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Desideratum ...Art and Jewelry

Works of Art, Creating Our Handmade Silver and Copper DESIDERATUM Art Jewelry, Architectural Creations and Other Projects and Musings of Living a Frugal Artistic Country Life in Eastern Canada

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Such a Busy Year... Almost Time For Dancing


Dancing Men... $25.Cranberries and Icicles... $30.African Copper... $25.Funky Fold Forming... $25.Crystal Spirit... $35.Jasper Spiral... $30.Little Cats... $25.Leaves... $18.Music Crystals... $30.3 sizes Copper Hoops... $18. , $25., $30.Muses 2... $25.Sterling and Peridot... $30.Inspired by Cave drawings... $35. Scarlet Cheer... $30.Just a tiny sampling created in our Desideratum studio this year...Love one another and Keep smiling, Gwen and John[...]

Garlic Planting Time and Studio Work


So excited to plant my garlic this year!!! well it has been years since I planted any.. and that crop from way back when, wasn't anything to get excited about.  I don't even think I planted it at the right time of year.. I pulled apart enough bulbs to have about 60 cloves to plant. I was careful not to keep any for planting that were cut into or the skins were removed. (we ate those) . I just didn't want to take any chances of them not being in great condition as they sat in the cold ground for the winter.They were just so darn pretty.  I had a bed of compost all ready for them in the new garden spot we picked out at our new little Old homestead house.  We mixed it into the soil pretty well... this soil is very sandy and dry so I'm hoping the compost does it's job of improving its condition.  Planted each little clove about 6-8 " apart and deep enough to have them covered by another 2". oh and I sprinkled some bone meal throughout the space. I had some so I used it... better there than in the cupboard.All tucked in for the winter. marked the rows with some leftover sticks from one of John's projects Then put a thick layer of straw on top.... Please Grow!!! I put them in one corner of the garden plot so I would not forget where they were because I don't want to trample them when we put a fence up next spring... yes we will need to do that as the deer are very plentiful here.. several walk through the yard every day, browsing what ever they pass by.  They have eaten many things they were not suppose to... Never trust a pretty face.***also was working in the studio.. very busy summer season.. we actually sold out of quite a few designs.. first time that happened... below is a few that I have been working on.... although it was pretty hard to stay at the desk when we had a fabulous fall like this year. gorgeous leaves and weather... it was super!!Best to Everyone from Desideratum!!![...]

Waiting for the Milkweed Seed Pods to Ripen and Other Things of Fall


I've been watching these curious beauties for when to harvest as I have promised some to friends.This is the stage they are presently.  Milkweed seeds are so large and so unusual... almost ready I think. I was so excited this year to be able to have the time to make pickles.. Started off with Chow, made with green tomatoes and onions. They turned out Yummy!!!!!The Mountain Ash berries are fully ripe but seems that the birds are waiting for later in the season to devour these. after all so much is available for them right now and they know these will keep... anyway after a few frosts they will soften up Also managed to find a basket of cucumbers and a big bag of onions and made some Lady Ashburnham Pickles... After they sat overnight sprinkled with pickling salt , I drained them and added the mustard and celery seed.. and vinegar of course Now they are bubbling along with the turmeric and mustard powder added. they smell so good! the whole house if filled with it  wow.. I can hardly believe we will have them this winter with our potatoesA shady spot now has planted in it 2 new Big ferns. gave them some compost and bonemeal... soon I'll add some wood mulch. Oh I hope they grow.. I love bushy big ferns... (my mother's name by the way... I guess Grammie liked Ferns too!))Black Eyed Susan's are blooming so cheerily at the end of the walk.  I was so excited to cheer up this old forgotten little homestead, I planted things all summer... and we are preparing the land for next year, to be ready to plant more.This very old tree up on the back of the property line has some apples I want to harvest. I can't believe how big the apples have grown in the last month. only thing is these apples are about 25' up in the tree. there is another apple tree intertwined with it that is an August Apple tree, but they fall off so easily that the deer have eaten almost every one of them.The new rock wall is almost done in the front of the house.  We hauled lots of compost to fill it up and will be ready for spring as soon as I mulch it with a thick layer of straw. It has been a beautiful summer and fall .. couldn't ask for better..Fallen Leaves...from the studio of Desideratum... Happiness to all!![...]

It's Green... and Summer is Here..... at long last


The land has its' green finery on.  Wow I love this time of year! Everything feels fresh and new.  We took a walk down the road and had a gaze across a section of the Saint John River valley stretching west. ...on the way there, we went through this green glade.I never tire of the floral gifts that nature offers.Hosta just new for this year from a root from my younger sister.. such a hardy plant.oh so excited!!!  Lots of new perennials for the new little old house, to be set into the garden ... can't wait to see them become their full invitation to have tea under the oak that is hard to resist. chives.. they have a medieval charm to meand the precious old fashioned bleeding hearts and bachelor's pretty... Lupins appearing anywhere they wantI don't know this flower that was growing by the roadsidewild grapes above and fragrant yellow lilies belowGiant Ichneumon Wasp, he's a good guy.. sat on this leaf for several hours restingcheck that tail piece out! part of it's reproduction apparatus.Yellow Spotted Salamander, he's a good guy too. He can live to be 20-30 years old can you believe it! he was about 4-5" long.. so gentle and quiet.. hardly moved at all.... found him in the garden and took him back to be my garden helper.. he likes slugs.. that is a good friend to have!! ...kind of has a little seal face, don't you think?Now take a deep breath and make a wish... have a fabulous summer.. Time for me to plant flowers and make more jewelry . cheerio!![...]

Feasting on Nature


 Visitors on the front lawn just a day ago.  I had seen this doe quietly walking around the border of the property for several days. She was all alone. I recognized her by her black nose. Now I know she was all alone because she was looking for a place to bed down and have her little fawn. She spent quite a while licking the little thing while it nursed. She is leading her baby to some tall grass nearby, prob. to hide in while she goes about her day. Enjoying the burst of colour and life all around us...from dandelions  to drifts of Forget me Nots to bursts of Lilacs and their intoxicating scent Jack in the Pulpit So exotic for here... I just love coming across them.. usually in the under growth of the hedgerow trees, where the light is dappled and the soil is humus. Earlier in the spring, these  Daffodils gave so much joy. It almost felt like they were singing hallelujah, spring has arrived... although still chilly then, the colour almost made you forget about the temperature.Then the african Violet took up the  signal and burst into bloom.  and not to forget the little Daphne, that we found growing in a rockpile... we moved a few pieces of it over by the house so we could enjoy its beauty up close. In between being enamoured with the beauty of nature.. work must go on ... here are a few more of our designs ready to go.Fishbone Earrings hanging on shells we brought with us from the ocean at St. Martins on the Bay of Fundy. The Book and Mug Dragonflys Ladybugsand "Spring Blossoms" a new design inspired by the much awaited spring colour that is bursting forth in so many gardens. 4 1/8" long with lots of movement... silver and copper beads, czech glass in aqua and garnet, african painted bead, amethyst, leopardskin Jasper, peridot and sterling silver wrapped crystal.. Only made one pair of these.Be Happy and enjoy your life! Desideratum[...]

Activities at the Old Place


 Last month we were still having some cool weather so the wood stove was humming. No sense wasting all that heat... up near the ceiling is a great spot to dry heavy wool socks. John cut some shelving for a skinny closet we  made and here I'm varnishing them a few times. Luckily the floors are still unfinished so no worries of any drips.Below are a few pair of earrings that were sent out to customers during the last while. Fresh Water Pearl and Sterling textured dome Balls of Yarn earrings in Copper Sterling Wrapped forged CopperSterling Wrapped Amethyst on handmade spiral earwires Cat and Kitten When we moved last fall... I purged much... gave away a Kenmore machine, exactly this 1968 model, to my daughter ... gave away 9 others too... but somehow, as fate would have it... someone posted this on Kijiji and now it's sitting on my deskShe just needed some cleaning and oiling... She weighs a ton and sews a very fine seam.All the snow has finally gone and popping up in an area of grass that is all but ignored is a cheery patch of Crocus. What a happy surprise... Just love them.. Now just waiting for the grass to green up..Happy Days All[...]

At Work at our New Very Old Place


 We are spending every day at our in-progress Desideratum Art Studio... building up our stock for the coming season... bringing back many of our favourite designs as well as a few new ones. Above are Three new designs we will be adding to our collection this year. the Peridot and Silver, a bit closer, $25 pair Throughout the fall and winter we have been making our old house more livable. Here John is trimming and squaring up the very old doors . We were recently informed by an auctionereer that these two old panel doors appear to be of the Victorian period mid 19th century circa 1850... love to find out information about architecture and historical artifacts!!These are a few of the old square nails we removed from the antique doors. I find them beautiful! Copper  Goldstone and Sterling Silver Bracelet Sterling Silver and Jasper Bracelet Black pottery glass, jasper, amethyst and Sterling Silver BraceletZebra Jasper, amethyst, and Sterling Silver BraceletAbstractly fused copper and silver rectangles combined with handmade African Bauxite beads... with copper... light and earthy... lots of movement... unusual how the silver formed a "T" in the fusing process completely by happy accident. 2 1/2" total length... one of a kind and only pair like this available... $25.00 pr......if interested please send us an email. we ship asap .... background ink drawing of crows from my sketchbook, Been a long winter in the middle of New Brunswick... We are ready for Spring. Won't be long now!! Cheers everyone!![...]

Jewels by Desideratum Art Jewelry


 Fresh Water Pearls on Handmade Sterling Silver wires Sterling and Copper link with Amethyst drops Textured Sterling Silver Triangles with Amethyst stonesTextured Sterling Silver  with long Copper Triangles Large Sterling Textured dome Silver Men on Textured Copper dome Textured Sterling Silver Wirework Birds  ~ Sold~Faceted Czech Glass with Antiqued Steel and Hematite HeartA few designs that have come to light after our move...  seems many of our designs had been tucked away... nice to find them..  if interested in purchasing contact me here[...]

Cortlands Make the Best Apple Pie


 We have been living at the "new" old homestead for 8 weeks now.  Can't believe the last year has gone so fast.  When will it slow down.  I remember when I was a kid, how long the days were... they seemed to drag on forever. Not anymore!So if that's the way it's gonna be, we have to do as much as possible in these new very short days!!...and one thing I wanted to do was to go picking apples.. yes I know we should have been working on house projects, finishing up outside things before winter ...but when Apple time is calling, I am going to answer.Beautiful big box of Cortlands.. My favourite kind! We went down to the nearest Orchard, the one that I pass every time I go to the Post Office to mail a jewelry order out. The fellow who owns it is Mr. Doucette.  He's a super nice older gentleman, tall and lean.. with big glasses and a floppy hat.He has the most beautiful orchard you ever saw. It is up a very long, very steep, very narrow, winding driveway... almost an adventure just heading up the hill to his farm... but when you are there, you're surrounded with all the bounty of Nature. His orchard is huge... rows upon rows... they were loaded down with fruit... and so well cared for, it was a pleasure to  gather apples there.  He had Pears and Plums earlier in the season, too.So some peeling, some slicing,, some cinnamon, brown sugar, dabs of butter, sprinkles of lemon juice, good stir and the filling was ready. Smelled so good! Mixed up the pie crust... love the old pastry blender I found at a flea market.Found my favourite long round rolling pin.. Such a cool wooden tool. last forever, it will. Finally rolling out the crust time.  I use Lard in my crust...made enough for 3 pies ...tops and bottoms.Popped them in the oven and cooked them about 35+ minutes at 350 deg..  but always test for the temperature of your own oven. I might have scorched them a bit on the bottom as I'm not quite used to this oven yetbut they tasted great!! The fragrance that filled the room was well worth it.. I wish I could bottle it!![...]

Moving Down the Road


 Down the driveway and on our way from St. Martins. outside Saint John    Driving through FrederictonArrived  and unloading into the shedHappy we had our 4 cds. of  fire wood stacked and dry for the winter Here's John with  another couple loads in our "Beverly Hillbillies" moving trailerWell. here we are. At our little old house.  Hope we don't have to do that again, ever. Huge, Huge job.I am ready to stay in one place for the rest of my life!!!!!!It has taken a while to sort through things and it is still an ongoing task.. and it will be for a while. trust me. I did manage to carve out a little niche to carry on making jewelry and sending it out. It was a almost a pleasure to hide away in the studio and not look at the stacks of boxes and belongings piled up to the ceiling around the little house.  still lots of sorting to do, but a lot has been purged and given away in the last month. Whew!  Still, because we chose a house that has been and will be, a project, for a while yet, we have more things to finish up before the winter.  so carry on, we will, till we're done.John is hankering to get his woodworking tools out of his future painting studio.  But to finish off for now.... Here's a few designs we did this summer. Carved bone skull and textured steel... Handmade at Desideratum, $25Peridot and Sterling Silver. Lots of movement.  $30. ...Handmade at Desideratum."Earth Mother Totem" earrings. Handmade by John Ackerson in Silver and Copper.  ...displayed on a sculpted dragon cup by my son Zachary Gypsy Cunningham, who works as a fab food creator at The Lunar Rogue Pub, Fredericton....if interested in the "Earth Mother Totems" contact us at or message, $50. pr . I think I may have 2 pr.These "Book and Mug" earrings ($ part of an order, on their way westward to beautiful Banff, AB. Thank you, Richard Norton at "About Canada" Gallery. ...background mug was created by the talented Helen Stanley, New Brunswick Potter.  Sterling Silver Domed Squares...... large ones are approx.1/2" sq.  $25...Small ones are approx. 3/8" sq. $18...background is a pattern from my sketchbook in gouache... really love the combination of those colours togetherOpaque soft green glass with sterling wrapped Amethyst (matched as close as possible as all are unique in size). handmade, one-of. $35.Mama and Baby  $25.prLittle pair of "Ladybugs" in Copper and Silver, handmade. $25. "Sigma - Pi" with Sterling Silver and Carnelian . Fused, handmade at Desideratum. $40. one of a kind, 2" long top of earwire to bottom of earring, sterling disc is 5/8" across....if interested contact us at on the neck of John's guitar that he hopes to spend more time on, one of these days.Cheers everyone!!![...]

The Busy-ness of Summer


 A field near the house where the Globe Thistles grow. Love these blooms and so do the Bees.

 Our friends grew a ton of Hardneck Garlic  and we were very lucky to be the recipients of these organic beauties!!I am tying them up in bundles here. 

 4 cds of  firewood was delivered cut and split... smelled so good. We stacked it behind the house for now. It is a pleasure to look at the textural variety of the pile.

The newest dry stone wall that John created.  This was a full time 3 week project, starting with the major pick and shovel work to dig them out of the ground to shaping the earth to a finished wall...  it was a major project. I have to tell more about this later.

And not to forget working on our jewelry. Here we are selecting Fresh Water Pearls to match up in pairs and making the sterling Silver ear wires to go with them. 
It has been a tremendously busy summer... have much more to tell in a while.
Till then... Happy September!!!

When Rose Season Hits... It's All Surrounding


Roses... beauty on a prickly stem... fragrance... delicacy... petals drifting in the breeze.Roses have their way here.Up on the bluff, St. Martins, NB[...]

Whimsical Art Jewelry Designs from the Studio


 Fishbones Scissors and Thread Flower and Leaf Lighthouse and Boat... Making' Music... 18th Hole... Wound Copper Twists... Book and Mug.  Ball of Yarn and Kitten silver fishbones"...and the Dish ran away with the Spoon"All earrings are handmade by John and me,  with Sterling Silver and Copper at our workbenches... All background drawings are from my sketchbook.If interested in acquiring any of these designs, please contact me... my email is on the sidebar. Desideratum Art Jewelry, New Brunswick Canada[...]

Sunrises, Sunsets, Beach Walks and Beachcombing


 The early morning crew enjoying the view from the oak in front of the house. Love watching these ravens every day.  The purple blue background is the Bay of Fundy and on the far horizon is our neighbouring province, Nova Scotia. St. Martins beach ... tide's mostly in.Tide's out.  A close up of the Flowerpot Rock seen in the previous picture. That's my son running below on the seaweed covered rocks.  The day after a storm, the beachcombing is always an adventure. In a few days this may all be gone ... gathered up and dispersed by the Fundy tides.Another glorious morning sunrise. Beauty greets me everyday over  that vast expanse of water. The bonfire we had while watching the sun go down, as the sunset moved across the western sky . A glorious sunrise behind the Isle of Haute, 24 miles out into the Bay of Fundy.  Spellbinding display of natures offerings. Yes that's one of the two covered bridges at the harbour, almost lost in the fog.Then the next morning everything changes again. St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada[...]

Working in the Studio - Early 2016


Lots of happy creativity happening in the studio...  concentrated work... lots of mess... Long "Winter" earrings. combining Moostone, Mother of Pearl, Czech Crystal, Carved Bone Ankh, Fresh Water Pearl, Sterling Silver... Love creating these long multi-stone earrings. and in the process I can give them lots of movement. The background is a floral watercolour I did in my sketchbook. one of those paintings that you're not sure about so you go away and leave it for a few days and when you come back with fresh eyes, you see something new and then I'm so glad I left it alone..another view of "Winter"  Amethyst, Labradorite, Peridot, Citrine, African Sandcast , large Fresh Water Pearl, Moonstone and Sterling Silver ... long with lots of movement. Handmade at Desideratum. One of a Kind $50. "Be the Slave to Your Heart". Solid Sterling Silver Heart pendant... textured and shaped by hand at our Desideratum Art and Jewelry studio. 1 1/4" wide x 1 1/4" long, hung on braided cotton cord. $100. if interested on any work you might like to have in your little hands3 shots of the fused Heart necklace.Here it is displayed on a painting created by my partner John Ackerson. I absolutely love this work. so sensitive... It is for sale and I will be sad to see it go when it sells. Love this amazing texture. ... a few pairs of Curling stone earrings are now available they are limited so if anyone is interested in these I have 12 pr. left  ... **Update:Sold Out**...making the steam that will be fused to the little coffee and tea cups as illustrated in the background. ...beginning the fusing phase of the Dragonfly earrings.  There is John over at the other desk cutting out pieces for the next design.  Just a little note: John also built that arched doorway leading to the next room with the arched windowseat.  If I could draw it he would make it.  as it went with most things he built everything here.The Book and The Cat... pic taken on the yellowed pages of a great big 1965 Websters Dictionary found at a second hand storeCats love a snuggly lap when the owner of the lap finally settles down with their book.Been a busy last few weeks and we feel pretty good about the designs we have been able to get stocked up on.  Perfect time of year to have a work fest!!Cheers and happy days to you![...]

Things On or Near My Desk


Drawing simple things. 
I like that you can draw ordinary useful things and have as good a time as drawing something out of the ordinary.  
they are just lines. every object has lines. and I know these ones.

....10" x 12",  in my sketchbook, Yarka pan watercolours(Russian), Pilot DR Drawing Pen 01 (love this pen)

at Desideratum Art and Jewelry, St. Martins, NB

Ohio Star Quilt


It was time to make another quilt.... so...I first started out making a few watercolour sketches of how I wanted the quilt to look. I liked the simplicity of the pattern, "Ohio Star"... just triangles and squares.pretty easy...  drew them on graph paper, then glued the shapes to plastic lids and cut them out with an exacto knife... this makes long lasting templates... started drawing the shapes on fabric, then  cutting.. refined the colour placement.. each block will have 4 colours.. for now I am just cutting out the pieces for the 7 1/2" blocks, the windowpane strips will come later... I will be changing the tiny square in between each strip to red instead of white.. when the time comes to cut them out.the pieces for 1 block are cut out...  that cool pin cushion was a gift many moons ago from Morna Crites Moore, stitcher extraordinaire.I am using this wonderful old treadle to work on. She is not a highly decorated machine like many old machines but she is a workhorse.  I bought it a couple years ago from a former Home Ec teacher and before her it was her mothers.  some plains and prints and work in progressFull view of the old 1936 Singer treadle sewing machine. love that this is foot/human powered and non electric.  I know I have mentioned this before, how much I love the old machines, but what is not to love about a hardworking machine built that many years ago that stitches as well as it did when it was first made.... just a few drops of sewing machine oil every now and then is all it asks for... and to dust away a few particles of lint... pretty easy upkeep. of course it is only straight stitch but prob. 99% of stitching is straight stitch at least for me... and she makes the loveliest straight stitch. can you imagine, this machine is 79 years old.. truely awesome!!Liking how they are turning out so far...nice and bright. so onward we go......of course, the dog would rather lie in the sun.*Cheers for now from Desideratum Art Studio in St. Martins, New Brunswick[...]

A Year Almost Gone


... to the west, the sky, the crescent moon , the fir and spruce skyline... to the south, the vastness of that preforming sky ...the abundance of wild rosehips along the seashore ...granite boulders at the beach, bordering beach and cottages ...break of day from the kitchen window out over the Bay of FundyLooking forward to a bright new year that will soon appear.Saying Good-Bye to 2015.... but not to the beauty of nature.Cheers All and the Best to you ![...]

Stocking Jewelry in Local Shops ~ Tis the Season


A selection of our Desideratum Art Jewelry designs can be found at The Butchers Daughter  in the olde City Market in Saint John,Handworks Gallery on King St. also in Saint John, NB,Carrington and Co. on Woodstock Rd., Fredericton, NBand at Serendipin' Art in St. Andrews, NBThese little boy and girl "Bead People" along with many other designs made their way to Botinicals Gift Shop on Queen St. in Fredericton, NB....and these 2 lovely pics were posted by a new shop,  Namaste Mind Body Spirit Shop that carries our work in Sussex NB.It has been a fairly busy season...  and truly I can't tell you how pleased I am when people order our work or when  I see people wearing our pieces.  I am so humbled. Even tho we have been creating and selling our handmade jewelry since 1992, I get the same thrill... and maybe even more so.Thank you all so much!!!ps. we are in many more beautiful artistic shops and if you are interested to know where or would like a catalog, you are welcome to email me .*...last 2 pictures taken by Karen Kirk, Sussex, NB[...]

The Owl and The Pussycat


Whimsical mismatched pair of "The Owl and The Pussycat".
Owl, 1 1/2", Pussycat 1 3/4", top of earwire to base of earring. 
Textured and Fused.
 Handmade in Sterling Silver and Copper at Desideratum Art and Jewelry studio.
 $25. pr
... background from my sketchbook.

Ginger Cat


"Ginger Cat" ...pen and watercolour, in my sketchbook
Research says for every 4 male ginger cats there is only one female ginger cat... it has to do with the genes... the orange color is produced due to the presence of the pigment "pheomelanin", which produces fur colors in the range of red to cream.
 This pigment is also found in human hair with these colorations.

Desideratum Art and Jewelry studio, New Brunswick, Canada

Dogs ~ What More Could You Ask For


Dogs are Great!

9" x 12" in my sketchbook, watercolour and pen.
Desideratum Art Studio, St. Martins, NB

Wild Apple Blossoms


The little Wild Apple tree that grows along the driveway bloomed  with the most profuse rich colour this year.  The most blossoms ever in its young life.As you can see it is only in its gangly preteen years....  and with it being a wild tree, which means the seeds for it were planted by the wild world.  Maybe a bird stopped there, or a coyote, or a fox or a deer... I will never know, but I'm glad they did...  and it grew there because it liked the location... slightly sloped, full south facing, no imposing large trees to shade it... no transplanting or preparing the earth was necessary.  It liked that spot took root and grew.But how beautiful.  We have other apple trees blooming now too, mostly pale delicate pinks and they are most lovely too... but none with as bright fuschia petals as this. Something about apple blossoms that always capture me... maybe it is their burst of colour and then their fleeting nature. They never stick around as long as I wish... but I guess they have a few magical things to do... like turn into apples...  and that takes a huge amount of the trees energy so it has to get on with it in short measure. So glad it graced us with its beauty... makes driving home along the rock bluff driveway even more joyful.  and when this years apples do come, so will the birds and animals that spread the seeds in the first place... a natural circle of life."A Seed hidden in the heart of an Apple is an orchard invisible"  ~  Welsh Proverb ~Photos taken by me in St. Martins, NB at Desideratum Art Studio.[...]

Daffodils in the St. Martins Garden


 I have been waiting for those cheery faces .. in the St. Martins garden

 Feels like the world is coming back to life.

Looking out to the ocean

Still working on Jewelry too.   A pair of New Birds. They have little silver beaks.

and the New Cat and Kitten

cheers all!! 

The End of March Update


Just a little post of what we have been doing these past few months.The Kitchen Jotul provided lots of comfort this year... always feels so good to feel that heat and see that cheery flame. Ok now, this was a fun find! ...  the Schwinn Air-Dyne exercise bike.. non electric... Manual.. totally works by just pedaling... you never have to plug it in! ...even gives you a cooling breeze as you pedal... It was given to us when we went to a yard sale.. the fellow just wanted it "gone" as he had sold his house and had to move that very weekend...  so we loaded it on the trailer and took it home..  Perfect condition and was it Heavy!!!   So solid... found out after some research that it is quite a Collectors item and I can see why... they don't make things like this anymore ... you know, things that don't wear out!  From the 1970's...  It is practically indestructible and you can do lots of different exercises with it other than just basic pedaling.. Love this !This beauty was also being given away.  It is one of the coolest looking sewing machines in my collection.  It needed cleaned and oiled as most all old machines do, but I like to see if I can get them back in working order. It even came in its own table. It has a very masculine appearance don't you think?... brown and cream with lots of dials... also very heavy.This machine was very dirty and dusty mostly just from sitting someplace where dust and grime accumulated...  most parts of it were seized and needed quite some time for the oil to soak in. The original  Kenmore ad was still with it, torn from the pages of a mid 1960's Simpson's Sears catalog.  I believe it is one of the early fancy stitch machines... Made in Japan.  The sewing machine industry was something that grew huge in Japan after the second world war as they were trying to get their economy built back up... shifting from war machines to domestic machines... and Japan made excellent quality machines.. Here "He" is with his top metal lid removed... a bit of a look at the many working gears and moving parts.  I oiled everything that moved and even the parts that never. It eventually loosened up and everything started working in unison.... but it took a few days.  He had not been used for a long time but was almost like new.  I don't think it ever saw much use. Thought I'd test it out.  I had an old pair of oven mitts that were worn out, dreary and darn ugly... made from an old pair of recycled jeans years ago... they had done their service and were ready to retire.  I took a pattern off them and sewed a new pair up using that groovy sewing machine above... worked great. I reused the inner padded insulating lining.  The fabric was left over from the drapes in the living room.  I preshrunk it and it was fine for the job... besides it's pretty and heavy and so much nicer to look at.We are still in the studio making jewelry too. Here are some new "Fiddleheads"... can't wait for the real fresh ones to pop their heads up...  and a pair of "Ship and Whale" that are always popular with visitors to the Maritimes.  The sand dollars in the background were found on the St. Martins beach at one of the times of year when the tide is very, very low and goes out the farthest.  They were on the sand at exactly the point where the tide turned... you had[...]