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Preview: Comments on automatic straddle: Recap: South of Nowhere, Season Three, Episode 4: ...

Comments on automatic straddle: Recap: South of Nowhere, Season Three, Episode 4: Spencer's New Girlfriend

Updated: 2018-03-10T02:22:19.439-08:00


damn! I wanna watch SoN with you guys.. love the m...


damn! I wanna watch SoN with you guys.. love the music references.. and pretty much everything about this blog..

razia: I would watch the Spencer Show. Also cre...


razia: I would watch the Spencer Show. Also creepy=awesome, don't forget.


guls: You don't. And totes would be hanging out at home on a Friday night anyhow. Seriously.

(I feel like vicky and anna responded to each other already so NEXT ...)

carlytron: I try to be a very generous person. I LOLed when I read "your tits" again, and also to your ANTM reference in this comment, esp. captalization of "Pack Her Bag."

I think someone else pointed out Riesling to me before but I forgot and then re-remembered just now, it was like a Revolution in My Head.

Really all I want to say is WAY TO BRING IT BACK AROUND.


edilma: Wouldn't it be funny if one week I was like: "no recap, just sex. HERE GOES!" That'd be awesome. Thank you for liking [and confirming] Carmen's hotness. (breathing) You also rock.


haviland: Aww, nah, YOU GOT IT! You are the sponsor of my fabulousness. I mean, the appearance of my fabulousness.


chase: Dude, why you always gotta be going to stuff like baseball games? And you should've seen the MacGyver action I pulled two days ago when I accidentally locked Carly and I on the roof. That was some serious stuff. I totally believed you about Havana Nights at the time. I kinda still think that maybe you do like it. I could talk about sports. SPORTSTIME!

Yeah, it's probably easier to watch shows when we're not yapping through the entire thing. But it's not as COOL, obviously.


YAY! I finally saw the episode :DI confirm: Carmen...


YAY! I finally saw the episode :D

I confirm: Carmen is hot.

took me a while to comment but dude my arms look s...


took me a while to comment but dude my arms look so friggin diesel...imagine if i actually worked out or went to the gym half as much as u....and i love how I am often the femme one in the relationship!...I totes was joking when I said Havanna Nights was one of my fav movies...and I DO NOT OWN IT...but I do love me a hot and dirty dance movie! Gotta go with the pops to a yankees game...(dont have to but well I want to bc GO YANKEES!!! There arent enough sporty dykes in your fan base...or maybe you just don't write about sports ever for those of us to comment about...) am stoned and rambling...but yay soooooo I can't make it on Friday cuz I am heading to the jerz after the game then in Florida the following Friday (holy alliteration yo) but I will def be there for the episode after that...try not to miss me and my locking-ur-keys-in-ur-apartment, destroying-my-debit-card-breaking-into-your apartment-stoned-and-drunk-self too much!....though maybe I will actually get to hear some of the show this time without you and Carlytron yapping it up! ....knocking out... Night Ri Ri <3

Riese, look amazing in glasses. A...


Riese, look amazing in glasses. Actually, you look amazing in ALL these pics.

I'm so sorry not to ever be able to be there. Since I don't watch the show, I obvs can't really comment on it...but I can ALWAYS comment on the level of fabulosity present in your life.

And baby, you got it. :)

Ok before i forget:1. I hate you for meeting Leish...


Ok before i forget:

1. I hate you for meeting Leisha(jk, but yes i hate you)

2. You should def. make a blog of you having sex...sorry did i say that outloud? hahahahaha

3. Yes i think Carmen is hot too.

4. I haven't seen this episode yet because i live in freakin' Venezuela and it's not on youtube yet...(breathing)....but i had to read the blog because i need my weekly hysterical laughs at the office...(breathing)

5. You rock.

I feel like my helpfulness rate is more like 20%, ...


I feel like my helpfulness rate is more like 20%, your 35% was extremely generous. In my own defense, however, it is totes your job to type stuff whilst we watch.

I still love my "your tits" line at the beginning of this episode, and I think I started talking about how great it was that Ashley was still wearing vests w/o shirts under them this season. I also look pretty bad in some of these, and kept making dumb faces, so I will study my Tyra Banks model poses/faces and be more prepared for this week's show. Maybe we can all do a photoshoot and one of us can be The Best and one of us can Pack Her Bags.

P.S. I do not love Smirnoff Ice (sorry Vicky) and this recap was also brought to you by sunglasses, Riesling (OMG that is like, YOUR WINE, GET IT!? Aaaaaaahhh I just got that, wow. Okay. Sory. Calming down now.) and the baseball team of the future (also: glasses).

I also recall singing Bon Jovi when that pregnant girl first approached Aiden and said that he had been "shot through the heart," obvs.

"Shootin' some cats outside the public pool" ???? You've got to be kidding me here. Where do you come up with this shit? Totes brill. True story.

True Life: I got fired from SPORTS TIME!

Finally, I would like to address Bad Movie Sequels. As anyone who has ever read any of my online profiles (myspace/virb/blogger/ourchart/facebook/pleasekillme) can tell you, one of my FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WORLD are direct-to-video sequels to bad teen films. There is this one guy, he is in over 50% of them and COME TO THINK OF IT, kinda looks like Glen. He's not Glen though. Anyway. I have seen Skulls 2, Wild Things 2, Cruel Intentions 2&3, American Psycho 2 (what? exactly.), and I know I have seen more I just can't remember them now because 1) it is late, 2) I am tired, and 3) they are all the same movie anyhow.

[And is it just me, or are these word verification things getting longer and longer?]

the famous vicky,That might be where we are it is ...


the famous vicky,

That might be where we are it is hard to tell without any contact to the outside world aside from our long journeys into the local Town to get water and supplies. Well, we had to trek many many miles in our soccer cleats to get to the local internet cafe in order to dial up and leave this comment. the password you use when you sign on to the internet from the cafe is the same word we think as is down there in the handicapped word verification "ahgedmwu." If you can pronoucne that you can be in our clan of Midwestern lesbian warrirors.

lol, actually lookie here:

-anna speaking on behalf of herself and a.h.

to anna and a.h.:are you guys from Shyamalan's Vil...


to anna and a.h.:

are you guys from Shyamalan's Village?

If so:

how did you get on the internet?

Just curious.


Awesome recap again Riese;I really start to think ...


Awesome recap again Riese;

I really start to think I don't have to watch this show, your recaps are just enough.

Thanks for hanging out at home ona friday night to do this.


Can we just have a Spencer show? For real. I would...


Can we just have a Spencer show? For real. I wouldn't even mind if it was like Sam Taylor Wood's "David", I'd still watch it. Ok thats a bit creepy but I'm just being honest, shes way cute.

the spaz: AWESOME. Obviously they hat their hats ...


the spaz: AWESOME. Obviously they hat their hats on. I had a blossom hat. It was denim with a flower.

I feel like there should be someone like that too. Because when you're writing, you tend to drop in things you're not sure about and then you kinda just start accepting those things as facts even when they so clearly are not facts, and you need someone totally from the outside to swoop in and be like, "Um, hold up." Clearly this has happened to me many times, but sometimes it makes it all the way through with the factual inconsistencies intact. But yeah, um, it shouldn't be that hard. WTF indeed.



I love the Carlton dance and try to reference it whenever possible. Most of my family's in Ohio so I have tender spots for it all over my heart and soul.

I hate smirkers too, hm, I wonder why that didn't annoy me with her. The worst smirker of all time is George W. He just grates at your soul with his little smirk, ugh.

And yeah, it is crap how they're portraying her in terms of bisexual. I'm just glad that so far no one's been like "just choose a gender!" Then I will loose it ... it's the exact stereotype that we despise and that I used to crusade against until I just got tired.
Also, I've got no desire for straight sex scenes, I've seen plenty, you know? I'm much hungrier for lesbian sex scenes, obvs. As it's become my life's work to bring these stories to the screen. HA.



I did NOT hear those lyrics, but that is sad, because they are BRILL. I mean. There. are. no. words. Except those words, clearly.

I think she meant rolling on the floor laughing. Though this recap, and this show, would be much better through the mirage of Ecstasy. methinks.


Anna and A.H:

Um, obvs not creepy at all! It's the Smirnoff Ice, isn't it. It is. It's the SI that makes us seem so glamorous. In truth, we are all losers. JK, just me. Those other girls are doing just fine, as far as I can tell.

And yeah, I like to surround myself with beautiful people, as it ups my chances of being photographed for GONYC magazine (kidding). Thanks! (seriously). (Carly's glasses, I just borrowed them.)


OK really now: You made a Margaret Cho reference, which is amazing and brill, AND a Little Britan reference, also amazing and brill, which only leads me to believe you are secretly probably the hottest person on earth.

riese,I've determined something: After reading you...



I've determined something: After reading your recaps since the Season 3 LWords and now was very thrilled to see you would be reccaping South and you have not let me down.......well, Riese, this is what we know, you and all your friends should have your own reality lesbian television show. Do you have ANY friends who are not hot? Every new friend is hot. Are you a unicorn?
LOL, I live in one of those small midwestern towns that Jenny comes from, why do you think we watch so much television, and to me and all two of the other gays in the village, you seem very glamorous, lol. Ohhh this is what its like in the city!

(I am loving the glasses, Riese! Damn!)

Like they said, I think I spit out my coffee when I read the "Fresh Princess of Ohio." And I thought about Blossom and Six!

Thanks Riese, Carly, Vicky, Chase and Angelica, for my weekly laughs! Keep it up!

(I hope this doesn't sound creepy!)

Love From the Village!

Anna (and A.H.)

2 quick things: 1. Please tell me that you heard t...


2 quick things:

1. Please tell me that you heard the lyrics of the shitty heavy metal song that was playing in dyke-on-bike montage! They were, and I quote:

Water's toooo dirty.
Swimmin' in the FECES

2. Did Katie in Cincinatti just say she was "rollin'" when she read the Fresh Prince remix because she was high on ecstasy or just laughing a lot?

Awesome recap. Great way to wind down the night. I...


Awesome recap. Great way to wind down the night. I was rollin' when I read the Fresh Prince remix, especially since I'm in Ohio! I'm having giddy visions of Carlton singing "It's not Unusual" and doing that dance (which is still better than I can do).
I'm totally in the "eh" boat when it comes to Carmen. If she'd wipe that smirk off her face, I might give her a chance. I hate smirkers. That's what killed CSI:NY for me.
It looked to this kid like they are getting back to their old tricks vis-a'-vis the affection question. How long did they linger on the Madison/Perv makeout session before giving us the fleeting Spencer-pecks? And if I was bi (am not, am lesbian, am hungry), I'd be a little pissed at how they're portraying Ashley, as this is the exact kind of crap stereotype I always hear about bi women (but fortunately have not encountered).
On a final note, someone mentioned the English show Sugar Rush last week. So I went and got the first couple of episodes. You have to check this out of you get the chance. It is at least 14.672 MILLION times better than SoN (no disrespect to SoN intended). It's hilarious, and well written, and believable (usually) and English. In short, it rules...

Katie -- Cincinnati

What a long day I've had. This made me laugh my a...


What a long day I've had. This made me laugh my ass off, 'specially the Fresh Princess of Ohio rap, thank you!

Totes feel you on the Blossom and Six thing as well, although in my teenage fantasies they both had their hats on ;)

Also nice call on the time clothes website stats thing. I remember thinking something very close when I seen that part, like WTF?

I imagine there should be somebody who reads scripts for shows and removes whacked out senseless stuff like that before they get made.

It shouldn't be that hard, the show is only a half hour, its not like say General Hospital or something that needs to fill five hours of airtime a week for fifty-two weeks a year with super complex story arcs and decades worth of history...