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Preview: Surviving Life as Me

Surviving Life as Me

Schoolteachers are not fully appreciated by parents until it rains all day Saturday! -E.C. McKenzie

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This letter has been sent to the UCPS district by this author, Kris Nielsen. Many teachers in the US feel exactly the same. This letter was locally published and now has national attention! WOW!The resignation letter below was written by teacher Kris L. Nielsen of Monroe, N.C. and sent to Union County Public Schools. Why is Nielsen quitting right now? “Because…I refuse to be led by a top-down hierarchy that is completely detached from the classrooms for which it is supposed to be responsible,” and “I will not spend another day under the expectations that I prepare every student for the increasing numbers of meaningless tests,” and more. Read the whole letter, which was first published by  United Opt Out National.Kris L. NielsenMonroe, NC 28110 Union County Public SchoolsHuman Resources Department400 North Church StreetMonroe, NC 28112October 25, 2012To All it May Concern:I’m doing something I thought I would never do—something that will make me a statistic and a caricature of the times. Some will support me, some will shake their heads and smirk condescendingly—and others will try to convince me that I’m part of the problem. Perhaps they’re right, but I don’t think so. All I know is that I’ve hit a wall, and in order to preserve my sanity, my family, and the forward movement of our lives, I have no other choice.Before I go too much into my choice, I must say that I have the advantages and disadvantages of differentiated experience under my belt. I have seen the other side, where the grass was greener, and I unknowingly jumped the fence to where the foliage is either so tangled and dense that I can’t make sense of it, or the grass is wilted and dying (with no true custodian of its health). Are you lost? I’m talking about public K-12 education in North Carolina. I’m talking about my history as a successful teacher and leader in two states before moving here out of desperation.In New Mexico, I led a team of underpaid teachers who were passionate about their jobs and who did amazing things. We were happy because our students were well-behaved, our community was supportive, and our jobs afforded us the luxuries of time, respect, and visionary leadership. Our district was huge, but we got things done because we were a team. I moved to Oregon because I was offered a fantastic job with a higher salary, a great math program, and superior benefits for my family. Again, I was given the autonomy I dreamed of, and I used it to find new and risky ways to introduce technology into the math curriculum. My peers looked forward to learning from me, the community gave me a lot of money to get my projects off the ground, and my students were amazing.Then, the bottom fell out. I don’t know who to blame for the budget crisis in Oregon, but I know it decimated the educational coffers. I lost my job only due to my lack of seniority. I was devastated. My students and their parents were angry and sad. I told myself I would hang in there, find a temporary job, and wait for the recall. Neither the temporary job nor the recall happened. I tried very hard to keep my family in Oregon—applying for jobs in every district, college, private school, and even Toys R Us. Nothing happened after over 300 applications and 2 interviews.The Internet told me that the West Coast was not hiring teachers anymore, but the East Coast was the go-to place. Charlotte, North Carolina couldn’t keep up with the demand! I applied with three schools, got three phone interviews, and was even hired over the phone. My very supportive and adventurous family and I packed quickly and moved across the country, just so I could keep teaching.I had come from two very successful and fun teaching jobs to a new state where everything was different. During my orientation, I noticed immediately that these people weren’t happy to see us; they were much more interested in making sure we knew their rules. It was a one-hour lecture about what happens when teachers mess up. I had a bad feeling about teaching here fro[...]

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Great Diamond Candle Giveaway

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Raki is having a give-a-way!!! Stop by her blog and find out what she's giving away in her Fresh Start- Big Giveaway!!!  Click the icon above and be directed to her teacher blog! She has really cool items!!! :)

Ms. Rachel's Room Giveaway!!!!



Ms. Rachel is giving away a document camera!!! Come a see what her blog is all about. She's a special education teacher and has a lot of good ideas! Come Check her blog, facebook page, and other pages out! I found some really neat ideas to help me w/ my Special Education kiddos!

 Thanks Rachel for the giveaway!



Well, what can I say other than I should be blogging more and facebooking less.... Well, maybe not!  I have another addiction to add....... PINTEREST! What a great website and idea! Love this!!!! 

I have been adding/ boarding/ pinning all day everyday! You could pay me to pin!!!! LOL  

Anyway, I have found many great things for home, school, birthday parties, weddings, and so much more! It's crazy I tell ya!

Come follow me @ Melanie's Pinterest 

Will love to see ya there!



(image) .

Cool blog for Teachers! Is having a giveaway when she hits 500 followers. Go and see!

Catching up!


Here's a catch up!


They rocked it! It was close, but in the end they pulled it out!!!!

Christmas break is almost over (sigh) and the new year will begin here soon! I am hoping things will be better after this break!

Now, time to get down and busy!

Be back soon!!!

Fighting SCOTS and what's for dinner......


It's FRIDAY!!!!  Today the Fighting SCOTS of Scotland County take the field for the 3rd round of the playoffs. WTG SCOTS!

(image) (image)

I am trying to figure out what to make for dinner and prepare to grade papers.... BOO! Tomorrow I get to go to Fayetteville, NC for a workshop on insubordination, teacher evaluation, and other things. I can't wait b/c I am going w/ a cool teacher, Vanessa Lapre, from my building. She and I are also going to make a trek to Raleigh on Dec. 3rd for a workshop on the new Common Core Standards! It shall be fun!!!

Well, blogger friends... it is time to say good night for now!

Married, happy, and busy


It has been a while since I have been on here. WOW! Time has flown. On Thursday, hubby and I will be celebrating 2 months of marriage!!! We've been really busy and work has been crazy! This year I have my hat in so many rings, that I do not know for sure what's going on! I am President of Scotland County Assoc. of Educators, on our School Improvement Team, Treasurer of PTO, AND on the district technology team for my school! Shew, that's a lot! I am also thinking about starting a teaching blog, but I am not 100% sure b/c I do not have the time to do so daily! We shall see how that works out!

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Do not forget to thank the Veteran's on Friday!



It's July 10th and that means it's 60 days away until I get married!!!! WOW, just 2 short months. I better get on the ball w/ somethings! It's going to be crazy around here and I will try to blog the updates of my wedding plans. Somethings are done:

  • Date is set for 9/10/11
  • Dress is bought along w/ tiarra
  • Grooms attire is settled
  • Matron of Honor and Best Man are decided
  • Colors are a go
  • Day of Lady is ready to put her best foot forward
  • Down to 3 locations.....
  • Guest list is coming along
  • Creating music list for the Computer to play!
  • Reception hall needs booked and paid for-- but that's easy!
  • Flowers are going to be discussed with a couple florist/friends
  • Honeymoon Pixie is up are ready to go!
  • Other items are coming along..... just have to wait and see!

Have a great week all!

It's back to summer time!!!!!!!


Yes, it's June 22nd and the first FULL day of summer! It also happens to be my lil sister, Design Goddess's birthday!!!! She's thankfully 29 again with 7 years of experience under her belt!

Life in NC has been topsy turvy here! The NC legislature has really put it to education in their latest budget. Teacher assistants, janitors, central office staff and even teachers are being laid off! In my county alone that isn't a good thing. We're the poorest county in the state w/ the HIGHEST unemployment rate and the sixth poorest county in the nation! Laying off just 20 people doesn't help us at all. They are talking upwards to 100+ people being laid off from the school systems. YIKES!

In good news, the fiance and I have set a date!!! It is Sept. 10, 2011. 9-10-11!! WOO HOO!!! We're in planning mode now!!! tee hee!

I am hoping my friends in blog land are having a great summer vacation or at least enjoying the weather after work! I hope you all stay cool and hydrated! I know we will here down in NC! We hadn't been below 95° in a bout a month, and it's only going to get HOTTER!!!!!

Stay safe my friends and I just might have more news to blog about later this week/month. I am really going to work at this blogging bit more! I surely need too!

Super Bowl.....


Well, it's been forever since I dropped by my blog. WOW has time flown!! It's 2011 and time for the Super Bowl. I am going to try to keep up. It's been really hard with facebook, school work, and lil man.

Until then...

WOW it's been awhile!


Wow, the last time I posted I was just a few short days out of school. Today, I just finished up the 2nd day of the new school year! This summer flew by way to fast! This years class looks to shape up nicely! I can't wait! Johnathan is now a 2nd grader. He's getting so big!

This summer I accomplished most of my plans with the exception of the trips to the beach! I didn't get to see it at all. :( Well, there's still time left until Fall starts! LOL

I would like to wish all my blogger friends a great weekend and those who are in the school systems, a great new year!

One Week and four days down!


Today marks one week and four days since I started my summer vacation. Last week I slept most of my time away b/c I was a tad under the weather. This week marked a few things:
  • Lil guy had a dentist appt. which lead to a perfect exam. The only "concern" was the enamel that didn't form right on his top tooth. Darn those antibiotics for ear infections; however, the dentist didn't seem to alarmed right now.
  • Thursday brought some errands we had to do. Nothing big, just a hair cut and groceries.
  • Today brought the car getting serviced, a pedicure for mom, and a celebration for the Assoc. of Educators I belong to here in NC.
  • Tomorrow might bring a trip to the beach!!!! YEAH US!
Hope all is well in blog land! Hope your last few days of June are relaxing and enjoyable. We're experiencing August heat in June. Over 100° temperatures each days with the heat index. That's also with humidity in the high 90's. Gotta love it! We've been under heat advisories and told to basically stay indoors from 11-7. Oh the joy~

Have a great weekend and 4th of July, for my state side friends, if I do not blog before then!

Summer, Summer, Time.......


Summertime is here and I am so ready to relax and take some time for myself. I really need this time off because of all the sickness, health issues, and other things that have been going on. I am ready to go to the BEACH! Just to sit there and watch the surf roll in and to play with my little guy in the water will be AMAZING!

Summer also brings little guy's vacation to grandma's house x2! He's visiting both set of grandparents this summer. He's so ready to go and see his brothers, great-grandmas, grandmas, grandpas, his aunt, and uncles. He will not want for attention that's for sure.

This will be a great time for mommy to get more rest, relaxation, and time with her significant other. He's been great to little guy and myself. A true blessing!

What plans are everyone making for their summer? Please share!

WOOT WOOT... Summer time is near!


Yes, that's right! 2.5 days of teaching (well we'll call it that for now)!! Then I have 3 teacher work days! After that, I AM FREE!!! Free for the rest of June, all of July, and part of August! So, I will enjoy all the summer I can get! This year has been challenging, yet, satisfying! I have an awesome principal and curriculum facilitator! Unfortunately, said awesome principal is leaving for the central office to be the Director of Elementary Education! Geesh, I have to break in another new principal! Oh the joy!! I hope this transition to a new principal goes better than the last!!!

So, my plans for summer include:
  • Trips to the beach
  • Trip to KY to take lil guy to his grandparents for a visit
  • Trip to OH to hopefully be home for the Pro Football HOF festival!!
  • Trips to the beach!!
  • Oh, and sleeeeepppppppp!!! Not all day, just sleeping in past o'dark 30!
What are some of my blogger friends plans for summer?????

And then there were 7...


That's right 7 days until testing begins for North Carolina! This is running up on up like a bad storm! My only hope is that my students prepare themselves for the best! I have given them all I can...... now it is time to show what they know!

After testing we have approximately 13 days of school left! YIKES! This year flew!!!

I hope everyone's May started out ok. I am praying for family and friends in TN and KY as they watch the waters recede! I hope everyone there is safe and sound!!

Have a great week!!!

and now a message from Tiggy...


I didn't realize how long it has been..... WOW

March flew by like a Spring wind! I have being either sick, teaching, or finishing up my Master's degree! I am finally finished and will officially graduate in May! Shew! I thought I would never be me w/ a master's degree.

Then came Spring Break and Easter! What a needed break for me, my son, and my students. WE ALL needed a break! Now is GO time! 3 weeks until testing. YIKES! My kids are freaking and I am a little on edge. Thankfully we have weekends. If we didn't, I think we all would be a basket case before May 14th!

This month is busy w/ Spring cleaning, flipping some items bought @ flea markets, and preparing for testing. It's going to be nuts for the next month. Can't wait for it to be over.

May will bring testing, lil man's birthday, Memorial Day Weekend, and 3 weeks left of school after testing! YEAH!!!! Then it will be time for r&r, some travel to the beach, lil man's visits to his grandparents in Kentucky and Ohio. He is so ready to see them and his brothers. It also brings the rite of passage for my oldest step-son (yes I still claim them as mine).! Sam will become a HS graduate in early June!! I am so proud of him and his wise choices he's made. His mom should be very proud of the young man she raised!

Have a great rest of April!

Olympic Dreams...


The Olympics have been playing now for a week. We have had some major ups and downs from the opening ceremony's blooper to Shawn White and his coach's little chat before his Victory Lap. All I have to say is that this Winter Olympiad had been AWESOME!!!

I watched the opening ceremonies in awe! I love the technological effects, so 21st Century! I only have been able to watch bits and pieces, but of what I have watched has be AWESOME! I am going to watch the ladies skate this week. That's one part of the Olympics I love, figure skating.

In other news, I finished my last class for my master's in Technology!! I will unofficially graduate at the end of March, with the official diploma arriving at the end of May. I can't wait! 22 months of hard work and determination will finally pay off!!!

NASCAR has also started and I did get to watch some of the Daytona 500. It wasn't too bad; however, the red flag kinda killed it for me.

Down here in NC, we survived an ice storm and a small snow this winter. Both were beautiful while they lasted. Up home, DG and the family have been digging out of snow since Christmas. It's been crazy up there. It seems every weekend they are having 6-12 more inches of snow. Our mom said that they can not even go out into the back yard b/c the snow is too deep. I can't remember a snow this deep since I was 7, and that was over 30 years ago!! FUN FUN FUN!!!

Well, I am off to complete my homework/final project for this last class so that I am able to turn in everything by March 3. I have a lot to do, so I better get a move on!!

Hope everyone has had a great 1st two months of 2010. Mine is getting better!!!

The Pro-Bowl is when????


I was reading news on Yahoo when I received an e-mail from the Browns that the Pro-Bowl was this weekend! What's up with that? I thought it was played after the Super Bowl so that those players have a chance to play too. Craziness is as craziness does. I guess since the Saints are in their first Super Bowl the whole world has gone crazy.... LOL I am so excited that the Saints are in the Super Bowl! Now, for the Browns to get there.

... Oh wait Hell isn't freezing over. Well, I am looking out my window as freezing rain is falling. Is that close enough since I live in NC?

I guess not..... LOL

I hope everyone had a great start to 2010. Mine started out slow. We shall see what the other 11 months hold.

Have a great weekend!

Ah, at last a post from Tiggy!!!


Hello friends of blogland. I finally have a minute or two to blog and to say how much I have missed reading your blogs and posting. It's been a crazy month or two. It's just been crazy!

November ended with nothing much to write about.

December had:
  • school finishing up for the calendar year
  • Driving to Ohio for Christmas with DG and the family.
  • Glad that it wasn't snowing on either way to and from Ohio
  • Lil guy missed a great snow the day after we left; so much for a snowball fight, even though he had a small one w/ Grandma
  • The New Year rang in while we were celebrating w/ friends, who will be moving to TN this summer. :(
January so far brought:
  • A week of reviewing things taught for the nine weeks (5 days for 9 weeks!)
  • Benchmark testing... always a fun week!
  • A three day weekend followed by a 3 day work week, followed by another 3 day weekend! (How's that for scheduling!)
I hope all of you are doing well and are having fun while doing it!

Hopefully it won't be a month and a half before my next post! HAHAHAHA

Thanksgiving Day!


(image) Happy Thanksgiving to all family and friends!

I am truly thankful this year. I am 3 months away from obtaining my masters degree. I have a very special significant other in my life who has been a true light where there was dark. I have a wonderful son who is surpassing what's expected of a 1st grader, even though we have other areas to work on. I have a good job w/ good kids and good people to work with! Overall, the health is good; could be better ; however, I am still working on it!

I have a great family and friends who have been very supportive and loving! I wouldn't have made it w/out them! THANKS!

To all my blogging friends, I wish you the happiest of holidays. I will try to blog a tad more the rest of this year. Once the masters is complete, I will be a tad more free!!!

Have you hugged your Turkey today???