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Preview: Art loses its ego when paired with purpose:

Art loses its ego when paired with purpose:

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Basel Miami Scope 2014


Hello This is Giorgio Casu reporting on the best painter at Scope Basel Miami 2014: Amanda Sage and Layla Love- along with Alex Grey. #tribe13gallery #tribe13artcollective #SCOPEMiamiBeach Scope Art Show #today #setup #lovethelifeyoulive #letmeblowyourmind Amanda Sage is at the forefront of a new breed of visionary/interdimensional artists using art as a tool for personal, spiritual, planetary growth and transformation. Amanda was born April 19, 1978 in Denver, Colorado to her mother YOU and father Jackson, with two brothers still to come. Her childhood was filled with healthy, tropical, media-free, creative freedom in Florida without the distraction of formal schooling until she entered 4th grade in Colorado. After finishing high school in Boulder, Colorado in 1996 at the Shining Mountain Waldorf School (where ‘coincidentally’ her high school art teacher was the Fantastic/Visionary artist HIKARU, her travels and projects bounced her between Bali, Indonesia and Vienna, Austria. Sam Bull from Leap Now helped guide her in connecting with the revolutionary midwife Robin Lim in Bali, and initiating the first contact with the artist and teacher Philip Rubinov Jacobson. After graduating she went to Bali as a volunteer for close to a year, and amongst other projects & exotic distractions, illustrated an herbal book with over 70 indigenous plants and herbs for the natural Birthing Clinic, now called Bumi Sehat. In this time she also extended production of her Batik clothing and design project that she had started in high school with her dear friend Leilea Satori, and this continued on amidst bouncing around the globe between the US, Vienna and Bali till the year 2000. Through meeting Philip Rubinov Jacobson and Michael Fuchs in 1996, she was invited to do a private 2 year intensive experiment to study the techniques of painting and etching of the old masters as an apprentice under the classical/fantastic artist Michael Fuchs in Vienna Austria. Following this in 1999 Michael introduced her to his father, internationally famed godfather of Fantastic and Visionary Art, Ernst Fuchs and has since been a student and painting assistant on various projects throughout Europe. Michael taught her to “see” the world around her through the brush and the Old Master techniques in painting. Ernst has reminded her to “listen”, which has opened up other ways of ”seeing” and perceiving. Since 2000 Amanda has been blessed with sharing a beautiful studio in the WUK, a self-governed culture house in Vienna (the biggest one of it’s kind in Europe), with her friend and colleague Paula Aguilera Pacheco a sculptor, painter and animator originally from Chile. The WUK has been an amazing playground for learning, creating and discovering new systems of group-interaction and presentation. She served for 2 years as a member of the Board of Directors of the WUK, and then for 6 years as Administrator of one of the major sections of the studio’s and workshops together with Paula, as well as initiating and organizing various events the largest being the ‘MAZE’ an open studio’s event in 2005 & 6. This has provided her with community, as well as space and time to discover her own visions, share questions and absorb information. She has exhibited Solo and in Group Shows in Galleries, Salons and in various projects/events worldwide since 1999, including London, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Bali, Colorado, Seattle, San Francisco and most exotically at Burning Man , hanging next to renowned visionary artists and friends such as Alex Grey & Allyson Grey, Martina Hoffmann, Robert Venosa, & many amazing artists involved in the growing movement of Visionary Art. Amanda is currently represented in various galleries & online collectives such as the Tribe 13, which has been bringing visionary art to festivals & gatherings worldwide for over 10 years. The Temple of Visions, a Gallery & Sacred Space in dwntwn Los Angeles; the Galerie 10 in Vienna, as well as the collective that has been exposing unkn[...]

Basel Miami 2014


Giorgio Casu will be this years writer coving Art Basel Miami for us. I know thousands of you responded last year so by popular demaind Giorgio is back on the sense letting you know who to collect and why... biographypaintings black and white/new pop series/release seriesnews & eventscollaboration & performancesdesign and productcontact Miami Art Basel.2009 Bodypainting: Giorgio Casu. Photos: Layla Love . Hair Design : Mone’ Arace. Model : Sara Semprini. Collaboration at SCOPE with Scott Alger I will be writing about the best art of Basel 2014 this week-- so stay tuned and do not miss it! -- Giorgio Casu

The Eye's of life


Happy to share this new art review with you. But the prospect of spending the next six years on steroids in a vain attempt to reverse the course her doctors were certain she was on scared Love far more than the prospect of leaving New York. So she moved to California and began researching natural ways of saving her eyesight. Today, she has weaned herself completely off of medication. And she can still see. Story covered by Giorgio Casu



Gina Marie & Eileen Moran take a break from the NY winter & are in Miami Beach at Art Basel 2013 warming it up with some fresh juices, sunshine kisses & scoping it out for Love Photography and will be writing daily reviews for Love Photography. Stay tuned for your daily update! Weds Dec 4th VIP showing at Art Basel, Chez Andres at the Standard, Harpers Bazaar Beyond Snowdome the latest collaborations with MCM at the Soho Beach House, Surface Magazine & Kanye at the Moore Building Thursday Dec 5th Bungalow 8 Pop-up with Architecture Digest at the James Hotel Dom Perignon for Jeff Koons, Vito Schnabel, Alex Dellal, Zoe Kravitz at the Wall W South Beach Margiela at Maison Martin Margiela, Miami Design District Friday Dec 6th Chor Boogie's Murals at the Wynwood VHI SCOPE Saturday Dec 7th Tiki Disco & Paper Magazine at Rooftop at the Gale Mark Ronson Party at the Miami Club Mansion



Gina Marie will be covering Basel Miami 2013!

If you are a Collector intrested in limited editions or books for all...


I am at a place where a feel honored to be living from my art-work. It is an incredible honor and one I will keep growing for as long as I have breath in my lungs.Most of the images that you see on my website will be available upon inquiry.I am including here a slide show of images I had the privilege of showcasing in a solo show last June at the National Arts Club:They are a limited edition of 10 so if you are interested please inquire as soon as your heart moves you to do so...*I showcased last year in Paris Photo and amongst a room full of classics in New York last fall, between Warhol & Mapplethorpe, Baquita and Kara Walker-- so many amazing dream come trues- with 16 shows through out the year and Tiffany & Co. collecting for their stores internationally.I have four books available also. two coffee table to smaller-- I have so much more to share..I promise to heal this body-temple of mine and keep moving forward in innovating ever new ways to add beauty to this world.If you are interested in an image you may contact me here; flyingishard@gmail.comor leave a comment here.iF YOU ARE IN nEW yORK AND CARE FOR A PRIVATE VIEWING do make that clear in your request.A selection of images can be viewed at:Baron545 West 45th StreetNew York, NY 10016T: (212) 664-0800F: (212) 664-8550Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you & sharing with you.All my best,//layla[...]

Doc being created in collaberation with Tarmak film UK*


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LAYLA LOVE from Tarmak Films on Vimeo.


the film will be interwoven into layers of ever growing hope that springs from the well within-- be well with-in* ox

Showcasing in the White House for Haiti Flag Day*



It was an honorable beautiful experinance to be there in the White House touring the West Wing, seeing my art hanging, meeting those it was helping, watching Michelle standing tall in grace a smile exouding all sorts of love and possiblity.

With the chance to add to the White House Collection, leveling seeds of transformation, as art heals.

It was for Haiti this time, the image came from the set of Hurricane Season: The Hidden Messages in Water By Alixa & Naima who together form Climbing Poetree.

I meet so may beautiful souls. So deeply inspired to keep creating and sharing in the most positive and far reaching, deeping transforming, trandsending ways...

illumated in the glow of saving lives while doing what we love... bridging the gap between dreams and possiblity.

an ode to bringing magic to everywhere...*


An Ode to Mary Daly & The Life Ahead


A great being has passed. Let us stand still for a moment and recognize that which must not be forgotten.As we climb towards the sky. Mapping that path to our freedom. In the freedom we create while living. No matter the constant rush, a gun or golden wand pointed at your head. Life is rushed, a never ending to do list that we continue to either grow from and flourish amidst or we grow heavier with each burden.Each burden validated-- the truth of our own stories being lived-- between what we are and what we envision ourselves to be. Between the socially-constructed norms burst the likes of Mary Daly-- her star light unexpectedly bold & filling the room with the notion that 'God' may not the only way?! SHOCKING! Like Galileo's vision of a starry night in a galaxy set right. Push push push -- push, uncomfortably & steadfast, into the boundaries of conformism-- strike-- the heart-cords of many world wide while opening minds.Roam into unspoken terrain-- being the first to utter some boundless possibility between the sisterhood of our time- close the doors-- In the shifting of scales we move forward but there must be safe space between us-- by any means necessary-- there is a programing of war systematically taking down the beautiful strength of our womynhood daily-- let us create private spaces to address these and other issues in complete freedom-- just as men have allowed themselves to do for as far back in history as I have learned. May we stop fearing the space between us and maintain it well enough-- will all the love & creativity that we share, that we may brace ourselves for necessary battles while knowing which battles are able to be transcended like illusions. The world is a very big place and the cord of womyns space- the room for The Feminine Mystique, for the ghost of Betty Friedan to meet with Daly-- I imagine a meeting of the minds with Frida Kahlo, Nefertiti & Alice Paul... all forming this beautiful light up there for us draw from & to pour into. In the name of the Mother, the Daughter & the Goddesses. In the Name of Kali. In reverence for the Hideous Hags, In the name of all our mystic mothers- to Mary Daly with her never-ending fervor the living-- *May we reach out to each other a little more right now.-- May we know that our ancestors and our evolution are two ends of the same pole. I urge us to spend more shared time on these adventures of living herstory. United We Stand: Divided We Fall:Learning to draw from the principles of survival-- we must all be the Phoenix Rising- this must be the turning of the tides-- that only comes once in a blue moon-- this must be the sounding of the alarm. I believe Mary studied theology so much so she could navigate the heavens quickly, to lead us beyond the pearly gate illusion and into the garden within this seed of life. We are the torch bearers in this most auspicious moment in the dawning evolution-- upon which we are the pivoting point-- we are the center of life on this earth-- the birth place of all life-- & Yes, I agree with Mary that we must have private space for the freedom of our expression -our knowing-- we have been bound for centuries while mother earth has been being raped & pillaged-- the rivers have run dry and been replaced by our tears--We are very resourceful creatures: we will continue to nourish the earth & our self's, each other & all life through this darkness.The light is breaking. an alarm call blaring-- telling us it is time to train-- to buck-up-- to rise up--!!! In the collection of our power and most importantly of consciousness. Of self-love. Revolution must begin with personal evolution-- with our own reconnection of mind-body-essence-ideas-tribe-we are the artisans, the warriors-- I am calling on all my sisters-- Trauma into transformation. We all identify with different heroines-- let [...]

what does it mean to spend a week by the sea and never reach it...


it means you are knee deep at all times in the ebb and flow of the art world: Basel Miami:... feels like cherry blossom season the art is so beautiful hanging, floating all around you-- your eye's booming- your heart alight. My heart lights up, head is beating to the rhythm of a constant pounding of nails.:::: 4 shows to hang:::: 4 openings to have::: thousands of comrades to admire, collectors to inspire... there is not a moment to spare, joy & sorrow, the lost & the found hang their stories we walk through like quilt makers putting together a patch-work quilt of possibilities... each one of us looking through the kaleidoscope for that which warms and inspires us. Some folk are more jaded than others. You see the rich and the the rich at heart and try to be clear that your intentions are to shine from within. The gold diggers, the optimist and the romantics swirl together, the opportunist meets the philanthropist in the back room... like it was a back alley transaction on the lower east side. Possibility are hanging everywhere... it is fashion week for artists. Opening night Basel preview. I am wearing a press pass along with perils -- full access -- it's like the Oscars for the arts-- silk and sequences adore a plethora of beautiful women. Their sink looks like an investment, their bodies are meticulously sculpted. Men in suits that are woven with luxury often accompany them. These living sculptures are some of the most interesting in the room. Transfixed I watch, if they walk behind, beside or in front, whose the boss, the lover, the artist, the collector? The lines blur. Do these men collect beautiful women or do these beautiful women collect a stream of everything they desire and the man is just as relevant as this seasons best or worst dress? Everyone streaming together into a maze of monuments-- some half formed ideas and tacky bling intertwined or course-- it is unavoidable. Still there is room to grow-- for the art and the power of art to keep expanding.We are alive right now for a reason. We are coming together for more than just the market place. We are coming together to release: to recognize: to activate the desire to strengthen the creative force between us. To air our emotions, express our concerns, our visions of the future, the past, our hopes and our dreams. The starving artist meets the hungry collector-- each of us has what the other needs to keep going... it is a game of trading-- the artist creates-- and when done with heart and soul the collector invests. The artist then has the ability to keep creating, striving. Everybody is looking for a porthole-- something to escape into-- to be born from. The collectors often have full & busy lives that involve many hours of work and dedication. It takes a lot to get to that place, more often than not, so they need that beauty, that mystery, the allure, the power and the purity that art can yield...The artist plays a roll as vital as the physiologist, the historian & the teacher-- the transmitters of the sacred and sublime.I am here to catalogue the invisible layers of time. My goal is to source life, color, hues of meaning and metaphor from the divine, art is healing, is temple, is the sensual side of science.Color effects your moods, I try to play with roses hues and the times when I am feeling blue. I enjoy soft color coded walls. Before arriving I worked on a new series. I loved every part of the process of making them-- from the original moments when the shoots occurred to the space of events that has lead me to this moment. I feel blessed, inspired. I had the most amazing tribe in my journey through Basel. Artennae, Cheryl Moody & Lisa Silvera who gave me the privilege of having two shows with them and bring in so many wonderful people, good hearted people, t[...]

Basel Miami 09* Dec 3-7th... Two Shows and someone magic to unveal...


I am so excited to be part of these beautiful shows with this amazing team: Artennae:I had the honor of meeting Cheryl serendipitous 4 years ago... everything unfolding beautifully into this pinnacle moment... may life continue to be a series of visual bursts and flourishing...So grateful for your beautiful energy & work embedded into our events here~!First show address is:Wynwood Lofts Art Complex250 NW 23rd St., Loft #203MiamiOpen daily Dec. 3-6, 2009 from 12 noon to 6 pmOpening Reception Thursday Dec. 3, 2009 6 - 8 pmThe second show address is :4100 NE 2nd Avenue, ground floorMiamiOpen daily Dec. 3-6, 2009 12 noon - 6 pmOpening Reception Friday Dec. 4, 2009 9 pm - midnight...Layla’s beautiful energy is transmitted into her work. As a collective, we are drawn to her international voice which sees no color, race, gender or religious differences. Diversity is key in our company, in the artists we represent, and in our view of the world. Our mission is to amplify Layla’s voice, and to share her point of view with the world. Contributing to her vision for her work also allows us to participate in her continued journey in the global art world. With the current shifts in the world, global perspective is more important than ever. With an artist like Layla out in the world, recanting messages of unity, beauty, and joy, we believe that people everywhere will respond to her poignant delivery of goodness and make a conscious decision to care for each other. That is the beauty of Layla and her images.Thanks, love. I"ll address the rest of your email at the end of the day today, as we are in meetings all day. Hope you have a great day!The Artennae TeamMission: ARTennae = contemporary art consultants + marketing + public relationstuned into the visual arts. We are masterminds of tasteful & relevant exhibits and events geared to honor the artist’s individuality, harness the intense energy of guerrilla marketing / new media, and elevate the work to the next dimension. We have access to the brightest global art stars & we are intent on shining a vivid, laser-focused light on their vision. My highest regards to you,Cheryl Moody&Lisa Silvera***Please come join us... I would love to see you there... let's make more and more beautiful out of living.. ox[...]

Hello Beloveds: just a friendly excited reminder that we are having a meeting this evening from 6-8 and meeting at a Goddess Gala Sat Nov. 14th 7-11pm


Hi Hope this finds you well. I wanted to remind all of us that there is a meeting this evening for all that can make it it would be brilliant to see as many faces as possible-- bring all our beauty and ideas together... I apologize for the last minute reminder or notice-- still trying to bring all this together-- we all have very busy lives but we will get this up and running, smooth & steady in no time -- once we have some captains executing plans that all fit together in a big picture sense.I have been speaking with the NOW NYS & NYC Chapters, as well as, National. They have agreed to put some of my images & cards and the wearable art of Love & Lion designed with Ms. Yuki Tanaka onto their sites for the holidays and ear mark 30% of the profit for themselves and another 30% for the Task Force---I am hoping this adds some serious money to the honey-pot so that we can do full force actions, big beautiful stunts. The idea of surrounding the city with women holding hands is one that we have envisioned and have had the great offer from Ms. Liz Abzug to work with her and the UN to make this possible during the Women's Summit in spring. This could be a revolutionary moment in herstory!!We are going to need a million people to come together in solidarity to actualize this. We will need talent from every field to pull this off... let's live change.!!Hope to see you this evening. If you cannot make it we will also be in the space this Saturday evening for a Goddess Gala from7-11pm. The space, Baron -- a high end eco-friendly show room for Tiffany's and such and it's owner Paul have offered to us to us the space for the regional NOW convention and the whole month for whatever we can think of... let's have fun!!If you are in NYC and you make art, media, dance, politics, law...whatever you do you are needed tonight by the NOW Young Feminist Task Force... we are planning bug beautiful events, working with the UN to-- it is all new-- there is room for you to grow and add your voice, your joy, your in action*545 West 45th Street. Between 10th & 11th. 3rd Floor[...]

Important Exhibit: Let's learn more ways to help end sex-trafficing...



Sex Trafficking Exhibitition Hosted by Mayor Bloomberg and Actress Emma Thompson
November 9, 2009, 6:45 pm
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Mayor Bloomberg and Actress Emma Thompson, and a host of celebrities and famous activists have allied together in presenting the Journey Installation, a “unique and provocative art installation depicting the “Journey” of women trafficked across the globe into the sex industry.”

The art exhibition will feature seven shipping containers that will illustrate the personal account of a woman that was sexually trafficked. Each shipping container represents the stages a woman experiences in the industry: Hope, Journey, Uniform, Bedroom, Customer, Stigma and Resurrection.

Emma Thompson said: “People just don’t want to know about this issue – it’s hidden, it’s criminal, it’s perverse and yes, it’s happening right on your own doorstep. Journey is a remarkable piece of collaborative, creative and confrontational art that profoundly challenges people’s perspective. Come and see it for yourself and then tell us if you agree….”

Mayor Bloomberg said: “Journey brings human trafficking out of the shadows – I hope its arrival in New York sparks a conversation among New Yorkers about this pernicious form of exploitation. My Administration has used coordinated enforcement, tough new laws, and partnerships with service providers to fight human trafficking. Our efforts are overseen by a task force of police, prosecutors, service providers, advocacy groups and academics who welcome Journey and the unique attention it will bring this inhumane and criminal activity.”

The Journey Installation

When & Where: Journey opens to the public on Washington Place, off Washington Square Park, on Tuesday, November 10th. Hours of Operation are: Tuesday, November 10th – Friday, November 13th 12pm-8pm, Saturday, November 14th 11am-7pm and Sunday, November 15th 10am-3pm. Produced in partnership with the City of New York and the City of London.

Check it out if you can and spread the word.

Women's Media Center, A Tribute to Carol Jenkins



Picasa Web Album

"Carol Jenkins is the President of the Women's Media Center and a Founding Member of its Board of Directors. An Emmy award-winning producer, former news anchor and correspondent who covered presidential politics as well as international issues, Ms. Jenkins led The Women's Media Center's online publication and its advocacy initiatives. She is a national spokeswoman for women and the media, arguing the case for inclusion of women throughout the media, as well as the telling of women's stories in television and film, radio, print, and online." -- WMC blurb of Ms. Jenkins

With special thanks to Liz Abzug for opening the invitation for me to be there and for closing the night off with such beautiful ideas and possibility.


Love & Lion in a capsule line by Love Photography & Chateau de Lion



This is a sample from our clothing line, that I am so excited for. Been working with Yuki Tanaka for two years on this extensive line. This is a sample we've put together for the potential collaboration with NOW, the National Organization for Women.

Wearable art, use your body as a billboard.

Mean what you say, say what you mean.

Peace & Action. Love & Kisses.


You have the right not to remain silent: NOW: Possible images for collaborating with the National Organization for Women



It is with the deepest love and respect for NOW, the National Organization for Women, and the work that they do on many levels, across the nation and around the globe, that I hope to be able to add some, or all, of these images to their treasure chests of art action and fundraising possibilities.

Art heals the unbreakable.

Love heals all.

*Further details to follow





media matters*


So I came out for this evening as it was a valid effort in taking back the night. I am in the media & I am very busy. I am happy...doing really well & really lucky. My photographs are hanging on the same walls as a Mapplethorpe, a Warhol, a Walker. I have a show coming up in Paris and then Art Basel. I am over the moon. I am happy & excited & I am a feminist! I am part of a group of women who know the importance & value of being alive during this time. I put this knowledge into action in many ways. One of them is in a willingness to take to the streets with little more than paper & pen. Our voices will be heard. It is time to reclaim the balance. I wish we had big money behind us & lots of time to mastermind something with far greater impact. Sadly, it is the lack of funding in the women's movement that does not allow us to really rise as we must. But change is coming. Cells of powerful and affluent women are coming together in ways never seen before. I have circled the globe twice baring witness to our growing strength in numbers. These are amazing, talented, fun, brilliant women who care about not being raped and blown away for entertainment's sake - whether it is in a theater or in the fields - hunted like deer as men kill & destroy what is beautiful for sport.We have the right not to remain silent. There are far more than 16 of us; there are more than 3 billion women and 3 billion men who are impacted daily by the poison that misogyny spreads.As media makers this is the greatest responsibility of our time. Words are the most powerful & shaping tools that we have.Life came from women - we are the givers of life - and if someone wants to take that for granted, as many do, then there becomes a terrible dis-ease on Earth and all suffer. This amazing sample of concerned citizens, both female & male, who came out that night are testaments to the American Dream and to freedom of speech. They put the grrr back into grassroots. Tucker Max expects all the glory of freedom of speech and yet systematically takes it away from those voicing another opinion by photoshopping their protest posters to read the opposite of what is intended. This is virtual rape & censorship perpetrated by Tucker Max and his Frat Boy Mob.Yes, I wish you had shown up at that Bank of America to witness hundreds taking back the night and standing up against the mainstreaming of misogyny and detrimental themes of sex & violence. The degradation of women has become a multi-billion dollar industry; porn shops sell shelves of movies about the raping of young girls, old women, and everything in-between...And now Tucker Max wants to take that to mainstream theaters where children walk by his posters.For each woman who gets raped there is a chain reaction: the lives of entire families are destroyed. It is no laughing matter and it is the laughter which allows the rape to be so systematic.Like the dehumanizing of Jews in Hitler's Germany, this is no less serious an issue. It is a toxic poison spreading rapidly. I hope next time there are thousands of us and that we can bring forth the strength in numbers to reclaim our birth right to walk the streets in freedom & in safety. Let's all meet again next Tuesday. Anyone interested contact me. I will have pictures posted on my blog from the evening: (click on the top right corner)We were just getting warmed up. Next time we can take a billboard out in Times Square. We have more tools than we realize and enough are people sick of this mess. It is time to clean-up and take charge.Life, liberty and the pursuit o[...]

Why Tucker Max is the new George Bush Jr. & reclaiming who we are outside the politics of stupid...//peace



Layla says:
My belief is that we are all doing something - we are all trying - but carrying different worries, fears, egos, pains of our own that make us battle over and over. The truth is that underneath it all, we are looking to be connected in healthy ways - women and men do not want to be forever stuck in a battle of the sexes.

Let's start talking about some really new ideas! I dare us! Come on...we have been playing "boys against girls" since pre-school. Instead, let's see what adult ideas we can muster up. ox

Very excited to invite you to this amazing opening that I am so so honored to be part of: September 16th (7-10pm) at Collective Hardware


For Immediate Release AMP Tracks Presents:Black & White ShowAt Collective HardwareSeptember 10 through October 3, 2009Opening Reception, Wednesday, September 16th from 7-10pm September 11, 2009—NEW YORK, NY – AMP Tracks is pleased to present The Black & White Show, an exhibition at Collective Hardware (169 Bowery at Delancey) curated by Meghan Carleton and Amandine Lesaffre Freidheim and sponsored by Daniel K, the prestige diamond jewelry house. Void of color, the exhibition explores the graphic clarity and dynamics of black-and-white art by emerging to blue-chip artists. The Black & White Show will be on view from September 10 to October 3, 2009. The gallery will be open from noon to 7pm daily. An opening reception will be held Wednesday, September 16th from 7-10pm. Artists of all eras have used the black-and-white palette to explore the power of contrast. The simplicity of this use of medium brings forth the potential for dramatic and vivid expressions. As the two values compete for the eyes’ attention, stark and evocative forms emerge, in a powerful accentuation of imagery. This exhibit will highlight the range of possibilities of this basic yet bold representation. Featured artists include: Vik Muniz, Kara Walker, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Irving Penn, Darren Almond, Ryan McGuiness, Layla Love, Brody Neuenschwander, Frank Stella, Evan Gruzis, Will Ryman, Barbara Kruger, among others. The exhibition will debut works by Rodofphe Gombergh and Sandrine and Riccardo Barilla—three European artists exhibiting in New York for the first time. Collective Hardware is NYC's newest collaborative and gathering point for multi-disciplinary artists and creative minds. The space is a melting pot for the visual arts, organic cooking, audio video and film screenings, visionary conversation and much more. AMP Tracks is a New York-based curatorial enterprise founded by Amy Rosi, Meghan Carleton and Peter Rosenthal that promotes art and culture through exhibitions, discussions, public relations and cultural community outreach. ###For more information please contact Amy Rosi at 212.953.5177 or[...]

ARTENNAE: Tribal JOURneY...*


For immediate release – (Miami, FL 31 August 2009) On the heels of a bright, shiny summer in Miami’s progressive Wynwood Art District, things are beginning to stir as the art fairs prep to make their Fall/Winter debut. Artists, gallerists, curators and reps are busily preparing for short and long-term exhibits that will all serve as the precursor to what will be a dynamic December for art in Miami. On Saturday, September 12th from 7-10pm, Wynwood 2nd Saturday Art Walk will launch in full swing and artennae global art consulting proudly presents their premier, group art exhibition entitled “Tribal Journey” featuring Catherine Rogers, Fine Artist along with several other globally celebrated artists and creatives including de la Haba, Jackson Lynch, Troy Woods, Barron Claiborne, McKay Otto, Layla Love, Damani K. Diop & Artifacts by Majestic Lips. Artennae global art consulting is an unconventional (consulting and marketing) tribe, formed specifically to elevate emerging artists from all over the world. As a company, we have come together as a group of “creatives” from various walks of life, each with strengths designed to form a strong union, with the goal of highlighting the talented artists and their work outside of the typical gallery setting. These are the times when circumstances imposed on us by destiny actually allow us to create new and innovative methods to share positive messages with our fellow man. So it’s natural and perfect that our first exhibit is a declaration of coming together in support of the arts, which will not be diminished during this “recession.” The artists we’ve chosen in our inaugural show work in varied mediums, from painting on surfboards, sculpting with found objects, photography by world-renowned talent, and painting. Diversity is embedded in the art work, in the languages they speak, the cities where they reside and the cultures they embrace. 3 of our artists travel the globe as their art form, photographing people from many ethnicities and cultures, and seeing humanity from a “big world view”. The inspiration for the show’s theme “Tribal Journey” came from a series of paintings that our featured artist, Catherine Rogers, created. Her bold and dramatic tribal-influenced work is a wonderful contradiction to the gentle nature of the soft-spoken lady from Key Largo who embraces yoga and a good glass of wine. Still waters run deep for this delicate, powerful flower - more passionate about painting than anything…and in her 60’s. Once again, coming together of talent from surprising sources. There are many different tribes in today’s world….corporations, social networking, sports teams, small businesses, non-profit organizations, Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts, even political parties. We move in and out of various tribes every day of our lives, joining forces for a common cause. “Tribal Journey” is a timeless tale of clans or tribes who band together - moving in unison. artennae’s top picks for fall 2009 reads like an e.e. cummings’ homage to humanity’s renewed sense of honoring the ancient tradition of community. “Tribal Journey” is a reflection on returning to the age of the human bond between those of “like mind” rather than focusing on the bonds of perceived outer appearance. Please join us:Saturday, 12 September 2009, 7-9pmWynwood Lofts Art Complex, 250 NW 23rd St., #203, Miami, FL ● RSVP Appreciated ● Generously supported by REMY MART[...]

Art Heals: The Unbreakable. Love Heals All: A Testimonial.


the first with images & wordsby layla lovean ode to surrender:we are inescapably connected in this collaborative performance called life.members of the tribe share tales of the human condition.Love shares her great respect for comrade featured artists:Alex FranckAlicia PillerEmily GendronJoel Stonington Jorghe casuLinda ObuchoskaThis montage of paintings & photographs created by Earth angels from across the globe comes together to celebrate the human potential when we choose to no longer be divided.*Burrow together in a cocoon of live jazz by Ms. Tracy Stark. Bring yourself as art, dance, move, share ~ this is show & tell - brought alive - we barely have time to act, let alone rehearse...* Proceeds & the commission and simpatico donation of a percentage of art sales will go to Love's "Keeping Focus" healing fund.*Love will be presenting new images as well as her full first edition collection, which was showcased at The National Arts Club earlier this summer. Baron is now hosting a bon voyage before the images set sail for shows overseas. And Love will head West to continue a much needed medical treatment to foster her recovery from a rare eye disorder that is currently threatening her vision. The healing is happening thanks to the beautiful stir of energy & action that have come from within & been sourced by this ever-growing ebb & flow of community.This is an intention to bring forth an evening of warmth, of passion, and the obsessive need to give voice to the journey, to merge the tangible & intangible elements of existence, and to enjoy.Joy Matters[...]




Art Heals By Layla Love - Photography Exhibit this coming Wednesday, June 24: 6-9pm


Hello Dearness,

Art is why I get up in the morning -- so it is always an honor and a joy to be able to share...

This is an invitation to an opening this coming Wednesday, June 24th, 6-9 pm:

I will be showing around 50 brand-new, editioned photographs alongside amazing wearable art couriered by Yuki Tanaka.

The National Arts Club
15th Gramercy Park South
(between Park Ave & Irving Place)

More art & wine 'til late at:
545 West 45th Street
(between 10th & 11th Avenues)

* The show will be open for an extended amount of time so if you happen to be unavailable for the opening but would still like to pass through, you will be able to do so for at least a week (or two) at both The National Arts Club & Baron.

* If you are able to come that would be wonderful...wanting to fill the space with good art, good people & good intentions. I have been working to shape the show around the notion that art heals. They are the things I have seen that have inspired me most. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share and to provide a place for our community to once again convene, celebrate, share & support. There are many beautiful folk involved in making all this possible -- so much gratitude to the National Arts Club, to Cathrine Johnson, Anthony Hayden-Guest, Eric Franck, Eric Trometer, Yuki Tanaka, Duggal, and to you, us, we...may the best in us be lost and found, and reborn into a network of folk with new stories and a way of coming together, of rising and perpetuation growth, inspiration...change being the only constant.

Love to you butterfly comrades.

Let me know if you can make it -- hoping so.

Love to your everything,