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Thu, 20 Dec 2007 20:27:18 +0000

Tree Faerie is currently going through the transitioning process at daycare. Next week is the last week of transition, and she'll be staying through naptime before going back to the infant room for the remainder of the afternoon.

Because the daycare is only open 3 days next week, I went ahead and brought the nap mat I bought last night in case they wanted to try to put her down for a nap in the toddler room today and tomorrow. Continue Reading

Thoughts on Weaning

Thu, 13 Dec 2007 16:53:33 +0000

I believe the weaning process has officially begun. While Tree Faerie still LOVES to nurse, she's only taking two bottles at daycare, so I only have to pump once a day now. I'm still not producing well since I had the stomach bug, so I have not had any problems with engorgement. In 16 days, I won't have to pump at all.

I won't miss the pumping, but I'm not sure what it's going to do to my supply. I feel pretty empty right now, and I'm still... Continue reading...


Tue, 27 Nov 2007 22:05:15 +0000

Starting next week, Tree Faerie will begin transitioning to the toddler room at daycare. The transition period lasts 4 weeks. During the first week, one of the infant room teachers will take her to the toddler room... Continue Reading

Dragonflies and Totems

Tue, 20 Nov 2007 22:37:07 +0000

I believe everyone has a totem of sorts, a particular creature they relate to well or that keeps popping up throughout their lives as a source of inspiration and courage. Some people have more than one, but so far everyone I've come across has at least one. My husband's main totem is a bear, while my main totem is fey (faeries and the like - explaining fey will be a post for another day). Tree Faerie's totem is obviously a dragonfly. Continue Reading

This Week in Summary

Fri, 16 Nov 2007 19:15:07 +0000

Well, folks, we made it to Friday. I was beginning to think the end of the week would never come! These trials that come our way now prepare us for future experiences, right? And what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger? And this too shall pass?

If anyone had said any of these cliches to me this week, I might have actually choked them. Continue Reading

I Love You More - A Review

Thu, 15 Nov 2007 18:32:47 +0000

As I removed the book from its packaging, I ran my hands over the dust cover, introducing myself to the book. I felt the slick raised form of the mother and child transition into the rougher, yet softer, image of the rolling hills in the background. My expectations were high for this book to be special, not only because I had been looking for a book with this message, but also because I knew the background story and had read of the author's journey through life. As I cracked the cover for the first time, I held my breath in hope and wonderment.

I Love You More not only met my expectations, it exceeded them. Laura Duksta guides you through this expression of love with wonderful words carried along by rhyme and rhythm. The images illustrated by Karen Keesler are full of color yet are simple and soft. The experience of reading this book is almost like a hug in itself! Continue Reading

Torrential Tuesday

Tue, 13 Nov 2007 20:52:09 +0000

Rain was not in today's forecast yesterday morning, but I awoke this morning to thunderstorm warnings. The bottom just keeps dropping out of the sky at random, with mild spitting in between. Welcome to Fall in Memphis - cold and wet.

This morning Tree Faerie woke up around 5:30 very fussy. As my mind became more cognitive, I realized that she was kind of coughing/clearing her throat and was stuffy. Uh oh, I thought, another cold. I sure hope this one doesn't come with a fever. Continue Reading

Forever Remembered

Tue, 11 Sep 2007 17:00:00 +0000

The girl of yesteryear seems so far away from the woman I am now. I awoke before my boyfriend left for work. After kissing him bye and seeing him off, I went back to bed. The TV was on, but I wasn't paying any attention - at least not when the broadcast first started. I wasn't a big fan of the news programs. The phone rang, and it was the temp service asking me to go to an interview the next day. I took down the information, excited at the possibility that this job may last longer than the last assignment they gave me. Money was money, though, and I had my fingers crossed. Keep Reading

Abuse and Neglect

Tue, 04 Sep 2007 16:44:16 +0000

Friday night, DTTF and I went to see the Rob Zombie version of the movie Halloween that just came out in theaters. While watching the first 30 minutes or so of the movie, I discovered I have new issues. I want the world to be happy and sparkly for my child, and my heart breaks with the knowledge that it's not. It caused such anxiety in me that apparently I whimpered. DTTF actually thought we'd have to leave because of the way I reacted to the beginning of the movie. Continue Reading

The Passing of Time

Thu, 30 Aug 2007 14:57:29 +0000

I've noticed my perceptions regarding different aspects of life have changed dramatically over the last few years. Time seems to move much quicker now. When thinking in terms of the future, a year doesn't seem so long, a month seems merely a breath away, and a week passes in a blink of the eye. I remember not too long ago it sometimes seemed that a week was nearly for-ev-er! Keep reading...