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automatic straddle

This is where Auto-Win indulges her guilty pleasures: The L Word and South of Nowhere. Really Papi, Really.

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The L Word Recap Episode 608: "The Last Word" is on New Autostraddle


Episode 608: The Last Word is at our new URL! Change your bookmarks, update your Google Reader, etc etc.!

Just Like Bette and Tina, Autostraddle is Moving! Finale Live-Tweeting, Recap Info and More!!!


Hey! Come join us at the New Autostraddle. No judging -- 'cause it's still being put together and right now is totally insane and mostly just L Word stuff [obvs that'll change Big Time Really Soon]. But! Right now if you go there you can read our kick-ass list of the Top 15 Best L Word Sex Scenes of all time -- it's too hot, basically. Too hot.Be sure to follow @thusspokejenny and friends on

A Letter to You from Automatic Straddle: Goodbye, The L Word, Goodbye


Dear Autostraddle Readers,As you know, this Sunday night The L Word will be so Over it'll need a new word for Over. Though Season Six has done its best to ensure we don't miss a thing, we can't deny that -- quality aside -- this show has changed our lives and our world, and I want you to know that unlike Mark, Adele and Gomey; Autostraddle is not headed for the vortex -- but I'll get to that in a

The L Word Episode 607 RECAP - "Last Couple Standing"


When in doubt, dance. Dance, I say! Dance! Dance all over the stage, change your clothes, tear up the floor, waltz and tango and skip and mambo your smokin' hot bod down to the village square, hook up with the Pied Piper of WeHo and dance your way out of regularly scheduled programming into the idea well of death. Welcome to the recap of Episode 607 of "The L Word," entitled "Last Couple Standing

607 Precap - Tell Me Your Favorite L'Sex Scene Please!


Hi lesbians and people who can tolerate hanging out with lesbians. This is Tinkerbell. While Riese is working very hard at writing the recap for episode 607 I would like to survey you for a Top Ten that Riese is putting together of The L Word's very best sex scenes. So please comment -- what's your favorite? You can only say one! Two if you MUST but if you list a whole bunch Riese will get very

Sunshine, Rainbows and Unicorns


I've decided to remove the content of this post [in which I told everyone who bitches at me here, on TLWO, on forums and via email that they can Suck It, which I still believe, btw] because I feel it is ungrateful to the thousands of people who have offered me positive support and encouragement, and to all the friends I've made through this show and the incredible online communities I've become a

There's Something About Jenny[s] - Why Killing Jenny is Killing All of Us


"Bad news," I say when Emma picks up. "I'm making Sara watch Season One of The L Word, and she loves Jenny. Like earnestly." Sara was one of those straight-girl things, those things so many of us have done even though we know they're destined to end badly and with spectacularly rotten feelings all around [and usually with the straight-girl's boyfriend flipping out and/or wanting to join in].Emma

The L Word Season Six, Episode Six [606] RECAP - "Lactose Intolerant"


Episode 606 of The L Word, titled "Lactose Intolerant," is the worst thing I've seen on television since Episode 604 of The L Word. Howevs; whereas 604 was calmly terrible -- bumbling softly along its housework-heavy path of mediocrity -- 606 was outrageously, actively, aggressively terrible.Watching this episode was like watching an elephant bleed from the eyes. It was like watching a Pregnant

The L Word Season Six, Episode Five [605] RECAP: Litmus Test


Hi-Ho the Dairy-O! Welcome to the recap of Episode 605: "Litmus Test." Yeah, we saw it. Yeah it was mad long, yeah I got one leg, yeah I just went to Hit club and Nikki Stevens hit on me, I was like back off bitch 'cause I can't go nowhere, 'cause I only got one leg, and I'm pregnant, and my house has two stories bitches, well not yet but it's gonna, yeah I killed Jenny, how you like me now, yeah

The L Word Episode Four, Season Six [604] RECAP: Leaving Los Angeles


Remember last week when I said that I wanted 603 to be the finale because it was so lovely and ended with dancing? I bet you do, 'cause this was one of the worst L Word episodes ever!! Possibly one of the worst episodes of any television show ever, ranked somewhere between the Homeboys in Outer Space pilot and Taradise. About 15 minutes in, I literally started slamming my head against the wall.

A Letter to Mama Chaiken From FTM Computer Search Champion Mighty Max Sweeney


[UPDATE: Hey! Since writing this piece we've moved Autostraddle from blogspot to wordpress, and since people are still talking about it, I want to redirect you to the piece now hosted at where you can read it and comment! I've turned off comments here at blogspot to ensure future conversation continues all in the same place -- on wordpress.]Hi! It's me Riese. As you'll see in 8

No Limits (For Real!): British Import Sugar Rush Comes to America


It's like a Queer, British My So-Called Life ... Autostraddle isn't exactly the go-to spot for glowing reviews of lesbian teevee. But today I come to you with Change We Can Believe In -- on Friday February 6th (today!), critically and commercially acclaimed Channel 4 British series Sugar Rush debuts stateside on the here! network [catch the preview here -- and I believe other eps are also

The L Word Season Six, Episode 3 [603] RECAP - LMFAO


Welcome to the Autostraddle Recap of Episode 603 "LMFAO," the Series Finale of Showtime's hit series The L Word! What's that you say? This isn't the last episode? Fair enough, arguably true. Howevs, I suspect this might be the last episode that I actually enjoy. Furthermore, I imagine that at season's end I'll choose to block out 604-608 and remember the whole she-bang ending like ... well ...

The L Word Season Six, Episode Two [602] RECAP: "Least Likely"


Shane Shane Shane. Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny. Redrum. Hello! Welcome to the Romper Room. Today we'll be observing episode 602 of The L Word, titled "Least Likely." As in "The L Word is the teevee program least likely to be excellent."Hey guess what, I got a gig on Showtime, I'm the new Lezberado. You should watch it. Apparently a bajillion people already have. Who was the old Lezberado, you may ask

Season Sux's New Showtime Lezberado is a Muppet Named Riese


Hey lesbos and lesbo-allies! You know that show Lezberado that Showtime does online? It's like this girl, and she talks crazy about The L Word and herself, etc. Well, the old Lezberado is on the lam for killing a mobster's wife, throwing Jenny in the pool, poisoning Mr. Piddles and announcing at a press conference that she could fly. So they had to find someone new. Do you like how I'm making

"The L Word" RECAP Season Six, Episode One [601]: Long Night's Journey Into Day


La la la la la la. L word L Word L Word. Shane Shane Shane Shane Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny. Kill kill kill kill. Bette Bette Bette Tina Tina Tina. Let's make it like The Gauntlet this year. We'll be on teams, and an exec board will determine point distribution at each episode's end. Like Team Shenny, Team "TiBette" (not to be confused with the country, which's quite different), Team Sholly ...

"The Farm" Spoilers & The L Word's Final Season: So Close, Yet So Far Away


Let's just get together and take care of these things being said by the peoples. So many feelings, all over the world wide web!In the Miami Herald - The L Word ends with a deadly sixth season, Mia Kirshner: "The dog incident was just outrageous. To this day, I don't understand why we needed to do that. It got to the point where it was like, can I lose my job if I refuse to do this scene?''NY

The L Word Episode 601 Recap Twitter FOREPLAY - Long Night's Journey Into Day


[UPDATE 1.14.09 - watch me & Tink on AfterEllen in the latest episode of "Alexi's Closet"!] How's everyone feeling on the edge of their seats? Shane Shane Shane. Jenny Jenny Jenny. Kill kill kill. [Sooo anyhow this summer I was editing this video using a twitter graphic as a time-framing device and thought omg, I'm gonna do L Word Recap Foreplay with fake twitters for Season Six! Then I saw

Our Private Autostraddle L Word 601 Premiere Party with photos, screenshots & The Best of the First Five Seasons


Listen first up I have some bad news. Jenny is going to die this season. What do Jenny and George Washington have in common? Both dead. Jenny and Virginia Woolf? Dead as drowned doornails. I also have some good news: despite popular protest, our favorite theme song "The Way that We Live" is BACK! As long as I can hear this song at least eight more times before I die, I won't be hitting up my

South of Nowhere Episode 316 SEASON FINALE RECAP: "On the Precipice"


Remember that show South of Nowhere? Well too bad 'cause it's over now, you should've appreciated it more while you had it, like your first wife. This is why we don't own nice things. For example, I own a nice computer. This weekend a candle flew off the shelf and landed on my computer and all the wax took residence beneath my keyboard. I won't get it back for another 7-9 days and it's gonna cost

RECAP of the new L Word Teaser "STREET TALK."


I'm going to channel my therapist [who's currently enjoying maternity leave while I slowly spiral into Jenny S2-esque insanity] for a minute here and ask: "Do you think it's possible you're talking about who killed Jenny to avoid looking at the REAL issue, Riese?" Good point, channeled therapist. What is the real issue? It's not fear of intimacy or my buried adolescent rage ... it's that in

RECAP of 12.18's "Who Killed Jenny Show." [Ms. Chaiken, on set in Vancouver, w/the Camera?]


Until about two hours ago, I thought this was the most ridiculous L Word related item of the day:Then I saw "Who Killed Jenny?" a hot ten-minute show squeezed onto Showtime's Thursday night schedule between two shows that, unlike The L Word, actually got nominated for awards this year.But before I get to WKJ, anyone who can guess what kind of Femblossom Kit's riding between Alice's ass and



Check out these hot buttons on Autowin right now, buy some for yourself or your girlfriend, and win eternal life for you & yours. They're good. They're first kiss good, like, private island good, like, I'd like to thank the academy good ...

South of Nowhere Season Three, Episode 15 [315] RECAP, "Taking Seconds"


[If you're looking for my S6 DOJ rant ("The L Word, Like the Cat, Has Nine Times to Die"), it's here. And Farm Spoilers are here and here.]I'm pleased to report that while Ilene was announcing the upcoming murder of my favorite L Word bundle of psychotic joy (Jenny), the kind people over at The N were doing something GOOD for us -- they granted us an entire episode that was not only occasionally

She's Done it Again, She's Managed It - The L Word, Like the Cat, Has Nine Times to Die


[Here ISO The FARM info? Scroll down or go right to this post and this post.][I wanted to forego TLW spoilers, per ushe, but one particular spoiler -- "who dies?" -- has made it through my filter. That's the only spoiler I'll address in this post, but if you don't wanna know, abandon ship immediately. ]++"I have done it again.One year in every tenI manage it ---"-Sylvia Plath, "Lady Lazurus"++