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Preview: Comments on: Baby Talk (100)

Comments on: Baby Talk (100)

A podcast about words, language, and why we say the things we do

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By: language of babies

Sun, 29 Jun 2008 13:14:35 +0000

language of babies... ...

By: Dave

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 17:00:05 +0000

John, I'd try downloading it again. It should be about 37 and a half minutes long. Nothing has changed with the file since we originally posted it.

By: John M. Kirton II

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 16:54:11 +0000

Somehow, my copy of "Baby Talk" only recorded 16 minutes. Was that an error on my end?

By: Lost Parent Diary

Mon, 19 May 2008 18:12:37 +0000

Baby Talk podcast... A few weeks back, The Word Nerds, one of the first podcasts I ever started to listen to, did a great episode on baby talk. It was also their 100th episode and 2 year anniversary, congrats guys! In the podcast, Howard and Dave define baby talk as a natu...

By: allergic-2luv

Mon, 12 May 2008 02:26:28 +0000

Hi there, I'm VERY happy that i finally found what i need and more in a podcast, since i knew "The word nerds", i Never look for any podcast to help me with my English. But i wish that you could post something like Main subjects, because sometimes i can't get the spelling for some words, which is very important for me as an ESL learner; like the word " Masagenistics", " spoonarism", and i want to tell you guys I LOVE YOU, keep getting up. I've invited all my friends to check "The word nerds". Thank you, Khlood Elsayed (allergic-2-luv)

By: Claire falkus

Sat, 05 Apr 2008 21:51:34 +0000

Hay, congratulations on 100, a respectable run on all accounts! Im 15, from england and i was readding an article recently about the development of speech etc. It was really interesting, one of the things that came up was the coceptual understanding of grammer. They say that past the age of 5 a section of the brain totally shuts down (or at least for its original purpose) and from then on it is impossible to fully understand the slightities of a language's grammer. The report covers research into all sorts of cases, such as child abuse and neglect. But unless we learn a language before 5, and by that i mean basic language structure, it is impossible to develope a natural, subconscious language. Intersting eh! Anyway, well done, i love the podcast!

By: Ratgna

Fri, 28 Mar 2008 17:26:13 +0000

Congratulations and celebrations on your 100th fantastic podcast!

By: Howard Shepherd

Tue, 25 Mar 2008 14:53:18 +0000

While listening to your discussion of the etymology of "baby," I was reminded of a similar etymological epiphany I had in graduate school at St. John's College. We were reading Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War, and we came across a passage referring to the "barbarians" (in Greek, "hoi barbaroi"). My tutor, a student of classical Greek, told us that the "barbarians" were foreigners (Persians, I believe), who were only capable of inchoate babblings that sounded like "bar-bar-bar." (I think he told us that the term originated in Herotodus's discussion of the Persian invasions of Greece, but I may be wrong about that.) Thus, the word "barbarian" is an echoic reduplicative that has the same sense as the word "baby." In other words, those Persians who invaded Greece thought they were scary, but they were really just big babies.

By: deb

Mon, 24 Mar 2008 18:09:50 +0000

Happy 100th Show! Still going strong, and I'm lovin' it! Congrats!

By: Julie

Mon, 24 Mar 2008 15:55:12 +0000

Congratulations on 100 high quality, fascinating shows, and three years. We look forwrad to many more!