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Time to shut her down


So, I have decided to shut the blog down for awhile, I will be back you know me I always resurface at some point might be March Madness that drags me back :)   However, I will leave you with some recent updates

I had a very interesting end of May where I went thru every emotion possible.  After finishing our regular season 13-4 my girls tennis team headed into post season play, and after an easy win in the semi finals(we got the bye) we played for a championship!  A very tight match, it was tied 2-2 came down to #3 singles and I was pretty confident even though at one point my girl trailed 5-2 in the first set.  She rallied, won the first set 7-6(7-3) in 90, yes 90 mins!!  In the 2nd set she got up 5-4 and played an amazing game to close out the match 6-4, and set off our wild celebration!!  We ended up losing in the regionals the following Tuesday, but I was so proud of this group to get us back the sectional trophy.  So that emotion was incredibly happy, on a major high

We won the sectional on a Friday, and let me just say I never sleep during the tournament because of nerves, so when I went to bed Friday night I turned my phone off, and didn't set an alarm.  I woke up to probably 10 text messages, and 6 voice mails.  My grandma passed away very early in the morning Saturday.  A lot of you already know we have actually said goodbye to my grandma a few times and she has always pulled through.  This time, the entire family saw it coming.  The days leading up to her passing she had been doing nothing but sleeping, and you could just tell.  The unfortunate part of it was my mom had taken off to Georgia for my cousins high school graduation!  So, we won the sectional Friday, my grandma passes Saturday, and the viewing is set for Tuesday which happened to be the same night as our first round of regionals.  I made the decision to drive separate to the tournament, and then head to the funeral home for the viewing, I got there with about 20 mins left and there were still people there!  The funeral was the next day, and it was a beautiful ceremony, for an amazing lady.  My sister's father in law performed the service and what a job he did.  For those that don't know I was SUPER close to my grandma.  She played a major role in my life in 1989-90 when I had the kidney transplant.  My mom would drop me off at her house on her way to work in the morning around 7:30 and my dad would pick me around 4.  So I was spending 5 days a week and a lot of hours and we formed an even tighter bond in that time frame.  I am incredibly fortunate to have those memories of that time with her, while losing her hurt, it was for the best as she was starting to suffer.  She is definitely my guardian angel now. 

That's it, I will see you in March!!  Unless I get an itch to return sooner.

Is it spring??


First off need to take care of some business, a HUGE congrats to Cara for winning this year's bracket challenge.  This was probably the most competitive bracket challenge I have ever had, until Cara dominated the final four.  A HUGE, HUGE thank you to everyone who played you guys are seriously the best, and I will be pestering you again next March :) Also, even tho the Boilers weren't a part of this one it was one of the best March Madnesses I can ever remember.So, I have been contemplating writing this blog post, but what has been stopping is my fear that I am jinxing us in the great state of Indiana.  I actually almost blogged this last week, and the dreaded four letter word(snow) came up so I didn't.  Well, I am taking a chance because I think I am safe, I think spring has finally arrived.  While it may get cold again, I don't think we will see another snow til next winter.  Those of you that follow me on twitter probably saw me bitching over and over because you know limited characters about our winter, but I think I had good reason.  This was easily the worst winter I can ever remember, and I should preface that with the fact that I was a baby when the Blizzard of 78 hit our great state so I don't remember that one.  It all started right after New Year's and we basically spent 3 straight months with snow on the ground.  The first storm was a doozy I can't remember the exact total of snow fall we got but I know it was in the 12-17 inches range.  I started out thinking stay ahead of it and shovel, but after 1 time I gave up because it was a heavy snow, and then I just sat inside and watched our across the street neighbor shovel probably 20x.  Here is the result of not shoveling, having to shovel a small path to our driveway to get to the cars.So after 2 straight days of steady snowfall, what does it do?  Why the temps plunge and we get sucked into that polar vortex(A term I have never heard before) and our temperatures reached dangerous levels of negative 50 with wind chill.  You know it's serious too when our county got put under a travel warning meaning only emergency workers on the roads they never do that due to our factory's.  At that point my worry was my car wouldn't start, because winter storm or not I had to go back to work.  Thankfully, my car did start and after closing for 2 days we reopened and roads had gotten somewhat better but I took this shot of the parking lot and "road" a term I use loosely outside of our building. Do you see the road?  I will fully admit to breaking the law you have to cross railroad tracks and there is a stop sign, but I saw the ice while approaching so I didn't stop, sue me :) If memory serves me and Bekah and correct me if I am wrong we got one nice day that melted all this crap and it seemed like right after it melted we got hit with another storm.  The worst part for me I am short, and I would get to an intersection and have trouble seeing over the drifts that were so high. Like all good(sarcasm) things winter did eventually come to an end and we have had beautiful weather here a few days in a row.  One thing I will say I am thankful we didn't lose power, and I am thankful I coach tennis because all I did while stuck inside was EAT EAT EAT and I became a blimp!!  If we ever have to go thru a winter like that again I am serious I am out of here.Winter of 2014 SUCK ITPhats [...]

Final 4



Here we go last round of the bracket challenge best of luck to all playing lets get started
scoring 9 for a correct semi
11 for a correct champ
If a tie closest to the spread gets the W

CARA'S PICKS(South Region Winner)
UConn over Florida CORRECT UConn 63 Fla 53
Kentucky over Wisconsin CORRECT UK 74 Wisky 73
SEMI SCORE = 18 pts

TRAVIS' PICKS(West Region Winner)
Florida over UConn INCORRECT UConn 63 Fla 53
Wisconsin over Kentucky INCORRECT UK 74 Wisky 73

SHIFE'S PICKS(East Region Winner)
Florida over UConn INCORRECT UConn 63 Fla 53
Wisconsin over Kentucky INCORRECT UK 74 Wisky 73

ROCKET'S PICKS(Midwest Region Winner)
Florida over UConn INCORRECT UConn 63 Fla 53
Wisconsin over Kentucky INCORRECT UK 74 Wisky 73

UConn over Florida CORRECT UConn 63 Fla 53
Wisconsin over Kentucky INCORRECT UK 74 Wisky 73
National Champ

Survive and Advance


Well kids the first couple of rounds have come to a close, we move on to the final four, and we have4 finalists!   First off again a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated you guys ROCK, 2nd off, thank you finalists I have all your final four picks you guys are awesome too, and third off how crazy was this tournament.  I will also note this is the closest this contest has ever been the West, Midwest, and South all came down to the wire.   Here I was thinking how depressed I am Purdue is not in it, and I didn't miss a minute of the crazy action, I LOVE MARCH MADNESS!!!!    Here are the final standings from each region

SOUTH- This was my real life friends bracket and Jenn who picks the teams alphabetically actually had a shot since she took Dayton so far.  This region actually came down to the final game had Florida lost Bekah and Cara would have tied and both would have advanced.  Congrats Cara! 
1- Cara = 20 pts
2- Bekah = 13 pts
3- Jenn = 11 pts
Phats = 17pts

EAST- So far Shife might be my most consistent performer in the bracket contest who has never won I feel like he's always in the final four this might be his year to shed bridesmaid status and be a bride shife!  This region actually came down to a sweet 16 game had Virgina beaten Michigan State Phoenix would have moved on.  Here are the standings
1- Shife = 17 pts
2- Phoenix = 16 pts
3- Duck = 8 pts
Phats = 19 pts

WEST- I put the engaged couple and Travis( :) ) in this bracket Emily actually beat Topolk so she she get breakfast in bed for a week or something right?  However, Travis beat both of them with his pick of Wisconsin, and that was the game it came down to Arizona vs Wisky smart pick Travis.  Here are the final standings
1- Traivs = 26 pts
2- Emily = 25 pts
3- Topolk = 22 pts
Phats =  25pts

MIDWEST- Another interesting region Design Goddess who I want to give major props to as she almost won this region for someone that doesn't follow basketball way to go unfortunately the bounces didn't go her way.  Rocket won this region and survives to try and defend his title I have never had anyone win back to back can Rocket do it?  Here are the final standings
1- Rocket 17 pts
2- Design Goddess 15 pts
3- Emily 12 pts
3- Booya 12 pts
Phats = 17 pts 

So there you have it the four region champs Cara, Shife, Travis, & Rocket all survived and advanced to the final four!  Lets get some trash talk going guys :) and best of luck

Let the madness begin


Well, best time to come back from a long blog break to do my annual Blogger Bracket Challenge!   I want to first start off and say a HUGE thank you to all of you for taking time to play this wouldn't be possible without you guys.   For those that need a refresher course on how this works, each blogger will be put in a region and will earn points for right picks, the points are as followsRd 1 = 1 ptRd 2 = 3 ptsRd 3 = 5 ptsRd 4 = 7 ptsAfter that the top scorer from each region will advance to the final four where the winner will then receive a prize!!  Last year's champion was Rocket we will see if he can defend his title.  As always once the games start check back for game scores and point updates, and best of luck to everyone.  Still waiting for a few if they get them in on time I will put them up tomorrow best of luck everyone SOUTH REGION AKA REAL LIFE FRIENDS REGION hahaJenn, Bekah, & CaraJENN'S PICKS16 Albany over 1 Florida INCORRECT UF 67 albany 558 Colorado over 9 Pittsburgh INCORRECT Pitt 77 Col 4812 Stephen F Austin over 5 VCU CORRECT SFA 77 vcu 75 ot13 Tulas over 4 UCLA INCORRECT UCLA 76 tulas 5911 Dayton over 6 Ohio State CORRECT Day 60 osu 593. Syracuse over 14 Western Michigan CORRECT CUSE 77 wmu 537 New Mexico over 10 Stanford INCORRECT Stan 58 NM 5315 Eastern Kentucky over 2 Kansas INCORRECT KU 80 eku 69JENN'S 1st ROUND SCORE = 3 2nd ROUND16 Albany over 8 Colorado INCORRECT ALBANY OUT12 Stephen F Austin over 13 Tulsa INCORRECT UCLA 77 SFA 6011 Dayton over 3 Syracuse CORRECT DU 55 su 5315 Eastern Kentucky over 7 New Mexico INCORRECT EKU OUTJENN'S 2nd ROUND SCORE = 3(6) 3rd ROUND16 Albany over 12 SFA INCORRECT ALBANY OUT11 Dayton over 15 Eastern Kentucky CORRECT UD 82 Stan 72JENN'S 3rd ROUND SCORE = 5(11) JENN'S SOUTH REGION CHAMPALBANY GREAT DANES INCORRECT ALBANY OUTJENN'S FINAL SCORE = 11(3rd) BEKAH'S PICKS1 Florida over 16 Albany CORRECT UF 67 albany 559 Pittsburgh over 8 Colorado CORRECT Pitt 77 Col 4812 Stephen F Austin over 5 VCU CORRECT SFA 77 vcu 75 ot4 UCLA over 13 Tulsa CORRECT UCLA 76 tulas 596 Ohio State over 11 Dayton INCORRECT Day 60 osu 593 Syracuse over 14 Western Michigan CORRECT CUSE 77 wmu 5310 Stanford over 7 New Mexico CORRECT Stan 58 NM 532 Kansas over 15 Eastern Kentucky CORRECT KU 80 eku 69BEKAH'S 1st ROUND SCORE = 7 2nd ROUND1 Florida over 9 Pitt CORRECT FLA 61 pitt 454 UCLA over 12 SFA CORRECT UCLA 77 SFA 606 Ohio State over Syracuse INCORRECT OSU OUT2 Kansas over 10 Stanford INCORRECT Stan 60 ku 57BEKAH'S 2nd ROUND SCORE = 6(13) 3rd ROUND4 UCLA over 1 Florida INCORRECT FLA 79 UCLA 686 Ohio State over 2 Kansas INCORRECT OSU OUTBEKAH'S 3rd ROUND SCORE = 0(13) BEKAH'S SOUTH REGION CHAMPOHIO STATE BUCKEYES INCORRECT OSU OUTBEKAH'S FINAL SCORE = 13(2nd) CARA'S PICKS1 Florida over 16 Albany CORRECT UF 67 albany 559 Pittsburgh over 8 Colorado CORRECT Pitt 77 Col 485 VCU over 12 Stephen F Austin INCORRECT SFA 77 vcu 75 ot4 UCLA over 13 Tulsa CORRECT UCLA 76 tulas 596 Ohio State over 11 Dayton INCORRECT Day 60 osu 593 Syracuse over 14 Western Michigan CORRECT CUSE 77 wmu 537 New Mexico over 10 Stanford INCORRECT Stan 58 NM 532 Kansas over 15 Eastern Kentucky CORRECT KU 80 eku 69CARA'S 1st ROUND SCORE = 5 2nd ROUND1 Florida over 9 Pitt CORRECT FLA 61 pitt 455 VCU over 4 UCLA INCORRECT VCU OUT3 Syracuse over 6 Ohio state INCORRECT DU 55 su 537 New Mexico over 2 Kansas INCORRECT NEW MEXICO OUTCARA'S 2nd ROUND SCORE = 3(8) 3rd ROUND1 Florida over 5 VCU CORRECT FLA 79 UCLA 683 Syracuse over 7 New Mexico INCORRECT CUSE OUTCARA'S 3rd ROUND SCORE = 5(13) CARA'S SOUTH REGION CHAMPFLORIDA GATORS CORRECT Fla 62 Dayton 52CARA'S 4th ROUND SCORE = 7(20)CARA'S FINAL SCORE = 20(1st) Phats PicksFlorida, Pitt, SFA, UCLA, OSU, Cuse, NM, KU = 6Florida, UCLA, Cuse, KU = 6(12)Florida, Cuse = 5(17)CUSE  EAST REGIONMr Shife, Duck, PhoenixSHIFE'S PICKS1 Virginia over 16 Coastal Carolina CORRECT UVA 70 ccu 598 Memphis over 9 George Washington CORRECT MEM 71 GW 665 [...]

March Madness


Yep, I have returned kind of.  I debated on whether or not to do a bracket contest again this year 1, I am tired of blogging and it's a lot of work, and 2, Purdue had a shitty season and that depressed me.  However, watching championship week got me back in the spirit and if you guys will all play again this year I shall do another contest!   I am ready for March Madness are you?   Check out this scene from our high school basketball sectional this past Friday, it was ELECTRIC

Merry Christmas To ALL


Just wanted to take this time to say


Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season, now enjoy this Christmas tune sung by my favorites The Muppets :)

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Phats Fishing Trip


So on Sept 19th I posted "Closed for Repairs"  "Gone Fishing" and I thought i'd fill you in on what I did for my fishing trip because a LOT has happened since then.  That's the funny thing I actually had things to write about I just had not motivation to write them.  Lets start with the scary story, dodging tornadoesSo an early Sunday in November, the city of Kokomo was hit by a tornado for those that don't know I actually live in Greentown, and our county(both Kokomo and Greentown) is Howard.   It's not too uncommon for our county to get hit as everytime bad storms go through Indiana we usually are in the path but it is pretty uncommon for us to get tornadoes in November.  To their credit the meteorologist on tv warned all of Indiana we were in line for some REALLY bad storms, and if you watch football and are a Bears fan this was the Sunday their stadium was evacuated.  Anyway, back to the story.  So I got up that Sunday noticed we were under a tornado watch no big deal I figured it was coming after watching the news the night before and now I should tell you I take warnings pretty serious not watches.  The reason I take warnings serious our house was hit back in 1998 by a massive tornado so ever since then when these things come out I pay attention.  I had to do some work that Sunday on my comptuer, and the Purdue women were playing so I had their game on, with the TV on in the background and the first EAS msg broke in.  Now I don't know about all cable systems but what we have it breaks in for warnings and you can't change channels, or anything while the alert is going off.  The first one we got was for a county just north of us and it was a tornado warning so I checked radar and what not and chose to keep working since it wasn't our county.  About 10 mins later another EAS msg broke into the tv program and this time it was for Howard County, and they said Western Howard which technically isn't me, but I chose to go ahead and get my tornado supplies ready.  For those curious I got shoes, a warm jacket, flashlights, extra batteries, cell phone, cell phone charger, all my medications, driver's license, and glasses.  I then took that stuff to our storm shelter which happens to be a closet in our back bedroom.  By the time I had done all that our own tornado siren was going off, so I then turned the radio on, got my pillow crawled into my closet and waited out the storm.  During this time I was texting my good buddy Bekah to make sure she and Ryan were OK haha.  So after about 5 mins our siren stopped and I got out checked and it appeared all we had was wind and heavy rain.  about 5 mins later EAS came on we were under the warning again, siren going off again, I headed back to the storm closet and hunkered down.  I repeated that 2 more times that day when it was all said and done no tornadoes where I live, but Kokomo the a town 10 mins from me and where we all go got hit HARD.  One picture that I still can't believe a house was completely in the road, businesses were destroyed, the golf course had major damage.  A day later the National Weather serviced determined 2 tornadoes had in fact hit Kokomo.  They are this day STILL cleaning up the mess.  While we dodged a bullet in Greentown I can admit I was scared.  What else did I do lets see Purdue football ended in a disappointing 1-11 record.  It was bad folks we looked awful, played a TON of true Freshmen and Sophomores so hopefully that is good for the future but we'll see.  The stadium was empty for a lot of games, the ones that were full were Nebraska and Ohio State and that was all their fans.  Most embarrassing we lost the bucket game we should NEVER lose to IU in football.  Our basketball is currently 8-3 playing a game tonight so[...]

So Shife doesn't hire a PI I have returned


Well, so Shife doesn't send drug sniffing dogs after me I have returned from by blog vacation.  I will update you on what has been going on with me in another post this one is all about my favorite tv show returning Monday, and I am thinking you should all watch it, you'll thank me later. 

So, tomorrow after being originally canceled due to low ratings my favorite, and the best reality singing competition returns to NBC, the Sing Off!!!  I love this show, and was really really pissed when it got that axe, partly it got the axe because they chose to go away from what made it successful a short holiday run going up against a lot of reruns.  Anyway, for those that don't know it's an A Cappella singing competition, so no music background, which is very easy to go bad, and once you get off getting back on pitch aint easy.  Here is the group number from season 3. 

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="395" src="//" width="320">

This will be the 4th season and season 3 was easily by far the best one mostly because it featured the group named Pentatonix

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Tune in 9pm NBC tomorrow!! 

Thoughts on Amazing Race finale?  I think the right team won, and I was SCREAMING at my tv hoping the Afghanimals would get Phil-iminated and thankfully they were. 

Gone Fishin'


Picks return


Sorry for the lack of picks recently, but what better way to return than having my blog BFF pick with me.  If you live under a rock of course that is the one the only Mr Shife!!   If you haven't already you should check out his blog, I seem to laugh everytime I head over there at something he writes.  Also he like me follows a struggling team in the Idaho Vandals.  Time to B/VTFU though as we get to the picks.  Yep, I am taking the pussy way out and not picking my Boilers, although I am encouraged by the ND loss this week at Wisconsin will be tough.  This week we add pro games as well.  PRO GAMESTampa Bay Bucs at New England Patriots(Thomas)Phats- I don't know much about either team I watched the Bucs kill themselves with stupid penalities this past week though and they look undisciplined gotta go with the PatsPatriots 34 Bucs 21Shife- Tampa’s head coach Greg Schiano seat is hotter than two rats humping in a wool sock in August in Kansas City, and it’s not going to get any better after paying a visit to New England. New England wins, 35-13Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers(Rocket)Phats- Is Jay Cutler still with Kristin Cavalari??  I am going with the Steelers but don't ask me whySteelers 28 Bears 24 Shife- As my Uncle Jim Bob Jimmy Don would say, “I would have to be drunker than Cooter Brown to pick the Steelers.” Nobody wants Uncle Jim Bob Jimmy Don to get that liquored up. Trust me. Chicago wins, 20-10.Rams(Phoenix) at Dallas CowboysPhats- Wow, it's amazing how little I know about the NFL so I flipped a coin and the Rams won the tossRams 28 Cowboys 21Shife- My Uncle Jim Bob Jimmy Don also liked to say “I’m shaking like a hound dog trying to crap out a peach pit.” He was a weird dude. So what does that have to do with my pick? Nothing. I just wanted to use that phrase. Dallas wins, 31-24.Arizona Cardinals(Shife) at New Orleans Saints(Travis, Me)Phats- WHO DAT!!  DREW DAT!!Saints 31 cardinals 17Shife-  Did I mention my Uncle Jim Bob Jimmy Don? Well he doesn’t exist and neither does the chance of the Cardinals picking up a win in the Big Easy. New Orleans wins, 34-21.COLLEGE GAMESKent State Golden Flashes(DG) at Penn State Nittany LionsPhats- PSU took an unexpected loss at home last week, could this be another?  Doubtful but I think it will be closer than most people thinkPenn State 28 Kent State 17Shife- Well now that you know the truth about my Uncle Jim Bob Jimmy Don then I must also confess that I have a soft spot in my heart for the Golden Flashes because they have such an awesome nickname but that will be the only battle Kent State will win today. Penn State wins, 41-9. West Virginia Mountaineers(Angel Jr) at Maryland TerrapinsPhats- Maryland was smart bolted from the sucky ACC to a real conference West Virginia 35 Maryland 28Shife- Is a pig’s butt pork? Yes. Does a bear poop in the woods? Yes. Does a one-legged duck swim in circles? Yes. Will West Virginia win this game? No. Maryland wins, 28-24. Missouri Tigers(Nutz) at Indiana HoosiersPhats- UGH one thing needs to be made clear here IU SUCKSMissouri 52 iu 0Shife- Why are rectal thermometers banned at the University of Indiana? They cause too much brain damage! Go Mizzou!! Missouri wins, 38-10. North Carolina Tar Heels at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets(Emily)Phats- Tech!  STING EMGa Tech 55 UNC 21 Shife- It’s time to rely on the wonderful advice of my fictitious Uncle Jim Bob Jimmy Don once again: “North Carolina’s defense is going to be busier than a one-armed bus driver with crabs.” Georgina Tech wins, 68-50. Tennessee Volunteers(Tiggy) at Florida Gators Phats- Did you see that story where the dude woke up with an 8 foot croc under his bed at a resort in Zimbab[...]



First off sorry for my absence nothing is wrong just had no desire to blog, basically I was lazy :)

So 3 games in the Boilers are 1-2 and after our only win last week over Indiana State I was worried, however, after last night's game optimism is showing again.  Look our opener was UGLY, and it looked like Coach Hope's team, when they things went wrong in the 3rd we let it snowball and then basically quit.  Against Indiana State we were anemic at best, but something changed Sat night against Notre Dame.  Maybe it was the night time atmosphere, maybe it was playing a rival, but we competed.  When ND made big plays we answered.  We lost 31-24 but I would venture to say Purdue fans walked away from that game more positive than the Notre Dame fans.  Especially considering ND was a 3 TD favorite. 

Moving on, we took a big step forward unfortunately the schedule doesn't lighten up at all we are at Wisconsin this week and they just lost a tough one as well.  We haven't played Wisky tough in a long time, and no signs really point to us winning but I will be happy if we take another step forward and we are competitive.  We shall see.

Around college football, who watched Alabama beat A&M??  To me I was scratching my head trying to figure out who the real villian was?  Yeah Johnny Football is a douche, but so is Nick Saban.  Bama is probably going to win another national title which SUCKS.  Clemson got that nice season opening win over UGA, but how good are the Bulldogs really?  I question the voters that have put Clemson ahead of OSU.  Not saying the B1G deserves a title contender but OSU is ours, and in my opinion they would crush Clemson.  Speaking of the B1G Wisconsin was HOSED that was a BS way to end that game I actually feel bad for the Badgers. 

Nothing else going on, not sure who I want to win Big Brother hoping somehow they all lose??  Most looking forward to Will going into the jury house to talk to them, and the reunion when all the dirty laundry will be aired. 

Everyone have a great week, I will be doing picks this week I won't get lazy again haha


It's back time to BTFU baby


First off before getting into college football gotta say loving the US Open, I have been yelling at my TV more than I can remember loved watching 17 yr old Duval with an AMAZING backstory pull out the huge win, and seeing the US crowd completly back the french player when he was playing an America that never happens.  One thing I could do without Chris Fowler seriously dude STFU and let the real experts talk.Now, onto the topic at hand it's college football season baby, and I can't wait for Saturday.  Boilers have a TOUGH opener traveling to Cincinnati for a tough road game.  More on that in a bit plus a prediction.  Interesting to see how the Boilers do, lots of questions led by a brand new coach.  Guest picking this week is Topolk, his Clemson Tigers have the game of the week a tough match up with Georgia.  Make sure you give Topolk's blog a read, I will tell ya found some great music via his blog.  Now, onto the picks!Liberty Flames at Kent State Golden Flashes(DG)Phats- For those that don't know our new coach was KSU's coach last year this should be an easy W for the FlashesKent State 35 Liberty 10Topolk- As NC has become for my home, I want to cheer for the home team but Kent State will probably extinguish the Flames with little trouble.Liberty 13, Kent State 38 William & Mary Tribe at West Virginia Mountaineers(Angel Jr)Phats- Typical first week opponent for a power team should be over by halftimeWest Virginia 59 William and Mary 7Topolk- West BAH GAWD Virginia wins this one running away. The Tribe won't have anything to stop that high powered Mountaineer offense.W&M 10, West BAH GAWD Virginia 62 Murray State Racers at Missouri Tigers(Nutz)Phats- This would be a great basketball match up and I might even take the Racers if that were the case but this is football, Missouri should take itMissouri 35 Murray State 14Topolk- Where is Murray State? Who knows. Who's going to be watching this game? Who knows? Why the hell is Missouri and SEC team now? Who kno...oh yeah. Money.Murray State 14, Missouri 40 Elon Phoenix at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets(Emily) Phats- Yawn boring next!Georgia Tech 52 Elon 0Topolk- Another NC school. While Liberty will probably hang with Kent State for a bit, the Phoenix will be completely out classed by GT.Elon 9, Georgia Tech 41  Austin Peay Governors at Tennessee Volunteers(Tiggy)Phats- Should be a nice W before the SEC beats em downTennessee 41 Austin Peay 10Topolk-  Is this the year Tennessee returns to form? Under new coach Butch Davis, just maybe. It may be a bit before he gets his offensive system completely installed, but he should be able to turn the Vols around. Which is great, that fanbase deserves better than what they've gotten for the past 6 years.Austin Peay 7, Tennessee 30New Mexico State Aggies at Texas Longhorns(Cheryl, Gary)Phats- How is Texas suppose to be this year?  Won't matter they will win this one convincinglyTexas 31 New Mexico State 7Topolk- N. Mexico State 18 (yes, 18), Texas 39 Idaho Vandals(Shife) at North Texas Mean GreenPhats- I am ready to VTFU and this is a winnable game for the lovable group from Moscow.  I am going with the Vandals mostly because Shife is my Blog BFFIdaho 41 North Texas 34Topolk- I'm sorry. I can't support a team who's nickname is the "Mean Green." Here's to the Vandals going 1-0.Idaho 27, North Texas 17 Wyoming Cowboys at Nebraska Cornhuskers(Travis)Phats- I am tempted to take the Cowboys here because of my buddy Travis' digs at cheerleader :) but I am not dumb Huskers might start slow but they will win this oneNebraska 31 Wyoming 17Topolk- Man, this game sounds like it will be horribly boring. Here's to the tailgates in Lincoln being stocked up on their[...]



Well, it's finally time this coming weekend college football returns, and I for one can't wait.  Look for the first picks of the season on Thursday, I have a guest blogger lined up whose team has a huge game this weekend.  We have a tough opener, hell we have a tough schedule, we travel to Cincinnati this weekend to play the bearcats it'll be interesting to see what happens.  For those that don't know we have a new coach, new staff, new attitude.  It's been great reading articles on the progress, and interesting to hear players talk about how now they have to be disciplined and can't be late to practices like they were in the past.  No wonder we had so many penalties under Danny Hope!  So, the big problem facing Coach Hazell in his first year is the schedule, ESPN, and other sites have our schedule ranked 3 or 4th toughest in the COUNTRY.  Everyone agreeing we play the toughest schedule in the B1G so lets take a look at it including my predictionsAt Cincinnati- Tough opener for Hazell and the gang, but I like our chances.  Not saying we're going to win but I think we'll be in this one even though everyone is counting us out. Indiana State- Home opener a team not from Division 1 or whatever the hell they call the divisions now.  Sycamores are a dangerous team but should be a W.  For those that don't know ISU is where Larry Bird went to college.Notre Dame- Under the lights at Ross Ade always electric last year a MISSED(HORRIBLY MISSED) delay of game call on ND and we might have won at ND last year.  Not sure what's gonna happen with this one but can't wait.At Wisconsin- Camp Randall is the toughest place to play in America, or one of them, and the trend lately doesn't support us doing well in this game.Northern Illinois- Homecoming!!  Taking on last year's cinderella the team that crashed the BCS party and return their 'Heisman" candidate QB.  Last time we played NIU at home we lost hope this is different :)Nebraska- Easy W right Travis??  haha first time we will play the Husker's in football since they have been added to the B1G never easy to take on a power and they travel really well could be a long day at Ross AdeAt Michigan State- We have had some epic battles with MSU with some CRAZY comebacksOhio State- This might sound odd but for some reason Purdue teams don't fear OSU we have won the last two times they have come to Ross Ade, and last year we should have won at the horseshoe we had them beat til our now fired coach made some weird choices and lost in OT.  This could be another thrillerIowa- Oddly enough the Hawkeyes became our protected rival when they went to divisions got a huge win there last year should be another close one.At Penn State- Will the sanctions catch up to them a little more this year?  I think so this is winnable. Illinois- Such a mystery team last year they sucked the year before opened 6-0 before losing to us who knows what we'll get when we play themat Indiana- The battle for the Old Oaken Bucket the Boilers OWN this series, iu is suppose to be better but better than what god awful?!  Hazell keeps the bucket in West Lafayette in his first year you heard it here first.When it comes down to it this is a TOUGH schedule I am hoping for 6-6 and getting a minor bowl which would be successful in Hazell's first year, but that's going to be hard to see.  I think the Cincy game is HUGE start off with a win and who knows what happens.  I do know we start Saturday bring it on, and BOILER UP!Phats [...]

Getting you prepared


OK it's almost that time where this blog goes pretty much all sports, so I am preparing you for that with something that's vital for all of you to know. The words to Hail Purdue the greatest fight song in all of sports!! Now this video is the pregame from the Notre Dame game(man Ross Ade is electric at night) and this shows all of our fight songs, Fighting Varsity, Hail Locomotive, For the Honor of Old Purdue, and the greatest of all Hail Purdue which is the one I am sharing the words for. First game is Aug 31st at Cincinnati I expect you to know them by then :) It should be noted that the band has always said FIRE UP after anew, but the fans have changed it to Boiler Up and I cave to peer pressure and use the Boiler Up.

To Your Call Once More We Rally; Alma Mater Hear Our Praise.
Where The Wabash Spreads Its Valley; Filled With Joy Our Voices Raise.
From The Skies In Swelling Echoes Come The Cheers That Tell The Tale
Of Your Vict'ries And Your Heros, Hail Purdue! We Sing All Hail!
Hail, Hail To Old Purdue! All Hail To Our Old Gold And Black!
Hail, Hail To Old Purdue! Our Friendship May She Never Lack.
Ever Grateful, Ever True, Thus We Raise Our Song Anew;(BOILER UP!)
Of The Days We've Spent With You, All Hail Our Own Purdue!(GO BOILERS!) allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="395" src="//" width="320">

 I am telling you this gives me goosebumps everytime I hear Hail Purdue, GO BOILERS!

The Train is Coming


Well, the calendar has turned to August so that means Boilermaker football is almost here and I CAN'T wait!!! Practices actually started yesterday and the first game is just weeks away. Heads up I will be doing a pick em on here again each week would love to have you all help and guest pick again makes it more fun. As for the Boilers fans are excited for the first time in year's mostly because our AD finally pulled the plug on our inept coach Danny Hope, and hired a guy who has done a fantastic job getting Boiler Nation excited in Coach Hazell, formerly of Kent State(yes DG that kent state!) Since he was hired he spent time getting the students excited about the upcoming season, he went to the cafeteria and ate with them, hung out with the Paint Crew at a basketball game, went to a frat/sorority party and then he attacked the community, speaking whenever possible to the fanbase and it worked ticket sales are way up. When it comes to the season having a winning one will be hard, getting to 6-6 isn't impossible but need to survive a brutal stretch that includes the B1G's toughest OOC schedule, and quite possibly one of the toughest OOC schedules in the country. Getting to a bowl game even a crappy one I firmly believe he will have earned his paycheck. I will go more in depth on a later post of the upcoming season. So, what time you rooting for I need to know so I know who to pick, and how's your team looking? What a monster first game match up of Clemson vs UGA that's going to be a blockbuster, and I bet a CRAZY atmosphere. Hope everyone has a great week, it's back to work for me in a few :( boo!! Phats

Holiday World


Hello blog friends been awhile :) Can you believe summer is almost over?? It's actually been chilly here we have set records for overnight lows crazy. So this past Tuesday/Wednesday the entire family took a trip to Holiday World an amusement/water park in Santa Claus(yes that is the name of the town) Indiana. We had three cars full, I was in a car with my mother for the entire trip down and we both lived to tell about it, my sister, brother in law, and their 3 kids were in another car, and our good friends and their 2 kids were the lead car. It was a 4 hour drive, 1 hour to meet up in Indy, and then 3 more hours from there but well worth it!! The first day we got there just did the amusement park, and it was BLAZING hot, and after a family picture with the Santa statue we headed for our traditional first ride of the day The Raven a fun roller coaster. Our friends daughter, Rachel, had said she was going to do it this trip and she went thru the line(about 15 min wait) actually got in the roller coaster was belted, and lap bar down when she said to her dad I am going to be sick haha. He tried to talk her down saying that it was just a 45 sec ride, but then she started dry heaving so he had to get her off quickly, unfortunately her trip then started in tears. Holiday World has 3 coasters all wooden, and I like the raven because it's mostly hills and I love that sensation of your stomach dropping. We did pretty much every ride there, since I am the only one of the adults who could spin I was in charge of taking the kids on the spinners mostly because there were 5 of them so they needed one more rider to be even. As it got a later a NASTY storm rolled in and we took cover in one of the restaurants, and waited for it to pass took about 40 mins tops. One of the better stories from the first day Dave(our friend) and Luke my brother in law both did the 3 point shoot out where you get 45 secs to shoot 3 racks and Luke went first air balled pretty much all of them and scored 1, Dave followed and set the high score for the day HA! So of course Luke had to go again spending more money, and he finally won a prize with 5 but never did beat Dave's 7. Competitiveness I love it, but not when it costs 5 dollars a pop! After that most the group headed back to the hotel, but my brother in law and I stayed with my 2 nephews who wanted to ride this bad boy, AKA the Voyage(this pic was taken as the storm was rolling in) It's called an air coaster because you come out of your seat, and yeah that happened more on that later it was great, we hit the other coaster up as well before heading to our hotel to call it a night. Day 2 was the water park during the day and finishing up closing down the amusement side. I am not a huge fan of water parks, but they have some fun slides. Also I just want to note that I probably could have sat and taken pics of uhh inappropriate swimwear and started my own people of walmart site geared towards that. My favorite ride at the water park was mammoth! The world's longest water coaster mostly because I rode with my Sister, our friend Lisa, and brother in law, and well lets just say the language that came out my sister had me laughing she dropped the f bomb, she dropped Mofo, she dropped shit, and then when it finished she told the poor kid working the ride "that is the worst ride ever!" haha I gotta tell ya the worst part of the water park my feet were sore for 2 days after we got home from walking around on the hot pavement. We finished up our night riding roller coasters, with our last ride being Luke, my 2 nephews, and I taking on the Voyage again, and we c[...]

Hodge Podge


Here's your update sorry for the lack of posts :) no that's not the update! Just gonna hit a bunch of topics. So, I am technically on summer vacation now woohoo!! I finished my summer job, of teaching tennis for the city today. I love this job it's so different from coaching, mostly no stress. I don't have to worry about where my 3rd point is going to come from, or take a bad loss home with me. Gotta say it was odd this year for 5 weeks we had beautiful weather, one day I was tempted to wear a jacket to the first class, and then this week happened. Every day this week was 90 or higher with no relief, but I survived go me! Speaking of vacation setting of with family, and friends this coming week for our annual Holiday World trip, and I can't wait. Holiday World is an amusement/water park in Santa Claus IN. It's not your typical park though where other parks gouge everywhere they can Holiday World goes above and beyond to do the opposite, first off with FREE PARKING! However, the big score is free soft drinks, they have these cool Pepsi Oasis Stations where you just walk in and get a free drink can't beat that. Maybe Bekah and Ryan should go sometime since she rides rides now, FAIR FERRIS WHEEL!! Loving summer TV of course my favorite is Big Brother, totally hooked again. This year they introduced the MVP twist, where America votes and someone gets the MVP power and secretly nominates a 3rd person! I am pretty sure due to this twist they came out and played crazy strong in the first two weeks. Both evictions were blind sides which is more than most survivor seasons combined. The house is clearly divided as well, and there has been some bad. You might have seen this online but a few of the houseguests have been caught saying racial slurs. Here's the thing about Big Brother it's unlike any other reality show because they have 24/7 live feeds the viewers can sign up for, and I think the hamsters sometimes forget that. Anyway, Aaryn a young college student, and Gina Marie have really taken the brunt of this as both have been fired from their jobs, and they have no clue for remarks made about Asian Americans, African Americans, and gays. It will be interesting when Aaryn finally gets evicted and is interviewed by Julue Chen the hose who has SLAMMED her in the media. Also watching Under the Dome, let me first say it's really good summer TV. I have read the book I loved it couldn't put it down, so the first episode I actually had to watch twice, because the first time I kept yelling THAT WASN'T IN THE BOOK!?! Lots of differences from book to movie and we're talking BIG differences. I am still watching I have a friend who refuses to watch because it's so different. Anyone else watching? Speaking of books with time on my hands now looking for new authors, any suggestions? I like murder mysteries usually but am open to others. My favorite author is Harlan Coben but I have read all his :( he doesn't write like Patterson spewing them out weekly. I know we have a lot of authors that come here, Bekah(read your book!) Travis, he's trying to get me to read his, Shife patiently waiting for one of his books to be dedicated to me haha, Phoenix waiting for his as well so will gladly take recommendations for summer reading?! That's all have a great rest of the week Big Brother is starting in 25 mins!!

Happy 4th of July


I love this country, everyone have a happy and safe 4th of July width="320" height="395" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

Open mouth insert foot


Hello kids, first off my birthday was nice and low key thank you all for the nice greetings.  Spent the day basically with my favorite people my tennis team.  Had camp in the morning, and our banquet at night. 

Alright so recently this little town I live in went big time, as we made some news not just locally but the Huffington Post picked up this story as well as other national outlets.  Before I go further i'd like to say that I do like living here, it's a nice town, safe town, but the people that live her i'd say 90% of them are stuck in the stone ages with their beliefs, and religious views.   So, about 2 weeks ago the local high school had their graduation, I want to state right away I didn't attend, but it had some controversy.  The speaker who is a high school social studies teacher there gave well in my opinion a sexist speech.  He got up and basically addressed the young women by saying that their greatest role in love would be, being a mother and wife.  You know had he stopped right there while to me that is still a sexist thing to say it might not been as bad but here is where it snowballed, he went on to say that we have "enough" women CEO's out there and it's time these girls buck the trend.  Umm WHAT!?   I am not even a woman and that offends me last time I checked it's 2013. 

Anyway, somehow this speech got leaked to a local Indianapolis TV station, and from there it really took off.  Of course the teacher in question, who I want to point out is a friend of mine, we don't have the same beliefs what so ever and I like the guy but I can't side with him on this one.  Anyway he said that the speech was taken out of context.  Like I said I wasn't there, but my assistant coach was and I asked HER a female what she thought and her exact words she was offended.  She felt like this speech was calling her a failure because she is both unmarried and single.  I think what scares me is this entire community has rallied around him and has lashed out at ANYONE who is critical of him or the speech.  I get it, it's great to have that community spirit but these mother's defending this speech their daughters heard I can't believe they don't realize how inappropriate it was.  I should say I said earlier the speaker is not only a teacher but has a radio show where his topics range from politics, to religion, to gay rights, and he is definitely pro religion anti anything gay, and has made some crazy comments before.  After one of the shootings that made the media recently he made a similar comment about this not happening as much if women went back to their roles of being at home.  

So I ask you, especially you females are you or would you be offended by this speech?  Maybe it's just me, I know that most people outside of this area were not fans of it, infact the valedictorian of another school in the county wrote an editoral for the paper about this speech and she was definitely not in favor of women being told to be a wife and mom :)

Alright sound off

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!


Well in 20 mins(I am writing this at 11:40 on June 4th) I will turn another year older.  Yep, it's my birthday and all you fun loving bloggers better stop by and comment happy birthday because that's all I want :)  My big plans for celebrating making it thru another year of life.  I am doing tennis camp from 9-12:30 then I head into town to get my blood work done, and my shot, then stopping by the city building to fill out paperwork for my summer job, and then the spring sports banquet to celebrate my tennis teams accomplishment.  Can you say PARTY ANIMAL! Not exactly my first choice of birthday options, but it will do. 

Hope everyone has a great day, I know I will I have my "It's My Birthday" button on so the whole world will know

Cancer Sucks


So it's been a rough week here, a long time family friend and someone I have known since elementary passed away recently, and I went to her viewing Friday.  Her name was Kristy she was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and family, friends we all knew the outcome because when diagnosed she was told the tumor was too big to operate and it was terminal.  They got a glimmer of hope at one time when a doctor suggest shrinking it and trying to operate but that didn't work.  Well earlier this week she passed away.  I attended the viewing with my mother and I have to say every viewing is tough but this one was especially hard.  I think part of it was she is my age, and up until now death hasn't really found any of my friends and now this has happened it hits home a little more.  She leaves behind not only a husband, but 2 beautiful and VERY young children who were both present at the viewing.  As the title says Cancer Sucks

The thing about this is as I sat in a church in the pew waiting to go thru the visitation(is that the right term) line I got to thinking.  I want to start by saying I am not religious, I don't go to church infact I don't believe in organized religion I think it's one of the biggest hypocrisys out there.  However, that beind said I have always believed in God, sometimes it's wavered but I have always believed.  Got to say sitting there watching these pictures of two beautiful kids play with their mother who was now dead got me wavering again.  I don't know understand how a God you religious people say is so great and amazing can also be so cruel.  I really didn't mean to go in this direction for this post and I am not trying to offend anyone so I will stop here.  I am just really frustrated I will simply leave you with

RIP Kristy. 

Question 4 Shife's


If you missed it awhile back I was in a blogging rut and even though I wasn't posting new content my BFF Shife kept stopping by leaving me comments, which led to me posting a top 10 reasons he's my Blog BFF, which then led to his question for me.  My top ten list of Movies, Books, and my favorite Purdue players so lets do this. Movies-  I have actually done this before but I don't remember what I listed so I am going to do this without going back and looking and see if I match up when I am done haha.  I would also like to point out I am not a huge movie person, I prefer TV or books. 1- Hoosiers- Best sports movie ever made, still to this day I get goosebumps when I watch it.  Partly every kid that grows up in Indiana lives this movie at least in the single class era.  You just going beat it, and it was filmed at Historic Hinkle Fieldhouse which is cool2- Christmas Vacation- I am one of those people that can quote this entire movie and I often do, I will watch this when it's not even Christmas.3- Silence of the Lambs- I am a sucker for a great scary movie and this one is one of the best, not quite as good as the book but close.4- Air Force One- I saw this on a date my first summer home from college so maybe that's why I like it so much but I always seem to watch it when it's on.5- The Simpson Movie- I was skeptical when this came out, I honestly thought they waited too long but it was actually a really solid adaptation of the show.6- Dodgeball- I love this movie another one that I can quote from beginning to end so good.7- Halloween(Original)- To me nothing beats the Original Halloween movie with Jamie Lee Curtis, and everytime the music plays when Michael Myers is on the loose I get nervous that music creeps me out8- Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Again this might be silly to some of you but I seem to always sit and watch when these come on ABC Family which is A LOT. 9- The Goonies- Oh man such a great story, and I still love the Truffle Shuffle!10- The Birds- Actually this should be higher but I just thought of it hahaha.  I love this movie and it made me scared of crows in our backyard for weeks. OK now books!!  This will be hard unlike movies that I don't watch much I read daily. 1- The Long Walk by Stephen King-  I love this book I read this book in one day because I couldn't put it down, if you like King and haven't read this you need to.  You will either love it or hate, and if you like the Hunger Games this is similar.2- Anything by Harlan Coben- Yeah this is a cop out but I couldn't name just one he is my favorite author when I get his books I can't stop reading I never want to put them down.  I even read his 2 Young Adult books and loved them. 3- Under the Dome by Stephen King- I just finished this recently and going into the book I was skeptical and nervous it was almost 3000 pages for pete's sake.  But like the Long Walk I couldn't put it down, my goal with it being so long was 100 pages a night and most nights I read 2x that and finished in 5 days.  Another book I highly recommend.4- Penrod- I have read this book probably 20x if not more.  I was assigned this book in a Freshman histroy class at Butler, and I have never been happier.  The author is Booth Tarkington from Indiana, and Penrod is a before his time Dennis the Menace.  I used to want to name my first kid Penrod.5- The Hunger Games- LOVED this ser[...]

Question 3 Jay's


Jay's question was hard, it was pick my favorite tennis player of all time.  I had to really think about this as I have so many, and should it be favorite male and female, one or the other?   So I am making a list of both.A little history I started playing tennis in the 7th grade, mostly because my gymasntics career started to wind down after my kidney transplant, while I still took gymnastics classes I no longer competed and needed another competitive outlet, and lets just say with tennis it was love at first swing :)   So here are some of my favorites and at the end I will list my all time favorite player.MENI should state that growing up I was more into watching the women's game and while yes I am a male it really had nothing to do with looks or their outfits, most of it was the women's game when I started watching was teens dominating like me and I thought that was completely cool.  That said I still have some favorites on the men's side.Stefan Edberg- I only caught the last of his career but I really feel like he embodies everything tennis is all about.  You always hear tennis called the gentlemen's sport and he was well known to be a gentleman on the court and off, and who doesn't love a serve and volleyer!  Roger Federer- He is almost my all time favorite and like Edberg a classy guy but there are a few ahead of him in my list.  What an amazing champion this guy is, and such a class act on and off the court, and watching him play on grass is like watching poetry in motionJohn McEnroe- While I wasn't a huge tennis fan yet when he really took off, I was a fan when he made a comeback and played mixed doubles with Steffi Graf at Wimbledon.  I was pissed when she pulled out on him!!  Now he's the best commentator in the game, and of course when I am coaching in practice for fun I will use his famous "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS" phrase, and it saddens me when the girls don't know who said that. Pete Sampras- Another class act and amazing champion.  It used to make me mad when the media would pick on him for not being "showy" enough like Agassi.  Umm the dude was #1 and winning everything who the hell cares about his personality.WomenMartina Navratilova- Came to tennis on the end of her career and yet she was still amazing til the very end.  I actually became a bigger fan of hers when chose to come back in BOTH singles and doubles in her 40s I believe it was. Venus Williams- I fully admit when both Williams sisters emerged on the scene I wasn't a fan I thought sportsmanship was a word they didn't know the meaning of.  However, my opinion on Venus has changed GREATLY.  Now that she is going thru Sjorgren's she has become a fan favorite and you have to admire how she has dealt with all that.Martina Hingis- The swiss miss!  Had a huge crush on her, and she is very close to my all time favorite.  It was amazing to watch this tiny girl out think and manuever these big hitters and win Grand Slams.  Not only that she did the impossible she helped Anna Kournikova become a grand slam champ in doubles!  I still hold out hope for a return but it won't happen, even though she holds her own against the top players in WTT.Jennifer Capriati- What a story, child prodigy gets burnt out and arrested, comes back wins 3 grand slams becomes number 1, gets injured and then goes thru more crap, gets inducted to the hall of f[...]

Question 2 for Emily


Emily asked me to list my top 5 bucket list, and this one took some thought but I came up with some things.1- To go to Wimbledon.  It's no secret not only am I a tennis coach, but I love tennis in general.  Don't get me wrong I love all the grand slams and would go to any, US Open would obviously be the easiest, but it's my dream to someday go to Wimbledon.  The tradition there is undescribable from the all white, to the gorgeous grass, and of course the strawberries.  Wimbledon has been my favorite tournament to watch for as long as I can remember, I remember being a little kid and my parents wanting me to go outside and play and I would say after this match!  I would watch every hour of coverage when I was younger, I loved when it was on HBO and there were no commercials.  So, going there would be a dream. 2- I'd love to have dinner with all my favorite authors.  Of course this would include, James Patterson, Stephen King, Iris Johansen, Suzanne Collins(was so hooked on the Hunger Games), John Sandford. and of course my all time favorite author right now and quite honestly I would take dinner with just him, that would be Harlan Coben.  I love to read, it's funny because I am sooo huge on TV, but reading is something I have loved to do since I can remember.  I think sitting down to dinner with these fascinating people who wrote the great stories of all my favorite characters would be one of the best nights of my life. 3- This one is kind of silly but i'd love to ride every major roller coaster in the world.  I love roller coasters!  I have been to some of the greatest amusement parks in Kings Island(Cincy OH), Six Flags over Georgia, Six Flags over Gurnee, Holiday World, and what some consider the greatest amusement park in the world in Cedar Point(Sandusky OH), but I want to get to more parks and ride the amazing coasters.  I don't really consider Disney or Universal in the amusement category even though they have some amazing coasters there.4- I would like to be a contestant on Big Brother.  I don't know if this counts as a bucket list perse, but i'd love to go on this show.  I love reality tv, and while some of the shows might be better quality Big Brother is the one I can't live without, and it's the one I think I could win.  While this isn't a great quality I am one of the best liars in the free world and that would help me greatly in the Big Brother house.  So casting director if you ever stumble upon this put me in!!!!   I have often joked on here I would do Amazing Race with Shife or Rocket but I dunno those tasks are scary, i'd prefer the Big Brother tasks where the only thing I would have to lose would be my dignity.5- I would like to play the role of Frankie Valli in the musical Jersey Boys.  I like Musicals I am comfortable saying that, if you want to make fun of me for it go ahead.  I did show choir and musicals all thru high school often having leads, and I would like to point out, and I think Bekah will back me up on this, Swing Choir was full of some of the most popular kids at EHS it was not like the outcast club like on Glee.  I love the musical Jersey Boys, I got to see it on my birthday and it was fantastic, and I think it would be a blast to get to play the part of Frankie on a nightly basis.So, there you have it hope that works for ya Emily!![...]