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I Carry Your Heart With Me, I Carry It In My Heart, I Am Never Without It.

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Christmas Blizzard of 09.




Week Twenty-Five.



25 : 52 : After about sixteen hours of driving we finally made it to Colorado for our summer vacation. My husband's family owns this quaint little cabin and it was always his favorite place growing up so he had to share it with me as well. The vacation was much needed and it was a lovely time full of relaxation, cooking, board games, laughter and fishing. Oh, and, lets not forget the amazing mountain view that we were able to wake up and look at each morning or the rushing creek right below us. Let's just say driving home was not easy and I missed it the second we left.

Week Twenty-Four.



24 : 52. - On a whim I decided to go to the salon and change my hair. At first I was thinking of just getting my bangs trimmed because they were ridiculously long and I was tired of pushing them out of my face. Then I thought of getting layers and decided on that as I was driving. Next thing you know I step out of the salon with about 6 inches chopped off. It's a huge change, which is what I wanted, and I really love it. Ask me in a week and my answer may be different though.

Week Twenty-Three.



23 : 52. - Would you believe that I've never shucked corn before in my entire life? It's true, this is my very first time to shuck corn and I have to admit it's quite fun. We stopped by the grocery store to get all fresh ingredients for tonight's dinner.

Week Twenty-Two.



22 : 52. - I recently went shopping for clothes that were non-work related and picked up this denim mini-skirt. I've never been a huge fun of skirts or shorts because my legs are what you'd call "chicken legs" and incredibly white. Thanks, Irish heritage, I really appreciate it. But I decided that my legs needed to see the sun and bought it.

Week Twenty-One.



21 : 52. - It has been raining here a lot lately and afterwards there are these beautiful white fluffy clouds that cover the entire sky. My husband and I went out for lunch at Panda Express and decided to sit out on their patio since the weather was nice for once.

Week Twenty.



20 : 52. - Recently my husband has gotten back into golfing. His whole family golfs but he hasn't in about ten years. Some friends of ours, another married couple, also loving golfing and we decided to all go together as a group. Of course us girls just watched our husbands and drove the carts but it is still fun nonetheless.

Week Nineteen.



19 : 52. - For Mother's Day I invited everyone over to my house for dinner. I ended up making some delicious grilled chicken with a pasta salad and then cheesecake with berries for dessert. Everything was delicious and I'm so glad. Both my Mom and Mother-in-Law deserved it.

Week Eighteen.



18 : 52. - A friend of mine got me these adorable brightly colored condiment bowls for my birthday.

Week Seventeen.



17 : 52. - My brother graduated from the Fire Academy and I couldn't be more proud.

Baby Talk.


Picking out baby names for our future un-born son. No this does not mean I'm pregnant this means I have baby fever.

Me : What do you think of William Connor for a boy's name?

Mr. V : Sounds good to me. Conner saves the world from killer robots.

Me : I'm assuming your talking about Battlestar Galactica?

Mr. V : No, John Conner from Terminator.

Of course this makes me giggle because obviously Terminator is the first thing you think of when you hear about your un-born son's potential name.

Week Sixteen.



16 : 52. - Since we have been living in our house for almost two years I've decided that it's time to make the outside feel as "homey" as the inside does. We decided to plant flowers around the base of our tree in the front yard and put bricks around it in a circle like we've seen some of the other neighbors do. It was about a three day project, a lot more work then I thought it would be, but I think it turned out quite nicely.

Week Fifteen.



15 : 52. - Tonight we went to our friends last of the season Soccer game. We ended up getting there a little late only to find out that the team captain forgot the papers so they have to forfeit the game. We stuck around a little while and they just played for fun until a fight broke out and everyone had to leave. Who knew soccer was such a intense sport.

Week Fourteen.



14 : 52. - Since the weather is starting to get warmer we decided to start maintenance on our yard since everything is dead from the Winter. We bought this fertilizer spreader and hope that it will help turn our lawn back to normal.

Week Thirteen.



13 : 52. - I received a invitation in the mail from one of my friend's baby shower. They are having a boy and already have the most adorable little one year old girl. Her invitations are adorable and I love the colors she picked out for his bedroom decor.

Week Twelve.



12 : 52. - For my Birthday Weekend the husband decided to take me on a romantic get-a-way and see the River walk among other beautiful places along the way. Everything was so beautiful but I do wish that it wasn't as crowded. The weather was beautiful though. It was very nice to have a vacation just the two of us and be spoiled rotten.

Week Eleven.



11 : 52. - After seeing an episode on Oprah with tips and recipes from the Star Chef's I decided to try a few of them for myself. Baked Nachos was one of them I thought the husband would like. I was also excited about the usage of Cilantro. Seeing as how my photo looks nothing like what it's "suppose" to look like I must have done something wrong. Especially since it was not tasty at all, either, and the husband isn't a fun. Guess you can't win them all.

Week Ten.



10 : 52. - Since I have finished The Pillars of the Earth I have been wanting to find another book to read so I decided to head to Barnes and Nobles and find one. I ended up buying two because I couldn't decide which I liked better. One by Henry James and the other by George Eliot.

Week Nine.



9 : 52. - Taken on a whim after I dropped off my wedding ring to have my wedding band and engagement ring put together. I'm not sure if you can tell in the photo that it's missing but I sure could and felt naked it without in on my finger. I have only taken it off a handful of times in the past three years that we have been together. We also painted our bedroom and made a accent wall of Italian Olive so I'm going to have a lot of fun using this wall in portraits.

Week Eight.



8 : 52. - I ended up meeting my parents, and brother, for lunch on my Mom's 48th Birthday. We had a quick delicious lunch and Mom opened this present I bought for her. A card, of course, that made her teary eyed and a book. Not that she doesn't have enough books but I figured she could use just one more!

Week Seven.



7 : 52. - In 2007 I decided to cut my hair well above my shoulders and have been trying to grow it out ever since. Don't get me wrong I loved my hair short but I've always had long hair. Since before my wedding, in October 2008, I have not gotten a hair cut except for a trim of my bangs. Each time I get my hair cut it's cut off too short and I'm left unhappy. As soon as it gets the length I want it to be, or a bit longer, then I will be able to snip off the split ends. It's taken a while to grow it out again but it's been worth the wait.

Week Six.



6 : 52. - We used the timer to take a photo of us, obviously, and took about twenty minutes before I actually liked one. This one. We spent the day together and it was lovely. I think the photo speaks for its self, really.

Week Four.



4 : 52. - Mom got these for us to use when we take our lunches to work. I originally had asked for a Bento type lunch boxes but these are great, too. I made a Steak Salad with Feta Cheese and Cucumbers. It was seven in the morning when I made this so I didn't even think to separate the Cucumbers and Feta Cheese but luckily it didn't turn out mushy. And to my surprise this was a pretty tasty, filling, lunch.

Week Three.



3 : 52. - My eight month old puppy, Bella, has now out grown her very first collar I bought her. She was giving a new, larger, collar for Christmas and will probably use it all the way into her adulthood.

Weekend Getaway.


This past weekend we made the trek up to Kansas to spend time with Mr. V's extended family. Also his Grandparents were celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary and they invited us to celebrate along with them. Saturday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn so that we could make it in time to drop off Bella at my Aunt's house. Anytime that Bella has to ride in the car it's always an event and of course this time was no different. We ended up stopping in the freezing cold to take care of a sick puppy, poor thing, and then realized we had left our coats at home and had to backtrack to the house and get them. We finally made it to my Aunt's house and let Bella and Zeke, their dog, get acquainted. After we saw that they would have no problem getting along we tried to coax Bella into her crate since my Aunt was leaving as well to go car shopping. Of course she was being timid and shy and would not come near her crate or the pepporoni my Aunt tried to lure her in with. So I picked her up, spoiled brat, and felt her claws did into my skin. While trying to put her into her crate her claws scrapped across my skin leaving two long red marks. Her nails need to be cut badly but no one will cut them for us because she causes such a ruckus about it. Anyway, we say our goodbye's and leave for Mr. V's house but decide that we want breakfast first and make a stop at Denny's. After warming up and our bellies were full we ventured out into the cold again to his Mom's house. Apparently his Mom stayed up until six in the morning finishing her Mom and Dad's scrapbook of their lives/kids/wedding, etc. so she was not fully awake when we arrived but happy to see us none the less. Since Mr. V's little sister was not able to make the trip with us, she had other plans, we waited for her friends to arrive and then piled into the car and headed towards Kansas. Thank goodness I brought my book with me or I would have been extremely bored. We ended up stopping at Taco Mayo for lunch, a tradition with his family when driving to Kansas, and had a Choco Taco. Which is a taco like shell, think ice cream cone shell, with Vanilla ice cream on the inside with fudge and chocolate on the outside, probably sounds disgusting but it was rather tasty. The weather report we had read the night before said it was snowing then and we were hoping to see some remaining snow but I guess it all melted before we got there. And I don't think I will ever complain about it being cold here again since the temperature the entire weekend was in the 20's and below along with freezing wind. We ended up staying with Mr. V's Aunt and Uncle is their gorgeous brand new home. It smelt like cinnamon when we first walked in and we immediately called dibs on the basement bedroom. I'm pretty sure their basement is as big as our entire house. I hope that when Mr. V and I are older that we can have a beautiful home like theirs. We ordered pizza and sat around catching up and waiting for his Grandparents to arrive. Of course as soon as his Grandma gets there she just has to sit on the couch by me and asks how the beautiful bride is doing. Do you see now why I love his family so much? After dinner we sat around and talked some more mostly about his Grandparents and their lives and how they meet. They both have had such a fascinating life that I really enjoyed hearing about everything they had to say. After a while the conversation died down and the[...]