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The Campbell Scoop

News and views from Scott Campbell, Chief Buzz-Builder. Building Buzz on a Budget for Businesses Great and Small since 2001.

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Coming soon.... An all-new Buzz on a Budget! Stay tuned...(image)

Rocking Horse Studio is Best in NH


Have you heard? The Seacoast's hottest recording studio... Well, isn't exactly in the Seacoast. It's in Pittsfield, NH, which is actually only 38 miles from downtown Portsmouth. It's also where the Seacoast's hottest band Tan Vampires chose to cut their new record For Physical Fitness.  NH Magazine named Rocking House the "Best" in its annual Best of NH awards: Rocking Horse Studio is a (image)

MozCation Coming to Portmsouth. Natch.


[Yawn]  This surprises me not at all.  This is just what Portsmouth and the eCoast do.  We pull together like nobody's business -- without rivalry or worry about credit or reimbursement of time -- and we make shit happen for the betterment of the community at large.  In fact, I'd be more surprised if Moz didn't pick Portsmouth! OK, enough playing it cool.  This is pretty damn big deal... it's (image)

My Buddy Colin


I've known Colin since we worked together at Flywire (nee VisuaLink Technologies) back in those heady frothy early days of the Interwebs.  This was round-bout 1999, if you can believe it.  Colin is legend for his 3-D rendering of the FleetCenter seating charts -- as I recall, he slept on the floor in the office to make sure the 2 G4 Macs kept rendering all night.  He also created the Flywire (image)

I nominate Portsmouth, NH for an @SEOmoz #MozCation! #03801Moz


I nominate Portsmouth, NH for an @SEOmoz #MozCation! #03801Moz(image)

Seacoast's Creative Class Cooking with Crisco


Gotta say, I'm really digging what's going on lately here in Portsmouth. While the eCoast's eBrews will be on break for July and August, our "Creative Class" is cranking from low-key gatherings like Crystal Paradis' burgeoning breakfast club to Digital Portsmouth's formal presentations on tech topics at the Music Hall Loft. It's all organic and locally-grown business networking goodness! And now(image)

Melanie Puts a Pin In It at Alpha Loft


After the Social Media Club of NH event last week at Alpha Loft, a mutual acquaintance approached me and gushed: "I always knew you were great, but your wife is amazing!" (It's nice to know I married up.) The seminar my wife, renown social media expert Melanie Burger, had just led for 3 dozen professionals was on Pinterest -- the latest social media sensation which lets you "pin" interesting (image)



Dateline--PORTSMOUTH (NH)---Specifically about 50 yards behind my house. It's not every day that your home town makes national news.  It's even more rare when it's your neighborhood.  But a tiny flower garden a stone's throw from my back yard is making national news.  Yes, I said flower garden.  We walk our dogs down Albacore Way all the time, but I never noticed anything out of the ordinary.(image)

Moran Tugs Save Miss Stacy


My lovely and talented wife @melsieburger proved herself to be Melanie-on-the-spot when she caught this drama unfolding in the Piscataqua River.  The Miss Stacy was foundering and the Moran tugboats proved themselves more than just photogenic Portsmouth icons as they saved the ship and the day.  Watch this! Crazy stuff!  (image)

RIP Memorial Bridge: And We All Float On


The big news in Portsmouth these days is all about our old decrepit rusty bridge.  Personally I always thought it was pretty fuggly, but everybody is waxing poetic about the thing, so I won't kill the buzz. In fact, I find the entire process fascinating, not only from a civil engineering standpoint but from a psycho-social angle. This "float-out" simply captured the imagination of an entire (image)

DirecTV and Sunbeam Work it Out!


Multiple sources are reporting that the dispute has been resolved.

Patriots Super Bowl Game Blacked Out for DirecTV Viewers?


This is what I see when I turn the channel to 7 WHDH-Boston, our designated local NBC affiliate. At midnight on January 14, 2012, Sunbeam Communications shut down its link to DirecTV for the stations WSVN (Channel 7 Fox Miami), WHDH (NBC Channel 7 Boston), and WLVI (The CW Channel 56 Boston).  The result is what you see above.  We first noticed it when we tried to tune in "Saturday Night (image)

e-Coast Birthday Weirdness


OK, so a wicked head/sinus cold kept me from attending the 13th eBrew Birthday Bash.  My dutiful and beautiful wife brought me some (Lemon Zinger) tea with (local) honey.  The mug she chose for the job, totally at random mind you, was this one. You can't make this stuff up! Happy 13th Birthday e-Coast!  You're a teenager now.  Ugh!(image)

Portsmouth Public Media Storytellers Open House a Success Story


The Board of Directors of Portsmouth Public Media pose for posterity at the end of the PPMTV Storytellers Open House on Sunday, November 20, 2011.   Aided (or hindered?) by temperatures that soared into the upper 60s, we had a terrific turnout. Upward of 150 people visited, toured the South Meetinghouse facility, and fired their imaginations. What would they do with air time on local TV?(image)

Introducing PPMTV


I'm pleased to be helping get the word out about Portsmouth Public Media (PPMTV).  What is it?  Since it's a video medium, I'll let PPMTV Board President Dave Underhill explain: Your chance to see PPMTV up close and personal is coming up this Sunday afternoon at the long-awaited Open House.  Here's the deets: What:  PPMTV STORYTELLERS OPEN HOUSE  When: Sunday, November 20, 2PM-5PM(image)

Portsmouth Rallies to Save RiverRun Bookstore


The story of Portsmouth these days isn't being sold at RiverRun Bookstore.  It is RiverRun Bookstore.  This is a "The Shop Around the Corner"/"You've Got Mail" story that hopes to have an "It's a Wonderful Life" ending. Bookseller, community activist, and protagonist Tom Holbrook set the scene in a mournful e-mail missive to his mailing list: After a lot of hard thinking, I've decided not to (image)

"Digital Ports" Embodies Original e-Coast Mission


I was pleased to attend this event last week at the new Music Hall Loft.  Note: It's on street-level in the old Stuart Shaines space. Disappointingly, there is no loft. But it is a neat space, and the bartender (Scott, not hard for me to remember his name) is top-notch. If you watch Dan's video above, you'll see my off-the-cuff answer to the question of (image)

My Kid Rocks, Retro-Style


I am contractually obligated to post this, onaccounta the facts that it's: 1. Local (Took place at New Heights in Portsmouth) 2. Techno-geeky (Making 8-bit music with old Game Boys? Are you kidding me?) 3. It's got my kid in it! (Her tune is great! Yes, I spent years feeding her Tangerine Dream.) Check it out: (image)

Yet Another Reason Portsmouth Rules


An OUTDOOR summer movie festival at Prescott Park?  Yep! BTW, saw A Midsummer Night's Dream last weekend and it was excellent. Have NOT seen the Wizard of Oz production yet, but by all reports, it's outstanding, so try to catch that, too.  The Ahts at Prescott Pahk, just another reason Portsmouth rules.  (image)

Cruisin'... on a summer day...


Summer in Portsmouth means a lot of things, from the ceremonial opening of the decks (Poco's grande margaritas are the best on the planet) to tall ship visits (although this past one was a dud by all reports I've heard) to cruising on the MV Thomas Laighton for a variety of themed "booze cruises."  Pull up the Isle of Shoals Steamship Company schedule here and you'll see that there are plenty of (image)

Happy Birthday to The Campbell Scoop!


Today marks the 7th anniversary of my first blog post here on The Campbell Scoop! This makes this blog a particularly long-lived one, to be sure, but it could've been even older; I was advising clients to start blogs for a year before I had started mine! Interestingly, while the Internet evolves at breakneck pace, blogs themselves haven't changed all that much in the 7 years I've been blogging(image)

eCoast is on the Map - Literally!


Check out this great illustration in yesterday's Sunday's Boston Globe! It appeared on the front page of the Business section... sorry Money & Careers section... along with this great article by the legendary Scott Kirsner. (Thanks Scott!) Big props to illustrator Leo Acadia... It's a fabulous illustration!  I tweeted it back to the columnist (this is reverse chronological, of course): (image)

Portsmouth High School Sets National Record! 76 Wins in a Row!


If you know me, you know I love baseball. A lot. And if you know me, you know I love Portsmouth. A lot. And I love news that brings positive attention to our fair city. A lot. So this story has got me particularly jazzed: With it's 76th win in a row, Portsmouth High School baseball has set the record for longest high school baseball winning streak in the nation!  Personal anecdote: My (image)

Happy Foursquare Day


Happy Foursquare Day!  Portsmouth Mayor Tom Ferrini has made it official.... but... What exactly is Foursqaure Day, you ask?  It's a worldwide celebration of a silly smart-phone app.  I mean, errr, it's a location-based social media phenomenon! When is Foursquare Day?  It's April 16, of course.  4/16.  4 squared.  Get it?  How can you forget? If only birthdays and anniversaries were as (image)

Are We Running Out of Interwebs?


It may seem unthinkable, but when you do stop to think about it, it's an undeniable fact: There is a finite number of IP addresses.  What's more, those IPs are running out fast. In fact, ICANN, which oversees Internet domains, has already issued its last block of IPv4 addresses. The solution?  IPv6.  Sounds like a new Subaru model, I know. The issue was recently brought to my attention by (image)