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I heart MacKenzie-Childs (thanks Kris Jenner)


I'm pretty sure my favorite thing about Keeping up with the Kardashians is Kris Jenner's kitchen, and really.. the entire house. And the one thing that stands out is all of the gorgeous MacKenzie-Childs that lady rocks. Tea pots, glassware, dinnerware, even Kris Jenner's floors are blessed with that classic black and white courtly checkered tile.

While Christmas shopping in Wellesley and stopping by Lux Bond & Green, I chatted up Nancy and she showed me so many gorgeous MacKenzie-Childs items. Alas, the JQ Lounge collection has started with a serving bowl and a utensil holder. Maybe if I become a successful momager I can compete with Kris Jenner's collection.. but I'm more then happy with my two pieces right now!

Why didn't I register for MackKenzie-Childs instead of the wedding china we have never touched in 7 years!

What are some items/brands you collect?


GoldieBlox - Engineering Toys for Girls


You've probably seen this shared on Facebook already thanks to a post on UPWORTHY, but the more viral it goes the better!

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="560">

What an awesome ad for GlodieBlox -- which makes Engineering Toys for Girls. Its refreshing for something to go viral that is uplifting and encouraging in this day and age.

My daughter said 'Push button for more please!' about 30 times to watch this over and over again. And I was all for it.

Also? Having a 2 year old singing Beastie Boys around the house now is an added bonus.

If you could spare a second of your time (and you totally can if you still check out my blog after months of MIA) please vote for GoldieBlox to get an ad spot for the Super Bowl via the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE! ::::::::: you don't need to sign up/sign in to anything, you just click vote and you are done.

Here is a blurb from the founder:

PS. you can get GoldieBlox on Amazon for all you crazy cats obsessed with Amazon Prime as I am!

Frank Webb's Bath Center Fenway Park Family Tour


A few days ago we were invited to check out Fenway Park for a family tour because Frank Webb's Bath Center recently installed some lovely family friendly restrooms to the historic ballpark. "Do they know I have a toddler?" was my initial response..Babies are one thing, but toddlers? They are scary out in public. Don't let Lil C's cuteness fool you.. this chick already knows how to squiggle her way out of her strollers like Houdini.Luckily my mom was around to help manage the children with me, so off we headed into Fenway!"Out of all my years here at Fenway, this is the first tour that's factored around the bathrooms!" our guide chuckled.Now, I can assume not everyone who reads the JQ Lounge is a Red Sox fan, but you can't not appreciate the beauty of Fenway Park and all of its rich history, being the oldest Major League Ballpark in use.The three family restrooms provide an enhanced family and environmentally-friendly atmosphere. The restroom renovations are part of F.W. Webb ’s partnership renewal with the club and brands the Frank Webb’s Bath Center division as the official sponsor of family restrooms at Fenway Park.The fixtures will also help conserve water, reduce energy use, and provide a cleaner, more sanitary bathroom for fans through hands-free operationRed Sox fans will immediately notice upgrades made in the restrooms, including high efficiency toilets and hands-free faucets. Along with the state-of-the-art fixtures, new, vibrant framed photos of children and families at Fenway add ambiance to the restrooms. Plaques adorn each renovated restroom stating, “This Restroom Was Designed for Your Family by Frank Webb’s Bath Center.” The renovated restrooms are located at the Home Plate Grandstand, Gate E and the bleachers. And it also caters to physically challenged individuals as well, making it a pleasant trip to the ballpark for everyone.It was such a nice day and we were treated to some lunch and goodies after the tour.Oh, Wally.. such a charmerWorkin' the bat girl uniform!Of course she smiles in pictures with everyone except MOM.Proof that its not always rainbows and butterflies with a toddler. But that's what juice boxes and gold fish are for! Zaza was a huge help as usual. Thank you thank you. Thanks again to Frank Webb's Bath Center for a great afternoon and for making these improvements for a much more enjoyable experience at Fenway Park!! For more information about F.W. Webb, please visit their website at: and their facebook page:[...]

Little People Bunkbeds


Taking a couple minutes to figure out how to login to my blog = signs you are a wanker and don't blog anymore.

Let's not get emotional about that though, because I want to talk about bunk beds. My kids are not in the same room yet (it's coming!) and hopefully it'll be a couple more years til Royal wants to leave the blessed place that is a crib.. but if for any reason they need bunk beds, I am obsessed with this UK company, fun furniture collection (via LilSugar).

A few favs..

VW Camper ($1200)

Range Rover (though I would prefer the Land Rover Discovery version)

Double Decker Bus -- I hear Prince George is in the crib version..

These are so cute and yet semi claustrophobic. Oasis CD included!

Hopefully y'all are having a lovely summer! Catch up post is very necessary... 

Mother's Day Shopping & Gemvara Giveaway


Holy moly, its already May! Mother's Day is in less than 2 weeks.. start your shopping now so you don't scramble last minute. A few, I always rave about this site. These cards are the same price as you would find at Target or CVS.. plus you get to customize it. Moms lose their shit over pictures of their kids or grandkids in it. Trust me. Heck, I might even use these two happy people below in my treat card. BTW, is that a grandmother with a nose ring?Again, the key is to order soon since you have to deal with shipping. Etsy is another place I always love for cute original cards. My mom doesn't watch Mad Med (I've told her many times she is missing out) or else that would have been 'the one'.Arduosity "Mad Men Betty Draper inspired card", $5.25HenPenDesigns, $4JulieAnnArt, $4Moms to little onesPasses and Memberships!!! For real, nothing like being able to get out of the house and go explore to the kid friendly places around you.Lil C enjoying a local farm and a local Miss PiggyWhether its play gyms for tots, museums, farms, zoos.. its such a treat to get a yearly membership as a gift or even a few day passes. Most likely there are enough toys already in your house, these gifts do not take up any room thankfully!JewelryWe all know I love me some pretty jewelry! I was recently invited to a Mother's Day sneak peak for and unfortunately my little guy wasn't feeling well the day of the event. That still didn't keep me from checking out all the pretty things on their website. For moms especially, Gemvara is great because all the fine high-quality jewelry is sold just the way you want it in your choice of gems and precious metals. I picked out the pretty 'Pure Pave Pendant' that included both Lil C & Royal's birthstones, and even got their names engraved on the back! I must say-- their customer service is outstanding. Always worth mentioning that when you come across it these days..To get mom's present shipped in time, you can order online at by midnight on Sunday, May 5th.Gemvara would like to gift a lucky JQ Lounge reader with a $250 gift certificate! To enter, just leave a comment with what your dream piece from Gemvara would be. I'll pick a winner next Tuesday! 1 extra entry if you tweet it as well.I wonder what these two knuckleheads are going to get me this year...Tough Guy's reaction to this pic? "Out of all the things.. why the sailor suit?!"::::::: I think he looks dashing :)Excited to see what Gemvara fabulousity you pick in the comments! Happy shopping!UPDATE: Congrats Lara of Good Cook Doris for winning the giveaway! Just send me your email and I will get the Gemvara gift card out to you![...]



I packed up my little kiddos to go watch the Boston Marathon on Monday. We drove to Newton to meet up with some friends and walked to a nice little area to start cheering on runners.  The two hours I was there flew by chasing Lil C around, clapping for all the runners, feeding Royal under the hooter hider, all while tracking my friends who were running via the Boston Marathon iPhone app. I packed up the children and headed back home. No sooner than 5 minutes in my house did I get a frantic phone call from my mom "You didn't go to Boston did you to watch, did you?" "There was an explosion"

the day was cheerful and bright before the afternoon's tragic events
You just get that confused feeling deep in your gut. I got the same feeling that chilly Friday in December when I turned on the news after reading some confusing tweets about Newtown, CT.

An hour then flew by refreshing Facebook every 10 seconds to see if my friends updated their status to say they were safe. Not just the runners, but all their friends and family that were in town meeting them after the race. Freaking out at Instagram seeing a few friends who had posted pics near the finish line just an hour earlier.. Wondering if your friends who work downtown were in the office today, or if they had the day off.

You then start trying to figure it out in your head.. was it an electrical explosion? There has to be some reason for this. Its never a good sign when even the newscasters can't keep it together. And then there was the loop of video they kept showing over and over of the first explosion. Its hard to even type 'bomb'. Not in Boston. Not on Boylston. Not on Marathon Monday.

Its absolutely heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was effected by this act of evil. It was such a beautiful day out and its so near and dear to people from all over the world to be able to go cheer on runners on Patriots Day. Most of these runners running for a cause.

There have been so many lovely blog posts and facebook posts about Boston that have made me smile and tear up and smile again. We may be Mass-holes, but we take care of our own.

I will hold my babies a little tighter after Monday's events.. but feel much better knowing there are so many kind people in this world, especially in this great American city.




Its funny, I didn't really appreciate my love for preppy until after my days as a sorority girl. I purchased my first Lilly Pulitzer dress years ago when Ruelala was a fun new website that had the ability to drain your 'secret' bank account.After that, I was in love. From totes, notecards, to picture frames, iPad covers, to coffee mugs and beer koozies. Things were just more enjoyable when dipped in a Lilly pattern. Its bright, fun, youthful and cheery. It just makes me happy whenever I see it.One of my favorite gifts for when Lil C was a lil babywas a Lilly summer ensembleEverything from the packaging to the little tags on the items inviting you in and telling you about how it all started with young girl and a juice stand, you feel like part of a secret club. And yes, I do feel an extra ounce of sass and confidence when rocking LP!Sipping a tasty cocktail in Charleston, SC in my first Lilly dress.Meeting Mayor Menino in Lilly. Holy short hair, Julie!So a pink champagne toast with your pinkies out to Lilly Pulitzer..  thank you for making the world a brighter place.[...]

Oh.. I had a baby!


Meet Royal! That's his blog name for now because I'm crafty like that. He's now well over a month old and has been soaking up all of my free time (well.. him, Lil C, Tough Guy, Bravo television and twitter of course)
Lil C has been the most fabulous big sister and she takes her role very seriously. She loves to point out his eyes, nose and ears..  as well as trying to take over his bassinet, pacifier, and anything else newborn related. 

I also finally perfected how to cut her bangs perfectly.. many thanks to my Yiayia's advice of twisting it first and then cutting it so it falls messy but straight. 

If only Suri Cruise had Lil C's mom for hair and styling advice...

Excited to be back blogging. Cannot wait to share the adventures in parenting two little kiddos..


Ocean Bump


If you've noticed, I rarely take pictures of myself (or have them taken of me) during the last month(s) of pregnancy. Some friends are so good documenting it.. and they always look FAB! I just feel blah.. and its always the last few lbs are the killer ones for me: with this pregnancy its 23, 24 and 25.

But today I had such a nice time on the North Shore this afternoon celebrating my brother and his lovely fiance's upcoming nuptials and even snapped a couple ones since my car was parked to the most gorgeous view ever!

 The happy couple, MQ and Lexi!

So there you have it. Pregnant face and all! Alright little man, let's get going now :)


Nesting + Etsy


Ohhhh, nesting! It sounds so relaxing and sweet. But when you have a toddler around, its not really nesting as its more constantly being on your (pregnant and tired) toes.If I'm only going to get 4-5 hours sleep each night because said bump is taking over the house, at least the Internet has pinterest and etsy to keep this night owl company! While I've been blessed with the most amazing boys clothes from fantastic friends with baby boys, I've had to get a little shopping out of my system.. I mean, I'm still Julie from the block. Blonk.I bought a few things for Lil C on etsy back when I was nesting with her- but it was mostly sweet little prints for her nursery. This time around, I was craving Chevron. Lots. Of. Chevron.Baby Boy Q update:  This guy is ready to arrive! Hit full term last week so who knows what will happen within the next couple weeks. Have already encountered a contraction (boy, have I missed those wonderful things!) but baby is still chilling.. my midwife thinks he'll be a little big bigger than his sister was, so remind me to pack a big fat bottle of white wine in my hospital bag for after.. kidding kidding. Because the sad thing is, I'd totally settle for a turkey sub instead at this point!Getting back to etsy fabulousity, here are my a few of my favorites that I've purchased << also makes great gifts too! >>Handmade Set of 3 Chevron Burp Cloths, via mimikinsboutique ($15)Chevron Swaddler Baby Blanket, via lippybrand ($24)Nursery Print, via mindyink ($15)Baby Month Stickers-- Preppy Green Gators, via preppychick ($12) But we can't forget our darling Miss C! Was so excited to find these little girl bows that are made in Lilly Pulitzer fabric! Perfect for spring. Check them out at looking4lilly ($4.95)And since I was on an etsy spree, the last item was a cute adorable heart scarf at FashionScarvesforyou for the pregnant chick. ($9.95) Even though its destined to be covered up by newborn spit up in the near future.  What's been your favorite Etsy purchase recently?[...]

Queen of Hearts


After the last Christmas decoration is packed away, hearts immediately flood my mind. I love hearts, they are so girly and fabulous.. and much like Chevron, they just make me happy whenever I see them! I'm not even that into Valentine's Day. I think its more exciting during the dating stage and childhood phase (my mom always got me the prettiest things for V-day!! But hearts should not be saved just for that Hallmark holiday! Although I do consider it an added bonus when you can let your freak flag fly with your hearts obsession during the first couple months of the year.

1. BW Prints Chevron Heart, $14  /   2.  J Crew Factory Printed Hearts iPhone 5 Case, $16  /  3.  aden + anais Muslin Heart Swaddle Wrap, $14  /  4.  J Crew Heartbreaker sweater, $79.99   /  5.  baby Gap Heart Printed Skinny Jeans, $34.95  /  6. Anthropologie Hopeful Hearts studs, $32   /  7. Red Hearts Print Scarf, $12.95

Do not worry, there's more amazing hearts-ness coming to the JQ Lounge.. and it involves the ridonculous present Chels got for Lil C but we'll save that for its own blog post ;)


Happy 2013!


Hope everyone had a lovely new year! An awful cold has struck the JQ Lounge, and mama bear, papa bear and baby bear have all been coughing up a storm. Hopefully its passing VERY SOON, because one thing you should never cross paths with, is a very annoyed, very pregnant Julie because someone got us sick! Nish. Nish.But instead of focusing on the bad, let's focus on the good.How do we get the Yule Log on demand all year round?!Tough Guy and I had an awesome Christmas with our little lady. Since we're throwing a new sibling into the mix next Christmas, she got spoiled a little more than usual.Good news is, she didn't really notice that, so we actually haven't opened up half of her presents yet! I figure we can introduce a new one every other week from now on, and she'll be happy as a clam! We made some yummy things on Christmas morning, courtesy of Pinterest. I wish those cookies above were something that I created, but no, I just drooled over them at Layla Grayce's blog!December is such a fun month, but what's not fun? The hiatus that all television shows take during the holiday month!!But luckily, I was able to check out a little show on ABC called Scandal, and lets just say.. I am absolutely HOOKED. This show is amazing. I dig it. And if you dig me? You'll dig it to. Trust.  Plus, there are only 7 episodes in season 1, so you don't even have to be that much of a psycho to catch up to season 2 that's currently running now on Thursday nights after Gray's Anatomy. One more thing-- if you like Revenge.. I think you should just switch to this show all together. Revenge has been absolutely terrible this season!!! I keep tuning in thinking it'll go back to the bad ass days, but its stupid and confusing now. Poop to that.I also rewatched Season 1 of HBO's Girls to get ready for Season 2 starting next week. Holy crap, that show is great. Its even better watching it the second time.. also, the Season 2 preview just freaking makes me so happy. If you haven't checked it out, here ya go. It also features Ellie Goulding's 'Anything Could Happen' song that I'm also obsessed with at the end. Hopefully January will be a nesting month getting ready for the new baby boy (due early February!) I just want to spend the next month giving Lil C a giant bear hug, but I'm sure she'd just tell me "Listen lady, just let me go play with my toys" Speaking of, we're starting to get some chit chat out of C these days! She's like the happiest little creature on earth, its so funny to all of a sudden hear her bust out these new words! My favorite? Whenever there's a dog present in a room, she immediately throws her hand up in the air and commands them to SIT!!!!! I think its the attitude she shows with it that makes my sassy little heart melt.  I forget that babies always be growing up. Too fast, man. Too fast.[...]

A Tiffany Christmas!


Tiffany & Co always has one of my favorite Holiday cards every year... had to share!

But wait, there was MORE.

Tough Guy always stops what he's doing to when there is a Tiffany & Co box waiting for his wife on the counter.

Oh la la! What a special treat! J'adore this beautiful Elsa Peretti Color by the Yard necklace. The perfect accessory for the holiday party this evening. 

Thank you Tiffany & Co and Happy Holidays! Hope Santa is good to everyone this evening!


Happy Holidays!


Just a few more days left of shopping for Christmas! Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday! Here is one of the Christmas Cards we used this year (Tiny Prints kept sending me amazing deals so we ended up having a couple different pictures in the mail currently)

*names have been changed to protect the celebrities of the household

And what is a non professionally shot Christmas Card without some outtakes...

Luckily there were only 3 diva storms off the set..

PS. C's amazing faux fur vest was a present from Auntie Caroline. She totally gets her.


The Hospital Bag: what to pack


During my pregnancy with Lil C, I did not write too many pregnancy posts, because mostly.. I had no clue what I was doing! Now that we're hitting the final stretch of pregnancy #2, its time to pack up the good ole hospital bag again.When packing my bag the first time around, I absolutely adored reading this post by Molly at These Little Moments. It was almost like a advice column and a birthing class all wrapped into one! Definitely check it out as she will tell you everything (the good, bad and the ugly about your hospital stay) I use this Vera Bradley large duffel bag, pictured above. There is a ton of room inside and its cute and durable. Check Ruelala every so often because the sometimes have awesome deals on these bags..Comfy is key! Sure you'll have visitors coming in to see you and your new little family, but you are there to rest up and relax before they send you home on your own!Makeup: If makeup makes you feel better-- and it does for me with this gorgeous pregnancy acne I've been blessed with-- pack up your best foundation, mascara, eye shadow and lip gloss. Since this baby is due in February, I'll probably leave the bronzer at home [who are we kidding]  ;) Toiletries: I was there for two nights with C, so I'll stick with a travel size shampoo/conditioner, soap, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste. hair brush and elastics. My hospital has a hair dryer in the room-- so check before because you'll need every last inch of that bag.Clothes:- A robe and pajamas -- these ones from Target are perfect and cheap! I got them in black.- Comfy socks, slippers and flip flops (for the shower). Note: all of these items should not be expensive at all. Leave your fancy stuff at home!- Nursing tanks -- you will most likely be wearing these your entire stay, besides your pajamas. So invest in a few of them before your little bundle arrives. - A good pair of sweats. Black yoga pants, or whatever you feel comfy in! - NO underwear or bras. Leave them at home, even if they are nursing bras. The hospital will provide you some glamorous mesh undies. Victoria's Secret is missing the boat with these ones. Do not pack underwear. Trust.Dad needs clothes too and toiletries and snacks! We're close enough to the hospital that Tough Guy can run home if he needs to. But pack some stuff for dad as well. He will let you know what he can survive with for 2 or so days. ** Keep in mind the hospital will have everything your baby needs! This is what they do! Anything you bring for your little one is just an extra.- Receiving blankets: aden + anais are my absolute favorite. They are so soft and gentle, and its nice for you and dad to have some practice swaddling your new one when a nurse is there to make sure you are doing it right!- 1 or 2 Baby Outfits: (*totally optional*) Since my due date is right in the middle of winter, all of the newborn outfits include a sweet little sweater or cardigan to keep baby warm. You'll appreciate the side button tee shirt the hospital dresses your newborn in, and to be honest they will be swaddled 99% of their stay. We used the baby hospital shirts with C for almost 3 weeks after taking her home. - Baby Mittens: you guessed it! Mittens for babies.- Newborn hats! The only thing I didn't feel bad about switching out to use instead of the hospital ones :)- Boppy Pillow: for breastfeeding. If you are not sure you want to bring it, just have it packed in the car, your husband or a family member can always run out and grab it- and its easier than going all the way to your house to get it.- Going Home Outfit: obviously this is more for the parents than it is the baby! We didn't go home til 10:30pm on a Sunday night, so while C looked beaut[...]

A Closer Look


Silver Linings Playbook - Tough Guy and I could sneak off to a movie last weekend thanks to Yiayia coming over to watch C! We saw Silver Linings Playbook, and it was fantastic. You are not sure what to think going into the movie based on the preview-- is it a comedy? drama? sports flick? But it had a little bit of everything. I wasn't a huge Bradley Cooper fan before this, but now I can see the babeliciousness that is Mr. Cooper. And you don't have to sell Jennifer Lawrence to me, because I'm already obsessed.  Definitely check it out in the theater if you have the chance!Classic Oreo Icebox Dessert - Lauren and I had a Pinterest Dessert party the other night and made some things we wanted to try off Pinterest. The Gingerbread Cheesecake bites were a huge fail-- but that's only because the market did not have gingerbread premade dough so we switched it to chocolate chip dough instead.. it was our own fault for not actually following the directions! What did go right, was the Classic Oreo Icebox Dessert. And boy did it ever!!! It was so easy to make and tasted amazing. Just try not to think about how many oreo cookies are included in the pie crust on the bottom. And throw some crumbled Heathbar in there as well!!! And if you were successful with the Gingerbread Cheesecake bites, let me know..Instagram and Nickelback = Masterpiece.This music video from pretty much sums up Instagram (and I LOVE IT!). allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="338" src="" webkitallowfullscreen="webkitallowfullscreen" width="600">While I'm not completely guilty of all these types of pictures, I have seen each and every one of them on my feed.Princess Kate is pregnant! Well since I was one of the crazy cats who woke up at 4:30am in April 2011 to watch complete coverage of the wedding (mind you I had a 7 week old at the time- BUT SHE WAS STILL SLEEPING). Needless to say I'm obviously excited about all of this. Everyone is wondering what the Royal Baby's name will be.. but do Will and Kate actually have a say in that?! We shall see. Cannot wait to hear more from Suri's Burn Book about this... Kate, this means you can indulge in a cheeseburger or two in the next 9 months. Girlfriend's gotta get some meat on her bones![...]

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Date


Going out to public places is quite the ordeal when there is a toddler involved. When they are super young, kids are like luggage. You bring them everywhere in their car seat. Give them a bottle and they'll be snoozin' before you know it. Nooooo, not the toddler. Toddlers are much like Bravo Real Housewives.. they will find drama in ANY sort of party or outing :)  Luckily, the Orange Leaf in Arlington was the perfect place for a blogger date with Chelsee of We Are Not Martha and Becca. Their PR team was so sweet to send us some gift cards to check it out!! As soon as we walked in, I knew Lil C could hang out in here without offending anyone. It just looked so fun and I adored their setup... oh and there was delicious Frozen Yogurt involved as well! Since we were dealing with toddler hours, 11am was the perfect time for a 'treat yo self fro yo brunch'. Located in Arlington Center, there was plenty of parking [aka no parking can be such a deal breaker for a parent with a little one.]So graceful, this little lady. And she's wearing her ice cream social outfit Auntie Ali got her from the GAP!We opted for the Cake Batter flavor and it was amazing.  Fruity pebbles, heath bar, granola, you name it..  Lil C picked it out for a topping. She even turned into a grown up before my very eyes and wanted to eat it all by herself with a spoon. And of course someone had to end up in the bucket. FYI-- this is Becca's plug for her babysitting service she wants to start up ;)For a professional recap, you can check out Chelsee's post as well over at We Are Not Martha!Thanks again, Orange Leaf! Cannot wait to come back..[...]

Oprah's Favorite Things 2012


She may not be on our TV anymore (even though she kind of is-- but I don't even know what channel OWN is on) but the queen can still pick out some fabulous things for her infamous "Oprah Favorite Things 2012" list. This year, she honored hardworking military spouses and gifting them with the goodies the media maven just loved.Below are a few things I loved from the list!Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress:Maybe its because of the 3rm trimester tossing and turning at night, but this mattress just sounds magical. It conforms to you like it was made just for you. Yup. Now if someone could just conform $2,699 to me so I can purchase this item. []Corkcicle:Just the name alone is worth the $25 price tag. And for all my White Wino friends out there? (Wait.. JUST ME?) the corkcicle is pure genius. Keeps your bottle cold without watering it down.Rowallan of Scotland Jewelry Box: This treasure chest would be perfect for all of my pretty things. When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was play with my mom's jewelry case and organize all of her things. But even with the Oprah discounted price of $420, I'm sure I could find quite a few more trinkets to invest in besides this case.. as gorgeous as it is!Tempur-Cloud Supreme MattressSleeping Beauty"Talk about favorite things! This Tempur-Cloud Supreme mattress conforms to the body like it was custom-made especially for you. I now have one in every bedroom. I sleep on it, my guests sleep on it, and then we all spend breakfast raving about it. This is like giving the gift of cloud nine."—OprahQueen mattress, $2,699 | TempurPedic.comRead more: Supreme MattressRead more: Cakes Blue Velvet Cake: It just looks amazing. I love Tiffany Blue things as you already know!!! Cream cheese frosting and candied snowflake decorations are all you need to say to sell me on this cake. Plus its surprisingly not a million dollars! Just $34 with the OPRAH promocode before Dec 31st.Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly Sandals:If you are like me and follow 5,000 preppy tumblr pages, you'll notice that Jack Rogers sandals are preppy staple right up there with gingham and popped collars. I love these bright colors ($68) and the idea its going to be summer in 6 months or so.. please no later than that. Gemvara Naked Cushion Triple Earrings:I would actually pick the yellow and purple ones pictured above, but you can actually customize them to any stone you like! 15% off too, thanks to O! []Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila:If Oprah tells me I can drink this tequila like a fine wine, then I must try Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila, damnit! Yes yes... after baby and breastfeeding of course.. but it would be something lovely to look forward to! I'd need to have a few 'sips' to forget that the bottle actually costs $275 though.And you cannot do an Oprah post without this.. allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="420"> "Gayle fell hard for this blue velvet cake with cream cheese icing and sugar snowflakes. Just add coffee, milk, or a flute of Champagne."—OprahRead more: out her website here for the rest of Oprah's Favorite Things 2012![...]

Someone has Med School in her future!


Must admit, I was worried in the beginning about bringing Lil C along with me for Baby Q #2 appointments. She's finally associated our Dr's office with her Pediatrician aka someone is most likely going to get a shot by the end of each visit. So her first reaction is to run.. run far far away. But she's been pretty fun to bring along so far once she realizes its not for her. Except when mom has to get her belly checked, she freaks out when I have to lie down on the table. My midwife is so great though, so she plops C right up there each time to check out the fun doppler and listen to her little brother's heart beat.

I love this little lady so much.


Crock Pot Pineapple Chicken


How have I gone this long without knowing how freaking easy it is to use a crock pot?!? Of course, Pinterest gave me the confidence to try some recipes this fall and I am HOOKED. We had pineapple chicken tonite, and it was too delicious and easy not to share!

Throw 2 lbs of chicken tenderloins, 1 cup of pineapple juice, 1/3 cup of soy sauce, and 1/2 cup of brown sugar into a crock pot. [I only used one pound of chicken, so I cut all those ingredients in half] Either 8 hours on low, or 4-5 hours on high heat. When finished, the chicken will just pull apart and its ready to serve!

 You can either just serve it on rice with some steamed veggies, or opt for a wrap. I made some Instant Brown Rice, and added some carrots, lettuce, onions and a little sour cream.

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Borrow Baby Couture


New Mom Erica texted me this morning "Were you watching the Today Show?? Borrow Baby Couture sounds right up your alley" -- while I did not get to catch it since we were already en route to a play date, I most definitely googled it as soon as I got home.  Its basically a Rent the Runway style club for baby & toddler clothes. Too cute!You can sign up at their website for free to check out some of the pics at: BorrowBabyCouture.comI have mixed thoughts about this. Obviously its such a cute idea, and who wouldn't want to pamper her little princess in some designer goods without spending an arm and a leg (some of these crazy things retail for more than $600). But now that my little munchkin is almost 2 years old, I feel like you live and you learn with babies and their outfits. My daughter had so many wardrobe changes her first year (and not because of blow outs) but because mommy bought way too many clothes while shopping when pregnant.Looking back, I think it'd be fun to try out a pretty designer dress for a week and get that 'designer brand laaaaaaaaaa' out of your system. But some of the dresses on the site are just a little ridonculous, like this Fendi dress (below) that costs $90 a week. Eeeeeek. Just not my baby style for C.But I would try something like this Stella dress for a party! $12.50/week. I think its a fun concept, and I hope they do well and add more brands [so they can lower their prices a tad]. In the meantime I've found just as many adorable outfits at GAP, Old Navy and Macy's. If Burberry was one of their Designers though, I totally would have caved and ordered a fantastic plaid dress for Christmastime, like this one.   Plus Mazel to them and their cleaning policy!!Please don't worry if your child has an "oops" moment! Simply return the item with a quick note on what you know about the spot to help us have the best chance of removal. Rest assured, we understand the importance of every item's freshness and safety. We will treat your child's clothing as we would treat our own! --Borrow Baby Couture's websiteMy big designer baby clothes moment?? I splurged and bought Miss C a pink Burberry sweater when I was still pregnant with her and didn't know any better! She wore it ONCE. And when she did wear it? Of course I took 50 pictures, but it ended with a big fat spit up incident. One dry cleaning later and its still hanging in her closet (I refuse to box it away even though its a 3-6 month size!) It will be hanging in her closet until she's 18. Oh dear.[...]

The Name Game


When we found out Baby Q was going to be a little girl, within a day we had the name picked out. But weeks before the 18 week ultrasound, I'd thrown out some names that I had always loved even before I found out I was pregnant.. it was then I learned real soon the horrors of telling people names you like for your unborn children.. The filter behind some family when it comes to opinions about future family members names is straight out of a sitcom!!!Friends seem to be the only ones who will say "Awwww I love that name" and even if they mean it or not, it is lovely to hear.So family* and random strangers are the two groups of people who I've learned to keep the name choice to myself."Ugh! Sounds like slug""That's a DOGS name!!""You don't really want to name your kid that, do you??" "Wait.. you serious??""'What-- like Khloe Kardashian?" *note-- we spell it with a C, so no, not like Khloe Kardash!"This is what his nickname is going to be in middle school... [insert offensive comment here]" ...are just a few responses I've gotten.Rest assure, not all family has that reaction. 75% of family members will smile and say its a great name [with 10% of those relatives most likely waiting to get on the phone with another family member to squak about the choice]. And when we did come up with my daughter's name and it was made very clear by Mommy and Tough Guy that this was THE NAME and it was not up for debate, the naysayers absolutely adored it. Although I'm sure they were just happy it wasn't the other names thrown into the mix before..Now that Baby Q #2's due date is approaching, I'm even more confused than ever with picking out a name! We had one in the works for a few weeks, but then that simmered down. It wasn't very traditional.. yet it wasn't "out there" either.  Recently we had another front runner that was much more popular, and then I got the comment from the random someone WHO WORKS AROUND BABIES AND PREGNANT MOTHERS that said "This is what his nickname will be in middle school" which freaked me out.. but seriously? I need to stop letting people get into my head!So the moral of this story is.. when someone tells you the name they are going to choose for their baby, please keep the reaction short and sweet. You can roll your eyes all you want in your head! Just don't show your cards. The couple is not choosing that name just to piss you off, the name obviously makes them happy. Once you meet the baby you'll wonder how he or she could have ever been named something different!Currently there are now 5 frontrunners for this little guy. Who knows, maybe we'll figure it out on the way to the hospital, but obviously for crazy monogramming mommy's sake, I'd like to have this done today!To be continued...*My Yiayia genuinely approved of the first name we thought we had decided on for our baby boy and said she would keep it to herself so we wouldn't get any flack from the others. And I very much appreciate that. xo[...]

Nashville TV Review... of Connie Britton's hair


I've now seen 3 episodes, and every time I watch Nashville on ABC, Rayna Jaymes (played by the dazzling Connie Britton)'s hair gets better and better. I haven't been this excited about a show's style since Jennifer Lopez's season of American Idol.. because the singing sucked, but her makeup and outfits were killer every. single. episode.I hope the hair stylist working on Nashville gets the Emmy he or she deserves! Because its art. And I can't even begin to talk about what must go into getting that color combo. A combination of fairy dust and rainbows, of course.The Side Pony Oh hey, just hanging out wearing sweat pants when my hair looks this fab. Classic flowing waves The Casual BraidHalf up and Taking Names. The Conservative Up do Seriously, someone needs to write a country song about her hair.. [...]

10 Things Every Woman Should Have


I absolutely adored this article in November's Allure magazine. Oscar de la Renta lists the 10 Things Every Woman Should Have and I wondered.. do I have all of these things?1. A great romance. I'd like to think I have that. You always look back to everything you've gone through with your partner and think.. wow, that would be an amazing movie (that probably Tough Guy and I would be the only ones who would be able to sit through considering it'd be 12 years long). 2. Face-Framing earrings. This is a tough one. While I have one pair I can think of, they are gold and turquoise.. and I never wear them. Oscar says "Its a great compliment to the face to have something that moves", so for Christmas, I'm going to pick out a pair. I don't think Oscar de la Renta has dealt with a 20 month old though, because C would never allow me to wear dangling earrings in front of her. It would have to be for a night out!Clutch, J. Crew3. A small bag. "Full of mystery" I do have a couple small bags, but the real mystery would be what would ever fit in them? Maybe a phone and a gloss. Maybe.Black Lace Dress, Lilly Pulitzer4. Black lace. Flirty and feminine. That just screams maternity style, right?5. A confident walk. I've watched enough ANTM (during the good years with Miss J Alexander, above) in my life to appreciate my walk.. which is actually soon to turn into a waddle since I'm well into 6 months of pregnancy.6. A cause to support. "When you rest, you rust"-- another Oscar gem from the article.  We lost a dear dear friend last year in a tragic accident, and Tough Guy and his friends have spent many days and nights putting together a scholarship in his name to that will go to students at Brian's high school as well as a deserving student at RIT every year. If you would like to donate, you can do so here.7. Red carnations. Interesting. Not something I'd usually pick out, but if Oscar thinks I should, I will do so next time. Blonk.Because this happens all the time, right?8. A signature scent. "If you wear a different scent every day, I do not recognize you". Now this one would be difficult for me. Right now I switch it up every day between L'eau de Chloe, Philosophy's Falling in Love, Ralph, and Burberry Summer. I could never pick just one.. they are all so different. I am just another girl in the crowd I guess!9. Very tall shoes. "They create a flattering line", says Oscar. I think 4.5 inches are the tallest pair I own, but they are straight up platform heels from Banana Republic that I love (think they were part of the Mad Men collection in stores last year). The rest of my heels are a boring 3 inches tops. If Tough Guy wanted to get me these Christian Louboutins for after baby #2? [should I pretend like I'll be wearing heels before that?]PS. The BR ones are just as fab (and tall) so I could not justify the CL price tag. 10. A competitive streak. Yep. Definitely have that. Even if its just for the highest Sudoku score on our iPad. Which is unfortunately held by Tough Guy at the moment. One of these days I will take back the reign of smartest person in the house. Note- its at the expert level.. no joke. I can't do math for my life, but I get Sudoku, damnit.Do you have all 10 of these things?[...]

My little Elephant


This weekend we took Lil C to her first Halloween Parade. We headed over to Lexington with our friends J & N and their adorable son, O.O was a yellow robot, and C was an Elephant. I figure next year she'll be voicing her opinion about what she wants to be for Halloween so this was the last time it'd be mommy's pick :)I wish I had told these two guy in college that theyd' be doing this 10 years later! This "parade" was a 15 minute walk around the Lexington Battle Grounds (aka a parent's dream since it was short and sweet) and then it was time to go back to the common to do some arts and crafts and sing some songs.. oh, and take 200 pictures as well.. or maybe that was just me.  The kiddos even got some free tattoos! Which they were obsessed with the rest of the day (at least my little one was!) I cannot believe she kept the costume on as long as she did! Even when the elephant head would fall over her eyes, she just ran around as such a happy little camper.Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! [...]