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I created this blog to tell my story of living with diabetes.

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One Question


Today is my birthday and it’s also probably the last day that I will get to set around and relax for a while. It will be a little over a month before I get the opportunity to set around and just be a couch potato again. Starting tomorrow I have only 4 days in the office to get a couple of week’s worth of work done. Then it’s a 3 day fire department training school. The very next morning I leave

Out of the Closet?


It’s been some time since I posted here. I have been trying to decide which direction to go with this blog. I started out wanting to write about the things that tend to torque me off with diabetes in hopes that the reading audience would understand my complaints more so than the non-diabetes people that I have talked to. I have found a couple of problems with writing about complaints. The first

D-Blog Day 2008


I have only been doing this Diabetes O.C. thing for a few months now and I’m not sure that I really feel like a full fledged member yet. Check back with me after a few more months’ worth of posting and I’m sure that will change.I would like to do what so many others have done today and thank everyone for their posts. The amount of information that I have consumed reading posts is almost

Trying Something New


This one looked interesting so I thought I would give it a go.A new meme to give me something to post… feel free to repost as desired:1. Where is your cell phone? Beside me on the table2. Your significant other? In bed asleep3. Your Hair? Brown4. Your Skin? Still kind of tan

Decisions Decisions


I’ve been away for a while, life getting in the way. I’m sure you know how it is, work, sports, kids and just life in general. Anyway on to my subject.About a week ago I had to call Medtronic to order some more sensors for my CGMS. All went well with placing the order and they told me that they would turn it in to my insurance and I should have my order in about 2 weeks. I had to giggle a little

My Self Control is Showing


As of my last doctors appointment my doctor lowered the amount of byetta that I was taking from 10mcg to 5mcg. My doctor was concerned with my blood sugars going into the 50’s on a regular basis. Now here I am a little over a month later and I have to admit that the doctor was right, I’ve only had a couple of episodes of 50’s in the last month.I know it is better for me to keep my blood sugars

The Spinning Has Stopped


Back when I was first diagnosed as type 2 diabetic the first thing that I can remember doing diabetes wise is learning. I spent countless hours going from web site to web site reading and researching everything that I could find that was diabetes related. For the first few months after diagnosis I felt like my life was spinning, trying to absorb everything that I could about this life long battle

“The wait is over” almost


I finally got my test results from my last 3 month A1c check. Whenever I have this lab work done my A1c gets checked along with all the usual checks that go along with the A1c plus my cholesterol. My cholesterol problems date back further than my diagnosis with diabetes, my Dr had been harping, er uh advising me for quite some time that I needed to work on getting my cholesterol numbers in the

The Wait


I had my 3 month appointment with my doctor to get my A1c checked on Monday. Now comes the wait. I know the wait is something every diabetic knows about. It’s that time from when you get your blood drawn for your A1c test until you get that phone call from the doctor with the results.I guess I should let you know I’m not a very patient person when it comes to my health, I want my results and I

Changing Doctors


Tomorrow I go to the Dr for my 3 month A1c. Nothing out of the ordinary about that, the un-ordinary part is that I am going to see a new Dr.This whole process of changing Dr’s started at my last A1c check. I had been going to my last Dr for quite a few years and he had always done a fine job as far as I was concerned. My issues with him didn’t begin until after I was diagnosed with diabetes.

The other .01%


I guess I’m going to start this out with a disclaimer. The only connection to diabetes in the following post is that it is about me, a person with diabetes. I’m not sure if you would call this one a rant or just mourning out loud, I guess anyone that reads this can make that decision for themselves.I’m a volunteer firefighter and I would have to say that I truly enjoy firefighting 99.99% of the

I want more


I want more time, so I can work on all of my diabetes related needs. Medication, exercise, meals, testing, insurance issues, these are all items that need a considerable amount of my time to take care of. They are also things that I know I don’t give myself the time to take care of the way that they should be taken care of. These items occasionally do float to the top of my “to do list” but they

Saving money the insurance company way


Its time to refill my meds, I usually use mail order to get the most for my money on prescriptions. This time around I am switching back to my local pharmacy to get the most for my money.I am fortunate enough to have two insurance companies, the problem with that is they each have their own preferred mail order suppliers. Neither insurance company is willing to work with the other ones billing

Why should I hide?


I was testing my blood sugar at a basketball tournament this weekend and it got me to thinking about where I test and who I test in front of.I’ll start with where I do not hide. When I’m at home I will do any of my diabetes related items, test, inject, insert sensors etc. Most of my close family knows about my diabetes and for that matter there are at least 7 people that I would consider my

The Joy of Insurance Paperwork


Let me start this by saying that I know I am very fortunate to have two insurance providers, the one from my work being my primary insurance and the one from my wife’s work as a secondary provider. The downside of having two insurance companies is that all the paperwork now has to be done twice and getting them to play nice with each other is no easy task.Late last year I was only on my wife’s

Eat more so I can exercise?


I have never been good at the exercising part of being diabetic. For the first year after my diagnosis I did really well, I ate right, lost weight and had good control of my blood sugars. Now here I am going on year two with diabetes and admittedly I am not doing as well, or at least that’s the way that I feel. I know that I haven’t been eating as well as I should and the weight loss seems to

Sedentary Lifestle


Today started out like any other work day. Go to work, do normal work stuff until my mom called me at about 9am. My 81 year old type 1 mom called and asked if I could go up to the hospital to be with my sister. My sister who is type 2 had back surgery on Monday and they were getting ready to send her to a rehab hospital. My mom had been staying at my brothers’ house which is a lot closer to the

Complication Frustrations


The longer that I have diabetes the more thought that I have to give to complications. Every ache, every pain, the first thing that pops into my head is, is this diabetes related?I seem to get a lot of headaches anymore; they seem to coincide with my blood sugars being on the climb from the mid 90’s on up. For the most part my numbers hang out in the high 70’s to low 80’s until I eat, then they

Totally Consumed


At times it seems my life has been consumed by diabetes. I have spent countless hours researching causes, symptoms, complications and anything else that goes along with this disease. I never seem to tire reading all that I can find about diabetes. When I stop and think about it I could probably add OCD (about diabetes information) to the list of things that are wrong with me. I have joined

Expensive forgetfulnes


When I got home from work tonight it was time to remove the transmitter on my cgms and charge the battery. I just passed day 12 on this sensor and needed to remove the transmitter and charge it, I can then plug the transmitter back into the sensor and trick the cgms into thinking that I have installed a new sensor. It is a necessity for me to get the most life out of my sensor that I can, they

Diabetic Toys


When I arrived home from work tonight there was another package waiting on me. This one contained the Medtronic USB care link device. I set it up and downloaded the information from my cgms. After looking over my results I got to thinking about the tools or "toys" that I use to help me control this crazy disease. Here's my list of Toys so far.One Touch Ultra Smart, the only meter that i actually



Today started out like most Mondays. I woke up late, well not exactly late, but later than I like to wake up. I generally get up at about 5:30am so I can get to work around 7. I don't have to be to work until 8:00am but I like to get there early, I enjoy the people that I work with and my job. Anyhow I didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning which means that I won't get to work until about 7:30.

First Post


I suppose to start this off you should know a little about me.I am a 40yr old male living in Kansas. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a little over a year ago. I have 5 kids, 1 dog, numerous farm cats and a great wife.I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. Since my diagnosis with diabetes I have spent a lot of time on the web trying to understand diabetes and how other