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THe next mixer.


Dinah Shore 2010 Friday Night Photos


Get the flash player here: so = new SWFObject("", "PictoBrowser", "500", "500", "8", "#DDDDDD"); so.addParam("quality", "low"); so.addParam("scale", "noscale"); so.addParam("align", "mid"); so.addVariable("ids", "72157623761517374"); so.addVariable("names", "Dinah Shore 2010 - Saturday Night"); so.addVariable("userName", "

Donny Osmond Makes Out With Dancing with the Stars Gay Judge


On last night's network reality show Dancing with the Stars, contestant Donny Osmond - you know, a Mormon - you know that religion that raised a lot of money to make sure we didn't get lgbt rights in California - stunned everyone when he pounced on openly gay judge Bruno and did the wild thing.  When the host broke it up (finally) Osmond commented, "I don't think they're going to let me back in

Comedy This Thursday


Supporting LGBT Creative Artists in Media


There are two fantastic events happening tonight that both promise to not only be fun, but a great way to support and mingle with out lgbt artists in media.Print out the flyer for a discounted admission to the Improv, or rsvp to Out @ Warner Brothers since they'll have to reserve you a drive on pass to the lot.

Thrills, Chills, Cocktails, Civil Disobedience, Cha cha cha....


Exciting, Thrilling Click hereAnd change your book marks to

Ripped, Roaring and Ready To Go!


This blog can now be found atthesmokingcocktail.blogspot.comAction packed Mixer next week!Get involved, get connected, put the gay mafia to work for you and our community!

This blog can now be found at


This blog can now be found

Women's Art Festival - All Weekend at the Stella Adler!


Click here for all the info on this exciting weekend event -

A Lesbian In Paris


It is with great pleasure that I introduce you our newest guest blogger, Shannon Connolly, who is going to write a weekly column about her semester abroad in Paris.I asked her to share with us her experiences mainly because I'm terribly jealous she gets to live in France for a few months and I want to live vicariously through her adventures.I first met Shannon - well perhaps when you first met

Video: Jon Stewart Catches the Republicans in Their Lies


Here's a funny clip sent to me by one of the stars of EATING OUT 2, James Michael Bobby, from the DAILY SHOW where Jon Stewart plays back to back video clips showing how the Republicans have gravely contradicted themselves regarding Sarah Palin, aka Caribou Barbie.

Gay Quiz Answers


Yesterday, we asked which one of these actors have NOT played a gay character in a film - test your gay movie knowledge and see the answers below.a) Kate Winsletb) Vanessa Redgravec) Susan Sarandond) Wesley Snipese) William Hurtf) Shirley MacLaineg) Glenn Closeh) Meryl StreepActually, it's C for Susan Sarandon who played BISEXUAL in THE HUNGER.a) Kate Winslet - Heavenly Creaturesb) Vanessa

On This Week's Episode of the RNC....


I took some magnesium before tonight's episode and will eat dinner afterwards, so let's see if that helps with my stomach.  Okay the show is starting:5:30 Meg Whitman speaksShe is the campaign co chair and former CEO of E Bay"My mom inspired me," she says. Okay, we're warming up for Palin, "And mom believed in America". Because mom's know best and we should probably elect one.Somebody waves a

SmokingCocktail Gay Quiz


Which one of these actors have NOT played a gay character in a film?a) Kate Winsletb) Vanessa Redgravec) Susan Sarandond) Wesley Snipese) William Hurtf) Shirley MacLaineg) Glenn Closeh) Meryl StreepAnswers will be posted tomorrow

MILK Trailer - Watch it Here and Comment


The trailer has just come out for the biopic about gay rights activist Harvey Milk, starring Sean Penn in the starring role, with uber Producers Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks (American Beauty, Pushing Daisies) at the helm and Gus Van Sant in the director's chair.I got goose bumps.

Sarah Palin = Caribou Barbie


Left wing pundits have nicknamed Sarah Palin "Caribou Barbie" because of her hunting hobby.In fact, one of the things she's accomplished in Alaska as governor is a program to reward hunters for each Gray Wolf shot - and to make it easier she also allowed shooting bears and wolves from airplanes.There is something called "predator control", which means allowing hunters to shoot wild animals to

Recap of Day One of the Republican National Convention


Recap of last night's Republican National Convention:6:30 pm Laura Bush reads from a prompter. Talks about all the great things her husband has done. I can't stop thinking about her ex boyfriend that she ran over with her car after he dumped her for a prettier girl in her high school. I mean, that's a coincidence, right? I mean, he had just dumped her. For one of her friends. Two weeks

The Lovely and Talented Republican VP Nominee


To understand McCain's choice of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin as VP nom, one merely has to follow the crumb trail from the last Bush election to note the power of the Evangelical vote. And who's hand is rocking that cradle? An organization called The Arlington Group, which is a government lobbying (read as bullying) group with membership consisting of every Christian power player in the US,

Out and About in LA: The Social Pages


There have been some great LGBT events in the last month, and some fantastic ones coming up (just click on the link to the right under UPCOMING EVENTS to see the list).Remember, nothing says PARTY like attending a fundraiser for your favorite LGBT non profit/advocacy/support organization!  Get your community on, baby!Of course, the talk of the town is the election. Everywhere you go, it's all

I See Too Many Naked People


So last night after work, I went into my local gay bookstore - A Different Light - very excited to pick up my copy of the new, re-launched ADVOCATE magazine, with 26 naked people in it.(see article below Unfortunately, with so many naked men on the covers of every magazine - I couldn't quite pick it out of the crowd. This is what I saw (above) and the new ADVOCATE cover is below.

I see Naked People


I never got quite used to seeing friends of mine naked in shows like DANTE'S COVE...and now even more of them are naked in this week's ADVOCATE magazine.The common denominator is that here! networks, which produces DANTE's - the witchie gay soap - just recently bought The Advocate from the rapidly failing LPI/Planet Out Partners.This is the official relaunch issue, and the subject is body issues

Kristin Chenoweth's Pro Gay/Anti Meth Musical Number


As part of our What the Gays Are Watching on YouTube, this little ditty from FUNNY OR DIE.Broadway superstar Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies) sings an intervention song to a gay meth addict.See more Kristin Chenoweth videos at Funny or DieAnd another popular video from Youtube... caution, this one makes me cry. In good way.As you can tell, this video was from 1971. Want to see the boys

A Truly Sad Day


No, I'm not talking about the DNC.   Although I still can't get over AT&T sponsoring Obama...gee a short time after he supported immunity for the telecom industry for BREAKING OUR CONSTITUTION, or MBNA Joe - Mr Biden who is the head of the democratic wing of the credit card supported bankruptcy bill in 2005 which is the reason why so many people are in debt to this day.  Biden's son was even a

Lesbian Weddings and Break Ups


Well, it certainly has been a red letter month for lesbians on the newstand this month!If you've been living under a rock, Ellen and Portia tied the knot OFFICIALLY in a ceremony two weeks ago.The exciting thing is that photos of their wedding hit the cover of PEOPLE magazine, which means this sapphos marriage is front and center in every grocery store across this country, from the mountains to

Out News Commentator Rachel Maddow Gets her Own Show


The brass at MSNBC has replaced Dan Abrams with Rachel Maddow in their week day 9 pm time slot.  She'll begin her program on September 8th.Maddow is a frequent commentator on MSNBC shows, and recently filled in for Keither Olbermann on his COUNTDOWN program.Maddow is an out lesbian with her own show on Air America - The Rachel Maddow Show.For more info and clips from her most memorable television