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Free clip art for school teachers, kids, and everybody! Free animal clipart, sports clipart, spring summer winter and fall clipart, holiday clipart, teddy bear clipart, free clip art printable sheets, you name it. I'll be bringing you new categories of cl

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Pink and White Gift Clipart


Here is one last selection for now in our gift clip art category (though maybe I`ll add some more gift images later). This one is a lovely pink present, with white ribbons. These colors create a feminine image, and might be perfect for designs meant to appeal to the feminine senses, or create an aura of femininity. Designs with things like frills, roses and other flowers, etc. could be a good combination with this pink and white colored present clipart.


Have you checked out It`s a great resource of free clipart and I get a lot of selections from their public use free clipart.

Orange Gift Bag Clipart


This gift clipart is a little different than the last two images I decided to share with you. This one is not a present inside a wrapped box, but rather a present inside a gift bag that is decorated and sealed with ribbons.

Which do you prefer? Getting presents in boxes? Or getting gift bags with the present inside? I personally like getting gift bags because I can reuse the bags to carry other things! So it`s like two gifts in one!


If you are so inclined to find more clipart images, please look at for more great selections.

Yellow Present Clipart with Red Ribbons


This yellow present clipart is the second installment in our "gift clipart" series which started last week. This one is not quite as striking as an image as the last red and white one. In fact, some people think this one looks a little too simple. But this one is good if you are incorporating it into a cartoonish or animated image. If you want to create a more glamorous-looking image, then perhaps a different present clipart would be better.


Red Present Clipart


Today we are beginning a new mini-series of clipart images, this time they are present clipart or gift clipart. Of course, some people will be thinking that this series is late because Christmas is over. But Christmas is not the only time when we give gifts. We gives presents on birthdays, to say congratulations, to say thank you for a special favor, to show our love for someone, or many other reasons.

I like this image because of its striking red color which contrasts beautifully with the white ribbons. It`s a simple but effective image.


Get more gift clipart like this by checking out the "gift clipart" tags below, or by visiting, a great source of free clipart images.

Green Christmas Candle Clipart


This green Christmas candle clipart is the sister image of the one I posted last time, which is almost identical to this one except that it is its mirror image, and the color of this one is green whereas the other one was red. But their shape and size is the same, so they may very well complement each other in various seasonal holiday designs.

Again, I apologize for getting this one up too late for the holiday season of 2011. But it will certainly be ready and waiting for those celebrating Christmas in 2012!

(image) was the source of this and many other great free clipart pics.

Red Christmas Candle Clipart


Ok ok, I admit that I was a bit late getting this clipart image up. This one (as well as the next candle image I will post soon) would have been perfect for Christmas, but I was so busy celebrating the Christmas season with my family that I forgot to upload this image. Oh well. By the time Christmas comes around next year, this page will already be found on search engines so people will easily find it next time. Of course, Christmas colors and red and green, and those colors make for great Christmas candles.


Find more free clipart like the above at

Bright Yellow Candle Clipart


Today we bring you yet another entry in our recent candle clipart series. This one is one of my favorites, an intensely bright simmering yellow and orange candle clipart image. This one is great for designs in which you are more interesting in portraying a source of bright light than of portraying the candle itself. Put this in the middle of a dark room, and it gives the image of illumination and warmth.


This yellow candle clipart was found at, a great source for free public domain clipart.

White Candle Clipart


Here is another entry in our candle clipart category. This one is a very simple white candle clipart image. The fact that it is basically just white, with a light-colored yellow flame, and an unimposing green base, means that this image is very versatile. And it is easy to edit and customize this image to suit whatever overall design you are aiming for.


The original source of this candle clipart is, where you can edit this clipart on-site.

Burning Candle Clipart


Today I`m beginning a series of Candle Clipart pictures, since I`ve had some requests for those. This first one is a great general burning candle clip art image. This one is a simple cream color so it can go well with a wide variety of backgrounds and colors. The melting, dripping wax down the side of the candle adds a nice touch.


If you like this clipart but want to edit it, you can do so on, which is the original source where I found this candle clipart.

Clipart of Kids Playing Video Games


Continuing with our video game clipart category, here is a clipart of kids playing video games. It`s a cool retro-looking clipart, great for materials making reference to retro video games (or video games in general). It`s not clear from the image which video game console the kids are playing, but they`re sure getting into it!

It`s a cute and pleasant image, but the problem with it is that it looks old. That could be good if your site or material has an intentionally retro feel, but it likely won`t match a sleek, modern site.


I hope the above clipart was useful for you. Be sure to check out our other categories and themes and find other cliparts you might be looking for.

Video Game Gamepad Clipart


Continuing with our short series of video game clipart, today we bring you this video game gamepad clipart. It looks very similar to the gamepad that I used to play with my Xbox. I no longer have my Xbox console, but this image brings back lots of fond memories! I still don`t really know what all those buttons on the gamepad do!

This clipart will be of interest to people with video game and tech websites, and the like.


Keep checking back for more video game clipart. There will be more very soon.

Portable Game Console Clipart


One topic that I`ve been neglecting for a while is video game clipart. The reason for that is pretty simple: it`s hard to find genuinely free video game clipart because of copyright and licensing issues. But I do have a couple, and I decided to share them with you.

One is this portable game console clipart. When I was a kid I had a "Game Boy" from Nintendo, which looked quite similar to this one. So this sparks up all kinds of nostalgia.

Of course this clipart is black and white, which seems incomplete. But that actually is better because it offers you the opportunity to decide the colors yourself.


Thanks for checking out our first installment of video game clipart. Come back and check for more.

Black Modem Clipart With Plug


Here is another black modem clipart image to add to our recent collection. This one is very simple and can be adapted easily, but it also has the wire and plug which could result in some cool images. For example, if you use this clipart to create a header or logo image, you could put text above the main console and have the plug sightly obscuring the text. That`s just one idea, but I`m sure you can think of lots more.

This clipart is black but it can still look good on darker backgrounds because of its thick contrasting border.


Thanks for checking out our clipart collections. Be sure to browse and check out other categories you might be interested in.

Portable Wireless Router Clipart


This portable wireless router clipart image is a personal favorite of mine because it looks just like the one I use with my netbook whenever I am working outside of the house or on a trip. In fact I am using it right now!

This router clipart is sleek and modern-looking, unlike some of the hokey-looking clipart images from the 1990s we sometimes get stuck with. The only problem with this image is that its white color and subtle shadowed border make it not really standout against a white background (as you can clearly see on this page). Therefore I recommend you use it on a darker background, or you adjust it to make its outer border darker to create more contrast.


Hopefully this portable wireless router clipart was what you needed. If not, then have a look at the source of the above clipart called They have a big collection of related clipart, as well as lots of clipart in other categories.

White Wireless Router Clipart


Continuing with our sub-theme of wireless router clipart pics, today I bring you this white wireless router clip art image. This one, to my eyes, is too bland to use in its current form. When I first saw it I didn`t even notice what it is because it lacks detail. Only the antennas were a giveaway of the mystery item`s identity. But lately I`ve been preferring simple images because they are easier to customize or to create new images from. The only element of the image that might be hard to incorporate into an adapted image is the transmission waves eminating from the antennae. But those can be easily deleted and redrawn in an adapted image.


Hopefully this white wireless router clipart image was along the lines of what you were looking for. If not, then have a look at the other clipart pics in this category, and maybe you`ll find something more appropriate!

Black Wireless Router Clipart


Branching out from our series of modem clipart, today I`m bringing you some related but slightly different theme. That is, wireless router clipart. The one below is a basic black and gray wireless router clip art like some of the most popular models sold today. I have one that looks just like this.

This image is very simple so you can easily use it in creating logos or more complex images by adding additional imagery and text.


I hope you like the above black wireless router clip art image. Stay tuned for future installments with more router clipart images.

White Modem Clip Art


Today we`re continuing with our modem clipart miniseries. Today`s installment is a more detailed image than last time`s, this one featuring a number of lights and buttons that fill out the image a little bit. This one is a little more difficult to customize and adapt than the clipart I uploaded last time. But if you want a somewhat more "complete" looking image without having to add to it or adapt it, then maybe this one is a good choice for you.

The white color may also be what some other people are looking for. This will probably go well with websites with a colored background because it will stand out. The black modem clipart we looked at last time probably goes better with a white or light-colored background because that will help it stand out.


I hope you found what you were looking for. Be sure to have a look at our clipart categories and see what other images of interest you find.

Classic Modem Clipart


Today we`re returning to the general category of technology and computers with a short series on modem clipart. I decided to upload this one first because it`s so simple that it is versatile and can be used in creating a variety of logos or images, and can be easily adapted and modified.

I also like this one because it looks like a classic dialup modem, the kind I used to have when I was a kid. So it`s arouses a little nostalgia in me. I used to have a gray dialup modem very similar to this one.

I also like the gray and red color scheme. Gray and red seem to create a nice effect, with the one dull color in the background, and ano bright and intense color in the foreground details.


I found this clipart on, a great resource of free clipart with a massive range of themes and topics.

Gift Wrapped Bottle Clipart


This is the final image in our popular bottle clipart series. This one is special because it is the only one in the collection that is a gift wrapped bottle clipart. This one is useful for adding to images of celebration, such as parties, anniversaries, weddings, and so on. People preparing images for such occasions will appreciate this clip art image.


I hope you enjoyed our collection of bottle clipart images, and I also hope that you found them appropriate and useful. Be sure to check out our other categories and check back often for new themes and collections.

Brown Bottle Clip Art


Here`s a nice simple brown bottle clipart for you as we near the end of our current theme series. This one can easily be used as a wine bottle image, or also as other types of bottles depending on how you choose to label the bottle.


The above clipart image is simple but that adds to its flexibility for a wide range of uses.

Pair of Bottles Clipart


This clipart is unique in our current bottle series for one main reason: it features two bottles side by side rather than just one. This image features a blurred texture that makes it inappropriate for certain design environments, but makes it especially expressive in other design environments.


I hope you find this clipart image useful. If not, then make sure to check out others in this bottle clipart series, as well as other categories entirely.

Artistic Green Bottle Clipart


This green bottle clipart image is a little strange, because it has a blurry, smudged appearance that make it a little abstract-looking. I`m not quite sure what kind of bottle this is, exactly. But that vague appearance also makes this image quite versatile, since it can be used to represent many different kinds of bottles. Nobody will think twice if this image doesn`t look completely representative, since it is obviously an artistic and abstract type image.


Enjoy using this unique clipart for your website or printable!

Champage Bottle Outline Clipart


If you checked out last week`s bottle clipart image you saw a nice colorful champagne bottle clipart picture. This week`s image is similar to last week`s, except that this week`s image is the black and white outline image of the champagne bottle. This image will be very useful if you need a champage clipart but you don`t like the colors of last week`s image. You can color this outline clipart however you wish and be totally satisfied with the resulting image.


I hope you like coloring your own pictures and that you will find good use for this customizable outline champagne bottle clipart.

Champagne Bottle Clipart


This fantastic champage bottle clipart image is today`s new image in the bottle theme series. If you have been following along, you have seen a variety of bottle clip art pics, but most were either generic bottles or wine bottles. This is the first champagne bottle image in the collection.


Many thanks for your continued visits! Keep on checking back for updates and new clipart series. See you soon!

Green Bottle of Wine and Cheese Clipart


Thanks for checking out today`s featured bottle clipart image. This one is based on last week`s bottle image, but with something added to it. If you look you will see that the bottle image is the same but the cheese next to the bottle is new in today`s photo. All fans of wine and cheese will dig this image and will find it useful for their wine and cheese parties.


Thanks as always for visiting and looking at our new themed clip art. Check back often for new stuff on a variety of pictoral themes.