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Updated: 2018-03-05T15:50:33.410-06:00


Atlantoaxial instability {advice needed!!}


Needing advice T21 friends...just got notice from Children's Hospital that Logan is due for his yearly neck x-ray. We checked for Atlantoaxial instability when Logan was about 3 years old. At that time we had a scare that he had it due to a misread x-ray, but through further testing it was found that he did not have it. BUT Children's recommended that he have an x-ray repeated every year because "kids with DS can develop the condition later". I think they said they wanted to repeat until he was around 10 or 12?? I can't remember now. Anyway! I think this yearly x-ray is unnecessary! Anyone else hear of this new recommendation?? We were also told that he should NOT do anything that puts pressure on his neck! NEVER! Like forward rolls (summer saults). I think this is a little extreme! He doesn't have AAI and he LOVES gymnastics! Is this neurosurgeon just being too extreme??! He says this is the new recommendation for all kids with DS!

Nolan {our newest}


Here's Nolan now at 7 weeks old and also as a newborn at just 6 days old! It was so fun to photograph him as a newborn and I can't wait to try new things as he grows! He better like the camera!


Logan & Nolan {love}


(image) Logan LOVES Nolan! He takes every opportunity to get close to him and lay his head on him. He has now started to try to put toys in Nolan's hands. I am excited for when Nolan can really interact with Logan. I expect that Logan will love playing with him and teaching him things!

It's been a crazy 7 months!


We're back! I have no idea where to begin, but I will quickly summarize where we have been the last SEVEN months....has it been that long?!!
Shortly before my last post I found out I was pregnant! We had been trying for a while and were relieved to be on our way to another new addition to our family. I am not a happy pregnant lady, so I was in survival mode and dealing with 24 hour morning sickness and many other aches and pains.
Logan finished up a year of early childhood and we were gearing up for 4 year old kindergarten! Logan turned 4 in May, but ended up in the ER with severe vomiting an hour before his party. And he was finally really excited for his party and understanding what was happening.
Devin finished kindergarten and was happy to be out of school for the summer. He prefers to be at home with his "stuff" and his family, but he quickly started to get excited to meet his new 1st grade teacher.
Aubrey is growing fast and has learned to be a "go with the flow" kind of gal! Being the third child has made her very patient and easy going. She won't be in school until 2012-13, so we will have plenty more time together....which I am so thankful for because I feel like I have spent the last time with her over the past three years. Balancing time with the kids is such a challenge.
In the fall, we again put on the Fox Cities Down Syndrome Awareness Walk in Neenah, WI. Thanks to all the help from family, friends and the fabulous walk committee the walk was again a HUGE success. I feel like my year revolves around the walk...which is fine, it keeps me busy and I have something exciting to look forward to each year. It is a challenge but gets easier each year.
After the walk, it was my busy season for photography. It was crazy, but fun to work with so many babies and families. I found that my true love is photographing newborns and I am excited to make that my focus from this point forward.
On December 1st, I gave birth to my fourth child, Nolan! Leading up to his birth I was fearful how it would be to go from three to four kids, but it has been a surprisingly smooth transition. It was much harder going from two to three, and part of that challenge may have been due to the fact that Aubrey (my third) was an extremely challenging baby. Nolan, on the other hand, is SO sweet and easy going. The other kids adore him and I have yet to see any jealousy issues or negative behaviors...we'll see if that lasts. Logan, in particular, is very loving towards Nolan, but we have to be very careful not to leave them alone in the same room together. Logan tried to pick up Nolan whenever he can. The picture above pretty much sums it up. :)
Well, I guess that gets us to the present. I will start my photography business back up this week after taking a month off. The kids have gotten back to their extra-curricular activities like swimming lessons and gymnastics. Logan has gotten back into hippotherapy and is loving every minute of it. It is busy around here, but that is the way I like it. Now, if I could only get a child or two potty trained so that I don't have three in diapers!!

I miss blogging


I just realized I really miss blogging!! It was nice to hear from a few fellow bloggers after my last post. I have been neglecting taking pictures of my kids lately, but blogging makes me take I am going to try to post a little more often. We'll see how that goes! :)Logan still LOVES to swim! We got him this little pool for his birthday. He has no fear of water though, so we have to keep a close eye on him. About 12 inches of water is perfect for him and Aubrey. My kids LOVE their ipad! And it has really been a great learning tool for all of them. I dream of someday creating a list of educational apps online...don't know when I will ever have time, but I think it would be awesome to hear which apps are working for other parents of children with Down syndrome. We have many favorites!I think Logan knows more about the ipad than I do! I just hand it to him and he goes in and out of his favorite apps all by himself. He even knows how to move apps around and unfortunately how to delete them too!! Devin is such a great teacher! He loves to play school with Logan. Logan LOVED 3yr old early childhood this year and he still asks to go just about every day! He also asks to go every time we drive by his school. This week, we found out how fun a big box and some balls can be! One of Logan's therapists told us this kind of play can help Logan with his strength and he loves it! He has to work hard to move around in it. He used to not be able to go from laying down to sitting up in the ball pit at therapy, but now he can!! Go Logan! [...]

A Logan Picture :)


I have no time to blog these days, but I thought I would post a new picture of my little man!

Logan at School!


Logan LOVES school! He lights up when we talk about it and he always has big smiles for his teachers. I go in and observe often and it's so fun to see his progress. He is more and more talkative and catches on to the songs and routines quickly. His least favorite thing always seems to be PT, but his PT at school it learning what Logan likes and is making it fun for him. Logan is the kind of kid who would much rather sit and look at books than practice climbing the stairs. He is also making some progress with drinking out of an open cup! [...]

More Letters by Logan


Logan has always loved flashcards and now he shows us how they are done!
Our next goal is lowercase letters and letter sounds. How do I teach him lowercase now without him getting confused. I plan to add the lowercase next to the uppercase on the flashcards. Does anyone know of a good app for ipad that he would like? He an extremely visual learner and learns best with repetition. He learned his letters with this toy...

(image) It actually used to annoy me how much he played with this, but now I feel bad because he was actually learning as he played! I may also try to tape lowercase letters over the uppercase!

I got him this Leaptop toy for Christmas because it did a better job with letter sounds. He and Aubrey have one and they play with these SO much! It also has music, which they love and you can program it to say their name. It always says "L for Logan" when Logan presses L. But unfortunately, it doesn't have lowercase.

This LeapFrog toy does have lowercase, which is great! Logan does play with this on A LOT, but he presses the letters too fast. When you press a letter, it shows you how to write it, but Logan usually presses another letter before it finished drawing one. I can see Logan using this to learn how to write letters when he gets a little older. If you are wondering, it can be set to do upper or lowercase.

Here's Logan showing us his flashcards.

Logan's ABCs 1/31/11


Listen to this! He says each letter just before I do. The first card is actually the sight word "stop". Right now he recognizes his own name and stop.

Go Pack Go!



Bye Bye Train


Logan loved the train under our tree this year. We got the GeoTrax Christmas Train Set. The kids loved how is lights up and plays Christmas music. I am sad to put it away. (image)
(image) A couple of new pictures of Logan and Aubrey :)

(image) (image)

Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays! We had a happy and healthy holiday.This year, I thought I would give a little recap of 2010 because I honestly can't believe we made it through the year! It was so busy and quite stressful, but I look back now, and I can now say it was all worth it. During the year however, I did doubt whether the stress and sleepless nights were taking too much of a toll on my family.In 2010, I continued to grow my photography business and I am so thankful for the 75+ clients who visited my studio. I have discovered that I have a true love for photographing babies and children and I look forward to continuing to meet more wonderful families in the years to come. I feel truly honored to capture the beautiful little faces of my clients, "because they don't stay little"!This past year, I also planned the 1st ever Down syndrome awareness walk in my area. It turned out to be a huge commitment, but now that one year is under our belt, I am extremely excited for the years to come! Some of the obstacles were challenging and stressful, but I also met some amazing people a long the way. The generosity of so many was amazing to see. I can also now see a very bright future for Logan in our community with an increase of acceptance for people with Down syndrome. Logan is now a famous little man in the small community we live in after having his face on the front of our local newspaper along with a great article that even listed facts about DS! Now, he gets recognized everywhere we go! That alone, was a huge step towards DS awareness where we live! Now, it is time to have that kind of impact in all communities!Logan is doing great! He loves school and he is talking more and more every day! I have been amazed by how much information he absorbs and remembers. He loves music, books, tractors, animals and his little sister. Devin is going to be 6!! He is doing well in Kindergarten and loves to play with his friends in school and out. He is a wonderful big brother and was a huge help to me over the past year. I am so thankful for his patience!Aubrey grew up without me realizing! She was 2 before I knew it. I am looking forward to a less busy year, so that I can enjoy each day with her a little more. Maybe it is just a third child thing, but I feel like I wasn't able to enjoy each milestone with her like I did with the boys. Here's a few pictures of my sweet little girl. Happy New Year!![...]

A rare post...


We are still here! Someday, I will get back to blogging.
I have been busy with photography and getting those last minute family photos taken and sorting through the daily deliveries of orders.

Logan LOVES school! "school" has pasted up "tractor" as his favorite word.

We are thinking about potty training around here, but I fear the process and how LONG it may take. I am in holiday survival mode for now. The potty supplies are bought and I have a strategy in mind, but I am too intimidated at this point. I also am not sure about "double potty training". One seems scary enough. I attended a workshop on potty training children with DS last month, but am still in need of advice. My biggest fear is starting and giving up...once I start, I know it's best not to stop. I am open to any advice from Moms who have been there. Has anyone potty trained two at one time? Is that a bad idea? I may go nuts!!

Logan uses a spoon!


Over the last few weeks Logan has finally decided to use a spoon and he does it well!!

In the past, and still every now and then, Logan got frustrated with his spoon after the first bite and would throw it across the room. If the food fell off before he got it to his mouth, he would give up. Now, he uses the spoon and rarely gives up! It's not always pretty, but I can tell that he is very proud of himself. He especially loves to eat cereal in the morning with a spoon. He asks for multiple refills, I think so that he can practice and show off even more! It's so cute. :)

Great job Logan!!

Happy Halloween 2010!


Happy Halloween! Here's my astronaut, fairy and elmo! (image)

Happy 2nd Birthday Aubrey!


Aubrey is 2!! She is a real girly girl. She is enjoying that fact that we now have some girl stuff around here and she also now has a girl room all to her self! She is also doing awesome in her big girl bed!(image)
(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

A walk sneak peak!


I now have LOTS of pictures from our photographers and participants, so I am putting together a video. When I am done, I will post it here. (image)

Star Struck!


I can't wait to share pictures from the 1st Annual Fox Cities Down Syndrome Awareness Walk!

The 1st Annual Fox Cities Down Syndrome Awareness Walk was a huge success!

991 walkers, 65 volunteers and 18+ vendors were present at the event!

Just over $60,000 was raised for DSAW-Fox Cities!

It was emotional for me to watch families enjoying the day and the being able to connect with others. The day was a dream just two years ago and I can't believe that it came true just a couple of days ago. Two years ago, I dreamed of a way to bring our families and friends together to celebrate what we have in common and to share it with everyone we know. Down syndrome has changed my life in ways that I will forever be thankful for. I think we can all agree that it is now clear that this event was just what the area needed in order to provide us with momentum as we go into the future. Continuing to spread Down syndrome awareness will ensure that our loved ones with Down syndrome will enjoy full acceptance, full access, full life and full potential.

Rachel Coleman's Keynote Presentation the night before the walk was inspirational! I still can't believe I met her in real life!


Logan's First Day of School


Logan's first day of school...well, I was told he did well and that they heard lots of words! Logan is quite a bit smaller that the other three year olds and we have big things to accomplish this year like going up and down the stairs to and from his classroom and following directions. Logan HATES having his hand held. He insists on being free to go where he wants to go. He can also be stubborn when it comes to trying new things or transitioning to a new activity. He does much better when he knows the routine and what's coming next. I hope that he will find a routine at school, but it may be hard because he only goes two days a week for 2 hours each day. I was told I need to find a way to keep his backpack on his back. It is the tiniest backpack I could find, but it is still too big for him. I am excited to see what this year brings and to see how far he comes with the help of his teachers and therapists at school.After school today, I did a little "first day of school" photo session with Logan! He is so funny! [...]

The Billboard!


It was a dream of mine to have a billboard "some day". I never thought "some day" would be TODAY! That's Logan's friend, Brandon and Katie up there.
If you want to do a drive-by, it's between Main and Winneconne in Neenah on Hwy 41. You can see it when you are going south and it's on the left side of the highway.

Devin's in Kindergarten!!


My little man is looking so grown up! He started all-day 5K this week. I like that I am getting more time with Logan and Aubrey, but it's hard to let Devin go all day long. I am so used to being there for everything. He did enjoy his first day...and that's a great start!

My two stinkers


Logan and Aubrey got "too quiet" in their room yesterday. I walked in to see this! They emptied the shelves and climbed up! I think it's so funny how Logan is at the highest point! I wish I would have been in the room to see that! He is very competitive with Aubrey and I am picturing him pushing her out of the way and climbing up as fast at he could. He looked so proud up there, but I don't think he knew how to get down! (I think they take all those books off the shelf at least once a day! It drives me crazy!)

Logan's Horse Show


Logan had a great time on Saturday showing off his riding skills! He loved the horse trophy even more! (image)

Freckles and Dogs


(image) So, over this this summer, Logan got something new...FRECKLES!! The cutest little ones on his nose! As if he wasn't cute enough already!
(image) And today, Logan got some time with my aunt's dog Rosie. Logan wanted to sit as close as he could to her. It was the cutest thing! Logan would sit by her and lean his body on her like he was snuggling with her. Logan even gave her a few hugs. sweet. I don't want a dog, but seeing him with her made me realize how much fun Logan would have with a dog. Maybe someday. :) I wonder if Logan having a dog that was loyal to him would help us all in any way. Logan often tries to wonder off. I worry a lot about it and wonder if we will soon be installing an alarm system to make sure he doesn't get outside and wonder off. Would a dog let us know that Logan left the house? Do dogs do that kind of thing?(image)