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                                                                  100 YearsThe North American Federation announces plans to evacuate those citizens who wish to go to planet Kepler-452b, 1,400 light years away beginning on Jan. 1st, 2118. A hundred years ago technology would allow travel time to be 1,500 years. Modern technology has cut that time to 15 years and The North American Federation has developed a fleet of one thousand space craft capable of sustaining two thousand people each for a period of 19 years.Families who desire to go and whose ages are all under 40 years will be eligible for a lottery beginning on Sept. 4th. The price will be one million Bit Coin.  The North American Federation was founded in 2019 after President Donald Trump was impeached for treason. It was discovered that President Trump and President Vladimir Putin of Russia were going to have the Army forcibly disband Congress and the Supreme Court, then declare themselves supreme joint rulers of the two countries. They would then conquer China then the rest of the world. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama joined forces and convinced Mexico and Canada that this was not a good idea and a new constitution was written combining the three countries into one. President Trump was executed on July 4th, 2021 for treason and his entire family exiled from the Federation. Global warming was finally considered to be a serious threat to the survival of the planet but whatever steps could be taken to reverse the process were determined to be too little too late. Richard Branson, along with Boeing, was given the daunting task of building a fleet of space craft using newly discovered electromagnetic technology that would be capable of taking people to a new earth like planet. Gasoline powered engines became obsolete in 2075 as fossil fuel ran out and no new oil deposits were found. All engines were powered by electricity supplied by nuclear power plants. Unfortunately sloppy maintenance caused several of these facilities to blow up contaminating large parts of the planet. The United Nations, largely ineffective for years, could not agree on nuclear power plant restrictions and disbanded. It was every country for itself. Food became critical for several reasons. Overuse of the land without renewing. Pollution of the atmosphere producing widespread global warming causing wide fluctuations in the weather and radiation spread by the winds from nuclear plant fallout. In addition, the Earth in 2075 was overpopulated and simply could not feed all it's inhabitants. No country was willing to go back to China's one child per family policy.All of these problems caused a gradual rise in a reign of anarchy. Police, National Guard and the Army lost control and citizens were forced to arm themselves for protection against thieves and looters. The stock market was no longer viable and the only safe currencies were precious metals, gems and Bit Coin. Great strides have been made in medicine and the average age of death could now be 120 years with under ideal conditions.  Because of an insufficient food supply, radiation poisoning, over crowded and under staffed hospitals and drug companies charging outrageous prices for even the most common drugs like aspirin the average age of death is even lower than it was in 2017.  Present DayI hope I'm wrong and that 100 years from now the world will be a better place. Countries and people will understand that to survive mutual respect and understanding are necessary. Working together to survive. I leave all these problems we have created to my children and grand children. I'm sorry.Larry LublinerAKA TheBadJoker[...]



LUBLINER & TRINZHarry Moses Lubliner, son of Goodwin Lubliner, was born in New York on June 17th, 1879.  Some time prior to 1910, he moved to Chicago , married Beatrice Harmon and had four children: Howard, Robert, Muriel and Gladys.  By 1910 Harry was teamed up with Joe, Aaron, Henry and Samuel Trinz and Lubliner & Trinz Florist was selling flowers on the corner of Wabash and Madison across the street from Marshall Fields.  Harry’s brother Sol and his family moved to Portland, Oregon where Lubliner Florist is in business to this day.The exact date is not known but around 1911 Lubliner & Trinz opened a movie theater or perhaps two in Milwaukee, WI. Those did not work out and they moved their fledgling enterprise back to their hometown of Chicago.  The movie theater business was in its infancy at that time so many opportunities existed. Lubliner & Trinz began opening theaters in Chicago sometime between 1911 and 1914. Some of their earliest theaters included: Covent Gardens, a lease on Orchestra Hall, Michigan and others. Lubliner & Trinz operated about nineteen theaters at their peak and had leased or built about thirty six (figure not exact) theaters during a span of 20 years. The Chicago Tribune announced on May 9, 1925 a “Big Merger of Movie Theaters…..Lubliner & Trinz, Balaban & Katz in Deal”.  A new corporation “The Lubliner & Trinz Theatrical Enterprises” was formed in which the Balaban & Katz Corporation held 50% interest. L & T had 19 theaters in operation and seven others under construction while B & K had only five theaters in operation and plans for three more. The deal’s value would exceed $20,000,000. It would appear that L & T had financial difficulties due to over spending and brought B & K in to help relieve the burden. L & T was never to recover from this merger and in 1927 it was reported that B & K owned all the L & T theaters and in 1934 declared bankruptcy.  L & T had a few theaters operating in the late 40’s and early 50’s. The Clark, Four Star, and Palace. The Clark was the money maker until a pair of new theaters were built in 1963 and 1969 in Northbrook, IL.,  the Edens I and II. The Clark and Edens were run by Bruce Trinz, Howard Lubliner and Robert Lubliner. The Clark was unique for several reasons: 1) It changed to two new movies every 24 hours and was only closed two hours every 24 for cleaning.  2) It opened a “Little Gallery for Gals Only” and the advertising slogan “Hark, Hark the Clark” could be heard around Chicago. The Clark was torn down in 1974.The Edens I, built by the architectural firm of Perkins and Will, was an architectural phenomenon with its all concrete roof in the design of a hyperbolic paraboloid sold to a developer in 1994 and was razzed to build a shopping center. This brought to an end the era of grand movie palaces of which Lubliner & Trinz played an integral role. There are four surviving L & T theaters: Biograph, Congress, Davis & Logan. The Congress is currently being considered for restoration and re-use by the firm of  PalMet with Michael Moyer in charge.List of Lubliner & Trinz Theaters:01. Belmont                                           21. Oak Park02. Bel Park                                          22. Palace03. Biograph                                         23. Paramo[...]



Tuesday 3:00 PM Deep Stack $235 at the Rio was absolutely one of the craziest tournaments I have ever played! Starting stacks are 12K, blinds at 25 & 50 with 30 min. rounds.  I hovered around the 12K starting stack moving a little over and a little under for most of the first 5 levels.  The 2 hands before dinner break I find A,6d in the big blind and call a small raise from UG (Under the Gun). the flop comes 10,10,6 no diamonds.  It is only he and I so I decide to shove (All In) and he insta calls and turns quad 10s. Down to 4K. Next hand before dinner break I tripled up and with blinds and antes and I now have about 35K.

After dinner I go on a tear winning most and losing a few.  Most notable loss was AA vs. QQ when a Q came on the flop (First 3 cards dealer turns over). I am up and down like the proverbial YoYo. All in on 5,2s, win. All in on 8,7h, win. All in on 10,9h win. Building a huge stack. Everyone at my table just shaking their heads and mumbling to themselves.  Everyone staying out of my way.  Working my way to the final 2 tables then down to twelve.  Catch KK in the small blind and their are two all ins in front of me.  I call hoping neither has AA. They didn't, I fade an A and win a huge pot, as well as moving to the final table.

Final table I have almost 4 million  in chips with the blinds at 60K, 120K and 10K ante. At this level it is a crap shoot and no ones chips are safe.  It is really an international final table with players from Brazil, Italy, England and Canada.  One player leaves and their are 9.  Talk of a chop begins but older guy from Italy refuses and says "let's gamble" (not in Italian). Another player leaves and now there are 8. Talk again of a chop. Everyone would get 4th place $$$ that came to $14,600.  Italy finally says OK if he can the 8th place payout (lower tax ramifications). It was kind of funny because the Brazilian player's English was not very good and his friend had to translate everything for him as the negotion went on. Everyone agreed and I had a great night.

This will be my last post until early August when I will be playing at the Ameristar in Ind. in the Heartland Poker Tour.  By the way I will be on TV on July 13th (tentative) on Comcast Sports Net. Check local listings for time. I will post on Facebook when it is finalized. Stay tuned!!!



Played in the 3:00 $235 Deep stack at the Rio but was card dead and was eliminated fairly early.  I then went over to the Orleans and signed up for their Sunday H.O.R.S.E tournament.  Horse  is a tournament that you play 5 different games. Limit holdem, Omaha 8 or better, Razz, 7 Card Stud and 7 card 8 or better. Every orbit the game changes. Yes, I made the final table and came in 9th out of 124 players.  Finally went to bed at 3:00 AM.

I am going to visit Victorian Casino Antiques this morning and then play in the 3:00 again at the Rio.  Made plane reservations and will be coming home on Wednesday.  Stay Tuned!!!!



Yesterday was a very, very long but slightly profitable day.  I went over to the Rio to sign up for their 3:00 PM, $235 deep stack tournament but when I got to the window there was a note that said it wouldn't start until 6:00 PM.  I signed up and sat down at the table about 6:03.  It was one of those nights where everything worked like it was supposed to accept for 1 hand.

Blinds start at 25/50, 30 min. rounds and 15K starting stack.  I doubled up early on an Ace high straight against 2 pair and seemed to win every race afteright that.  1530 started.  My small pairs were holding and my AK, AQ's and big pairs were winning.  I had a huge stack 400K very late in the tournament (Money bubble was 171 and we were at 88 when I looke down at KK with 2 all ins in front of me. I had them both well covered so shoved also. Player 1 turns over AQ and player 2 turns A10 neither suited.  I was thrilled they both had Aces until the flop when an Ace fell for a two outer win and knocked me down to about 150K.  I couldn't recover and ended up 57th.  Played for 10 hours.

Will play again this afternoon after a much needed sleep or maybe play in the Venetian $300 Black chip bounty at 6.  The Venetian has really changed their attitude towards poker players and the room is no longer as poker friendly as it has been in the past.  Stay Tuned!!!!



Well, my old computer fried itself like eggs over hard, so have not been able to blog for a few days. Luckily (?) I found a computer tech place right down the street and he happened to have a nice Dell and saved a lot of info off my hard drive.  It is a pain reloading all the software.

Yesterday I played in the WSOP Seniors and lasted a little over 2 hours.  Hand I went out on. 10d,9d, flop jd,10,6d, guy to my left bets, I call, turn 8c. I now have a flush draw, open end straight draw and a 10 draw. Guy bets and I shove on a 17 outer. He tanks and calls with QQ. River 5c and I am toast.  

On to the Orleans for their $125 dollar 7:05 NLH Friday night tourny.  Always draws a big crowd. 240 last night.  Took 2 bad beats. First with a pair of 10s. Flop comes KKQ. Player to my left makes a small bet, player to my right calls and I call. Miracle 10 on turn and I am 90% sure I have the best hand. Left hand guy checks and player to my right shoves, I shove and player to my left tanks then calls with K6. Q on river. 2nd not even worth talking about. Suffice it to say I got beat on the river again.

Went to the Rio to play in their 3:00 PM $235 deep stack only to find it had been postponed till 6:00 PM tonight.  Signed up and will keep you posted.  Hope my luck will change.  Stay tuned!!



Today was a day for running errands.  On the plane to Vegas, I discovered that I was having trouble seeing out of my right eye.  I emailed my friend Steve Forte and he recommended an eye doctor here by the name of Dr. Morrison. I called his office at 9 and got an 11:30 appointment.  

Had a nice breakfast and then mosied over to VCA (Victorian Casino Antiques) to visit with the gang.  Peter was in LA but it was nice to see Danny, David, Richard and Freddy.  I saw the Caesars collection and it was truly awesome with many uprights including a Caille Roulette, 2 doubles, a one of a kind that is called the "Little Derby" that could have been made by Watling, check boy, and a Snake three reeler, etc., etc., etc..  A truly remarkable collection.  It will be auctioned off in the fall.

Went to my Doctors appointment and found that I have a fairly normal 2nd cataract that I will have taken care of when I get home.  Dr. Morrison and I had a great conversation.  I found out he was friendly with Chip Reese an all time great poker player and all around nice guy as well as having a home on Flathead Lake in Montana.  Left in a better mood than when I arrived.

Next found a discount luggage store and bought a new duffel then over to the Rio to sign up for the WSOP Seniors.  Begins tomorrow at 10.  I will be in the pavillion black at table 153 seat 9.  Updates via twitter and Facebook.  I also found out that when visiting Vegas I can play poker on line at  Lots of sattelites to wsop events.

From the Rio to the Venetian to say hi to my friend Will Souther and give him a few dollars for part of his action.  Doubled my $$$ last year with Will.

Having dinner tonight with David "The Maven" Chicotsky my coach and his wife.  Hope he can coach me to a final table in the Seniors.

Stay Tuned!!!



Well, arrived in Vegas and my flight was only delayed 40 minutes.  Everything went well till the wheel broke on my PokerStars duffel.  It has only served me for about 7 years, so I guess it was about due to give out.  Had a nice dinner at the Tuscany which has become my abode of choice.  Quiet, easy parking, great Italian restaurant and nice pool area. Oh, did I mention $56 bucks a night.

Tomorrow is a day to run errands that will include signing up for the Seniors WSOP event that will begin on Friday. I will look for a new duffel, see my friend Peter Sidlow, find Monkey and have dinner with my coach "The Maven" and his wife. Will not have anything to report tomorrow but will begin again on Friday.  I will tweet and facebook from the seniors.  Stay tuned!



The auction is ovah and it's time to play pokah. Hey, that almost rhymes. Leaving Wednesday for poker heaven.  Going to take a quick refresher from my coach David "the Maven" Chicotsky and talk to the nice lady who purchased my living room at the auction.  

It was a wonderful weekend spending time with old friends Tom Dawson, Bob Rosenberger, Terry Roses and Phil Bollhagen as well as my son Howard. Great dinner Friday night at Orchid cafe and Saturday night at my Bros pizza palace Ginos East.

Stay tuned!!



Well, it has been a very,very long hiatus but I am going to post while I am in Vegas during the WSOP.  I am leaving on June 4th and will be playing in the Seniors Tournament on the June 6th.  I will also be posting on Twitter and Facebook.

I will play in some deep stack tournaments at the Palazzo and Venetian as well as the Friday night tournament at the Orleans.  I always like to know if anyone is reading the post so please feel free to make comments good or bad.