in a bit late again - its 4:30 and so far I only had 2 cigarettes. Side effects are a lot milder today then they were yesterday - so far...

Last night, as almost every friday, we went to my in-laws for family dinner. And as always the smokers meet in the yard for some chit-chat and a stogie. To everyone's surprise I only had one cigarette the entire evening. I intentionally stood by the smokers to see how I would react....and I belive it or not .... IT WAS ALL GOOD! Like I said I had that one cigarette after dinner and then that was it.... I came out 2 more times and watched the smokers and actually enjoyed the fact that I didnt want another stogie. - To close off yesterday - total of 5 cigarettes

I noticed that my headaches come back at the times when I start to get cravings for a smoke... but then it goes away along with the urge about 45 minutes later....
MAJOR PROBLEM.... I started to notice that I eat a hell of a lot more and a lot more often....shit I am afraid that I will blow up like a freaking balloon!!!!! I try to drink water and stick to fruits and carrots for snacks.... but for some reason this pill is giving me the munchies and cravings for sweets. Did any of you other chanitx users have this problem???



October 5th 2007 - Its 2pm and I am blogging a little later then usual as I normally blog at around 11am when I take my first pill of the day... however, even though I only smoked 1 cigarette so far today... and took my pill as usual.... today is somewhat of a difficult day... the side effects are really breaking me down today.... I been getting these blank foggy spells when I kind of zone out, like yesterday.... I turned on the kitchen faucet and simply walked away from it without turning it off... didnt realize it was on until my wife noticed it... I have been getting these "blanks" as I call them, here and there, but nothing that as bad as forgeting to turn off the faucet... Then last night had a dream that I broke one of my teeth and as I spit it out... I woke up and ran to the mirror to see if I still had that tooth... IT WAS TOO REAL!Today on the other hand... I an having this foggy dizzy sensation along with a headache. It started once the pill kicked in.... 20 minutes after I took it. But when I think about it.... I have been craving a cigarette for about 3 hours now and it might also be the withdrawl effects of me not having one.... Even though I set my quit date to be Monday Oct. 8th, I have put myself on a schedule... I am at the point where the past 3 or4 days I have been smoking no more then 6 cigarettes a day.... and I try to pace myself and extend my gap between cigarettes more and more each day as I get closer to Q-Day. So today I am forcing my self to only smoke 5 or less. I have also become more moody the past few days, as per my wife. I told her that if I get really bad, she should take our daughter and stay at her mom's the first week I Quit completely. I am sure I will not be a pleasure to be around, especially the first week. I dont think she will do it but, that was my recommendation so she can't say I didnt warn her. I read a blog today which stated that "the best place to quit smoking is in a cabin in the woods alone" I happen to agree with that 100%. With nobody or anything arround to irritate your "condition" you have a better chance of re-conditioning yourself quicker as you can focus on the problem at hand = your withdrawl effects and figuring out a "replacement" [to cope] instead of smoking. But we all have lives... we have families... we have jobs - so secluding yourself is not always an option. I have never tried to "really" quit before and never went more then 1 day without a cigarette, so I must say that Chantix really is doing something right.... I just hope that we are not simply "lab rats" and I truly hope that extensive reasearch has been done - I hope that we do not find out one day that this chemical effecting my brain is not worse then the cigarettes that we once smoked.... that does sound kind of negative and depressing... but thats my biggest concern. I can deal with the side effects and withdrawl but for some reason this strange thought keep popping into my head.... am I simply looking for a way out??? or is this a real concern?P.S. by the time I finished writing this blog, my headache went away but I do still feel "cloudy" and tired. The headache I would really say is the withdrawl syndrome.... but the rest of it I would have to address as Chantix side effect. I hope this subsides as it is sort of slowing my work progress down.... Even though I am my own boss... I have things that I am procrastinating due to these side effects.... But at the same time, I am trying to leave more things for me to do next week as it will keep me more occupied on my Quit Week. - Its part of my master plan... OR IS IT?OH and P.S. Again - more and more fellow-bloggers are giving me feed back and ask[...]



October 4th 2007 - Learning to start the day off without a cigarette is turning out to be easier then I thought - thanks to Chantix... Its 11:oo am and I just took my first pill of the day. I have not had a cigarette yet and I am trying to take it to the next level... I am actually drinking coffee while writing this blog.... yesterday I felt that I needed to stay away from it as it is my biggest stimuli for smoking in the morning... but today I am try to prove to myself that I can still enjoy a cup of joe without holding a cigarette in my other hand.... well... thats exactly why I am here now...while drinking the coffee... ITS FREAKING HARD! I want a cigarette... I have them sitting right beside me.... so I figured I would use this time to blog and hold off with smoking as long as I can... Yesterday went smoothly with only 5 cigarettes TOTAL.....YEAH BABY!

But what makes it easy the past few days is knowing that I will have one later in the day to reward myself for the good work! Just thinking about the fact that Q-Day is right around the corner is frightening.... I mean once its done...ITS DONE! And those thoughts of "I will have a smoke later to reward myself" shouldnt be there.... and thats scares me! But on the other hand my progress has been Amazing! I dont know if many Chantix users had such progress the first few weeks as I have, but I hope that the magic pill only gets better becauase as I mentioned in my first blog..."the process of Quitting" is the easy part its "Taking that Last and final Step" and "Sticking To It" which is the hard part. And as I approach that Q-Day thoughts of Marlboro Lights Dancing in my head pop into my imagination... (P.S. - Play on words... Im not going nuts - so dont call the suicide squad just yet) The thought of standing outside huffin and puffin that cigarette gives me a tingly sensation inside... but then I smack myself in the head and remind myself as to why I decided to quit and tell myself I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

Great things come to those that ....want it bad enough!



Still Oct. 3rd - 6pm update - super-proud of myself and had to note it on here - in my earlier blog today I stated that I will have my first cigarette at 1pm - however I held out till 2:30 and since then had a total of 3 cigarettes today. I estimate having another 2 by the end of today - however progress is clearly noticed! I feel confident! I just hope everything stays on the same easy path with minimal side effects

Just wanted to gloat today's progress :-) Later....



October 3rd 2007 - Wow - its 12:00 and I have not had even 1 cigarette today. Not because today is my quit day - as I already stated that I need to push that back a little longer... but because I simply didnt want one. I took my first 1mg pill at 11am and and I hope it kicks in a bit stronger I am now (at 12:00) starting to have the urge to have a stogie. But I will try to keep hanging in there till atleast 1pm before I have my first cigarette today. If i can minimize my smoking to around 4-5 cigarettes today... then I think that by the end of the week I should be smoke free for good!

T-minus 60 minutes....

Yesterday I had a total of 10 cigarettes (the small 72's) which is probably why it was 10 and not less ... if it had been the usual 100's which I smoke I am sure it would have been less.

But anywho.... I think I will push by deadline for the Q-Day to 10/8/07 and if I manage to do it before then that would be fantastic. Heck..I never thought that I would be able to go this long without a cigarette... and thats with me actually trying.... today just happened on its own... with my marlboros sitting right beside me... which I shouldnt do either... I guess... out of sight - out of mind!

blog at you real soon....



October 2nd 2007 - day seven on chantix - Started out the day with only 2 cigarettes today... and believe it or not... I am starting to break my morning habit of smoking first thing... Tomorrow is supposed to be my Q-Day - but I do not feel that I am ready just yet; I think I will need to push it back a few more days in order to stay on the path I am on... I feel that if I just stop smoknig tomorrow - I will end up coming back to it a day or two later. What do you all think about this theory??? (I also think that once I start the 1mg pills it will make it easier)
Or should I stick to the routine set forth by Pfizer? I see myself doing better, cutting down significantly, however what I do not see is myself not smoking at all - NOT JUST YET!
I think I need a few more days... tomorrow I will cut down to 1 cigarette in the morning and then to non - and then I can commit. Yesterday I smoked a total of 10 cigarettes. Therefore I see the progression from 1.5 packs(30 a day)- to 14 - to 12 - to 10 - and I want to stay on that path and go that route... is that the wrong thing to do??? or should I force my self to simply STOP tomorrow??? I need advice here.... I am starting to get cold feet... I feel like most men do on their wedding day... Even though I dont recall having that feeling on my wedding day.

Well Tomorrow I start my 1mg twice a day... I hope that it really kicks in and does its magic!
I must say that the past few days I have been sleeping quite well with some nice dreams... nothing spectacular... just everyday stuff... dreamt about work and cars and stuff like that.... however, last night, my daughter woke me up in the middle of the night and I didnt feel too kosher... for about 2 minutes I felt like I was very hung over - nausea - head ache and dizzy. but that went away in a bit... I just wanted to point this out as it must a be a side effect of chantix... but its nothing that I couldnt deal with - especially since I dont get woken up in the middle of the night all the time.

well... thats all for now folks... looking forward to your feedback and will blog back at you soon



October 1st 2007 - Yesterday finished with me smoking a total of 12 cigarettes. Slept great all was good - no side effect except for a nice dream.

Today started out with a bang! I guess the double dose of the .5mg is doing its job... I just took my first pill at 11:10 am and up until now I only smoked 1 full cigarette... or rather I should say I smoked 2 half cigarettes, which look like an improvement from before - well I just ate my brunch and took my pill - which puts me on my toughest struggle of wanting a cigarette as my late breakfast comes with coffee - My Biggest stimulant to smoke! Since I did so well this morning I think I will endulge in a smoke right now! I think I will need to stay away from coffee come my Q-Day! Ill have to swich to Tea until my pill kicks in and then have a cup of coffee later on... What do you all think? or will the 1mg pill do the trick for me?? Anyone with a similar experience? I need feedback on this one....

Ciao for now...



September 30th 2007 - Sorry I have not checked in yesterday... I had a day off and my computer was giving me a hard time with the internet connection. Yesterday was my first 2 pill-a-day and I think it came just in the knick of time... cause I was starting to feel like the 0.5mg am pill was not doing what it did the first few days. I guess my body was getting use to the drug... I smoked a few cigarettes more then I have the past few days... I smoked a total of 15 cigarettes yesterday, however I must also note that I purchased those buy-1 get-1 Marlboro Lights and those came as 75's they are sure maybe thats what contributed to the extra smoking... otherwise no side effects - felt great and slept great -

Today - back to work and took the first pill at 11:30 as usual. Smoked 3 (small marlboro 75's) prior to taking the pill... I am feeling the urge for a smoke right now since I just ate and just took the pill... so I think i will endulge myself -

stay tuned....more updates later...

Day 3 on Chantix


September 28 2007 - Hello everyone and thanks again for the feedback and support! I actually read a few of your blogs last night as I couldnt fall asleep till around 1:30 - and found that Each individual has a different pace and different reaction to Chantix - but the end result of those of you who I did read about, definately put positive thoughts into my head ! And thats Fantastic!

It's 11:30 - took my pill about 20 minutes ago - smoked only 2 cigarettes prior to taking the pill (1 less then yesterday and 3 less then the day before). I am not trying to cut down - its happening on its own, which I find to be absolutely Amazing! I smoked 1/2 a cigarette after a few minutes ago being that I just ate and thats when i get the greatest demand for it... but only half a cigarette cause I started to get a little light headed and dizzy - must be the chantix kicking in.

Yesterday went pretty well... I blogged that I only smoked 12 cigarettes but after I finished my blogging and reading some of your blogs, I still couldnt sleep and I smoked another stogie before I actaully went to bed. So make that 13 for yesterday ! STILL A MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT considering that I am not really trying to cut down.

By the way I slept pretty well last night - had a nice dream but I cant say that it was anything special affiliated to Chantix.

Well I am done for now - need to get some work done - blog with you soon!



Still September 27th - "Its 10pm do you know where the cigarettes are?" LOL
I'll make it short and sweet - I am finally convinced that its Chantix that is working its magic and not just me convincing myself not to smoke - at no given point in time today have I had to force myself not to smoke in order to cut down.... without even trying I managed to only smoke 12 cigarettes the entire day.... which I feel is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT! Mind you this is only my second day and only two days ago I smoke 1 and 1/2 packs. Is it me or are the cigarettes starting to taste nasty due to the meds???

Say Hello to my new side effect - suprisingly today I did not feel a repeat of yesterday's jitters or foggy head sensations - however today I have been peeing like a race horse - I must have gone to the bathroom to relieve myself about 15 times today - I am trying to drink more then usual (as per advice of other quitters) but I still found it strange that I had to urinate soo many times. Something else that I noticed and again this might be a coincidence - but both yesterday and today, right after I took the pill - I had some heart burn! - nothing that TUMS didnt cure... But it might have been the brunch that I ate both days - Dunkin Donuts Sausage/Egg/Cheese - might just be the culperate! I normally dont eat until late in the afternoon so I am not used to having breakfast or in my case at 11am - brunch.

Well, I not going to sleep just yet but I am done writing for the night so "sweet dreams"

So I decided to quit!


September 25th 2007 - In my 30 years of life, I have spent 14 of them sucking on those cancer sticks we all like to call cigarettes. What started out as "the cool thing to do" turned into a pack a day habit. And thats on a good day... there are those long days, frustrating days, borring days and the list goes on, when I killed up to 2 packs a day. I have been toying with the thought of quitting for a number of years.... but you know how that goes... I like to tell people that "QUITTING" is easy... look at me I do it every day... but to this day I still have not "QUIT" I'm still in the process of "quitting". To be very honest, I cannot even fathom the idea of me being a Non-Smoker. What will I do with the time? you know...the time which I would normally go for a smoke... My day starts with a cigarette and coffee - then another 2 stogies on the drive to work... 35 minutes later... I am outside my place of business yet having another cup of coffee shooting the shit with co-workers and friends...and yes you guessed it... Smoking! I do manage to get some work done right after that Nicotine and Caffeine rush which I have just injected into my body. But the greatest urge for a smoke really comes after I enojoy a hearty meal... whether its lunch, brunch or dinner, my need for a cigarette is overwhelming... what will I do with the time???Are my expectations too great??? Will I be able to go out for a breath of fresh air instead and at the same time watch my co-workers enjoy their fulfilment for that nicotine? I cannot say that I am a very weak minded individual considering that I have quit other fulfilling desires, such as pot... which needless to say was much easier as I belive that its non-addictive. What will replace the habit of holding a cigarette ever so gently between my fingers? Or the motion of bringing that stogie to my lips and inhaling? Better yet the visual stimuli of blowing circles while exhaling that cancerous cloud.... what will I do with the time??Well this is starting to sound like a short story rather then my personal thoughts, and thats not my intention... hold on while I like a marlboro.... yes I am still smoking... I simply stated that I decided to quit... not that I have quit... so lets go on....After all those thoughts of how will I...? and what will I... ?? You wonder what made me finally take that last and final step to DECIDING TO QUIT... My 3 year old daughter and the "miracle drug" Chantix. First and foremost my daughter... each time she sees me with a cigarette she says things like "why do you smoke daddy...only bad people smoke" or "daddy I dont want you to smoke its bad for you" mind you she is only 3. Now for Chantix... my doctor recommened this drug and said that it has a very high success rate... so I agreed! I got the start pack and 2 weeks later I still have not started taking them... why? you may ask - because while I heard rave reviews from some friends on a personal level... I have also read some scary things which made my skin crawl. Forget about the side effects which are printed on the label... those come with pretty much all meds. What I am talking about are the Psychotic effects that have been noted on blogs and other forums. I mean shit... 1 guy commited suicide while another got shot for attempting to break into a house. But I DECIDED TO QUIT! and after long days of reading about the possitive and negative effects... I decided to take my chances. [...]