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Preview: Amber Rigby Grosjean, Author

Amber Rigby Grosjean, Author

Author of multiple books. Also known as A.R. Grosjean.

Updated: 2018-03-05T23:17:34.497-08:00


Hello, hello, hello!


So another month has quickly gone by and we're now in the month of March. I will be turning 42 this month! I cannot believe it lol.Sometimes I feel much older, sometimes I feel way younger lol. My newsletters are going strong. I've recently sent out another issue. I'm continuing to add subscribers. So if you'd like my newsletters to come to your email address, please let me know and I will get you added! I'd love to do that and will never ask for a penny. Just recently, I learned that my oldest daughter is pregnant for the second time so I will be having another grand baby! I'm jumping with joy on this! My first grand baby is a little over a year now and she's growing so fast. She loves walking. She fell the other day but she's okay. Comes with the territory. Of course, it doesn't make it any easier to watch. Her personality is beginning to shine through and I am so lucky to be getting called her grandma. Can't wait for the next one to come!!I am still working on my new page on Facebook and would love you to come by and visit. Just leave a comment so I know you were there. I'm always happy to read reviews as well. Its not a requirement but its always nice. You can never have too many friends so if we're not friends yet, ask to be added. Let me know I sent you lol. Meaning, you came from my blog lol.So that's my update for now. See you again soon!!!A.R. Grosjean[...]

Gotta love cell phones


So my husband found a new feature on his cell phone through the camera. Its called mirror. Its always been there but he didn't know it lol. So now he keeps taking pictures using the feature and he sends them to me. And of course, he sends them to our friends too. Its really funny how amusing he is about the whole thing. The picture above is one picture he took. We were waiting for the bus to arrive and I guess he was a little bored lol. This picture I took on the same day. He got me into playing around with the camera. Of course, I already knew about the feature because whenever I get a new phone, I always play around with it so I can learn what the phone does. Its amazing what cell phones can do now days. I remember when they first came out. The flip phones which are still around, were such a pain. I hated texting because you had to punch the key for the letter, sometimes two or three times depending on which letter you wanted. Then came the slider phones which were nice because they had a full keyboard but they were really small buttons so texting was still a chore. And then I discovered a smart phone. Everything on one screen. Select what you want and go from there. And you can add apps which can get a little crazy.Looking around, it seems everyone has a smart phone now. Some people are going nuts with them. Walking into things, getting hurt; all because they can't take their eyes off the screens. Selfies are being taken everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. I saw girls taking selfies in the bathroom. I mean, come on. How weird is that? As if people need to see a toilet stall in the background. You can edit your pictures but people don't. So instead of cropping out the toilet, they leave it in there hoping people won't notice the dirty toilet behind you. Yeah, not all bathrooms have stall doors lol especially if its one of those one person bathrooms.But to make it fair, smart phones do come in handy. The built in GPS with maps help you find your way in a new city. I've used it many times. You can get the weather app so you can be sure its going to be a nice day or to avoid the bad weather. There's great apps that help keep you busy so you're not bored while waiting to see the doctor or whatever appointment you're waiting for. And the games are addictive lol. Believe me, I know. There's apps to help you grow; cooking, writing, etc. Checking emails don't require computers now. Its great. But people live in their cell phones now. Instead of visiting with people in the room, everyone is on their own cell phone. Texting or playing with whatever app is on the phone. Our technology as evolved. With that, some people have gotten dumb over the years. Sorry to say it but its true. I did say some, not all.[...]

Welcome to My World


Okay, so I don't really know why I came up with that title lol. But here ya go, welcome to my world lol. Some updates. I have made some changes on Facebook. I dropped my account and new a whole new one. I needed something fresh. A new start. I had that other account for a very long time and it was holding a lot of baggage, I guess you can call it. With that being changed, I had to create a new page for my author page. I changed the link at the right so it will take you to the new page.

I am also working on a new book. A Non-fiction. Those always take a while to be written to you will have to bare with me on it. It is my story. My true story about the life I've had so far. My autobiography. Yeah, I'm not dead but might as well write it while I'm alive so the story is told completely. Other people can't do these types of books justice. Yeah, they get the facts but there's no feeling behind the story. You don't know what's inside someone's head when someone else writes it. And if no one ever reads it, at least I can get it out and maybe begin to finally heal. I hope that happens. I've lived a bad life, a very sad life filled with pain and people who said they loved me who used me and lied to me all my life. Its going to stop. I'm taking control of my life. It is my life after all.

And so I've found myself escaping into other worlds again, hiding away from the problems of my world. Its never ending. One day, I'll be truly free of my mistakes and hardships. Its not today, maybe not even tomorrow. But someday. Until then, I will keep on working at it and hope I can still have a good life. A happy life. That's all anyone really wants--to be happy. Right? I'll get there. After all, dreams really do come true. That's my ultimate dream--to be truly happy.

Until next time, see you later

AR. Grosjean

Changes for the New Year


Well, its finally the end of the year. We can say good-bye to 2017 and hello to 2018!This is probably my last blog of the year so I should say a little something, huh? I've been busy. Still doing my research for my upcoming non-fiction book about homelessness. Been talking to people incognito. Boy, some of the things, I'm hearing is really sad. Don't know if I can use any of it though. Should I be upfront with people, letting them know I'm a writer working on a book in this subject? Mother of the Dragons is out and available for purchase. Been trying to market that. I wish I had the kind of voice that actually gets heard. Its hard trying to sell a book when no one hears you.Christmas came and went. I was hoping to be ready for it but finances did not want to cooperate. As usual. I think everyone around me is used to that. I'm working on it though. Winning the lottery would be so useful right about now. It would be great too because then I could have my own publishing company being the one that opens the doors for small-time authors trying to break into print. I could be the one who makes people's dreams come true. And then I could help them along side myself getting seen. Hire build board signs and commercials. Place ads in newspapers and magazines. But its only a dream lol. Of course, there's more to do with a lottery winning. My children wouldn't have to suffer anymore. That's worth it all, right there.So now, we have a new year slowly approaching us. Hiding in the shadows, waiting until we least expect it, and then pounce on us like a cat playing with a mouse. Boy, am I ready for this year to be over already. But I have plans. I want to be able to sell copies of my newest book. Get another one written. Spend more time with my kids. And my grand daughter. She crawls like she's already in the army like her aunt. Its so cute. She's trying to walk but her mother wasn't walking on her own until she was about 18 months so I'm sure she will get there. I'm in no hurry lol.So with the new year, I decided it was time to make a couple changes on my blog. I hope you like it. I'm always on Facebook which is linked on the right side of the page. Feel free to come on over, like and follow. I'm trying to keep it busy so there's always something going on there. Until I post again, you all have a great day and I will be seeing you again soon!!!A.R.Grosjean[...]

My Next Book: Mother of the Dragons


This is my next book and I'm excited to tell you all about it, as well as share some great reviews!The price for the paperback will be $7.95 plus tax. It will be available through Amazon as well as many other places. I tried to create a price that was reasonable and fair, plus able to receive some sort of royalty. E-book will also be available through Amazon. Price coming soon.First of all, this book will be released in or before Feb 2018, just in time for Valentine's Day. It is a Fantasy Romance for you women although I'm sure men will enjoy it as well because there are dragons, wizards, and magic all included with this story. Forbidden love and two lives changed forever. The woman is made an example of and she is transformed into the very first fire breathing beast man has ever seen, known to us as a dragon. Her kind and the humans go to war. All she wants is the man she fell in love with and to live among the people in her kingdom. Will she have a second chance? Can she find true love again? Its the only thing that can save her.Here's what other people think of Mother of the Dragons.............It's gripping and dramatic from the start.  One Hell of an introduction to the story.  Loved every line.Really drags the reader into the world and makes you want to read more.Nice pace throughout and it holds the reader's interest from beginning to the end.Amber has a unique voice and a wonderful skill as a story teller.Love the dialogue and strength and believability of the characters.I love a good story that I can become lost in, and here not only was I lost, but I didn't care, nor did I want to come back.Not only am I enjoying the mystical aspects to this, I am also enjoying the journey and warmth of the story as it unfolds and the characters are quite endearing...wonderful.One thing, one of many, that anyone who writes wants to know is 'Is It Any Good? Now I can heap on praise and flowery words, but at the end of the day... is it good enough for me to put my hand in my pocket and buy it, after having read it on here first? Damn right it is.'These are characters and a story I want to read again and again.  How can you not want to buy it?Modern fantasy all seems to want to imitate Game of Thrones, Lord of The Bloody Rings, or Harry The Sooner He Hit's Puberty The Better Potter.  It's all fad related. Amber's work is real.  It came from the heart and her imagination, not a clone of something else, which is why it's seriously kick arse.Some books, such as this one, you just don't want to come to an end.  You always hope that there's a sequel, just because you come to love the world and the characters within it. And that's what Amber's done.  Created a world that a person can immerse themselves in. Nevertheless, a seriously Groovy story and one Hell of a novel.That is just some of the comments I've seen so far. I let a group of people read the book for me, helping me smooth out the kinks through editing before the book is released. I didn't include every thing that was said, just most of it so you can see an idea of other people's opinions. I worked on this story for quite a while now, making changes here and there so it would be as perfect as possible for all the readers who would enjoy it. A few comments will also be shared on the back of the book.Thank you!!A.R. Grosjean[...]

Hello everyone


It doesn't happen very often. The two of us in one picture where we both look normal. Usually, he gives goofy looks or something. When he looks okay, something is wrong with the way I look. This is probably the best picture we took together for a long time. He has a goofy nature so I'm used to it but every now and then I like it when he acts normal lol.

So I've been a very busy young woman. I've been writing. I finally finished a round of edits for my next book Mother of the Dragons. I'm letting some people read it to get some feedback. One chapter at a time so it will take a while. Once it is finished and I've decided on a cover, it will be released but I am taking my time to make sure everything is correct. Editing is always the hardest part and always takes the longest.

I have been working on my Facebook page as well. It can be found at I am in the process of adding groups to the site for my books. The first two of which are Mother of the Dragons book group and Peterson Estate book group. They are both open to the public at this time. I don't want to add too many at once so it won't be too overwhelming. That's something I don't want to do.

I am excited about my newest book and so far, I've been getting some really positive feedback which I am adding to the new group site on my page. This will make for a good way to show others about the book which is something I need to do. And since the book isn't out yet, it gives me more time to reach as many people as I can. It will be available in paperback and e-book form through Amazon once it is released.

Then I can dive into my next book full force while still working on the research for Homeless Across America which is something I'm still working on. Nonfiction books are harder to write because everything has be right 100% of the time so things need to be double checked, then triple checked. And then I need to create a cover. I'm thinking of taking a picture for that one. It will be a while before that one is ready though.

So that's my newest update so far. Don't forget to check out my Facebook page and like it. Share it with your reading friends too. Thanks!!

A.R. Grosjean

Been a while. Update.....


I hope I'm not scaring anyone lol. Here's my most recent picture. Just got a new hair cut. I did the front myself and my darling husband did the back to even it out since I couldn't see it. Of course, I fold my hair behind my ears so its hard to tell but its all the same length. He did a better job than I did, I think lol. But I've never said I was a professional.Its bee too long since I've posted anything on here so this one might be a little longer. There's a lot to say today. First off, I'm still writing just taking longer cause I want everything just right. My next book has to be better than my last one and I'm still researching for my homeless book. No, I didn't take off more than I can chew. I just want the information to be right. So it takes longer.  Being my first Non-Fiction, I wanted it all to be as accurate as possible.So I'm on Facebook a lot. Yeah, its a good way to keep in touch with my children. Well, one of them because the other two are really busy with school and their lives. I have a stronger bond with the oldest and she just had a baby so she's always sharing news of her. My first grand daughter. She was born in October, a little sooner than the doctor predicted. But its okay. I was all too happy to hear the news! I don't look like a grandma and I don't tend to act like one either lol. Of course, I do crochet so maybe I will act like one just a little.So anyway, I've been getting frustrated with my list of friends on FB. Many of them have been posting about politics. I'm so tired of them. Most of the time, I just pass by them anymore. But sometimes, one catches my eye and I will read it, sometimes making a comment. That is what FB is, right? Before, during the elections aiming at the current President (Obama) many people were complaining that there were too many refugees in our country and we needed to stop them and pay more attention to our veterans. And then we get a new President (Trump) and he signed something that had been on the President's desk for many years (before Obama) banning the travel of certain people from 7 different countries. Now these same people are complaining about it. I did leave a comment and one of my friends got offended and said "No, I said this...." which was the same thing I had said but in her own words. Come on. If you complain about something and the President makes it happen, don't get mad about it. You got what you wanted. Why complain about something you wanted and posted about? Its only going to make you look stupid and ungrateful. Am I right?Now, I'm not into politics. Never have been and I probably never will. Its all labels to me. We're suppose to be a united nation but yet we're divided into groups. Get rid of the groups and drop the labels, and let's just be who we are. Humans. I know, its never going to happen. As a nation, we've lost our compassion, our heart. And until we find it, we'll never be a great nation like Trump says. I think I'm venting now lol. And I know not too many people actually read my blogs so its all good. I'm okay with that. Eventually, it will get noticed and I'll have to watch what I say lol. Until then, I'm venting. If you are one of those people who still has compassion for your fellow human, spread the word and get it out. We need to love each other like God intended. There's no other way our of our mess. Through love.[...]

Blast from the past


Okay, here's how I look right now. I checked my email and received a notice that one of my memberships was going to be canceled from being inactive so I went on it and did a few things so it wouldn't be closed. While doing so, I stumbled across some of my old pictures. I really forgot about them and thought to myself, wow I've changed over the years. So I saved them to my computer and now I'm sharing them with you!Forgive me because the shirt I'm wearing even though I liked it at the time makes me look a little bigger than I really was at that time lol. I have gained some weight since then but I still don't look that big and I am losing that weight now. About 6 pounds total so far!!! I'm proud of myself on that lol. Maybe its the summer heat and all the walking I'm doing. Plus I'm drinking way less soda although I haven't given it up completely. But that's a different story lol. You know me, its hard to stay on topic. But anyway, here's the pic. It was taken in Indianapolis, Indiana by my hubby. I can't remember the year it was taken though.If you aren't familiar with Indy, this was taken on the circle, downtown. Its called the circle because the street forms a circle around a monument. There are steps where a lot of people sit and have lunch during the warmer days. I remember the shorts I have on. I actually decorated them a little one day when I was a little bored. I don't know if you can tell in the picture.I love horses and we got permission to take this picture. The guy was a taking a break waiting for someone to want to take a ride. I believe its cost 50$ for like an hour or half an hour. I can't remember which lol. Don't you just like memories? Some things you can't remember and some things are hard to forget. Good or bad. And the older you get, the worse that gets. I hate it a lot lol. But I am glad there are good memories like this that can bring a smile to my face. There are a lot of old pictures that I've been looking for so its nice to find them when I do. I'm going to keep looking and hope for more happy surprises. I like seeing how I've changed over the years lol. Gotta love the internet lol.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have added a new feature to this blog. Its a guestbook and you can find it on the Contact Amber page. Its actually an old feature that I used on my old website so the last entry was in 2008. I apologize for that. Please feel free to leave an entry if you'd like. I'm always happy to hear from you.So that's it for this entry. Please stay cool and stay out of the sun if you can help it. Wear sun screen if you have to. I don't any more because I've been tanning now so I'm happy about that.Amber Rigby Grosjean[...]



So summer is slowly approaching and I'm getting excited as each day passes by. I'm working on my next newsletter issue. Actually, I really just finished it leaving time to get the next one started lol. I really do enjoy making them. If you noticed, there is a sign up box on the right side of the page if you decide you'd like to receive an issue in your email. These pages are printer friendly so I invite you to print one out if you'd like and share with your friends.

I always ask if someone would like to share some big news to let me know and I'm happy to add it to one of my issues. I will never charge anything for it so its always free advertisement. You can come up with your own design or I'll think of a clever way to share it. Also for free lol. As a writer, I know how hard it is to advertise lol. Getting my own name out there is a challenge so spread the word about my books if you can.

Tonight I am working on an all-nighter and as soon as I'm finished working on this blog, I'm going to be working on one of my books. Its my Fiction book called Homelessness Across America. I'm still seeking other people's experiences with the subject whether you've been homeless yourself or you've seen it (or even helped someone who was/is). Your name can be left out if you'd prefer. I will also be needing pictures. If you do have pictures, I will need permissions to have them. I was thinking of doing a state by state but that would lead to 50 chapters so I'm rethinking that idea lol. Plus I won't be visiting all 50 states. There's no way I could. That's why I'm asking for help. You would be given credit, of course.

For those who are on Facebook, I'm always there so you're welcome to drop a line. Please no flirting lol. I am a married woman lol. I have a page on there also for my writing. I'm still in the process of getting it organized so bare with me if you could.

Thank you!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Ready for Spring


Its been a little while since I blogged anyway so I thought I'd add a little something today. I looked back at my 2015 and I didn't blog that much at all. So I made it a goal to blog a little (well a lot) more this year.

I am so ready for spring. I decided to make a few tops to bring me from winter to spring. This one is my favorite of the tops. I made another one with a more sporty look that has a hat. I love the hat. But this one is more dressy which is a little more me.

I haven't been writing like I wanted to so maybe this year I'll do more of that too. I've just been stumped. Maybe I'm pushing it too much. I don't know. I love writing and everything that comes with it but lately, every time I sit down to do it, nothing comes out. I just hate writer's block. I've gone years with it, off and on. And then I had years where I couldn't put the pen down. Those were the years when I got published lol. And those were the years when I was still in school. My imagination is still there but its running wild again lol. Okay, so I've never tamed it. I aint gonna either. I like that its like that.

So my oldest is getting ready to turn 19 years old. I'm excited but at the same time, I just wish they would stop growing. All my kids are taller than me now. I hate being short lol. My son calls me the worlds tallest midget. It does make me laugh. They do get that from their father. Annoying but funny lol. I do love them.

So, I need to get off of here and see if I can put some words to paper.

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Update....Dec 2015


Its that time of year again! Less than a week away to celebrate a special birthday!!! Merry Christmas!!!

As an update, I've been really busy working on one of my books, getting research done. I don't want to leave anything out. I've been keeping my eyes open and ready!

I'm ready to send out my next newsletter. Its not too late to sign up for it. There's going to be 2 for the price of 1--free, of course lol. I'm excited about it and can't wait to fill the emails! I just hope everyone enjoys them! So far so good for the past issues!!

I'm so not ready for the upcoming year 2016. Its a special year for me. You'll have to read my issues to find out, of course. That much I won't say here. Not yet any way. I can't spill the beans about this special news!! No, another book isn't ready for publication yet. I'm still working on that lol. But its equally as good. For me anyway!!

Life is too short to sit at the computer all day and play in the clouds. Its not boring though. I enjoy visiting my new friends in my head. No, I'm not crazy. I'm talking about my characters. You should know me by now. I love creating new people and having them doing things. Sometimes I get a little carried away and they follow me to my dreams lol. Of course, that does help me make them better on the page. Its fun too!! As long as they don't go around killing each other lol. Then I may be a little worried.

So that's now in a nut shell. See you soon!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Started writing a new book


Well I started working on a new book last night
 An idea just popped in my head and I couldn't get it out. When I began writing I didn't have a title. Sometimes I do that. And then the title hit me mid sentence so I scrolled up the page and quickly added it.

The book is called The Keepers. Right now all I can say is that its an alien story. I can't wait to reveal it!

A.R. Grosjean

New Changes


As you can see I've made new changes to the design of my blog. I hope you like it.

I like mixing things up a bit every now and then. Its like cleaning house. Sometimes a sofa needs to be moved for a fresh look lol.

Yeah that's me. I'm always moving things around. Sometimes furniture is pushed up against the wall, sometimes its"free standing". I don't like the look to be the same too long lol. Lucky for me, I married someone who is the same way! I grew up in a house where the sofa was always in the same place and it got boring for me. So when I got my own place, I knew I would be different and I am! Got to have change in my life every now and then. Some things can't be changed but some things can be so I work on the things that can be changed. We've actually switched rooms before too. I once lived in a house that was broken down into apartments and my side was basically a walk through. The bedroom was originally in the center which meant you had to walk through the bedroom to get to the kitchen from the living room. So we switched the living room and the bedroom. We blocked the front door and used the back door to the kitchen. Problem solved! And of course, we had a sign on the front door for people to go the back door if they were visiting so we didn't have to yell through the door.

I'm the same way with my blog. If I left it the same all the time, it would be boring lol. So I change it up every now and then so you feel like you're at a new place. Its something for me and something for you! All at the same time.

So what have I been up to?

Besides redecorating, I got caught up on one of my favorite shows. Finally finished Season 4 on "Once Upon A Time". Now I can't wait for the next season!!! Talk about a twist!! I love twists. I really love them a lot lol. If you haven't seen the show I don't want to spoil it for you but its one of those things you really have to watch! I'm dead serious. Its got Snow White and all the other fairy tale characters all in one show. Its got me hooked big time. Of course, I was hooked from the beginning in season one with episode one. I started watching the show on TV but got behind so when I had the chance to watch it on Netflix, I got caught up as soon as I could, watching one episode after another. No commercials!! The same thing for another favorite show of mine. Yep, that would be Supernaturals! I love that Dean and Sam!!!!! I'm currently waiting for season 10. Can't wait to see what happens to the boys.

I'm also working on my books. Research for one and editing another. So much work to do still. Can't wait to send it out to publishers!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Summer Time Fun


Summer is slowly slipping away. It feels like it just began. But there's been a lot of days that were enjoyed.......4th of July is a good time to celebrate. Sometimes the goofy side of our personalities over shine the rest.Brothers will be brothers, and when you're around family, you can be yourself. Sometimes you just want to make someone else laugh and get into the mood to party! That's my hubby, he's always wanting to make someone laugh. It helped that my daughter brought the props!And 4th of July wasn't the only thing that made summer great. We did have some nice weather, when it wasn't raining. We were able to sit outside and enjoy the good days.Sometimes sitting in a shade made it so much nicer. And spending the days with people you love makes it even better!!   And let's not forget the 3 Rivers Day Parade in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My oldest daughter was part of that parade. She marched with her school's band (Snider). I'm also an IU fan so I had to get a picture of the IU float!The summer was way too short for all the memories but memories they are and they will be kept. You never know, some of those memories can be turned into parts of books that will be later come into life! You never know with me!!!I hope your summer was as good as mine. And I hope Fall will have something good coming to you as well!!!Amber Rigby Grosjean[...]

We were never there.....


Well it is officially summer now and the 4th of July is upon us. Time for celebrating our nation's birth and our freedom! Of course there have been a lot of changes over the years since then. A whole lot.

None of us were there to see a lot of how America was back then. Only our ancestors. Our nation has a sad past. We can't change that past but we can learn from it, hopefully forget it too. Slavery was really bad. Segregation was really bad. Of course, in many ways that hasn't changed (its in reverse in many ways). That's part of our past we need to forgive and forget about. Yeah it was wrong and I'm sorry for how people were treated but the only way we can rise above it is by stopping it dead in its track. And the only way we can do that is by forgiving ourselves for what our ancestors did.

Yes, there's still hate in our nation which is also sad and I wish there was a magic wand to take it away but there isn't so its going to take time for it to finally go away. That has to start with each and every one of us. If we stop teaching our children its okay to hate another race, that will never go away. But we also have to stop saying we can't have a good life because of it either. That's up to each and every one of us too.

I was raised by people in my family who didn't like other races and me and my sisters were not aloud to date someone who wasn't black but I didn't turn out like them. I see people as equal. I consider myself color blind when it comes to people. If I can do that then so can everyone else. It has to start with ourselves. We have to put our hate and anger aside and forgive each other.

I hope I didn't offend anyone. That was not my intention. With Independence day coming up it got me thinking. Every time someone is killed by someone of a different color, it gets me thinking too. Just because they are different races, it really doesn't mean someone is racist every time. Black people kill white people too. Sometimes it is. And its sad any time someone is killed. I pray for all families involved. I pray that people stop the hate, either way. Whether its against the race, the gender, the age, the personality, or whatever someone hates someone else for. I pray it all stops. And we can all live in peace with each other and make this a great country to be living together in. As brothers and sisters. We are the human race.

Again, I'm not trying to offend anyone and if I have I am truly sorry. Its not intention. I just wanted to share how I feel. I love everyone!

Thank you!!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Update: Spring has begun!


So it has finally come! Spring!!!

The days are slowly getting warmer! I'm so excited. Did you know that sharks migrate? Well, they actually follow the fish so it seems like they are migrating. They have started heading back where they come from. So that's a good sign. And birds are chirping a little louder which means there's more of them which is another good sign. So before you start wishing for cooler days again, enjoy the switch to warmer weather lol. I know I am. Getting to spend more time outside always makes me feel better.

I have officially finished my next issue, coming out on April 1. No its not April Fool's Day even though it is on the calender lol. I'm so not looking forward to the tricks my hubby always pulls on me. I enjoy it more when he gets other people because it means I'm getting a break from it. Sorry all you people who fall victim to his tricks. Maybe one day someone will finally get him. I can hope, can't I?

Anyway, I will be getting ready for the May issue once that one goes out. I'm working up some ideas. I'm all ears from you if you'd care to share something. I know May has Mother's Day. I'm a mother of three and I love them very much! I'm always thinking of them!! My oldest is an adult now which makes me feel old. They always tell me I'm not old which makes me feel better. Although I wish they would have listened when I told them to stop growing lol. I need to find the fountain of youth so I can make them young again so I can repeat their childhood. That would be so awesome! Maybe a story idea can come of it. Who knows?

I am working on the third draft of one of my novels. The working title is "The Dead Life". I don't know what the finished title will be yet. Maybe someone can help me there. Or I might wait for the publisher to throw out ideas when it gets accepted. I'll let you know when I figure it out lol. But I have to finish the book before that can happen lol. And I'm still working on a few other stories. I'll let you know what comes of it all when I get there.

See you again soon!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Update, spring coming soon!!!


This is my favorite bird. I believe its the Blue Jay? Its vibrant and of course, my favorite color. If you notice, the top of the head is the same shape as the Cardinal lol. That's my home state's bird (the Cardinal). It was always said that if you see one early in the year then it meant spring was coming soon. I'm hoping that the weather man is right, no more snow storms! I heard it on the weather channel that there was going to be a warm up in all the states! Cross your fingers!!!

I'm still stuck on some of my scenes. I'm hoping the good weather will help. Its hard to write when you're cold lol. Sitting there shivering lol. No, the house isn't cold. I'm just being funny. I've been around my hubby for too long. Yes, most of his body is made up of funny bones lol. He can't go a day without making someone laugh. Usually me but its always priceless when he gets someone else on one of his jokes lol. I'm like, finally I get a break!

I'm hoping to be done with one of my books by the end of the year. Then it will be out searching for another publisher. That's the hardest part of the writing process. I'm way behind my personal goal on getting one book published a year but sometimes its out of our hands. It happens. Life happens.

That's one of the greatest challenges we face as writers. Making the time to write, edit, do research, etc. Of course time isn't going to fall into our laps, that's why I said make time. When everyone else is having a ball at the party, sometimes we have to buckle down and work on our stories. Even when we're not in the mood we have to write, if we want to get our work finished. No one else can do it for us.

So that's my Que to get off here and go to work!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tired of Winter.....


Okay, so I'm tired of winter. Actually I was tired of winter the day it began. I'm not a real big fan of snow and the cold lol. Its pretty to look at in pictures but as far as I go, that's about it lol.When I was a kid, I enjoyed playing in snow but it all changed when I grew up.Before we begin to see warm weather there's plenty of ways to keep us warm while we wait. For those who like to crochet, here's a few things I've made that I would like to share. I'm not that good yet in these areas so don't laugh lol. And size of yarn does matter I learned especially when it comes to the feet lol.With a blanket on your lap and booties on your feet, you should stay warm. These booties were made using the granny square method and are pretty easy to make. 5 squares per foot. These were made a little big for my feet and actually fit my husband better. I made 4 rows so my feet should have been 3 rows. Two squares make the bottom of the foot. One square on top for the toes. One square for each side, then sew all the edges together. The back bottom square doesn't get attached completely to allow your foot to slide in. The full pattern can be found at or something like that lol. Here's the blanket. Its a lap blanket but you can make any size you want. Its a single granny square. I simply changed the colors as I went. Most granny square blankets are done by make many small squares and then attaching them together but you can also make one square and just keep adding rows until its the size you want. The look is endless with either way. Use your imagination. The great thing about blankets, you can use any colors. They don't have to match or they can if you want. You can even use just one color if you prefer.This is my latest creation. Its a softer yarn and has little pieces of yarn fraying out of it to give it that fuzzy look. I used a smaller hook with these booties. I have this set backwards so you can see the strap.I started out making a sock and when I got to the sides, I made my rows stop at the top and turned it around for the next row. When I reached the end, I folded it meeting the two ends and sewed it closed to make the heel. I used the normal yarn to make a button and made a strap. Make sure you make them at the same time so your booties are the same size lol. When I made mine, I did one full bootie and then took a couple days off so one is slightly bigger than the other one but you can't really notice if just looking at them.The great thing about making your own things like all these, you can customize it to fit your needs, style, and look. Your own colors. Besides making them for you, they always make great gifts. And because you make it, it will be cherished a whole lot more than something you buy in a store which is really cool! Something to think about for next Christmas or a birthday! Right?I know this is writing but its a pass time I enjoy which gives you another sneak peak inside my head lol. See you next time!!Amber Rigby Grosjean[...]

Hello! November is here! The year is almost over


Well I just sent out November's issue yesterday. Its not too late to subscribe lol. I'm hard at work starting next month's issue. December, the last month of the year. Believe me it takes time to get each issue ready for your eyes. I'm having so much fun creating each issue.

Its really hard to believe that the year is almost over. Where has the year gone? The days went by so fast, I got whiplash lol. Can that happen?

Anyway, so far I've seen a lot happen , mostly on FB cause I really don't pay much attention to the news anymore. I get the weather and that's it. Got tired to hearing everything on there which is why I do that now. But who needs the news when you have social networking that can bring the news to you. Some good, some bad. Some of its actually annoying, to tell you the truth. I scroll down the page looking for something interesting, and usually I spot it. Its like people will put anything on their wall. Its truly amazing, sometimes frighting. And then I remember something. People respond to these things. May not be me this time, but someone out there will. And then you get a chain reaction with each friend and each friend's friend. The power of it is really amazing.  Kudos to the people who create such places. Interaction is very powerful. And you can make so many friends. Some of them really aren't true friends but that's not everyone on those places. You don't have to meet someone face-to-face to have a great relationship with them. Social networking makes it so much easier to keep in contact with people. Who needs a phone anymore!

But it does seem like I do spend a lot of time on FB. A lot of my friends are there. I can share pictures, ideas, play games, etc and all from the safety of my home dressed in any manner I want. And if you have the ability, you can even chat cam to cam on there which is a cool tool if you have a webcam lol. I haven't tried it though but I did notice the feature. And that's not the only network out there. There's countless others. I belong to a few. Some of the same friends in all of them lol. Either way, you can have a whole different life on the computer. Be who you want to be. And if you don't want to continue a conversation, you just have to close the page and no one's the wiser. Start an argument if you want--not that I suggest you try lol. We are truly in the computer era. What's next?

Amber Rigby Grosjean

No Author for October but........


There isn't an author to share for this month but I thought I'd post a blog anyway.

I'm having fun putting my newsletters together so if you haven't had the chance to read one yet, you're still able to. Just subscribe to my issues on the right side of this page. Name and email is all I need or just your email. I don't need any other information because my newsletters are free. And you can stop receiving them using the same method. I'd be sad to see you go though.

In my newsletters, you will get a chance to see inside my mind, learn something new about me as a writer or just as a regular person. I also have a section where I talk about something to get you thinking. As for the rest of the issue, they are all different! I never know what I'm going to share with my readers lol. I like the suspense!

And of course, once I get more writers to share with you, I'll have that in my newsletter. If you're one of those writers feel free to fill out the questionnaire on my blog and send it to me. Its also free! Like I said before, I know how hard it is to market your books so I like helping when I can. The month it is shared in will also be displayed in my blogs for that month as well!

Well, I've got to get back to my writing! See you soon!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

An Update to Share


I really didn't want to have all my clothes to have a fall feeling to them so I made something that would make me think of spring lol. They say when you're cold to think hot and you'll feel warmer lol. I don't think that's really true but hey the mind is very powerful so maybe it can be true, just not with me lol.

I'm still working on some of my books. Its taking me longer than I thought with one that's been taking my time lol. I don't mind because now that I've written a few, I just want my next one to be really really good, something you will enjoy! Gives me more pressure but like I said, I don't mind. I don't write 24-7 either. In the time I don't write I'm making clothes lol. It's calming and there's no pressure. I can sit there and think of what I'm going to do next and it give me some time so spend time with my grandmother who passed on. Okay in spirit it gives me time to spend with her lol. Sometimes I feel like she's watching me and that makes me happy.

I'm also busy at getting my newsletter ready for the first. Almost there. It has a Halloween theme since it is for October. So think black and orange, and witches lol. Anyway, I'm not going to spoil the actually issue. You'll have to read it yourself lol. Once its finished, I'll be ready to send it out on the first to those who have subscribed. If you haven't you can still subscribe to my monthly issues on the right. Then I'll be ready to get started on the November issue which I've already started thinking about. So with that note, I will see you in a few days!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Preparing for the weather change!


Well, its getting close to being over. Fall is slowly approaching which means winter will soon follow. I don't like winter so much because its cold lol. So I've begun the making clothes to keep me warm. Here's a couple things I've made so far. The red and white top was just finished a couple days ago. I made it with short sleeves because not all sweaters have to have long sleeves. I made a beanie to match. The green, orange, and black hoody has been undone because I really didn't like it and it was a little too big lol. I am in the process of making it over again. This time without the black. The black will be used for something else.The yarn is pretty affordable. I only paid $2.88 per skein. The short sleeve top took 2 red and 1 white so for around 9 bucks I made something no one else has! And the other one was 2 of each color but only 1 black so it cost about 15 to create. Now, granted if I used those amounts on a new sweater in the store, I'd probably get something in better quality but by making them myself I get something new, creative, and time well spent. Plus it feels good when someone makes a compliment. Its worth it!It took what it seems like forever to even learn how to crochet. My grandmother tried to teach me when I was younger. I wasn't getting the hang of it and my rows were coming out uneven. Of course, now I know that I was dropping a stitch but at the time, I just thought I wasn't able to do it. I'm left handed and she was right handed so the whole process was just too difficult for either of us and I gave up. A couple years ago, I met a lady who had the patients to stick with it and taught me how to make Granny Squares which doesn't require the ends to be even because you're crocheting into a square. In about a week, I started getting it and I was making my first blanket.Of course, I got a little bored with making a blanket so I started looking at pictures in books and reading the step-by-step instructions and taught myself how to read patterns. Now I can crochet in an even line! And I am making clothes!! I've shared many of the things I've made in the past on here and I'm enjoying it. Of course, I'm not perfect and still have problems in some areas, even after 2 years but I'm still learning and I've been practicing. I love making headbands. I've made several beanies, a few scarves, many sweaters, a lot of summer tops, shorts, and more. And I take pictures of everything I make so I can learn from the mistakes I've made with each one and to remember what my work looks like after its been given away.Now, I'm still a writer. Nothing will take that away from me. But when I have writers block and just can't get my stories right, this is something to help me relax and get a lot of thinking done. So now you're learned something about me. And I'm getting ready for the weather change all at the same time! Thank you!!Amber Rigby Grosjean[...]

September's Author of the Month-- S.K. Yule


 This month’s author has written books for the adults only. Her books are Erotica. Titles include; Darkest Hours, Darkest Desires, Darkest Intentions, Darkest Risings (all a series); Lycan Lover, Lycan Lust, Lycan It, Lycan Heat, Lycan Vengeance, Lycan Christmas, Lycan Contempt, Lycan Redemption (all a series); the Shifter Seduction series (a 6-book collection by several authors including S.K. Yule); Paranormals Anonymous; Melandra’s Men; Second Chances; Breaking the Cowboy; Demon Scorned; Jericho’s Revenge; and Three Lovers for Lucy.Check out her website at: Yule began writing in 2008. She had back and neck issues, and needed a career she could do at home. She chose writing and says she hasn’t regretted a day since.S.K. Yule says she’s made many mistakes along the way and can’t really pinpoint them although she does remember her accomplishments. Just getting published was a big deal for her. Also, she won second place in a contest through her publisher. The title was Breaking the Cowboy. Her favorite genres to read are horror, paranormal, and historical which she has also touched in her own writing. Don’t forget the erotica lol. Her goals contain three simple words: write, write, write.  The most difficult book she wrote was the Darkest series because the characters were so conflicting and she needed to make sure they were still cohesive and worked well together. On the other hand, Second Chances was the easiest book she wrote because it came to her in a dream and she wrote it in a matter of weeks. The words simply poured out of her brain, she says. What sets S.K. Yule apart from other writers? She hopes her voice is unique. She doesn’t think she’s predictable, which could be good and bad depending on whom you’re speaking with. One book could have “happy-go-lucky” characters while the next book could be “dark, tortured” characters. She writes a combination of straight, ménage, and gay characters. She doesn’t follow a general guide for her characters. She likes happy endings but it doesn’t mean she won’t make her characters suffer before finding that ending. Her first choice for genres is Paranormal. She grew up loving horror. She’d sneak out to watch all the classics: Frankenstein, Mummy, Dracula, etc. Nothing ever really scared her.Right now she’s working on the last book for the Darkest series. She didn’t share a title with me so keep your eye out for that. She’s hoping to have it finished this year some time. She had a lot of emails from her fans asking her when she’d finish the series so she decided to get to it after fighting a heavy schedule.Her best advice for other writers is to not give up.***************** This is the last author I have for now. If you would like to be displayed like these authors, please send me an email and I'll get you started with an interview! Thank you!!! --Amber Rigby Grosjean[...]

Update and a little question...


(image) (image)            

           Okay, so which look is better? Blonde or Brown hair. Just curious to know what you all think?

For me, its the Blonde. It just looks healthier to me lol. I love wearing my headbands and keep making new ones because its fun and its a good way to kill the time lol.

My next newsletter will be coming out soon. Its right on Labor Day, September 1. If you haven't signed up yet, you're more than welcome to do that while you're here. The sign up box is right at the side of the page. Simply put in your email and click on sign up. You'll receive a copy on the first of every month. Each issue is different. I enjoy sharing my issues with you. And you're welcome to share them with others.

Its been a busy month for me. I saw previews for a movie that kind of upset me though. I'm working on a story that has the same idea as the movie. There is a but coming lol. My story isn't a love story so it'll be quite different. Seeing the preview got me thinking though. I believe there will be a little rewriting to do because I really don't want all the same similarities going on between my story and that story. I won't tell you what they are because I don't want to spoil the story. You'll have to see what it is for yourself.

Sometimes a story is revealed to the writer in surprising ways. And when there are holes in the story, he or she fills them in, in ways that make the story feel whole. But sometimes the holes aren't filled right. The writer has to keep going back until the story is right from beginning to end. Then and only then can it be considered finished. That's just what happened with my story. All I have to do is edit what I have and refill those holes so the story is just right. Then I can send it to publishers. Boy, will I be glad when that's done lol. Its been too long since I've had something published.

So that's what happening with me. See you in a few days with my author of the month!

Amber Rigby Grosjean                            

August's Author of the month: Antoinne Evans


Check out this new author! Here’s the link to his website….. is the author of a book titled “Welcome Back to Self”. This book is about this life and his forefathers. He also co-wrote the book Beginning with Ground Zero Blues (a collection of tales).The most difficult book he ever wrote remains unpublished at this time. It’s a children’s book he calls The Beast of Burdens. He was sick for the most part during the writing of this book plus he had to teach himself to envision how life would look through the animal’s eyes so he saw himself as the biggest obstacle. He was afraid that a “ruthless” publisher would get a hold of this book after he died so he kept the story to himself. His second book, Welcome Back to Self was published with Publish America which he admits was a mistake because they “stole” much of his royalties. Other than that, he feels writing is fun and he feels writing is the most honorable thing he has ever done.The easiest book to write was The Beast of Burdens. He had a nephew who died at a very young age (15) and he was able to see all the sketches Antoinne had done for the book leaving Antoinne feeling that he had achieved much more than by getting it published.Antoinne began writing when he was 7 years old, starting with a heartfelt story explaining why whales sometimes beach themselves. Just as some humans lose the will to live when they lose someone close to them, a whale may deliberately beach themselves from a broken heart.  Antoinne was raised by a single parent so his neighbor became a father figure to him, inspiring him to write. His motivation? He says everyone has a story to tell. He tells his story not only by the written word but also through his conquests and defeats. He is writing a new book about encouraging young people in the ghetto, in honor of his cousin who was murdered in Milwaukee in 2010……... For new writers out there, Antoinne says this, “Get ready for the rain when the sun quits shining. Always share your good fortune with others and if you don't like our President just remember it took 400 years for him to get there.”Antoinne’s favorite book?  “Aasop's Fables was a collection of fables that was orally passed on for several thousand years. Aasop was a slave that overcame the stigmaof being a slave just like I am struggling to overcome being labeled Black.” In his own words. [...]